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In response to requests from a number of readers, especially a particular “naughty” one, here is another of the adventures of Superslut. Once again he is indulging in his favorite sport, and he meets a guy who becomes his best buddy, As they say “like minds. . . .” I hope you like it.

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Friday night again. Horny again. Gotta do something about it. Cleaned out, put on my cutoffs and boots, grabbed my cigarettes. lighter, poppers, wallet and truck keys and headed out to the sex club.

Arrived about ten o’ clock, a bit early but I like to unwind before I play. Greg at reception greeted me like an old friend. Well, he’s an occasional fuck - a good one, but because of his job at the club we don’t get together as often as we’d like. He tried to give me a freebie, but, fuck, if he does that to too many guys who’s gonna pay his wages? It’s not as though it costs an arm and a leg to enter, and hell, I can afford it. Paid my way in, checked my wallet and keys and went wandering.

Did a circuit of the club. As I said I was early. There weren’t too many guys there yet. Some twinks, a few old guys, you know, the ones who like to kiss while they’re wanking, and that’s their sex for the night. Fuckin’ boring as far as I’m concerned, but hey, more power to them if they get what they want, they just won’t get it from me.

Grabbed a coffee and sat in the lounge half watching the porn on the TV and half checking out the passing parade. Couple of hopefuls, but not enough to set my hormones going. Except for one guy - about five feet eight, solid but not fat, trimmed hairy pecs, nice nips, cute butt, good sized package in front and he was dressed almost identically to me - cutoffs and boots.

Watched him walk past, then back again a few minutes later, And again, and again. By the time I’d finished my coffee and cigarette he’d passed about four times. Last time he looked at me and smiled - killer smile. I sat a minute longer then did another quick circuit, ending up in my regular spot - the dark room.

This is the darkest fuckin’ dark room you’d ever see. Even after an hour in there you still can’t see anything in front - or behind - you. It’s all done by feel. I edged my way round the walls to the back of the room, where there’s a bench built against the back wall. It’s at the right height to lean on when you’re bent over - saves wear and tear on the calves and hamstrings!

I undid my cutoffs, and pulled them off, then spread my legs leaning on the bench, ass jutting out. I was ready for whatever came along. I’d packed some lube up my hole before I left home, It wasn’t any time before I felt a hand at my butt, I reached back to feel a hard dick jutting out from a hairy crotch. It felt sticky and slimy, and I knew my ass wouldn’t be it’s first for tonight. I relaxed my hole and guided the cock home.

My fucker just slid it in to the pubes, then pulled back and started a vigorous fuck. Just what I needed to open me up for more delights later. He’d been pumping for a minute or so when I felt his cock jerked out of my hole.

“Sorry man, can’t see anything in this dark.”

“s’OK, bud.”

He shoved his cock back in me and continued with his fuck. I was leaning back into his cock when I felt an arm touching mine. Someone was next to me. I reached for a cock, but hit the side of the guy, and I realised he was leaning over in the same position as I was. Sure enough, in a matter of seconds I heard a grunt, as a cock was forced up his ass, and then heard a murmured “Yeah.” Whoever was beside me was getting the same treatment I was, and loving it!

My fucker gave a loud grunt, then shot four or five hot cum bullets into my hole. He pulled out quickly, and his final blast hit my ass crack and dribbled down to my hole. He slapped my butt and with a quiet “thanks, man” left. I felt another hand on my ass, rubbing the cum round my hole, and sliding a couple of fingers in.

“Nice man - he sure left you with a good load.”


I reached back and found that the hand playing with my ass belonged to the guy fucking my neighbor. I clenched my ass mucles round his fingers, and gyrated my butt, feeling his fingers doing a number on my hole. He pulled his fingers out and I heard him slap the butt of his bottom. It was a sloppy slap, lubed by the cum and ass juice from my ass. As he did it he muttered “cumminnnnn”. My neighbor moaned “Oh yeah. . . fill my cunt man.”

