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Another in the adventures of Superslut. I hope all you hedonistic guys enjoy his escapades. If only I could say they’re true, but they are a fantasy, a total concoction of my imagination.
If you enjoy his adventures I’d love to hear from you.


Monday night got an invitation in my mail box. Intriguing, Cryptic. Black board and gold writing. Just gave date, time and address. Down the bottom of the card “Dress optional, minimal. . . . . BE THERE! Bring this card for admittance.” Next night I got a phone call from my best buddy.

“Hey man - strangest thing. Got this invitation yesterday. “

“Black - gold printing?”

“Yeah - you got one too?”

“Yeah. Gonna go?”

“Dunno - whatta you reckon?”

“Invitation looks genuine - strange, but it’s done on expensive paper. I think I’m gonna accept.”

“Well if you’re game so am I. I must admit it’s piqued my curiosity.”

“Apart from that how’s it been goin?”

“Had a great weekend. Thought I’d see you at the club.”

“Nah - had business to attend to. Busy?”

“Fuck yeah. Got ganged by seven guys in orgy room. Didn’t leave till about eight am. Fuckin’ hole’s still feelin’ it.”

“Shit. And I had to miss it.”

“Maybe this invite’ll make up for it.”

“Fuckin’ hope so. My cunt’s screamin’ for some action.”

We chatted a while - or at least he gave me a cock by cock run down of his weekend activities. Didn’t help my hornies, but I was going to have a busy week, and knew that I couldn’t go out and play, and do justice to my job. So I just had to get out Jumbo Jack to keep my hole satisfied. He was well used all week.

Saturday, buddy called again.

“Gonno go tonight?”

“Yeah - you?”

“Yeah - been thinking about it all week. It’s got me real interested.”

“Me too. See you there.”


Rested most of the day - did the usually house clean up, washing, shopping and so forth. Took a nap in the afternoon, then prepared for the evening. Planned on arriving about ten thirty - invite said from ten. Gave myself a thorough clean out, decided on outfit and started getting ready about eight thirty. Final check of the plumbing, rolled a few joints, lay out my clothes. “Dress optional. . . minimal” Interesting. Decided on leather jock, chaps, vest and boots. Bareass - that’s minimal enough.

Ten pm, left the apartment, took the elevator to the garage, hopped on the Harley and headed off. Rode to the address on the invite - a warehouse in the ‘burbs. Big black security bruiser on the gate. Showed my invite and he gave me a long once over then pointed me in the right direction. Parked the hog and walked over to the door. Another big black guy was checking invites. He looked me over too, and smiled.

“Welcome. The party’s just starting. Have a good night.”

I walked in and sure enough the party was starting to go. The warehouse was bathed in red light, with occasional spots, highlighting sections of the room. Like the slings, the mats, the benches - all the furniture needed for a good orgy. I was beginning to feel that I’d come to the right place, and was about to have a great time. Looking around I noticed that there were about fifty guys in various outfits, from totally naked to full leathers. I suddenly realised that they were all black. Then I saw my buddy - he came over to me.

“Wow, man - whadda you think?”

“Fuckin’ hot.”


A big guy came over to us. I recognized him as a guy I’d played with a few times - a great top with an enormous cock. And he knew how to use it.

“Welcome to the Brothas’ annual party. Glad you could make it. I’m Lee.”

“Thanks for the invitation, Lee. I must admit it had me wondering.”

He laughed.

“Thought it’d get you interested. We have this big party every year and wanted something a bit different this year. So decided to have a “White Trash” party. Hope that’s OK by you.”

“And we’re the White Trash?”

“Yeah - you two and two other pigs we know.”

“And how many Brotha’s?”

“Not sure, man. Could be up to one hundred. But not all tops, Mostly versatiles and a few total bottoms. But I can guarantee your hot asses will be in demand tonight.”

“What’s the score with the Brotha’s? How’d you get started?”

“There’s a few rules. You gotta be gay. You gotta be black, and you gotta have at least nine inches.”

“Fuck, You mean you’re all nine and over?”

“Yeah - even the bottoms.”


The guy guided us over to the groups and introduced us to some of the guys. While we chatted their hands were patting my butt, and venturing down my crack. I’d lubed in anticipation, and fingers soon found their way into my hole.
Buddy had chosen his fuck jockstrap - dingy and cum and piss stained - and workboots, and he was getting the same treatment. We looked at each other and smiled.

A couple of beers and a smoke and I was more than ready. I was standing with a group when I felt two arms go round my waist, and a hard cock pressed against my butt, I wiggled till it was nestled in my crack, then spread my legs slightly and humped back and forward. The cock started riding my crack and eventually the knob hit my hole. I pushed out and back and it slid into me. The hands were playing with my tits, and I arched my back to slide down the cock till I felt the balls hit my thighs.

