Copyright by the author 2004

The usual legal disclaimers apply. This is a fantasy - a total fantasy. It involves homosexual sex between consenting adults, and to a large extent scat. If such a topic offends you, please go no further. Otherwise - enjoy.



OK so I was a late bloomer. At the age of twenty-three, I still had not fucked. I had been going with my girlfriend since high school and we had never gotten past my groping and feeling her. (She wouldn’t touch me!) I sucked her tits and rubbed her cunt, and that’s about as far as it went. I was so naive that I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. Admittedly this was in the early sixties before the sexual revolution, the pill and women’s lib, and I assumed that all my buddies were in the same boat. I don’t know to this day if they were.

In the late sixties she took the obligatory trip to Europe, and I moved interstate, staying with relations for the first two years. I’d met this girl at work and we started going out (she was only seventeen, but experienced!) and I eventually fucked her. It was in the back seat of my car, and being six foot two, it wasn’t the most satisfying experience, in fact, if I remember correctly I lost my hardon mid-fuck and my condom started to slip off. (Yes, in those days condoms were the only means of birth control).

Anyway we went out together for about three years. I got to fuck her a few times - she lived with her parents, so our chances were fairly rare - but it was never the world shattering experience I was led to believe it was. By this time I had bought an apartment, and was living by myself, but our relationship was beginning to fade and I only had her home a few times. We lived a fair way apart, and I would take her out and then drive her home, sometimes staying the night, but most times groping for a while then driving home.

I was not so naive that I did not know about sex between men. In fact I used to enjoy going to public restrooms and reading the graffiti on the walls, and checking out guys through glory holes, but I never did anything about it. One night I decided to go out and see what man-man sex was all about. I went to the nearest toilet that I knew was active (on the beach front) and sat in my car for about an hour getting the nerve to make the move. Many cars came and went with guys going into the toilet and out again later. The car would head off, and return about fifteen minutes later and the same procedure repeated.

Finally I got out of my car and wandered along the beach front. Out of the range of the lights in the parking lot there was this guy standing looking at the ocean. He was about five feet nine and stocky. I stopped a little way from him and stared out to the ocean, keeping him in the corner of my eye. He kept glancing in my direction, and finally spoke.(Later I realised it was one of the standard pick-up lines used). We got into a conversation and started to walk further away from the lights into the dark night. I was excited and when he touched my crotch I sprang the hardest hardon of my life to that point. I came close to cumming, but somehow managed to contain myself.

I reached over and rubbed his cock through his jeans. He was also hard. Not knowing the etiquette in such a situation I followed his movements. He unzipped me and pulled out my cock, then led me by the cock back into some bushes, where he went down on his knees and started to suck me. I had never had such an experience. Jenny’s lips (on the rare occasion I could get her to suck me) never had the power to excite me so much.

He pulled off me and stood up, and asked if I wanted to go home with him. I didn’t know where home was and I didn’t care; I said “Yes”. He said that there was one small problem - he had a lover who was down on the beach playing with a dog. I said that was no problem, so we went back to the parking lot. His lover came up from the beach and we introduced ourselves and set off for their home. He came with me while his lover drove their car.

That night I was fucked. Not only was I fucked by both of them, I was fucked by both of them together. Their cocks were not that big, and I had no trouble in taking them both. I HAD FOUND MY VOCATION!!! Over the next few years I used to visit them regularly for a night of sex, and also expanded my horizons. I learned to fuck and suck with the best of them, in restrooms, cruising areas, steam baths. In fact I became a regular sex slut. All I wanted was to have a hard cock up my ass. For a while even my work suffered, but I soon got that under control


Time went on. I had a number of lovers, and a hell of a lot more one nighters. I loved sex, and used to haunt the steam baths, rest rooms and back rooms. I became more and more of an exhibitionist. I loved guys watching me being fucked and taking on a group of guys. No matter how many I had I usually still wanted more. I remember one night at a steam bath a guy fucked me in the bunk room area then held me bent over while he invited anyone to use my ass. I received nineteen loads that night from sixteen different guys. The feeling of having a gut full of cum squelching when I moved, and leaking out to run down my legs was beyond anything I could imagine.

One night I was at a sex club which had a sling set up in a public area. A guy was in the sling and another guy in leather chaps was fisting him. Photos of fisting had always turned me on, so to see it in real life sent my cock into a state of hardness rivalling my first time. I moved closer and started playing with the nipples and cock of the fister. He looked at me, saw my hardon and reached for it. Drawing me closer, he forced my cock into the guy in the sling, wrapped his hand around it and proceeded to jerk me off inside the guy’s ass. Needless to say I didn’t last very long before I came - and came and came. My mind was spinning and I decided that that was my ultimate goal - to be the guy in the sling.

