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'Oh, it would just figure!' Jordan muttered to himself as he pulled into his driveway. 'Great, now I have to worry about some idiot burglarizing my bloody house, like that's the best thing to happen to me today.' He muttered more.

He had just pulled in to see tracks from the road to the front door, the front door was still open a crack, and one of the panes in the door glass was broken in. He grabbed his .44 pistol from his glove compartment where he kept it whenever he was in his car, checked the safety, and crept out. He went to the back door, where he always entered from, and snuck up to the door using the skills that had been vigorously trained into him from his military past. The back door led directly into the kitchen, and as Jordan peeked in, he could see that his burglar was in there, searching through cupboards and munching on any food he could find. Jordan did not have much food in the house yet though, being that he had just barely moved in, and in truth he had hardly even unpacked his meager belongings. He could tell from the size of the person in his house that he or she was not all that old, given that he or she was at best four feet tall. Given what the child was wearing though, and with its back turned, Jordan was unable to tell however with any certainty of the sex of the child. He figured that the best course of action was a tough stance, it would not help this child one bit for him to go in there and treat him or her as if nothing was wrong. Sure he could obviously tell the child was hungry, seeing him or her eat was evidence enough of that. He pulled out his pistol from his belt, rested his gun toting hand on his shoulder with the weapon pointing to the ceiling, and then he cleared his throat. The child bolted upright immediately.

“I wouldn't make any sudden moves if I were you, I have a gun, and you're trespassing on my property, which means I'm in full legal right to shoot you.” Jordan said in a low coarse voice.

The child didn't move, he or she just started shaking violently, and with Jordan's better than average sense of smell and hearing, he witnessed the child totally wet their pants, and a second later the puddle of pee grew beneath.

“I can tell that you're obviously hungry, given that you're eating food instead of getting other things that would be of value to you, however, that doesn't make it right. Now, turn around, slowly, and don't even think of running, because I will shoot you in the leg, but I would never kill a child, so don't worry about that. Being shot in the leg though will hurt, a lot.” Jordan said coarsely again.

The child turned around, raising his hands as he went, as Jordan could see that he now was. The boy was roughly eleven or twelve years old, was filthy dirty from head to toe, and was wearing clothes that were probably new about twenty or so years ago, and did not look as if they were any good about nineteen of them. Then there was the puddle of pee. From the smell of the boy, this was not the first time he had peed his pants either.

“You look in pretty rough shape there boy, but that doesn't give you the right to break into my house and steal from me. Should I call the cops, your parents, or should I just deal with you on my own?”

“S-s-s-s-sorry Sir, p-p-p-p-p-p-please don't call the cops, I-I-I-I-I'll leave and n-n-n-never come back.”

“That wasn't one of your options, was it?” Jordan snarled.


“Then why did you answer like that boy, give me your answer, before I make it for you!”

“P-p-p-p-p-please don't call the cops, they'll try and put me in jail again, I-I-I-I have no parents, d-d-d-d-do to me what you have to, but please don't c-c-c-call the cops.”

“Put you in jail again?”

“Yeah, they're always trying to catch me.”

“What did you do, kill someone?” Jordan laughed.


“Oh.” Jordan said, coming up short on that one.

“Okay, I won't call the cops, and I obviously can't call your parents, so I will punish you as I see fit. The first thing we clearly need to do is get you fed and cleaned, then we'll discuss what would be suitable punishment for breaking into my house.”

“Sir, if you really want to punish me, just send me away with no food, then you won't have to worry no more. Not to mention, in a couple days more, it won't matter none, with as cold as it is out there, and with as hungry as I am, I'm going to die real soon anyways.” The boy said stoically, not even stuttering, but the tears were flowing freely now.

“No, I would never punish a child as fiercely as that. No, you clearly need some help, and I'll give you what help I can give to you, and then at that time we will discuss what we are to do with you.”

“But you don't have to do anything for me!”

“No, but to let a child go cold and hungry would be wrong of me, that would be murder on my part, and while I too have had to kill, I would never kill a child, no matter what they did.”

“I guess I should at least say thanks then.” The boy said, wiping a few of the tears away.

“You won't be thanking me too much I'm sure when we discuss your punishment.” Jordan grinned.

“No, but I deserve it.” The boy said sullenly.

“Yes, that you do, but you also deserve some compassion as well. Now, food or clean first?”

“Can I get clean while you make some food?” The boy asked hopefully.

“That sounds like a great idea. Is there anything in particular that you don't like?”

“No, with as hungry as I am, I'd eat almost anything. I'm not normally picky anyways.”

