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Well, he’s at it again. With his buddy again. Doing what comes naturally. Hope you like his latest adventure. I’d be pleased to hear from you if you do.


Buddy rang me early in the week.

“Hey man. What’cha doin’ Saturday night?”

“Nothin’ much. Why?”

“Got a job for us.”


“Well you could call it a job. One of my clients contacted me today. He’s having a party Saturday, and wanted to know if I wanted to provide the entertainment.”

“Our kind of entertainment?”

“Sure bud. He knows me well, and said that I was just the kind of guy who’d make the party swing. I told him I’ve got a buddy who’s the ultimate pig and he just said ‘Bring him along. The more the merrier.’ Interested?”

“Fuck yeah, why not. But why’d you say we got a job?”

“Man, he’s payin’ us! Payin’ us to do what we love most. I know you don’t need the money, and fuck, man, I don’t either, but I haven’t been paid for it for years, and it should be a hoot.”

“OK, Count me in.”

“Great, now here’s the scam. Don’t shower after Friday morning. He likes his guys ‘au naturel’, so I want us to be as ‘naturel’ as we can get away with. I’ll be over Saturday morning to prep us for the night.”

“Fine. See you then.”

All week I thought about Saturday night. I hadn’t been paid for it since college, and the thought of doing it for money again was getting to me. Friday morning I showered and cleaned out before I went to work. My job requires my wearing a suit and tie, and it was a hot humid day. By Friday night I was starting to stink real good.

Saturday morning my buddy arrived early. He was wearing his gym gear, and carrying a small bag.

“Get your gear on man - we’re gonna go for a workout.”

We drove to the gym and spent an hour on o good workout. Both of us were soaked with sweat by the end. Fifteen minutes in the sauna, then back into our sweaty gym clothes and back to my place. We stripped off and had a couple of beers on the balcony, soakin’ up the sun and continuing to sweat.

“No more beer for the moment - don’t want to be out of it by tonight. Let’s get out of here for a while.”

We slipped back into our gym gear, and left for a run. A good five miles later we were back home, dripping and thirsty. But it was water and iced tea for us the rest of the afternoon. As we cooled down and the sweat started to dry on our bodies, I could smell the manscent emanating from my pits and crotch. Love the smell of armpit, and ass crack!

“Time to get ready.”

“What’re we wearing?”

“The usual.”


“You ready for a clean out?”

“Yeah. Wanna help me.”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

I pulled down the shower shot, set the water temperature and spat on my bud’s ass, then slid it into him. Filled him up real good, and pulled the hose out. He stood bent over for a few minutes, then sat on the commode and let it out. Gave him a second and third filling, and he was clean. Then he did me till I was clean.

“You wanna lube up before we go?”

“The real stuff?”

“Fuck yeah, man.”

I bent over and he slid his cock into me. Fucked my hole for about five minutes before he dumped his load into me. Pulled out and turned round and I shoved my hardon up his cunt and fucked him till I came. Lubed up we went back to my bedroom,

“Jock, or freeball?”

“I’m freeballin’”

“OK me too then.”

I reached into my closet and found the Ziploc bag. Pulled it out and opened it, shoving my nose in. Stank good. Haven’t washed those cutoffs since I started wearin’ them as my fuck shorts. They were stiff and stained with cum, piss, lube and ass juice. Buddy had taken his out of his carry bag and they were as rancid as mine.

. . . . . . .

The party was just warming up when we arrived. Our host/employer met us at the front door.

“Hey guys, welcome. Glad you could come. Fuck you smell great.”

“Thanks man.”

“Party’s out by the pool. Follow me.”

Out the back was an enormous pool and spacious grounds. There must’ve been forty or fifty guys there. most in their swimsuits or jocks, some naked. The booze was flowing freely, and there were tables of food spread round. Our host/employer pointed out five guys in the crowd - all buff, oiled and hairless.

