Stall For Two

(Installment Three)

by GareCubOK

Just as I stepped out of the doorway of the men's room, a tall body got in my way. He towered over me by at least a foot.

"Where do you think you're going?" His deep voice boomed over the country-dance song now playing.

"Just going to get a beer" I tried to move around him and glanced up at his face...did I know him?

He grabbed my hand and forced it onto his right inner thigh. Was that what I thought it was hanging down inside his pant leg? I gave the hardening tube a squeeze.

"Oh I think I know what you really want, and it's not a beer!" He said with a toothy grin.

That grin...where had I seen it before?

"Let's go." He commanded as he moved forward making me take a step backwards to get away from him.

"Thanks but no thanks! I`m going to get a beer!" I tried to sound tough.

"Shut the fuck up Bitch!" He bellowed. "Get your ass in the john NOW!"

Without really realizing it, I found that I was backing up into the men's room again.

"Get in the stall!" he nearly growled as the restroom light lit up his face.

"Oh my God." I muttered to myself as it dawned on me who he was. He was the black guy who looked over the stall door while I was getting fucked.

I was fumbling with the stall door, trying to get it open, but it just wasn't happening. He reached out his long arm and I thought he was going to hit me, but he threw open the stall door and pushed me inside. He squeezed himself in after me and straddled the commode, facing me.

"Undo my jeans Bitch!" He barked

I was so scared, I was shaking as I undid his top snap and unzipped his fly. His pant legs were a little baggy so his pants slipped down and bunched at his knees. He was not wearing any undershorts so his huge cock immediately stuck curved downward slightly...long, fat, black, and drooling precum like a faucet. I could only stare in disbelief. What was it, thirteen or fourteen inches?! And his balls were like the size of baseballs! It surprised me when he suddenly sat down on the toilet.

"Turn around and get those pants down Bitch!" He seethed through his teeth.

"Please Sir" I stammered, "You're not really going to fuck me with that."

He spit a huge lugey on the wall to his left and got the meanest look on his face. "I'm not gonna say it again...turn your ass around and get those pants down!" 

I reacted quickly that time. It only took me a second to have my bare ass facing in his direction. He reached out and put a finger to my sore asshole.

"Ah fuck, look at that...all stretched out and puffy like a well-used cunt!" He pushed his long black finger all the way inside which was like a dick in itself. "Nice and hot too" he almost whispered as he worked a second finger in along side the first. He screwed them around inside me, in and out, until I was trembling like jello. When he finally pulled them free, a long stream of the leatherman's load oozed out and ran down the back of my balls. He quickly scooped it up and cupped his hand at my asshole. "Fill my hand with some of that load Bitch."

I hesitated, not sure what he was asking.

"Shit some of that cum into my hand!" He made it very clear that time!

I pushed my asshole outward and could feel it give up the gold. I turned my head slightly to see what he was doing and he smeared the cumload all over his now fully erect cock. He jacked that long black snake, lubing it with all that expelled fuck juice until it glistened.

"Now sit your ass down on this cock before I knock the shit out of ya!".

What? He had to be out of his mind!

"I said SIT ON IT BITCH!!" He suddenly grabbed me and pulled me backward until I basicly fell onto his cock.

My ass and that cock were so slimey that it just slipped right in...and I swear I screamed! Not only from the pain, but from the shock of it plunging into my guts! Only it had only went in halfway and I was sort of in a squatting position about six inches above his lap. Oh God I thought I was going to pass out!

"I said sit down...ALL THE WAY!!!" And with that, he raised his hands up to my shoulders and forced me down onto that battering punched a new pathway into my guts and I think I did black out for a moment.

"That's it Bitch, you got your pussy full of black cock! You think you got fucked before but you really gonna be fucked now!"

He grabbed me around the waist with both of his giant hands and began pumping me up and down on that fat log like a rag doll. All I could do to steady myself was hang on to the walls on each side of me. I kept hearing a squishing sound as he pumped into me...up and down, in and out. Then he stopped and took his hands away.

"I'm not gonna do all the work Bitch! Get your white ass movin on my cock! And you keep goin til I say stop. I wanna watch your ass take all my black cock! That's it, up and down. Keep goin nice and steady!"

I couldn't believe what I was doing...letting a black man use my asshole like a cheap whore`s cunt! But I kept moving, even though my legs were so weak, and my ass was so had to be a firey red color. I would move up until it was almost out and then I would settle back down on it again, all the way until I felt his short wiry pubes...God, that huge cock was hurting me so good...I might as well have had a fist inside me, the way that thick head was punching my prostate making my dick ooze a steady stream of precum. Someone tried to open the stall door but my hand shot out and locked it. He put his hands back on my waist and started fucking more violently, intentionally punishing my white ass as all kinds of nasty words spewed forth from his mouth.

"Ah Shit you're a hot fuck Bitch! Your swollen pussy is grippin my meat like it loves it! That right? You love it Bitch? Yeah, you love a big black man to use you! You want me to breed you? You need my nigga load inside yo pussy, don't ya? Huh Bitch? Yeah you gonna get all my baby batter plugged way deep inside ya!"

I couldn't believe all the shit he was saying. All I could do was grunt and groan as he used and abused me. As he punched into my guts I could feel what was left of the leatherman's load squirtin out around his cock. Hell, I didn't care if it were possible for me to get pregnant right then...I just wanted it to be over with so I wouldn't hurt anymore. He began to really fuck me down onto his cock now.


He had his arms locked around my waist and his head against my back as the last drops of cum leaked out of his pisshole somewhere deep in my guts, keeping me totally impaled until he was ready to let go.

He suddenly slapped my right thigh. "Now raise up slowly and let me see my cock slip out of your nasty ass."

I did as he told me and I felt like I was taking a shit. I didn't think it was ever going to end, but finally if popped free.

"Now turn around here and clean my cock with your mouth."

What did he say? Oh the horror...that was just nasty!

He slapped my face hard! "You betta get your tongue to movin on my cock Bitch or you`ll regret it!"

The smell wasn't so bad...just smelled like alot of cum really. The taste wasn't so bad either...just tasted like cum...two men's loads mixed together, plus my own ass juices...just a little something extra. No blood, or anything else, that I could tell. It was a good thing I douched well before I left the house. I had my mouth all over that slimey mess of a cock and was starting to get into it, hoping maybe I could coax another load out of it when he pushed me away.

"Get the fuck outta here ya damned Ho!"

I stumbled out of the stall pulling up my damp jeans as several men passed by me giving me that "what the fuck have you been doing?" look, as if they didn't know the answer already. I went to the mirror above the only sink and tried to make myself look presentable.

"Damn, am I ever going to get that beer?" I wondered.

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