Copyright by the author 2004

The usual disclaimers apply.
This is a work of fiction. None of the characters portrayed are real. The situation is not real, but I wish it was. The heat of the sun, the sound of the sea and the smell of sex and sun tan lotion - what an aphrodisiac!
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The weather man had forecast a fine, warm, sunny weekend ahead. I was so fucking glad. I was sick of the dark, dreary days of winter. I needed sun! In anticipation of the good weather I got my beach bag out, packed the blanket, sun screen, and all the goodies I might need.

Saturday morning was exactly as predicted, so I hopped into the truck, and headed for my favorite beach. Stopped at the local convenience store for fruit and a few bottles of water, put them in my cooler, and arrived at the beach about half an hour later. There were a few cars in the parking lot, but I managed to get a park at one end, near the track to the beach.

It was a ten minute walk through bush to get to the beach, and there were tracks heading off the main track into the bushes. I decided to keep to the main track. My destination was further along the beach, and if I was lucky there might be some eye candy along the way.

Arriving at the beach, I was struck by the glare. The water was a beautiful blue and the sun reflecting on it and the almost white sand was blinding. A few couples were already there, and the odd family. However. looking ahead to where I was heading the beach was deserted.

By the time I got to what I was looking for, I had left the families and couples far behind. The headland and rocks rose up in front of me, and I headed up from the beach to the bushes. It didn’t take long to find the track I was looking for, even though it had grown over somewhat during the winter. By mid-summer it would be well worn again.

I followed the track, pushing the undergrowth aside in parts, and finally reached my destination, a secluded area almost completely surrounded by low bushes, out of any wind, but getting full sun - perfect. I spread my blanket, stripped off my cutoffs, and t-shirt, and slathered myself with sun screen.

I still had the remnants of last summer’s tan and was determined to add to it today. Wearing only my sunglasses and cock ring, I lay down to soak up the rays. Plugged in my earphones and relaxed.

The beauty of this area was that if I lay on my stomach I could see, through the undergrowth, anybody who was wandering the trails, but there was only one entryway into my hideout, so I lay so that my best feature - my ass - was facing the entry.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a can of my favorite lube - Crisco. It has the advantage that it doesn’t dry out like water based lubes, so my asshole would be ready for anything. I packed some deep up my hole, and spread a little round my asshole. I was ready - ass lubed and poppers close at hand.

Although my hideout was secluded, it was well known by many of the guys who cruised the trails. I hoped that they would be out today. Sun baking always made me horny, and there was something so erotic about sex in the sun.

I’d been there about half an hour when I saw the first cruiser. He was wearing a baseball cap and carrying his Speedo’s wrapped round his wrist. Tall, well built, with a hairy chest, and what looked like what could become a very impressive cock - my kind of man!

He obviously knew the area because as he walked past, he looked in my direction, looking to see if anyone was lurking in the hideout. There was - me! I saw a smile on his face as he circled the bushes and before long was at the entrance to my sun trap.

I spread my legs wide, and raised my ass, so that he could see my shaved hole. Pushed out then clenched, so that my pussy was winking at him. He came into my nook, and knelt down between my legs. His hand reached out and grabbed my shoulder, then slid down my spine to the start of my ass crack. Running his hand down my butt, his middle finger traced my crack, stopping at my lubed hole.

I sighed, letting him know that he’d hit the spot. and his hand stopped, his finger pushing at my hole. I relaxed and let it slide into me. Lifted my ass more so that his finger could penetrate my ring and enter my hot hungry ass. I reached back and he grabbed my hand and brought it to his now hard cock. I started jerking him, He was uncut, and his loose skin slid smoothly over his hard shaft.

He pulled his finger out, and using both hands he spread my butt cheeks, leaned forward and his cock hit my hole. Barely stopping to adjust his position, he pushed his cock into me to his balls. My eager hole accepted the intrusion with no effort. I sighed again, and clenched round his cock.

He lay down on my back and started humping, pumping his cock deep into me, It felt wonderful. My ass muscles were working on his meat as he reamed my hole. He was in no hurry, and neither was I. We worked as a team, him fucking my pussy and me fucking his cock. His head was next to mine, and his tongue and lips were licking and sucking my ear and neck as we fucked.

Looking through the undergrowth, we saw another guy approaching. He, too, knew the area well, and the next thing we knew he had entered our fuck spot, and was standing at our heads. My fucker reached up with one hand and grabbed his cock. It was hard and leaking precum. He got down on his knees in front of us and fed us his cock.

My fucker and I shared his cock, alternately sucking him and licking his smooth balls, He stroked our heads as we both sucked on his meat.

