Copyright 2004 by the author

The usual legal disclaimers apply.

This story is pure fiction. However, I would think that in this big wide world there are places like the setting for my tale, and undoubtedly there are guys like my “hero” who enjoy the type of sex described. It’s one of my fantasies. Would love to be able to make it a reality.


Time for another cigarette. (Guess I smoke too much). Back to the TV room to relax. A guy there who pressed my buttons, Towel wrapped round him but the bulge hinted at hidden treasure. We smoked in silence, eyeing each other off. Finished my cigarette, and left him in the room. Went down to the video room, stood leaning on the rail at the back watching the video - plastic guys sucking cock - nice bodies, but typical pretty boys.

Felt a hand on my ass, Looked around and it was the hunk from the TV room. He inclined his head and left. I followed. Found another vacant public room and entered. I followed, Dropped my towel on the mattress as his hand went back to my hole. He pushed my back and I dropped to my hands and knees on the mattress. He dropped down behind me and thrust his cock in. I arched my back and slid down to his balls.

Another hard fuck. My ass was really getting the work out it needed. Short and sweet, he pulled out. Fingers started playing with my hole, Two, then three, then four then the big one. My hole stretched round his hand then contracted as I sucked his hand into me. Mmmmmm. Nice. He pushed ahead slowly, reached over me to get some lube from the dispenser, slathered it over his arm and pushed deeper. It felt so good, having my cunt filled with a talented hand.

He drummed his fingers against my ass walls, sending vibrations up my spine, then started twisting his hand, knuckles rubbing against my prostate, making my cock leak and jump about. Then started an in/out motion, fucking my hole, giving me what I wanted. He pulled out till just his hand was in me, and then I felt my ass ring stretch, and his cock was in me, rubbing against the palm of his hand as he fucked me. This guy certainly knew his business.

Pulled out, hand and cock, and sat on the mattress, holding his cock up. I turned round and sat on it. He was fucked out, so it was my turn to take the initiative. Bounced on his cock, twisting and clenching my ass muscles round his cock. My endeavours paid off. He began to shoot into me, pumping up as I was sliding down, my balls bouncing on his. His cum finished and I pulled off, turned round and cleaned him up. (one of my favorite duties - it’s always so tasty)

We parted, him to the shower, and me looking for more. My hole was loose and juicy: cum, Crisco and water based lube, Rubbed my fingers round my hole feeling it all puffy and tingling. Time for what could be the main event.

Checked out the back room when I arrived and it was totally empty, but time had passed, so maybe. . . . Wandered in and man, was it jumping. The light from outside was just enough to make out the crowd. Towels were strewn around and bare asses and cocks were the norm. Hands groping for cocks and holes. A big bed in the middle of the room was occupied by a guy with an ass to die for. Lying there, legs spread, taking no part in the action.

Reached down to feel his hole - it was as fucking sloppy as mine. I knelt on the bed between his legs and lowered my face to that butt. The heady aroma of cum emanated from it. I started drooling. My tongue literally fell out of my mouth as I attacked his well used pussy. He raised his hips, and his butt cheeks spread. Started licking and he started moaning. Don’t know how many loads he’d taken but that cunt was delicious!

Was sucking and slurpng on his hole and felt a cock hit my hole, then sink straight in and start pumping - bliss! For the next fifteen minutes I licked, sucked and chewed on his rubbery cuntlips, while cocks were pounding my hole. He knew what was happening because my nose was rubbing up and down his crack as my hole was being pummeled. After about fifteen minutes, he rolled over, turned about and slid his face under me. Started sucking my cock, then moved further back, licked my balls and then on to my cock filled asshole.

He started licking and slurping round my hole and the cock that was fucking me. Pulled his legs up and went back to eating his ass. Guy came up and shoved his cock at the hole so moved back to give him entry, and started licking his cock and the asshole. Give and take - that’s my motto!!

For the next thirty minutes we attacked each other’s hole, and the cocks that were filling us. We must have taken four or five loads each during that time. I was busy sucking on his hole when the cock in my ass was pulled out and replaced by four fingers. I knew I was in for another fisting. The guy who’s ass I was eating groaned as he watched the hand disappearing up my cunt.

I was so lubed up and loose that he was able to sink straight in past his wrist. Reached back to feel his arm - nice and hairy, but felt thicker than most I’d had. So I was gonna be tested. How much was I gonna be able to take?
Relaxed my hole and felt him slip deeper into me. Knew I could take length, but it was the width that might be my ruin.
Guy worked his hand inside me while my ass buddy transferred his sucking to my balls and occasional lick on my cock. He knew that sucking too hard was gonna have me cum, and he was enjoying watching my hole being invaded by the huge muscular arm. We lay there for at least another fifteen minutes, me being fisted and him being fucked by a number of cocks.

Finally felt I needed a break. Pulled up from my ass buddy’s holeand reached round to let my fister know it was time for him to pull out, which he did nice and slow. Managed to get up on my feet - a little wobbly - and my buddy got up too. He turned round and planted a sloppy kiss on my lips. We tongue duelled for a minute or two then headed off to the showers.

I’d had enough for the afternoon, and it seems he had too. We went back to the lockers, dressed and left - me to my place and him to his, wherever it was.

I wonder who he is.