The Party Pooper, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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The house was bustling with chatter and activity, filled with laughter and good times that Riley could hear from the tub. Soda and gossip were flowing freely while hors d`oeuvres were laid out on every table and counter in the house. There was a warm glow that seemed to encase the two story house from outside, and that warmth was spilling into the otherwise tranquil downstairs bathroom.

Indeed, as 15 boys socialized around the house, Riley found himself in the tub, smiling up at the rear end of a cute 14 year old named Casey. He was moaning softly, listening as the loud crackle of a descending turd practically echoed off of the cold bathtub floor. Normally there would be a chaperon keeping order in the house of young Ian McGregor, but his mother and father were out for the evening. Placing their trust in their young son was an easy choice for the pair, as they had done it so many times before. In fact, they trusted him enough to book an all night excursion on a river boat that would have them home after midnight this evening.

This was a happy turn of events for 12 year old Ian. It was an even happier turn of events for Riley, who quickly became the primary attraction for the evening. Most happily for all of the boys, Riley's lubed up rear end was in a particularly aroused condition when he arrived earlier in the evening, and he quickly lost his pants in the living room. While he was taking hot cocks in the ass, the boy offered up his mouth as a warm, welcoming place for boys to get their rocks off anytime that they wanted. His reward for this offer was an almost 90 minute split roast that ended when he announced that he would be receiving feeders in the bathroom for the rest of the night.

Which was how the boy found himself grinning up at the expanding hole of Casey, one of the many boys who had been summoned to the McGregor house. For Casey and the other boys, the expectation was that they were there to find sexual relief in Riley's lubed up bottom. All of them knew that they would be recruited to use him as a toilet as well. Many of them were regular feeders for the insatiable turd burglar as it was.

This included Casey, a short, skinny eighth grader who had been to Riley's house many times over the course of the nearly completed school term. When Ian approached him with a shy smile and asked if he wanted to gather at his house with a group of other middle schoolers and high school boys, Casey felt his heart skip a beat. The curly haired brunette quickly agreed. Making plans to satisfy young Riley, the 14 year old maintained a fiber rich diet for two days that pleased his mother. Though Casey was sure that she wouldn't be as pleased with him if she knew that he was naked in the tub with the cute 12 year old. Most certainly, she wouldn't approve at all if she knew that her son was taking a long, relaxing shit in Riley's eager, watering mouth.

My mom just texted me,” Riley said, smiling at the blonde sitting next to him on the bus as it pulled away from the curb of their middle school. “She said it was okay if my dad says yes.”

Do you think he will?” Ian asked, his green eyes brimming with hope as they peered into Riley's expressive brown eyes. When the cute brunette nodded his answer, the fair skinned blonde grinned through a set of moist, pouty lips.

For the entire bus ride, the loud chatter of kids talking and laughing echoed off of the walls. The two sixth graders, who happened to be sitting in the middle of it all, seemed to blend in with the crowd of boys and girls as the ride commenced. Kids were on their smart phones, shooting off texts and updating their social media statuses with selfies and other various forms of expression. Riley and Ian were having a conversation of their own as they sat side by side in their seat, waiting patiently for the bus to drop them off on their quiet block.

Fifteen minutes later the boys were stepping onto the sidewalk, carefully looking both ways while the flashing red lights of the school bus acted as an alert to any would be drivers to stop. When the boys were safely across the street, the bus pulled away and they hurried to the two story house that 12 year old Riley shared with his mom and dad. The May heat was pouring down on the two as they walked up the driveway toward the side gate, then Riley led his accomplice through the side door of the garage. Digging his house key out of his front pants pocket, the 4' 10” youngster unlocked the door and the boys found themselves in the laundry room, which doubled as a pathway between the kitchen and the garage.

When they stepped into the kitchen, the afternoon sunlight that poured through the windows lit the otherwise still room. The faint smell of blueberry muffins lingered in the air, a leftover remnant of breakfast in the Fudge family house. There was a dull hum emanating from the refrigerator that played in the background while the steady ticking of a wall clock gave the boys a brief inclination to glance up at it. Seeing that it was only 3:30 in the afternoon, the two 12 year olds had the assurance that the house was empty.

In a near instant, all of that stillness and calm was disrupted. The pleasant scent of homemade muffins was overpowered and the previously quiet kitchen became the scene of debauchery. Mainly due to the fact that little Riley was overcome with lust, his young body practically catching fire as soon as he stepped through the door and let his young partner in with him. It happened in a flash, but the flames of passion had been burning in the boy all day long.

So when Ian stepped into the kitchen while Riley hung his house key on the wall by the phone, the sight of his plump rear end caught the eye of his host. As if someone struck a match, a powerful inferno engulfed the 12 year old and he found himself with his pants and underwear bunched around the top of his shoes. His hairless erection standing at a 45 degree angle as he simultaneously dropped to his knees and reached out to unbutton Ian's pants. He had his guest's pants and underwear down almost as soon as his shins were resting against the cold tile floor. Ian's hard boy cock was sticking straight out from his bald pubic region and his nuts were pulled tight to his body.

As the heat that had been trapped in the seat of Ian's pants engulfed his face, a powerful anal odor poured into Riley's nostrils, filling him with even more lust. He smiled up at his lover with hopeful eyes, enjoying the almost oven like heat that had wrapped itself around his head.

