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At last - how Superslut got his name. His early life finally down on paper. Hope you enjoy it.


We lay there for another minute before he lifted up and pulled out of me. Squirt had meantime taken a load from his brother. and was lying there fingering his slimy hole.

“Fuck kid, you’ve got one hot ass. I reckon you could even teach Squirt a few tricks. Just kidding, Squirt. But it is a fine ass.”

My fine ass felt good - empty, but good. He’d done a great job on it. Some of his cum had leaked out and was coating my ass cheeks. Squirt got up and came over to me. I was still lying on the rock and he knelt down behind me. The next thing I felt was his hot mouth on my hole, sucking and licking the cum out of me. I straightened up, pulling off his mouth.

“Don’t do that. Not unless I can do yours too.”

He laughed and we lay down on the grass in a sixty-nine position, and got to work on each other’s slimy holes, sucking, licking and slurping.

“Look at the two of them. Cum pigs, both of them. Having a great feast on our loads. You ever see anything so nasty or so hot, son?”

“No Dad. Fuckin’ Squirt and Slut gettin’ all our jizz outta each others cunts.”

Squirt’s ass tasted so good. I knew that I loved the taste of cum and ass juice, and there was so much for me to suck out. His sweaty hole tasted delicious. When we’d got all we could out of each others’ holes, we lay back on the grass to recover. Squirt’s Dad and brother sat down beside us, and his Dad produced a bottle of water. We all took a big gulp. Sex is real thirsty work!

We were lying there enjoying the sun and returning to normal when two guys arrived.

“Sorry guys. Didn’t know anyone was here.”

“That’s OK. It’s a free country. You come up here to fuck? We just finished.”

“You fucked the boys?”

“Yeah. This is my kid Squirt and his buddy Slut.”

“Slut? Why Slut?”

“Because he is one. He loves cock - they both do - up their asses or down their throats.”

“Shit man, they’re just kids.”

“Yeah, But they’re also fuckin’ cock hounds. My kid has been gettin’ it from us for about three years. Slut is just a newcomer to the game, but he’s fuckin’ good. They both got good hot cunts.”

“You reckon we could fuck ‘em?”

“Ask them. It’s OK by me. I’m tellin’ you they’re hot holes, guys.”

I was watching their cocks rising. They were turned on by the thought of fucking us, so I just lay back and lifted my legs, showing them my puffy, still slightly slicked hole. I pushed out then clenched my ass muscles, making my hole wink at them.

“Fuck, look at that. You wanna get fucked again?”

“Sure man.”

“Me too.”

Squirt had assumed the same position as me, and the guys were staring out our holes. They got down on their knees between our raised legs, spat on their cocks and slid their hoses into us. Squirt moaned as he took the full length of his fucker, and I reached down and pulled my ass cheeks apart to get my guy deep into me. He hooked his arms behind my legs and got into a push up position, forcing my legs further back and raising my ass so that he could pile drive into it, then started doing his push ups.

Squirt’s Dad and brother knelt over our heads and fed us their cocks. Squirt had his Dad, and I had his brother. I could taste Squirt’s ass juice on his cock, as he pushed it in, till he was deep down my throat. They were all pumping into us and sweat was pouring off them onto us. Some was landing in my eyes, making them sting a bit, but a lot was running down my fucker’s body to his cock then into my ass, making it even more slippery.

We’d been fucking for a few minutes when Squirt’s Dad looked up.

“Hi guys, wanna join the fun?”

Another couple of guys had arrived.

“We thought something was goin’ on up here. We could hear you as we were climbin’ up. Hi, kid. Thought I’d see you here again today.”

One of the guys was the guy who’d fucked me yesterday with Squirt’s brother. Him and the other guy came and stood over us jacking slowly, watching the guys’ cocks filling our holes. My fucker was having a great time pumping into me and rolling his ass to make his cock swivel round inside me. It was hitting my ass walls and clipping my button, making my cock drool it’s juice. Squirt’s Dad bent forward and licked the drool off my belly, while he pumped his cock into my mouth.

“That’s fuckin’ tasty Slut. I wanna taste your cum when you unload.”

Squirt’s fucker was making ‘I’m cumming’ noises, and he was slamming his cock into Squirt’s ass, his balls slapping against Squirt’s cheeks. The sweat was making our fucks sound real juicy, and the squelching noises were sending my fucker over the edge. He started shooting his load into me. his cock jerking and spitting out of control. As he finished and started to pull out, Squirt’s brother grabbed my legs and held them back for the next guy to slide in, which he did without hesitation, and started pounding into me.