“Good. Now, I hate to say it, but those clothes saw better days years before you were born, so in the trash with them, just toss them into the can in the bathroom. Clothes for you though will be a bit tricky, but for now I suppose one of my tee shirts will have to do as a bit of a nightgown. I'll have to go grab you some clothes in a bit, after we talk a bit I think.”

“You don't have to do that. I can just wash these in the shower with me, and while they dry, I can wear one of your shirts.” The boy offered.

“Pardon me boy, but that was not an offer, it was an order, and given my rank, when I give an order, it IS to be followed, am I making myself clear?” Jordan barked out, using the voice that had been trained to do just that.

“Yes Sir.” The boy said, almost saluting. If he hadn't have been so scared, he probably would have started laughing.

Jordan damn near did as well, because he saw the twitch of the boys arm to actually salute, but saw that fear held the boy back from laughing.

“Good. Bathroom is just down that hall, first door on the left. There's a basket of clean laundry in there, it's my laundry room as well, and there should be a few shirts in there, so choose one you like. Towels are in the closet in there, cloths in the same place. There's body wash, shampoo and conditioner in the tub, use it, all, and don't be shy, you really need it. I also suggest that you let yourself soak, because given just how dirty you are, if you were to scrub right away, you'd rub yourself raw before getting clean.”

“I-I-I-I've never had a shower by myself before, how do I do it?” The boy admitted with a bit of a blush.

“Have you at least ever had a bath?” Guessing that the answer might actually be no.

“Yes, but the last one was a long time ago.”

“Well, do you know how to turn on the water?”


“Good. When you get the water turned on and adjusted to the temperature that you want, pull up on the little thing above the nozzle, and the shower will start. Then enjoy.”

“Thanks.” The boy whispered.

“Well, go then.” Jordan ordered.

The boy took off down the hall, and for once, he did not even think of running. For some reason he felt he could trust the man, not to mention that he was pretty certain that if he did run, the man would find him easily anyways. He was right about that for sure, as he would find out later. He found the bathroom with ease, found the laundry basket, found a towel and cloth, and then turned on the shower as he had been instructed to do. As soon as it was all ready to go, he stripped out of his grimy clothes, threw them in the can as he was ordered to do, and then climbed in the shower.

For nearly half an hour the boy soaked in the hot water, and then started lightly scrubbing himself. He was actually enjoying this a great deal, he had not really felt clean in what felt like forever, and maybe for him it was. As soon as he felt that he was about as clean as he could be, he hopped out of the shower, started drying off, and then put on the shirt. The shirt barely stayed on his shoulders, it hung down to just past his knees, and the short sleeves were nearly long enough to cover his entire arm, going half way between his elbows and his wrists.

While the boy was in the shower, Jordan got down to getting what little food he had out and preparing a good dinner. He hardly had any food in the house yet, because he had not gotten out to do a full grocery shopping yet since he moved in, just grabbed a few little things from the store as he needed it. From the freezer he grabbed a small package of ground beef and a loaf of bread, some vegetables, and then from the sink cupboard he grabbed some potatoes. He defrosted the beef enough to work with it, and just threw it into a pot on the stove and worked it down until it was crumbled. As it was browning and adding flavor, he got down to cutting up the potatoes and the vegetables. Once the beef was ready, he added some water to it, and then threw the potatoes in and lowered the temperature to let it all simmer and stew. He figured that a good hearty stew would probably do the boy best, so that was what he was doing. He was not at all surprised to hear the boy still in the shower nearly an hour after going in there, and he let him enjoy it, considering that he had clearly had what you might call a rough life.

The young boy came out of the bathroom and into the kitchen a few minutes after Jordan had heard the shower quit, and he almost started laughing. The shirt the boy was wearing was beyond ridiculously large on him, and the boy was forced to hold the neck hole so that it did not slip right off of him. He was just finishing off the last bit of the stew, so it was almost ready.

“Go ahead and sit at the table, the stew is almost ready, and I have some bread toasting to make garlic toast to go with it. Actually, if you would grab the milk from the fridge, that would be great.”

“Actually, I kinda drank it all already.” The boy admitted with a blush that had not been caused from the hot water of the shower..

“Oh, well I suppose you needed it more than I did. I hadn't even noticed when I went into the fridge. We can just have water instead then.”

“Okay, sorry. Where's there a jug and the glasses?”

“I don't have a jug yet, glasses are there, just fill them up.”

“Why don't you have a jug, and why is your house so bare then?” He asked as he went to do as he was asked.

“I only just moved in a couple weeks ago, and where I used to be I didn't have any need for things like that, so I had none.”