You don't want to do it in the bathroom instead?” Ian asked with a curious look, but Riley only bit his lower lip and shook his head no.

With an understanding smile, the short haired blonde reached down and caressed his host's cheek with a gentle stroke, then he turned and got into position while Riley did the same. As soon as Ian squatted over his face, the heat and stink that had been dancing around his face intensified, telling the little boy that his afternoon feeding was about to commence. Riley opened his mouth wide, his eyes darting between his lover's deep crevice and the two luscious buns that had parted over his face. They were shaped like pillows, two perfect orbs that were filled with flesh and emitting a strong aroma that pushed Riley's buttons every time it filled his young nostrils.

With a naughty grin, the breathless boy reached up with his hands and parted Ian's ass cheeks, revealing the moist, brown pucker that he was so enamored with. Giving off a moan of desire, the horny 12 year old pushed his smiling face up into Ian's crack and gave into his urges, letting his tongue probe the sizzling hot orifice. Before Riley realized what he was doing, he fell into a deep rimming of Ian's wrinkled hole, luxuriating in the taste and aroma that it was filling him with. He was in heaven as he licked as deeply as he could, letting the muscles in his talented tongue do their magic while Ian moaned wildly above him.

Riley was so wrapped up in his back door feast that he almost lost track of what he was doing there. Indeed, it was the 12 year old blonde who snapped him out of his trance by giving a steady push and a loud strain. At that moment, Riley blinked, realizing that the tip of his wet tongue was lodged in the sphincter of his guest. He felt the soft vibration of a hot, gassy fart against his tongue, then the heat, flavor and smell poured into his nose and mouth all at once and his hard on jumped. A split second later, he felt the tip of his tongue make contact with the firm mass of an emerging turd, prompting him to open wide.

His mouth was watering heavily when his tongue darted out of Ian's sphincter, then a loud, swift crackle filled his ears for a brief moment and his mouth filled up in an instant. His lips seemed to flutter at first under the energy of Ian's erupting shit load. The pent up pressure behind the bulbous mass caused every turd that he had in his colon to erupt all at once, making Riley's cheeks bulge unevenly with the lumpy, steaming load that was released. The youngster could feel the solid texture of Ian's brown deposit, so firm yet so moist, and he loved it. His tongue was surrounded by layers of brown, stinking shit that engulfed his taste buds, giving the young aficionado a flavor extravaganza that brought him nothing but pleasure.

Ian stood up straight and turned to look down at Riley, who was chewing and smashing the pile of turds with a glazed over look in his eyes. Their normal routine was to go into the bathroom, where the young turd burglar would accept a full load from his feeder. But today, Riley didn't have the patience to go that far, even though it was only a ten foot walk from where they were. Ian was grinning down at the cutie, whose three inch rod looked painfully hard as he enjoyed his meal, then over at the bathroom door, which was ajar. It wasn't a surprise to Ian that the boy couldn't wait until they reached the bathroom. In fact, he was stunned that they made it all the way to the kitchen this afternoon.

All week long, Riley had been in a hurry to enjoy his after school feeding with Ian. So much so, in fact, that the boy had been shameless about expediting the event. On Monday, they made it as far as the garage, where the brown haired boy insisted that he couldn't wait another moment. Giving in, Ian dropped a quartet of fierce smelling turds into the boy's opened, watering mouth.

On Tuesday they made it as far as the side of the house. Riley closed the side gate and was out of his navy blue corduroys before Ian could blink. He practically yanked Ian's pants down and tilted his head up, giving the cute blonde a comfortable place to settle his ass while he moaned up into it. Once again, Ian gave the insatiable boy what he was after, releasing a torrent of hot diarrhea into Riley's welcoming turd receptacle.

On Wednesday they barely made it into the laundry room before Riley announced that he could wait no longer. Without even undressing, the horny brunette got on his knees while he lowered Ian's pants. Riley's satisfied moans were continuous while Ian squatted over his face with loud strains. Both boys took particular pleasure in Ian's extended bowel movement, which took over five minutes from start to finish. Riley's hot breath tickled the tender skin around his anus while he pinched off a series of hot loafs that were quickly eaten by the little boy.

Thursday afternoon saw the pair back on the side of the house, where Riley's panting was so loud that Ian was concerned the neighbors would hear. The brown haired cutie had squatted behind his feeder, pushing his desperate looking face into Ian's rear end while he gave a firm push. As the crackle of Ian's load carried into his ears, Riley watched with a hard grin as his hole opened wide. Just as he hoped, the cute blonde pushed a long rope of turds into his mouth that coiled between his cheeks.

Ian watched with a naughty grin as Riley savored and swallowed the massive load that he dropped, his smile decadent as always. When Ian's load was down, Riley took to his backside and licked away every shit smear he could find. When there was nothing left in Ian's crevice but clean, spit slicked skin and a streak free pucker, Riley planted a sweet kiss on his guest's sphincter and sighed.

When he felt his cheeks close, Ian grinned over his shoulder at the cute turd burglar, meeting his expressive eyes as they shared a tender smile. Knowing what he wanted next, Riley quickly placed his palms flat on the tile floor and raised his bubble butt up into the air. Seeing that the eager bottom boy was offering him some tail, the horny blonde eagerly accepted, lining up and pushing in with ease.