It took quite a number of years, but finally I made it into what I thought was the big time. Meanwhile I was getting a reputation as a proficient handball top, but still had the need to be on the receiving end. After I made it I was proud to flag red right (still am!), and set about to learn as much about taking a hand as I could - experimenting, reading, and generally asking around. The first lesson I learned was that most handball tops prefer to work on an ass that has been thoroughly cleaned out, so I read up on enemas, douching, and pre-handball preparation in general. I found that rather than being just a necessary part of preparation it became an exciting experience in itself - feeling that water filling my guts, holding it as long as I can then expelling it would get me hard. I found that watching the water and shit shooting out my ass became as important as the reason I was douching. I moved from the toilet to the bath to clean out, and was fascinated by the nastiness of my thoughts as lumps of shit slid down the bath to the plug hole,


A few weeks ago I was at one of our sex clubs, in my usual position - lying back in a sling putting my feet up! - when this guy I knew slightly came in and started to play with my ass. He’d fisted me before and was good - one of those guys who likes to take his time, and tease you for some time before making his move. He lubed my ass and played with my ring for about fifteen minutes - occasionally jabbing a finger or two up my hole until I was practically screaming for him to shove his hand in. All the time he was just smiling at me, knowing full well what he was doing to my mind.

I was going out of my brain with the tension. When he decided the time was right he slowly eased his hand into me - or tried to. My ass had a mind of its own and just sucked him in. It felt so good. He slowly started playing with my hole, vibrating his hand, twisting it, jiggling his fingers, generally having a good time while my ass was feeling better and better. All the time he was easing his hand further up my ass, until he was about midway between wrist and elbow, where he met an obstruction.

He looked at me and I knew what he had found. I was embarrassed, and started to apologise.

“Don’t worry, it's no big deal. As they say, shit happens. As a matter of fact I’m into brown. Have you ever had any experience with shit?”

This set my mind reeling. I had never met anyone who admitted to being into scat, but the knowledge that he was did not disgust me, but turned me on.

“No but I’ve been fascinated by scat for some time. I enjoy reading stories involving scat and like watching my shit shoot out of my ass when I douche. I have fantasised about a shit scene, especially one involving fisting, and get turned on reading about guys fisting a shitty ass. I’ve never met anyone before who I could talk to about it. All the guys I have played with seem revolted by the fact that there may be some residue up my ass.”

All this time his fingers were playing with the shit in my ass. I could feel it slowly moving down through me and he said he had it in his hand and was going to pull it out of me, and just to relax. I did, and slowly he withdrew. After he got to the widest part of his hand, where normally it would just slide out, he turned it palm up and resisted my urge to expel his hand. I looked in the overhead mirror and watched him slowly extract his hand with my shit lying cupped in his palm, and I came. Blew everywhere. It was so dirty and nasty that I started hyperventilating and spasming and shaking with the grossness of what we had just done, and how much I loved it!

He looked at my shit, and I wondered what he was going to do with it, but he just took some paper and wrapped it around the log and threw it in the trash bin. He wiped his hands on another piece of paper and and then sat on a stool.

“Did you enjoy watching that?”

“Do you need to ask? That was one of the most incredible sights of my life.”

“There are more guys around who are into scat than you might think. We just don’t flag brown, for obvious reasons. I am a member of a club, well actually more a group of friends who are into scat, and we meet every couple of months for a play party. One of the guys has built a play room in the basement of his house, where we meet. It’s designed purely for dirty play.”

Last week he rang me to see if I was interested in playing with the group. Last night we played. I got to the address early, and sat outside in the car, much like my first gay encounter - talk about deja vu. I watched as the guys arrived. I saw my friend arrive and about ten other guys, including one guy I knew quite well, but did not know he was into scat, and a couple of guys I’d seen around the traps. I finished my cigarette, and crossed the road and knocked on the door. My friend opened it and ushered me in.

The guys were sitting around having a beer and chatting, as I was introduced. The guy I knew looked up and smiled knowingly. (He told me later that he thought I would be interested but didn’t know how to approach the subject). I was offered a drink which I gulped down to calm my nerves. My friend had explained that I was a virgin, and they were all very nice, and did their best to make me feel at ease. Then our host suggested we all go down to the play room. When we got downstairs, we went into a sort of locker room with two showers and pegs to hang our clothes. After stripping off we went through another door into the playroom.

