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Summer Vacation Adventures Pt. I

It was my first Monday of summer vacation and I woke up too early to the sound of scraping outside one of my bedroom windows. Since I'd been in a deep sleep, I was pretty disoriented at first until I started to wake up enough to remember that the house painters my parents hired were starting today.

`Why did they have to start outside my window?' I angrily thought. I mean, this was my first weekday to just sleep in and take it easy. More important, I woke up as usual with a major erection. It was hot in my room (the a/c didn't do much of a job on the second floor) and the thin bed sheet barely covered my dick. My underarms were sweaty and I smelled pretty bad. In other words, I was super horny and, like any teenager, needed to spend some serious time masturbating.

Well I was getting ready to call my parents at work and bitch about the painters starting outside my room (when the whole house was empty except for me) but I held off. I'd remembered that my parents had promised to take me shopping for a car soon, since I'd turned sixteen just over a month ago. Instead, I just lay there sweating and watching my penis tent up the bed sheet and form a big wet spot where my big dickhead was leaking out.

It was then that I glanced at the old TV at the foot of my bed and saw the reflection of one of the painters. I was pretty sure he was looking straight at my naked boy torso and barely-covered erection poking up. You see, my single bed is in the outer corner of my corner bedroom with a window almost directly behind the headboard (which was the one the painter was scraping on) and another window along side the bed facing the street. To the left of my bed along the wall next to the window was my desk and computer. Beyond the foot of the bed was the door to my bathroom. It had a sink on the right of the door and a tub/shower on the left. The toilet was dead ahead, directly in line with the window above my head where the painter was now working and, I thought, checking me out.

The painters that my parents hired had a big job since our house had grey wood clapboard siding and white window trim. They had to scrape down the windows and repaint everything. There were only two painters, brothers from Mexico. I'd met them, with my dad, late last week when they came by to drop off some materials in preparation for today's start of the project. They were really sexy and it took all my self-control to keep from being obvious as I checked them out.

The older brother, Hector, was in his late twenties. He was tall and well-built with a pretty muscular chest and a narrow waist. He had olive brown skin, black hair and brown eyes. His black hair was wavy but somewhat short and he had a goatee. Normally, I didn't like facial hair but on him it was hot in an exotic way. He was wearing a navy blue t-shirt and jeans. His butt was big, muscular and round and his crotch looked pretty well stuffed too. While I never got too close to him, I did sense that Hector wasn't wearing deodorant.

I was sure that the younger brother, Miguel, wasn't wearing deodorant. He stood closer to me while dad and Hector conferred about the looming paint job. Miguel was younger and much thinner but still had what looked like nice muscular legs under those jeans. Basically, he had a hot soccer-player body in my opinion and seemed to be about six feet tall, same as Hector. Miguel had the same black hair, only his was much curlier and also cut short and he had no facial hair except for a bit of peach fuzz going on his upper lip. He also had an olive complexion and looked boyish. I later learned that he is only twenty.

So I guess I should describe myself now. My name is Brian McDaniel. Like I said before, I just turned sixteen. I'm tall for my age at 6'3" and thin. I'm on the cross-country and track team at high school. But while I'm thin, I'm not skinny. I have real wide shoulders and a defined chest with the start of decent pecs and real large diameter nipples. I also have a flat, almost washboard stomach. My legs are long and my torso really forms a classic `V' shape.

I'm nearly hairless, which you'd expect if you saw me. I have reddish-brown hair that's short and tightly curly. In the right light, I have red hair, just a bit darker. My shoulders are lightly freckled and my skin is the typically pale white tone of redheads everywhere. My pits are pretty hairy and my pubes are moderately dense too. The thing with my pubes, though, is that the area covered is large. I have a big, broad patch above my penis which is light red-brown like my pits and on top of my head. Otherwise, my balls are totally hairless and so is my asshole.

Now, for the good stuff: my balls hang down real low in their wrinkled sac and my balls are big like lemons. I've measured how low they can hang which is seven inches. I can actually wrap my hand around my sac above my balls and below my asshole and pull and stretch my balls down even further. My dick is proportional to my height, I think, but it looks much larger, especially when I stand in profile, since I'm thin. When I get an erection, my dick sticks straight out and then curves just slightly to the left about three-fourths of the way down the shaft. It's about nine inches long and real thick too. I'm circumcised and have a big, bullet-shaped head with a very large, almost unusual piss slit. It's nearly an inch long and when I pull it open, I can stick a pen or one of my fingers inside at least an inch or more. There's also a fat vein running down the top of my penis too. Because I'm athletic and not much into showering a lot, my crotch really smells ripe most of the time, which is fine by me. I kind of like to get dirty, especially when I'm horny and I really like all the gross things my teenage body can do. I even get boners just from farting or picking my nose.

Just after I turned twelve, I was still a pretty short and skinny kid but my genitals started to grow real fast and get amazingly large. Of course, I was fascinated with this giant penis and the big balls that I suddenly had. A year or so later, I started to get little, wiry pubic hairs just above my penis. I was erect all the time now. Also, when I was twelve, my crotch first started to really smell, especially after sports at school. I'd come home, run up to my room and take my clothes off to check my genital growth progress. The odor coming up from down there was real strong. It symbolized my penis growth and getting hairy down there. So I was always fascinated with my crotch and everything I could do down there.