Finding Riley's hole already lubed up was a familiar event for the boy. He knew that the boy was an insatiable bottom, and that he kept his entrance ready for action at all times. So when he pushed in and the boy's hungry rear end gave his four inch erection a firm squeeze, Ian only sighed with bliss as his young hands came to rest on Riley's hips.

Soon, he was thrusting in and out of his lover's tight bottom, feeling his pleasure swell while his brunette host moaned hotly. Riley smiled over his shoulder at the cute blonde who was fucking him so lusciously, his shit smeared mouth hanging open while he shivered with lust. When the boy behind him began slamming into his upturned bottom with hard, deliberate strokes, he knew that his ride was about to end. He trained his eyes on his feeder, feeling a swell of affection in his chest as Ian shut his eyes tight and shuddered, then he pulled out and Riley sighed with contentment.

Before Ian left, he and Riley partook in one last daily ritual that always brought them both to the edge. With a naughty smile, the shit faced youngster hiked his pants and underwear, then he locked eyes with his feeder. As the two stared into each others' eyes, Riley began bearing down. A large bulge formed in the seat of his pants, then a torrent of hot piss soaked his jeans at the crotch and coursed down his right leg. He could feel the yellow stream running into his socks and shoes, knowing that his mother and father would detect the smell, but he was in such a depraved state at the moment that he didn't care.

Needing to piss, Ian stepped up to Riley and unleashed his bladderful all over the boy's legs. Grateful to have Ian's piss load, the young pants shitter dropped to his knees and took the rest on his face and in his hair. While he was smiling up at the pissing blonde, he could feel his hot pant load smashing against his bottom. When Ian's bladder was empty, Riley got up and unbuttoned his pants with a cute smile. With his audience still in place, the horny little turd lover reached into his underwear and pulled his load out, holding it under his nose and taking a deep whiff. Finally, he crammed the entire mass into his mouth with a greedy smile, chewing and smashing it with eager moans while Ian buttoned up and made small talk with the youngster about the gathering he had arranged.

Riley bounded down the stairs when he heard his mother's car pull into the driveway. He was freshly showered, dressed in a pair of tidy white underwear that he had retrieved from his top drawer. His teeth were brushed three times over and he'd rinsed with mouthwash after each brushing. His wet, stinking pants, underwear and shirt lay in a pile on the bathroom floor, but the 12 year old wasn't concerned about that at the moment. As soon as his mom walked into the kitchen, she would know what was waiting for her upstairs.

Hi mom,” the little boy said, wrapping his arms around his mother's waist for a hug. Seeing that her son was showered and dressed in fresh briefs, the woman knelt down and planted a gentle kiss on his wet brown hair.

I see you've taken a shower, honey,” she noted, and the boy nodded with a remorseful pout. “Did you have another accident?”

I pooped my pants, mom,” he admitted, then he gave her a pleading look. “I'm sorry it happened again.”

Don't be sorry, honey,” she said, rubbing his back while he rested his head on her shoulder. “How long ago did it happen?”

Just a little bit ago,” he told her, then she planted a kiss on his cheek and stood up. “There's pee on the floor in the kitchen, too.”

Why don't you run upstairs and get the towel that you dried off with, baby,” she said with a sympathetic smile. “We'll wipe it up and put it in the wash.”

I love you, mommy,” the boy declared, beaming up at his mother as he soaked up her smile, then they opened the door and the pungent stink of shit and piss hit her in the nose. Riley's smile only widened as the aroma swirled all around them, reminding him of his luscious feeding, courtesy of Ian. He felt his mother's hand giving him a gentle swat on the behind, prompting him to hurry up the stairs and retrieve his towel, just like she told him. After a lengthy cleanup and mopping of the kitchen floor, Mrs. Fudge opened the patio and front doors, letting the house air out while her son got busy with his homework.

Two hours later, Riley was running up to his dad, who had just walked through the door and was setting his briefcase down. Seeing his little boy brought an instant smile to his face, and he quickly knelt down to gather the underwear clad youngster in his arms for a tight hug.

Did you have a good day, daddy?” Riley asked, and the man nodded his answer. “I missed you today.”

I missed you too, little buddy,” the man said, planting a kiss on his son's cheek. With that, the man stood up and took Riley's hand as they made their way into the kitchen. During supper, the conversation turned to the party that Riley was hoping to go to that night. Mr. Fudge raised an eyebrow when presented with the request, wondering out loud if the boy was old enough to go to a party.

Please daddy, it's just across the street,” the boy pleaded, and once again, the man balked before offering a compromise.

We'll see, buddy,” the man said, noting that his son had barely touched his food. “I want you to take a few more bites off of your plate, then we'll discuss it in the living room.”

Okay,” the cute boy sighed in a small voice, earning him an empathetic smile from his mom and dad that he didn't notice while he was moving his fork around on his plate.

After dinner, Riley was summoned to the couch with his parents, who had been talking amongst themselves while the boy went upstairs to text Ian. When he approached his mom and dad, he was lifted into his father's lap and smothered with kisses. He scrunched his nose while his parents doted on him, then they relented and he shared a warm smile with them both.

