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At last - how Superslut got his name. His early life finally down on paper. Hope you enjoy it.

Part 7

We were lying there after our fuck when the front door bell rang. Squirt’s Dad got up and went in to answer it. While he was away I looked around the yard.

“What’s that blue thing over there?”

“It’s just an inflatable wading pool.”

“Oh, What’s it for? Do you fill it for little kids to play in?”

“Um. . . yeah. . . sometimes.”

Squirt’s Dad came back with two guys. They were the lifeguards, and they were both naked.

“Hi guys. Well, Slut, we’re here to help you celebrate the last night of your vacation. We couldn’t miss fucking your sweet hole again before you left, and we did miss out on our afternoon session.”

“I missed it too, but guess what. I got fucked by my Dad this morning.”

“Thought you might. He came down to the beach this morning looking for you, and asked us if you were down at the end of the beach getting fucked. We really freaked out. Then he said he’d seen you coming out of the bushes every day and going into the water, so he assumed that you were playing up in the bushes. He said he was going down there to get a bit before you went home.”

“Well, he got his bit. We did it on the Rock. It was awesome.”

“Get anything else?”

“Yeah. I had Jake down there. And a big black policeman.”

“That fucker. He’s got a great cock. I think we’ve all had him.”

“I know it. It’s humungous.”

“I haven’t had him.”

“Why not Squirt? You’ve seen him, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, but I’ve been a bit scared by the size of it.”

“Well, are we gonna sit round talking all night? I feel like getting my cock into some hot cunt.”

“How about you two fucking the boys, then. That is if you don’t mind sloppy seconds. They’ve already got our loads in them.”

“Shit yeah. Love sliding into a well lubed hole.”

Squirt and I got on our hands and knees again, and the guys attacked our holes with their mouths. They loved eating ass as much as they loved fucking, and they really did a number on us. My fucker pulled back, straightened up and slid his hard cock in. I could hear the squelch as his cock stirred the cum in me. Then he started fucking, Doing it out beside the pool was better than in the clubroom, The breeze, the smell of the grass and plants, and the fading light added to the fuck. I was working my ass on his cock, giving as much as I was getting. He was really into the fuck when he stopped.

“Let’s swap.”

They pulled out and changed partners. Their cocks were almost identical, but there was a difference in their attack, Where one liked hard fast thrusts, the other one liked it long and slow. Swapping between us gave us a taste of both methods. I loved the difference. I reached round to play with the balls of my fucker, and while I was feeling them, I felt another pair. Squirt’s brother was sliding his cock into my fucker. I looked across and his Dad was fucking the other guy. They were both sandwiched between Squirt and me and his dad and brother.

The feeling must have really excited my lifeguard, because his fuck became erratic, and his breathing became hard and harsh, and then he was shooting his load into me. Squirt’s brother was pumping into his ass, and every thrust pushed him further in me and caused another shot to fill my hole. Squirt was getting his hole filled by his fucker too, and they were grunting while they unloaded in us. Then Dad and brother pulled out, The lifeguards stayed in us, and with the help of the other two they carried us over to the little wading pool, then set us down in it.

Suddenly I felt my fucker’s hot piss filling my hole. I looked over at Squirt and he looked so blissful - he was getting his fucker’s piss too. Now I knew what the wading pool was for, We knelt there taking their piss up our pussies. I could feel it leaking our round my fucker’s cock and dribbling down my legs.

“Enjoying that boys? Want some more?”


Squirt’s Dad and brother stood at our heads and started pissing, spraying their liquid gold over our heads and backs, I raised my head and opened my mouth to catch some,

“Yeah, Slut, Drink my piss, kid, You like being a fuckin’ toilet?”


“Fuckin’ slut, Slut. Like my boy. Two slut boys, Love cum and piss don’t you,”


By the time they finished, the floor of the pool was covered with their piss. The lifeguards pulled out of our asses and I turned around and we lay down in the pool. We were now face to ass, and I bent forward and started licking Squirt’s balls. He got the message and lifted his upper leg, I moved my head between his legs and started licking his asshole. I raised my leg and he did the same, Soon we were eating and sucking each other’s hole. I was tasting cum, piss and ass juice, and loving it.

Suddenly I felt something hit my neck. Squirt was cumming over me. My attack on his hole took him over the edge. The feeling set me off and I shot my meagre load over him. The cum was sliding off our necks into the piss in the pool, while we were gulping down the reults of the fucks and piss we’d received. It felt so nasty, but tasted so good.