“Hired them for the night too. All from the same agency. Some of the guys like ‘em like that, but I reckon you’ll be gettin’ your share of the action. There’s enough guys into what you have to offer, that I guarantee you’ll be workin those hot asses off. Now mingle guys, and enjoy.”

Even as we were talking one of the rent boys had dropped to his knees and was suckin’ on a hard cock. That started action. Before long the five guys were workin’ on cocks. Other guests were crowding round watching the action. I looked at my buddy, and nodded and we walked over to a couple of lounges. I stripped and lay on a lounge with my legs hanging off each side, My cheeks spread and my asshole was laid open, waiting to be filled. And filled it was. In no time flat.

This big black bruiser sauntered over, bent over my ass and shoved his nose into my crack. sniffed deep, and moaned.

“Fuck dude, you stink so good.”

He sniffed my hole and shoved three fingers deep into me. I arched my back. pushing my hole up, I guess he could feel my bud’s cum in me, ‘cos he pulled his fingers out, sucked them, then straddled the lounge and lunged into me. His cock was a nice thick uncut eight incher, and my ass opened like a flower and took it all in. He lay on my back with his nose in my armpit, and began sniffing and humping.

My buddy was lying like me, with the owner’s cock embedded in his ass. We were both getting what we came for. Hard man fucks. I worked my ass muscles on my fucker’s cock sucking it into me, and milking the shaft. I wanted his load in a bad way. And I got it. This guy must have been feeling mega horny. He was ramming his fat meat into me with a vengeance, and I could feel it banging against my ass walls.

With a grunt and a loud “Fuck!” he gave a final shove, and started unloading into my cunt. Spurt after spurt of hot man juice fired deep into me, coating my hole with his slimy cum. As he pulled out and stood up, I rolled over, grabbed his cock and fed it into my mouth. I could smell the sweat and sex in his pubes, as I deep throated him, and worked my tongue under the hood, tasting the residue of his cum, piss and cock cheese. Who the fuck needed the food that was being served!

While he was straddling my chest, feeding me his slimy cock, someone lifted my legs. and pushed them back towards my head. My guy reached out and grabbed them, holding them up and spread, and another hard cock invaded me. I relaxed till he was balls deep into me, then clenched hard, trapping his shaft in me. He let out a moan, and began pumping his meat into me. My first guy kept hold of my legs, and as his cock softened in my mouth I felt the warmth of his piss filling it.

I gulped and swallowed. It was fairly bland - probably beer piss - but tasted good, and quenched my thirst. By the time he was finished pissing, the guy up my ass was ready to blow. He was hitting my prostate, causing my precum to bubble out of my piss slit, and slide down my shaft, onto my shaved pubic area. He shot his load into me, then my first guy let my legs go and stepped away, letting the second guy advance and feed me his slimy cock.

Buddy was still taking the cock of the host. Apparently his ass was what the host was wanting, and he wasn’t going to make it a quickie. Just as the third guy was sliding up my chute, buddy’s fucker dropped his load, With each shot he bucked into my bud’s ass, and bud was grunting with each pump. I counted seven
lunges before the guy stopped.

Meanwhile my third fucker was doing a number on my ass. It was longer than the previous cocks, and was reaching parts that hadn’t been hit up to now. The extra length felt good, and this guy wasn’t in any hurry. He was working my hole with long slow strokes, pulling almost all the way out, then sliding deep into me. I was enjoying his abilities, and felt he could have fucked me all night and it wouldn’t be too much. I worked his cock as much as he worked my ass, nipping at his shaft with my muscles.

He was enjoying the fuck as much as I was, and was making small gutteral noises deep in his throat as he played with me. My hole was flexing round his meat, and slowly he sped up, till he was pounding as hard as the first guy. Buddy was getting his second cock - another black guy, As I looked over I gasped. It was enormous - at least eleven inches, and was slick with cum and ass juice. In the light it looked like highly polished ebony, and was probably as hard. He was pulling right out and stabbing back in to his balls. Buddy was loving it!