“Oh, were you in jail?”

“Some may think so, but no, I was working, but I lived where I worked, they fed me, clothed me, and housed me, so I had no need for anything. I still have to go out and do a full shopping one of these days and fill up the house.”

“Oh, what did you used to do?”

“I'll tell you all about that later, but for a dinner time conversation, I don't think it's a very good one.”

“Oh, okay. You don't have to tell me anything you don't want, especially if you don't want to.”

“Oh, I have no problem telling you anything about me, but like I said, I'll leave that until later.”


“Okay, dinner's ready, so let's eat.” Jordan said a few minutes later as he set everything onto the table.

“Wow, it smells so good.”

“Thanks. It's probably a little bland, I still haven't much for spices and whatnot yet, but I did what I could with what I had.”

“It'll probably taste a million times better than some of the garbage I've been eating lately, literally.”

“Ah, I'm sure it will.” Jordan said sadly.

They dug in, and even though Jordan warned the boy to not overdo it, he managed to down three nearly full bowls and four slices of garlic toast. Jordan had managed only one and a half bowls and three slices of garlic toast, but then he did not eat a whole lot most of the time anyways.

“I hope you didn't over eat, that'd be bad. You could certainly use it, but eating it all at once like that can sometimes make you sick.”

“I know, but I didn't overeat.”

“That's good then. Come on, let's go sit down in the living room and talk a bit.”

“No, let me clean this up first.” The boy said, hopping up from the table, grabbing the dishes as he did.

He took everything to the kitchen and loaded it into the dishwasher, put the leftovers into the fridge, and then found the soap for the dishwasher. He put the soap into it and started the dishwasher. He did all this so fast that Jordan actually chuckled. A few times the boys shirt slipped down to show off his chest, or when he bent over he unintentionally gave Jordan a peek at his little bum. Jordan was not complaining though, it was a pretty cute little bum.

“Well, thanks very much for cleaning up, you did it pretty quickly too.”

“No, thanks for feeding me, and it wasn't really hard, you cleaned up pretty well as you cooked, I didn't even have to wash the counters.”

“Yeah, I'm like that, I always clean as I go. Well, should we go sit and talk now then?”


Jordan led the boy to the living room and sat him on the couch, while he went and sat in his chair facing the couch.

“So, first things first I think. What's your name?”

“Hayden. What's yours?”


“Nice to meet you Jordan.”

“Nice to meet you too Hayden, even if for the reason we did meet. Now tell me, why is it you think you killed someone and that the police are after you?”

“I don't think I did, I know I did, and I know that they know I was there. I don't know if they know I pulled the trigger or not, but I know that if they ever find me, that they will know soon enough.”

“Okay, so you shot someone. Where did you shoot them?”

“At my house.”

“Okay, that answers my next question, but what I was actually trying to find out was where on the persons body did you shoot them?”

“Oh, if you're trying to figure out if I actually killed him, I assure you his brains splattered on the wall says I killed him.”

“Yes, that was pretty much what I was trying to figure out. Can you tell me how you ended up killing someone?”

“Sure, I think I'm safe with you. My moms pimp was beating her up again for being lazy, he was telling her to get out and fuck or he'd kill her. Well, I was in the closet, trying not to cry, when he hit her real hard, and she stopped crying. I knew right then and there that he had killed her. He said oh shit, checked her pulse and muttered that he had killed the bitch. He started trying to clean up, but I grabbed the gun that my mom keeps in her closet and I came out and shot him, first in the balls, and he begged with me not to kill him. He was bleeding all over the place, holding his junk in, and he was crying, saying it was an accident. I told him he deserved to die, and then shot him between the eyes. I cleaned up, grabbed what little I could and bolted.”

“I'm so sorry that that had to happen to you Hayden. No child should have to even witness what you did, and they certainly should not have to kill someone.”

“There's no need for you to be sorry, I'm not, and I never have been. That was almost three years ago now I guess.”

“How old are you?”

“Almost thirteen. I'm pretty small though. Always was though, so I don't think it's cuz I don't eat enough.”

“Yeah, I thought you were eleven or twelve at first.”

“That's about what most people say I look, when they get a chance to look at me that is.”

“So, how have you managed to survive out there for so long all alone.”

“Wasn't easy, that's for sure. I've had to sleep with a few people here and there to get a bit of money to eat and shit like that, and I mostly sleep in an abandoned warehouse.”

“I certainly won't hold that against you, and I don't even hold stealing food against you. You had to do what you had to do to survive out on the mean streets. So, did you sleep with men, women, or both?”

“Whoever would pay, but I preferred the men.” Hayden blushed.