At the same time, since I've always been thin, I got pretty shy and embarrassed easily. The reason was that my penis and testicles had grown so much that there was always a major bulge in my jeans. Well, I was only twelve or thirteen years old and was totally self conscious about my genital growth. But in private, just the opposite happened. If I was turning shy and introverted in public, in private I was getting totally into how naked and gross I could get. By now, there's not a bodily function or anything my teen body could perform that didn't turn me on and compel me to masturbate a lot.

Now that I'm old enough to drive, my personal goal is to break out of my shell and see if I can find someone (male of course) who I could show my tall, lean body and huge penis to. And I wanted men to share their bodies and, especially, their crotches with me too.

All these memories rushed through me this morning as I lay in bed naked and erect, realizing that the younger brother, Miguel, was watching me through my half open window. It was quiet now as Miguel had stopped scraping the old paint off and was just standing on the ladder looking at my body. I acted like I didn't notice him and pulled the bed sheet totally off.

My erection hovered suspended an inch or two above my abdomen with a big drip of semen hanging off the end. So I just lay there and started to feel some pressure in my intestines. I figured, if this sexy young house painter could just stand there and look at my naked teen body, then maybe now was the time to get bold and see what might happen.

So I bore down a bit on my asshole. My penis stood up a little higher from my body and I cut a loud fart. It wasn't just loud but lasted a pretty long time too. I guess I'd been building up this gas all night. It felt great, too. Within seconds of farting, I could smell it and that made my dick bounce up and down even more. I watched Miguel from his reflection on the TV screen and he just kept watching! This was really something. Maybe he was dirty like I am? I knew he didn't wash his underarms real well since I could smell them so easily the other day. So maybe he liked to see a teenage boy flex his large boner and cut a loud fart?

I wasn't sure what to do next. I thought about masturbating but decided to prolong this as much as I could. I don't know how I got the nerve but it ran through my mind that there was no way that he was going to tell on me. I mean, I'd just deny it and my parents would probably think these painters were weird peeping toms and fire them.

So I slowly stood up facing away from the bed and sideways to the young painter, Miguel. I was totally naked and unashamed to have a big erection sticking out in front of me. I stretched, reaching for the ceiling. This way, I could smell and look at my underarm hair. Then, penis bouncing, I went and sat at the desk and turned on my PC. As it booted up, I put my big feet up on the desk chair and planted them flat on the seat and scooted forward. I pulled my balls up and out of the way so that my large anus was now exposed and pushed out. I really like my asshole since it's real big like the rest of my genitals. It sticks out naturally and forms a big `O' shaped mound. While my right hand ran the mouse on my PC, I ran the fingers of my left hand all over my anus. It was pretty greasy-feeling. I guess I'd been farting in my sleep. My asshole was moist enough that I could push two of my long fingers inside and dig around a bit. At the same time, I pretended to look at my computer screen but actually, out of the corner of my eye, I looked up to my left at the window and there was Miguel watching me. He was shirtless and I could see he had a bit of short black curly hairs in the center of his pecs and a lot more hair sticking out from his armpits. His torso was real sexy with a nice swimmer type body. He had a treasure trail from his navel that fanned out into a lightly hairy lower abdomen, plunging into his loose, worn out jeans.

As I double-fingered my asshole, I could see a growing lump in Miguel's jeans. He was getting a boner and this excited me a lot. I started shivering a bit from nervous horniness. I'd never seen another guy's erection except in pictures on the web so this was incredible.

I pushed my fingers deeper into my large teen rectum until I felt the tip of a real hard turd. My dumps are usually real thick and very solid and this felt like a typical big one. It was a great feeling to push my shit log up deeper into my guts and then to use my ass muscles to try to expel it against my big fingers.

Well I did that for about ten minutes as Miguel's erection became totally obvious in his old blue jeans. When I pulled my fingers out, I knew that I had to smell them. I really liked my crotch and asshole odor and it was especially hot today. I furtively glanced at Miguel again as I sniffed my greasy fingers. He had quietly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down well over halfway. He was massaging his thick, black pubic bush with his right hand. All that crotch hair was now exposed nearly to the base of his still-hidden penis.

By now I was so horny with my bold exhibitionism that I decided to keep going and do all the real gross stuff I liked in front of Miguel while he played in his exposed pubes. Since I was already sniffing my fingers, I started to pick my nose. That felt real good. I really get off on playing with my snot when I have an erection and I could feel some big chunks in my nose this morning. I pulled my finger out and looked at the big hunk of snot on it before shoving my finger back in my nose. While I was admiring my snot, I sensed some movement just outside the window and I boldly looked up.

What I saw nearly made me ejaculate even though I wasn't even touching my dick. Miguel was still playing in his crotch hair and his erection was even more visible in his jeans. It was pointing to his left and all the way across his hip and now a wet spot had formed where his dickhead must've been. But what made my penis start to spasm was seeing this young Mexican house painter with the index finger of his left hand pushed up into his left nostril. He liked to get gross and pick his nose too! By now we were openly staring at each other and showing each other our snot on the tips of our fingers.