So mommy tells me that you pooped your pants again, buddy,” his dad said, and Riley nodded his confession. “She said that she had to mop up a puddle of pee in the kitchen, too.”

I'm sorry daddy,” the boy said, looking down with a shameful expression. He felt his mother's warm caress on his cheek, prompting him to look up at her and smile shyly.

Don't be sorry buddy,” the man said in a gentle tone. “But I don't know about sending you to a party when you keep having accidents. What if you have one at the party?”

I promise to poop and pee before I leave,” the boy swore, earning him a sideways look from his parents, who knew him better than that.

Do you remember the talk mommy and I had with you about rewards for having clean pants?” his dad asked, and the boy nodded. “Well, before we send you to a party, I'd like to see you make sure your poop ends up in the toilet. Do you think you can do that son?”

Yes daddy,” the boy said in a small voice while his mom rubbed his back. “I have to go right now. I promise not to poop my pants this time if I can go to Ian's party.”

Would you like it if daddy takes you, son?” the man asked with a concerned look on his face. Much to the relief of his mother and father, Riley nodded eagerly.

As soon as Riley was scooted out of his father's lap, Mrs. Fudge announced that she needed a few items from the store and kissed her husband and son on the cheek. Grateful that her husband was on the case, she got in her car and drove to the store, wondering if her son would actually comply this time. He'd been so willful over the years when it came to the topic of his bowel movements, and it wasn't unusual at all for him to announce out of the blue that he'd crapped his pants. Normally, clean up was a task designated for Mr. fudge, who always closed the door while he tended to his son's odorous state of affairs. In the past, she wondered if his problem would ever go away. But lately, she began to feel confident that her husband's new tactic of rewarding clean underwear would be effective.

In the house, Riley had taken his father's hand and dutifully walked up the stairs. On the second floor, he let his dad lead him to the bathroom while he looked up at him with curious eyes. His mother had long since removed his soiled clothes, but the aroma they left behind was evident as soon as they opened the door and turned on the light. Mr. Fudge took a seat on the side of the tub and gave his son an expectant look. The little boy tried to back out of their arrangement at the last minute by giving his father a willful pout, but the man held firm.

Riley, we had a deal,” he reminded his boy. “I want you to get out of your undies and I want to see every last turd you have go into the toilet. When you finish, daddy's going to take his turn.”

Yes daddy,” the boy said with an obedient tone, dropping his underwear and stepping out of them. He gave his father a pleading look, his eyes seeming to beg for permission to put his briefs back on. Seeing the distressed look that his boy was giving him, Mr. Fudge sighed and his look softened.

Buddy, I know you don't want to do it this way, but you need to,” the man explained in a gentle tone. “You don't want to walk around with dirty pants at Ian's party, do you?”

Riley shook his head no, earning him a kiss on the forehead from his father. This brought a smile to Riley's face while his dad continued to speak in soothing tones.

Remember what daddy said about being rewarded for having clean pants?” the man asked again, and the boy nodded. “Well, if you keep your pants clean tonight, I promise that you're going to enjoy your reward.”

I will?” the boy asked curiously, and his dad nodded. “Do you promise?”

I promise baby,” the man said.

With that, Riley bent over and picked his briefs up so that he could present them to his dad, who looked pleased. Mr. Fudge immediately folded Riley's boy sized underwear and laid them next to him on the side of the tub. Seeing that his dad was pleased, the cute boy gave his clean briefs a look of longing, then he took a breath and looked back at his dad, who was nodding with approval. Finally following through on his promise, the boy hung his plump bottom out over the closed lid of the toilet and pushed out a pile of shit that smelled incredibly sharp. He had his fists bunched tight as he let loose with five long, thick turds that took the shape of soft serve ice cream as they landed on the toilet seat beneath him.

When his bowels were empty, the boy smiled up at his dad, who returned his warm gesture. The smell and heat of his shit pile were giving him chills of delight as he took stock of the load he dropped.

That's a good boy,” his dad said, and Riley beamed from the positive attention. “Now I want to see you put all of your turds into the toilet.”

With an eager nod, Riley picked his creation up one turd at a time and crammed each one into his watering mouth. Mr. Fudge was filled with pride, watching as his son feasted on his own turds. The little boy was filled with a sense of his own pride, knowing that he was making his daddy smile. When his load was completely eaten, the obedient 12 year old fell to his knees and opened wide while his father unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants.

Okay, son, it's daddy's turn to use the toilet,” Mr. Fudge announced, squatting over his boy's shit streaked face.

Soon, Riley was accommodating a massive pile that comprised only 1/3 of his father's after dinner shit load. He chewed and swallowed with a satisfied sigh, then he opened wide and accepted another large mouthful. Once again pleased to have a mouthful of hot shit, the boy smashed his gift with the flat of his tongue while the pleasing stink danced around his face. When his second mouthful was down, Riley opened wide and accepted a final offering, one that was almost too big for the young turd burglar to fit in his watering mouth.

With his after supper treat now settling in his satisfied tummy, the boy dutifully licked his daddy's crack clean. After a glorious sphincter worship, the youngster accepted a mouthful of piss that he used to wash his brown meal down. When Mr. Fudge took a seat on the closed lid of the toilet and summoned the boy to him, Riley quickly went to his daddy.

