Copyright 2004 by the author

The usual legal disclaimers apply.

This story is pure fiction. However, I would think that in this big wide world there are places like the setting for my tale, and undoubtedly there are guys like my “hero” who enjoy the type of sex described. It’s one of my fantasies. Would love to be able to make it a reality.

Part 1

Sunday, mid winter. It was cold, wet and miserable. The kind of day when sensible people stay indoors and vegetate in front of television. However. it’s also the day when my favorite sauna is hot, hot, hot. So what’s a guy to do?

I was horny as usual, so I grabbed my bag of tricks, hopped into the truck and headed off. Arrived, paid the guy at the counter and got my towel and locker key. Into the change room, and stripped down, eyeing the other guys hanging round - some talent here this afternoon. Reached into my bag and pulled out my “travel pack” of Crisco. scooped out a couple of fingers of the lube, and rubbed it into my hole, Like to be prepared, and Crisco doesn’t dry out or wash off in the stram like water based.

Wrapped my towel round me and headed for the steam room - always like to lie in the steam and build up a bit of a sweat before I go hunting. Spread my towel and lay down. The light there is just enough to see the passing parade of cruisers. some wrapped in their towels and others showing their wares.

Guess I should give you the obligatory statistics. I’m shortish - five nine - and muscular/stocky, a result of my strict gym regimen, trimmed hairy chest, shaved pubes, cock, balls and ass. I’m pierced - nips, PA and guiche, and inked - across my upper and lower back, and my star sign tiny on my right butt cheek. Been told I’m more rugged than pretty. Hated my looks when I was young, but guess I’ve grown into them.

I usually attract two types of guys, young guys looking for a daddy (sorry, but I ain’t no daddy!) and rough trade - big muscly guys who like their sex down and dirty - and that suits me fine. I’m bottom (told I’m good at it) and proud of it. Nothing better than having my butt serviced by big cocks - although I don’t knock your average cock - or hands. Love hands.

Anyway, to continue. I was lying on my back in the steam and out of the mist came this vision. Big bruiser, swaggering and showing off his uncut hardon. Stopped beside me so I grabbed that handle and pulled it to me. Wrapped my lips around it and started on my first dick of the afternoon. He played my game and was fucking my face in no time flat. That mushroom head was sliding down my throat, then pulling out to pound back in.

My slurping attracted an audience, and pretty soon there was a mouth round my cock and fingers playing with my hole. Lifted my legs and the fingers sank deep into me. Played round in my cunt then pulled out. My legs were pushed higher and a cock slid in. Just my style - servicing two hot cocks, and I’d been there no more than ten minutes.

One great thing about steam rooms, they heat your balls and allow them to hang low. So it was with my face fucker. I grabbed his sac and felt his nuts rolling round. Yanked on them and elicited a groan from the guy. Kept tugging and felt his cock harden, his thrusting become erratic and I took my first load - very tasty!

Meanwhile. I was working my ass muscles on the meat fucking my hole, trying to suck his load out. The guy was pounding me and I was sliding on the slippery tiles, He was pulling against his thrusts, so I was fucking his cock as much as he was fucking my ass. He started grunting and spewed his load deep into me. Two down, How many to go?

After that little session I’d had enough of warming up in the steam. Got up, had a quick shower, dried off, threw my towel over my shoulder and went hunting. Lots of potential around. Could be a productive afternoon!

Decided to have a cigarette and coffee. so headed back to the locker. Grabbed my pack and got a coffee and took them to the TV room. A few guys there but nothing that took my breath away. Finished my cigarette, and went back on the prowl.

Down one corridor a cute Asian. Great butt - worth a lick or two, so I went into a public room. He was in before I had a chance to lie down on the mattress. Cock wasn’t big, but was steel hard. Decided to start there and work round to his ass. Didn’t get that far! Sucked for less that two minutes and he blew his load. He must have been on edge for quite a while. Picked up his towel and left. Pity, but my thirst was temporarily quenched.

Lay on the mattress, legs spread and watched the doorway reflected in the mirrored wall. Couple of guys passed, looked in and moved on. Guy passed, looked in, passed, backed back, stopped, stroked his dick through his towel, and came in. Fingers went exploring, found my lubed and cummy hole, dropped his towel and his hardon bounced against his abs. Very nice! At least eight inches, and proportionately thick.

Pulled me to my knees, and pointed his cock at my hole. Leaned forward and as it touched my ring, I lunged back, swallowing the eight to the balls. He wasn’t kneeling, standing with legs bent, so his cock was driving down into my cunt. And it was driving. He didn’t waste any time. Started pounding from the word go. My ass was loving it, but I thought at this rate he wasn’t gonna last long. WRONG!!!! He fucked my hole for at least ten minutes, without stopping or even slowing down.

My dick was leaking and bouncing from the force of his fuck, and my knees were getting vinyl burn from slipping on the mattress. Pulled off him, rolled over and lifted my legs. He grabbed them and forced them back to my chest, slid back in and resumed his relentless fucking. He was my kind of man. Hairy chest, big juicy nips - pierced - and shaved head. We were bouncing all over the mattress. My eyes were closed, when I felt him stop. Looked up and there was a guy behind him. We both knew the score so we waited for the guy to slide into his ass, then he continued, fucking my ass and the cock of the guy behind him.

Third guy didn’t last long. Quick fuck and he blew up my fucker’s hole, pulled out and left. My guy didn’t lose a beat. My ass was getting reamed like I loved it. Another ten minutes and he pulled out,

“Need a rest for a minute.”


He sat down against the wall and I rolled over and took his cock into my mouth. Tasted real good. His pre and my ass juice. He recovered quickly and his hand slid down my back to my now loose hole. Three fingers in, and a moan from me. He pulled me off his cock, stood up and lifted me up. He was at least six inches taller than me, and about twenty pounds heavier - all in the right place.

Turned me around and I pressed my hands against the mirror, pushing my ass out for him. Slid back into me and started fucking again - as hard and fast as before. Fuck this guy had stamina! At least five minutes more before he started giving the tell tale signs of a cum. And what a cum, I felt his cock jerk in my hole at least ten times, I knew I was getting a good load from him.

He pulled out and sat down. I spun round, dropped to my knees and cleaned him up, licked his cock clean, then rolled him over and cleaned his fucked hole. Delicious!