“Hey guys, you gotta stop this. I don’t wanna cum till I’ve had a bit of that ass.”

“Then how about you get back there and fuck me while I’m fuckin’ him. Then after I cum you can have sloppy seconds.”

“Right on man.”

He pulled out of my mouth, got up and moved back behind us. The next minute my fucker let out an “Ugh” as his ass was penetrated. I felt his cock being forced further up my cunt, and we lay for a second while he adjusted to his invader, then he started his in and out again, fucking my ass and the cock of the guy in him. After about five minutes I got an idea.

“Hey guys. Stop for a minute. Pull out.”

They did, and we stood up.

“Now, you lie down on the blanket, on your back. I’ll sit on your cock and you” talking to the second guy,” can slide in next to the other cock. That way you can both have me at the same time.”

We got ourselves organised and before long I was being double fucked by these two guys.

“Fuck that looks so hot, guys. Mind if I join you.”

I looked up and a third guy had arrived and was watching us fucking and pulling on an enormous cock. Must’ve been about ten inches long, and at least two inches thick.

“Not at all, Feel free. I’d love to feel that prick poundin’ my pussy. Let me suck it and get it ready.”

“It’s fuckin’ ready man. But see how much you can take down your throat.”

He fed me his huge schlong, and I sucked and slurped on it, coating it with as much spit as I could. My fuckers were getting close. I could feel it. Their fuck lost co-ordination and the guy I was sitting on let out a grunt as his dick spewed it’s load into me. That set the other guy off and he came soon after. They pulled out and stood up. Third guy pulled out of my mouth and moved round to my ass. He rolled me over onto my back and lifted my legs.

“Fuckin’ hot used pussy you got, man. So fuckin’ juicy.”

Saying that he slammed his cock into me. I was so open that it slid balls deep in one smooth movement.

“Come here guys. Let me clean those cocks for you.”

So while third guy rammed his meat up my hole, I sucked first and second guys cocks clean.

“Thanks man. You gonna be around a while.”

“Was plannin’ on bein’ here all day. C’mon back later if you want more.”

“For sure. Have a good one.”

They both left, arms over each others shoulders. Meanwhile my new fucker was enjoying my cunt, and I was enjoying his battering ram. He must’ve fucked me for about ten minutes, and was working up a real sweat, It was dripping off his hairy chest onto me, Occasionally I got a drop on my mouth and licked it up. He tasted so good and salty.

“Man, that ass is so good. You certainly know how to take a fuck.”

“And you know how to throw one man. That cock feels great,”

I clenched my muscles round his cock, and he let out a moan.

“Gonna cum if you keep that up.”

I worked my muscles on his cock, giving him as much as I was getting from him. Soon I felt him tense up. His cock grew harder in me and he was spitting his load deep into me.

“Yeah man. Take my fuckin’ load. Suck it into your cunt. Fuckin’ slut, fuckin’ good fuckin’ slut.”

He pulled his cock out, It was slick and slimy with his cum, my ass juice and cum from the other guys. I lowered my legs, and he shuffled forward, cock still semi-hard, and shining with the juice. I opened my mouth and he shoved it in me. My tongue worked overtime, cleaning his dick up for him. Then he stood up.

“Later, dude.”


And he left. I needed a drink, so I dug in my cooler and pulled out my water. Took a few big slugs, put it back and reached for my cigarettes. I needed a bit of a break after that little session.

Finished my cigarette and rolled back onto my belly, spreading my legs again. Lay there for about five minutes soaking up the sun, and watching for more trade. I heard the guys talking before I saw them. Two guys, looked like brothers walking along the trail. They looked in my direction and saw me. Next thing they were beside me.

“How’s it goin’ this mornin’? Gettin’ much?”

“Had a few, but always ready for more.”

“How about it dad. You wanna go first?”

“OK son. Hey guy, you wanna suck my kid while I fuck you?”

“You got it man.”
Dad slid his cock up my ass while son fed me his cock.

“You sure have ‘had a few’, man. This ass is so juicy. Love fuckin’ used holes. My boy here’ll tell you. His hole is always best after he’s had a few.”

Dad set up a steady fuck while son moved in synch. These guys were pros at synchronised fucking. My mouth and ass were feeling no pain as they used my holes. After a few minutes they pulled out.

“Time to switch.”

They changed places and started up again. They were definitely pros at this game. Dad’s cock tasted delicious, all the juice from my ass smeared aver his meat, and trapped under his foreskin. Got my tongue under the skin and scooped out the trapped juice and cheese. So fucking tasty. Another few minutes and they changed again. Once again the taste of my ass on cock. I loved it. Feeding me the residue of my fucks.

