Copyright by the author 2004

The usual disclaimers apply.
This is a work of fiction. None of the characters portrayed are real. The situation is not real, but I wish it was. To all you gym goers, I hope this makes your workouts more interesting in future!
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I like to work out late at night. There are fewer guys, and those who are there seem to be serious about their bodies. Like, they’re all well built, buff guys, I usually get there around nine thirty at night, and am finished by eleven, early enough to go looking for a fuck or six after I’m finished. A good solid workout always makes me horny, and by the time I’m done my cunt is usually itching for a good hard cock.

I like to check out the guys at the gym of course, and over time I recognised the regulars. About ten guys seemed to be there every night. They were obviously buddies, as they would chat between sets, but they took their workouts seriously,

This night I was late, caught up with a case meeting. I got to the gym just after eleven, Most of the regulars were still there. I didn’t think anything about the fact that they must have been there for over two hours, and were still going through their routines. I set about my exercises, keeping an eye on the candy that was around. I’d have done it with any and every one of them.

During my workout I noticed they were heading into the locker room, presumably to change and leave, but then I also noticed that none of the guys had left the locker room. I finished my routine, and went in to change. There was no sign of the guys. My devious mind conjured up all sorts of scenarios, as I stripped to take a few minutes in the steam before going home.

The steam room door squeaked when I opened it, and as I entered I noticed the guys all sitting with their towels draped over their crotches. I thought I saw some tents formed by their towels, and my mind went into top gear.

Spreading my towel on the top bench, I lay down on my stomach with one leg straight along the bench and the other draped down onto the lower bench. I pulled my cock up along my shaved pubic area, which raised my ass slightly. I knew from experience that my ass crack would be slightly open, but my hole would still be hidden, so I raised my ass more, pretending to get comfortable.

In a short time, I felt a hand on my butt, In an automatic reflex action I lifted my ass higher, exposing my hungry hole. The steam made my crack slippery, and the hand on my butt found the mark and slipped into me. I sighed, letting the guy know that I was perfectly happy with his manoeuvres. This inspired him to explore further, and before long there were four fingers knuckle deep in my ass.

I pushed up and back, fucking myself on the fingers. I could hear the sounds of hands sliding along slippery cocks, and balls slapping on thighs, The fingers were removed, and a pair of hands pulled me higher. I brought my leg up so that I was kneeling on the bench, head down, ass up, and I felt a hard cock pressed against my hole. The slipperiness of the steam made his entry so easy, and he was balls deep in a second.

He started pumping. If you’ve ever been fucked in a steam room you’d know the sound that was reverberating round the room. Sloppy, slippery, slapping sounds. Music to my ears.

Before long there were hands running all over my back and butt, slapping, sliding over me. I felt a cock slap my head, and lifted it to take the cock into my mouth. Grunts and groans were coming from the guys who were using my body, as well as encouraging sounds from the other guys. My fucker was pounding my cunt, slipping easily through the sweat, and it wasn’t long before he gave a loud grunt, and started dumping his load deep in me

He pulled out and in no time there was another hard cock ramming into me, pumping furiously. I was swallowing about eight inches of hard meat, and had what felt like the same amount pounding my pussy. The smell of sex, sweat and steam permeated the room and added to the feeling I was getting.

My fucker and the guy I was sucking came together, and were replaced by two more hot cocks. The one in my mouth was uncut, and I got the tang of his cheese as an added bonus. I sucked and licked under his hood to get all the smeg out, while I was working my ass muscles on the rod up my cunt.

“Fuck guys, it’s getting too hot in here. Let’s move outside.”

I was starting to feel a bit weak from the heat, so the suggestion sounded good to me. We left the steam room, and the locker room. Most of the main gym lights had been turned off, and I realised then that two of the guys in the group were from reception, and they’d closed the gym for the night. We had the place to ourselves,

They led me over to one of the shorter benches, and I lay on my back with my legs hooked over the barbell bar in its stand. My ass was hanging over the end of the bench, and my head was hanging over the other end, a perfect position to be spit roasted. And spit roasted I was. Two more cocks invaded my holes, Even out of the steam room the guys bodies were covered in sweat, and the dim lighting accentuated the planes and plateaux of their muscled bodies, like oiled gods. A homage to the male physique.

At last I could see my fuckers. The guy using my cunt was about six feet six and at least two hundred fifty pounds. Big body, big hands, and from what I could feel, a cock that was in proportion. It really filled me, and he knew how to make a hole feel good. He was hitting my prostate on every in thrust, and my cock was drooling it’s juice over my abs with every stroke. One guy scooped it up and used it to lube his cock as he jerked off over me.