“Yeah, I thought you were gay too.”

“Yeah, and I thought you were as well.” Hayden grinned.

“No, I won't say you have to go to bed with me either.” Jordan said in answer to the look that Hayden was giving to him.

“Somehow I figured that that would be your answer.” Hayden shrugged.

“Even overseas I never paid for a boy, I always had my pick.” Jordan said, letting Hayden know that while he would not pay for it, he might just be interested for free.

“Yeah, I can see why most boys would throw themselves at you, you're pretty hot.”

“Thanks. All cleaned up you're not so bad yourself. You need a haircut and a dentist pretty bad, but otherwise you're pretty damned hot.”

“Thanks.” Hayden blushed.

“So, your mom was a hooker as well then?”

“Yeah, but she didn't want to, and she hated doing it, but she had to, her pimp made sure of that. She made pretty good money though, she was pretty good looking.”

“So, is that how you came to be then?”

“Pretty sure, yeah. My mom never said it outright, but she never denied it either. So, you said that you've killed before as well, and you said that you'd tell me where you used to work. Can you tell me about that now?” Hayden asked with curiosity only a boy can have.

“Sure. You know what a Navy Seal is right?”

“Of course, everyone does.”

“Well, I'm the Canadian version of one of them on steroids. I did everything from going in behind enemy lines and infiltrating enemy bases, being a sniper, explosives expert, hand to hand fighting expert, you name it, I've probably done it. However, no one knows anything about this, and if you were ever to ask, no one would even know my name.”

“Wicked. So you're a spy then?”

“Pretty much yeah, well used to be, I'm retired now.”

“Oh, I thought spy's never retired.”

“Nah, that's just a myth. I can be called back for a mission should my special training be required, and they can ask me to lead missions from time to time, but I'm only obligated to take on one job a year. That was part of my retirement agreement. I wanted to take early retirement, so we all worked that one out. I will probably train forces occasionally though, just because I enjoy doing that.”

“That's so cool. So I know a spy.”

“Well, yes and no. Who I used to be was a spy, but the name I used was not my real one, nor is the name I now use. Everything was cleaned really well to protect me and those around me. Not to mention that you must never mention any of this to anyone, or else I could get killed, and not by our side. I've made more than a few enemies over the years that would like to see me in a great deal of pain for a very long time before they finally killed me.”

“Oh, I understand totally, and I'll never breath a word of it to anyone. Why would you tell me all this though, I would have thought that it wasn't allowed?”

“Because I trust you, and if you're going to live here, you're going to have to know, or else it could cause problems.”


“You heard me. You can live here with me if you'd like.”

“Really, you'd let me live here with you, but why?”

“Because you need someone to look after you, because quite honestly, you haven't been doing too hot a job at doing it yourself.”

“Tell me about it, but I've managed for almost three years, so I must have been doing something right. Granted, no other winter has been as bad as this is this year, and I would have frozen to death before too much longer.”

“No, it was probably just pure dumb luck that you've survived this long. Now, I have a few personal questions for you, and I'd like you to answer them truthfully please.”

“I'll answer any question you ask me, it's the least I can do.” Hayden said honestly, and Jordan could tell he meant it whole heartedly.

“Good. Obviously you've had sex before a number of times, so tell me, are you disease free?”

“Yeah, or at least I was the last time I checked, and that was only a month ago. I always use condoms, no matter what for, no matter what the person wants. I just tell them it's sheathed or not at all, and if they want a hot boy hole, then they'd better do it.”

“That's at least really good, and I'm glad for you. How about drugs?”

“Never touched the shit, I ran as far and as fast as I could any time anyone offered me. My mom may have been a hooker, but she told me time and time again that getting into that shit will only take the crappy life that she could just barely give to me and make it a billion times worse.”

“A very wise woman by the sounds of it.”

“Yeah, she was, at times. Getting into prostitution was not exactly her brightest move, but that wasn't entirely her fault either though. She was just really down and needed some money, just like me. She found her pimp one night and they had sex, and then he conned her into working for him. He made her keep doing it, even when she wanted to quit and get a real job. I never could find out what he held over her to make her keep doing it though, and now that they're both dead, I'll never know either. I guess it doesn't much matter now.”

“So, her pimp pretty much took advantage of her and kept using her. Have you started puberty yet?”

“I think so yes, but my dick is still pretty small, I have no hair yet, and I can't shoot cum yet.” Hayden answered unashamedly.

“Have your balls started dropping yet?”

“Yeah, and they're starting to grow too.”

“That's good. I was a late bloomer as well. I was fourteen before I could shoot, so no worries there.”

