Monday evening I got a call.

“Hi man, can you get away from work Friday? I’ve got something to show you.”

“I’ll check. Should be OK, They owe me some time and I haven’t got any cases at the moment.”

“Pick me up around midday, then. And it’s casual - very casual.”

That’s my buddy - my best buddy. He’s as big a pig as me. In fact, he feels undressed if he hasn’t got his eight inch plug embedded in his ass. I’ve known him since college. We worked our way through college, doing parties, and making good money at it. But that’s another story - maybe.

When he’s not getting his hole filled, he’s a Realtor, and a fucking good one. Makes middle six figures a year in commission. His company treats him like royalty. I’ve got him looking for a new home for me. Want to upgrade, but in no hurry. When he says “very casual”, I know just the outfit he wants me to wear. Maybe we’re going to do a party - we still rent out on the odd occasion, just for the thrill of it.

. . . . . . .

I got Friday off, and when it arrived I enjoyed the luxury of not having to get up for work, and slept for another hour. Lounged around for the morning then got ready. Cleaned out, showered, decided not to shave, and dressed in my torn Levis, t-shirt and shit-kicker boots - casual enough, and showing enough ass to titillate. Got into the truck and went to pick him up. He was ready, dressed similarly, with a shit-eating grin.

“Where we going?”

“To look at your new home.”

“You found one!”

“Think so. Still being built, I’ve been given the contract to sell the lot, and I’m giving you first choice. They’re within your price range, up to the twentieth floor, and I think they’re the best value around. Three bedrooms, ensuite and main bathroom, separate sitting and dining rooms, Lockable garage for two cars. Everything you wanted. Be finished in two months. I’m considering one for myself.”

He directed me towards downtown, then told me to turn into a construction site. The security guy stopped us, and my buddy told him we were expected. Gave his name, and the guy checked us on his board, handed us two hard hats and directed us to a place to park.

“And keep your hat on. It’s the law.”

I parked the truck and we got out, and walked over to the site office. We were met by the site manager. He was a big guy - a real daddy bear, Vaguely Italian appearance, silvering hair, enormous arms and a barrel chest, wearing skin tight t-shirt and equally skin tight Levis. I estimated him at about fifty, but what a fifty year old! While I was cruising him I had the distinct impression he was cruising me.

“I’ve got the floor plans here for you. There’s four apartments per floor except for the two penthouses. They make up the twenty fourth and twenty fifth floors.”

We looked over the plans. They did indeed have everything I wanted, the aspect was perfect, and a big, full length balcony caught the sun in winter and was partially shaded in summer.

“One of my boys is here to show you around,”

“Thanks, I appreciate that.”

He called out and a guy came over to the office, One look and I knew he was one of the boss’s boys. He was a younger version of the boss. Built like the proverbial, wearing the tightest cutoffs I’ve ever seen on a guy, and they hid nothing. A fucking bulge that had me drooling. When I finally took my eyes off his package, I noticed the boss and his son were looking at me and smiling. This could prove interesting!

“You want to go up and have a look at the layout? Follow me.”

We followed, I couldn’t take my eyes off the hard packed butt. The centre seam of his cutoffs speared down his ass crack separating the two globes and I could see myself grabbing them and pulling him deeper into me as he fucked my hole. My cock was hard, and I looked down to see the wet spot forming at my dick head. I shouldn’t have gone commando!

We crossed over the lot to the building proper, and as I looked around I realised that all the guys working there were absolute fantasy construction men. They had to be hand picked for their looks! It was like looking at a porn movie set. We got onto the construction elevator platform, and I was standing there looking out through the cage, when I felt a hand on my butt. Without thinking I pushed back onto it. It found the rip in the ass of my Levi’s and fingers snaked in, feeling my bare ass, I sighed and bent slightly forward.

Another hand started rubbing my other cheek and a grunt came from the lips of my fondler.


“And available.”

The hand in the rip moved, tearing the hole even wider. and the fingers found my ass crack and wormed their way down to my shaved hole.

“Where’s your brother?”

“He’s waiting for us on the fifteenth.”

I realised then this was a set up. My buddy knew how to sell a piece of real estate, by playing to a buyer’s weakness. And he fuckin’ knew my weakness - it was the same as his!

We arrived at the fifteenth, and stepped out of the cage onto the concrete floor of the unfinished building. There were bare brick walls, no windows or doors yet, but enough to see the layout of the apartments. We walked across the unfinished rooms and through a doorway, into what would finish up being the hallway of this floor. My buddy led the way to another doorway.

“This is the layout of the one that you should buy.”

As we walked through the rooms he described each one.

“On the right is the kitchen - open plan - with a bar to the dining room. Then through this arch to the living room, which opens onto the balcony. Down the hall the second bedroom is on the left, also opening on to the balcony, and the third bedroom on the right, Then the bathroom, and at the end is the master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in closet”

And a naked man lying on a tarpaulin on the floor, stroking eight or nine inches of hard, uncut cock! I took a second look. It was our guide! But his hand was still playing with my ass. Fuckin’ twins!

