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Swimmer's Locker Room Encounter

Long after the rest of his team mates had showered, dressed and gone off to dinner and study, Rodney kept pushing himself swimming laps. Practice hadn't gone well for the college junior, a star of the swim team at a big-ten Midwestern university. He'd been distracted by a couple of things and so Coach had yelled at him and his team mates gave him a puzzled look; they were counting on him to ensure a winning season.

So the tall, thin college boy punished himself by staying in the pool for at least another hour as the gymnasium complex emptied out and went totally silent. He knew what was bothering him. Rodney had been stressed out lately, with mid-terms and more on his mind, making him real constipated. He'd taken a popular laxative earlier but it hadn't kicked in as promised, and this only frustrated the young athlete further.

But there was also the near-incident in the locker room earlier that had weighed on Rodney from the start of practice and which was front and center on his mind now. While he was changing into his speedo, Rodney noticed that Ben, a sophomore on the wrestling team and locker room assistant, was spying on him and not for the first time. Rodney had blushed furiously but had also checked out Ben from the corner of his eye. Rodney knew he was turned on by guys but, in addition to being very shy and a bit of a loner, there really weren't any `out' gays at his school. The campus culture was very conservative and mainstream; the only open gays were generally shunned as freaks, queens, etc. Not the sort of crowd that a varsity athlete would go anywhere near. Now all that sublimated sexual frustration was welling up as Rodney thought about the looks they were giving each other earlier.

The tall twenty year old hauled himself out of the pool and sat on the edge, feet dangling in the water, as he cooled down before showering and heading back to the dorm. Rodney wasn't vain but he knew that he was really hot, in a very boy-next-door, clean-cut way. He was 6'3" and weighed only 150 pounds, which is what gave him such a powerful swimmer's physique. Rodney had very broad shoulders that tapered down to a narrow, thin waist that gave him a classic upside-down `V' shaped torso. His dark brown hair was cut very short, almost a crew cut but not quite. He had big brown eyes and a baby-face; the boy still didn't need to shave more than every other day or so. His ears stuck out and he had a small, sort-of button nose. The swimmer didn't need to shave his body hair; he didn't really have much. His chest was smooth and barely tanned at all; his pecs were visible but not too big though they were capped by very large diameter nipples that he loved to run his fingers over when he masturbated. The college boy's legs weren't very hairy at all so he chose not to shave them either. He had nicely hairy underarms that he kept natural. Since Rodney swam every day and showered after practice and when he got up in the morning, he found that he didn't really need deodorant. Besides, when he'd lie in bed at night and get ready to jack off, he could smell his ripening pits and it turned him on a lot.

The tiniest, faintest treasure trail led from his navel down below his speedo toward Rodney's real pride and joy. He didn't have a broad pubic patch but his bush was deep; he'd measured his pubes before and found that they were about three inches long. His bush was really thick too so that it formed a nice, natural crown above his genitals. Rodney knew he had a huge dick; even soft it hung down about seven inches. He was thick and cut with a large, blunt dickhead and a big piss slit too. His erections were awesome. His dick would stand up pointing at the ceiling with no real curve at all. Rodney had of course measured his penis hard and it had topped out a few years back at its present eleven fat inches. He had a big vein running down the length of it as well. Below, his balls were quite large, lemon-sized, and nearly hairless. Going further, which he always did when masturbating, his anus was surrounded by a few fine, brown hairs. He loved his asshole, which was large like the rest of him. For years now, he could easily get four lightly-lubed fingers inside. He longed to buy a dildo but knew that the lack of real privacy in a college dorm rendered it out of the question. Instead, he'd buy increasingly large cucumbers at the local market and use them to stretch his anal lips and push so deep inside that he could feel the vegetable rubbing against his rectal walls nearly up to his belly.

Horny thoughts about his extraordinary sex organs filled his head as Rodney sat on the pool's edge. He was so proud of his towering erections and his loose asshole but he had no one to share them with and this was frustrating him more and more every day. Now, as he wound down from his swim, Rodney also thought again about Ben's sexy appearance (and not for the first time).