They continued this action for about thirty minutes, swapping round every few minutes. Then dad said,

“OK son, Time for the big one.”

He started pumping hard into my hole and his son started ramming his cock deep down my throat. Together they plowed my holes.

“Ready, boy.”

“Yeah dad.”

They came simultaneously. Like a well practised routine. Cum up my cunt and down my throat together. Feeding my belly and filling my cunt. Perfect! They pulled out and I cleaned dad’s cock for him.

“You guys got a fantastic routine.”

“Yeah, we’ve been practisin’ it for fifteen years now. Since I was ten.”

“Well if you want more, you know where I am.”

“Sure man. You eat ass?”
“Fuck yeah. You got anything up there for me?”

“Not yet, but if I get any we’ll be back. And maybe I could get at your ass too.”

“Sure man. Nothin’ like sharin’ a meal.”

“Great. Might see you later.”

They left and I lay back down again. Must’ve dozed off. Fucks in the sun tend to make me sleepy. The next thing I knew was a hand on my ass. I looked around.

“Hey man. Thought I’d find you here. How’s that hot sloppy cunt of yours.”

“Ready as usual man. Taken four loads so far, includin’ a biggie, and a double, so it’s wide open and ready.”

“Where’s your can?”

“Here. man.”

I handed him my can of Crisco, got up on my hands and knees, grabbed my poppers and presented my hole to him. He greased up his hand and packed some more into my cunt, then started inserting his fingers. Knowing me well, he didn’t bother with one, then two, Just started with four, which I took easily. He tucked his thumb into his palm and pushed ahead. I took a big hit of poppers and my hole expanded round his hand, then contracted as I slid down to his wrist.

“Mmmmmmm. so good.”

“Your fuck hole feels as good as ever man. It has to be one of the silkiest holes in the business.”

“Thanks man. I always enjoy your hand up there. Keep pushing, there’s plenty more room in there.”

He kept sliding slowly into me. I could feel my ass ring expanding again as his arm got thicker. He’s a great fister. Him and me seem to fit like hand in glove - excuse the pun. I’ve had his hand on many occasions, but haven’t a clue what his name is. He’s just my favorite top, and we like the idea of both of us having that bit of mystery. We’ve played in sex clubs, saunas, here at the beach, and have never bothered introducing ourselves.

His arm was going deep into me. As deep as I’ve ever taken it.

“Fuck man. I’m more than half way to my elbow. You’ve been practisin’?”

“Yeah, a bit. But today it feels so good. My hole just feels so relaxed. I’m lovin’ it.”

“Me too.”

He was drumming his fingers on my innards, and I could feel the vibrations right through my body. Fisting is a real head trip, and my head was swimming with the sensations. Slowly he pulled back, then started twisting his hand inside me. I felt his knuckles hitting my prostate, and my cock was bouncing and leaking precum all over my blanket. Another hit of poppers and I started working my ass muscles on his arm - “Biting the hand that fists me.”

He started pumping in and out, getting deeper and pulling out further, till he was pulling his hand right out, then plunging it back in. My hole was so loose that he was balling his hand into a fist and punch fucking me. It felt awesome.

We must’ve fucked for about thirty minutes before he said

“Man, I’ve gotta take a break.”

“OK - think I’m due for one too.”

He slowly slid out of my ass. I reached into my bag of tricks, and pulled out a roll of paper towels. He took them and wiped some of the lube off his arm. I reached for my cigarettes and offered him one. We sat and smoked. Then he got up.

“Thanks for that man. I just love that ass.”

“And I love your hand in it. Thank you.”

“I better go down and wash the rest of that goo off my arm. See you around.”
“Sure man.”

I sat up for a while, had some water and a couple of pieces of fruit. Getting fucked sure is thirsty work! While I was sitting there a couple of guys came in, I needed to rest my cunt so I offered to suck them. They took up my offer, and I got them both off, swallowing some nice tasting cum. Would like to have had it deposited up my hole, but felt I couldn’t do them justice for the moment.

Feeling rested, I rolled back over onto my belly and lay there with my head on my hands. Felt another hand on my ass. It was still coated with Crisco, and the hand rubbed all over my slippery lubed hole. I turned my head and smiled. He nodded towards my hole, and I nodded back, and lifted my ass off the blanket. His cock easily slid in, and started fucking. I relaxed, knowing my hole was real loose and probably wasn’t giving him the necessary friction to get him off, but it felt so soothing, massaging my ass walls,

He fucked for a couple of minutes before I decided to help him. I clenched my muscles round his cock, and heard him gasp.


