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Another episode in the exploits of Superslut. Once again it’s entirely a product of my imagination, If you’re turned on by an indulgence of man/man sex, this may be up your alley - I wish some of these cocks were up my alley!!!


Every so often, usually once a month, I take Monday off work. I need the day off because I have had a busy Sunday.

About twenty miles out of town is a truck stop, and I’ve found that Sundays are the best days for action. A lot of truckers like to load up on Sunday and get out of town before the Monday rush hour starts. So they wind up at the truck stop about five o’clock on Sunday nights, and leave from there Monday morning. No need to guess where I am on Sundays about five o’clock.

The truth is, I’m usually there about four o’clock. I like to be prepared. Park near the truck bays, scope out the restroom, get my ass lubed up, set up my camper cab in case it’s needed and relax for a while, waiting. Around five the trucks start arriving. A few blow their horns - they recognize my camper. Looks like I might be in for a fun night. Around the same time some of the girls arrive. The hookers know the score too, and they’re here to make a bit by giving a bit.

They hate me, for the simple reasons that I give away what they’re selling, and only the strictly anti-gay will be buying their favors. and - and this makes them even angrier - I can go where they can’t; into the restroom and showers. I often get more action there than I do in the cabins of the trucks.

The Sunday in particular, Joe was the first trucker to arrive. He’s a big burly man, with a hairy chest, a beer gut, and the biggest, thickest uncut schlong that you’ve ever seen. He loves my ass, and I really dig his cock, He’s got a wife and five kids, and throws a great fuck,

He parked his truck and opened the door, swivelling round so that he was facing me, his hand in his pants, obviously stroking his cock, I got out of the camper and headed over to him. He pulled his hand out of his pants and unzipped. He was going commando, and his meat sprang out, standing hard and proud out of a dense dark bush. My mouth started watering and my ass was itching to ride his slab.

I got to the truck door, leaned forward and licked at his meat. The beauty of big trucks is that they are so high off the ground you can stand and be at cock level without having to bend down. Saves wear and tear on the back and legs. A swipe of his uncut cock tells me that he’s been working hard to load his truck, so he probably has a big load in it, and hopefully a big load in his balls.

“Hey faggot, you wanna get your ass up here? I got something special for you.”

“Sounds good to me, man.”

I went round the passenger side of the cab and he opened the door for me. I climbed up into the passenger seat.

“Let’s get into the sleeper.”

I got up to go back, and he grabbed my cutoffs, and pulled at them. They were so old that the buttons just managed to stay in their holes when I did them up, so it didn’t take much effort to pull them open, and they fell to my feet. I lifted my feet out of them, picked them up, took out the poppers, and climbed bareass into the sleeper. There was someone in there! I stopped, and Joe shoved two fingers up my ass.

“Want you to meet my oldest boy Dave. He’s gonna be a trucker, so I brung him to show him the ropes. Why don’tcha climb in and show him some of the pleasures of the job?”

Joe’s son was a younger version of Joe, minus the beer gut. His cock was a bit smaller than his dad’s but was thick, uncut and veiny like his dad’s. And it was standing proud like his dad’s. I leaned forward and took it in my mouth. It tasted sweaty and salty, and delicious. I started sucking, while Joe was finger fucking my ass with three of his big blunt digits.

“Climb in boy, and move over for me.”

I climbed in without losing hold of the boy’s cock, and Joe followed. Dave scooted back so that he was leaning against the side wall, and I moved with him, getting between his legs on my hands and knees. Joe got behind me, and his cock nudged my hole then slid in. I grunted at the intrusion, then relaxed into it. He immediately started ramming his cock hard up my pussy.

“Yeah man. I really need this. A hot cunt for my cock. I’m fuckin’ glad you’re here tonight. Wife’s on the rag and I haven’t had pussy for three days. Was thinking I might have to pay one of those sluts for a fuck, and wasn’t lookin’ forward to that. They’re so fuckin’ sloppy.”

Joe’s boy hadn’t spoken, but started moaning while I was working on his dick, humping his cock into me like his daddy was into my ass. I was destined to get my first two loads from these guys. Joe must’ve been hurting ‘cos he only fucked me for a couple of minutes, before he gave out his familiar grunt and started shooting his load up me. And what a load it was! About ten or eleven pulses, and I felt each one.

He soaked in his juice for a minute, then pulled out. I pulled off Dave’s cock, turned round and sat on it, bent forward and took Joe’s cock in my mouth to suck it clean. Started bouncing up and down on Dave, and he started pumping up into me.

