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At last - how Superslut got his name. His early life finally down on paper. Hope you enjoy it.


Dad was almost at the beginning of the trail. I froze. He saw me and called out. I was in deep trouble now. Smelling of cum and piss, with my ass dripping, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just stood there till he got up to me.

“Thought I’d find you here.”

“Dad, I. . .”

“Hold it a minute son. Before you say anything, how about letting your old man fuck you?”


“I want to fuck my boy. Or have you had too much this morning?”

“Uh. . . no, Dad.”

“Good, let’s go in away from here. We don’t want anyone watching, do we.”

“No, Dad.”

“Well I guess you know all the best places by now. Where’ll we go?”

“Up to the Rock I guess.”

“Lead the way son.”

I turned and went back along the trail. Dad followed me real close, and his hand brushed against my butt too often for it to be accidental. We climbed over the rocks to the Rock. There was no one there. When we stopped Dad took my shoulders and turned me round. I looked up at him and he bent over and kissed me. Not a dad/son kiss, but a real one, tongues and all.

“You taste of sex, son. I love that taste.”

“Me too Dad.”

We kissed again, then lay down on the grass. I cuddled against him.

“How did you know I’d be here, Dad?”

“Hey, your old man is not stupid. The first day we came down to the beach, I happened to see someone come out of the bushes here and go into the water with two guys. I watched them go into the water for a while then come out and the smaller one started walking towards where we were sitting. When he got closer I saw it was you. Then every day the same thing happened. You’d come out of the bushes, go into the water and then come back to us. It didn’t take much to work out what was going on.”

“But. . .”

“How did I know? Haven’t you worked it out. I knew because I did the same thing when I was your age. Your Dad is gay, son. Like father like son. And he wants to fuck your hot little ass. Let’s fuck first then we can talk.”

“Oh yeah, Dad. I want you to fuck me.”

I rolled over onto my back. Dad stood up and dropped his Speedos. I’d never really taken any notice of Dad’s body before, but he was hot looking. Not all muscly and tight like the younger guys I’d been fucked by, but a nice well defined chest, and not too big a waist. He was lightly haired, and his pubes were trimmed. But his cock was the best part. It was about eight inches long, and sort of curved upwards. And it was as hard as a steel rod!

He got down on his knees and lay on top of me. His cock was rubbing between my legs, I closed them tight, trapping it between them. and he started humping. He brought his face to mine and we kissed again - for a long time. He pulled back and we were both breathing hard.

“Let me in there please, son. Let me into your ass. I want to feel my boy’s hole round my cock.”

He straightened up and his cock slipped out from my legs, red and hard. I lifted my legs and spread them. Dad looked down at my hole.

“Son, that looks so good. You’ve been fucked today?”

“Yes Dad. By a big black guy who’s a policeman, and by Jake. He’s one of the lifeguards. He fucked me yesterday too,”

“Then I guess you’re well lubed.”

“Yeah, Dad.”

He shuffled forward on his knees and his cock touched my ass ring. It opened immediately, and he slowly and lovingly slid his tool into me. Because of the curve, his cock head hit my button straight away. I sighed, and my cock jerked and spat out it’s first drop of precum. I reached up and he leant down till I could put my arms round him. I held him tight while he slowly pumped his cock in and out of me.

I’d calculated that I’d been fucked about fifty times over the week, but this one with my Dad had to be the best. There was something there that I didn’t feel with the other guys. I realised it was love. We were fucking each other with love. We must have rocked with each other for about ten minutes, before Dad’s lust took over, and he started pumping me harder. I was working my ass on his shaft, and we both knew he was going to cum soon. His cock was hitting my button and I knew I was not going to last either.

Finally I could hold back no longer, and my cock shot it’s watery load all over my belly. My ass ring was grabbing his cock and it brought him over the edge. He shot his load into me. Rope after rope of his hot baby juice filled my hole. We were both, sighing, grunting and gasping from our simultaneous cums. He fell onto me and we hugged and kissed, till his cock deflated enough and popped out of me.

“Son, that was the most beautiful fuck I have ever had.”

“Mine too, Dad. I love you,”

“And I love you too, boy. I always have and I always will.”

We lay there for a while, then Dad got up.

“We’d better be getting back. Your mother told me to come and find you, She insists that you have a rest this afternoon, to be alright tonight. I only wish I was going to be with you tonight. I presume you’re going to play with Squirt and his Dad and brother.”

“Well, yes, Dad.”

“Thought as much. I guessed that Squirt and his family got it on together. I envy you. I’d like to fuck Squirt, and I wouldn’t mind having a session with his dad either.”

“Can’t you get away from Mom and come with me.”

“Don’t think so son, Much as I’d love to.”

“That sucks Dad.”