“Mmmmmm. Feels good, white boi.”

My fucker wasted no time in setting up a good rhythm, fucking me while he chatted with his buddies. My hole felt nice and full. I worked my muscles round his shaft and felt his response as his cock twitched in me. A few minutes of fucking and he pulled out.

“Don’t wanna cum yet slut, But keep me in mind.”

“For sure man.”

Another cock took his place almost immediately. It felt just as good. Nice thick, hard, long cock. It fucked me for a while and pulled out too. Over the next half hour I guess I had five or six guys try out my ass. Buddy had left the group and I looked for him. He was lying on a mat with a guy up his ass and another down his throat. A few more guys were standing round watching and jacking.

Lee came over to the group.

“Hate to take you away from all this, but I’ve been thinking about that ass of yours all week. I’ve just gotta have it.”

He led me over to a vacant sling and I settled down in it. He put my legs in the stirrups and reached down, picked up a bottle of lube and smeared it over his cock. It glistened like a highly polished ebony rod - hard and proud. He wiped his lubed fingers off on my hole and shoved his cock in to his hairy pubes. I had about ten inches of hard black meat filling my cunt. And it felt great! He wasted no time - just started pounding my pussy. He was aiming to dump a load and my ass was where he wanted to dump it. I was OK with that - I needed to get my hole filled.

A few guys sauntered over to watch the action. Have you ever noticed how good Afro American skin looks in red light? Gleaming and slightly sinister. like they know what they want and they’re gonna get it. And I knew at lot of them were gonna get it in me! I started working my muscles round the shaft that was pumping into me, giving Lee as much as he was giving me. He started grunting.

“Fuckin’ white mutherfucker. . . slut. . . bitch. Fuckin’ take my load boi. Take it from this fuckin’ black cock. Gonna fill you with my hot jizz. . . oh yeah. Cummin’ up ya cunt. . . Oh fuck, yeah. . . fillin’ ya booty. . . fuuuccckkkkk!”

He yelled as he dumped his load into me. My ass sucked it out of him, working hard on his cock to get every drop. He fell forward and lay on my belly. I could smell his wonderful musky smell. He rubbed his chest on mine, both of us slippery from his sweat. Then he straightened up and pulled out. His cock looked even shinier. Lube, cum and ass juice coated.

He came up to my face and fed me his slimy cock, and another cock took his place in my ass. No lube - no need. My ass was as slimy as Lee’s cock and my new fucker slid in and started another hard incessant fuck. Lee’s cock tasted so good as I cleaned it for him, the combination of cum and ass juice. My favorite.

I finished up taking five cocks and five loads before I was able to get out of the sling. I needed a break. Five cocks - around four feet of black meat had filled my hole. I’d been in the sling over an hour. I staggered over to the bar and grabbed a beer. Stood round for a while chugging the brew and smoking another joint.

Buddy was still on the mat - still getting it from two guys. In pig heaven from what I could see. While I was occupied in the sling more guys arrived including the other two white guys. They were also busy. One guy was spread over a vaulting horse, legs strapped to the legs of the horse - spread obscenely wide, one guy deep up his cunt and another on the other side of the horse, feeding him his meat. The guy had some throat. His nose was nestled in the pubes of the black guy, so he had at least nine inches down his throat. But he was slurping like he had a lollipop in his mouth.

I’d recovered from my sojourn in the sling and was ready for more. Funny how the more I get the more I want. I wandered over to the guy over the horse. As I got to him I recognized him as a buddy I’d met and who’s ass loads I’d eaten at the sex club. He realised there was another white guy standing there and he raised his eyes, recognized me and gave me a wave, while he continued having his holes plundered.

“Must have a taste of that hole before we go tonight,” I thought.

A hand rubbed my butt and a finger tickled my hole. I spread my legs and let the guy play with it. He took my hand and led me over to the mat next to my buddy.

“On your knees boi. Like the bitch you are.”

I got down on my knees, put my head on the mat and reached back to pull my ass cheeks apart.

“Nice. Sloppy, juicy. . . real nice.”

“It’s yours man.”

“Fuckin’ right it’s mine.”

He shoved three fingers up me. I relaxed my hole. He could swivel them round easily in me, so he added a fourth. I bounced on them for a while, before he pulled them out, reached over for a can of lube and slathered some on my hole then on his hands. Another guy was kneeling beside me and handed me some poppers.

“You’re gonna need these.”

I took a deep sniff as I felt the four fingers back in my hole. The guy pressed forward and my hole stretched wider. His thumb started working it’s way in and my hole was being forced open. Then he was in. I felt my hole contract as it slid down to the guy’s wrist. I was fuckin’ full. He had a BIG hand.

“Mmmmmm. Feels good in there boi. Silky smooth and hot and juicy.”