“How’s it feel boy, your first fuck? It’s one of the best asses round, so you’re getting a good start.
“He’s a virgin man. You’re his first. Not bad for fifteen, is it? Gonna be bigger than his old man before long.”

Dave only lasted a minute before he blew. Guess he’ll learn to pace himself when he gets older. His dad usually lasted much longer, but as he said he was busting to get his nads drained. I pulled off Dave turned round and sucked his cock clean. He was grinning like a little kid.

“Thanks Dave. I’m glad I was here to take your cherry. Thank you too Joe. If you want seconds I’ll be here all night. You know where to find me.”

“OK, man. Probably be ready for a real fuck in a couple of hours. I’ll look for you.”

I climbed back into the cab, put my cutoffs back on and climbed down. My ass felt good, nice and slippery. The smell and taste of sex lingered.

While we were fucking. more trucks arrived. There were now four or five eighteen wheelers parked in the area, plus a few smaller vehicles. I cruised the big rigs. Some still had there drivers in them. As I passed one he flashed his lights. I looked closer. He was big, blond, and bare chested. I smiled up at him and he reached over and opened the passenger door. I climbed in. As well as being bare chested, he was also bare assed!

He lay back against the driver’s door and propped one leg on the back of the passenger seat and the other on the top of the dash. His big cock was standing straight up and his hairy asshole was staring back at me. I climbed up into the cab, between his legs and leaned forward to lick his cock and balls, and down the ridge between his balls and his hole. He lifted his butt to give me better access, and I started slurping on his sweaty, tasty ass.

Along with the sweat, I could taste cum; he’d been fucked recently. He relaxed his muscles and as some of the cum dribbled out, my tongue went into action, licking and sucking on his puffy hole.

“You wanna fuck me?”

“Sorry, man. I’m total bottom. Just love eatin’ freshly fucked ass, and yours tastes delicious.”

“You want me to fuck you, then?”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

“You want lube?”

“Nah man. Got two loads up there. Should be lubed enough.”

“Fuck yeah. Wanna do it here or in the sleeper cab?”

“Where ever, man.”

I sat back and he lowered his legs. Then I dropped my cutoffs and turned round so I was looking out the passenger door. He knelt behind me and plunged his meat deep into me. I was looking out the window, and there was a guy sitting in the truck next door, watching us going for it. I smiled at him and he opened his door so I could watch him jacking.

My blond fucker was working his cock hard in me, and I was pushing back as he pushed forward. Our neighbor was long stroking his meat. He was in no hurry to come and I got the impression that I was gonna get that cock up my cunt before the night was over. My fucker reached under me and started jacking my cock in time with his fuck. The sound of his cock stirring the cum in me, and his balls slapping against my ass were filling the cab.

He was working up a good sweat, and it was dripping onto my butt, and running down my crack, making my hole even sloppier. Those nasty sloppy fuck sounds were music to my ears. Before long he was adding his grunts, and I could feel he was losing control. I clenched my muscles tight round his slab and he hollered.

“Yeah man, fuck my dick. Suck my fuckin’ juice into your cunt.”

His words inspired me, and I redoubled my efforts.

“Gonna cum, man. Gonna feed you my baby juice. Fuckin’ wrigglers shootin’ in you.”

He started cumming, pounding my pussy. He didn’t stop his pumping as he forced his spunk deep into me, shooting with every plunge, till he had emptied his balls into me. He was gasping and shaking and his hands were digging into my cheeks to stop himself from falling on to my back. I squeezed and sucked the last drops out of him, then slowly pulled off him. Before I could move, he had pulled my cheeks apart and was diving into me, licking and sucking, trying to get all his cum back.

Our neighbor gave me the thumbs up, and closed his door. Guess he was saving his load to drop it somewhere else later. I could only hope it was going to be in my ass.

“Thanks man. That was a great fuck.”

“Sure was. You gonna be around for a while?”


I’m hopin’ to get plowed again before I get some sleep. If you’re passin’ check in. I might have another load for you to suck out. And I’d love to siphon some outta your hole, man.”

“It’s a deal.”

I put my pants back on and climbed down out of the truck. The truckstop was filling up with more big rigs. The girls were wandering through the maze of trucks, propositioning the drivers. Occasionally one would disappear into a cab, but most of them were being rejected.

