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Another episode in the adventures of Superslut. Sorry it’s taken so long, but I have been engaged in other endeavours (including a couple of great nights in the sling of my choice!!). I’ve also been having Hotmail problems.
Our boy proves that there are pigs all over the country, and his unerring ability to sniff them out results in another wild time. I hope you enjoy!!


Monday morning the chairman called me into the office.

“You’re needed over east. They want to meet you Wednesday. I’ve booked you on a night flight tomorrow.”

I’d been waiting for the call. I’d been working on this corporate deal for a month and now it was time to sign, seal and deliver the goods.

“You’ll have meetings Wednesday Thursday and Friday. If the deal is swung you’ve got the next week off. How much work have you got to do on it?”

“Should have it finished today.”

“OK. Then we’ll spend tomorrow going over it, and you fly tomorrow night.”

I went back to my office and worked on the finishing touches all day. It had been a hard month with little R and R, and I was itching. That night I logged into the net to contact Chuck, a net buddy I’d been chatting to for a while. He lived in the city I was heading for, and over time we’d established our piggishness. He was a slut like me, but was more versatile. My ventures into topping total approximately three or four times a year. I’d probably had more cocks or fists up my ass in a night than I’d had my cock sunk into a cunt in five years. He probably fucks as many guys in a year as he takes in a night.

“Hey bud. How’s it goin’?”

“Not bad. Been gettin’ some.”

“More that I can say. I’ve hardly had time to scratch myself, let alone get my hole massaged. You gonna be around next weekend? It’s all happenin’ this week.”

“Yeah - you comin’ this way at last?”

“Arrivin’ tomorrow night, but I’ll be up to my neck with work till Friday night.”

“It’ll be good to meet you in person.”

“Lookin’ forward to it.”

“I’ll line up a few buddies to give you a good time. Friday night?”

“Fuckin’ think I’ll be needin’ it by then.”

“OK buddy. You’ve got a date. Call me when you get here.”

“Will do, man.”

I signed off. Well at least my recreation was set up. Now all I had to worry about was getting this deal through.

Tuesday we went through the whole deal. By the end of the day we were sure that I’d done everything and covered every aspect. I spend the last hour getting all the necessary paperwork for the presentation together and managed to leave work on time. I’d packed my bags - the basic necessities for work and my play bag - and was on my way. Arrived at my hotel, settled in and called my buddy.

“Howdy, man. You arrived safely. Where’re you staying?”

I gave him the name of the hotel.

“You like a visitor tonight? Can’t wait to meet you.”

“Sure. It’ll have to be an early night. These next few days are real important and I’ll have to be right on top of it.”

“Sure man. I can be there in half an hour. We’ll have a couple of drinks and call it a day if you like.”

“Sounds good to me.”

I gave him my room number and rang off, then showered and put on my gym shorts, called room service for some beers and a bottle, and sat back to relax and wait. He arrived within thirty minutes.

Man, he was hot! Shorter than me, and stocky, Looked so much better than his pics. In a tight black t and skin tight faded Levi’s, and packing a bulge like you wouldn’t believe! A thick rod snaked down his right leg and left nothing to the imagination. I’d seen enough pics of him in action, but they definitely didn’t do him justice. My thoughts of a couple of drinks and an early night were fading fast.

“Fuck man. you look so hot in those shorts.”

“I was gonna say the same about you. Who paints your jeans on you?”

He laughed.

We sat and chatted a while. Don’t really recall what we talked about. It must’ve been obvious that I was hungry for his cock up my ass, because in the middle of our conversation he got up from his chair, walked over to me, grabbed my shorts and tugged. I raised my ass and he dragged them to my feet.

“Fuck. You’re beautiful. Turn round.”

I turned round, spread my legs and bent over.

“Shit. Fuckin’ great hole. That’s sure gonna be a hit with my buddies.”

Next thing I felt was his tongue lapping up and down my crack. I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart. His tongue centered on my hole and he dug in. He had a real talented tongue, When I was slicked up enough he replaced his tongue with a couple of fingers. They slipped in easily, and I started fucking myself on them. Then he pulled them out and stood up.

I turned back round and helped him out of his t-shirt and Levis, and his hardon bounced up. A good eight inches of hot uncut manmeat stared at me. I dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth. He tasted great. He bent over my back and shoved his fingers back up my cunt, fingering me while I was sucking him.


“You want it up that cunt of yours?”