I'm very proud of my baby boy,” the man said in a loving tone as he popped the lid from a container of baby wipes that were used exclusively for changing Riley's shit filled pants. The man took a few wipes and lovingly tended to his son's rear end, cleaning it with gentle strokes until it was tidy.

Now you're going to find out what daddy meant by rewards for having clean pants,” the man said in a soft voice, reaching over to the counter, where a tube of ointment sat. It was there to prevent his son from developing a rash, but on this evening, it would serve a different purpose. Coating his middle finger with the petroleum based substance, the doting father slid his digit straight into Riley's tight bottom, earning him a moan from the eager shit lover.

Does that feel good, baby?” the man asked, and his cute son nodded. “Every night when you make sure that your poop goes in the toilet instead of in your undies, you'll get a nice reward.”

Okay daddy,” the little boy sighed. “I like this kind of reward.”

I know you do, son,” the man said, running his slicked up digit back and forth in his son's horny hole. “With nice clean undies, you can get this serviced as much as you want to at the party.”

I'm going to get it serviced by a lot of cute boys,” the 12 year old sighed, and his daddy gushed. “Then I'm going to get fed as many times as they need to use me.”

You're looking forward to that, aren't you?” the man asked, and the little boy nodded with a cheeky smile.

I'm going to be the party pooper tonight,” he bragged, earning him a hug from his daddy.

That's my little gay toilet,” he praised his son, removing his finger from Riley's tight ass. “How about if you bend over and let daddy warm your bottom up for those boys.”

Okay!” the boy said with an excited inflection, then he promptly bent over and held onto the counter while his daddy fucked a pair of fast, easy climaxes out of him. Five minutes later, Riley felt his body erupting with ecstasy for the third time just as his daddy pumped a hot load into his bottom. When Mr. Fudge pulled out, Riley was in a state of sheer bliss, panting and cooing while his father prepared his toothbrush for him.

It was 10:15 when Riley received his final feeder at the party. His cherubic face was smeared with thick ribbons of shit that he had to scrape away. For two straight hours, he accepted almost non stop loads that filled his mouth to the brim, and often overflowed. His tummy was accommodating so many turds that it was cramping fiercely, telling him that his own load was on the horizon. His chest was soaked with piss, which had dried out in his hair as well. His mouth had been inundated with the different shit loads that he'd taken throughout the evening.

As soon as his first feeder left him, he was joined by two 15 year olds. They both got undressed right away, both of them noting that they could still smell the odor of Casey's shit load. One of them commented that he was sure his load would overpower the smell in the room, sending a strong shiver through Riley's young body. As he promised, the cute boy lowered his ass over Riley's opened mouth and unleashed a heavy mound of firm shit that delivered on the promise.

The smell was almost tear inducing to the youngster waiting his turn, but he tolerated it long enough to take his turn when his buddy was finished. Taking his place in the tub, the cute boy dropped a trio of long, thick logs into Riley's turd repository. Once again, the smell was almost enough to make the two 15 year olds gag, but 12 year old Riley was in heaven as he received each turd. He made a show of smashing each of the king sized candy bars with his tongue as soon as they fell to a safe landing in his mouth, loving their stink and their flavor.

The forth boy to squat over his grinning face was a 13 year old named James, whose tummy was cramping well before Riley announced that he was ready to start taking visitors in his boy's bathroom of a mouth. As soon as the boy settled his bubble butt over his face, Riley formed a tight seal around James' sphincter with his lips. A split second later, the 13 year old's rear end erupted with explosive diarrhea that packed Riley's mouth with so much shit that it pushed into the back of his nostrils. After smashing and swallowing his first mouthful, the horny little toilet got back into position, yearning for more. For his diligence, Riley was treated to several more mouthfuls of his feeder's stew, then he took a piss load all over his body.

His fifth, sixth and seventh feeders took their time the way Casey had, relaxing and letting the contents of their bowels go in total comfort. Riley loved taking all three loads, knowing that his high capacity shit receptacle was in full use. Between receiving long, snake like turds that steamed so heavily against the lining of his cheeks, the boy was treated to several long, forceful farts that made his head spin with decadent pleasure.

The eighth boy who came in was an 18 year old cutie named Jason, the oldest boy at the party. While he was waiting for his turn with Riley in the tub, he found himself accepting a pleasure filled blow job from Ian. The horny blonde had been on a roll that evening, sucking almost non stop cock as soon as Riley climbed into the tub and began taking shit loads. After blowing his load down Ian's throat, the boys made out on the couch until the pressure in his colon was too much and he had to head Riley's way.

When he walked into the bathroom, Riley was all by himself, taking deep whiffs of the air in the bathroom. When the 12 year old grinned up at him, Jason saw that the inside of his mouth was literally caked with a thick frosting of shit. Much of it had been left there by James, but the rest of it was clearly accumulated over the course of every subsequent feeding that the boy had indulged in. The stink that filled the bathroom was powerful, but Riley seemed quite pleased to pull it in through his shit smeared nostrils.

When Riley gave him a needy stare, the 18 year old acted quickly to drop his pants and squat directly over his face. As the luscious buns of the young twink got closer, 12 year old Riley opened wide. The corners of his mouth were stretching almost painfully as he prepared to accommodate his newest feeder. His young body was trembling with need as he watched Jason's sphincter expand, then a loud, wet fart rang out and Riley's mouth was packed tight with soft stool. At the same time, his face was completely covered by a large splatter when a secondary thrust of shit emerged without warning.