In many ways, the sophomore locker room attendant was the physical opposite of Rodney and yet he was incredibly hot as well. Ben was shorter and stockier, with a more gymnast type of body. He was 5'10" and weighed about 165 pounds. The nineteen year old had no fat on him but he had thicker thigh and calf muscles, slightly bigger arms and more defined pecs. He had a nice bubble where Rodney's was pretty flat and small. Ben had shaggy, wavy dirty-blond hair that set off his green eyes nicely. He had a bigger nose than Rodney and slightly thicker lips too. Overall, Rodney noticed that Ben was always very quiet, almost brooding with a near-scowl on his otherwise handsome face. Because Ben usually wore nothing but a pair of sweat pants or gym shorts as he picked up the locker room, Rodney had plenty of chances to check out the sexy young wrestler's chest. Besides his great pecs, Ben's nipples were smaller around but definitely stuck out more and were thicker than Rodney's. Ben's chest was getting hairy too, although you had to look closely to really notice or he had to stand just so in the light. Ben had a broadening patch of fine light brown hairs spreading out across his upper chest and down his upper belly in a wide, upside-down `V' shape. Rodney hadn't ever seen Ben naked but he figured that the boy must've had a real hairy dick. The swimmer had scoped out Ben's underarms a few lucky times and they were very hairy, with large and thick darker brown patches that the older student wished he could touch and more.

Thinking about this sexy wrestler and how he had checked out his naked body earlier had given Rodney an erection. His huge dick and tiny swimsuit were a problem even when the boy was soft, but now his hard penis stood up over his waist band a good six inches. As usual, his dick head was leaking an almost constant stream of clear semen all over his abs and down his shaft and onto the swimsuit. As he admired his penis in the small speedo, Rodney felt a deep rumbling in his gut; the laxative might be starting to kick in at last.

"Well," Rodney thought to himself, "It's a good thing the gym is empty," as he stood up and walked brazenly into the silent locker room with his hard dick still exposed and dripping onto the concrete floor.

He wasn't sure if it was the silence in the empty locker room or just the fact that he was erect in a public place but Rodney found himself moving about as silently as possible. He got to his locker and slowly pulled down his speedo. He could feel the head of his boner rub his sternum and nearly between his pecs. It reminded him of the secret pleasure he often got, after a good stretch, when he could suck his entire dick head into his mouth. Now, as the naked athlete stood up tall with his giant penis pointing up, he felt even hornier, like he did when his thoughts would turn to the ever grosser stuff that gave him his best orgasms. For as long as Rodney could remember, he'd loved to piss and was secretly proud that he could shoot a tall, head-height stream even when he was as hard as he was now. It also turned him on lately that, when he was self-sucking, he always seemed to have to fart. The feeling of all that smelly gas coming out of his big, vibrating anus would always make him squirt more semen into his mouth as he sucked and licked furiously on his penis. Every time he pulled a fat cucumber out of his pouting big hole, he'd cut a real loud deep one too as the air he'd forced up inside backed out again.

Of course, Rodney knew that even if he met other gay guys his age, he figured there was no way they'd be into the dirty things he was increasingly turned on to. No, he knew that his darker sex thoughts would always have to stay carefully hidden away, especially after what had happened last weekend. Rodney was at a frat party with a lot of other campus athletes (even Ben was there) all eating pizza and drinking loads of beer. He stood away from the crowd by himself as usual when he noticed Ben looking over in his general direction. Rodney discretely checked Ben out as well. It was then that he saw a good-looking dark-haired college guy squat down in the patch of grass between them. Rodney saw Ben staring right at the guy with an almost glazed look. The new boy then started heaving a few times and Rodney's dick surged involuntarily, his anus starting winking and he farted loud. He knew what was about to happen and he knew that Ben was intent on witnessing it too. The squatting frat boy puked up a huge load of beer and half-digested pizza on the ground in front of him. As he got ready to vomit some more, the boy cut such a huge fart that Rodney almost thought he was crapping his pants. Rodney felt himself start to sweat in anticipation as the dark-haired boy made a loud retching sound and suddenly released what looked like at least a gallon of puke onto the ground, his shoes and even, as he began to lose his balance, onto his own full crotch. Rodney had a sudden vision of all that forceful vomit spewing onto his own erection and, with no warning, the tall baby-faced swimmer ejaculated. Mortified as he was, he realized that no one saw this; the puker was out of it and Ben was just standing there staring and playing a furious game of pocket pool. Rodney wanted to stay and see if Ben was going to secretly ejaculate in his jeans too but he ran out the back before anyone could see all the giant load of sperm that was now dripping down his leg and even leeching through the fabric.