He pulled me up and led me to the bed. I got on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed, and he stood behind me. A quick rub of my hole with his spit soaked finger, and his knob was at my hole. I pushed back and impaled myself on his meat. It slid in like a hot knife through butter.

“Just like I thought it’d be. Hot juicy hole.”

He started pounding my hole. He wasn’t subtle about it, but then I wasn’t looking for subtlety. I was after a fuck, and I got it from him. For about fifteen minutes! Angling his cock so that he hit every part of my hole, paying particular attention to my prostate. My cock was drooling precum. A long slimy silver strand was hanging almost to the bed. I caught it on my fingers and brought them up to suck them clean. I love the taste of my precum. I was working my ass on his cock, fucking him as much as he was fucking me.

“Yeah, man, my buddies are gonna love this cunt of yours.”

For a guy who was mainly bottom, he was a good top. He knew how to get the most out of a fuck and he was giving me everything he had. And I was taking everything he was giving, and loving it. After about fifteen minutes he rammed hard into me and shot his load. I felt his cock jerking in me as he spat his juice up my cunt. Six or seven spurts deep into my hole.

He pulled out, rolled me over onto my back and plowed back in. His cock was still iron hard. He pushed my legs back to my shoulders and got onto the bed to pile drive his meat into my sloppy hole. This guy had some stamina! He was pumping into me as fast as he had at the start. My ass was feeling so good, getting it’s fill of hot hard cock.

About thirty minutes of hard fucking later he spewed his second load into me. It felt to me like he was giving me as big a load as the first time. As soon as he finished cumming, he pulled out, swivelled round and pulled my legs further back. He fed me his cum slimed cock, and dove down to feast on my juicy cunt. sucking his loads back out while I cleaned his rod for him.

Then he turned back round again and lay on top of me. I licked the slime off his face as he pressed it against my mouth in a hard brutal kiss, tongues flying and lips grinding together. He was a fuckin’ hot guy. A few minutes of kissing and he pulled away.

“Man. the guys’re gonna really love your ass. That’s one fuckin’ hot hole. Can’t wait till Friday.”

We got up and I grabbed a couple of beers for us. We sat drinking and chatting for a short while then he got up and dressed.

“Hate to love ya and leave ya, but you’ve got some big days ahead, and you did say you wanted an early night.”

“Guess so. And after that fuck I’m gonna sleep the sleep of the dead. Nothing like a good hard fuck to give me a good night’s sleep. Thanks man.”

“Thank you. Like I said the guys are gonna love that cunt of yours. I’ll call you during the week and organize Friday.”


He left and I climbed into bed. my ass still sticky from his fuck. and the itch temporarily scratched.

. . . . . . .

The next few days were as hectic as I predicted. Meetings all day, and planning and strategies all night. The only time I had to think about sex on Friday was before I went to sleep at night, and even then I’d fall asleep in just a few minutes after my head hit the pillow. My buddy called Thursday night and told me the plan for Friday. He’d pick me up at the hotel at seven o’clock and head off to his buddy’s place.

The deal was completed by Friday lunchtime. We’d clinched it! The company took me to lunch to celebrate, and the rest of the afternoon was mine. I got back to the hotel, managed a few hours nap, and started preparing for the night. My buddy arrived right on seven. I grabbed my bag.

“What’ve you got in there?”

“Just my play clothes.”

I showed him what I’d packed - my ‘fuck me’ cutoffs in their Ziploc bag,

He opened the bag and took a deep sniff.

“Mmmmm. Smell nice.”

“Well they’ve been well used.”

“I can see that. You probably won’t have them on for long. I have a feeling they’ll be on the floor as soon as we get there.”

We left the hotel and he drove to his place. A nice apartment in an exclusive part of the city. We’d never talked about our lives, but he was obviously well off.

“I’m gonna change into my party gear. You wanna do the same? Save getting your real clothes messed up.”

“What’re you wearing?”

“Fuck jeans. Come with me.”

We went into the bathroom and he reached into a cupboard and pulled out a can of lube.

“Bend over.”

I bent over and spread my legs. He packed some lube up my ass, then said, “Do me.”

I did the same for him, then we went back into the bedroom and got into our party gear. He pulled his jeans out of his wardrobe. Fuckin’ threadbare, ass ripped out of them and stained all over with piss and cum. He pulled them on and they looked even tighter than the Levi’s he’d had on the other night. Woolen socks and shit kicker boots. I changed into my cutoffs and boots, and we were ready.