The room was painted black with down lights which bathed the area in small spots of light and mirrors on the walls. A few candles burned in brackets on the walls. The room was heated slightly, and there were slings, mattresses covered in rubber, stools and various other pieces of furniture, most of them situated strategically under the down lights Toys, paper towels and lube were also strategically placed around the room. The floor sloped gently to one corner where there was a drain hole.

My friend came over to me and took me in his arms and kissed me, with his body rubbing against mine and his cock wedged between us. Suddenly I felt a moist warmth on my stomach and I realised he was pissing on me. This got me aroused, and my dick hardened between his thighs. His hand ran down my back and started massaging my ass, as his fingers slid into my crack and started playing with my hole. I followed suit, and soon we were gently finger fucking each other. He had suggested that I try to avoid shitting for a few days, to keep as much as I could in me, and as his finger penetrated my ass I knew that he would find it full of shit. I found the same with his ass.

Meanwhile, all around me guys were pissing on each other, fingering each other’s assholes and rimming each other. The sounds of sex were getting louder and louder. On one of the mattresses one guy was lying down while another was sitting on his face, being eaten out and a third was sitting on his cock fucking himself, I could see brown streaks running out of his ass and down the cock of the guy he was being fucked by. Then another guy lay on his stomach and started to lick the cock and balls as it slid in and out of the shitty ass, and still another one started fucking him. A daisy chain was being set up.

The guy sitting on the first guy’s face raised his ass and I could see a long log slowly descending into the ass eater’s mouth. As he raised higher the log extended, until there was about six or seven inches of turd hanging from his asshole. The ass eater’s tongue was wrapped around the log and he was licking and sucking the turd like it was a big cock. The guy on top moved forward and the log dropped from his ass and landed on his chin and trailed over onto his neck and upper chest. The shitter immediately sat back down on his shit and squashed it all over the shit-eaters face, while his cock and balls were being smeared by the shit from the guy he was fucking

My friend and I moved over to the mattress next to the daisy chain group and started to sixty-nine. His mouth soon moved to my ass and he began licking and sucking on it to get my load. When he raised his head there were traces of my shit around his mouth. He turned about and kissed me. I could taste my shit on his mouth - my first taste of shit! - I loved it. I got him on his knees and spread his ass cheeks. His hole was ringed with thick black hair which was matted with shit. The smell was overpowering and my mind went into overdrive. I burrowed my face in his ass, licking and sucking on that filthy hole. I was getting a taste of his shit. My tongue was being covered with shit that had been loosened by my spit. The smell was better than any poppers I had ever sniffed. My tongue started probing further, and soon I hit pay dirt. Sloppy, dirty, nasty stinking pay dirt!!

I went wild. Started grunting like a feral pig, forcing my tongue up his rectum as far and hard as I could. He relaxed his hole and shit started to ooze out, My mouth clamped around the turd as I sucked and licked it. I couldn’t get enough.

While I was busy diving for brown gold, I felt someone at my ass. I relaxed my hole and soon felt a thick cock sliding into me. I knew it was plowing through three days worth of shit, and I felt so full I didn’t know if I could hold it in me, or if I was going to dump the lot. Suddenly, I felt him stiffen and he blew a hot load of cum up my ass. He pulled out and moved to stand beside my face. I knew what he wanted and he knew what I wanted, so I removed my mouth from my friend’s ass and turned to swallow the guy’s cock.

“Oh, yeah, suck my filthy dick. Clean your shit off my cock. Take that shitty mess. Oh that feels good. Fuckin’ shit virgin sucking my stinking cock.”

My mouth was sliding back and forth on his pole, my tongue swirling around to get all the filth from him. My shit, my ass juice and his cum. What a fuckin’ aphrodisiac! I slurped and sucked and chewed on that cock until it was squeaky clean. When I released his cock he bent to kiss me, so we could both taste what we had given each other. His tongue probed my mouth searching for all the stink I had taken from him.

I then returned to my friend, raised myself on to my knees and shoved my rock hard cock into him, and began to fuck like crazy. Fucking a shit filled ass was something else.

“Oh man, your ass feels great. So fuckin’ dirty.”

It felt slimy and gritty, and watching my cock become more and more shit stained brought me to a rapid orgasm. I think I screamed as I unloaded what seemed to be my biggest load of cum ever up his smelly ass. I pulled out and he turned around and devoured my cock, just as I had done a few minutes before, while another guy went down on him and began to lick and suck my cum and his shit from his ass.