My buddy laughed, looking at me standing with my mouth wide open. Was it ever a set up!

“What kept you so long?”

“Why, bro? You gettin’ bored playin’ with yourself?”

“Shit man, you should know I never get bored with my cock. Just needin’ something hot to sink it into.”

“I’ve had my finger up a hot hole for the past few minutes. Guess it’d be a good fit for you.”

“How about it man? Wanna sit on something hard?”

I took off my boots, unbuttoned my Levi’s, pulled them over my leaking cock and stepped out of them, put my boots back on, and straddled the guy. He held his cock up and I lowered myself on to it. My hole was dry, but his cock was slimy with his precum and that provided enough lube for me to sink to his balls. I sat there for a few seconds, then started lifting and falling, pumping my ass on his cock, and rubbing my hands over his hairy pecs and eraser nips. He groaned at my touch.

I’d been pumping for a while when he reached up and pulled me down on him so that I was lying on his chest. He started slobbering on me, licking my neck and ears. I was enjoying his ministrations, when I felt pressure on my ass, I turned my head, and the other guy was naked behind me, pushing his cock into my already filled ass. I relaxed to make his entry easier.

“Me and my bro have always shared our toys.”

I pushed back as much as I could and he managed to breach my hole and slide in next to his brother. I assumed that his cock was identical with his twin’s, so I estimated I had about eighteen inches of hard pulsating meat lodged in me. My ass knew it had quite a bit in it!

The guys knew their business. They worked in synch, pushing in and pulling out alternatively, so that my ass walls were being battered continually, and one cock was being forced against my prostate by the other one on both the in and out stroke. It was making my cock leak massive amounts onto the abs of the brother I was lying on.

They’d been fucking me for a few minutes when I heard a moan. I looked around and my buddy was on his hands and knees with the boy’s dad firmly lodged in his ass. He’d taken his plug out, and was licking his own ass juice off it while he was being plowed by this hairy daddy.

“Yeah, dad. Fuck the cunt! Then you gotta fuck this one. It’s one hot ass. The others comin’ up for their lunch?”

“They should be here soon. I sent the cage down for the guys down on the ground, and the guys upstairs would have broken for lunch by now, so should be here any time.”

As he said that, three more guys arrived at the door.

“Sorry we’re late.”

“You’ll have to be content with sloppy seconds guys.”

“The sloppier the better boss.”

They stripped down to their boots and hard hats, then two of them came over to us. One brother and I shared one guy, sucking and licking his cock and balls, while the second guy climbed over my back and lay on me so that the other brother could lap and lick and suck on his hole. The third guy offered his cock to my buddy, who took no time in swallowing it to his balls.

The day was hot, and so were the men. They’d been working in the sun all morning so they were nice and sweaty, and the aroma of man hung in the still air, mixing with the increasing odor of sex. The smell, together with the sounds of slurping and fucking were making my head swim. My asshole was clenching round the twin cocks in me, eliciting groans and moans from my fuckers. They were close to cumming, and I wanted their loads in me. I worked my hole even harder and soon felt the indications of impending orgasms. Their fucking was now out of synch.

“I’m fuckin’. . .”

“. . , cumming. bro.”

Do these fucking twins do everything together? They both unleashed their hot creamy juice into my cunt simultaneously, spraying my ass walls with big loads. Then they pulled out. The guy we were sucking moved round to my ass and slid straight in, while the guy lying on top of me climbed off and was immediately taken by the guy my buddy was sucking, and three of us were being fucked, while the brothers lay and licked and sucked each other’s cock clean of their cum and my ass juice.

“Fuck, all the holes are taken.”

Another four guys had arrived at the door.

“Don’t worry guys. They’ll be available soon.”

I was enjoying my fuck and soon had another cock in my mouth. It was uncut, and had that great taste of sweat, piss, and cock cheese. I reached up and grabbed the cock by its hood, stretched it wide and got my tongue deep under it, scooping out all his smeg. At least I was getting my lunch! He apparently liked what I was doing; his cock started leaking its lube which was dripping onto my tongue, making it slippery to work round inside his skin.

My fucker was pounding my hole, and I knew he was getting close. The boss was also reaching his peak in my buddy’s ass.

“Fuck, man. Here it comes! Daddy juice in your pussy. Take my fuckin’ load man. Cummin’ in you now!”

He yelled as he unleashed his load, and his cussing set my fucker off. I could feel his cock pulsing as he spewed his load into me, pumping hard with every spurt. I squeezed my ass, sucking every drop out of him, till he pulled out of me with a pop.

“Who’s next?”

Another cock immediately sank into me, and started pumping. He had my knees up at my ears, and my ass was so high that he was pile driving down into me, The next thing his cock pressed deeper into me as one of the guys sank into his butt. His fucker started ramming hard into him, pushing his cock hard into me. The guy on top was doing all the work, we just took it and got fucked by his pounding. I could feel my fucker’s cock twitching as he squeezed his ass round his fucker’s cock.