Now, as Rodney stood naked and erect in the humid, dank locker room, he couldn't stop thinking about Ben staring at his dick today and rubbing himself in front of the puking frat boy last weekend. He looked down and watched as even more semen bubbled up out of his large piss hole and again felt the tell-tale rumbling in his gut. Rodney figured he could go take a big leak on himself in the shower and jack off before the laxative took effect.

But as the tall, naked swimmer walked silently toward the showers, he heard some strange sounds in the otherwise quiet locker room. What Rodney heard was an odd squishing sound and then, as he got closer to the source, the sound of water falling furiously onto the concrete floor.

Just as the latter sound began, the erect junior peeked around a corner into another locker bay and what he saw shocked him and nearly made him faint. Ben was there! He was naked and squatting on one of the wood benches pissing up onto his chest and letting it run down onto the floor below him. His stream of urine was huge and powerful as it sprayed onto his chest hairs. Ben's erection stood up straight and curved back nearly aimed at his own belly. He was uncut, with a fat shaft that tapered to a smaller, pointed head now partially revealed beneath his leathery hood. As Rodney had fantasized, Ben had a huge bush of brown pubic hair that stretched across his lower abdomen and looked quite deep.

At the same time, Rodney was astonished to see that all of Ben's left hand was inserted into his own extra-large asshole. He could see the hairy young blonde's anus stretched downward at least an inch or more as it gripped his thick wrist. The boy was gently riding his own hand as he urinated on himself.

Rodney watched as Ben's piss load tapered off. So far, though, Ben hadn't seen the tall swimmer standing to his right at the entrance to the locker bay. But suddenly Rodney cut a fart and the young wrestler looked up in terror as he froze with his hand buried in his large rectum.

"Oh god," Ben moaned, on the verge of tears. But almost as quickly as he was startled by Rodney, the dirty wrestler watched in total amazement as Rodney stepped forward into the light of the locker bay.

"It's cool" Rodney whispered, "I have to piss too." The tall swimmer stood still, legs spread wide apart and leaned back slightly. His towering eleven inch erection pointed straight up at the ceiling. As Ben moaned, this time with lust, Rodney relaxed his groin muscles and started to urinate. A thick stream of piss shot up about two feet as it gathered force. Most of his urine rained down onto his crotch and his thick little pubic bush before it ran off onto the concrete floor, dripping from his big balls. Rodney bore down, cut another loud fart, and pushed his piss stream higher. Now, the lithe swimmer was pissing all over his chest, shoulders and even his face as his urine gained even more momentum. As Ben watched, Rodney decided to go for it and opened his mouth, sticking out his tongue. As he stood there pissing up at least five feet into the air, Rodney thrust his head forward as much as his long neck allowed, and let his urine splash onto his outstretched tongue. The strain of pissing so hard from his long boner caused Rodney to cut yet another loud, rumbling fart. This one really lasted too and the smell of his gas began to permeate the locker bay. Rodney was loving the taste of his urine and, especially, showing off to the dirty wrestler just how nasty he too could get with his thin, tall body and giant penis.

As he watched Rodney's bladder empty itself all over the sexy college swimmer, Ben pulled his hand out of his stretched anus. As it popped out, Ben also cut a giant, wet-sounding fart. Rodney stood up straight, causing his diminishing piss stream to spray out in front of him slightly as it arced up and then back down onto the locker room floor between the two college boys.

After his piss ended, Rodney just stood there thrusting his erection into the air between them. Ben bore down and cut another fart as his large anal lips protruded obscenely. Rodney moaned, whispering "Oh yeah," as he watched the sophomore's anus extend downward, nearly scraping against the wood bench the boy was squatting on. A golden-colored combination of lube gel and ass juices gurgled out of his big shit lips and onto the bench as Rodney's penis began to spasm.

"Can I suck your dick?" Ben whispered. Rodney walked, as if in a trance, over to the squatting teen and stood right in front of him. To his filthy delight, Rodney watched as Ben used the dirty, brown stained hand that he'd self-fisted with to gently, nervously reach out and massage Rodney's rigid long erection. It was almost as if Ben was deliberately wiping ass juice all over the tall, fat penis.

