The Park Toilet, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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“Are you sure about this, kid?” the man asked, his expression one of concern as the curly haired brunette nodded his answer. The youngster was panting so heavily that his naked form was heaving, his mouth wide open as he tilted his face up from beneath the man in the stall.

Outside the park restroom, the gentle beating of a steady rainfall was the only sound that could be heard at 7:45 on Saturday morning. In the corner, the youngster's clothes lay in a heap, just inches from a puddle of accumulated piss that was slowly inching toward them from the base of the toilet.

Giving in, the man gave a single nod and squatted down just far enough to settle his firm ass over the mouth of the breathless 13 year old, who had all but begged for this to happen. He gave a firm push, listening as the cute boy let loose with a throaty moan. As the crackle of an emerging turd filled both of their ears, the smell of shit inundated the stall and the man nearly backed out at the last possible second.

It was the touch of the young turd burglar beneath him that convinced the man to go through with it. Indeed, as soon as the brown turd began to emerge through the tight pucker of the man who was squatting over his opened mouth, 13 year old Lucas acted in kind. With a decadent smile on his young face, the horny boy reached out with his hands and parted his feeders cheeks, anxious to expedite his feeding. As the powerful stink of the growing shit log filled the stall, the boy felt overwhelmed with lust and raised his body far enough to hasten the moment that the bulbous tip made contact with his tongue.

From above, the man realized that he'd reached the point of no return. His turd was on its way out, and even if he wanted to, there was no way to reverse course. He almost expected the boy to snap out of his spell as soon as the odor of his brown loaf filled the air. The youngster seemed so determined to accept a shit log when he first propositioned the man, but at some point, he expected the cutie to back out. Looking between his legs, the man spotted a boy sized boner that looked like a statue as it stood straight up between Lucas' legs, revealing the youngster's smooth ball sack. At its base was a tiny patch of curly pubes that were matted with precum that was running down the boy's four inch erection.

When the turd pinched off, he turned to look over his shoulder, still expecting to see a look of regret on Lucas' cute face. Instead, he realized that he was staring into the transfixed eyes of a boy who was enjoying his meal. The youngster was currently using his fingertips to cram a large portion of the impressive turd into his mouth through his smiling lips. Grinning up at his feeder with sparkling eyes, the young cutie chewed his gift with moans of desire, then he swallowed it all in one impressive gulp. Licking his lips, Lucas gave the man a hopeful, almost needy stare, prompting him to nod and squat back over the boy's watering mouth.

For his efforts, Lucas was rewarded with a long, slender turd that filled his mouth to the brim before pinching off, then he chewed and swallowed with more soft moans. When there was no more shit to eat, the boy begged for a mouthful of hot piss, and the stranger happily obliged. After taking a full bladder of his feeder's piss load, the boy dutifully licked the man's ass crack clean, then he indulged in a long, pleasure filled sniff of his brown eye that filled him with more desire.

Getting up from his spot on the floor, the horny boy promptly bent over and presented his rear end to the man for fucking. While the man was getting off in his rear end, the boy held onto the toilet and moaned, his own pleasure explosive as the taste of shit and piss danced on his palate. When he felt his bottom being seeded, his own boyish erection fired off three strands of cum that landed on the restroom floor.

Seeing that the rain had picked up outside, 13 year old Lucas felt incredibly lucky as he watched the man hike his pants and leave. It was 11am and the boy was sitting on the commode, his boy boner still standing straight up as he bid his last visitor of the morning farewell. He was concerned that the rain would spell an early end to his shift, but his fortunes took a bright turn right away. Shortly after his early morning feeder zipped up and left, Lucas was back on the floor of the last stall as the deliciously wicked aroma of shit swirled around his smiling face.

A familiar feeder had come by and dropped trough, eager to leave a pile of turds in the young toilet. Knowing exactly what to expect when he walked into the park restroom at 8:30 in the morning, the man was greeted by the scent of a recently departed feeder for the boy and the site of the cute boy scraping shit smears from around his mouth. When he appeared, the horny brunette grinned and dropped to his knees, assuming his natural position as he opened wide, eager for another brown deposit.

“I've gotta take a really bad crap, buddy,” the man said, prompting the horny boy to moan with anticipation. “Do you think you can handle it?”

“Uh huh,” the boy panted, then the man's ass came to rest on his face. Seconds later, his cheeks bulged tight and his lips barely closed around the massive load that he received in an instant. Getting up to watch the show, the man gushed at the site of the eager shit lover macerating his load with a greedy smile. When it was down, the man squatted back over the cutie and released two more turds, each one impressive in length and girth as they filled the boy's mouth. When his brown meal was down, the man aimed his prick into the boys opened mouth and pissed as hard as he needed to. The youngster was wearing a decadent smile as his mouth filled up with foamy piss, then he swallowed while the stream hit him in the face, soaking his brown curls and spraying his clothes.