Jason was almost remorseful when he realized that he'd shit all over Riley's face, feeling slightly panicked at the steaming mask he'd inundated the boy with. But through the thick, steaming layer of brown butt pudding, he saw a huge grin spreading out and relaxed. His relaxed expression soon turned to an amused smile as he watched the horny boy smash, chew and swallow the entirety of his load. Riley scraped the shit from his face with animated eyes, then he smiled gratefully up at his cute feeder and opened wide for more.

After a ten minute feeding that left Riley in a state of sheer ecstasy, Jason let the boy lick his ass clean. He could hear the young shit lover moaning with delight as the stink and flavor of Jason's load consumed his senses, and he almost hated to end his time with the little boy. But an urgent knock at the door told him that it was time to rejoin the party, so the bigger boy unleashed his bladderful all over Riley's hair, washing out the matted shit that it had accumulated over the course of the evening. When the boy had relieved his aching bladder, he bent Riley over for a quickie in the tub, shooting a fast load in his bottom before taking his leave.

When he opened the door, there were three little cuties waiting with urgent looks on their faces. They all filed in before he could leave, so he took a seat on the toilet and watched as a fair haired seventh grader named Kenny got into the tub with Riley. The 13 year old squatted and released a quartet of long, solid turds that Riley had to put extra effort into smashing with his tongue. While he was luxuriating in the smell, flavor and firmness of Kenny's first shit log, he felt a river of hot piss running under his body. When the second thick turd filled his waiting mouth, the piss began to puddle between his ass cheeks and tickle his cum drooling hole. When the third massive turd bullied its way in, he began to detect the acrid aroma of the pool he was sitting in, enjoying the way it danced with the aroma of his brown mouthful. By the time he began breaking up the final shit log with his tongue, he knew that he would be wearing the essence of Kenny's piss load home with him.

The next boy to get in with him was an eighth grader named Wesley, who wasted little time in making his brown deposit. Unlike Kenny's offering, which was solid and unyielding as it filled Riley's mouth, Wesley had a soft load for the boy. But just like Kenny, Wesley's shit pile was large and odorous, which was exactly the way Riley loved it. His first mouthful was so impacted that the boy had to swallow some of it before he could begin smashing it with his tongue. There was a sharp, almost cheesy smell rolling off of the load that Riley could taste, and he knew that he was the luckiest little turd burglar in the world, at least for the moment. After taking two more mouthfuls of Wesley's steaming shit load, the boy began licking his feeder's ass with soft moans.

His sphincter worship was interrupted when 13 year old Seth climbed into the tub and announced that his ass was ready to explode. Not wanting to miss out on the chance to receive his cute classmate's stirring load, Riley abandoned the rim job he was giving and opened wide. Happily for the little shit lover, his yearning for another large offering was realized when cute little Seth gave a hard, audible strain and forced a mound of thick turds into his mouth. As he pushed through the load with his tongue, he felt like he could sort out each individual turd by the texture and form that they had. After spending an extended amount of time luxuriating in the mouthful of turds that Seth gifted him, Riley swallowed and received the rest of his lover's load.

As soon as Seth's ass was licked clean, he unleashed his piss load all over the moaning 12 year old, then he got out of the tub. Sharing a tender smile amongst themselves, the three middle schoolers followed 18 year old Jason down the hall to Mr. and Mrs. McGregor's room. The three cuties eagerly agreed to get into the shower with him, knowing that they were each guaranteed at least one ride on his virile cock.

While the three middle schoolers were having their rear ends serviced by the cute 18 year old, Ian walked into the bathroom, ready to pay his little guest a visit. He was naked from head to toe, his boy boner standing straight up and splattered with someone's cum load. His smooth tummy was cramping hard from the fiber rich brownies that he found in the pantry. They were for his dad, but the little blonde wanted to make sure he was able to pleasure his cute little lover. So he proceeded to eat the entire box after school, feigning ignorance to his mom about their purpose. She warned him that he would be shitting like a goose, though not in those terms, and the boy acted flustered.

But as he eyed his young sex partner in the tub, smeared with shit and grinning happily, he knew that this was the payoff. So, not wanting to keep Riley waiting, the horny blonde got in and dropped a massive pile of steaming shit into Riley's welcoming mouth. He could feel the erupting load force its way into the brunette's mouth, then it began to build against his sphincter and he knew he had to stop. Looking down at the cute toilet, he realized that he'd effectively crammed several loose turds into his mouth. Ian was concerned, but Riley looked enamored with his brown meal, his young eyes glazed over as he smashed and chewed the treat with horny moans.

Eager to accept the rest of his feeder's load, Riley quickly swallowed his treat and opened wide, ready for more. Still feeling gas pains in his lower intestine, Ian squatted once more and let the contents of his ass emerge. But instead of dark, voluminous turds, the boy had a massive amount of diarrhea in Riley's mouth that had the little toilet in a state of sheer bliss. Each mouthful of the hot, liquidy stew was forced into his mouth with the squelch of a juicy fart, making Riley's boy pussy throb with pleasure as he received it. The sharp stink that accompanied each mouthful was making his head spin, especially because the flavor matched the aroma so closely. After a luscious feeding from his cute lover, Riley licked away as much of the liquidy shit that he could find, then he planted several grateful kisses on Ian's sphincter.

