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At last - how Superslut got his name. His early life finally down on paper. Hope you enjoy it.


The next morning after breakfast I got ready for the beach, but Mom wanted to go shopping.

“Do I have to go? I wanted to go to the beach.”

“Well, I don’t know. . .”

“Oh, c’mon. He’ll be OK, There’s plenty of people down there, and I’m sure that if he got into any trouble the lifeguards know what to do.” I think Dad wanted to go to the beach rather than go shopping with Mom.

“If you think so. But don’t go out too deep, and don’t get too burnt.”

“OK, Thanks Mom, thanks Dad.”

I grabbed my towel and ran down to the beach. It was early but there were quite a lot of people already there. I started heading for the far end of the beach straight away. I hoped my friends from yesterday would be there again.

When I got there I spread my towel on the sand just near one of the trail entrances. I lay on the towel on my stomach so my butt was sticking up, and spread my legs a bit. Guys came and went, some looked at me and smiled, and rubbed their crotches, but I was waiting for the guys from yesterday. Then a kid about my age arrived.


“Hi. Whatcha doin?”

“Nothing much.”

“You here on vacation?”

“Yeah, with my Dad and Mom. We’re here for a week. They’ve gone shopping, but I didn’t want to go.”

“You here to get fucked?”

“How did you know?”

“I guessed. My brother told me him and another guy fucked a young kid here yesterday, so I thought it musta been you.”

“You here to get fucked too?”

“Yeah. I come here most days. We live nearby. How long you been getting fucked?”

“About six months.”

“I’ve been getting it for three years now. Dad and my brother’ve been fucking me since I was ten. You wanna go look around?”


Grab your towel and let’s go.”

We walked up onto the trail. As soon as we’d got into the bushes he took off his Speedos, so I took mine off too.

“How come you don’t have any hair.” I had just a bit and it was blond like on my head, so it didn’t look like I had any, but he had dark brown hair.

“My brother shaves it. He shaves his too. He says I’ll get more fucks like this because it makes me look younger. And I guess he’s right.”

Walking round naked made my cock hard, and his was too. The guys wandering round would stop and look at us as we walked by. When a guy walked past my friend would say things like “He’s got a big cock” or “He loves being sucked off.” or “Don’t bother with him. He just likes to watch and jack off.” It was like he knew almost everyone who was wandering the trails.

We got to one spot, and there were two guys jacking each other off. They stopped when they saw us, till they saw our hard cocks.

“Hey guys. You interested in playing?’


“What you like to do?”

“We like getting fucked.”

“Right on. You like taking big cocks up your pussies?”


“C’mon then.”

We followed them through the bushes and finished up where I’d been fucked yesterday.

“This is where we did it yesterday.”

“Yeah. It’s my brother’s favorite spot. You can hold on to the tree, so he can fuck you harder without falling over.”

“Well, how about you kids doing just that. Hold on to the tree and me and my buddy’ll give you what you want.”

We stood next to each other bent over with our legs spread and pushed our asses out to the guys. They spat on their hands and rubbed it on our holes, then got their cocks wet and started pushing in. My friend took it easier than me, but it wasn’t long before we were both moaning while our assholes were being filled with pulsating cock.

“Fuck man, this kid’s so tight. He’s grabbin’ my cock in his cunt like he’s tryin’ to bite it off.”

“Mine’s feelin’ good too. He really knows how to work those muscles.”

We fucked in the sun for a few minutes, then one guy said.

“Let’s swap, I wanna try your kid out.”

So they pulled out and changed over. Fucked us for a few more minutes then changed again. They kept doing this a few times before I felt my fucker start to get harder and thicker, and then he blasted his load into my gut.

“I’m cummin’ man. Cummin’ up this boy pussy. It’s so fuckin’ hot.”

“I’m fuckin’ close too. These cunts are soooo good.” and he unleashed his load into my buddy’s hole.

They pulled out and, cocks still dripping, got ready to leave.

“Thanks kids. You gonna be around long?”

“Yeah. Prob’ly be here most of the day.”

“We’ll see you later, then.”


They left.

“Well that’s a good start for the day. I’ve never been fucked with another guy before. It makes it more exciting knowin’ that the kid next to me is gettin’ it too.”

“Yeah. It was real hot.”

“Let’s go wanderin’ again.”

We picked up our gear and left the clearing. There were more guys wandering, some real old guys who looked gross and ugly, fat and blubbery, but lots of good looking younger guys. A lot of them stopped and watched us go by, and nearly all of them were groping their dicks, either in the swimsuits or naked. I was getting real horny, seeing all these cocks, and knowing they wanted me to suck them or to fuck me. My mouth was dry, and my ass was itching, hungry for more cock.

“Hi kid, hi Squirt. See you found each other.”

It was one of the guys that fucked me yesterday.

“Yeah. He was lyin’ just near the entrance to the trails.”

“You got any yet?”

“A couple of guys just fucked us a few minutes ago. In your clearing.”

“There’s plenty around today.”

“Yeah. Is Dad comin’ down?”

“He said he’ll be down later. He wanted to fix the door first.”