I couldn't make up my mind what to look at most. Miguel's penis was clearly bouncing around in his jeans, his thick hairy pubes were visible through his open pants, his naked and slightly hairy chest was right there and he was picking his nose. I mean, it was almost a total horny overload for me. Then, after I just stared at this sexy Mexican guy for a while, he stopped digging around in his nose and playing with his pubes. Instead, while looking me right in the eye, Miguel lifted both his arms and clasped his hands behind his head. He was deliberately showing me his thick, bushy underarms and this was real hot! I wanted to run my hands around in his pit hair so bad. I wanted to lick his armpits too. I just sat there mesmerized by what was actually happening to me for the very first time ever. A sexy guy wanted to show me his body and his dirty habits. Miguel even started to massage his hairy underarms while I watched. He even sniffed his fingers a lot. I just sat there with my mouth hanging open and my index finger in my nose.

So I figured I had to keep up with our mutual sexy display and I decided to grab my ass cheeks with both hands and pull them apart so that my swollen ass lips stuck out even more. I bore down and cut a real big fart again. Miguel seemed to really like it; his mouth was hanging open and he nodded his head up and down slightly, signaling that he liked seeing my big boy asshole passing gas.

After farting again for Miguel, I stood up feeling a huge urge to piss. As he watched, I walked naked, my long penis erect and rigidly pointing the way, into the bathroom. I was feeling more bold than I'd ever felt before so instead of standing normally in front of the toilet, I turned around, straddling the bowl with my legs spread real wide. I used my index fingers to push down my teen erection so it was aimed into the toilet. Miguel was now lightly fingering his boner through his jeans and he was picking his nose again as I relaxed just enough to get going.

As we both looked at my big penis, I started to urinate. My stream felt so good. It was powerful and loudly splashed into the toilet. The only problem was my dick was so hard that it was difficult to keep forcing it down pointed to the bowl. Well, I looked up at Miguel as he stared at my pissing erection and I decided to stop aiming. I pulled my fingers back to my sides and my dick bounced up and straight out as I kept urinating. My long, heavy piss stream shot nearly straight out in front of me at least eight feet. It went out of the bathroom and onto the carpet in my bedroom.

I didn't care about the mess. It was just so horny to piss real hard like that straight at this hot young Mexican guy. We could both hear the loud sound of my urine raining down on the carpet in my bedroom. The feeling of my big piss stream running down my penis and out the big hole was awesome. As Miguel watched me piss, I raised my arms and clasped them behind my head so my smelly teen armpits were exposed. I kept urinating for a couple minutes before my stream finally slowed and stopped.

As I stood there, not sure where to take this encounter next, Miguel reached down and started lifting the window all the way up. I watched, motionless and real nervous as Miguel then started to climb up the ladder and over the windowsill into my bedroom. Well that only took about a minute and there he was, half-naked and erect in his jeans. Miguel kicked off his sneakers (he wasn't wearing socks so I could see his big feet). Then, as I stared, he started to pull down his pants. I'd already figured he wasn't wearing underwear since I could see his dense pubic hair earlier.

A wave of butterflies went through my stomach as I realized that I was about to see another guy's erect penis for the very first time. It's so frustrating to get only furtive peeks at soft, shriveled penises in the boys' locker room at school or just pictures on the web. I wanted more than anything to just be able to openly examine other guys' dicks and assholes up close, to touch them, taste them and even observe them as they did their bathroom functions. Now, finally, here was Miguel in my room getting ready to show me his erection and maybe more.

As his jeans fell to his thighs, Miguel's penis was finally displayed to me. It was an awesome sight. His erection pointed out and curved up sharply so that his dickhead was pointed straight up at the ceiling. It looked like a big banana jutting up from his super-hairy crotch. Miguel was also uncircumcised, something I'd only seen in pictures since all the guys at school were circumcised like me. The foreskin pretty much covered Miguel's penis head. He had nice, big hairy balls but they didn't hang low; instead they were pulled up pretty tight which was hot since it looked like Miguel was real close to ejaculating, something I'd hoped to witness before we were done.

We both just stood there for a minute or so, wondering what to do next. We were both naked and erect. The smell of my morning piss all over the carpet and our sweaty, unwashed armpits and groins was getting pretty intense. At almost the same time, Miguel and I started to pick our noses again as I began to walk toward him. Suddenly, Miguel spotted my dirty underwear lying on the floor near the bed and he reached down to pick them up. He smiled slightly, as if embarrassed a bit at how far we were going. As I approached him, Miguel held up my white briefs in his left hand, letting them turn inside out so the seat of them was visible to both of us. Like all my underpants, these had some very large skidmarks in them. I don't wipe real well after taking a shit, plus sometimes I like to finger my asshole through my briefs while I surf the web for dirty pictures. So the pair in Miguel's hand had a large brown streak about five inches long and about two or three inches wide in the middle.

He showed them to me and I nodded, not sure what was going to happen now. Then, as I watched from a couple feet away, Miguel lifted the seat of my shit-stained underwear to his mouth and licked my skidmark! This was amazing and seemed so totally raunchy to me that I was shivering with horny lust. He just kept licking the seat of my dirty briefs as I stood there in front of him. I didn't dare touch my penis or I knew I'd ejaculate for sure. I looked down and saw that both of us were real wet with long strands of semen extending down from the tips of our erections onto the piss-wet carpet. Some of Miguel's semen had dripped onto his big bare feet.