Squirt’s Dad left us and went into the kitchen to get some beers for the guys and sodas for us while we lay their enjoying our feasts. When he came out we got out of the pool and went for our drinks. I needed it! We sat round recovering, and the piss and cum was drying on our bodies. We were starting to smell real good. The guys’ cocks were sticky and slimy with cum, piss and ass juice, so I got down and started licking them clean. I had become addicted to that combination of tastes, so I cleaned the four cocks. By the time I’d finished they were all hard again.

One of the lifeguards lay back on a lounger and his buddy walked over to him. He spread his legs so that they hung over the edge of the lounger and his buddy sat between them and started stroking his cock. The guy lying down sighed and lifted his legs, so the other guy bent down and started sucking him, and running his fingers round his asshole.

“Oh yeah. Do me man. Fuck me.”

The top guy picked up the lube and spread some over his buddy’s hole, then got on his knees and slid his cock into the waiting hole. We sat there watching these two hunky guys fucking, and Squirt’s Dad and brother were stroking their meat.

“Dad, you want to fuck me?”

“Yeah son. We haven’t fucked for ages. I’d love to feel your hole wrapped around my dick.”

Brother lay back and father got between his legs and poked his cock at his pucker. It slipped in without any trouble.

“You’re lubed up?”

“Yeah, Dad. I was hoping I’d get it from you tonight so I prepared earlier.”

Squirt and I lay down and watched the guys fucking. It looked hot, knowing that we’d both had all their cocks up us at some time. I’d never seen any of them fucking anyone except Squirt or me, so it was good to see them doing each other.

While they were fucking the doorbell rang again.

“Can you answer that Squirt?”


“Put on some shorts before you do. Don’t want to offend anyone.”


Squirt ran into the house and I lay there watching the fucks. My ass was twitching, and I could almost feel one or other of the cocks filling my hole. Squirt came back with a big grin on his face.

“Look who’s here.”

It was the black cop.

“Glad you could get here man. Get your clothes off and join us.”

“Thanks for calling, I’ve had a cunt of a day, and need some good fucking to relax me,”

“When Slut told us he’d had you, I thought you might like to have another go at his hole.”

“That’s right neighborly of you. In fact I’d like to have a go at both of these vacant holes.”

He stripped down and once again I was awed by the size of his meat. Even soft (or semi-soft) it was a magnificent piece of manmeat. My mouth started watering. He motioned Squirt to sit beside me and he stood in front of us.

“Care to share?”

We started licking, and could feel it growing, Soon it was it’s full ten inches. The head was slimy with his leaking precum, and Squirt went down on it, sucking that fuck juice down. I started licking his big balls, and sucking them, one at a time, into my mouth, pulling down on them and making him moan. Squirt was now bobbing on his cock, taking about half in, before he pulled back. His hand was round the base of his cock, jacking him in time with his sucking. His balls were jiggling in their hairy sac.

I got off the lounger and moved round behind him. He knew whatI wanted, so he spread his legs apart and bent slightly forward, His butt was big, hard and round, and he reached back to pull his cheeks apart, giving me access to his pink hole. It looked so good, dark brown skin, short black curly hair, and bright pink pucker. I swiped it with my tongue and tasted his man musk and sweat - delicious. I wanted to get my tongue inside that hole, but it was too tight. I guessed that he didn’t get fucked - he was total top.

Meanwhile, the four guys were fucking up a storm. Grunts and groans were coming from fuckers and fuckees, and increasing in volume. They were all close to cumming.

“Fuck those holes guys. It’s so fuckin’ hot. Having my cock and ass being serviced by these two kids, while I watch four hot guys fucking. Shoot your loads up their pussies men. Give them what they’re begging for. Loads of hot creamy jizz.”

One after the other Squirt’s Dad and the other guy fired their hot cum bullets into the holes of their son and buddy.

“Yeah. Fill those cunts! Fuck your juice into those hot holes!”

They finished their fucks and pulled their cocks out with a popping sound. Hot cum dribbled out of asses and down ass cracks as assholes slowly closed. Squirt and I left the cop’s cock and went down on the fuckers’ cocks, cleaning them up, then on to the assholes that were still leaking. I was loving the taste, and from the sounds Squirt was making, he was enjoying his too.

His Dad went inside and brought out some more beers and sodas. We sat round drinking then one of the lifeguards looked over at me.

“I think I need a piss.”

I smiled and walked over to the wading pool. He followed me. I lay on my back in the piss in the pool and he shoved his now soft cock into my mouth. I just closed it round his shaft and waited, I didn’t have to wait long before I felt his hot piss filling my throat. It tasted different from before - not as strong, but still nice. I was aching for a piss too, after the two sodas, and just let go. My piss started flowing, and the lifeguard took hold of my cock and pointed it up so the piss looked like a fountain, splashing back on my belly and chest, soaking me.
I rubbed my hands over my pissy chest while I gulped down his offering. It was so smooth and slippery, I took my cock in my hand and guided my flow to my head, and opened my mouth a bit. I was catching my piss and the lifeguards piss together, drinking it all. The other guys came over and Squirt got in the pool with me, They all started pissing on us and we were rolling around in the piss that was gathering in the pool.