Guys were wandering between the scenes, watching us and the other guys who were by now getting fucked too. Hard dripping cocks were everywhere, and guys were queueing up for a bit of action.

After my third guy unloaded into me, another guy pushed foward to fuck me, but I stood up, and got him to lie down. I grabbed his cock, pointed it at the entrance to my fuck chute, and slid down it. After I’d seated myself on him I lay down on his chest, and pulled my ass cheeks apart. One of the guys got my message, and straddled the lounge behind me, and I felt his cock nudging at my cock filled hole, I relaxed it, and he was able to slide into me next to the cock already embedded in me

“Fuck, man. That looks so hot.”

“Feels it too. I can feel my cock rubbing against the other one. I’m not going to last long like this.”

He jabbed his cock into me a few times before he screamed “Shit, I’m cumming already” and he blew his load into me. He pulled out as soon as he’d finished cumming, and I felt another cock pushing into me. I’d been double fucked before, but never with a change of cock, but I was so lubed and loose by now that I took it easily and the two guys established a routine; one pushing in as the other pulled out and vice versa. My stretched hole was getting hotter from the friction. Then the guy I was sitting on gave one last shove and blasted into me. His jerking set the other guy off and I got both their loads simultaneously.

The guy on top pulled out and I was about to lift myself off the other cock when he grabbed my hips, holding me down on him, and began to fill me with a nice load of hot piss. I could feel it dripping out of my stretched hole, and knew it was soaking his balls and the vinyl of the lounge he was lying on. I clenched as hard as I could and managed to stem the flow somewhat.

When he finished I slowly raised myself off the now soft cock, and before he could move I slid down his body, and took his cock in my mouth, cleaning it of the mixture of cum, piss and ass juice. I’ve always loved that taste!

I needed a drink. Buddy was still busy, with a cock up his ass and another down his throat. He looked over at me and winked. I went over to the bar and got a bottle of water - I didn’t want any booze yet. One of the other hired “hands” was getting a drink too.

“Hey man, how’s it going?”

“Not bad. I was just watching you. How the fuck do you take two cocks up your ass?”

“With practice man.”

“Can I see your hole?”

“Sure”. I bent over the bar and pulled my cheeks apart.

“Shit. It looks puffy and red, but doesn’t look like it’s just had two cocks up there. I thought it’d still be gapin’ open.”

“How many cock you had so far?”

“Sucked three guys and been fucked once. Needed to take a break. You?”

“Sucked two cocks, but only to clean them after they fucked me. And
taken six loads so far.”

“Fuck. I’ve been sellin’ it for ten years now, and I’ve never taken that many in one night. You’ve been at it only a couple of hours.”

“Yeah. but if you love it you just do it. It’s like a drug. Once I’ve had one I just want more.”

I finished my drink and wandered. Guys were fucking all over the yard. The rent boys were all engaged, either sucking or fucking, but there was quite a lot of fucking going on between the guests. Round the pool, on the deck, in the half light under the trees, the sound of grunting, and balls slapping against assholes rang in the night.

My buddy was still busy on the lounge. He was having a good time, both holes full and guys standing round jerking off, waiting their turn. I wandered over to the gazebo, A sling had been set up, but was vacant. I needed to put my feet up for a while, so I climbed in, hooked my feet into the stirrups and closed my eyes.

“You restin’ or lookin’ for some action?”

I opened my eyes and saw this hunk standing between my spread legs.

“Action, man. You wanna fill my hole?”

“Sure do.”

“Then go to it.”

He reached down and grabbed some lube, thoughtfully provided by our host. He greased up his hands, and proceded to stretch my already sloppy hole. Four fingers from each hand slid in easily and played with me for a while, Then he pulled one hand out, tucked the thumb of the other hand in and slid it into me. His hands weren’t real big and he slid in easily. My ass felt nice and full.