I was leaning against my camper, watching the sights when the lights of an eighteen wheeler shone on me. It was a big red Mack and I recognized the logo on the side. Another of my favorites, Ben. He’s a real dirty fucker, loves piss. I sauntered over to him as he pulled to a stop.

“Hey Ben. Lookin’ for action tonight?”

“Hell, yeah man. Hoped you’d be here tonight. Been bustin’ for a piss all afternoon. You thirsty?”

“For your juice, always.”

“How about you come up and get it.”


I climbed into the cab. His cock was out of his levis, and looked appetizing. I chowed down on it and let it rest on my tongue. In no time flat he was unloading his liquid gold down my throat. It was tart and spicy, definitely been fermenting in his bladder for some time. I gulped and swallowed and sucked as he fed me. His cock started hardening, and he cut the flow.

“How’s that fag cunt? Been getting much?”

“Three so far tonight.”

“Turn round and I’ll give you number four.”

I dropped my cutoffs, turned round and knelt with my legs spread as far as they could in the space available.

“Looks good man, nice and puffy.”

And he shoved his cock balls deep into me in one swift movement. Without stopping to let me get used to it he started pounding, He had a great cock. About eight inches and nice and thick. I like thick cocks! He pumped into me for a few minutes while I sucked on his cock with my hole. He likes it tight, so I was working my ass muscles on it, giving him maximum friction. He was long dicking me. from head to balls and out again. My prostate was being clipped by the ridge behind his head on every pull out.

He started to pant and grunt, and shot his load deep up my pussy, then held my hips tight against his groin as his cock softened. and I felt the warmth as he finished his piss. My gut was filling and for once I was afraid I was not going to be able to hold it in. Fortunately he finished pissing before I needed to tell him to stop, and he slowly pulled out of me. I clenched as hard as I could. Didn’t want to mess up his cab.

“Thanks man. I needed that. Now I’ve gotta get some food into me. Haven’t eaten since this mornin’.”

“OK Ben. I’m gonna be around for a few hours if you want a repeat.”

“I’ll see. I gotta get some sleep tonight. Got a long run ahead of me.”

“Well, if you’re up for it, just look for me.”

I put my cutoffs back on and climbed down, then walked gingerly to the rest room. I needed to lose the load before I could play some more.

When I got to the restroom all the cubicles were taken and there were about eight guys showering, and pissing. My blond fucker was there. He wasn’t showering or pissing, He was bent over a bench with a cock up his ass, getting royally plowed. His fucker was grunting with every thrust. I went over to them and bent down to my blond.

“I got an ass full of piss and cum. You interested?”

“F. . . fuck, yeah. . . h. . . h,”

I dropped my cutoffs, and got down on my hands and knees in front of him. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back to his face, then locked his mouth onto my hole. I relaxed my muscles and he started sucking. I could feel the piss and cum pouring out into his slutty mouth, He was gulping and gurgling as he swallowed my offering. His head was bumping against my ass from the fuck he was getting, and he lost connection with my ass a few times, getting my juice all over his face.

His fucker was turned on watching him taking my juice, and with a loud grunt he yelled “cummingggggg” and spewed his load into the blond ass. When he pulled out I cut off the flow out of my hole, got up, and went down on the blond’s ass, sucking the load out. Then we stood up and swapped piss and cum in a sloppy kiss.

I looked around and there were four or five guys watching us and jacking their meat. Blondie and I just turned round and bent back over the bench offering our asses to anyone who wanted them. It wasn’t long before we both had cocks up our cunts, The bench was bolted to the floor, which was lucky, or we would have been pushed right across the room by the power of their fucks. As it was we were sliding back and forward over the bench.

Suddenly I felt another body beside me. I looked around and realised it was Dave. I looked back and found Joe balls deep in him. Dave looked at me and smiled, The way he was taking his dad’s cock left me in no doubt that dad had been fucking him for some time. He was loving it, and he was loving being on show.

The three of us were all getting what we wanted, big dicks up our cunts. The smell of sex hung in the air, together with the sounds of cocks squelching in cum filled holes, balls slapping against butt cheeks and grunts and groans of fuckers and fuckees alike. Guys were coming in to piss, shit or shower, and staying to fuck.

I don’t know how long we were there, but I know I took five loads, and my two partners took at least as many. Finally we’d had enough and called a halt to the procedings. Dave stood up, and blondie and I looked at each other then grabbed him by the hips.

“Dave, bend over.”