He shot his load, and pulled out, The next thing I heard was a slurping sound, as the guy sucked his cock clean. I was jealous! As the fucker left I felt another cock at my hole. I arched my back and forced my ass onto it, taking it deep into me. Another rough fuck ensued. My ass was feeling great, being used the way I like it. During the fuck another guy filled my neighbor’s ass and once again we were linked by the feeling of taking cock - knowing how the other guy felt because I felt the same.

Over the next couple of hours both my neighbor and I were used by at least half a dozen guys each. No sooner had one guy pulled out than another cock filled the void. During this time we had got intimate enough to hold each other’s hands while we were being plowed, and whispered obscenities to each other.

Finally, while I was taking what must have been my seventh or eighth cock, my neighbor’s top had blown up his ass. He let go of my hand, and straightened up.

“Gotta take a rest for a while.”

I felt the same way. I needed a coffee and a cigarette. My fucker was still pounding my cunt, and finally he grunted and I felt his cock expand and push deep into me as he blasted his juice up my sloppy hole.

“Thanks man, That’s a real talented hole.”

“Thank you. Just doin’ my duty.”

He laughed, and pulled out, I straightened up, put my cutoffs on over my sticky, slimy butt, and staggered out into the relative light. I walked round to get a coffee and took it to the lounge. The little hunk I’d seen later was sitting where I’d been sitting, drinking a soda. He looked up and smiled. I moved over and sat beside him.

“You have a good time in the dark room?”

“Fuck yeah. Were you one of the guys that fucked me?”

“Hey no, dude. I was the guy bent over next to you.”

“How’d you know it was me?”

“I saw you go in, and just guessed. I noticed the way you dressed, almost identical to me, and thought if that’s what I’d wear to get my cunt abused, you’d probably be after the same.”

“Well, you’re right. I love havin’ my hole filled. Love to feel it nice and sloppy.”

“Me too, and it looks like we’re on the way to having our wishes fulfilled.”

“You come here often? I haven’t seen you here before.”

“Just arrived in town a few weeks ago. Was told that this was a good place, so I tried it last week. And I’m back for more.”

“I haven’t been for a few weeks, but it’s sure one of the best places for the kind of sleaze I like.”

We chatted a while and finished our drinks and cigarettes, then I stood up.

“Well, back to the grind.”

He followed me back to the dark room, There were more guys around, and the sound of fucking and sucking was filling the air. The floor was starting to become slippery, with cum and sweat and the sweet smell of sex was everywhere. We took off our cutoffs at the entrance and pushed our way through the guys to the bench at the back. There was a guy bent over getting fucked, but there was still enough room for us to take our positions.

My ass lips had dried somewhat so I shoved a couple of fingers up me and scooped out some juice and rubbed it round my hole. I heard my new friend sigh and knew he had another cock wedged in his cunt. Then a finger touched my hole.

“Mmmmm. Nice and juicy. My kind of pussy.”

I reached back to feel a big hard cock nudging my hole - it must have been at least nine inches long and thick, The knob was dripping precum and my fucker rubbed it up and down my crack before centring and sliding in. Bliss! I clenched my muscles then relaxed to let him know I was ready for anything he wanted to give me. He started slowly, and built up to a furious pace, pulling right out, and shoving back in. My cunt lips were stretching and contracting with his motions. He was really giving me a working over. Just what I wanted and needed! Then I felt his hands digging into my hips, as he gave one gigantic shove, and his load started blasting into me. Bolt after bolt was filling my pussy. Then I heard my neighbor

“Oh yeah! Piss in me.”

My fucker must’ve thought I’d said it because the next thing I felt was the warmth of his piss filling my hole. I grabbed my friend’s hand, squeezed it, and whispered,

“I’m getting it too.”


I could feel some of his piss escaping round his cock and dripping down my legs. I clenched harder, and stopped the flow somewhat. By the time he finished pissing in me his cock had softened, and I was able to close my hole as he pulled out, keeping his piss in me. I turned round quickly, and took his cock in my mouth, sucking and licking, cleaning his cock for him. It was then I realised that he was uncut, so there was lots of flavor under the skin, Still a taste of cheese that hadn’t come off in my ass, Delicious!