I was lying there with my eyes closed, enjoying the shower. I didn’t realise that Squirt’s Dad had left the group. The next minute I heard a familiar voice.

“Well, what have we here?”

I opened my eyes and looked up.


“Hi son. Looks like I got here just in time to see my boy being a real pig. Having fun?”

“Yeah, Dad. You got any piss for me?”

“Funny you should ask? Do you mind man?”

“Not at all.”

The lifeguard pulled out of my mouth and Dad slid his cock in, and started pissing, I’d drunk Dad’s cum, now I was drinking his piss.! After his flow stopped, I stood up and he wrapped his arms round me and hugged. Our bodies slid together with the slipperiness of the piss.

“You smell so good son.”

“How come you’re here Dad?

“Well, we got to the restaurant, and just ordered when your Mom was struck down by one of her migraines. You know how they affect her. We just had to cancel the order and leave.

“I took her home, and she took one of her pills, and went to bed. I started to watch TV, but she complained about the noise, and said she needed complete quiet and dark. So I said I’d go out and leave her to get to sleep, so that she’d be OK for the drive home tomorrow.”

“And you came straight up here.”

“Yeah. Somebody up there must like me.”

“Somebody here loves you.”

“And I love him.”

We kissed again and he let me slide down his body, till I was on my knees in front of his cock. It had stiffened and I took it in my mouth, tasting his sweat and piss

“That feels so good son. My boy’s mouth sucking my cock. Soo good.”

“Slut, why don’t you let your Dad sit down and relax a while. I’m sure he would enjoy a beer before we get into the serious stuff.”

“Sounds good to me. Come with me. Let’s sit together for a while, then we can play.”

We move over to a lounger and Dad sat down, spreading his legs. I knelt between them and fondled his meat, while he sipped on a beer and tousled my hair. It was wonderful doing it with my Dad. I just wanted to hold his dick, and suck it, and get fucked by it and everything. Everyone was just sitting and chatting, but I wanted more. I got up and moved forward till my asshole was poised above his hardon, then I sat down and sank it deep in me.

“Aaaaahhhhh, That’s so hot boy. Your hole wrapped around my cock.”

I just sat there for a while, enjoying the feeling of Dad’s cock filling me. Every now and then it would twitch inside me, and I’d clench my muscles in response. We didn’t need to fuck at first, we were just getting off on the feeling of each other. I leaned forward to lie on his chest, and he wrapped his arms around me, holding me to him. Then he started gently humping his cock into me. I helped him by rotating my ass, so his cock was rubbing against my ass walls, sending shivers through my body. The other guys were watching me and my Dad making love.

“That looks so nice, father and son loving each other.”

Dad sat up straight, and we kissed, our chests pressed tight against each other, his cock embedded deep in me, and my dick rubbing against his abs. I was grinding my asshole into his groin, and then started sliding up and down on his pole. The cum and piss in my ass made it so slippery and smooth, as we rocked back and forward together. Then Dad pulled me off his cock.

“Baby, I want to really fuck you now. I have to shoot another load into your hot little cunt. You want Daddy’s seed in you?”

“Yes please. I want it bad.”

I stood up and Dad got off the lounger.

“On your knees, boy.”

I got on my hands and knees, and Dad put his hands on my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. My hole was throbbing in anticipation. I wanted to feel his cock pound my pussy. Our morning fuck had been slow and gentle, but I wanted him to use my cunt, to fuck his load into me. I needed it hard and fast. He slid his cock in me, and I pushed back against it. He realised what I wanted.

“Gonna fuck this boy cunt. Gonna breed his hole with my hot juice.”

“Yeah. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. FUCK ME!!!!”

“Shit yeah! Hot fuckin’ hole. Slut of a kid, needing his cunt pounded like a whore.”

“Yeah, Dad. I’m a fuckin’ slut for cock. I wanna get fucked all night long. Take all your cocks in me, Get fed all your hot fuck juice!”

Dad was pounding my hole by now, I supported myself with one hand and reached back with the other to play with his balls, that were banging against my butt cheeks. I pulled them and sqeezed them and batted them with my hand. It made Dad growl and grunt and pound me even harder. I was in heaven! Getting my ass used so mercilessly by my Dad was awesome. I was clutching at his pole with my cunt muscles, and he was long dicking me, the whole eight inches being pulled out then shoved back in before my hole could close up. It was the best yet!