“Does your Dad come here too?”

“Yeah. He brought me here the first time. He fucked me in the clearing then watched while two other guys fucked me.”


“You’d like Dad’s cock. It’s not too long but it’s real thick, and feels so good when he’s fucking. And it tastes real nice too. It’s uncut, and gets extra taste because of his skin.”

“I’ve never had an uncut cock. Only seen pictures.”

“I love ‘em. There’s this stuff that gets caught under the skin, and it tastes real strong. It’s great.
“We’re going exploring. If you see Dad tell him we’re prob’ly up at The Rock.”

“OK Squirt.”

He left us and we continued our wander.

“Does your brother always call you Squirt?”

“Yeah, it’s a sorta nickname. He introduces me to all his buddies as Squirt, so they all call me that.”

“What’s the Rock?”

“It’s a real neat area. It’s a bit of a climb, but it’s real cool. You can see the beach and the dunes, but no one can see you. And there’s a grassy area, and a flat rock that’s real good for fucking. And there’s usually lots of younger guys wandering round there. The old guys don’t go there ‘cos it’s too much trouble to get there. I always get some good fucks there. C’mon, let’s go.”

We headed off in the direction of the Rock.

“Hey let’s just check this out. There’s two guys I call the twins. They’re always together, and they always go to the same spot, and like to get sucked off. I usually suck them when they’re here. If you like we can see if they’re there, and we can suck one each. They don’t fuck but they’ve got real tasty cum.”

“OK, sounds good to me.”

We headed off the trail, and came to another clearing. The guys were there, lying on their backs, jacking each others cocks, sorta just keeping them hard, not trying to get off. When we entered the clearing they let go of their cocks, but when they saw who it was they smiled.

“You brought a friend today.”

“Yeah. he’s on vacation, and he likes sucking and getting fucked. You wanna shoot a load down our throats?”

“Sure. Always like feeling your mouth round our cocks.”

We knelt down between their legs and took a cock each. They were almost identical, about seven inches long, and sorta in proportion - not too thin, not too thick - just right. I started licking my guy’s cock and the taste of his precum was delicious, so I opened wide, and swallowed most of his cock in one go. It tasted of man, sweat, and precum, real sexy.

I slid up and down a couple of times then took a deep breath and went down to the base, He’d trimmed his hair, and it sorta prickled my lips when I reached the base. I began bobbing up and down and sucking in my mouth. My tongue was pressed against the underneath side of his cock, and I could feel his cum tube pulsing against it.

He moaned while I was sucking, and I looked across at Squirt. He was feasting on the other guy’s cock and looked like he was having a great time. I looked up at the two guys and their heads were together and they were kissing each other, moaning into each other’s mouths. I started playing with my guy’s balls, and he jerked in reaction, so I pulled of his cock and went lower to lick and suck his sac. I could feel his balls rolling round in his bag, and I took one in my mouth and tugged, then did the same with the other. His cock was jerking and more precum was oozing out of his piss slit, so I went back to lick and suck it up, then started sucking again, playing with his spit soaked balls and stretching the bag.

He started moaning louder, and I could feel his cock jerking in my mouth. Then he started cumming, his hot load coating the inside of my mouth and my tongue. I increased my bobbing and suction, trying to get every drop out of him and down my throat. Squirt was right, his cum was real tasty.

Squirt’s guy was cumming too. and I could see his Adam’s apple bobbing as he gulped his feast down into his belly. We slowed down our sucking, just sorta nursing on their cocks to get the last few drops, then pulled off them with a “pop”.

“Thanks, guys. That was terrific. Getting sucked at the same time by two guys was great. If you want another load we’ll be ready later.”

“OK, we’re going up to the Rock, but we’ll check on the way back.”


We went back to the trail, and continued on our way. My ass was feeling like I wanted another cock in me. I reached back and it was still slimy from my fuck.

“You feeling horny again?”

“Yeah. Seeing all these cocks makes my ass feel real twitchy.”

“I can help that.”

I turned round and there was this guy behind us. He was watching me fingering my ass and his cock was hard and shiny. I looked at Squirt and he just smiled and nodded. I stopped and the guy bumped into me.

“You want it?”


He poked his finger into my hole.

“Feels good. OK, Bend over.”


“Yeah, why the fuck not. No one’s gonna complain, ‘cept that I’m getting it and they’re not.”

Squirt stood in front of me and I bent over and held onto his waist. The guy stepped up to my ass and slid his cock straight in. I grunted. It was sorta thick, and filled me real good. I spread my legs as wide as I could and he started pumping. My head was pushed into Squirts belly, and his cock was almost in my face, I opened my mouth and was able to lick his cock head, so he pushed gently on my head and his cock slid into my mouth.

He reached over my back and pulled my ass cheeks apart so that the guy could get in deeper.

“That looks so fuckin’ hot. He’s balls deep in you. Fuck him man, fuck my buddy.”

I nursed on Squirts cock while the guy pounded my pussy. Knowing that any guy who wandered by could see me getting plowed by a big hard cock was turning me on. I started clenching my ass muscles.