Ben pulled the long dick forward as the extra-tall swimmer bent down a bit further. Tentatively, the shy wrestler stuck his tongue out and lapped at the semen glistening all over Rodney's dickhead. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and slowly began to go down on the shivering, excited athlete.

At first, Ben couldn't get more than about a third of Rodney's eleven inch boner into his mouth as he came close to choking a couple of times. For his part, Rodney was so amazed to finally be getting a blow job that he could do nothing but stand still and watch Ben slobber all over his long penis.

After a few minutes though, Rodney began to gently thrust his long, fat dick into Ben's mouth. As he did, Ben tried to swallow even more of the enormous penis. Several times, the blond wrestler gagged loudly, the sound exciting to Rodney, as a large volume of saliva would bubble out of his mouth and slide down Rodney's shaft and onto his fat balls. At the same time, Rodney reached down with his left hand and gently, shakily began to feel another boy's chest for the first time. He loved the fine, bristly hairs on Ben. Soon though, Rodney had to go for it; even though his hand was shaking with nerves, he reached under Ben's right armpit and began to feel the sweaty, thick hairs in there. Ben must like it, Rodney thought, because the hot boy lifted his right arm just enough to really give Rodney good access to his underarm. So, with that silent encouragement, Rodney began to feel Ben's other armpit too. He was so turned on to be massaging the thick underarm hair that Rodney got a bit carried away and really thrust hard into Ben's throat. The hunky blond teen choked, gagged and really spat up a lot of saliva. He even accidentally shot some huge globs of runny snot from his nose onto Rodney's dickshaft. But the tall swimmer wasn't grossed out. He was, if anything even more turned on as he watched Ben's snot drip down his shaft into his thick, black pubes.

Ben pulled back, releasing Rodney's penis, which slapped hard against his flat abs before pointing back up at the ceiling. As he squatted there getting his armpits massaged, Ben looked up and grinned slightly, spit dripping from his chin and snot from his nose.

As he looked down at the erect wrestler, Ben knew what he wanted to do. He squatted down onto the concrete floor and reached out to grab Ben's penis. Rodney had never touched a dick before and was amazed at how hot and rigid it felt in his hand. He jacked up and down on it, watching the thick foreskin cover and uncover the pointed head. As he pulled the fleshy hood up, Rodney leaned down and licked all that bunched up, leathery skin. It tasted awesome, the horny swimmer thought. There was the salty taste of piss and semen everywhere plus, up close like that, Rodney could really smell the raunchy odor of the nineteen year old jock's unwashed groin and big, farting asshole.

Now Rodney began to suck up and down on the curved dick in his hand. He could only get about half of it in his mouth and throat when he too started to gag a bit. Still, the tall college jock kept sucking up and down for about ten minutes. As he got used to the other boy's penis going deeper into him, Rodney relaxed and cut a fart.

"Oh man, that's so hot," Ben quietly moaned. "You fart so much."

Rodney lifted off the curved boner and quickly replied, "I love my gas," before going back down on Ben's penis.

"Yeah, me too. I can really stink up my room some times."

With that filthy admission, Rodney reached up with his left hand and gently ran his fingers in the lube and ass mucus that had dripped out of Ben's rectum and onto the bench. Then, Rodney began to gently rub the distended ass lips of the younger athlete. He moaned as he realized that Ben's anus was even larger and more rubbery than his own over-sized asshole. He could feel the large protruding lips pushing down onto the palm of his hand, releasing even more of the sticky juices just inside.

Just then, Ben's large teen anus blossomed open wide and the horny college boy farted onto Rodney's outstretched hand. Rodney's dick literally squirted some semen as he got so turned on to the feel of a sexy boy blowing gas out onto him.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Ben quietly asked. "It'll make me fart more, I think. At least it does when I play with my dildos back home."

"Sure. I fart a lot when I fuck myself on big cucumbers," Rodney blurted and then blushed. He was so turned on and yet still so embarrassed to finally admit to someone the raunchy stuff he privately did.