As I lay there with my cock being sucked clean, the guy who had been lying next to me rolled over and sat on my chest and started to piss on me. I opened my mouth and he aimed his flow into it. As I gulped down his piss I felt something on my chest, and realised he was shitting on me at the same time. My cock sprang up hard so quickly, that I nearly choked my friend who was still sucking me. He spluttered and pulled off, saw what was happening and. reached forward to take the guy’s turd in his hand and smear it all over my stomach and pubes, then licked his hand clean. The feeling was incredible. Hot steamy shit being spread all over my body.

The guy who shit on me started to slide back and forward on me spreading his shit further, then turned around to sit on my face. His ass was completely covered with shit. My tongue reached up to clean his ass, as he descended. Soon my nose and mouth were lodged in his ass crack and my tongue was forcing its way up his hole sucking more shit out. When he lifted off me my face was covered with his shit. I looked across at a mirror and saw myself. Smeared from head to crotch in shit. It looked so nasty, I felt so nasty, I was really enjoying myself.

I looked around the room. I wasn’t the only guy in this state. Most ot the guys were shit smeared. We looked as though we had body painted ourselves, but only had brown body paint. Over to one side one guy was lying on the floor under a rim seat while another was sitting shitting on him. I was fascinated - the log extending from his ass was about eight inches long and thick and dark brown. How it didn’t break I don’t know, but it reached the mouth of the guy under him, and he was licking and sucking for all he was worth.

“Eat it .man. Eat my smelly turd.”

The guy immediately bit into the turd, quickly chewed and swallowed, then put his lips around the rest to take another bite. Within a short time the whole turd was in his mouth. I could see his cheeks bulging, as he got up and kissed the guy who shit for him. They were passing his shit between them and when they had finished their kiss their faces from nose to chin were covered, and the sloppy shit was dripping onto their chests and stomachs.

My friend came over to me and led me over to one of the slings.

“I think it’s about time to make your dream come true. Hop up.”

I got into the sling, put my legs in the stirrups, and lay back. There was a mirror on the ceiling, angled slightly so that I could see my asshole clearly, although it was so shit covered I couldn’t see much. He started to work on my ass. Using the shit for lube he slowly inserted one finger, and as he brought it back out he smeared the shit from my ass on the hole for more lube. I realised that he was going to lube me up with my own shit. He graduated to two then three fingers, and was pulling shit out of my ass which he spread around my hole and over his hand and arm. Then he went for it - his hand slid up my hole and I could feel it sliding through the shit up there. My ass felt pretty full before, but now it was jam packed. His fingers started to push my shit back up into me. I watched his arm disappearing up my rectum, and re-emerging, each time covered more and more with my shit, Occasionally I would have to fart, but instead of air coming out shit would spray from around his arm and splatter over him. He looked as though he has been sprayed by a very fine nozzle spray gun.

After we’d played for about fifteen minutes, he slowly pulled out and moved around me to give me his hand. I lifted my head and started to lick his hand clean. My shit and my ass juice covered his hand and half his forearm. While I was licking his fingers, another guy come over and started on his arm . Together we worked our way towards each other, till we met just above his wrist, and indulged in a wet sloppy kiss.

“Good shit man - real tasty. You’ve got to let me get in there later.”

“Sure, only if you let me into your hole too.”

“Any time, man, anytime.”

I got out of the sling and wandered over the the icebox for a beer. I needed a break. As I sat watching the scene, the decadence and sleaziness of it got to me. The smell of piss, cum, sweat and shit was really heady and my senses were reeling. My cock was hard and my ass was itching for more action. I was watching fifteen guys slipping and sliding over each others’ shitty, pissy bodies. My body was covered in shit, the mattress I sat on was shit smeared, and I knew what was meant by wallowing in shit.

I got up, went over to a cupboard, took out one of the dildoes and went back to the mattress. Lying back on the mattress I took the dildo and slowly slid it up my ass, I could feel the resistance caused by my shit but I persisted and soon I had about fifteen inches of it in me. I started fucking myself with the huge toy, and as I was sliding it in and out I felt the need to piss, so I relaxed and let it flow. It arched up and splattered on my chest. I took my cock in my other hand and directed the stream to my open mouth. I closed my eyes and revelled in the feeling. The flow dwindled but my mouth was still filling up. I opened my eyes and saw the guy I knew standing beside me pissing into my open mouth. he smiled - white teeth surrounded by a brown shitty mouth.

“I’ve always wanted to do this with you.”

“I can’t say I’ve always wanted to do this with you, but I have always wanted to have sex with you. Up until tonight I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do this at all.”

“Move over.”