He started playing, twisting and turning his arm. His fingers were playing on my ass walls, sending electric sparks through my body. My ass muscles were clamping on his arm when he rubbed over my prostate, and I was leaking precum into my jock. The second guy reached under me and unclipped the pouch of my jock so my cock could hang free. It was rock hard and jerking to the guy’s fisting. He started pulling out. I didn’t want it to end, and he had no intention of ending it.

He pulled out till his thumb knuckle was almost out of my ass, then pushed back in. He was fucking me with his hand and keeping my hole stretched to the max. I took another sniff and relaxed my hole even more. He felt it and pulled his hand right out, then shoved his other hand in. Alternating hands he pumped them in and out. My battered hole took it all. My mind was somewhere else. I was just loving the brutal assault on my mancunt.

Then he stopped his pumping. Once again he started going deep. I realised what he was doing. He’d softened up my hole so he could get more of his arm into me. His fingers were finding their way deep into me. Past the second ring - a minute of pain as he stretched it, then the wonderful feeling of hand and arm deep in me. He was slowly edging his way up into my gut. I took another hit as the guy next to me added more lube to my fister’s arm. I felt my hole stretching more than previously, but he had done good work on my ass and it felt great.

“Fuckin’ aye, boi. You’ve got it all.”

I felt the roughness at my hole. After the smoothness of his arm, his elbow joint felt like another fist. He held still a while then slowly withdrew. Ever so slowly, My hole grabbed at his arm as he pulled out, till finally he was totally out of me

“Look at those fuckin’ lips, man.”

I looked up and there were about ten guys standing round. They’d been watching the action, and I’d been too involved in it to realise they were there. My hole was gaping open and feeling empty. My fister gently rubbed his greasy hand over it, coaxing it closed, and I fell forward exhausted. He lay beside me with his hand still caressing my hole.

“Man, that was awesome. Thanks. You OK?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. You’ve got great technique, man. Not many guys have got that far, and none as big as you.”

“I’ve never got that deep in an ass before. It was an unreal experience. Thanks again.”

I lay there recovering for a few minutes, when I felt a hand on my butt. I looked up and it was my buddy.

“You OK?”

“Yeah. Worn out, but OK.”

“That was an amazing sight. The guy fucking me just stopped in mid fuck. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.”

“Sorry to interrupt your fuck.”

“Don’t be. He was so turned on he only pumped a few more times before he gave me his load. He apologised for having no control.”

We laughed.

“Us white trash is givin these black guys something to think about huh.”


He got up and wandered off, probably looking for more cock. I rolled over and lay on my back for a while watching the action. The other two white guys were being ganged by eight black guys, on their knees face to face while guys were circling them fucking for a couple of minutes then pulling out and moving on. They were obviously enjoying it.

Finally I got up and went over for another beer. Lee came over to me.

“Having a good time?”

“Yeah. I’ve been needing something like this for a while.”

“You’re the talk of the party at the moment. The way you took Joe’s arm. He’ll be dining out on that one for some time.”

“I think I will be too.”

I finished my drink and went wandering again. Buddy was in a sling with a hand up his ass, and the other guys were still getting ganged. I needed a piss. I found the toilet and started my leak. Was standing there and felt a hand on my ass. Looked around and this huge guy was behind me. He must have been six feet six at least, and almost as wide at the shoulders.

“How’s that pussy feel?”

“Not bad, considering.”

“I’ll bet. I saw you with Joe. That was amazing.”

“It was pretty amazing to me too.”

“You up for some more?”

“Fist? - not quite yet.”

“Nah, Was thinking of sinking my dick up there.”

“Sounds good to me.”

I looked down at his cock. It wasn’t fully hard and was at least ten inches, and thick.

“How big does it grow.”

“Almost there, ‘Bout another inch or so. Bend over.”

I spread my legs and braced myself against the wall. He aimed his cock at my hole and slowly slid in. I had so much lube up there that he had no trouble at all. He soon bottomed out in me and I tried to tighten my ass as much as I could. Apparently I was reasonably successful.

“That’s it white boi. Tighten that cunt. Let me feel your ass grabbing my meat.”

He started fucking and my cock soon grew and hardened and started leaking. After the arm it felt good to have cock doing it’s thing and the length was no problem. We fucked for about ten minutes. My legs were beginning to tire when he started groaning, and he shot his load into me. A few more pumps and he stopped. I started to pull off but he held me tight against his belly.


I felt the warmth, as he started to piss up my ass. It was sort of soothing, his warm piss filling my hole, I clenched as tight as I could, and was able to prevent most of his piss from escaping. After a minute or so I felt his cock jerk in me as he squeezed the last drops out. Then he slowly withdrew.

“Thanks, I needed that.”

He patted my butt and left. I straightened up and made my way out of the toilet. The gang fuck was over. My friend from the sex club was lying on one of the mats. I lay down beside him.

“How’s it going?”