But when Ben replied, "That's so cool. I'd give anything to watch you do that sometime," Rodney knew he had to shed his embarrassment and go for all the filthy sex stuff that he secretly craved for so long. So he rose up onto his knees and aimed his fat, long erection at Ben's distended asshole. Rodney's dick was so wet with pre-cum that it slid all over Ben's anus before easily going inside. Almost instantly, Rodney got nearly his entire eleven inch hard-on inserted deep into the blond boy. He began fucking a male anus for the first time.

"Man, you are so nice and loose," Rodney whispered. "I love it."

"Me too," Ben whimpered. "I never thought it'd feel this awesome. I'm so full inside..."

Rodney was holding Ben's sides as he balanced on the balls of his feet and began to really fuck in and out of the smaller boy. They were looking each other in the eye, realizing that this was the first time either of them had ever had sex.

"Do you really like my big hole?" Ben asked.

"Fuck, it's awesome," Rodney moaned. "I've got a pretty big asshole too. I can get four fingers in me easily." Ben just whimpered as he heard the tall junior confess that.

Soon Rodney, who was close to ejaculating, slowed down his in and out thrusts and began to rotate his hips a bit so that his huge, jutting penis spiraled around in Ben's rectum, stretching the younger boy's anal lips even more. As he did that, Ben asked, "Are you ready for me to fart some more?"

"Yeah, do it all over my dick."

Rodney pulled up and down on his erection, causing a loud slurping sound to come of Ben's asshole. The older boy was opening up gaps between his thick dick and Ben's rectal walls. Just then, Ben farted long and hard, squirting a bit of piss up onto his chest at the same time.

"Fuck, that feels so good," Rodney whispered. Ben's anus vibrated and blew his gas all over the swimmer's shaft and pubes.

"Same here. I'm really messing up your dick, huh?" Ben asked.

"Oh yeah. Go for it. I can feel lube and stuff squirting all over it."

Ben was quiet for a moment as he worked up his nerve. Suddenly, he blurted out, "I want to suck you some more. I want to lick all my stuff off your dick, Ok?"

This was almost too much for Ben. He froze as he edged right up to a huge orgasm. "Yeah, clean my dick off," he answered, almost in a daze.

"Ok. Let's switch positions," Ben said.

Rodney eased his long erection slowly out of Ben. He loved the feel of Ben's slippery, loose rectum and anus as his erection slid out with a final farting and slurping sound from the hot sophomore. They both looked down and moaned at how slick and dirty Rodney's big penis looked. There were obvious bits of shit and loads of ass mucus all over the shaft and especially behind the ridge on his fat dickhead. They switched around and now Rodney was sitting, legs spread wide, on the wooden bench. He scooted forward so that his balls and asshole hung off the front of the bench, allowing access to Ben if he wanted.

First, Ben squatted down in front of the tall, erect twenty year old and just looked at the huge penis standing straight up from the hairy crotch. Rodney's boner was absolutely rigid and leaking huge streams of semen as his own large asshole flexed in and out.

Ben reached up with his left hand and started feeling Rodney's armpit as the swimmer moaned in reply. Rodney's dick was so thick that Ben's other hand barely reached around as the young wrestler got ready to start sucking on the giant penis again. First, Ben licked the sticky head. Rodney panted, making a slight grunting sound as he watched Ben's tongue gather up the tiny bits of shit and lube that had lodged behind the ridge of Rodney's dickhead. The younger college boy stuck out his tongue to show off the crap on it.

After sliding his tongue up and down Rodney's big shaft, Ben started to suck on the giant erection once again. Rodney loved seeing the cute wrestler slobbering and swallowing so much of his dick. Since he could suck himself, Rodney knew that Ben was getting to taste lots of his salty semen. As Ben tried to go farther and farther down the shaft of his penis, Rodney gently placed his right hand on the back of the younger boy's head and gently pushed down. Ben got the message and tried to swallow even more of the huge dick.

Rodney pushed a bit harder on Ben's head and the young wrestler gagged again, making a loud gargling sound as loads of saliva erupted past his lips, dripping down off Rodney's big testicles. The tall swimmer was suddenly afraid he'd gone a bit too far so he pulled his hand back. Ben pulled up and off the giant erection, looked up at Rodney and asked, "Can I look at your asshole?"

"Sure," Rodney said as he quickly pulled his feet up onto the bench so that he was now squatting. He leaned back with one hand braced on the metal locker doors behind him as he tried to show Ben the best view of his own big college boy anus.