Then, after a couple moments like this, Miguel pulled my underpants away from his face and looked at me and, in a thick Mexican accent, finally spoke, "You want to smell these with me?" I just nodded yes and we stepped closer together. As we did, the head of my big penis pressed into Miguel's thick, wiry pubic hair. It felt so good to rub my sensitive dickhead in his smelly, wiry thick pubes.

I leaned down and licked my shit stain with Miguel. The skidmark was so big that we could both run our tongues all over it at once. Eventually, though, our tongues touched a few times and Miguel started to lick my tongue as I licked back. Finally he dropped my dirty underwear onto the floor and we started to actually kiss. Not in a romantic way, but in a dirty way as if we wanted to just taste each other after tasting my big turd stains.

As we kissed and licked each other's lips and tongues, Miguel lifted his tongue up and stuck it into my right nostril and actually licked inside me there. This was totally hot too. Then, with his tongue stretched under my right nostril, he pressed his finger onto my left nostril so that it was closed tight.

"Blow hard," he whispered before positioning his tongue under my nose again. I breathed in hard and blew my nose onto his outstretched tongue. Then he stood back a bit and showed me all the wet, chunky snot on his tongue. I just stood there amazed, my mouth hanging open as Miguel then sucked my snot into his mouth and swallowed.

Well, he suddenly seemed embarrassed by how gross he is. So this naked, twenty year old Mexican boy just stood there blushing as my mind reeled at our wild sex acts so far. I didn't want this to end or for Miguel to get cold feet after doing such raunchy stuff so I immediately reached out and cupped one hand under his nose and pinched one of his nostrils shut with my other hand. I just nodded up and down and whispered, "Do it" and he quickly got the message and blew a huge gob of real chunky snot into the palm of my hand. While he watched, I wiped his snot all over my penis.

I looked up at him and we both broke out into dirty grins at our mutual disgusting play. As we looked each other in the eye, I couldn't stand it anymore and so I grabbed Miguel's arms and lifted them above his head as I leaned into his left armpit and started sniffing it real hard. Miguel just whispered, "Yeah," as I stuck my tongue out and nervously started to lick the salty thick hair and skin of his underarms. I loved the feel of his wiry, coarse pit hair on my tongue. I licked his other armpit for a while until Miguel said, "My turn," and we switched.

Oh fuck! If it was super-hot to lick Miguel's sweaty armpits, it was even more incredible to feel this ultimate sex act. His hot tongue felt so amazing as it slid all over my underarm hair while I felt his nostrils breathing in my teen boy body odor. By now, we were standing so close together that our erections were sliding all over each other and rubbing into each other's pubic hair.

Miguel just kept licking my armpit as I felt this fluttery, butterflies in my stomach feeling all over. I was getting goose bumps from the sensual feeling of his pit-licking. Then, Miguel paused and looked me in the eye. He stood perfectly still and suddenly cut a loud, long fart. It was so hot to share in his farting. I could smell it too as I breathed in deeply.

"Oh man, keep farting OK?" I begged. Miguel nodded and cut another big fart.

"Can you fart again?" Miguel shyly whispered.

"I think so," I replied as I spread my legs and bore down on my large anus. I let rip a deep, rumbling fart that signaled I wasn't too far from having to take a dump.

At about the same time, once we'd finished farting, Miguel and I reached down and grabbed each other's dicks. This was the first time I had ever touched another guy's penis and it just seemed to be exactly what I was hoping for all these years. His dick was so big and hard as I felt all over it. It was especially wild to pull up and down on his foreskin, which was thick and yet silky soft to the touch. I used one hand to pull his foreskin up and over his dickhead while I poked my index finger into the folds of skin and felt all over Miguel's wet dickhead and piss hole. At the same time, Miguel was feeling all over my penis too. He even tried to poke a finger into my giant piss hole.

Then, I got even bolder and dropped quickly to my knees and got ready to do the ultimate sex act (or so I thought at that moment). I started to lick the shaft of Miguel's penis before opening my mouth and putting his skin-covered dickhead into it and started to lick and suck a penis for the first time. The first things I noticed, which made my boner start to bounce up and down, were the smell and taste of Miguel's sweaty dick. His crotch was real sweat-smelly but when I put my tongue into his foreskin and licked all over his dickhead and into his piss hole, I could taste a lot of his semen. I knew he was leaking a lot since his jeans were getting wet and I'd seen both our erections leaking big semen strands. But tasting his dick juice was amazing. I'd never dreamed I could finally get a chance to taste another boy's bodily fluids and now here I was swallowing everything leaking out of his penis.

Once I'd sucked up all of Miguel's pre-cum, I licked up and down his long shaft and then licked his lightly hairy balls. He spread his legs a bit and I crouched down further and started to lick toward his asshole. He was real hairy down here and the crotch odor was even more intense. I wanted to stick my tongue in his asshole but I couldn't quite reach that far. Next, I started rubbing my face in his large pubic bush and again sniffed up all his crotch smells.