“Great. I’ve been having a great time.”

“How’s that hole of yours? Full yet?”

“Got about nine loads. You want?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“What you got up there?”

“Well I took five loads, but probably lost them when I was getting fisted, But I just got another load and a load of piss.”

“Yummm. Gimme.”

I turned about and we were lying face to cock. I lifted my upper leg and he put his head between my thighs. He did the same and we were able to reach each other’s hole. I latched on to his hole like a limpet on a ship’s hull and he did the same to me. We both relaxed our asses and began sucking. If he had nine loads, they must’ve been the biggest loads ever. He was so fucking full it just poured out into my sucking mouth and I could hear him gurgling as he gulped the piss that was pouring out of mine.

“Fuckin’ white trash. Look at ‘em.”

We looked up and there was a group of guys standing over us. They were jerking their cocks watching us eating each other out. I looked at my friend and nodded, We got on our knees and took the nearest cocks into our mouths and started sucking. It wasn’t long before we had a queue of guys waiting for us to suck a load out of them. We spent the next hour or so getting our protein fix. My friend was a master at deep throating and he finished up getting a lot more than I did. Finally we had had enough and stood up, and grinned at each other.


My hole was feeling great again and I was ready for some more ass action. I wandered over to where there were two slings set up together. They were both occupied by guys who were taking cock. Lee was fucking one of the guys so I walked over and started playing with the guy in the sling. His cock was drooling cum and I couldn’t resist. I bent over and licked his knob. He sighed and put his hand on my head. I opened my mouth and went down on him. Lee’s belly was nudging the side of my head as he was fucking the guy.

I felt a hand on my ass and instinctively pushed my butt out and spread my legs. A cock nudged my hole which opened up to take it, and I was getting fucked again. I didn’t look to see who it was, just accepted it and worked my ass on it. I was soon rewarded with another load. The guy pulled out and his cock was replaced by another one.

Once again I was getting what I wanted - cock after cock up my cunt. Two more loads, and I felt the guy that I was sucking start to cum. I sucked harder and took his load. His spasms set Lee off and the guy received a load from him. When Lee pulled out I moved round to the guys butt and got a taste of Lee’s cum as it oozed out of the guy’s well fucked hole. I was sure there was more than Lee’s cum in there.

“How much you got in there?”

“Three loads. Want them?”


I sucked and he squirted it into my mouth. Meanwhile another cock had found its way into my hole and was pumping into me. By the time I’d felched the loads out of the guy’s hole my fucker had lost his load up my ass and moved on. The guy got out of the sling and thanked me for my service. My ass was still hungry, so I climbed into the sling and lay back. I wasn’t alone long.

“Man, that white ass looks so hot!”

Fingers prodded my hole and it opened up.

“Oh yeahhh!”

More fingers. Then some lube. Then the fingers again. Three then four then another hand. I grabbed the poppers and sniffed. This hand was smaller than the last - for which I was thankful - and it slid in without any difficulty. The guy was real gentle, probing and feeling his way slowly through my ass. His fingers were scoping out the hidden corners of my hole, It was like a relaxing internal massage. I just closed my eyes and let the good feeling spread through my body. A good fist can feel so much better than a fuck, much as I love being fucked.

The hand played with my hole for about ten minutes, pulling out occasionally then re-inserting itself. My ass was still loose from my previous fisting, and this guy was taking advantage of it. I was grooving away on the feeling when I felt more pressure on my hole. I opened my eyes and the guy was standing real close to my butt, I suddenly realised what he was about to do, just as his cock forced its way into me. Cock and hand together. I relaxed and took it, My hole was stretched almost as wide as it had been before,

The guy shoved his cock in to his balls, then wrapped his fingers round it and started fucking his hand in my ass. What a feeling. Like being fucked with a six inch wide cock. I was leaking all over my belly, and the slime was running down my sides. He fucked his hand for only a couple of minutes before I felt him cum. He must’ve shot about seven spurts before he stopped pumping, then he slowly pulled his cock out. My hole clenched his arm as it started sliding out too.
Finally it was out and he reached up to my face. His hand was covered with his cum and I licked his fingers clean, tasting my ass, his cum and a bit of lube. He thanked me for the fuck, wiped my ass clean of the excess lube and left.

I was finally worn out. I hadn’t cum all night - but that was OK. I worked out that I’d taken about twelve loads, had at least ten feet of cock up my ass and another two feet of arm. Enough for any white trash.

I got out of the sling and looked for my buddy. He was with Lee over at the bar and I joined them. It was six am.

“Hey man. I’m gonna split. Thanks for the invite.”

“Our pleasure. You had a good time?”

“Fuck yeah. Just what I needed.”

“Thought you would. All you white trash love black dick don’t you,”

“Man I like dick, period. But black is beautiful.”

“Ain’t that the truth brotha.”