He did as we told him and we took turns in sucking the cum out of his hole, He was gasping; this was another first for him. When we’d cleaned him out we attacked each other’s asses, slurping and sucking all the oozing spunk out of them. Then we showered and dressed, and left the restroom - blondie to the diner, and me to my camper for a break.

Walking past Joe’s truck, he flashed his lights. I went over to the cab, Joe and Dave were sitting there having a cigarette.

“Hey Dave. Did’ya have fun?”

“Yeah, man.”

“Dave and I were just gonna have a shower but when we saw you two gettin’ fucked we just couldn’t resist joinin’ you. It was Dave’s first gang bang, too. He’s really gettin’ the lowdown on trucker fun tonight.”

“You still wanna be a trucker?”
“Fuck, man, More that ever.”

“Me and Dave’s been fuckin’ for a couple of years now. Tonight’s the first time he’s had another cock up his ass.”

“But it won’t be the last, huh?”

“That’s for sure.”

“You up for more. man?”

“Gonna take a rest for a while, Joe. But you know me. I’ll be bouncin’ back before long.”

“Fine. Let’s know when your up for it. I’d like a second chance at that pussy of yours, and I reckon Dave will too.’


“OK, give me about fifteen minutes, You wanna come over to the camper? There’s more room.”

“OK, fifteen minutes. See you then.”

I got back to my camper and grabbed a drink from the cooler, lit a cigarette, and relaxed for a while. My ass was feeling real good, not sore, just that nice well fucked feeling. I stripped off my cutoffs, and played with my cunt, shoving a few fingers up there. It was still slippery with the residue of cum, but I knew if I was going to get it from Joe and Dave, I’d need re-lubing, so I got out my trusty can and packed a couple of fingers of Crisco in, then rubbed a bit round my ring.

Just as I finished there was a knock on the camper door. I got up and let Joe and Dave in.

“How’s it goin’? Ready for more?”


They stripped off and we climbed onto the bed. Dave lay on his back and I lifted his legs to work on his ass. It was looking as puffy as mine felt. I ran my tongue round it and it opened up immediately. I started tongue fucking him.

“I don’t think I can take another cock tonight.”

“That’s OK, I wasn’t gonna fuck you. Just wanted to see if we’d left anything up there. But it looks at though we cleaned you out real good back there. You wanna fuck me again?”


Joe had been fingering my hole while I was eating Dave out, and it was ready for another cock.

“Why don’t you sit on Dave, man.”

“Why don’t I.”

I straddled Dave’s hips, and lowered myself onto his cock, It slid in without any trouble. I started bouncing up and down, then felt Joe hold my hips, keeping me from sliding up. Then he pushed on my back, and as I leant forward I felt Joe’s cock rubbing up and down my ass crack. I leaned further forward, and his dick started poking at my hole. I relaxed my muscles, and with a grunt, Joe forced his cock into me along side Dave’s. I felt a moment of pain before my ass stretched to acommodate both dicks.

“Just lie still, Dave. I’ll do the work.”

“OK dad. It feels real hot, your cock rubbing against mine.”

“Ya don’t get too many cunts can take two cocks, son. This is one of the best. How many loads you taken tonight?”

“Got one piss load and ten loads up my ass, and sucked dunno how many loads outta Dave’s and blondie’s asses.”

“Well you’re gonna get a couple more loads up there soon.”

“Go for it man. Dump your loads up there guys. That’s what my pussy’s made for.”

“Dad, I’m gonna cum. You’re makin’ me so hot.”

“Do it Dave. I wanna feel your cock spittin’ into this faggot cunt. He wants it too, boy. Let ‘er rip,”

Dave started spasming, jerking round underneath me. I got my hand round to hold his cock in me - didn’t want to lose his load. I felt his balls contract and I could feel his cum shooting up his tube, and gush into my well filled hole. Joe must’ve been able to feel it too, because he shoved his cock deep into me and started shooting too. My ass walls were being sprayed with two loads from this dad/son combo. Must’ve been ten or twelve shots from the two of them, before they dried up.

Joe slowly pulled out, but I continued to hold Dave’s cock in me. I sat up and took Joe’s cock in my mouth to clean it, then raised off Dave’s cock and bent down to lick him clean too. I rolled off him and he slowly sat up swung his legs off the bed and stood up shakily.

“See you again, man.”

“Yeah. Thanks for the fucks.”

They dressed and left. I lay there for a few minutes, fingering my slippery hole, then got up, put a towel on the driver’s seat, sat down and started the engine. I needed the next day off work!