"Fuck, it's really big too," Ben moaned.

"I told you. It's always been real large," Rodney whispered. He flexed it out slightly and cut a small fart right in the blond boy's face.

Ben leaned forward into the older boy's gas and, sniffing loudly, stuck out his tongue to lick Rodney's pouting asshole. Rodney's anal lips were now sticking out a good inch, his slit was long, almost two inches, giving Ben a real shot at cramming lots of tongue inside and tasting Rodney's churning gut. The horny young wrestler sucked and licked all over the big hole as the lithe swimmer thrust his shitter out as far as he could without losing his balance on the locker room bench.

Rodney whimpered slightly as he felt Ben's tongue slide deep into his rumbling rectum. He knew that his laxative was taking effect for sure now so he wasn't sure how long he could let Ben keep tasting inside without accidentally giving him more than Rodney figured the boy had bargained for. But as Ben kept sucking and tongue-fucking Rodney, the swim jock was pretty sure that he felt a bit of his liquid dump leak out into Ben's mouth. Still, the younger jock kept licking and swallowing all the flavor of Rodney's big anus and churning rectum.

"Um...Ben," Rodney hesitantly started, "You'd better be careful, I took a laxative earlier and I think it's ready to come out." He felt himself blushing as was secretly pissed at himself for maybe ruining this filthy sex scene by having to go take a big, loose dump.

But Ben just leaned back on the balls of his feet and looked up at Rodney with his mouth hanging open. He hesitated for a second and blurted, "Can I watch you?"

Rodney was amazed to hear this, and his towering erection throbbed and leaked. "You sure?" he asked.

Ben just nodded `yes' and squatted there perfectly still, focusing on Rodney's winking ass lips.

Well, Rodney got up the nerve then to ask Ben, "Can...Can you take a shit too?" His heart was racing as the shy athlete admitted his secret desire to see another jock take a dump.

"Yeah!" Ben replied. "I'm real full. Do you really want to watch?"

Rodney just nodded up and down eagerly.

"Ok, here goes," Ben said. He leaned back, supporting himself on his hands outstretched behind him and grunted.

"Oh fuck, do it," Rodney moaned as he watched Ben's loose big asshole open up and push down. Ben grunted a few times as his uncut boner squirted a bit of piss onto his lightly hairy chest. Rodney watched as a thick, knotty brown turd appeared at the entrance to the younger student's amazingly large anus. Slowly, Ben crapped onto the concrete floor beneath him, the long, thick and only somewhat soft dump streaming from his open hole and into a thick, tall pile beneath him. He kept shitting for a while, sometimes farting a bit, as he finally emptied his rectum.

By now, Rodney was lightly masturbating as he watched. Ben scooted back a bit so he could look at his dump too. It stacked up, stinking, about eight inches high. He looked up at Rodney and grinned sheepishly as they both got off on the size of the sophomore wrestler's massive shit.

"Fuck, that was so hot. You really had a lot in you, huh?" Rodney whispered.

"Yeah, I was saving it I guess." Ben looked up at Rodney and quietly asked, "Are you going to have diarrhea?"

"I think so. Is that Ok?" Rodney was shaking all over; he was so nervous and turned on.

"Yeah," Ben whimpered. "I wanna see it squirting out, Ok?"

Rodney nodded and said, hesitantly, "Ok."

"Don't be embarrassed. Just look at what I did." Ben scooted forward slightly and rested his hairy young testicles on top of his shit. He rotated his hips slightly so he could get some of his sticky, smelly dump on to his big sac.

So Rodney relaxed a bit and looked Ben in the eye as he said, "I'm gonna do it real soon."

"Yeah..." Ben moaned.

Rodney farted and felt a bit of liquid spurt from his big anus. All of a sudden, Rodney lost control, not just of his rectum but everything. A tall fountain of urine shot up and back onto the lanky, hairless swimmer's torso as his anus pushed out about two inches and started shooting a loud, thick stream of brown diarrhea straight at the hairy young wrestler. His two loads, both piss and liquid shit, shot out with huge force as Rodney gave in to the urge to let go.

