Copyright 2004 by the author.
The usual legal and moral disclaimer applies.
Another in the adventures of Superslut. I hope all you hedonistic guys enjoy his escapades. If only I could say they’re true, but they are a fantasy, a total concoction of my imagination.
If you enjoy his adventures I’d love to hear from you.


Saturday night. Full moon. Early summer. Hot and humid. I was horny as usual. Hadn’t been playing for a week. Thought my hole may have seized up by now. Needed to get it opened up again. Decided the bar would be the place to go. So I got ready. Lubed my ass and dressed for action in leather jock, chaps, boots and vest. with silver cock ring and ball stretcher. Stuffed a few dollars in my wrist band and strapped it on.

Poppers in one pocket of my vest and cigarettes in the other, I was ready to go. Slung an oversized shirt on, picked up my keys, and left the house. Hopped on the Harley and was off. I love the feeling of the wind on my bare skin, so left the shirt undone. It was long enough that I could sit on the tail, so my bare ass was covered - didn’t want the cops to pick me up.

Arrived at the bar about ten. Five or six bikes outside: it was just starting to fill up. Took off my shirt and threw it to Lance behind the bar. He’s a good friend and fuck buddy. Loves my ass, mostly loves filling it - with his cock or hand. Maybe I’ll get some of that when he takes a break tonight. Took my place at the bar and ordered a beer.

Leaning on the bar my ass was on display. Arched my back to make it jut out. Pays to advertise I always think. A few buddies sauntered over to join me - all in their leathers. I knew they were here, recognized their bikes.

The bar is in an out of the way area. Not frequented by trendies, yuppies or twinks. Its patrons are hard edged dudes. Dress code is leather, rubber or denim. Always smells like men - hard rough men. Music is almost non-existent. Usually just hear the low hum of conversation, with the occasional grunt or groan as a guy gets fucked or sucked in a dark corner.

I don’t like the dark corners. If I’m gonna get fucked in this bar I’m gonna do it at the bar, and tonight looks promising. Jeb was the first to make the move on me. He’s a big fucker. Must be at least six foot four and two thirty pounds. And his dick matches in size. Eight inches long, eight inches round, uncut and veiny. And he know how to use it.

He stood behind me, rubbing his leather encased cock against my butt and giving an occasional thrust. I was thrusting back, so I reached round and started working on the buttons on his pants. Got them undone and his meat sprang out. Felt the head - it was leaking like crazy. Grabbed it and ran it up and down my ass crack. positioned it at my hole and pushed back. Took the fucker balls deep in one movement.


“Ya need that don’t ya, slut.”

“Fuck yeah, man.”

He started pounding my pussy, and I was bucking onto him. Our buddies were standing round and we were drinking and planning a ride for the next weekend while I was getting my first fuck for the night. My hole was feeling great from the massive slab that was opening me up. I was happy just relaxing my hole round his meat, but that didn’t suit him. A massive gloved hand slapped my butt.

“Yer too fuckin’ loose man. Tighten that cunt.”

I clenched for him.

“Yeah. Make me feel ya hole. Fuck on my dick.”

I started working my ass muscles, sucking his cock deeper into me, and he started pounding harder. I could feel the metal buttons on his pants biting into the flesh of my butt cheek. He started grunting and his cock hardened, heralding his first come of the night. Sure enough, another few strokes and I was rewarded with jet after jet shooting into me. He pulled out and wiped his still shooting cock on my ass, leaving slimy tracks over it, slapped my butt again and picked up his beer.

“Still one of the best cunts in the business, man.”

“Thanks Jeb.”

Next thing I felt a tongue on my butt. Dave is a pig like me. Doesn’t get fucked that much but craves freshly fucked asses. Gets his cum intake outta assholes. Got a mouth like a vacuum cleaner. I let him eat me out for a while before I clenched up, Wanted to keep some of that load in me for a while, He got up off his knees and planted a sloppy, cum and ass juice tasting kiss on me.