Back down to the car and off to his friend’s place - just out of town. A big place set back from the road on a large, tree studded property. We were met at the door by the host, an enormous guy - at least six feet six and about two hundred fifty pounds, dressed in a dingy well used jockstrap with an equally enormous cock struggling to escape. I was drooling already.

“Welcome, I’m Frank.C’mon in. Hope you’re ready to play. From what Chuck said I’m anxious to get into that hole of yours.” He rubbed his hand down my back and into my cutoffs to grab my butt - and left it there, fingering my hole.

“Thanks. From what I can see I’m just as anxious to feel that slab working my pussy.”

“C’mon down to the play room. The guys are here and ready for some hot action.”

We followed him down to his play room. It was equipped for everything, bondage, S & M, piss, fisting, fucking, everything you could imagine. There were three other guys in the room, all big hairy guys. I found out two were total tops, two were top/versatile, my buddy was bottom/versatile and I was the only total bottom. My mind was working overtime. I realised that by the end of the night I’d have had all of them one way or another.

Frank introduced me to the guys, and then pulled his jockstrap off. His meat was starting to stiffen, and was already over eight inches, and thick.

“How big is that fucker?”

“Just on eleven inches. You think you can take it?”

“I’ll give it a fuckin’ good try.”

I dropped my shorts and bent over, leaning on a padded leather covered vaulting horse. He stepped behind me, gave his cock a couple of tugs and guided it up my chute. Even though it wasn’t totally hard it stretched my hole as he slid into me. Once embedded, he started fucking. I could feel his cock growing harder and longer inside me. I was glad he’d gotten in me before he was totally stiff, It made it much easier to take it all.

“Fuck, Chuck. You were right about this hole. It feels so hot and juicy.”

“Well, we did lube up before we left home.”

“Wise move.”

He was power fucking me with his long dick, opening up my hole for the night’s playing. I was feeling no pain. After my week I knew I was going to enjoy the massages I was going to get. In a short time he grunted, and his cock started spitting it’s load into me. Meanwhile, Chuck was standing in front of me feeding his meat into my mouth

“Yeah, man. Fuck that load up my cunt. I fuckin’ need that real bad.”

He shot maybe six or seven spurts into me then yanked his cock out and it was replaced immediately by another one. Not as long but just as thick. Frank took Chuck’s place in front of me and I sucked his cock clean. Another hard fuck, another quick cum, and the third guy was fillin’ my hole while I cleaned the second cock. I realised then that they had planned the start of the night. All of them making use of the ‘fresh meat’ before we got down to some serious ass play.

Third guy blew a decent load into me, pulled out for the fourth guy and moved round for his cock cleaning. Another long cock, but not as thick, and I tightened my ass muscles to give him the same feeling as the thicker ones. He lasted a bit longer than the first three, but pretty soon I felt him shudder as he blasted my ass with his juice.

After he pulled out my buddy took his place. I pushed back to take it quickly, and it slid in in no time flat, and sucked fourth guy’s cock.

“Fuck man, it feels even better than the other night. Must be all that cum. Makes it so much sloppier and juicier.”

He dumped his seed in me and pulled out, swatted me on the butt and I sat down. He stood in front of me to clean him up.

“OK, now that the formal introductions are over, care for a drink?”

“Thanks, beer?”

“Coming up.”

I was sucking on my drink when I realised that I’d been here about an hour and I already had five loads up my ass. I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many loads in such a short time before. But my cunt was hungry for more. And it wasn’t the only one. Chuck had moved over to one of the guys and was on his knees sucking his cock. When it had hardened, Chuck stood up, turned round and dropped his ass onto it. The guy lay back on the couch and Chuck bounced up and down on his meat.

I lay back on the couch and bent my legs. Jake, the second guy to fuck me, came over.

“Looks like you’re ready for some more action.”

“I’m always ready.”

He climbed onto the couch and lifted my legs to his shoulders. I pushed out with my ass muscles, and my hole opened up to let some of the cum dribble out. He dipped his fingers in the slime, and rubbed it over his cock head, then shoved it into me. I love a rough fuck, and he was giving me what I wanted. He was a power fucker, ramming it in deep and pulling it right out, punching my cunt with his slicked knob.

