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Superslut is back with another adventure - with his buddy and the usual crowd of horny men who are eager to use and abuse their mouths and assholes. If you enjoy this I love to hear from you.


Friday night and it was hot as hell. Still, steamy and stinking hot. The sort of night when I knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep. So I thought “fuck it”, lubed my hole, put on a pair of nylon running shorts, and joggers. grabbed my poppers and keys and headed out. Just cruisin’ to start with, but lookin’ for any action I could find.

Drove round for a while before I noticed my buddy’s truck parked outside a restroom along with seven or eight cars. This place wasn’t well known as a cruisy bathroom, but if my buddy was here, then. . . .

Pulled into a vacant spot, locked the truck, shoved my key into my jogger and headed into the toilet. Smiled as I entered. Buddy was bent over with a cock up his ass and another down his throat. He looked up, saw me and waved. I gave him the thumbs up, walked over to the urinal, leant hands against the wall, dropped my shorts and spread my legs. An open invitation.

And it was accepted in about thirty seconds. A hand rubbed my ass crack till it got to my lubed hole, and two fingers eased their way in. I pushed back onto them and moaned my assent. The fingers withdrew and a cock took their place, slidin’ straight in and pumping deep into me. I was working my muscles on his shaft, stimulating him and trying to suck a load out. I needed cum in my cunt bad.

My fucker didn’t disappoint me. He quickly blew his load up my hole, and I coaxed every drop out of him. He pulled out and another cock took his place immediately. I was getting what I’d come for, and looking at my buddy. he was getting his fill too.

For the next hour I took cock after cock and load after load, including a couple of guys who needed to piss, so my cunt was nicely full. Buddy had been there an hour longer than me, so he was full and leaking too. I’d taken enough for the moment so when both our asses were unengaged I moved over and got on my hands and knees behind him, to clean his hole. It was fuckin’ gaping and sloppy, dribbling cum, piss and ass juice onto his balls and down his legs. I started sucking and slurping on his hole.

He pulled away and rolled over onto his back, lying on the filthy bathroom floor, I moved round so I was straddling his face and lowered my butt to his mouth, at the same time lifting his legs so I could get back to his tasty cunt. We were lying there eating each other when I realised there was silence around us.

“OK you faggots, Shove those cocks away, zip up and get the fuck outta here.”

I looked up at a pair of polished boots. My gaze wandered up to the dark blue pants, and when I got to the belt with the holster, handcuffs and night stick hanging from it, I realised we were in deep shit.

“Not you two. You stay where you are.”

The rest room cleared in an instant, leaving us naked on the floor, faces covered in cum, piss and ass juice - and two big burly cops standing over us. They grabbed us roughly and pulled us up. The next thing my hands were being cuffed behind my back, and my buddy was in the same position. The cops marched us out to a squad car parked outside the restroom, and shoved us into the back seat. They threw our shorts in.

“Either put ‘em on or sit on ‘em faggots, unless you wanna lick your fuckin’ ass slime off the seat.”

They drove us to the lock-up, parked in the lot behind the building, and bundled us, still naked, through the back door.

“Look what we found, boys. Two fuckin’ pussy pig fags.They was rollin’ round the floor in the fuckin’ shithouse in the park, covered in piss and cum and suckin’ it outta their sloppy cunts.”

There were about eight uniformed cops hanging round in the station. All were big, mean looking guys. I had enough time to notice them before we were shoved into a cell.

“Fuck man, we’re in for it now.”


“Hey, you fag cunts, you wanna suck on your sloppy holes for us to see? The answer better be yes, sir, ‘cos we need some fuckin’ entertainment.”

Much as I was afraid for my future, I was turned on by the fact that we would be performing for these officers of the law. And besides, I knew there was still a load of piss and cum in my buddy’s ass, so lust took over from fear and I reached for his butt and pulled it towards my face. In the bright light of the cell it looked so inviting - puffy ass lips, coated in slime. I stuck my tongue out to taste it again, and then pulled it tight against my lips and started sucking.

He pulled away, and we got into the sixty-nine position and went at it. We could hear the cops laughing and making comment, but I was so into my buddy’s ass juices that I didn’t give a damn. I also didn’t hear the cop come into the cell, and get on his knees behind me. But I did feel my buddy’s mouth leave my hole, and the cop’s cock ram itself into me. I grunted at the intrusion, then in a reflex action, pushed my cunt hard against his pubes, No matter what the situation my ass knew it needed more cock and more cum in it.

“Yeah, fuck that faggot cunt, man. Show him what a cop cock is like.”

My buddy was licking my ass and the cop’s cock while he was plowing it into me. The juice was dripping out round his cock, and buddy was sucking it down. Another cop entered the cell, pulled my mouth off my buddy’s hole and shoved his cock down my throat. I had two of them working my holes, my fucker forcing me onto the other cop’s cock with every thrust into my hole. I started sucking his fat uncut cock, and got a taste of the strong smeg trapped under his hood. For a cop he was delicious. He roughly fucked my face for about five minutes before he grunted and shot a copious load down my throat.

He held my head against his pubes till his cock softened enough for him to start pissing. I was gulpin like a mad man, trying not to spill ony of his golden liquid. It was difficult, being that the cop fucking me was still forcing my face back and forward on the pissing cock. Finally he finished his piss, just as my fucker exploded into my cunt. They both pulled out roughly, leaving my hole gaping and my mouth still full of cop piss. Then they rolled me off my buddy

“Stay there fag, while we use your buddy.”