We were there for another few hours, taking cock after cock, including two guys who decided they didn’t know which cunt was better, so they shared us, fucking one for a while, then swapping holes until they came up our asses. I don’t know which one I got, the one who started fucking me or the one who started with my friend. Of course it didn’t matter, they were both consumate fuckers. And we were getting their loads!

More cocks, more cum and more piss - my ass was not closing as quickly as it had, and my socks and boots were becoming damp from the escaping juices. I knew I’d have silver streaks down my legs when they dried. Finally we decided we’d had enough and we slowly straightened up, put our cutoffs on and staggered out. I looked at the clock over the reception counter - five o’clock.

“Fuck. Time flies when you’re having fun!”

“You said it.”

Greg was sitting at the counter chatting with the guy behind it, His shift had finished and he was relaxing before heading home.

“You guys look like you’ve been having a good time.”

“Yeah. It’s been pretty busy in the room.”

“You still up for more?”

“What did you have in mind?”

He got uo from the stool and went behind the counter. My heart started beating. I knew what this meant. My friend didn’t! Greg came back with a black bundle under his arm.

“Follow me.”

We followed him back to the lounge. He stopped at the pool table. No one was playing so he swept the few balls into pockets, and spread the black rubber sheet over the table.

“Shoes off, guys. Don’t want to damage the table.”

We took out shoes and socks off, then dropped our cutoffs.

“On the table.”

We climbed onto the table and I took the position - hands and knees with my legs spread. My friend followed my lead. The guys in the lounge saw what was happening, and sauntered over to watch.

“What you guys got up there?”

“Cum and piss man.”

“Good enough.”

He squeezed a minimal amount of lube from a wall dispenser and coated his hands, then started playing with our asses, adding fingers till he had all four in our holes.

“You guys OK with this?”

“Mmmmmm”, from both of us.

Greg folded his thumbs into the palm of his hands and pressed on. My hole stretched round his hand, then contracted as he slid forward to the wrist. I heard my friend sigh, and knew that he was in the same space as me. I took my poppers and handed them to him. He took a deep sniff and handed them back, I sniffed and in a few seconds my asshole became the centre of my being. Greg’s hand was sliding deeper into me. The cum and piss were providing great lubrication and my hole felt so hot.

My friend looked across at me and smiled and we grabbed each other’s hand, feeling the bond between us - Greg being the link. For about twenty minutes he played with our holes, twisting and pumping, and his fingers drumming on my ass walls, My mind was in overdrive. I was visualizing myself as one ginormous asshole, taking the world into me. Finally Greg pulled out of our asses, and we collapsed on the rubber sheet. He leaned over and kissed both of us.

“Fantastic guys.”


My friend and I held each other for a while, both of us coming down from our high, Suddenly, I needed more, I turned about and reached for his cock, taking it in my mouth. He did the same with me. We were lying on our sides sixty-nining, He lifted his upper leg, and I knew what he wanted. He hunched slightly, and my mouth left his cock, travelled over his balls, and finished up at his asshole. I followed suit, and we were soon locked in a sixty-nine ass eating.

His cunt tasted delicious, and we sucked, licked and tongued our relaxed holes, getting all the juices that still remained up our asses. We were so into each other that we didn’t notice all the guys who had moved over to the table. Didn’t notice them till we felt the hot drops of cum that were being unloaded over our writhing bodies. That was enough to make me cum, and I shot a gigantic load over my friend’s neck and chest, just as he lost his load over me.

Exhausted, we lay there for some minutes. I could easily have gone to sleep. my head between my buddy’s legs, and my mouth locked round his sloppy cunt, but we knew the club would be closing soon, so we managed to pull ourselves together, We climbed off the table, dressed ourselves, and managed to make our way to the reception. to the cheers and applause of the guys.

“Man, that was the greatest night.”

“For fuckin’ sure. Next week?”

“Wouldn’t miss it.”

Arms round our shoulders, we left the club and entered the dawn of another day in the real world.