My fucker leaned forward to lie on me, and gave a sudden thrust. I managed to look round him to find one of his buddies had slid into his hole and was fucking him, forcing him further into me. With me working my ass on his meat, and the guy plowing his hole he didn’t have a chance. With a roar that would have woken the dead, he blasted into me. Big body, big hands, big cock and BIG load. He shot at least nine spurts into me, bucking with every thrust, and slipping over my sweaty, precum smeared body, till at last his spurts ceased and he gasped for breath.

His fucker pulled out of him and allowed him to slide out of me, then replaced him in my ass. He was close to cumming from his previous fuck, and it only took a few thrusts before he added his load to my already sloppy hole. It was loosened up, and I needed more.

I lifted my legs off the bar, and sat up, and got the guy jerking off my precum to lie down on his back with his legs off the end of the bench. I straddled him, grabbed his cock and lowered myself onto it, pulling my ass cheeks apart to get him deep into me, then lying down on him. Another guy got the message, and soon I felt his cock nudging the one in me, trying to gain entry. I relaxed and felt him slide in with his buddy’s meat. Shaft against shaft sliding in my slippery cunt.

I reached down to play with the balls of my fuckers. One of the other guys straddled the bench over the face of the guy lying on it, and fed me his cock. While I was sucking him he lowered himself till his hairy asshole was over the guy’s face, and he moaned as his ass was being eaten out. He was so turned on by the feeling that he soon lost it and I gulped down his load. He pulled out and with shaky legs he moved off the bench, and bent to kiss the guy on the bench, tasting his ass juice on the guy’s lips.

Meanwhile the two cocks up my hole were working together to provide maximum stimulation to each other and me. And it paid off. Almost simultaneously they shot their hot juice into me. Some oozed out round their cocks and I caught it in my hand, and brought it up to my mouth to suck it clean. The guy on top pulled out, and the cock of the guy under me slipped out. I rose off him and he got off the bench, then let me drop down onto it again.

More cum oozed out before I could close my hole, and one of the guys scooped it up and rubbed it round my asshole. I hoped I knew what was coming, He slid two fingers up my hole and scooped out more, coating his fingers, then three, then four fingers, then with thumb folded against his palm he started the big one.

These guys were all big guys, and their hands were all big hands, but my ass was feeling so loose that I felt I could handle it. Sure enough, my hole stretched wider and wider and then started to contract as he slid in to his wrist, then started to widen again as he went further. His forearm was disappearing up my cunt, and his knuckles were rubbing against my prostate. My cock, which had deflated when I relaxed to take his fist, hardened and started leaking again.

He spent about fifteen minutes working on my hole, drumming his fingers on my ass walls, and twisting his hand in me. My whole hole was being stimulated. Then he started an in and out pumping, stretching my hole then letting it contract again. The feeling was awesome. Finally he pulled out. His hand was slimy with cum and ass juice, and he rubbed it all over my hole. massaging it back into some semblance of shape. My ass was feeling real fine.

“You still up for more, man.”

“Yeah. My hole’s still got an itch to be scratched.”

I felt his cock against my hole, and eased in without any trouble. I clenched my muscles, so that he could actually feel my asshole, and he sighed and started long fucking me, pulling right out and then back in to his balls. He was on target every time, but then after the fist my asshole was probably an easy target! Finally he pushed deep and fed me his jizz. After all my hole had taken, I could still feel his cock jerk as he spurted into me. He didn’t pull out and I started to feel warmth spread through my ass, as he pissed into me. I could imagine my ass walls being washed down with his hot liquid gold. His piss filled me till I thought I could hold no more. I was doing my darnedest to hold it all in me, but some was leaking out. Finally he slowed down to a stop, and I clenched while he slowly withdrew.

“Thanks man, that was great. But I’ve got to go empty it out. My ass muscles ain’t gonna be able to keep it in me.”

I got up and headed for the locker room. The guys all followed. I got into the shower.

“Spray it out man. Let us see you shoot that piss outta your ass.”

I got on my hands and knees, and lowered my head. Pushing down I shot the piss across the shower area.

“Fuckin’ piss fountain! Brilliant man. Fuckin’ brilliant!”

Some of the guys turned on all the showers, and we showered together. The all wanted to wash me, taking particular interest in making sure my asshole was cleaned up. Ten sets of fingers probing my hole in groups of two or three. And I was cleaned.

We got dressed, and as we left the gym I noticed that it was four o’clock. We’d been playing for about four hours! That was a workout to end all workouts.

“Man, that was great. Usually it’s a group jerkoff in the steam room, but tonight was something else.”

I guess I’m going to have to work out later in future.