Well, I wanted to keep my face and tongue in his genitals forever but Miguel put his hands into my armpits and after feeling the hair and sweat a bit, started to pull me up until I was standing again facing him. Then he pulled me onto the bed with him and I sat with my legs spread out in a `V' in front of me. He knelt and started to lick up and down my long, fat dick shaft before he grabbed my dick and pulled it up so it was pointing at the ceiling. Then, Miguel licked my large dick head. He made eye contact with me as he started to tongue-fuck my enormous piss hole. This felt so amazing. I could tell that I was producing a lot of semen and it was clearly coating his tongue every time he pulled it out of my penis. Soon, Miguel enveloped my dick head and started to really go down on me and give me a real blowjob. This was incredible. He was definitely more experienced than I was and could swallow more than half my nine inch erection. When he tried to swallow more, Miguel gagged real hard and coughed up a lot of spit which slid down onto my balls as they rested on the bed. It felt real hot as his throat convulsed allover my penis. Once, Miguel gagged so hard I thought he was going to puke. He lifted his head up off my dick and suddenly belched real loud and then smiled and laughed as I laughed too.

"You don't mind I gagged so hard on your dick?" Miguel asked.

"No, it felt real awesome."

"Maybe you let me gag harder later?" He asked quietly.

I just nodded `yes,' thinking at that moment I'd even let him blow chunks all over my horny crotch just so long as he kept up sucking my large erection like he just did.

"Good," he replied, "but now I want to see your asshole again, OK?"

"OK, but you have to show me your asshole too."

I pulled my legs up to my chest, squatted and leaned back and once again displayed my large, swollen-looking teen anus to Miguel. He leaned back into the same position and now I could finally see his asshole. It was large like mine! There were swirls of black pubic hair surrounding it but I could see his ass lips and they were sticking out a good inch. The mound of his hole looked to be two inches in diameter, just like me.

Seeing his asshole got me so hot I could feel rivers of sweat pouring from my underarms down onto my bed sheets. I just kept thinking how I'd never seen another asshole in real life and now here was this hot Mexican boy openly showing me that secret place where his turds come from.

We just stared at each other's assholes for a while as we flexed them in and out. Miguel kept whispering "push harder" as I bore down on my big anus. I pushed real hard but not so hard that the big turd I'd felt inside me would come out. I looked at Miguel and told him to push out too and he did. Each time he pushed, his asshole would expand even larger and after one asshole flexing, I saw some of the bright red insides of his rectum.

Suddenly, he pushed out hard and cut a loud, long fart which I eagerly watched as his asshole pushed out and visibly vibrated. The smell of his rectal gas was awesome. But as he farted, I noticed also a hot squirt of piss shoot out of his penis onto his chest.

"Fuck, piss on me!" I panted, overcome all of a sudden with the need to be urinated on by this nasty Mexican boy.

Miguel nodded in agreement and we lowered our legs and sat up so that I was sitting on the bed, my legs in a `V' in front of me again with Miguel in the same position but with his hairy legs overlapping mine. A tingling sensation radiated out from my big anus and up my spine and all through my erection at the realization that for the first time ever, I was actually having sex and as part of it, I was finally going to experience a hot guy going to the bathroom on my body. I felt like all that shyness and awkwardness was evaporating forever.

Well, I watched as Miguel grabbed his penis in his right hand and aimed it at me as he gently pulled down on his big foreskin. I could see his piss slit as it suddenly opened up and he started to urinate. His stream started out a bit weak and splattered on the bed. But real quickly, his piss stream gathered force and Miguel was now urinating on my erection and into my pubes. The sensation of his hot urine hosing my genitals was almost overwhelming. Pretty soon, he pushed his erection out even further and his piss started to shower all over my naked chest and big nipples. Long rivers of urine slid down my torso into my pubic hair and down my sides onto the bed as I just sat perfectly still hoping that Miguel would never stop peeing.

"Do you want to taste it?" Miguel asked, snapping me out of my trance.

Instantly, I knew I needed to get his piss in my mouth and so I just opened wide and he bore down and his piss stream gathered force as he aimed it even higher. I stuck my tongue out into his stream. It was hot and salty like my own urine, which I'd tasted many times but there was something extra-hot about another boy's urine going into my mouth and down my throat as I swallowed mouthfuls of Miguel's piss.

But suddenly, after I drank several mouthfuls' of his hot urine, Miguel abruptly pulled his penis back and began to piss on himself and up into his open mouth. Witnessing a hot boy drinking his piss from his erect penis for me was amazing.

At about the same time as Miguel finally ran out of urine, we heard a noise from the doorway and we both turned and looked at the same time. Miguel's older brother, Hector, was standing there. A sudden split-second wave of panic went through me at the though of getting caught. But almost immediately, I realized that this was going to be OK though.

You see, Hector was standing in the doorway to the upstairs hall with his shirt off, displaying his hairy chest and big, muscle-y pecs. But even more awesome, his jeans were unzipped and pulled open and his fat erection jutted up and out in a similar upward curve as his younger brother's penis did. As similar as their boners looked, Hector's was clearly much thicker and his helmet head was so large that his foreskin barely stretched around it and his piss hole was fully exposed. Miguel's penis, by contrast, was slightly longer looking but definitely thinner. I think Hector's dick was even fatter than my own oversized teen erection. He had a similarly thick and wide pubic patch to his younger brother and fat hairy balls pulled up tight to the base of his dick.

We all just silently looked at each other until Hector finally spoke up and said, "I saw Miguel climb in the window so I knew I had to come up here and get naked with you boys." Then, looking at me, he asked, "You don't mind do you?"

"Fuck no," I nearly panted.

