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Another episode in the escapades of Superslut, being his usual sleazy self in a porn theatre and video arcade. I hope you enjoy it. Don’t know if he will be back in the near future. I think he needs a break.
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Friday afternoon. I’d had a busy week work wise, and a barren one sex wise. Last weekend I’d worked over a brief for an appearance in court on Monday, and all week I’d been in court. The case was presented and the jury were sent to consider their verdict last night. Hopefully they would come to a conclusion today. All we could do is wait. And I was so fucking horny!

At midday today they returned their verdict - guilty. The judge called recess to consider the sentence, and after lunch we reassembled and he gave his decision. So it was all over, All I had to do was write up my report and that was it. By four o’clock I was finished.

I left work and drove straight to my favorite adult theatre and video arcade. Parking in back of the building, I climbed into the camper, shed my suit and tie, and got into my “fuck me” jeans. They’re old and worn and stiff with cum and piss. The ass is ripped, the front is worn threadbare,and the knees are also ripped from being on my knees so much. I love ‘em.

Dragged on an old T-shirt and my boots, shoved my poppers in my pocket, lubed my ass and left the camper. I entered the arcade by the back door. Joe smiled as he saw me enter. I was one of his best customers. In fact he usually let me in free, and gave me a pile of tokens for the machines. He knew when I was there he’d have a lot of satisfied customers, and they’d come back for more. So I was an asset.

Wandered into the theatre. There were about fifteen guys there watching the film. Some cunt on the screen was being double fucked and sucking a third cock. I can’t understand why they all wear those fucking stockings and stilettos! So fucking dangerous. And those fingernails! Not my cup of tea at all.

Not that women are my cup of tea - I’m a man’s man and proud of it. Anyway I stood there for a while watching the audience, and getting used to the semi-dark. One guy attracted me. He was sitting about halfway down the theatre, sort of sprawled in the seat, one leg out in the aisle and the other hooked over the row in front of him.

I moved down to the row behind him and sat one seat in from him so I could look over his shoulder. As I moved in I noticed his levis were undone and pushed down and he was stroking his hard cock. His flannel shirt was undone, exposing his hairy chest. He looked up as I sat down and continued to stroke his cock. In the dim light it looked quite impressive. I reached over to play with his nips, and he pushed his chest out and leant his head back, obviously approving of my intrusion.

Taking his acceptance, I climbed over the seat into his row, ducked down onto the floor, crawled under his leg and finally reached my destination - his big cock. There’s not much room between rows, but hey - I’ve had practise at this. He spread his legs as much as he could and pointed his cock at my mouth. I slipped my lips round it. Either he had been stroking for a while or he was extremely horny, His cock head was dripping precum. He was uncut, and the taste of his juice was intoxicating,

I got my tongue working on his hood, and soon was lapping the scum that was trapped in there. He was moaning, and he shifted again, bringing his other leg up over the seat in front and trapping my head between his meaty thighs. I chowed down on his meat, sucking and slurping. It was slightly rank, probably unwashed for a couple of days, and very tasty. There was sufficient cheese under his hood for a meal, so I dined on his funk. I sucked and ate for a while before he pulled me off

“Don’t wanna cum yet, dude.”

I crawled back out from under his legs and sat beside him, slouching down and putting my feet on the back of the chair in front. His hand snaked over to my crotch and he began feeling me up. He found the rip in my jeans, and his fingers rubbed over my butt cheek, inching their way to my crack. He ran his fingers up and down my crack then pulled them out, sniffed them and held them up for me to lick, I tasted my sweat and ass funk on his fingers, sucked them and got them nice and wet, then he put them back into my crack and found my greased hole.

“Fuck yeah.”

He slid two fingers in, pulled out then slid three fingers in.

“Fuckin’ nice hole man.”

“Thanks - fuckin’ nice fingers too.”
I pulled my knees back towards my chest, and heard my jeans rip even more. What the fuck! That’s what these jeans are for. He pulled his hand out, shoved his fingers in my mouth to lick clean then took my hand and motioned with his head. We stood up and walked down to the front of the theatre, through some tattered curtains and into the “rest room” for want of a better word.

There were three guys in there already, indulging in a bit of cock play. My guy looked at me

“In a cubicle?”

“Nah - why not right here.”

“Sounds good to me.”

I bent over and put my hands against the wall, spreading my legs. He dropped his levis, and I felt him at my back door, and without pausing he shoved his meat balls deep into me. I groaned. It was a hefty slab. about nine inches and thick enough to stretch my ring nicely. He started a steady rhythm, pumping full length into me, then pulling out to the head.

The other guys edged over. One of them started on my fucker’s nips, another started licking at his ass while the third gave me his cock to suck. We developed a nice routine like it was choreographed, With all the attention he was getting it didn’t take long for my fucker to go over the edge, and with a series of grunts he unloaded a good load deep up my cunt. He pulled out and his place was taken by the guy who’d been eating his ass. He came up to my face and offered me his cock. I dropped the one I’d been sucking and took his in to clean it for him. It tasted even better than it had before. My ass juice added that extra something to his cum and sweat.