“That’s it kid. Work that cunt on my dick. Fuck my pole with your hole. Fuck! I’m gonna cum.”

I moaned my assent round Squirts cock, and felt the guy’s cock spewing its load into my hole. He rammed about five times, and his cock spurted each time. Then he pulled out. His cock was still dripping cum and Squirt pulled out of my mouth, got down on his knees and took the guy’s cock in his mouth, sucking the last of his cum out of him.

“Thanks guys, that was good. You got a hot ass, kid.”

He pulled out of Squirt’s mouth and left. I straightened up and felt my hole - it felt real good, slimy and sloppy. I shoved a couple of fingers in me then licked them clean. We walked a bit further then Squirt pointed up.

“That’s the Rock, up there.”

We started climbing up the trail, over rocks and reached the Rock. My ass was leaking cum and I could feel it on my legs. When we got there, Squirt’s brother was there with another older guy.

“Hi Dad. Been here long?”

“Long enough. You must be Squirt’s friend. Enjoy your fuck? We were watchin’ from up here. Looked good.”

I blushed. “Yeah.”

“Feel like another one. I’d like to try that hole out.”

I looked at his cock. My first uncut cock. It looked different with the skin covering most of the head. Only his piss slit was exposed. My mouth started watering.

“He’s never seen an uncut cock before, Dad. I told him how good it tasted. Maybe he should suck you for a while before you fuck him.”

“That’s fine by me. Why don’t I lie down and you can chow away to your heart’s content.”

He lay on his back on a sloping flat rock and I bent over and stuck my tongue in his piss slit. It was real salty. I breathed deep and could smell his cock. It was a real strong smell, and made my head spin. I wanted to taste what I could smell. I opened my mouth and slid down his cock. It felt different. I could feel the ridge of his cock head under the skin, but it was smoother.

“Pull his skin back.”

I looked up at Squirt.

“What do you mean?”

“Here. Let me show you.”

I pulled off the cock and Squirt got beside me and showed me how to slide the skin back from the head. As he did the smell got stronger and I started sniffing.

“Smells good, don’t it.”


“You wait till you taste it. Look how slimy it is. Dad says it’s ‘cos it’s covered up most of the time. All the taste collects under the skin.”

As his cock head was exposed I licked it. It tasted awesome, much better than any cock I’d ever tasted. Then the skin snapped back behind the head, and I could see a line of white stuff stuck just behind the ridge.

“That’s called cock cheese. That’s what smells best and it tastes great. I love cleaning Dad’s cock for him, just to get the cheese.”

I licked round the head and got a bit of the cheese on my tongue. One taste and I was hooked. It was awesome!! I held the skin back off his cock head and went to work, sucking, licking, chewing, to get every bit of that cheese.

“He’s a hot little slut, ain’t he?”

“Yeah Dad, and wait till you get into his ass. He’s as good as Squirt. And loves it as much.”

“You like it don’t you, Slut.”


“Well it’s all yours. Take it all.”

I sucked and licked like I was demented. I couldn’t get enough of his taste. Finally I had got it all, and all that was left was the bland taste of cock.

“You got it all Slut. Now it’s time for me to try that little cunt of yours.”

He pulled me off his cock and stood up. He spread my towel over the rock and lay me down on it on my stomach. My feet could touch the ground and I was sort of lying, bent at the middle, like I was lying on a table, only it sloped upward slightly. It was quite comfortable, and I could feel the sun beating down on my back. Then I felt his cock nudging my hole. I was pretty slicked up from the two fucks I’d had, so he had no trouble sliding in.

It was thick. It stretched my hole wide, but felt so good. Hs soaked in my cummy hole for a minute before he started pumping gently. He was a good fucker, and knew how to make my hole sing.

I heard a groan, and when I looked round I saw Squirt on the grass on his back with his legs up near his chest, and his brother was balls deep in his ass. Brothers were fucking each other, and their Dad was fucking me. All out in the open where anyone who came up could see us. It was so hot!

He fucked me slowly for about five minutes, like he was just enjoying the sensation of being in my ass, but I wanted more. I squeezed my ass muscles round his cock and pushed back onto it.

“Fuck me harder. Fuck your cock into me. Please. Pump it hard and fast in me. I wanna feel your big cock pounding my cunt.”

That was what he wanted to hear. He started pounding me. Pulling out to his cock head then shoving back hard into me. He was hitting that spot in me. and his sweat was pouring off him onto my back. I felt so good being used by this Daddy. My cock was rubbing between my towel and my belly, and I could feel the juice making my cock slippery.

“You’re right son, this is one fantastic ass. Slut really loves it. I reckon he could take any cock that wanted him.”

“Told you, Dad.”

He kept pumping my hole, and I kept moaning and groaning, and egging him on to go harder and faster. Finally he let out a loud grunt, and his cock expanded and jerked uncontrollably in me and he gave me one of the biggest loads I’d taken to that time. He must’ve shot ten or twelve big bolts of Daddy juice into me before he slowed down, and collapsed on my back. He was gasping for breath, and his cock continued twitching in my cunt for another minute. I suddenly realised my belly was coated with my cum. He’d fucked a load out of me!