"Cool," Hector responded as he walked into the room with his tall erection leading the way. I just marveled at what was happening to me as Miguel and I sat there, dripping in piss while Hector came and stood at the side of my wet bed. His hands rested on his hips as his fat upward curved dick just stood rigid and perfectly still with his pee hole aimed almost at the ceiling.

Hector let out a deep, rumbling fart into his jeans as his dick erupted in a sudden fountain of piss. It shot up nearly straight into the air about six feet before landing on my bed between Miguel's and my crotches. Hector immediately began slowly twisting from side to side so that his piss rained down on us from our chests to our crotches. I loved the sexy feeling of his urine falling down onto my large dick shaft as he coated my teen body with his smelly piss. On Hector's next pass over Miguel, the younger brother leaned forward, mouth open, so he could catch and drink some urine. I did the same when it was my turn. The whole time, I didn't dare to even touch my dick as much as I needed to masturbate for fear of ejaculating too soon. Miguel, however, was lightly stroking his long erection, massaging his older brother's piss onto his dick and into his pubic hair.

Once Hector finished pissing, he kicked off his shoes and pulled down his jeans. Once he was barefoot, I guess he noticed the wet carpet he was standing on. He reached down and touched the carpet in a few of the wetter spots.

"Why's the floor so wet?" Hector asked in that same Mexican accent as his younger brother.

Miguel nodded toward me and said, "He pissed on the floor after he got out of bed."

Hector looked at me and nodded appreciatively. "You like piss a lot, huh?" he stated. "You should. You got a huge dick for a young boy. You should be pissing all the time, showing us how your big dick functions." Hector was looking at me and lightly masturbating now.

Then Miguel said, "He likes more than piss, man. He picks his nose and he's got a huge, dirty asshole too. Just the way you like."

"And just the way you like, Miguel," Hector added.

I started to feel a bit embarrassed (yet turned on) as they discussed my private raunchiness.

Hector looked over at me and asked, "Is that true? Is your asshole big too, like your dick?"

I said, "Yeah, I guess it's pretty large."

"Especially when you fart," Miguel added.

So Hector looked at his brother and commanded, "Move over Miguel and let the boy show me his shit hole." With that, Miguel moved to the side and Hector climbed on the bed, got down on his knees and said he wanted to get a good look at my anus. I was nervous, slightly embarrassed to be talked about like this, but also proud and turned on to show someone my secret: my asshole really is very large and flexible and it protrudes nicely. Not bad for a teenager.

Hector told Miguel to climb up on top of me and hold my legs back while he crouched down to look at my flexing anus. I was determined to show these Mexican brothers just how big I can get down there. When Miguel got into position, I had an awesome view of his hairy, distended asshole from up close. The way he was squatting over me made his anus stick out even more. It had real thick, puffy lips that turned redder toward the center of his asshole and sort of resembled a donut shape. He smelled sweaty, too.

When Miguel pulled my legs back, I pushed out a bit on my anus and Hector let out a low whistle. "Damn, kid, that's fuckin' hot. How'd you get so big there?"

"Fuck, Hector, the boy's big allover," Miguel said. "Look at his dick again and his balls."

Next thing I knew, there was this awesome feeling as Hector ran his tongue all over my anus. He even nibbled and sucked on my protruding ass lips. Then, after a few minutes of rimming me like that, Hector plunged his tongue inside my rectum. Because I'm so big and loose, he could get his tongue way up inside me as I pushed out my asshole simultaneously. The feeling of being licked and tongue-fucked was something I think I'll never forget and knew right away was exactly what my teen anus needed.

While Hector sucked and licked my asshole, I raised my face up a bit, determined to taste Miguel's big, protruding anus. I stuck out my tongue and wiped it across his ass lips as Miguel responded by flexing his anus out even more. I could feel his asshole moving out around my tongue, covering my mouth. I licked everywhere including the sweaty, salty hairs surrounding his anus. Then, just like Hector, I pushed my tongue deep inside Miguel's rectum and tasted his loose, slick insides. My tongue went real deep as he opened his asshole even further by pushing down with his rectal muscles even more.

I was doing the same thing for Hector. At one point, he pulled out of my asshole and said, "Yeah, kid, push out with everything you got." Then he shoved his tongue back in my oversized boy anus while I pushed out, a grunting sound coming up out of my throat. I felt something besides his tongue moving in my ass and realized almost instantly that Hector's tongue was licking and pushing around the big turd I felt in there earlier when I fingered myself in front of Miguel. My mind reeled at the thought that someone was actually tasting and licking my shit.

Well, I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to do too. I strained and pushed my tongue even farther into Miguel and I guess he got the message as he pushed down again and expanded his anus even more. Suddenly, Miguel farted into my open mouth and I nearly came from the sensation of such a filthy thing being done to me. While I smelled his gas all over my face, my tongue suddenly hit something hard and I knew instantly that it was touching a turd inside Miguel. I ran my tongue all over his shit as best I could and tried to move his turd around inside his rectum the same way his brother was doing to me. By now, I was shivering hard from the amazing dirty stuff I was doing and was being done to me.

Miguel's shit tasted bitter but good in a sexy kind of way. I knew that I would have to taste one of my enormous turds soon. Maybe even eat some of it. As I contemplated the depraved things I was doing and planning to do, I could feel Hector keep moving my dump around with his tongue. I was getting close to taking a shit and that made me nervous. Maybe that would be going way too far, even for these dirty Mexican brothers.