I ordered another beer and was sipping it when I felt another cock nudging my rear entrance. Relaxed my hole and pushed back and took the lot. Not as thick as Jeb, but just as long, and just as talented. He wasn’t holding back, just ramming it into me. My cunt was slippery with the lube and the remnants of Jeb’s fuck, and it felt so smooth pumping into me. A hand came under my crotch, reached in my jock and tickled my balls. I undid the snaps and the pouch fell away, My weighted balls hung low and the hand grabbed them and pulled.

The pain was exquisite, and caused me to back further back onto the cock reaming my hole. My cock was rock hard and a long strand of precum was hanging from the head, Dave got under my legs opened his mouth and let the strand settle on his tongue. Meanwhile we were all talking as though nothing out of the ordinary was happening - and in this bar it was nothing out of the ordinary. The sounds of slurping, slapping and squelching were common place here.

My fucker was getting close, so I did my ass muscle thing on him and brought him over the edge. Another good load of spooge was spraying my ass walls. He pulled out and Dave was ready to clean him up before he tucked his meat away. Another guy spoke up.

“Ya doin’ toilet duty tonight, man? This fuckin’ beer is goin’ right through me.”

“Sure. Bring that hose over here.”

I bent further over, and opened my mouth. He fed his schlong in and laid it on my tongue. I felt the warmth of his piss coating my tongue, Typical beer piss - bland, but plenty of it. I closed my lips round his shaft while he filled me. I was gulping and swallowing as hard as I could to get it all down. It tasted better than the beer I’d been drinking, and I was hoping that the other guys would soon have to drain their bladders, either down my throat or up my ass.

While I was slurping down the guy’s waste water, another cock was beating a tattoo on my hole. I spread my legs even wider and he slipped in and started pumping at a furious pace. I could tell he was busting to get rid of his first load of the night and my cunt was going to be the cum bucket he was trying to fill. He was slamming his pole in and pulling it right out, and he was dead on target - hit the hole every time. I made it easy for him by relaxing my pussy lips. so that my hole stayed open when he pulled out and he had a bigger target to aim at.
When he at last shoved it deep in me and didn’t pull out I knew he was going to unleash his baby batter in me, and I wasn’t mistaken. A grunt and a long loud “Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh” signalled the start of his blast, and my hole was receiving another injection of molten spunk.

I’d been at the bar an hour and already I’d taken three loads and drunk a belly full. I needed some fresh air, so I straightened up, grabbed my beer and went out onto the deck in back of the bar. It was warm and humid, and the full moon was providing a silver light there. There were a few groups on the deck, talking and drinking. I nodded to some acquaintances, and leaned against the bench. Didn’t even think about the fact my dick and balls were hanging free - I’d left the jock pouch on the bar.

The deck is a real cool area. It’s surrounded by blank warehouse walls and covered with a pergola that has some sort of vine growing over it. In summer the vine keeps the sun off it and keeps it cool, and in winter it’s a real sun trap. The owner had these tables built into the deck. They’re about bar hieght and free standing, so you can stand around them and have a place to put your beer. He also put some spots in the beams to give some light over the tables. I was leaning on one of the tables,

One of the guys came over to me.

“How’s it goin’. man.”

“Not bad. Glad the weeks over.”

“You up for it tonight?”

“I’m always up for it.”

“Good to hear man.”

A few of his buddies came over to join us, and before I knew it I was bent over the table, Cuffs were put round my ankles and wrists, and ropes tied to my ankles, passed round the uprights of the table, and tied to my wrists. Of course I didn’t struggle - why would I? I was in a perfect position to have my ass used!

So here I was, spreadeagled over the table, my ass glistening and slippery in the dim overhead light. I was not strictly immobilised. I could still stand up, and could move my arms to a certain extent. I was just tied so that if I moved my arms together, I had to open my legs wider.

“How’s that feel, man. Comfortable?”

“Yeah it’s fine.”

“Good, ‘cos you’re gonna be there for quite a while. My buddies are itchin’ to have a bit of that cunt of yours. I been tellin’ them about it when I saw you inside. Glad you decided to come out here.”