“I wasn't worried. As a boy whore, it actually worked out better for me anyways, because most men and women that want young boys want them real young, so I used it to my advantage.” Hayden grinned.

“So, other than being hungry, why were you breaking into my house?”

“It's gotten so cold and miserable out there that I can't really get out to make much money. I ran out a couple weeks ago, which meant I couldn't buy any food. I had been scrounging and digging food out of dumpsters and shit like that, but it wasn't enough. I finally talked myself into breaking into a house and taking food. Figures that you'd catch me on my first house, but I guess it's better for me too.”

“Yes, because someone else could have just shot first and asked questions last. Believe you me, it's actually somewhat allowed, especially for me, since I actually am allowed to kill anyone should I see fit, but I do have to fill out a shit load of paper work for doing it. Most people would not do that, especially if they realized it was a child, but had you have caught someone during the night and they couldn't see you, they could have.”

“Yeah, I know, and I knew it was really dangerous and stupid, but it was do that or starve to death. I'd sorta figured it was better to die fast than slow, so I risked it.”

“Yeah, I can certainly see your logic there, and you had no fault, except breaking into my house. Must have been a shock to find almost no food or anything at all huh?”

“Actually, I hadn't noticed when I came in that you had almost nothing at all in here. I wasn't here to steal anything more than food, but I was surprised to find almost no food. I drank the milk first, and then ate the apple and orange in the fridge, and then started looking for more, and you know the rest. I'd only been here for maybe ten minutes at most, but it was probably only like five.”

“Yeah. So, when I came in, I smelled that you were reeking of stale pee, and then you peed your pants when I scared you. Peeing while being scared I can understand, but the stale pee smell I don't, so care to explain that one?”

“Well, I sorta don't have much control over my bladder. I always pee at night, and sometimes during the day. If I'm scared or nervous, I'll pee right away, if you make me laugh, I'll pee. If I sneeze, I pee. You get the picture.” Hayden said with no shame.

“And has it always been that bad, or has it gotten worse?”

“Always been like that. My mom took me to a doctor when I was five who told her that I had a genetic problem in my bladder that would not allow it to stay fully closed, muscle problems I think he said. He said it would be a life long thing, and that the best thing for me would be diapers, because catheters would only cause me problems. I cried for three days after that, hearing that I would have to wear diapers for the rest of my life, but I got used to it. The kids at school tried teasing me for it, but I just beat them up if they did. I got in pretty big trouble for doing that, but so did the other boy, and he was suspended twice as long as I was. That happened like five or six times before they learned that I wasn't gonna let them bully me for a medical condition. My mom always grounded me, but told me that she was proud of me for standing up for myself, but that I should try and use my mouth sometimes and not just my fists. But, like I told her, I tried talking first, and then when they swung, I swung back. I never threw the first punch, but I damned sure threw the last one.” Hayden said proudly.

“Wow, tough little bugger huh.”

“I tried. One time a kid from school cornered me at a park, not at school, and he tried to beat me up. He pounded me pretty good that day, and I went to school the next day with two black eyes, a split lip, and a limp, but I just smiled at the boy and invited him back that afternoon for a second round. He beat me up again the second day, and then on the third day too. By the fourth day he was getting pretty tired, and I pounded the shit out of him. He actually had to go to the hospital. When he got back out, he and I actually became friends. He told me that no one had ever stood up to him like that, and while I managed to get in a few good hits the first few days, he did most of the hitting, and he said that I was the only one to ever stay standing after he hit them.”

“Good grief boy. I think I was wrong. It wasn't dumb luck you survived, you're a bloody stubborn little brat that refuses to give up.” Jordan laughed.

“Thanks.” Hayden grinned.

“So, I guess that means that I should get you some diapers then. Do you have a preference as to what ones I get for you?”

“I like them soft and thick please for at home and night, and then thinner, but still absorbent for the daytime when I'm at school.”

“Makes sense. So, do you like diapers as well then?”

“Yeah, I sorta do now. It's kinda hard to explain, but I really miss having them.”

“I actually know how you feel. When I was a kid I wet the bed all the time, did right up until I was almost fifteen before I stopped. I actually wore them during the day sometimes, just because I liked them, but then I stopped wetting, so I stopped wearing them. It was almost six months later that I realized how much I missed them. By then it was too late to go back, I was too embarrassed to start wetting again on purpose to get my diapers back. Then right at the end of high school, I joined the military, and of course you have little to no privacy, so I couldn't very well wear them again there.”

“Have you ever thought of wearing them now?”

“I have, and I had been almost going to get them too.” Jordan smiled warmly.