Well before things could get even further out of control, Hector pulled his mouth off my asshole and lowered my legs. I kept sucking Miguel's anus while listening as Hector told Miguel to get his asshole wet. Fuck! Miguel was going to rim his brother.

Then Hector, addressing me, said, "Boy, I need to sit on that giant teen dick, OK?"

I just mumbled yes as I kept my mouth on his brother's anus. As I kept sucking on Miguel's shit hole and licking the turd just inside, I could hear him licking and slurping on his brother's anus. I wished I could see Hector's anus and I wondered if it was as large as his little brother's.

After a couple minutes of intense rimming, Miguel lifted up and I could see between his legs as Hector grabbed my boner and pulled it up vertical as he quickly lowered himself onto it. Hector's dick was still throbbing hard as I finally got a decent look at anus. It was huge! His ass lips stuck out a good two inches and were real wet with his younger brother's spit. He hovered just above my erection and cut a fart onto me. I could feel the gas coming out of his large anus as it blew down onto my penis. My oversized teen piss slit was open and covered with my own semen as Hector then sat quickly down onto me. His asshole was warm and soft inside and definitely very loose and sloppy feeling. I immediately loved the feel of a super large rectum surrounding my penis. I don't get the obsession in porn stories with tight assholes; I really liked the feel of this large shit chute as Hector gyrated in circles opening his hole even more around my teenage penis.

Hector bounced up and down on my dick as his brother licked his erection. It was awesome to witness this sexy incest in action. A couple times, Hector lifted all the way off my boner while grabbing the base of it so he could slide it all the way in and out over and over. There were visible shit smears on my dick. Not only didn't I care but I got even more turned on seeing Hector's crap sticking to my giant dick. I think my dick is awesome looking normally but seeing it smeared with shit seems so much more sexy, as if that's the way it was intended to be naturally.

At the same time, Miguel kept hovering above my hairless chest with his anus sticking out and flexing hard. I reached up and felt all over his asshole with my fingers, sticking two then three into him a few times. Miguel farted some more and I could feel his turd on the tips of my fingers. I knew instantly what I needed to experience now.

"Yeah, keep pushing out," I panted to Miguel.

"You sure?" he asked.

"Yeah, go all the way."

Then Hector added, "Listen to him, bro, he needs what you got in there."

"Fuck, OK," Miguel said.

Suddenly, Miguel's anus opened real wide and his ass lips pushed down so they were sticking out a good two inches or more. From the center of his fat anus, I could see the tip of a hard brown turd, the one I'd licked, as it slowly descended from his guts onto my chest. I was overwhelmed with the sensation of Hector bouncing his large rectum up and down on my teenage cock while his younger brother shit on me. The weight of his large turd was amazing as it coiled up on my chest between my large nipples on my hairless boy pecs. The smell was incredible, like my biggest and messiest dumps.

With a sort of crackling sound, Miguel's dump kept coming out of him until, when he'd finally finished, there must've been at least a couple pounds of crap piled up on me. The turd stack was around seven inches high. I made up my mind immediately that if I was going to come out of my shell and explore my teen sex lust, getting shit on would need to be a major part of it.

I grabbed Miguel's hips and pulled his asshole down to my mouth so I could lick him some more. Since I'd already licked his turd, it didn't seem gross. In fact, licking his shit-smeared huge ass lips was hot.

But pretty soon, Miguel lifted off me and squatted to the side in front of the window as Hector pulled off me one more time. Miguel grabbed my shit-caked erection and went down on me. He sucked real hard on my penis, getting his big brother's shit in his mouth for sure. When he pulled up off my dick, it was pretty clean. Fuck! These two brothers liked to taste shit, even each other's. I wondered what other sexy stuff they'd done and what they could teach me.

Hector pulled my legs up to my chest again, as he knelt in front of my crotch. "Hold your legs back kid, let's see what your big asshole can do, OK?" I nodded yes as I grabbed my long legs and pulled them to my chest. I knew he wanted to fuck me and I was so horny and ready to burst that I couldn't wait to feel his super thick penis in my boy hole.

Well I was wrong (sort of). Hector played his fingers all over my ass lips as I laid there with a mound of shit on my chest. He stared at my asshole and said, "I tasted your dump in there, why don't you take a shit for Miguel and me?"

I was ready to do it. I bore down hard, farted twice and felt my huge, hard turd work its way to the opening of my asshole. My ass lips expanded even more than before and I knew that the tip of my turd was now visible to these sexy young Mexican brothers.

"Oh fuck," Miguel whispered as his older brother cupped his hand under my shit hole. "That's a huge turd." I could feel it stretching me so I knew he wasn't exaggerating at all. I just kept pushing out as Hector caught my shit in his hand. It felt so good feeling a large dump slide slowly across my distended ass lips and into the willing hand of this hot guy. When I was done, Hector held his hand up in the air. My turd was long, thick and real hard. It must've been at least a foot long and three inches in diameter. It was even bigger than the huge dump piled up on my chest.