As he finished speaking I felt his cock at my back door. I pushed out and he sank his shaft in. I moaned with pleasure. It was a nice sized piece of meat. Even though I hadn’t seen it I could tell by the way it felt in me. Holding my hips tight he started thrusting, long dicking me like a pro. While he was working my ass, another cock was presenting itself to my face. I opened wide and took it in my mouth. It was uncut, and tasted of sweat, cum, piss and leather - an awesome combination.

I got my tongue under his hood and started licking and sucking all the fragrance out of him. Meanwhile, I was working my ass muscles round the cock that was fucking me. I love being spit roasted. I’ve learned through practice to work my ass and throat at the same time, and I was putting all that practice to use on these two cocks. I felt the cock in my mouth harden, and the guy pulled out.

“I don’t wanna waste it down your throat, man. This load is meant for your pussy.”

His place was taken by another cock. In the position I was in I was unable to lift my head to see above the chest of the guy face fucking me, so I had no idea who’s cock I was sucking, and I realised I was not going to be able to see who was fucking me. It was like my experiences in the dark rooms, just taking anonymous cocks.

My fucker was getting close, I could feel his thrusts becoming erratic, and he was huffing and puffing, and tightening his grip on my hips. With one almighty push he buried his cock deep in my cunt and let go his load. He shot five or six ropes in me then pulled out, only to be replaced by the guy I sucked first.

“Aaaahhhh. That’s where I wanted my cock, Now I can give you that load I promised.”

He started pounding hard and fast, and just got harder and faster. I could imagine the bruises I was going to have on my butt tomorrow. But hey, that’s just part of the enjoyment of having my hole used. The cock in my mouth tasted like the previous one, cum, piss, sweat and leather - but was subtly different, Must be the combinations. What’s good about leather guys is that they usually freeball, so that delicious leather taste permeates their crotches. And to me that smell/taste is like an aphrodisiac.

The second guy started his “Ugh, ugh, ugh” as he emptied his balls into my cunt, and number three pulled out of my mouth and moved round to fill the void left by number two, He was quickly replaced by another cock in my mouth. I sucked on it for only a minute before he pulled out, shoved his pants down to his knees, turned round and presented his hairy sweaty ass to be washed down my by eager tongue. Big beefy butts with deep hairy cracks are my weakness, and when the guy reached back and pulled his cheeks apart, I almost lost it. My tongue went into hyperdrive, licking and slurping all that man funk.

For the next hour or so I was in heaven, being fed cock and ass, and having my pussy plowed and filled by hot hard cocks.

“Thought I’d find you out here.”

I turned my head and Lance was walking onto the deck.

“You guys mind if I butt in? I’m on my break and don’t have a lot of time.”

“Sure man, help yourself.”

Lance was carrying my can of Crisco. He keeps it behind the bar for me. Stepping up to my ass he took a handful of grease and slathered it round my asshole, packing some in my hole.

“You won’t need much of that man. He’s got so many loads in him he’s as slippery as a fuckin’ eel.”

My ass was so loose that he didn’t have to work on it to open it up. He just eased his four fingers in, folded his thumb into the palm of his hand and kept pushing in. His hand opened my hole, then I felt it contract again as I slid down to his wrist. Lance is a big guy and has big hands, but I was so hot, horny and hungry that I took it without a whimper, and kept trying to force my butt further up his arm. The wonderful feeling of his fingers exploring my innards was sending me into orbit. I was grunting and groaning. I took a hit of poppers, and my hole opened up even wider. The guy feeding my mouth had his cock halfway down my throat. It was as though he was trying to get Lance to grab his cock and jerk it off somewhere in my gut. Lance was halfway up his forearm in me and I still didn’t want him to stop. I wanted it all!

Then I felt Lance pulling out, then my ass was being stretched again. He was adding his other hand. We’d gone this route before, but never quite made it. This time I felt it was going to be different. I was floating on the feeling. Maybe it was because I had no control, but there was definitely the feeling that it was going to happen. The guys realised that something special was happening. The guy who’s cock I was sucking stopped his thrusting and let me nurse on his cock, and the other guys moved in closer to watch. There was a kind of tension in the air, but through it all I felt so relaxed.