It was getting him off big time. Enough to push him over the edge, and his load started spewing into my hole. I clenched my muscles round his meat, milking all his juice into me, and his ass was sucking the jizz out of his fucker’s slab. Finally they finished cumming and pulled out. I rolled over on my belly and stretched my legs. Four loads up my cunt had warmed it up. The cum and sweat made it ultra slippery and I was itching for something else. I soon got it!

Lying there, I felt some fingers at my hole. I spread my legs wider and three fingers slipped in and started fucking. I raised my ass to open wider, and the fourth finger was added, then the thumb.I relaxed my hole to let some of the cum escape and lube my ring. Another finger was added and the cum was spread around. I looked back and saw that it was the twins who were working on my pussy.

I got onto my knees, legs spread so that my hole was easily available, and the first hand slid in further till I could feel it sliding down from the widest part, to the wrist. I had it in me. The second hand was still playing in my hole and more fingers were added till I felt my ass ring stretched to the max, and then ease off as the hand slid into me as well. I had both their hands in me! These guys do do everything together! Being fisted by the hands of two separate guys was a totally different feeling than taking both hands of one guy, and I loved it.

I looked round and there were seven guys standing round watching me taking the twins. There were hard dripping cocks all round us. My buddy was standing there, stroking his meat while he was getting fucked by one of the workers, and the twin’s dad was standing in front of me. He kneeled down and pointed his cock at my mouth. I opened wide and took it all. It tasted of cum, sweat and my buddy’s ass. Delicious. So now Dad and sons using me together. It was too hot for a couple of the guys and they blew, shooting their loads all over my back. The boss leaned forward and licked their loads off me

“Mmmmmmmm. Cum and sweat. Lovely.”

Meanwhile the brothers were playing with my hole - twisting and rubbing their hands against each other, My cunt was feeling so good, filled to the max and stretched wide. I was moaning round the boss’s cock, and could feel his reaction to the vibrations I was sending through him. The boys were getting me close to cumming, but I wanted to hold out and take a few more loads before I lost mine. I pulled off the boss’s cock.

“Hey guys, I’m gonna cum if you keep that up. How about taking a break for a while.”

“OK man.”

They slowly withdrew their hands, leaving my hole gaping and slimy with oozing cum and ass juice, and feeling really empty.

“Fuck bro. Look at that hole. Looks like a fuckin’ cave. Talk about drivin’ an eighteen wheeler in there.”

My hole started to close slowly, and was almost completely closed when another cock invaded. My fucker slapped my butt cheeks, causing me to clench.

“That’s it buddy. Squeeze my dick. Make me feel your cunt around it.”

He began to hammer his meat hard into my hole, fucking like a two-stroke piston. No finesse, just animal rutting. I took the boss’s cock back into my mouth and began a feverish suck job. I wanted his load down my throat, and worked hard to get it. He was fucking my face as hard as I was sucking his dick, and before long I felt the telltale signs of an impending cum. The boss was grunting in time with his thrusts, and his cock was sliding deep down my throat. Then with a yell he unloaded into me. I sucked, licked and moaned round his shaft, giving him maximum pleasure, trying to suck every drop out of him, till he pulled out and sat back on his heels, gasping.

I reached back between my legs and grabbed the low hangers that had been banging against my butt, and yanked them hard. My fucker loved it and with a scream shot his copious load into my battered hole. Eight or nine bolts were shot into me before his orgasm subsided. He held my hips tight, his cock deep in me, and before long I felt his piss filling me, its heat radiating through my hole.

My buddy, meanwhile, had not been idle. I looked round to find he was busy being spit roasted again, sucking one cock and getting plowed by another. We were both in pig heaven. The air reeked of sex and sweat!

For the next few hours we were used by the whole bunch of guys. At one time my buddy had one twin up his ass and the other down his throat, while they in turn were getting it up their holes by two of their work buddies. When the boss finally called a halt to our fun we realised that the guys were now on “overtime”, and I had taken at least ten loads, four fists and drunk from three hot cocks. My ass felt like it would never close again. The tarpaulin was soaked with piss, cum, sweat and ass juice. But there was still one thing we had to do.

While the guys started getting dressed again, my buddy looked at me with a look that I knew well. I smiled back at him and lay down on my back. He staggered over to me, straddled my chest and lowered his hole to my face. I watched it come closer, red, puffy and streaked with slime. My mouth opened and my tongue came out. He was dead on target and my tongue speared his cunt, tasting the outpouring of all the cocks he had taken. He reached forward and pulled my legs up then dropped down so that his face was in my butt. We spent the next fifteen minutes feasting on each others’ butt slop, while the guys slowly left, until there were just the boss and his two boys left.

Needless to say I bought in on the twentieth floor. I’ve met the people who live in the apartment on the fifteenth floor. If only they knew what the stain was on the floor under the carpet in their main bedroom!