Miguel leaned forward and licked it as I watched. Hector just said, "Taste it bro," as he used his other hand to aim his dick at my wide open, stretched boy anus. I was so loose from the rimming and my massive dump, plus I was lubricated by the greasy shit residue all over my hole and my insides, that Hector's penis slid into me easily. It felt like taking a great shit in reverse. I filled back up, this time with a super-large uncut Mexican penis.

As Hector fucked me, Miguel held my left leg down to my chest. This freed my left arm so I could touch his pile of shit on my chest. I ran my fingers over it while I watched Miguel use his free hand to take my giant turd from his brother and hold it in front of his mouth. While staring into my eyes, Miguel slowly slid my long, thick dump into his mouth and gave a blowjob to my smelly turd. I was blown away by the sight.

So was Hector. He picked up the pace and was now pounded my formerly virgin anus real hard has he grabbed my legs from Miguel and me. His fat dick was now going all the way in and out. Every time it came out, I made a farting or slurping type sound as my asshole stayed open and distended, waiting to be stuffed with his dick again.

Hector leaned forward and stuck out his tongue as he lowered his face into his brother's dump. He began licking it hard, eventually scooping up a large chunk and holding it in his mouth as I watched. I still wasn't touching my penis for fear of exploding too soon. I had no idea what else we could do but I was sure that these perverted Mexican brothers had more ideas.

Then, as my mind reeled at the prospect, Hector bent down to my open mouth with some of Miguel's dump sticking out. Before I knew it, he was sitting back up again, fucking me as a four or five inch piece of his brother's smelly shit protruded from between my lips. I just lay there running my tongue all over the part of Miguel's dump inside my mouth.

Then, Hector pulled out of my loose asshole and lowered my legs to the bed as he climbed up and sat on my dick again. He said something in Spanish and Miguel, my giant turd still sticking out of his mouth, got behind Hector. I could feel something sliding next to my dick inside of Hector and suddenly I realized it was Miguel's long penis. Before I knew it, we were fucking Hector at the same time. It felt incredible to slide my penis against Miguel's from inside Hector's stretched asshole.

We fucked like this for about ten minutes until Hector pulled off of us and stood up on the bed and turned around so he was now straddling me. I watched in a sexual daze as Hector pulled his ass cheeks apart and I looked up at his swollen, open asshole and his hairy ass. Then, without warning, Hector took a shit.

He started with a rumbling fart and then a long column of softened shit quickly poured out of his large anus and down onto my bouncing, throbbing teen erection. It was followed with more farts and some further bits of crap. I was so turned on, I couldn't even think straight. Suddenly, as if I had no control over myself, I started to piss. A long, powerful stream shot out of my oversize piss slit and up my shit-covered torso and even into my open mouth as I pulled Miguel's turd out and held it in my hand. Hector squatted to my left and started masturbating as I urinated. His brother picked up some of Hector's soft dump and rubbed it onto his long dick and began masturbating too.

As I kept pissing I watched Miguel and Hector play with their boners. Then, Hector looked at Miguel and said, "Suck him."

Well, Miguel pulled my giant turd out of his mouth and looked at me. He blushed a bit and asked, "Are you ready for me to really gag on your dick? Even more than I did earlier?" I just nodded. My mouth was still full of a large chunk of his shit.

Miguel put my large dump back in his mouth and opened wide as he bent down over my dick. With one hand, he pulled my erection up vertical and opened real wide and slid his mouth over my super-large boy dick. I could feel his lips and my long column of shit together as they slid along my penis.

"Yeah, bro," Hector panted as Miguel started to push himself down almost violently on my giant dick. A couple times he gagged real hard and a lot of shitty spit came up and out onto my balls and dick shaft. As I watched, close to ejaculating, Hector reached down into the dump Miguel had shit onto me and grabbed another large chunk put it in his mouth before going back to masturbating.

Then, suddenly, we both heard a real loud retching sound come from Miguel and as we both stared, amazed, Miguel suddenly puked on me. He pulled his mouth off my dick and my turd fell out of his mouth onto my crotch along with his stomach contents. Miguel immediately dove back down onto my dick as hard as he could and puked again. This time, a huge amount of chunky puke came pouring out of him and all over my crotch. As he threw up a third time, Miguel leaned back and let a lot of it rain down his chest and onto his dick as he suddenly began ejaculating.

Hector grabbed my puke covered turd and mashed it onto his dick as I grabbed my wet dick and started to jack off hard. The friction on my dick from all the shit and puke was unbelievable. Then, at about the same time, Hector and I blew our loads onto my chest. I even shot onto my face and over my head.

After I ejaculated, I just lay there panting, and amazingly still horny, looking at my long lean torso and still hard penis covered in shit and puke and sperm. I felt that this was the most natural way to have sex and what my teen body was meant for.

It was only after about ten minutes of just laying there with these two hot brothers that I realized what a mess we'd made. But before I could panic over it, Hector told Miguel to help me clean up. Well it took the rest of the morning but we did it (sort of). While Hector went back to scraping paint, Miguel and I cleaned my room, did laundry and still found time to piss on each other and jack off two more times.

Once, Hector caught us ejaculating in the laundry room. He looked at us and said, "Save some for tomorrow and the rest of the week. This is gonna be a long job and we're gonna need a break to empty our balls with you."

Miguel laughed and said, "You might only empty your balls bro, but we're gonna empty our bladders and our assholes some more too."

I couldn't wait.