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At last - how Superslut got his name. His early life finally down on paper. Hope you enjoy it.

Part 1

I guess I’ve always been a slut. For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by cocks and asses - mine and anyone else’s. I was just a kid when I saw my first sex. I was about eleven years old. I’d been at the park with my buddies, and I had to piss. I went into the restroom and got hit by the stink of piss. It was intoxicating. My little dick got hard instantly so I couldn’t piss.

I went back out and we continued playing. My eyes kept wandering to the restroom, and I noticed that guys were going in, staying for a while and coming out again. Some sat on benches near the shithouse, and when a guy went in they would follow. Sometimes they were in there for quite a while.

It was time for us to go home, so we left the park. After we split up, I doubled back to the park. I wanted to go back to the restroom and get another whiff of the smell of the place. Just as I arrived two guys were going in. I followed at a distance, and when I got inside neither of the guys was pissing and only one of the stalls was taken, I wondered where the other guy was.

I went into the second stall pulled my pants down and sat on the commode. The walls were covered with writing and drawings of dicks and asses. There was a hole in the wall and I could hear grunting noises in the other stall. I looked through the wall and saw one guy bent over the commode and the other guy had his cock buried in the first one’s ass. He was pumping in and out and the guy bent over was grunting every time the other one thrust into him.

I couldn’t take my eye of them. Finally the one in back groaned and held the other guy’s hips tight keeping his cock inside. He stayed that way for a while then pulled his cock out, It was all slimy and shiny and stuff was dripping out of the other guy’s bum. Then he got on his knees and started licking it. It looked so nasty, but it also made me feel real funny in my dick. My mouth started watering and I wanted to do what they were doing.

They pulled their pants up, and then one of the guys saw my eye at the hole. He bent down and I moved back away from the hole. I saw his eye at the hole, then it went away, and I moved back. He was looking at the hole, and holding his slimy dick and waving it at me, He was grinning, I pulled my pants up quickly and ran out of the restroom. I heard them opening the door as I left, and when I looked around the guy was looking at me, and he pointed me out to the other guy and they laughed. I ran all the way home.

That night when I was in bed all I could think about was what I’d seen. My little dick was rock hard and my ass was twitching. I reached down and started playing with my bum hole. It felt real good. I tried pushing my finger in my bum, but it wouldn’t go in. Finally I went to sleep, still thinking about the guy’s cock in the other guy’s bum.

The next day on my way home from school I visited the restroom again. There was nobody there so I went into one of the stalls, and sat on the toilet. I heard a guy come in and he went into the other stall. I looked through the hole and he was sitting with his pants round his ankles, and he was playing with his cock. It was real big and hard, and he was sliding his hand up and down it.
He looked at the hole and saw me looking, so he stood up and shuffled over to the hole and pushed his cock through it.

“Suck my cock man.”

It was all red and slimy at the head. I opened my mouth and put my tongue out, and licked it. It tasted great - sorta salty and sweet at the same time.

“Suck it. Suck my cock.”

I opened my mouth wider and put my lips round it. He pressed forward against the wall and his cock slid into my mouth. I started sucking like it was a lollipop.

“Yeah, that’s it. suck me.”

I tried to get more of his cock into my mouth and after gagging a bit I managed to take more than half of it. I slid my mouth up and down while I sucked, and he was moaning. Then he pulled out, and pulled his pants half way up and opened the door. The next thing he was knocking on my door. I opened it and he came in.

“Shit kid. How old are you?”

“Eleven - almost twelve.”

“Where’d you learn to suck like that?”

“Dunno. I’ve never done it before.”

“Fuck kid, you’re a natural. You want some more?”


He held his cock straight out, and I started sucking again. Without the wall between us it was easier to suck him. Then he started pumping further into my mouth. I thought I was going to choke at first, but soon I was taking almost all of his cock down my throat. I could taste the slime, and was loving it.

Then he pulled out, lifted me up and sat down. I thought he was going to suck my dick, but he turned me around and pushed on my back till I was bent over, and I felt his tongue licking my ass crack. My dick was hard as steel, He licked me for a while and spat on my hole, then he stood up, spat on his hand and rubbed it on his cock then pressed it at my hole. I was going to get fucked!!

He pushed forward, and I felt the shock of pain as he broke through my tight hole. I took a breath and was about to scream when he put his hand over my mouth, muffling my yell of pain. He held still, just inside my hole, and the pain started to go. My ass muscles relaxed and he pushed further in. Starting, stopping, waiting, he finally got his cock into me to the balls. The pain had stopped and was replaced by a wonderful feeling of being full of cock.

Then he started pumping in and out. It was sliding in real easy, and felt so good, hitting that spot inside me that made my cock jump and jerk about. I started pushing back as he pushed forward, and that got him pumping harder and faster. The wall of the stall was squeaking from me pushing against it, My cock got harder and I felt like I was going to have an orgasm. I’d been playing with my dick for years and I knew the feeling, only this time it was different somehow.

The next thing I knew, I had watery cum leaking out of my cock. My first cum! The feeling was so intense that my asshole tried to close up on the guy’s cock, He grunted, and I felt his jizz shooting out into me.

“Fuck. I’m cumming in you, kid. Take my load,” he whispered.

His cock was jerking in me as spurt after spurt filled my hole. He was gasping and squeezing my hips real tight as he unloaded into me.

Finally he finished spurting, and he pulled his cock out. It was still hard, and shiny like the guy I’d seen yesterday. He grabbed some paper and wiped the end, then pulled up his levis, and swatted me on the butt.

“Thanks for the fuck, kid. It was great.”