“Thanks guy.”

He left, so I went back to sucking my first guy while my butt was being pounded by the other guy. The third guy had left at some time - oh well! My fucker was moaning and grunting, and slamming his hard meat into me, and I was working my ass muscles on him, coaxing his load out of him. With a yell he began blasting his jizz into me. I grabbed his cock tight with my ass, and started rotating my butt, churning the juice inside me, and sucking it all out of him.

He pulled out and swapped places with the guy I was sucking. Doing my duty, I cleaned his cock, getting those last few drops out, while the third cock was snaking into my by now sloppy cunt. The sound of his cock squelching in the loads up my ass was music to my ears. We fucked and sucked for a while, then another guy entered. He stood there watching for a minute then pulled out his cock and started stroking while he watched. My fucker was on the verge, so I did my ass work on him and got his load out of him, and into my ass. He gave me his cock to clean, and they left, leaving me with the new guy.

“I only came in to piss, but I gotta have your ass, man.”

“Fuck yeah. Fuck my cunt man. That’s what I’m here for. To have guys pounding my pussy,”

He rubbed his fingers over my hole.

“So fuckin’ slimy man. How many loads so far.”

“Only three. I haven’t been here long.”

“Fuck, and you’ve had three already?”

“Yeah - guess I’ve been busy, but my cunt is still hungry for more.”

“Well I can give you number four.”

He plunged into me and started pumping. My cock had been hard all the time, and was leaking copious quantities of pre cum into my jeans, The wet spot was spreading. He must’ve been turned on because he didn’t last long before I felt the tell tale signs of another cum load about to erupt into me. His thrusts became erratic, and he was gasping and grunting. With a final thrust he was embedded deep in me and spewed his baby juice into me. When he finished shooting his cock started wilting and he began to slip out.

“I really gotta piss now man.”

“Well do it.”

“In you?’

“Yeah, man. Piss up my ass. I love it.”

“Fuck yeah.”

I reached back and held his butt cheeks, keeping him in me. He relaxed and I felt his golden flow entering me, warm in my ass. We didn’t move while he let fly with his load. My ass was filling nicely, and feeling real good. He pissed for a good minute before his flow started slowing, and I felt him flex his ass muscles as he forced the last few drops out, I clenched as he pulled out. A few drops escaped, but I managed to keep most of it in.

“Thanks man. That was awesome.”

“You’re welcome.”

He left, and I straightened up and went back into the theatre. My flannel shirt guy was back in the same seat, in the same position. I was tempted to go up to him but thought if he wants more he knows where I am, so I sat in the front row, and spread my legs while I watched the movie. Dunno why. Another slut was sucking cocks, face covered with cum, From what I’ve seen in videos, women just don’t know how to suck a cock. Fucking useless.

A few guys wandered down through the curtain, then wandered back again, but I wasn’t interested in them. One of them was a plain, queeny fag I’d seen here before. He just like jerking guys off. The others were just not my type. I watched for a few minutes then got up and wandered back up the aisle, and left the theatre.

“How’s it going man?”

“Not bad Joe. Getting some.”


I walked across the foyer into the arcade. In the dim light I could see about ten guys standing round, and four of the booths were lit. I sauntered past the guys checking them out. About half were guys I’d seen, and probably had, before. I can’t really tell till I’ve had their cocks in my mouth or up my ass.

My favorite booth was vacant. I like it because the door won’t lock, so I often get guys push the door open while I’m busy sucking or getting fucked through the holes. It adds to the enjoyment. This booth also has three holes, so there’s usually more variety.

I’d just walked in and put a token in the machine when I heard the next door open and close. I bent over and the guy was just undoing his pants. I saw the brilliant white briefs pulled down and a six inch soft cock was released, My mouth started watering and I put my fingers to the hole in the international signal. He moved over to the hole, and I grabbed his cock and fed it through the hole into my mouth. It started growing and hardening almost immediately. It was beautiful. Long and thick, but unfortunately he was cut. Still you can’t have everything.

I got on my knees and started sucking, He was bucking, trying to force what must have been ten inches down my throat. I backed off a bit till I got used to the size, then breathing deeply and swallowing, I took it all down my throat. It was quite a mouthful, and I wanted his load - either down my throat or up my ass. He fucked my face for a few minutes, before I pulled off, held onto his cock so he wouldn’t pull back from the hole and turned around, rubbing his dick head against my sloppy hole.

I heard him sigh as I backed onto his cock. My hole was so slippery with cum and piss that it just slid straight in.


He could feel the moisture round his cock, and he pulled out. I turned and bent down to the hole - he was looking through at me.

“Man, what you got up your ass?”

“Four loads of cum and a load of piss.”

“Can I come in there?”

“Yeah man. Door’s unlocked.”

He stood up and I heard his door open. Mine was pushed open and he walked in, pants still round his knees and cock waving as he walked. He turned me round and bent me over, Next thing I knew his mouth was on my hole.

“Feed me man. I want some of that fuckin’ load.”