Riley's next two feeders came and went in rapid succession. A high school sophomore named Kevin visited his boys bathroom of a mouth almost as soon as Ian walked out the door. Riley was still basking in the afterglow of Ian's offering when the door opened and he found himself smiling up at the 16 year old. The boy quickly climbed into the tub and squatted over Riley's face, letting it hover about a foot from his mouth. His hole opened up and a long, thick turd crackled its way out. When it pinched off, it fell directly into Riley's mouth, where it was smashed, chewed and swallowed by the horny little scat lover. The cute 16 year old released one more turd, then he released a strong piss load all over the boy's body while his turd was savored and swallowed.

Kevin walked out as soon as he was finished, passing by 15 year old Jesse, whose sphincter was aching with the need to crap. He didn't even bother to get in the tub. Instead, he squatted over Riley's face by sitting on the side of the tub and hanging his ass over the edge. Riley was happy to accommodate his feeder's preference, knowing that as the toilet, it was his place. For his dedication, Riley found himself on the receiving end of a massive load that Jesse had stirring in his bowels.

Known at home for clogging the toilet with his large shit loads, he had been a welcomed visitor at Riley's turd repository for many months. It was always a pleasure for the 12 year old to receive Jesse's loads, which were always moist and flavorful for the youngster. He relished the opportunity to open wide and accept a large offering from the cute teenager, no matter the time or place. On one occasion, the eager toilet exchanged a series of texts with the 15 year old that ended with a feeding that occurred in Riley's backyard while his mother watched TV in the living room.

Not caring at all that she might catch him eating from the ass of another boy, the young turd burglar stripped his clothes off and moaned hotly while Jesse took a long, healthy shit directly into his mouth. Had Mrs. Fudge pulled the blinds up, she would have been greeted by the site of her little boy accepting turd after turd while his little boner twitched on its own. She would have seen him taking deep whiffs with a dreamy smile on his face while he crammed long portions that protruded through his lips into his mouth. She would have seen a 15 year old boy using her son the way he wanted to be used; as a toilet. She would have seen Jesse's relaxed expression as he crapped freely into Riley's mouth. More importantly, though, she would have seen a look of orgasmic pleasure on the face of her 12 year old son as he received the stink laden treat.

Instead, she only smelled the aftermath of her son's feeding, which remained in the form of a powerful stink that rolled off of his body. When she confronted her son about the putrid smell, he gave her a defiant look and filled his pants with shit, providing the explanation that she was asking for. Accepting that the stink filling the air was solely a byproduct of what her son pushed into the seat of his pants, Mrs. Fudge instructed Riley to go upstairs and wait for her in the bathroom while she opened a few windows.

When she arrived in the bathroom, Riley announced that he had placed the load in the toilet, a fact she found difficult to believe because he was still fully dressed. Upon checking her son's pants, she found that he had indeed removed the bulk of his pant load, though she didn't remember hearing the toilet flush. Still. She was grateful that she didn't have to deal with a full pant load this time as Riley presented his shit smeared bottom to her for wiping. As she tidied up her son's bottom, she prepared a bath for him to soak in while she washed his briefs out.

But on this occasion, Riley didn't concern himself with what his mother would think. He only cared about receiving Jesse's full load, a desire that was quickly fulfilled. In typical fashion, Jesse took a massive crap in Riley's mouth that made the boy's cheeks bulge tight. Also in typical fashion, Riley experienced a powerful anal orgasm as he navigated the pungent smelling load with his tongue. When he swallowed his first mouthful, Jesse gave him another overflowing pile to enjoy, then he finished on Riley's face while the boy moaned with desire.

Riley's final feeder of the evening was 17 year old Joey, another regular for the boy. The tall brunette walked into the bathroom at 10pm sharp and was greeted by the site of the horny little shit lover licking thick smears from around his mouth. When he spotted Joey, he bit his lower lip and moaned hungrily, yearning for another pile of turds to fill his mouth. He knew that this was his final feeding of the evening, and he needed to be home by 10:30 anyway. Wanting to make it count, he begged to have his mouth packed tight with as many turds as Joey had in his tummy.

Like the many boys who went before him, Joey was able to deliver for the boy in stunning fashion. His initial shit load erupted with so much force that he was worried that he might have injured the young turd muncher. But when Riley's moans echoed off the walls of the tub and filled the room, the 17 year old relaxed and enjoyed the show. His second offering was almost as large as the first, and Riley was in a state of delirium as he smashed it all up. With his tongue pushing through the load, he could smell the stink grow stronger while the flavor grew sharper. Loving every second of his debauchery, the horny boy swallowed with a satisfied sigh.

Riley was grinning hard as Joey squatted over his face and prepared to give him one final gift. When the turd was received, Riley chewed it up while Joey looked down into the tub. The boy had so much shit smeared in his hair and across his face that the protective 17 year old offered to give him a bath. When Riley declined the offer, the noble boy recruited a group of boys to empty their bladders into his mouth, allowing him to wash down his luscious meal. An additional trio of youngsters appeared at Joey's behest, using their streams to wash the matted shit from his short head of brown hair while he scrubbed with his fingers. Feeling totally depraved as the smell of piss and shit swirled all around him, he picked his undies up from the floor and used them to dry his hair. When they had soaked up as much piss as they would hold, the boy used the damp briefs to wipe the stubborn shit smears from his face.

