The Three Diapered Amigos Book III: The Kidnapping Update

Written by JD August 2013 (Update 7-16-2017)



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This is a note to all my fans following this story. I first want to thank you for reading my work and your years of hopeful patience if not outright frustration of not getting a new chapter. Please note that I will be working on a new chapter soon but due to the fact that I haven't touched this story in years, I will need to go back through it and refresh my memory and also take a look at my notes and outline of where I am at and what needs to be written still. This means it will take a while before the new chapter will be out but from that point my focus will be on completing this story and hopefully I will have regular chapters out on a monthly or bi-monthly basis at that point. I hope that I will be able to satisfy my fans and that most will come back when they notice that the story is once again being updated. I will also be updating the formatting and maybe doing a small amount of editing on the earlier Stories and chapters.