“That’s life son, C’mon, let’s go. Your mother will be starting to get anxious.”

We left the Rock, and wound our way back to the beach. Neither of us had put his swimsuit back on and I noticed a number of guys eyeing both of us on the way back. I guess I looked enough like Dad for them to realise we were father and son, and I saw them grin as they passed us. When we got to the beach I went to put my swimsuit on, but Dad stopped me, and we walked naked across the beach and into the water. He splashed water on me and rubbed his hands over me washing off the residue of my fucks, then he put two fingers up my ass and cleaned it out for me, We rinsed out our suits and put them on before we left the water and then walked back along the beach.

“You know I’m going to have to fuck you again when we get back home.”

“I hope so.”

“Your Mom and I haven’t fucked for years. She never liked it, so after you were born she had an operation so that she couldn’t have any more babies. We’re happy enough together, and I do love her, but I’m not sexually interested in her or any woman.”

“What do you do when you want sex then?”

“Well, you know the nights I come home later, because I’ve been to the gym?”


“It’s not just a gym, it’s a special sort of club for men, and I go there for sex as well.”


“In fact, I was thinking of getting you membership. Lots of guys have their sons as members, and some of them are younger than you.”

“Do they have sex too?”

“Yes. Mostly just with their fathers, but some go with other men as well.”

“Have you fucked them?”

“Yeah. Some of them.”

“That sounds like fun. Can you get me a membership?”

“I’m sure I can. I’ve never thought of it till this week when I saw that you were into sex with men. You know son, I’ve thought about having sex with you since you were about six, but never did anything about it. I didn’t want to lose you.”

“Squirt’s Dad has been fucking him since he was ten. He told me. I wish you could come tonight. It’d be so much fun with you there.”

“I wish so too.”

We walked in silence back to where we were staying. Mom was waiting.

“What took you so long?”

“We decided to have a last swim before we left. The water looked so good.”

“Well, go and shower. Then I want you to have a rest, and get your clothes packed ready for tomorrow,”

“Yes Mom.”

Dad and I went into the bathroom, stripped off and got into the shower. He adjusted the temperature and we started washing each other. I lingered a while washing his cock and balls, and got him hard. Then I went down on my knees and took him in my mouth

“Oohhhh, son. Suck your Daddy’s cock. That feels so good. I love your mouth on my dick,”

I bobbed up and down till I felt him stiffen and tasted his hot cum as it spurted into my mouth. I now had Dad’s load down my throat and up my ass. When I stood up, Dad washed my butt, then got on his knees and started eating my ass, while he jerked my cock. His tongue felt so good probing my hole that it wasn’t long before I felt the familiar tingle in my balls and shot my load into the shower stall. Dad caught some on his fingers and together we licked them clean. Then he took me in his arms and we kissed again, before we turned off the shower and dried off.

Dad wrapped a towel round his waist and headed for his bedroom, and I ran naked into my room. I climbed onto the bed and pulled the sheet over me. Thinking of Dad and me fucking, I went to sleep.

I was dreaming about Dad sucking my cock, and like most dreams, I woke up just before I was about to cum. It was no dream! Dad was kneeling between my legs with my cock in his mouth. Then I came! and he swallowed my small load.

“Delicious, son. I’m glad I was the one to come in to wake you. You were lying naked on the bed and looked so beautiful, but I don’t think your mother would have appreciated seeing you naked in bed. She’s running around like a mad woman, tidying and packing, so she said for me to wake you.”

“Couldn’t think of a better way to wake up, Dad.”

“Well time to get up and get dressed, then pack your clothes. We don’t want her coming in to see whether you’re awake yet.”

I got up and dressed in shorts and t-shirt, and started packing. Mom came in to see if I was getting ready.

“Don’t forget to take your toothbrush, and something to wear to bed. Pack the rest of your clothes. Your swimsuit and towel are dry, so don’t forget them. And don’t waste time. You don’t want to be late.”

“No, Mom.”

I was dressed and ready in plenty of time. Everything was packed and my room was tidy. Mom inspected it before we left. My case was just inside the door ready to put in the car in the morning. We went down to the car and Dad drove to Squirt’s place.

I was amazed. It was a big old house on the hill, with a view of the beach and the ocean. It had a big front lawn, and a porch all along the front.

Squirt’s dad met us at the door.

“Welcome. Come in. Do you have time for a drink before you head out?”

“Thanks, that’d be nice. What a beautiful view. Have you been here long?”

“All my life. It used to be my parent’s home - long before this area became popular. I can’t think of any place I’d rather live. Let me show you the house.”

He showed us over the house. It had been modernised inside, and had big rooms with high ceilings. Mom was in awe of it. Out the back was a deck and a swimming pool.