I glanced round and saw Frank balls deep in the other guy, who was bent over the horse they fucked me at first. He looked like he was taking it without any trouble, too. I guessed that these guys played regularly, and were used to each other’s meat in their holes. From the sound of their fuck I’d say the guy getting fucked all ready had a few loads in him. His ass squelched almost as much as mine.

Jake pumped into my hole for about ten minutes, before I felt the onset of his orgasm. His cock was swelling and his pumping became erratic. Then he blasted his juice into me, pumping with each spurt, and grunting with each pump. My ass was being topped up with another load of hot manjuice.

He slowed his pumping and lay on top of me, his cock still soaking in the fuck juice that filled my hole. Then I felt the familiar warmth of a piss enema. I sighed as my hole was filled further by his liquid gold. After he drained his bladder in me he lay on top of me and I wrapped my legs round his waist, my heels holding him tight in me, plugging my hole.

Meanwhile, Chuck’s fucker had shot his load and pulled out, and Chuck was cleaning his cock for him. The guy’s cock had softened and plopped out of his mouth. I called him over.

“You thirsty, pig?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Just wonderin’ if you wanted to drink Jake’s piss.”

“Drink or suck it out?”

“You got it man.”

Jake slowly pulled out of me and Chuck dived in and latched his mouth round my swollen pussy. I relaxed my muscles and he started sucking and slurping, gulping down the piss and cum that I’d kept warm for him. Jake moved up to my head and fed me his cock. I could taste the cum, piss and ass juice trapped under his hood, and I knew what Chuck was tasting from my ass. After I’d cleaned Jake’s cock, Chuck released my hole, and slid up between my legs till he was lying on top of me, his face directly above mine.

I opened my mouth, and he brought his lips to mine. He had a mouthful of cum and piss and spat it into me. We lay there lip locked for a couple of minutes, sharing the load he’d sucked out of my cunt. Meanwhile Frank had dumped his load into the ass of the other guy, and the guy who fucked Chuck was on his knees, sucking it out and Frank was getting his cock cleaned by the guy he fucked.

“Now we’re gettin’ into it. How’s that cunt of yours feelin’?”

“Nice and loose.”

“Loose enough for a real workout?”

“I reckon.”

I got off the couch and moved over to one of the slings. Chuck helped me settle into it, and grabbed a can of lube, packed some up my ass, and rubbed some round my hole, then greased up his hands. I grabbed a bottle of poppers, and lay back. He started with three fingers, and I just sighed, then four fingers, and finally his thumb tucked into the palm of his hand as he pushed forward. My hole stretched open to allow his entry and he was beyond the wrist in one movement. He played with my hole for a while, pumping in and out and twisting it round, his knuckles rippling across my prostate, sending my cock into spasms, with precum dripping onto my shaved pubic area.

Then he pulled out and pushed his other hand in, pulled out and began punch fucking my hole, alternating hands. My ring felt so good, being stretched, then retracting with his fuck. One of the other guys had started greasing his hands, and he nodded to Chuck, who pulled out and moved aside. The other guy took over, punching my hole some more.

One by one they all took turns at my hole, till it was so loose that it just stayed wide open when they pulled out. I must have been lying there having my ass used for at least an hour, taking one fist after the other. I was sniffing the poppers, and leaking precum all over my belly. My hole was getting the workout it needed, but finally I had to call a halt. I needed a bit of a rest,

I got out of the sling and lay back on the couch, watching the actions for a while. Chuck was sitting on Frank’s cock, leaning forward, and the guy with the long thin cock was sliding into him, I love being double fucked, and it was obvious Chuck did too. He was working his cunt on the two cocks like the pig that I knew he was, sighing and moaning as they filled him.

The other two guys were lying together fucking. One would fuck the other for a while, then they’d change round. Neither of them looked like they wanted to cum, they just wanted to sink their cocks in each other’s hole, and enjoy that wonderful feeling of having cock inside them.

I grabbed another beer and sucked on it while I watched the guys. You could tell they were great friends, and loved playing together. Finally Chuck let out a long sigh.

“Oh yeahhhhh!!”

I knew he was getting another load from at least one of them, and probably both. Sure enough, when the guy on top pulled out he gave one jerk and another drop of his juice spurted out onto Chuck’s ass. Then he climbed off Frank’s cock, and grabbed it to coax the last drop out, which he licked off the piss slit.