“You should, I bet you'd look really hot in a diaper.” Hayden blushed.

“Yeah, but you'd think I look hot with nothing on, or clothed too as you've already said.”

“True. So, how old are you then?”

“I just turned forty.”

“Oh, you're a lot older than I thought you were. You only look like twenty five or so, and you're really muscular.”

“Thanks. I do a lot of work to keep my body in this shape. You seem like you were at least once in really good shape. You're not quite as fit as you once were with having to live on the street, and you seem pretty smart too. So, how were you able to do it all?”

“I did really good in school, and I did gymnastics and ran track and whatnot. Haven't done much of anything in the past three years though. I still get lots of exercise though.”

“That's good. Well, give me a second to go grab my notebook computer, and then we'll see what we can do about getting your name and prints removed from anywhere and everything, and work to make you my son.”

“How can you do all that?”

“I have access to some pretty cool websites. I can become anyone, make anyone become anyone. I can mess with each and every police departments records I want, whenever I want. Once again though, technically I'm supposed to have a good reason for doing it, and I have to fill out lots of paperwork normally, but in this case I won't, and they won't even really know.”

“What if they find out you did it and come asking questions?”

“Then I'll inform them of the nature of your being here. No one in my department will hold what you did against you, we do the same sort of thing all the time, and half the shit we did was against the law, so it really doesn't matter. Most anyone will ignore anything I do now anyways, so we shouldn't have to worry.” Jordan smiled and hopped up to grab his computer.

He took quite a few minutes to get into the site that he needed, and Hayden, while he was not looking, figured that the security to get into the site must be massive. He had turned his head, because he did not want to see that information, and Jordan smiled. He knew he liked the boy, he seemed more than a little smart and seemed very trustworthy. It took more than half an hour for Jordan to do it all, but he got it all done.

“Okay, all done. You now have the same fake last name as I have, which is Michaels by the way, and you are completely and totally my son now, and no one would be able to say otherwise. I even have all the proper documents on the way.”

“Wicked, thanks Jordan. I guess that's daddy now, can I call you daddy?”

“Yes, I am your daddy now, and I'd like that.” Jordan smiled warmly.

“Cool. So, was there anything interesting in there?”

“Very.” Jordan said, and then just let it hang. Hayden lasted quite a few minutes before he gestured to get on with it, but he never grew impatient. The boy was definitely very smart, he knew exactly what Jordan was trying to do. They both just grinned.

“Well, they don't think you did the shooting, but they're interested to know where you are, for your safety. They were trying to find you to tell you what had happened to your mom and to get you into foster care. They did want to know if you knew anything though. Apparently they had no prints on the weapon though, so you must have cleaned it pretty well, so they had no idea that you were the shooter. They have well over a hundred prints though, so they are not hopeful to ever find the killer.”

“Yeah, I was smart enough to wipe off the prints as best I could. I used one of the sanitizing wipes that my mom always kept on her night stand, figuring that that would do the best job of it. I guess it worked. So they had no idea I killed the bastard, that's good I guess.”

“That would definitely have done it, good thinking. You'd make a good assassin.”

“No thanks. Killing one person is good enough for me, thank you very much.”

“I'm glad to hear that. Killing, while sometimes necessary, is a messy and soul tearing act, and no matter how many times you do it, it never becomes easy.”

“How many people have you killed?”

“Couple dozen at least, at least by my own hands or rifle.”

“How come you still act so nice even after killing so many people?”

“Because I retained my goodness by constantly reminding myself that while what I was doing was bad, that it was a necessary evil to prevent that evil from spreading and killing innocent people. By taking out a few people, I saved many hundreds of peoples lives, so in the end I'm a hero to so many people that will never know it.”

“That's how I felt as well. I knew that it was bad to kill, and that I should feel bad, but I didn't. I felt good about removing a piece of trash that would only go out and kill again, possibly someone even more innocent than my mom.”

“Yes, and that's all that matters. Now, it's getting pretty late, and I need to go to the store before you fall asleep and pee the couch. I'd offer to let you watch TV, but I don't have one yet, and I'd offer to let you play on my computer, but I'm afraid that that's just not allowed. There's some cards left over from a previous owner though, so you can play cards if you'd like.”

“Okay. I am getting tired, so it'd probably be a pretty good idea.”

“I'll probably be gone at least an hour, will you be able to last that long?”