“Fancy having a pool when there’s that ocean just down the hill.”

“I suppose it’s a bit of an extravagance, but it’s heated, so we can swim all year - even when the ocean is too cold. My boys and I love the water.”

Squirt and his brother joined us, and we sat out on the deck and had a drink. Then Dad and Mom said their farewells and left. As soon as they had gone Squirt took me up to his bedroom.

“Now we can get our clothes off. We never wear clothes at home, except when we have visitors, and I hate having to get dressed.”

We got undressed and went back downstairs. Squirt’s dad and brother were naked, and we went back out to the deck.

“Well, Slut. how was your day?”

“You’ll never guess. I went down to the beach this morning, and I was wandering in the bushes, and I heard some guys fucking. There were three guys and one of them was getting fucked by both of the others together. One guys was a big black guy. He’s a policeman, and after they finished, the two white guys left and the black guy fucked me. He had a real big cock, and it was wonderful.

“Then I was wandering around and Jake the lifeguard found me. He fucked me yesterday and I told him I’d be there today, so he was there and he fucked me again. Then I thought I’d better go home, ‘cos Mom wanted me back early, and as I was leaving, I ran into Dad. He was looking for me. And guess what - he fucked me! I took him up to the Rock, and we fucked there. He’s gay, he told me!

“Then we went naked into the water and washed each other and went home. Then we showered together and I sucked him off and he jacked me off. Then I had a sleep, and Dad woke me by sucking me off.”


“And guess what. He said he would like to fuck you Squirt, and I said can’t he come here, but he can’t.”

“Well, Slut. you sure had some excitement this morning. I bet you were surprised.”

“I thought I was in deep trouble, but he just said ‘How about letting your old man fuck you.’ So I did. It was great. Better than any fuck I’ve had. . . I mean. . .”

“I know what you mean. Even though I love fucking, it’s always better with Squirt or his brother. It’s family, that’s what makes the difference.”

“He’s going to get me membership to his club. And we can fuck there, he said.”

“Excuse me boys, but I have to make a phone call.”

Squirt’s dad went into the house.

“You want a swim or a fuck, Slut.”

“A fuck.”

“Good, that’s what I want too. Squirt, can you get the lube?”


Squirt’s brother picked me up and lay me on the lounger. I lifted my legs and he got between them and pushed them back, then attacked my hole with his tongue. My cock got hard immediately. He got my hole wet, then shoved two fingers in me. They found my button and began to play with it. Those wonderful feelings started in my asshole, and spread through my body, I sighed and pushed down on his fingers to get them deeper in me.

Squirt came back with the lube and spread some on his brother’s cock. My hole was making juice and was already slippery with his spit. He lined his cock up with my hole and sank into me.

“Aaaahhhh. So good. So hot and tight. Just what my cock needed. This is just the first for tonight, Slut. I’m gonna fuck you again and again.”

“Oohhh yeah. That’s what I’ve been hoping. That you and your Dad will fuck us all night,”

He was pounding my ass, when his Dad came back out.

“Starting without me huh? How about it Squirt. Want your Dad’s cock up your cunt?”

“Fuck yeah Dad.”

He got on his hands and knees and his Dad knelt behind him. He grabbed the lube and spread it on his cock and Squirt’s ass, then shoved it in.

“Uunnnhhh. Yeah Dad. Fuck your little boy! Give me your Daddy seed. I want all your juice flooding my hole. I love feeling your cock in me Dad.”

For the next ten minutes there was nothing but the sound of balls hitting ass and grunts and groans as they filled our holes with their meat. I was working my ass muscles on the cock that was pounding into me, trying to suck it deeper into me, and coaxing a load of cum out of it. My cock was drooling dick snot onto my belly. I reached down and scooped some up to suck off my fingers, then scooped some more up and fed them to Squirt’s brother. He sucked on my fingers like he was sucking cock. I felt him stiffen and expand in my hole, then the first blast of hot cum shot into me. It was followed by four or five more blasts, before he slowed down, and lay on top of me, his cock still embedded in my pussy.

Meanwhile Squirt was getting it hard from his Dad. He was sliding all over the mattress on the lounger as his Dad pounded his hole. There was a pool of juice under him and his cock was jerking round like a demented hose. His Dad was hitting his button on every stroke.

“Oh yeah, son. Work that cunt! Grab on my dick! Your hole is so fuckin’ good baby. You really know how to treat your Daddy well. I love your ass, boy. Fuck Squirt, I’m cumming. Gonna fill your hole with my juice!”

He exploded in his boy’s ass, Grunt after grunt, while he shot rope after rope into the cunt of the boy he’d made with the same baby juice. They were both gasping and panting, and I realised that Squirt had shot his load onto the lounger. His Dad had fucked a load out of him!