Ben scooted a bit further forward so he could get the stream of brown diarrhea to splatter hard on his peach-fuzzy chest. But as Rodney's liquid dump kept ejecting out of his giant hole, Ben stood up slightly so he could get his crotch in the smelly brown spray.

Rodney bore down and pushed out harder as his wet brown dump splattered all over Ben's sexy upward curved erection. His big pubic bush was soaked in Rodney's loose crap as brown streams slid down Ben's strong wrestler thighs and off his balls onto the floor below.

As he finished shooting out his dump, Rodney's oversized anus farted real loud, echoing now in the empty, hot locker room. Ben watched the piss dripping off of Rodney. The tall, thin swimmer just kept pushing out and farting as the last few drips of brown diarrhea spurted from his loose hole.

"Fuck, dude," Ben whispered, "Your asshole is just hanging open. It doesn't want to close back up."

"It feels awesome," Rodney said.

As Rodney leaned back, squatting on the bench and propped by one arm on the lockers behind him, Ben leaned forward. He was running his right hand through the wet shit slop on his muscular, fuzzy young chest, covering his hand in Rodney's wet dump. With his hand shaking from nerves, Ben reached out and grasped the other boy's gigantic penis, sliding the smelly loose dump up and down the thick shaft. Rodney had never seen his penis so dirty and brown and he instantly loved it.

"My dick looks so good all dirty...," Rodney quietly stated.

"I'm going to suck you some more, Ok?" Ben asked. Rodney just nodded `yes.' Then Ben added, "You can push down on my head too, if you want."

Rodney reached out with his free hand and again gently pressed on the back of the shaggy blonde's thick hair. Ben licked the brown-stained dick shaft before quickly swallowing about half of Rodney's eleven inch boner. With his left hand, Ben traced his fingers all over the other boy's pulsating giant anus. It was wet with the last dripping bits of Rodney's liquid dump.

As Ben inserted three thick fingers into Rodney's rectum, the swim jock began to push down on Ben's head. Ben gagged hard as Rodney eased up. Again, Rodney thrilled to the feel of Ben's saliva sliding down his penis and dripping off his balls onto the bench and floor.

"Can I push harder?" Rodney softly asked.

With his mouth still full of Rodney's thick erection, Ben answered by reaching up with his dirty right hand and placing over Rodney's and pushing down. The swimmer's entire groin felt like an electric jolt went through it as he sensed what Ben was preparing to do.

So Rodney pushed down, gently at first but increasingly firmly. Ben started to gag but he didn't resist. Snot spurted from the wrestler's nose onto Rodney's deep pubic bush. Suddenly, Ben let out a loud gargling and retching sound as Rodney held his head steady, impaled on his long penis. All at once, Ben vomited. He hurled soupy orange puke all over Rodney's huge dick and sweaty, hairy crotch.

Rodney was literally shaking; he'd never experienced (or really even fantasized about) something as nasty as this. Ben pulled up a bit on Rodney's dick and then dove back down on the puke-coated shaft.

"Oh yeah," Rodney moaned excitedly. Ben heaved, gagged even louder and what seemed like at least a gallon of puke rocketed out of him and all over Rodney's naked lap. As he puked, Ben inserted another finger into Rodney's relaxed greasy anus. He was nearly fisting the barfed-on young jock.

With nearly his whole hand sawing in and out of the rubbery loose college boy asshole, Ben pulled up and off the puke-coated penis. Vomit and snot dripped from his face as he whispered, "Your turn..."

Rodney knew he was going to do it. The horny, erect swimmer needed to go all the way with the sexy wrestler. So he pulled his right hand off of Ben's head.

Staring into the young wrestler's eyes, Rodney nervously said, "I'm going to throw up on myself, Ok?"

Ben just nodded and whispered, "Yeah, do it. I want to watch you puke."

Rodney just moaned deliriously, "yeah...all over my dick. I'm gonna do it." He pushed all the fingers of his right hand into his mouth and crammed them down his throat as far as he could. He gagged and pulled back; he'd never done this before and had to get used to the idea of it. So Rodney pushed his hand back into his throat again.

The lanky naked young swimmer made a loud, long gargling sound as he felt his stomach heave really hard, straining his abdominal muscles. Then, as his retching sound increased even more, Rodney vomited all over his chest and crotch. He shoved his hand even harder into his mouth and threw up some more. This time, just like with Ben, even more chunky puke shot out of him and all over his giant penis.