I slid, literally, over the mattress, and he lay down beside me, still pissing, now over both of us. His hand reached down to my ass and he pulled out the dildo, brought it up between us and we both began licking and sucking on it, like sharing a chocolate ice cream. Our arms wrapped around each other, and we lay together hugging and kissing and sharing our shitty spit. We were both hard again, so we let the dildo fall between us and grabbed each others’ smelly cocks and jerked each other for a while, Then our hands reached under to each others’ asses and we scooped shit out and fed it to each other. We started giggling like little kids, playing with our shit like children making mud pies.

Then he turned about so that we could sixty-nine and we started sucking. His hand went to my ass and mine to his. I started sliding my fingers up his ass, and he followed suit. Before long we were fisting each other, and playing in each others’ shit while we continued sucking, It wasn’t long before I knew I was going to cum. My balls retracted and my cock grew harder and thicker and I blasted a load in his mouth. This set him off and he filled my mouth with his juice. He pulled his hand out of my ass, spun around and planted his lips on mine. My cum was still in his mouth (and his was in mine) so we spent a few minutes swapping our cum back and forth, mixing a sperm cocktail which we swallowed, while our shitty hands caressed our bodies. Then we lay and cuddled.

I think we must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew we were being showered by more piss. We looked around and six of the guys were standing around us pissing on us. We ground our bodies together (piss is wonderfully slippery, especially when mixed with shit,) and slid all over the mattress It felt wonderful, slipping and sliding while golden rain was falling on us. We both managed to drink a couple of mouthfuls. Two of the guys then bent down and proceeded to lick the shit and piss from our bodies, then kissed us so we could taste ourselves in their mouths.

We heard a commotion over the other side of the room and got up to investigate. Three of the guys were having a race. They had all got on a big table and dropped a load each, then knelt on the table and had to push their shit to the other end of the table with their noses. The other guys were standing around the table egging them on. A guy named Ralph won. His turd was dark and hard, while the others were softer. He gave his a push and it rolled about halfway down the table in one go. The other two had to go much more slowly. As a prize he got to lick the shit off the faces of the other two, and they had to lick up the shit they had smeared on the table.

The guy who had shared my shit from the arm of my friend who had fisted me in the sling came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

“I want more of your tasty turds.”

“Fine. Where do you want to go?”

“Have you tried the rimming chair?”


“Then let’s go.”

He lay down on the floor, and I placed the chair over his face and sat down. My ass was only about an inch from his mouth, and as soon as I sat I felt his tongue licking around my hole. He started sighing and moaning as his tongue worked on me. His cock was hard and stood straight up from his groin. Another guy saw us and came over and sat down on his cock, leaned forward and took my hard cock in his mouth. My licker started humping into the ass of the guy, while his tongue tried to penetrate my hole. I relaxed my hole and his tongue worked its way up me. I know there was still a lot of shit up there, and I could feel it slowly sliding down, aided by the incredible suction of the mouth wrapped around my ring.

My ring expanded and I knew a log was dropping into his mouth. I heard him groan and felt his lips and tongue moving as he licked and sucked on the turd. Then he bit it off, took his lips from my hole and started chewing it. I clenched my ass muscles to hold the rest of the shit in me, and immediately came in the mouth of my sucker. Meanwhile, my shit eater jerked and came in the ass of the guy sitting on him, and the guy came all over his chest and stomach. He then lifted himself off the cock and as it emerged it was covered with an incredible amount of slime. I leant forward off the rim seat and down onto the cock, sucking it to the balls into my mouth. The flavour was wonderful. I looked up at the guy whose ass had just vacated this cock and smiled.

“You’re getting a real cocktail there man. At least six different loads of cum, my ass juices and three different lots of shit that have been forced up my ass. How dies it taste?”

I lifted my face off the cock “Fuckin’ terrific. Come on down and try it.”

“M-m-m-m very nice. Maybe we should bottle it.”

“If only.” I laughed and we went back to finishing our cleaning job. My shit-eater, meanwhile sat up and bent forward to clean up my ass.

I looked around for my friend, and saw him with another guy on one of the mattresses in a sixty-nine ass-lick. I went over to them and realised that they were both asleep, their tongues firmly embedded in their asses. I looked around only to discover that a number of the guys had left and a few others were also asleep on various mattresses. My other friend was lying alone on a mattress sleepily eyeing what action was still going. Our host was still busy eating the ass of a young guy, while a couple of guys were involved in a noisy sloppy fuck in the sling. I ambled over to my friend and lay down beside him.

“Do you have any idea what the time is?”

“About six.”

“Six o’clock!” We’d been playing for about eight hours! “No wonder everyone is exhausted.”

“Well almost everyone.” He put his arm around me and drew me to him, my back to his chest. I felt his hard cock against my ass, so I reached back and guided it to my hole. He slid in and let out a long sigh. I closed my eyes and we slept.