He gave me a minute to adjust to the feeling, then started working my cunt, twisting and turning his hand, and pumping slowly in and out. His fingers were playing against my ass walls, and his knuckles rubbing against my prostate as he rotated his hand, My cock was limp, but leaking precum all over my belly. He stopped his movement, and slowly withdrew his hand, until it was just inside my ring, Then I felt my hole being stretched further, as he forced his hard cock in with his hand,

He was able to wrap his hand round his cock head, and started fucking his hand inside me. The feeling was awesome. My hole was being stimulated to the max.

“Fuck man - gonna cum. Gonna blow up your cunt.”

“Shit yeah, . . do it. . . feed me your load!”

In a second he was jerking, his cock spewing it’s load into me. He was milking his cock inside me. Finally he pulled his still hard cock out.

“Now we get serious.”

His hand started working my ass again, this time he was going for depth. Slowly he pushed further in me. He reached the second ring and started slowly stretching it with his fingers. I grabbed my poppers and took a big sniff. My muscles relaxed and I felt him slide past the ring. Now he was deep inside me, and it felt wonderful.

“I’m there man - elbow deep. You Ok?”

“Yeah, feels great.”

I was in another world. Getting fisted does that to me, and this guy was good. He really knew which buttons to press. After playing deep in me for a while he slowly pulled out till his hand was just inside me. Then he started pumping me, pulling out till his hand was stretching my ring, then pumping back in. He continued like that for a few minutes, then he pulled right out, made a fist and shoved it back into me and punch fucked me for a few more minutes.

“Man I think I need a break,”

“Should think so - I’ve never given a hole a work over like that before. It’s a fuckin’ amazing ass.”

“Thanks, you’ve got a fuckin’ talented hand.”

“Gotta get together with you again sometime.”

“I’d love to.”

He pulled out and rubbed my stretched hole to get it to relax somewhat, then reached over me and kissed me.

“Thanks for that buddy.”

“Thank you.”

“Need some help outta there?”


He helped me out and held me till I got my act together, kissed me again and wandered off. I went in search of my buddy. He was busy with two guys up his ass, another down his throat, and a few more standing round him jacking. He was covered in cum, sweat and, from the smell of it, piss. Just what he loves. I watched for a while then went off to get a drink.

“Having a good time?”

It was the host.

“Having a great time. My ass feels so good.”

“Saw you in the sling before. Frank, the guy who fisted you, asked me for your name and phone number.”

“Sure, Just call my buddy. He can give it to you. By the way where’re the other guys?”

”Fuckin’ shit. One of them left with one of the guests, the others’ve given up. Reckoned they’d had enough. Last time I rent from that agency. You two are all that’s left.”

“Well, I guess I’d better get back to work. Don’t want to rile the boss!”

“Fuck man, you two have each done more than the whole lot of them. If it weren’t for you two this whole fuckin’ party would have been a disaster.”

“Glad to be of service.”

I wandered back to where the group was crowded round my buddy and lay on a lounge on my stomach with my legs hanging off either side. I immediately had fingers at my hole. I was so lubed with grease, cum, piss and sweat that when I arched my back they slid in to the knuckles. The guy pulled his fingers out and lay on me sliding his cock in to the balls. I did my best to clench to give him some friction, and from his groan, I guess I was successful. He started pumping, It took a while but he finally stiffened and grunted his load into me.

His cock was replaced by another, and in the next couple of hours I took another five or six loads and more piss. My buddy was getting the same. Suddenly I realised that the sky was getting light. I looked around and there were only the host and a couple of other guys still there. They looked as though they had fucked themselves to exhaustion, and I was quite content to finish up. Buddy had just had another load dumped in his cunt, and he looked as fucked as I felt. We went over to the host.

“Well guys, I guess the party’s over. Thanks so much for your participation. If you didn’t have a reputation before you’ve sure got one now. Everyone I spoke to tonight asked who you were, and where did I find you. So if ever you want to do another party, let me know. And they’ve asked me to give you this. They said you were fuckin’ worth every penny. And here’s your fee.”

He handed us a wad of money. Three thousand dollars! Just for doin’ what we fuckin’ love!