Ben watched, stunned, as his uncut boner throbbed and his hand was jammed up the swimmer's diarrhea-slimy rectum. He'd never seen anything like this in his life and was verging on a huge orgasm.

Rodney looked down thinking his huge erection, of which he was always so proud and turned on, never looked sexier than when it had the two boys' puke dripping off of it. "Fuck that looks so hot..." Rodney moaned.

"I love it," Ben whispered back.

With his free right hand, Ben reached down and picked up a big piece of his huge turd pile and held it in front of his face. "Want to use my dump to jack off in?" Ben asked.

"Yeah," Rodney sighed. "Get it all over my dick."

So Ben smeared the thick, creamy shit all over Rodney's penis before reaching down and grabbing another big chunk for his own erect dick too. The two college boys began to masturbate while Ben began to fuck his hand in and out of Rodney's super-loose anus some more. It felt so awesome to Rodney, knowing that the friction all over his dick was caused by the other boy's thick turd.

Pretty soon, though, Rodney knew he needed more. "Stand up and let me suck you, Ok?" he asked.

Ben quickly pulled his hand out of Rodney's ass and stood up in front of the squatting swimmer. Ben thrust his tall, curved erection at Rodney, who leaned forward and put the shit-coated dick in his mouth. Almost immediately, Rodney got off on the nasty, bitter and metallic taste of Ben's dump. He sucked up and down for a good five minutes until almost all of the crap coating Ben's penis was now in Rodney's stomach.

So the skinny, tall swimmer pulled up off the dirty dick he'd been sucking and said, "I'm real close. Do you want to fuck me? I want to feel your sperm squirting in me, Ok?" He'd never been fucked before but he knew that he had to let the sexy wrestler ejaculate in him.

"Yeah," Ben moaned as he once again squatted down and lined up his uncut curved penis with Rodney's large, loose-hanging asshole.

"Let me have some more of your shit too," Rodney asked. Ben reached down and grabbed another big handful of his dump and raised it up. With his free right hand, Rodney took the mound of shit and, as Ben watched in total shock, crammed it in his open mouth. He didn't try to chew it or swallow it. Instead, Rodney just left his mouth hanging open as he furiously ran his tongue all over the turd.

Ben immediately grabbed most of the remaining load he'd crapped onto the locker room floor and put it in his mouth as he simultaneously inserted his boner into the upperclassman. The two college athletes were racing, it seemed, to get as unbelievably gross as possible.

So while Ben fucked Rodney hard and licked and chewed on his mouthful of shit, Rodney masturbated his own shit-covered dick. His hand slid up and down the full eleven inches faster and faster as he started taking the first bites of the dump in his mouth. As Rodney swallowed a big chunk of shit, he bore down and farted onto the hard dick lodged deep in his rectum. He moaned and the tall, shy swimmer began to ejaculate. Ben watched Rodney's dick spurt and was blown away. Rodney shot a thick column of sperm a good six feet into the air before aiming the next eight or so huge spurts onto Ben's face and chest.

Well, between watching Rodney's massive cumshot and feeling the huge fart on his dick, Ben was at the brink. He rapidly gathered up some of Rodney's still-shooting sperm and, reaching behind him, pushed it into his own wide-open asshole, coating his insides with the other boy's ball juice. Then, as Rodney's orgasm began to dissipate, Ben unloaded into the college swimmer's swollen rectum. Rodney could feel every heavy squirt on his ass walls as he moaned.

Well, the two boys were perfectly still as they came down slowly from their amazing sexual encounter. At first, they were each suddenly mortified at what they'd done and the huge mess they'd made. But as they made the first tentative eye contact, both Rodney and Ben broke out into awesome grins. The years of yearning and frustration had ended. They both realized that this was just the beginning of their sexual exploration and that there would be many more encounters to come. As Ben said, as they started to get up, "Next time let's piss in each other and drink it out."

Rodney just looked at him and replied, "Only after you let me take a dump on you. You haven't seen how big my turds get when I don't take laxatives!" Ben just smiled, knowing that the sexy tall swim jock was going to shit on him many more times. And Rodney knew that he was going to watch Ben take a dump on his lithe torso over and over as well.