And he left. I sat on the toilet for a minute then pulled my shorts up, picked up my school bag and left. On the way home I could feel my ass all wet, and when I got home I stripped off and the seat of my pants had a big wet spot. It smelt great, so I licked the slime off it. It tasted great too, so I shoved a finger up my ass. It went in real easy and when I pulled it out it was all slimy, I smelt it then stuck it in my mouth and sucked it clean. I loved the taste so I did it again, and again. . . and again, until I had got all I could out of my ass.

I was hooked! Hooked on the feeling of having cock up my ass, and hooked on the taste of cum and ass juice. I wanted more.

From then on I’d stop almost every day at the restroom, hoping to get fucked again, or at least get to suck a cock through the hole and get a mouthful of hot cum. And I’d usually get what I was craving two or three times a week. And on weekends I’d go riding on my bike, and call at every restroom I found on my travels to check out the stalls. I soon realised that I could tell which ones would be active by the graffiti on the walls and the holes between the stalls.

Summer vacation came round and I spent a lot of time visiting the park or riding to the restrooms that showed promise. Dad and Mom took a week off work and we had a holiday at the beach. The first day we went down to the beach, We all went swimming for a while, then Dad and Mom set up under the umbrella and I went exploring along the beach. I’d wandered for about a mile, and left most of the people behind. There were just some guys lying on the sand getting a tan.

I noticed some of them going up into the dunes behind the beach, and I decided to follow them. There were trails in the bushes, and guys were wandering along them. My eyes were glued to the bulges in their Speedos, and my cock was hard. Some of the guys had taken their Speedos off and were wandering naked with their cocks in full view. I decided to take mine off, and it felt real good walking round naked.

“Hey kid. What you doing here?”

“Just looking round.”

“Looking for what?”

He was about twenty, naked, and he had no hair around his cock, but had a leather strap round the base of his cock and his balls.

“Just looking.”

“You like what you’re looking at?”


“Wanna play with it?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Come with me.”

He led me off the trail through some bushes, into a small clearing, then turned round for me to see his cock which had grown hard. I reached out and grabbed it, and started jerking him. He sighed, Then I got on my knees and put his cock in my mouth and started to suck.

“Fuck, kid. You suck cock?”


“Oh yeah. Suck it. You’re doing a real good job there.”

I was sucking and licking his cock. I looked up at him and he smiled down at me.

“Fuckin’ great little cocksucker, ain’t you.”


“That feels good. kid. You got a great mouth, Got any other hole you like getting plugged?”


“Shit yeah, kid.”

He bent over me, licked his finger and shoved it up my ass. I groaned and wiggled my ass on his finger.

“Fuck yeah. Stand up, kid. I wanna get into that hole of yours.”

I stood up and turned around.

“Hold on to that tree. Spread your legs. Oh, yeah. Fuckin’ beautiful. Looks like it’s been used a lot. Your Dad?”

“No, just guys.”

He got on his knees and started licking my hole, getting it nice and wet for his cock, then stood up and pressed his cock head against it. It was all slippery with his precum and I relaxed and let it sink into me. H waited a minute to get me used to it, but I knew what I wanted and started working my ass on it.

“Fuck, you really love getting fucked don’t you kid.”

“Yeah. I love it,”

He started pounding into me. It felt great, bent over with the sun beating down on us, almost on public display, and his cock pumping in and out of me. We were sweating, and that only made my ass and his cock more slippery.

“Shit man, that looks hot.”

I looked up and there was another guy standing in the clearing watching us, and stroking his hard cock.

“It feels good too, man. This kid’s got a real hot fuckin’ hole.”

The other guy came over and stood beside me. I turned my head and his cock was right at my mouth. I opened up and he slid it in me. I was being filled in both holes, and loving it. I felt my fucker tensing up and knew he was going to cum any moment. I squeezed my ass round his cock and that was enough.


He started blowing, pounding my hole and shooting rope after rope of cum deep up me. He was grunting and groaning as he let loose, and I was sucking his cock into me, trying to get every drop out of him. Finally, his spasms stopped and he pulled his cock out. The guy I was sucking pulled out of my mouth and they swapped places. I started cleaning the cock that had just fucked me, and the second guy was already pumping into my ass.

“Fuck, it is a fuckin’ hot cunt. He’s a real pussy boy. I ain’t gonna last long in here. It’s like a fuckin’ vise on my cock.”

He only fucked me for about a minute more before he shouted.

“Fuckin’ cummin’ man! Fuckin’ fillin’ his fuckin’ cunt with my fuckin’ juice!”

He spewed bolt after bolt of searing hot jizz into my by now sloppy hole. When he’d finished, he pulled out and gave me his cock to clean up.

“How old are you, kid.”

“I’m twelve.”

“Been doin’ this long?”

“Dunno. About six months I guess.”

“Fuck. You’re a natural at it kid. You got one of the best cunts I’ve ever fucked. You stayin’ round here?”

“Yeah, I’m here for a week with Dad and Mom.”

“Where are they?”

“Back down the beach.”

“Well, I’ll be here tomorrow if you’re gonna be around.”

“OK. We’ll probably be coming down to the beach every day.”

“I’ll look out for you.”


“Me too.”

We put our swimsuits back on and they showed me the way back to the beach.

“You’d better go in for a quick swim, kid. You stink of sex, and the ass of your swimsuit is all wet from our leakin’ cum.”

We went into the water and I shoved my fingers down into my Speedos and up my ass to get some of their cum out of me. When I thought I was clean enough I left the water and walked back to Mom and Dad, my asshole tingling and my mind filled with thoughts of getting fucked again by the two guys.