I lay on the cold cell floor, and watched while two more cops manhandled my buddy over the end of a bunk. One cop lay on the bunk with his cock in my buddy’s face, while the other got behind him and rammed his meat up his ass. Now he was getting what I’d just had, from two more cops. I calculated that if all the cops were going to have their fun we’d be getting four loads each - two up our asses and two down our throats. I was dead wrong! While I was watching my buddy taking from the two cops, two more came into the cell.

“You’ve had enough rest faggot. Get on the table.”

I got up onto the table.

“No fuckwit. On your back.”

I rolled over and one cop lifted my legs and pulled me roughly to the edge of the table, The other one knelt at my head, his stiff cock pointing at my mouth, They slid into my holes simultaneously, going pubes deep in one thrust and started fucking at a fast pace. It was all I could do not to gag on the meat filling my throat. After five minutes of hard pumping they pulled out and traded places. The new cock in my mouth tasted of ass, piss and cum. It sent my taste buds into a frenzy and I sucked hard, trying to get all that taste into me.

Another five minutes and they changed again. Once again I got that wonderful taste, They kept swapping every five minutes, keeping me on edge with my ass taste, till finally the guy up my ass shuddered and blew his load into me. I clamped down on his cock sucking all his juice into me, and increased my sucking action on the cock in my mouth, forcing him to give up his load to me. The cop in my ass pulled out and fed me his cock to clean. Then they left. My buddy was still being banged by his two fuckers, and by the sound of it he was enjoying it.

My ass felt loose and pliable by then and I lay on the table fingering it.

“You like fingering your fag hole huh?”

One of the cops who’d brought us in was standing at my ass end.

“Then how’d you like more than fingers in that cunt?”

He smiled and showed me a can in his hand. Fuck yeah. My hole twitched in anticipation. He scooped a handful of lube out of the can and slathered it over his hands, then took more and forced it up my hole, greasing my ass lips. At least he wasn’t going to shove his hand in dry - or relatively dry!

He eased four fingers into me, twisting them around, making sure my ring was fully lubed, then pulled them out tucked his thumb into his palm and pressed back in. My ass opened up, accepting the intruder. It stretched round his hand then slipped down his wrist, as he slowly but persistently entered my cunt.

“Fuckin fags just love having their cunts filled with anything.”

He kept sliding into me, up his arm, and he had fuckin’ thick forearms, My hole was feeling every movement, trying to grip his greasy arm as he fisted me. I thought for a minute about my poppers, and the cop must have read my mind.

“You looking for this? We could book you on drugs charges too, if you want. Fuck fag. Here. If they get me further up your cunt you’re welcome to them.”

I took the brown bottle and took a big hit. In ten seconds my ass felt like my whole being was centred round it, and it opened wider for him.

“Those fuckers do fuckin’ work on you , don’t they?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Fuck yeah, what?”

“Fuck yeah, Sir.”

“Your fuckin’ faggot hole is so fuckin’ loose, slut. You fuckin’ need more up there don’t you?”

Without waiting for an answer he pulled his arm back and I felt his other hand playing at my hole. I took another hit, and his second hand joined his first in my cunt. It felt like a Mack truck had been driven up my ass. I looked round and there were about nine guys standing round watching the action.

“We called in the plain clothes guys to give us - or give you - a hand. They need some fun as much as us. So your fuckin’ asses are gonna be fuckin’ busy tonight. Hope you’re thirsty too, ‘cos they’ve been out drinkin’ since they got off duty, and the fuckin’ toilets here are on the blink.”

With that one of the guys came over to the table, pulled out his cock and shoved it in my mouth, The next thing, I felt the warmth of his piss filling my mouth. I gulped it down as fast as I could but some escaped and dribbled down my chin and cheeks, forming a small puddle under my head. As soon as he finished his cock hardened and he started fucking my face. The cop played in my ass for close to twenty minutes, while I was fed piss and cum from another three guys. Finally he eased his hands out.

“Fuck me man. Look at that fuckin’ gapin’ hole. He’s never gonna be able to close it again. It’s fuckin’ red raw.”

It may have looked red raw, but it was still hungry. This whole scene was getting me more and more turned on. I didn’t care any more what happened in the morning, I just wanted more up my ass. And I got it.

For the next four hours I was fucked, fisted, pissed on and in, sucked I don’t know how many cocks. The cell reeked of sex, cum, piss and sweat and the floor was slippery with lube and cum. My buddy didn’t escape either. Between us we must have taken at least thirty loads up our asses or down our throats. I got fisted by four guys, double fucked twice, drank gallons of hot gold, and took just as much up my ass. We ate each other out three times, and were still dripping when the cops had finished with us.

Finally they’d had their fun and left us in the cell.

“Well, man how was that?”

“Fucking great, but whats gonna happen to us?”

My buddy went to the cell door.

“Hey, Greg. You can let us out now.”

One of the cops came back with a shit eating grin, and opened the door.

“How you doing man, OK?”

“What. . .”

“Shit man, I tried to call you earlier this evening to invite you. I knew you’d enjoy it.”

“You mean?. . .”

“This is a buddy of mine, Greg. I told him about my cop fantasy, and he arranged it, Called all the guy cops he knows in the city, and got it set up. I knew there would be too many for me to handle alone so I wanted you to join me. When you turned up at the park restroom I was so fucking glad.”

“You know, you’re a bastard.”

“Yeah, but you love me don’t you.”

I had to smile.