My fucker from yesterday, took Squirt’s ass and was giving him a hard fuck like he gave me. Squirt’s Dad and brother took the cocks of our first fuckers and sucked them clean, while we sucked their cocks and took the other guys up our asses. Then the first two guys left. Not long after another guy arrived.

“Is this where the orgy is? I was just told that there were a couple of kids getting fucked.”

“Yeah man. You’ll have to wait your turn, but don’t worry, you’ll get a go at them.”

For the next few hours I was in heaven. Guys kept coming up and fucking us and in between Squirt and I ate each other out. My ass was feeling so good. I swallowed three loads, and took five more loads up my ass. As well, a few guys who were waiting got so turned on by watching that they came over us, so we were covered with cum and sweat. I could smell my stink, and it was wonderful.

Finally Squirt’s Dad decided that we’d probably had enough, so he said it was time to pack up. We climbed carefully down from the Rock, and headed back down the trail. There were more guys than ever wandering. Most had hard cocks, or sloppy assholes. There was a hell of a lot of fucking going on in the dunes!

We got to the beach and went into the water to clean up. We took our swimsuits off under the water and shoved our hands up our asses to clean out the cum, then dressed again and headed back down the beach.

“Hey, kid. You don’t mind that I call you Slut, do you?”

“No. I think it’s great. I guess I am a slut so it fits.”

“Kid, you and Squirt are the biggest sluts I’ve ever seen.”

We got back to the crowd and were heading off the beach when I heard Mom call. They were sitting under the umbrella next to the lifeguard’s station. We went over to them and Squirt’s Dad introduced himself and his sons. Mom said,

“I hope my boy didn’t make a nuisance of himself.”

“No. He and my son had a great time playing down the end of the beach.”

“Well thanks for looking after him. I was worried leaving him by himself.”

“It was no trouble. He’s a good kid. We’ll be down here again tomorrow, so if you want to let him come down by himself again, I’ll make sure he gets looked after.”

“Well thanks for that.”

“I know this is forward of me, but if you wanted to go out to dinner or something one night, I could ‘baby sit’ for you. He’d be good company for my boy, and it would give you a night off.”

“That’s nice of you, but we couldn’t. . .”

“Don’t be silly, It’d be my pleasure, and I’m sure you’d like one night for just the two of you. Think about it. We’ll be here tomorrow. If you want to, the offer is there.”

“Well, thanks again.”

“We’d better be going. See you tomorrow?”


They got up to leave and I walked back off the beach with them.

“Would you like to spend a night with us?”

“Oh yeah. I hope they let me. That’d be fun.”

“Well if they do let you I’m sure we could arrange something for you to do while you’re with us.”

I walked back to Mom and Dad, and as I did I looked up at the lifeguards sitting in their perch. One of them looked down at me and I realised he was one of the guys who fucked me up on the Rock. He grinned at me and I smiled back. I sat down under the umbrella, where I could see the lifeguard. He looked down at me a few times, and slowly rubbed his crotch. I could see he was half hard under his Speedos.

He said something to his associate, then climbed down and headed for the club house. He looked back at me a couple of times, so I stood up.

“I’ve got to go to the bath room.”

“OK, son.”

I headed in the same direction as the lifeguard, and as I got to the club house he was at the door to the club room, and he beckoned me in. His cock was now hard in his Speedos, and mine grew hard just seeing it. I followed him into the room, and we went into the bath room.

“You want it?”


We dropped our swimsuits, and I went down on my knees to take his cock in my mouth. It was already leaking fuck juice, and it tasted great. It still had the taste of ass on it and I guessed it was my ass juice I was tasting. It was slightly sticky with the dried juice and cum, and that made me want to suck it clean. I took it deep in me then started bobbing back and forward, and using my tongue to lick the tube on the underside of it.

I sucked for a few minutes, then he pulled me up and turned me around. I bent over, supporting myself on a bench, and spread my legs. He got down on his knees and started lapping at my ass crack. It was sweaty and he was moaning as he licked me. He got to my hole and I pushed out so he could get his tongue into me. Although I had tried to clean up in the water earlier, I felt some cum seeping out and his tongue went wild on my ass.

“I gotta have that cunt again, kid.”

“Oh, yeah. Fuck me. I want your big cock in my ass.”