I relaxed and let the piss and cum dribble out of my cunt. He was sucking like a maniac. He was a fucking pig like me. While he was down munching on my mancunt the door was opened

“OK if I join you? I was watchin’ through the hole and it looked so good.”

“Sure man. You can leave the door open if you want.”

The guy eating my ass stood up and started rubbing his cock against my hole. I relaxed and he slid in, bent forward and opened his legs for the new guy to fuck him. I felt my guy jerk as his ass was impaled by the other guy’s cock, and we set up a good fuck with the meat in the sandwich doing all the work, pumping into me then backing onto his fucker. We must’ve been noisy, ‘cos when I looked round there were three guys at the door watching and jacking their cocks. I was working my ass on the cock in me and that, plus the stimulation he was getting from the cock up his ass set him off and with a grunt he unloaded into me.

That caused his fucker to lose his load in the guy’s ass, When he finished he pulled out and buttoned up

“Thanks guys. That was real hot.”

“Our pleasure.”

He left and I turned my fucker round and went down on his ass, sucking out the juice he’d just received. There was more than I’d reckoned on.

“How many loads you got up there?”

“He was the third.”

“Mmmmm. Nice.”

“But not as tasty as yours was. That piss adds an extra something to an ass full of cum.”

“I know. I love it too.”

One of the guys at the door came in.

“I hear you say you guys like piss? I got a load I need to get rid of. Either of you want it?”

“Fuck yeah.”

We got down on our knees and opened our mouths. The guy placed his cock on my buddy’s tongue and started pissing, He gulped and swallowed for a while before he put his hand up to stop. The guy shut off the flow and moved over to me. Before he got it into my mouth he started again all over my face. It ran down, soaking my shirt, before I managed to get my mouth round it. Another guy saw me getting pissed on, and came in. He started pissing on me, soaking my hair, shirt and jeans. I was getting a real bath, and loving it.

When they’d finished pissing my pig friend took the guy’s cock in his mouth and started sucking, while I started on the guy in my mouth. Between us we took their loads in no time flat, and we turned and kissed, swapping loads, while the guys watched. Then they dressed and left us kneeling on the floor sharing the cum and piss we’d just received. We were both pretty well saturated, and smelt fucking putrid.

“Fuck I love this.”

“Me too. After my week it’s just what I needed.”

We got up, and he pulled up his pants and zipped up. We went out to the foyer and got a soda from the machine.

“You guys look like you’ve really been partying. A couple of guys just left and were talking about the fuckin’ pigs back there. It didn’t take me long to work out who they were talking about. You two ever met before?”

“Nah man.”

“Thought you would’ve. You’re two of my best customers. Pigs like you always attract custom.”

“Just doing what we like, man. We made a bit of a mess of the booth.”

“That’s OK. The smell of piss and cum works like poppers back there. It’ll dry out. You going now?”

“Nah. I’m just taking a breather. The night’s still young.”

“I’ve gotta go. I’ve got a date tonight.”

“OK man. Hope to see you around here again.”

“I’ll look out for you.”

He left, and I went back into the theatre. Flannel shirt was still there, still in the same position. I climbed over the seat and sat next to him.

“Fuck man, you stink. Been having a good time?”

“Yeah. Over in the arcade. How’ve you been going?”

“Just relaxing, building up another load. You interested?”


“Let’s go.”

We went back to the rest room, there was no one there. He took off his shirt and levis, and stood naked in his boots. Then he grabbed me and held me tight against him. Suddenly I felt my belly getting hot and wet. He was pissing on me. That was too much, and I started pissing too. It was soaking through my jeans and running down his legs

“Shit that feels good.”

He got on his knees and started sucking the piss out of my cock through my soaked jeans, rubbing his face all over my crotch. I pulled my cock out of my jeans and aimed it over his shoulder, wetting his back. The piss ran down his back forming a river in his hairy ass crack. Meanwhile he was pushing three fingers up my ass.

I finished my piss and pulled him up, turned him around and went down to lick and suck his ass. My piss mixed with his sweat and ass taste were wonderful, I licked and slobbered all over his ass till I’d got all the taste from him then stood up and turned round to get fucked again. He wasted no time in sliding in and pumping my cunt. We worked up quite a sweat, and the smell of sex was rank in the room. It was turning both of us on.

I could feel my balls churning and knew I was going to cum any minute. I started working hard on his cock - I wanted to cum while he was cumming in me. And I did. Just as I thought I was not going to be able to hold out any longer, he yelled as he started shooting his load into me. My cock erupted, spraying the wall with my hot white baby juice. My ass was spasming round his cock, sucking every drop out of him. till I ran out of cum and relaxed, holding myself up against the wall. He fell over my back, our sweaty bodies slipping over each other, till we regained our breaths and were able to stand up. He pulled out and I got down on my knees to suck his cock clean, until he pulled out - it was getting too sensitive.

He used his shirt to dry the piss on his body and legs, then put his levis back on, and slung his shirt over his shoulder. We walked out together, and as we passed the front counter Joe looked up with a big grin.

“You can really pick ‘em, can’t you.”

I just smiled back.