While he was licking the man's ass clean, Lucas enjoyed the sensation of having a series of hot farts blown in his mouth and nose. The 13 year old found himself moaning and thanking the man for each fart, loving their stink and their heat as it danced around his grinning face. After a luscious afterglow filled with deep ass licks and long, indulgent sniffs, the boy bent over the toilet, unbearably horny for some back door action. As the man was running his long pole back and forth in his ass, Lucas shot another load all over the bathroom floor. When the man pulled out at the last minute, the horny 13 year old dropped to his knees and opened wide, taking his top's load all over his face and in his mouth.

Before he left the boy, the man fired another piss load all over him, then he playfully shot a stream of piss into Lucas' clothes. When he walked out of the restroom Lucas took a seat on the toilet and sighed contentedly, dreaming of another feeder. As it turned out, he didn't have long to wait.

Because at 10am, just 20 minutes after his last feeder walked out, the boy was back on the floor, accepting a long, thick turd that was lined with deep cracks. As soon as the man above him felt it pinch off, he turned and unleashed his piss load all over the horny boy, who was chewing and smashing his mouthful with a dreamy smile on his cute, shit smeared face. When his bladder was empty, the man jerked off in the boy's smiling face, the sight of the boy enjoying a mouthful of shit all he needed to achieve his fast climax. Before he could swallow, the man began to spunk off and Lucas opened wide, taking a thick puddle of cum in his already shit filled mouth, then he swallowed it all with a satisfied sigh.

Ten minutes later, his final feeder came in and pulled him up at the hips, anxious to fuck a sizzling load into his horny bottom. After butt fucking the boy, the man squatted over his glowing face and dropped a trio of massive shit logs into his turd repository. When the first turd pinched off, he watched the young toilet chew and swallow with a blissful expression and resolved to fuck him one more time. When the second turd pinched off, he heard the boy moaning with nothing but pleasure and felt his balls boil with cum. When the final turd fell to a safe landing in the 13 year old's mouth, he gave his feeder a thankful smile and sniffed his fingers while he chewed and smashed the massive loaf with his tongue.

This was all the incentive the man needed to pump another load up the boy's ass right away. As soon as the brown mouthful was swallowed, the man bent the boy over the toilet and fucked him to two furious anal orgasms. As 13 year old Lucas was enjoying his second climax in a row, the man felt the turd burglar's rear end clamp down over and over and blew a pent up load that filled the horny boy's ass to the brim. When he pulled out and let the remainder of his load drool across the boy's ass cheeks, he heard the youngster cooing with pleasure. While the horny boy was still bent over the toilet with his ass in the air, the man zipped up and left with plans to return the next morning.

The rain was still falling when Lucas got the text from his mother that lunch was ready. He picked his clothes up from the floor where he had haphazardly tossed them in his haste to receive his first load and took note of the fact that they reeked of dried piss. He pressed his nose into them and took a long, enjoyable sniff, then he eagerly put them on. Upon hiking his pants, the horny boy made his way to the mirror and did his best to clean up. His curls were matted with shit and still soaked with pockets of piss that they were holding onto. Realizing that there was no way to sort himself out so that his family wouldn't detect his naughty deeds of the day, the boy sighed and walked out of the bathroom.

When he reached the edge of the park, he crossed the quiet residential street just as the front door of a two story house in front of him opened. A lady in the doorway was giving him an expectant look as he made his approach, then the dark odor of shit and the pissy smell in his clothes poured into her nose. Taking a few sniffs, she raised an eyebrow at her boy as he looked up at her with a remorseful pout.

“I see you've had a busy morning, honey,” she noted, and he nodded his confession. “Well, lunch is ready, Lucas. You need to get upstairs and get in the tub. I'll send daddy up to deal with you.”

Yes mommy,” the little boy said, the powerful odor of shit rolling off of him as he breezed past his mother. Closing the door, his mother watched as the boy made his way up the stairs, leaving an odorous tail behind him as he made his way to the bathroom. When he turned the light on, he smiled when he realized that his mom had prepared the bathtub for him. He quickly stripped and got in, crawling under the rim seat that she'd put in place just in time for the door to open and his daddy to walk in with a newspaper tucked under his arm. Dropping his pants and taking a seat, the man got comfortable while Lucas opened wide and let loose with a horny moan.

Are you ready for a big lunch, buddy?”

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