He stood up and lined his cock up with my spit and cum slicked hole and pushed in, sinking straight up to his balls in one thrust. He didn’t waste any time before he started fucking. In and out, slowly at first then faster and harder. thrusting and churning his cock in my hole. I clenched my ass to give him more sensation, and it wasn’t long before he grunted and started losing his load in me. I could feel spurt after spurt spraying my ass walls as he grunted with each spasm. When he finished shooting he held still.

“Shit, kid. You have got a fabulous ass. What’s your name?”

“They call me Slut.”

“That figures. Well Slut, I gotta piss.”


I waited for him to pull out, but he didn’t and the next thing I felt was warmth in my hole. He was pissing in me! I got such a shock I started to pull off, but he was holding my hips fast, and I couldn’t move. Suddenly I realised I was loving the feeling.

“Aaahhhhh. Nothing like a good piss after a fuck.”

I was trying to hold it in, but it was leaking out round his cock and soaking his pubes, and running down my legs puddling on the floor. I could smell his piss and it made my cock even harder. When he finished he pulled out slowly, and some of his piss gushed out before I could close my hole. Then I turned round to suck his cock clean, and gat a whole new taste - cum, ass juice and piss. The taste was even better than cum and ass juice. I was hooked on the taste of piss. As I sucked, the last few drops of piss escaped his cock into my mouth. I wanted more!

“We’d better get back. Hop under the shower and rinse off. Don’t want your Mom and Dad smelling the piss and cum. Fuck that’s a great boycunt. My buddy’d love to get into that.”

“He the other guy on duty?”



As I rinsed off, I relaxed my hole and his cum and piss poured out of my ass. Then I put my swimsuit back on and went to join Mom and Dad. In a minute the lifeguard came back and climbed up to his roost. I saw him say something to his buddy, and he looked at me and grinned.

“We’re going back now.”

“Can I stay for a little while? I want to go for another swim.”

“OK, but don’t be long, and don’t go out too far.”

“No Mom.”

They packed up and closed the umbrella and took all the gear back with them, leaving me with my towel. The lifeguards watched them go. Then the other guy climbed down.

“You want another round?”


We went up to the clubroom and into the bathroom.

“Fuck, this place stinks of piss.”

“Well. . .”

“You into piss too?”

“I’ve only done it once, just before with the other guy.”

“You drink?”

“No, he pissed up my ass after he fucked me.”

“You like it?”


“Why don’t you get down and suck my cock.”

I sat on the bench and he stood in front of me. I pulled down his Speedos, and his cock sprang out. It was uncut like Squirt’s Dad’s. I sighed. I hoped he had some of that cheese stuff under the skin. I put his cock head into my mouth and got my tongue working. It tasted real strong and I guessed there was some cheese. I slowly pulled his skin back off his cock head, and the taste got stronger. I swirled my tongue around it and tasted his cheese. It only intensified my sucking. I wanted it all!

He put his hands on my head and held it still. His cock was resting on my tongue, and suddenly I felt my mouth start to fill, but he wasn’t cumming. He was pissing in my mouth. He stopped his flow, and held my mouth on his cock.

“Swallow it kid. Swallow my piss.”

I gulped it down. It tasted great.

“You like it?”


He started his flow again, going slowly so that I could swallow it all without spilling it. I was gulping and moaning round his cock. His flow finally stopped and he started pumping his cock into my mouth. I felt it grow inside my mouth, and started sucking. Then he pulled me out and turned me around. I took the same position as I had before, and he shoved his cock in me and started to fuck. He was real hot for it and it wasn’t long before he was spewing his juice into me. It was a decent load too.

“My buddy said your name’s Slut.”

“Yeah, that’s what Squirt’s Dad calls me.”

“You know Squirt?”

“Yeah. Him and me got fucked all morning up at the Rock.”

“He’s a good fuck too. His brother is a buddy of mine.”

“He fucked me yesterday, and today too.”

“How many guys fucked you today?”

“Dunno. Including the two of you in here, I think about eight. Maybe nine.”

“Fuck Slut. You really are a slut aren’t you.”

“Guess so.”

“Well we’d better get back to the beach. You wanna rinse off.”

“Nah. Mom and Dad have gone, and I like the smell when I’ve been fucked.”

We put our swimsuits back on and went back to the beach. The guy climbed back up to his seat, and the two guys talked, and looked down at me and grinned. Both of them had their hands on their crotches, and I knew I was going to get their cocks and their piss again before the week was out.