CUM CUNT: Fit, muscular bottom slut. 29y/o, 5’11”, 185lbs, 7” cut. pierced ‘n’ inked, into public sex, groups, takin it up my ass or down my throat, need rough tops to breed me.

PISS PIG: 28 y/o pig bottom into public sex, groups, havin my holes filled with cum qnd piss


CUM CUNT: Hi pig. Nice profile. u busy?

PISS PIG: Hey cunt. Nah just cruisin’

CUM CUNT: How’s it goin?

PISS PIG: Not bad man - horny as usual

CUM CUNT: Not been gettin any?

PISS PIG: Yeah, but always wanting more

CUM CUNT: Know how u feel

PISS PIG: U been lucky lately?

CUM CUNT: Had a great night last night

PISS PIG: Tell me

CUM CUNT: Met up with a buddy - went to sex club.

PISS PIG: Nice - busy?

CUM CUNT: Fuck yeah man. Got home just an hour ago. 9 hours of gettin fucked.

PISS PIG: How many loads?

CUM CUNT: About 11 up my ass and sucked off a few

PISS PIG: Fuckin nice dude. BB?

CUM CUNT: Fuck yeah - the only way.

PISS PIG: Love it raw - loads of hot jizz up my cunt

CUM CUNT: Me too - feelin it droolin out down ur legs

PISS PIG: U get it often?

CUM CUNT: Often as I can - try to get out for some 3 times a week

PISS PIG: Tell me about last night.

CUM CUNT: Got there about 10. checked stuff at desk except for cutoffs, poppers, cigs and lighter.

CUM CUNT: Headed for back room

CUM CUNT: Pitch dark fuckin stinks of sex.

CUM CUNT: Dropped the cutoffs and bent over the bench, legs spread.

PISS PIG: Have to wait long?

CUM CUNT: Bout 30 seconds.


CUM CUNT: Fingers at my hole

CUM CUNT: Lubed before I left home, so they just slid in.

PISS PIG: He fuck u?

CUM CUNT: Yeah. Straight in, balls deep

PISS PIG: Big dick?

CUM CUNT: Not bad - had bigger, but had smaller too - just comfortable


CUM CUNT: Buddy was bent over beside me gettin it too

PISS PIG: Wow both of u


PISS PIG: Hot. Cum in u?

CUM CUNT: Yeah first for the night and I was there only 10 mins

PISS PIG: Fuckin aye

CUM CUNT: Pulled out and left Bud’s fucker was still goin Reached over and felt his ass. All wet and slimy

PISS PIG: You fuck him?

CUM CUNT: Nah. Don’t fuck often. just got down and ate him.


CUM CUNT: Juicy hole. musta been fucked a few times. opened up real easy. got a taste of the cum.

PISS PIG: Love that taste of cum and ass juice.

PISS PIG: Like it laced with piss too.

CUM CUNT: Fuck yeah dude.

PISS PIG: U do much piss?

CUM CUNT: Been known to. there’s a park near where i live fuckin busy restroom at night

PISS PIG: got one like that near me too busy early in the evening

PISS PIG: guys on the way home from work - quick suck job then home to wife and kids

CUM CUNT: Where r u?


CUM CUNT: shit SoCal here

PISS PIG: fuck

CUM CUNT: yeah i’d love to get together with u in that rest room

PISS PIG: fuck yeah - standin fuckin naked at the trough asses greased waitin for cock to fuck us

CUM CUNT: bent over legs spread so our holes are pushed out

CUM CUNT: clenchin and relaxin our holes so they wink at the guys who come in

PISS PIG: lettin ‘em know what we want

CUM CUNT: guys come in and see us and just ram their cocks up our cunts

pound our fuckin holes

CUM CUNT: don’t care who as long as their hard cocks pump our pussies

CUM CUNT: and fuck their hot loads into us.

PISS PIG: yeah - pull out and make room for more cock

PISS PIG: after a few loads u get on ur hands and knees and i get behind u and start suckin that juice outta ur butt

CUM CUNT: while another guy shoves his cock up ur ass

PISS PIG: fuck yeah. big black guy - fuckin monster cock

CUM CUNT: cum oozin out round his meat

CUM CUNT: runnin down ur legs

PISS PIG: he blows his load up me then pulls out and i turn round to suck his cock clean while u eat my hole

CUM CUNT: so fuckin gapin i get my tongue deep up u - so fuckin hot and tasty

PISS PIG: black guy start pissin down my throat. swallowin and gulpin it down then he pulls his cock out and finishes up pissin all over us

CUM CUNT: guys see him pissin on us and join him

PISS PIG: soakin our hair and pissin all over our faces

CUM CUNT: stinkin piss runnin down our bodies

PISS PIG: lean forward and lick the piss off ur face

CUM CUNT: another guy shoves his cock up my ass - fuckin blows up me then pisses in me

PISS PIG: when he pulls out i lie on the floor and u sit on my face and shit the piss and cum outta ur cunt into my mouth - so fuckin hot

CUM CUNT: then i lie beside u on the fuckin filthy floor and we kiss and share his piss and cum in our mouths

PISS PIG: lyin on the scummy floor in pools of piss and guys standin over us pissin and cummin over our slimy bodies

CUM CUNT: fuckin rollin round like the pigs we are

PISS PIG: wallowin in the filth and gruntin like pigs

CUM CUNT: takin piss and cum up our cunts and down our throats for hours

PISS PIG: truck pulls up outside and guys scatter

PISS PIG: two guys come in to clean the restroom - see us lyin there covered in piss and cum - assholes gapin and drippin

CUM CUNT: they pull out their cocks and piss on us, then shove them in our mouths to suck the last drops out

CUM CUNT: get ‘em hard and they fuck us

lPISS PIG: last loads of the night - then turn the hose on us to wash us down

PISS PIG: find our shorts put ‘em on and stagger out into daylight

CUM CUNT: head home for some sleep so we can do it again tonight

PISS PIG: fuck yeah

CUM CUNT: ur a real nasty pig dude

PISS PIG: u too - ain’t it great

CUM CUNT: the best.

PISS PIG: gotta go man thanks for that

CUM CUNT: my pleasure - gotta do it again sometime

PISS PIG: i’ll look for u

CUM CUNT: me too - take care buddy

PISS PIG: u too - bye for now


(PISS PIG leaves the room)