By this time I was ready for more, so one of the guys led me over to another sling. This one was set really low, and I wondered why. He got me to climb into it, and pulled down a second pair of stirrups, They were set closer to the head of the sling, and when I put my feet through them I realised they made my asshole sit much higher than the conventional stirrups. Jake walked behind my head and undid a rope, tied to the chain of the sling. He pulled on the rope, and my legs rose even higher and further back, till my ass hole was practically pointing to the ceiling.

Then one guy climbed into the sling with me, and sank his cock into my hole. He fucked me for a minute or so, then stopped as the third guy shoved his cock into my fucker’s ass. He was now the meat in a sandwich fuck. The third guy fucked his ass for a short while then he stopped and Chuck slid his cock into the guy’s ass. I’d had three way fucks before, but this was the first four way - cock in ass, in ass, in ass. Now I understood the reason for the low slung sling. A four way fuck would be nearly impossible without ass holes being as freely available as this made them.

We fucked for a few minutes, before Chuck came in his guy’s ass. This set off a chain reaction and one after another they blew their loads into the ass they were fucking, till I came all over my belly. That was one of the hottest fucks I’d ever had.

We disentangled and sat down to recover for a while. Another beer and a short break, then Frank came over and sat beside me.

“You enjoying yourself?”

“Fuck yeah, man. My hole is feelin’ no pain.”

“Good. It’s a great ass. You up for more yet?”

“Hey, my hole doesn’t know the meaning of the work ‘quit’.”

“Hoped you’d say that. I’ve got some more buddies coming over to play. Think you’ll like them.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“You want some more before they get here?”


I climbed back into the sling, and he started working on my hole. He had big hands. like his cock, but I was so stretched and loose by now that I knew I’d have no trouble in taking it. Sure enough, he greased up and started sliding into me. No ‘one finger, two fingers’ - he just tucked his thumb in and went for gold. My ass opened and took it without a problem. He slid in about half way up his forearm, and started twisting inside me. My hole was clenching and opening up round his thick arm. Then he pulled back till just his hand was in me, and shuffled forward. His thick cock hit my hole and he pushed gently. It gave way and before long his cock was balls deep in me, and was being massaged by his hand. He wrapped his fingers round his cock and started fucking his hand inside me.

“Man, that hole is so fuckin’ hot. Never had my cock and hand in an ass before. You’re something else.”

“Thanks man, I’m lovin’ what you’re doing to it.”

He was fucking his hand in me when a buzzer sounded.

“Can you get that, Jake. It’ll be the boys.”

“OK man.”

Jake came back with another six guys. They looked like they’d been working out for the past few hours - all hot and sweaty and buffed to the nth degree.

“Hi guys. Sorry I couldn’t meet you at the door, but as you can see I’m otherwise engaged at the moment. This ass I’m deep in belongs to Superslut, the guy Chuck told us about.”

They all said “Hi” and I sort of acknowledged them. My mind was too full of what was going on in my ass to make and coherent statement. Frank was still fucking his hand in me, and with a grunt he pumped one last time and I could feel him shudder as he shot another huge load into me. I reacted by suddenly pissing. My ass was so full that I couldn’t clench my muscles to stem the flow so I was spraying us both. Frank burst out laughing.

“I guess that’s what you could call taking the piss. That’s so hot. I’ve fucked the cum outta a guy before, but never fucked a load of piss. Hey, don’t worry man. It ain’t the first time this room’s been pissed in, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.”

He pulled his cock out, then slowly withdrew his hand. I felt a rush of cold air in my ass before I could manage to close it sufficiently. Finally I was able to get myself together sufficiently to get out of the sling, and with Frank’s help moved over to a bench and sat down. I needed another drink!

The next few hours were a bit of a haze. The new guys wanted to try the “new meat”, so I know I was fucked at least another six times, and I vaguely remember being back in the sling with at least one more hand up my ass. Chuck was almost as busy as I was. Every time I looked around he had either a cock or hand up his ass. He was slimy with cum, lube and piss, as I was. We were both being the pigs I knew I was and thought he was, wallowing in the joy of having our assholes plundered. The sound of cock in sloppy asshole reverberated round the room, and the smell of sex was as strong as the poppers I’d been sniffing.

Finally, we had to call it a day. Frank offered us a room for the night, but Chuck had to be home, and I knew if we said yes we would be playing for another few hours, and frankly I was worn out. For once in my life I had to call it quits. I thought “Maybe I’m getting old,” then dismissed that thought. “Never!!”