“Sure, and if I don't think I can, I'll just curl up on the floor here in the kitchen with a blanket, that way if and when I pee, it won't ruin anything. Don't worry about it being uncomfortable though, I assure you this kitchen floor will be a lot more comfortable than the cold concrete floor I'm used to sleeping on.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“I'm sure it will be, and if you do get tired, go ahead and do that. There's a couple spare blankets in the closet by the bathroom door. Try and stay up though, if you can.”

“Okay, thanks, and I will if I can.”

“Okay, I'll be back as quick as I can.”

“Bye daddy, love you.” Hayden said, a few happy tears streaking down.

“Love you too baby.” Jordan said as well with a few happy tears streaking down.

He left the house quickly and got into his small sensible little car that he had just bought as well. It was a newer model Toyota, nothing special, not brand new, but a good car. As he drove away, Jordan smiled happily. He had always wanted a son, he had always wanted the family, but knew he would and could never have it. Not only was he a spy, but he was as gay as they came, as well as being a boy lover. With all those strikes against him, he never figured that he would have a family, but now he did. He headed to a store nearby that he knew of that would carry most everything that he needed. When he arrived, he grabbed a cart and started looking around. Given that it was getting pretty late, the store was thankfully nearly empty, so he had no problems. His first stop was the incontinence aisle, where he picked out one large pack of each of the two diapers that Hayden had asked for. He chose the best ones there, and then grabbed himself some as well in his size. He then grabbed a case of diaper rash cream, some powder, and some baby lotion as well from the baby aisle.

After that was clothes. Jordan was not certain as to Hayden's exact size, but he was not all that worried for right now. He was just buying sweat pants, a couple tee shirts, a sweat shirt, some socks, and a pair of shoes. None of it was all that important to get the exact size, except maybe the shoes, and Jordan figured these would fit the little boy well enough until they could really go shopping. He then hit the electronics department and grabbed a couple things from there. The first thing was another notebook computer for Hayden, and then a TV for them to watch. He also grabbed one of those all in one home theatre systems, it had the DVD player and sound system all in the one unit, so that would give them all they needed. He grabbed the proper cables for it, and then headed out to the next area. As he was passing a rack of movies, he stopped and grabbed a dozen titles that he thought they would both enjoy.

Last was the food aisles, where Jordan filled up every last area that he had available to him. The cart may have been very large by normal store cart standards, but with a large TV on the bottom rack, a stereo and computer on top of that, and all the diapers and clothes inside the buggy, there was not all that much room for food left. There was enough room though, but Jordan filled it to the very max he was sure. Even he had to admit that the cart was starting to get heavy. He headed towards the checkout and blew almost half of the budget that he had set himself for moving. The military had given him a moving allowance, and he had enough money saved, so he was fine.

While on the way home, Jordan pondered what had led him to this point in his life. He had known from early on that he was gay, that he loved boys, that he loved diapers, that he was pretty much a freak. He was also very much into going into the military, so as soon as he graduated high school, with the highest grades, he enlisted. He went through basic training, then took a few of the courses that were offered, including sharp shooting. Shortly after that his first assignment was to protect some government official, and he managed to stop two assassination attempts, the second of which he had managed to set up in favor of catching the one who was doing it. This earned him high praise, and at only the age of twenty two. He was asked to join the elite forces, and he went and trained for nearly six years to become one of the worlds best. From then on, he was one of the most sought after men in his field, there was nowhere he wouldn't go, there was almost nothing he would not do. His only stipulation to his superiors, was that he would never kill a child, and should a child be near a hit, he would also back off and wait, because he would not harm a child in such a fashion. He had gotten mild shit a couple times from backing away from a perfectly legitimate hit, but he did go back and finish the job as soon as there were no children around. He decided to retire at the age of forty, because he knew he was getting slower, and not being as fast as he once was, was bound to get him killed. Sure, he was still one of the best in the business, but he preferred staying well and alive. It took three months of convincing for his department head to actually let him go, but there were stipulations. Then again, when leaving that sort of job, there are always stipulations.

Once he was fully retired, Jordan took the money that he had saved up over the past many years, found a nice little house in a nice little neighborhood, paid cash for it, and moved in. He bought himself his good used little car, bought a few things that he absolutely needed for the house, and sort of got settled in. The major problem though was, he was bored to tears. He had been in the house for two weeks already, and had hardly even unpacked his travel kit. He had no idea what to do with himself now that he was not constantly moving around, protecting himself, protecting others, pretty much doing his job. He had actually been on the verge of calling his bosses back and telling them that he would come in for two weeks a month to train the new recruits, but knew without a shadow of a doubt that giving that much would only lead to them taking advantage of him, and then he would never leave again. He had seen it happen far too many times. While he did technically outrank many of those that were supposedly above him, they still were full officers, where as he was a field agent and a training specialist, so he could only tell them where to go so much.