When he was dressed, he sought out Ian to thank him for an evening of sheer Nirvana. When he finally stumbled across the blonde, he was in the doggy style position in his bed, taking the long, thick pole of 18 year old Jason while he moaned into his pillow. Riley grinned at the two cuties and thanked them for fucking and feeding him, then he walked home. Walking down the McGregor driveway, the pungent aroma of 15 different shit loads poured off of Riley's grinning face. The smell could have been detected from 20 feet away, but Riley was too horny to care.

As he made his way across the street, he could see his mother in the front window watching TV and knew that she would smell his odor right away. Thinking fast, the little boy stood between his parents' cars in the driveway and hung his rear end out. With very little effort, Riley took a long, relaxing shit in his pants, then he spent several enjoyable minutes manipulating the stink laden load through his jeans. As he approached the front door, he let a torrent of hot piss go, flooding his jeans and creating a massive puddle at his feet. As he was draining his bladder on the porch, he pushed more shit into his pants. Just as he expected, the front door opened and he found himself looking up at his mother.

Honey are you pooping your pants?” she asked, and the little boy nodded his answer. With an understanding sigh, Mrs. Fudge watched as the last of Riley's piss stream coursed down his legs. When his bladder was empty, he hung his rear end out to show her his bulging pant load while he looked up at her. Feeling another sharp cramp in his tummy, the 12 year old gave a firm push and added to his load as the unmistakable squelch of a loud, diarrhea laden fart erupted. With her hands on her hips, Riley's mom watched with a neutral expression as the massive bulge in the seat of her son's pants expanded again.

With a naughty pout, he reached back and squeezed the bulge through his pants while she watched, loving how hot and soft it felt while the powerful stink got worse. With her son putting on a familiar show, she leaned against the door frame and let him proceed, studying his naughty expression while he looked up at her. She patiently waited for him to finish smearing his pant load, then she took him by the hand and led him inside. She closed the front door and looked in the seat of his pants to assess the damage, then she walked him to the laundry room with instructions to wait. Moments later, Riley found himself looking up at his daddy, who had been recruited by his wife to sort the boy out.

Well, I see our little party pooper made it home,” the man said in an even tone, earning him a slightly amused smile from his wife while the boy nodded up at him. “Are you all finished for the night?”

Riley shrugged, knowing that with all of the loads he'd taken, his tummy was sure to cramp up again.

Maybe if you keep taking him when you have to go, he'll want to use the toilet like his daddy,” Mrs. Fudge said hopefully, prompting Riley to give her a doubtful look that she noticed. “You don't think so, honey?”

I liked being the party pooper tonight, mommy,” the boy admitted just as his father pulled the waistband of his pants and underwear back to examine the load.

I saw that, honey,” she said, prompting her husband to raise an eyebrow while he held onto Riley's waistband so that his wife could look at the massive load. Riley looked over his shoulder, examining his parents' expressions as the powerful smell of his shit filled underwear overtook them.

What happened back here, Riley?” the man asked, prompting the boy to let his gaze travel downward, where the site of a massive, smeared load made his mouth water.

He stood on the porch and squeezed it when he was finished,” she told him, then they both looked down at their son, who was nodding up at them with a naughty look as she leaned down and sniffed him. “His whole body smells like pee and poop.”

As soon as he let Riley's waistband go, Mr. Fudge lifted his stinking son up by the armpits and held him away at arm's length, telling him, “Let's go, little party pooper. Daddy's going to make sure the mess in your pants ends up in the toilet, where it belongs. Then he's going to use the toilet again before we get in the shower together.”

Are you going to use the toilet for pee or for poop?” the boy asked in a tone that Mrs. Fudge found curiously hopeful as they made their way towards the stairs.

If daddy shows you how he poops in the toilet, will you do it too?” his mother asked, and much to her dismay, the little boy shook his head no.

Don't worry honey,” the man assured his wife, planting a kiss on her lips at the bottom of the stairs. “I plan to take him to the bathroom with me for as long as it takes. I think if I take him with me to use the toilet enough times, he'll eventually catch on.”

Caressing her son's soft cheek, the woman gave him a neutral look and said, “This might take a while, honey. You're going to have to go to the bathroom with daddy until you stop messing your pants.”

I understand, mommy,” the boy said in a small voice, looking at her with an even expression of his own. “Will daddy take me when he has to pee, or just when he needs to poop?”

Riley's mom was about to answer when her husband cut in.

I think from now on, you need to come with daddy every time he needs the toilet,” the man said, sending a strong shiver of desire through his son. “In fact, I think that needs to be the rule until you're ready to be a big boy.”

Okay, daddy,” the little boy said with an obedient smile, prompting his mother to beam proudly.

That's my good boy,” she praised him. “I'm sure soon enough, you'll have clean pants on all the time. Then you won't have to worry about being a party pooper.”

With that, Riley's smile turned naughty all over again and he shook his head no, telling his mother, “I'm always going to be a party pooper.”

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