“Fuck him Slut. Fuck your Dad’s cock. Show him what you can do with your pussy. Do it Slut, Take his cock, take his cum!”

“God, I’m cumming! Gonna shoot my Daddy seed in you boy. Give you the seed that made you! Ffuuuuuccccckkkkk.”

He pulled me back tight against him as his cock spasmed in my ass, and he pumped at least eight bolts of searing hot juice into me, then fell exhausted onto my back.

“Yeahhhhhh. Hot fuck guys! Fuckin’ hot!!!”

The guys applouded as I sank onto the lounge with Dad lying on top of me and his cock still twitching in my hole. We lay there for about five minutes, coming down from our high, then he slowly pulled out, My hole stayed open for a minute before it closed.

“Shit, you’re a great fuck, son. I just wish I’d known earlier. All the fun we’ve missed out on.”

“Don’t think about that Dad. Just think about all the fun we can have in the future.”

“Yeah. I’ve just got to get you membership to the club,”

“Hey Slut. You had enough? That fuck was so hot, I need to get a go at your ass. You want a big black cock up there?”

“Hell, yeah. That OK Dad?”

“Sure. I want to see you taking that meat. Go for it kid.”

I got on my hands and knees again, and the cop got behind me. His cock nudged against my hole and it opened immediately. The head of his cock slid in and he held still, letting me get used to it’s girth. Even though I’d just been fucked by Dad, I still had to get used to the size of that huge log. I started sliding back onto it.

“That looks so beautiful. Big black pole disappearing up that little white ass.”

I kept backing onto it till I felt his wiry hair rubbing against my cheeks. I had it all in me!

“Wow, Slut. You took it all. Wish I could do that.”

“Yeah. It feels so good. I reckon you could Squirt. You’ve been getting fucked longer than I have, You gotta try it.”

“Yeah Squirt. I want to try your hole too, before the night is out.”

The cop started slowly, letting me get used to the length and thickness, I was moaning and sighing from the feeling. We fucked for a couple of minutes when I heard more moaning and looked around. The two lifeguards were fucking Squirt and his brother, and Squirt’s Dad was fucking my Dad! His moans were the loudest. He loved being fucked as much as I did! It turned me on so much, watching Dad taking cock up his ass.

It wasn’t much longer before I felt the tell tale signs that the cop was going to cum, His thrusts got harder, and his cock felt tighter in my ass. He was breathing heavily, and his big hands were squeezing my butt harder. With a final hard thrust, he started shooting into me.

“Fuckin’ shit, Slut. I’m shooting in you. Suck that load out of me boy! Work your cunt on my black cop cock! Yeahhhh!”

He fucked his load into me, then pulled out with a plop, turned me over and offered his shrinking cock to me to clean. I licked the cum and ass juice of it, and started to suck on it, when I felt the warmth of his piss. I started gulping and had another drink of liquid gold. Then he pulled out and we lay together watching the other guys fucking. Dad was enjoying it, his eyes were closed and his mouth was open, drooling. An “Uunnhh. . . uunnhh. . .” was coming from him as Squirt’s Dad pumped his cock in his ass.

Finally, one by one, the guys fucked their loads into the asses, and they all lay back recovering. Then Squirt got up and went to get some more drinks, and we sat and lay around replenishing the fluid we’d sweated out of us.

. . . . . . .

The rest of the night was just as hot. I got fucked by all of the guys at least once. My Dad and Squirt’s Dad both fucked me twice, and the cop and Squirt’s Dad were the only guys who didn’t get fucked all night. Squirt eventually managed to take the cop’s meat, and he loved it! About midnight, Dad said he had to get back home, so he showered, dressed and left. The other guys were invited to stay the night, and it ended up with the two lifeguards together, Sauirt slept with the cop (and got fucked again during the night) and I slept with Squirt’s dad and brother. I actually went to sleep with Squirt’s Dad’s cock in my mouth and his brother’s cock up my ass. I guess you could say I was real contented.

Next morning they took me back to our place, and we said goodbye. Mom was feeling better, but was pretty washed out and pale, so on the drive home I sat in front with Dad and Mom took the back seat so she could sleep. I was able to sneak a feel of Dad’s cock during the trip, and it was hard. I knew what he was thinking about!! and I giggled. He looked at me and smiled.

That night at home I logged on to my computer and there was a message from Squirt.

“Hi Slut. Hope you got home safely. I was real tired today. Got fucked again this morning. Think I’m hung up on black cock!!! Dad said if you want to visit any time you’d be welcome. I’d like that too. We could have some more fun at the beach. He also said he’s not gonna call you Slut anymore. From now on he’s gonna call you Superslut.”