Finding Hayden in his house was actually the best thing to happen to Jordan in quite a while. Being a trained killer does wear away at a person, and Jordan knew that that was probably the largest reason for his retirement, he was starting to feel the good slipping away from him. Having a child around was exactly what he needed to really live now. Although having a child around that wanted sex as much as he did was certainly not going to hurt any. Although Hayden had not said anything, Jordan was more than just a little certain that it would not be long before Hayden was begging for it, but Jordan also knew that it would be Hayden to make the first move, because he would not be the one to do it. He did figure that it would be a very good idea to get the boy in to see a few doctors, and get him all tested out, just to make sure everything was still good.

The drive home was not long, and when he arrived home, Jordan packed everything into the house as quietly as he could, in case Hayden was asleep. As it turned out, he was, and it was a good thing that he had decided to sleep on the kitchen floor, because he was already quite wet. As soon as Jordan had everything into the house, he grabbed the diapers and went to get Hayden all taken care of.

“Hey there baby, wake up please?” Jordan asked Hayden softly while gently shaking him.

“Huh, oh hi. I thought that tonight had been just a wonderful dream, and that I was going to wake up on that miserable cold floor again.”

“Well, it wasn't a dream, but you're still waking up on a cold floor, even if not nearly so cold as you're used to. You've already peed quite a bit, so I've got some diapers and wipes here to get you all set for bed. Do you want me to get you ready, or do you want to take care of that yourself?” Jordan asked, leaving the decision up to Hayden himself.

“Thanks, but I'd like for you to diaper me please.” Hayden smiled brightly.

“Okay. You'll have to just lose the shirt, it's doing no real good anyways, and it's soaked now as well. We'll clean everything up in the morning, but for now, let's get you well padded.” Jordan smiled back.

They got Hayden stripped out of the blanket that he had grabbed, the shirt that was barely covering, him, and then Jordan got him all cleaned up. Hayden just laid there with a warm smile on his face the entire time, his three and a half inch erection pulsing away madly the entire time as well. Jordan was happy to see what the boy had kept mostly hidden, and he was happy to see that it was the nicest looking young boy package that he had ever seen before. The little balls were just in the process of growing and dropping, his little penis was long and slender, but was starting to grow nicely, there were no hairs anywhere to mar the perfect beauty of it all either. All this on top of the fact that Hayden really had a beautiful body for a boy his age. His ribs were starting to show a little more than they used to, but Jordan could easily see how the boy was once quite muscular for a boy. His sandy colored hair needed a good cutting, but if Jordan had anything to say about it, it would be left a bit shaggy, because it would suit Hayden perfectly. His blue eyes sparkled whenever he smiled, which was starting to become more frequent, and he had the cutest little dimples as well when he did. His teeth needed to be seen by a good orthodontist, and soon, because although they were surprisingly white and clean, they were growing in crooked, and it looked like there were a few gaps as well. His nose was cute as well, matching his face perfectly in Jordan's opinion, same with his ears, they just fit him right he thought. As Jordan bent Hayden's erection down to tape on the diaper, Hayden groaned out in frustration of not being jacked off, or sucked for that matter. He had been hoping all night that Jordan would do it for him. It was not until deep in the night that Hayden realized the reason for this, and at that time he vowed to fix it.

“There you go baby, all set. Now, let's get you a new blanket, and get you settled on the couch for a good nights rest. We'll have to go buy you a bed tomorrow, but for tonight, that'll have to do.”

“Okay, thanks. These diapers are great, they're so thick and soft.”

“You're welcome baby, I'm glad you like them. Do you mind me calling you baby like that?”

“No, not at all, it makes me feel loved again, and I sorta am, even I can admit that. I wear diapers, and I like them too.” Hayden grinned.

“Good. If there is ever any time that anything I say or do makes you feel uncomfortable, you make sure and tell me, and we'll work it out together, okay.”

“Okay, I can agree to that, but I doubt you could anyways.”

“Possibly, but make sure anyways. Now, let's get you settled on the couch baby, so that you can have a good sleep.”

“Okay, I'm pretty tired.”

“Yeah, you look it.” Jordan smiled warmly.

Together they headed to get a clean blanket and then headed to the living room. Silently Hayden climbed onto the couch and laid down. Jordan draped the blanket over the tired boy and then tucked him in. He reached down and gave Hayden a tender kiss on his forehead.

“Night night baby, love you.” He whispered.

“Night night daddy, love you too.” Hayden whispered back, a couple tears leaking out once again. He fell asleep quickly after that.