And he did, harder and faster. I worked on his cock while he was fucking me, and he soon came, grunting and groaning, then pulled out, slapped my butt, and left. I didn’t have a chance to clean him up. A few more nice but not spectacular fucks, and a few more loads in my cunt. I was feeling real mellow, I was thinking maybe I’d had enough, and was contemplating getting dressed and heading back home. I’d been there about five hours, taken eight loads up my ass, three down my throat, and been fisted once. That was probably enough for one day.

Was just about ready to pack up, when my big dicked fucker came back.

“You up for another round.”

“From you man, sure.”

“Looks good from here. Nice and sloppy. Been havin’ a good time?’

“Yeah. Havin’ a great time. But can always go for one more.”

He rolled me over onto my back, lifted and spread my legs, and rubbed his cock up and down my crack before sliding it into me again. He had a cock that really pressed my buttons. Even after the use it’d had today, his cock still filled me, and touched all the right places in my hole. I sighed.

“You like my fucker in your cunt, man?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“How many cocks you had in there today.”

“Taken eight loads from nine cocks.”

“How come you missed out on a load?”

“Took his load down my throat while his dad shot his up my cunt.”


“Yeah, dad and son combination. Fuckin’ good team they were.”

“You’re a real slut, ain’t you.”

“Yeah man, and proud of it.”

“Well I’m gonna give you another load up that slut cunt of yours.”

“Go for it man. Breed my fuckin’ hole.”

He started pumping hard into me. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying his fuck.

“Gettin’ your pussy filled again man?”

I opened my eyes and dad and son were back.

“Hi guys.”

“Fuck dad, look at that cock. It’s massive.”


My fucker looked up at them, then at me. I nodded. I knew what he was thinking.

“You want this cock up your ass, man?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Go ahead. You wanna fuck me while he fucks your son?”


My fucker pulled out and I moved across the blanket to make room. The son lay beside me on his back. Dad moved to my ass and big dick moved to son. They both slid in to us. I took dad easily, but son had some trouble taking big dick. I handed him my poppers. He took a big hit, and big dick slid in. Soon we were both being pounded by our fuckers. Son was a vocal fuck, moaning and pleading for it to be harder, longer, deeper, Dad was enjoying watching his son take that big cock and we were all getting off on his begging for more. Big dick was egging him on, calling him a fuckin’ slutty kid and telling him how he was stretching his hole, making it as sloppy and loose as mine.

Dad grunted as his cock hardened, and his cum gushed out into my cunt. Four or five big spurts, and I felt them all. Then he held still, and the next thing he grinned at him. I grinned back. He was pissing up my ass. It felt great. Son looked at dad.

“You pissing in him dad?”



“ You like piss, boy?”

“In my ass, yeah.”

“Want mine?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Gonna cum up your boy cunt, then feed you my piss.”

“Yeah, do it man. Give it all to me.”

With that big dick gave an enormous shove and we knew he was losing his load in son’s hole. Then he sighed as his piss started fillin that hole.


Dad stayed plugged in my hole watching son being filled with big dick’s piss. Finally the flow stopped and big dick slowly pulled out, Son clenched his muscles, and lost only a few drops. Dad and I did the same and they stood up, I looked at son and he was looking at me and licking his lips. I nodded, turned about and rolled over on top of him.

We manoeuvred so that my ass was right over his face. Dad realised what was going to happen, and him and big dick lifted son’s legs and pulled them back towards his head, His ass lifted off the blanket and I bent my head down. We were both face to ass. I got my lips round his bloated assring, just as he latched on to mine. I started sucking and relaxed my hole. The cum, ass juice and piss started leaking out into his mouth and I was sucking the juice out of his cunt.

It was so nasty, so good. We slurped and sucked for at least ten minutes. Our cunt rings were puffy and red and our faces were smeared with the juice from each others asses. Dad was standing over son’s head and my ass, and big dick was standing between son’s legs, just in front of my face. When we’d sucked all we could out of our holes, I moved slightly forward, and took big dick’s cock in my mouth to clean it of son’s ass juice and his cum, and son took dad’s dick and cleaned it for him.

Then we all collapsed on the blanket, a tangled mess of cum smeared, sweaty bodies. I was exhausted, and they were pretty far gone too. A few minutes rest, and we disentangled. I offered them some water and we sat and had a drink and a cigarette.

I’d had enough sun for the day, and my ass felt satisfied for the present. We got up and I started to pack my bag and get dressed.

“You headin’ back to town?”

“Yeah. Think my ass has had enough for today.”

“Any chance of a lift back. I hitched down this mornin’.”
“No sweat. You got any gear to pick up.”

“Nah. Just wore my Speedos.”

“Fuck. I’d pick you up anytime, that meat shoved into Speedos.”

He grinned. “You sure your ass has had enough for today?”

“Well. . .”