Lance was murmuring low.

“That’s it baby, just relax. You feel so good in there - so open and smooth and soft. Your hole is so hot, man. It’s hungry for my hands, I can feel you wanting them in you. Just relax and let it happen, That’s the way. . . let that hole open up for me. My hands are going to feel so good when they’re inside you, massaging your hole for you. You know you want it, and you know you can do it. Just accept me into your body, man. It’s so good. Your ass is so good.”


“Baby I’m there. So close. We’re gonna do it man. We’re gonna do it.”
“Aaaaaaggggghhhhhhh. Fuuuucccckkkkkkkkkkk.”

I spat the cock out of my mouth as I felt my ass suck his second hand into me.

“Yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. We’re there man. Both hands in your hot butt. Man it feels awesome.”

And it DID feel awesome. I was breathing hard, trying to adjust to the extreme fullness in my hole. Lance was keeping quite still, letting me get used to him, I took another hit of poppers, and my hole relaxed somewhat. I was starting to enjoy the feeling, Lance started moving his fingers in me, drumming on my ass walls and clipping my prostate with his knuckles. My cock started stiffening again and dripping more precum. It was such a turn on that I had to call a halt to his play. I knew that I could cum at any moment, and didn’t want to have two hands up my cunt when I did.

“You gotta pull out man. I’m so close.”

“OK man, Take a big hit. I’m gonna work my way out now.”

He pushed his right hand in a little further, and slowly started to draw his left hand out. My hole was again being stretched to the max as he reached the widest part of his hand. I thought for a moment that he was going to be trapped in me forever, then the poppers kicked in and he eased his hand out. My ass suddenly felt empty, even though there was still one hand in me. I could feel my heart beat slowly return to normal.

Lance kept his right hand in me, slowly twisting it and massaging my hole, soothing it. Then he slowly pulled out. The guys undid the ropes and helped me stand. Lance grabbed me round the waist, and hugged me.

“We did it, baby. Another first.”

“Fuck yeah. Another first.”

“How’s the hole feel?”

“Fuckin’ used, man. How’s everything down there?”

“No probs. Looks as good as new.”

“Shit, man, it hasn’t looked as good as new for years. I’m gonna have to sit down for a while.”

“Stay here. I’ll get you a beer.”

He left and came back a minute later with a beer. I drank it all in two gulps. It was fucking thirsty work. I clenched my ass muscles tentatively, and everything seemed to be working OK. I ran a couple of fingers over my ass lips, and they felt real puffy, but surprisingly not sore. In fact, I felt like I needed something up there.

One of the bikers came up to where I was sitting.

“Still thirsty, man?”

“What you offering?”

“Got a bladder full of beer if you want it.”

“Sure. I could use a hot drink.”

I opened my mouth and he leaned forward and placed his soft cock on my tongue, I closed my lips round the shaft and waited. But not for long. A burst of hot beer piss hit the back of my throat. I gulped it down, He then let it flow, and I kept gulping and swallowing. He was a big guy, with a big hairy belly, and a big load of piss for me. I was slurping and sucking for about two minutes, till his flow slowed to a trickle and he pulled out.

“Thanks man. I needed that.”

Watching him pissing in me got the guys hot, and there were hard cocks everywhere. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take them up my ass for a while, so I grabbed the nearest one and started sucking on it. I still needed more protein, so I spent the next hour sucking on cock after cock, and drinking copious quantities of hot man seed.

“Last drinks!”

I stood up.

“Thanks guys. Thanks for a great night.”

I made my way back into the bar. Lance was behind the bar serving the final drinks. He looked up and grinned, and handed me a beer.

“You’re the greatest man. That was fun.”

“Sure was. Thanks for that.”

“My pleasure, dude.”

I drank my beer, grabbed my shirt and jock pouch and headed out to my bike.