Chris was the first to arrive the next morning, and Hayden and he talked for the few minutes that it took for Calvin to get there as well.

“Good morning Calvin, I see Al walked you over. I take it your mom insisted on it, or was that him?”

“Good morning guys. Both actually. I told them it was five in the morning, what could be bad out right now, but they wouldn't listen to me. It's no wonder I'm so scared of my own shadow sometimes. I'm really glad you invited me over though.” Calvin said softly.

“One of these days you're going to have to insist that they allow you to do things on your own, but let's get you and Chris both a little stronger first before you go doing that. Your brother will be fine letting you go, he knows you need to do it, but I know how most moms are, and my guess is you're the baby of the family, as well as you've had problems in the past, so she's probably more than a little protective of you.”

“Sometimes overly so. Especially once I started getting bullied. Al's really cool, he never complains if I want to hang out with him, he's always got time for me, he never makes fun of me 'cause I have to wear diapers or anything. None of his friends know, or if they suspect or even know, they haven't said anything anyways. He does seem to treat me as if I'm a bit younger than I am sometimes, but that might possibly be somewhat my fault too though.”

“Why would some of it be your fault?” Hayden asked softly, curiously.

“Well, don't laugh at me please, but sometimes I like to act like a baby. I already have to wear diapers anyways, so sometimes I drink from bottles and suck on soothers, things like that. I ask them not to treat me like a baby unless I want to be, but I think sometimes they forget that I really am twelve.”

“Absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I've thought of buying a couple bottles as well.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“Same here. Although I'm not so certain I'd let my mom see that.” Chris grinned.

“My dad would be perfectly fine with it, seeing as how he's a diaper lover, I'm sure the stretch to adult baby isn't too far, and even if he doesn't want them, I know for a fact he'd be perfectly fine with others who do.” Hayden smiled.

“Wow, your dad's a diaper lover, that's pretty cool.”

“Yeah. Come on you two, strip down to your diapers and let's go downstairs and get a good workout going.” Hayden said, getting to the reason that they were all there that morning.

“Um, I don't know if I can strip to my diaper in front of you guys.” Calvin said softly.

“Um, why not, we're all boys, we all wear diapers, and don't you wear just your diaper at home?” Hayden asked in confusion as Chris was getting out of his clothes.

“No, not any more. I used to, but my mom told me a couple years ago that I shouldn't.”

“Why the hell not. Doesn't it get uncomfortable wearing clothes over your diaper all the time?”

“Sometimes yeah, but I'm more than a little used to it, I've always worn them.”

“Do you at least wear just your diaper in your own room?” Chris asked, now down to just his diaper as well.

“Most of the time yeah.”

“Then there you go, just make like you're in your own room then. If you come here often, of which I hope that you do, then you'll find that that's how we always go around the house.” Hayden informed.

“Okay, but please don't laugh at me, I'm really skinny and I have lots of scars on my stomach, chest and back.”

“First of all, we'd never laugh at you, and certainly not for either of those reasons. Second, when we laugh at you, it'll be because you did something stupid and or funny and deserved to be laughed at. Third, how'd you get all the scars?” Hayden asked as Calvin pulled off his shirt to show off his upper body that looked like it had been sliced and diced more than a few times.

“When I was a baby, I was really sick, I can't remember with what all, my mom could tell you, but I've had over ten operations already, and when I'm fourteen I have to go back for another operation on my heart.”

“Oh, that sucks. Are you able to do exercises and stuff with us then if you have a bad heart?” Hayden asked in mild concern, he didn't want to kill the boy during their exercises.

“No no, I'm perfectly fine, it's just that I have a valve that had to be replaced, so when I'm fourteen they have to go back in and replace it again for some reason or another. I think that was because I would grow, but it would not, or maybe that was the one that wears out. I certainly won't be able to go for as long as you guys do, nor do as much, but I can still work out, and I'm supposed to too.”

“Why is it that you don't really know what's happening to your own body?”

“My mom doesn't tell me much of anything, what little I do know was from accidentally hearing some of it while at doctors appointments and stuff like that.”

“Why the hell would she do that?” Hayden nearly demanded.

“She says she doesn't want me to be scared and that I don't need to know.”

“Like bloody hell you don't need to know. It's happening to you, and not knowing would scare me far more than knowing, at least that way I can deal with it. That's the one thing that I fear probably most of all is not knowing something. So, you have no idea then if you're going to live a full life, or if they're only giving you to a certain age then do you?”

“I hate not knowing, but I did hear a doctor saying that patients with my conditions rarely last past the age of thirty, but that with all the medical advancements, that it's increasing more and more. It used to be most children did not survive past the age of five, then it was ten, then twenty, and now thirty. Who knows, maybe soon I'll be expected to live until at least fifty. I don't really care though, if I die, then I die, I'm not scared of that, because I know that in my case it's more than likely going to come earlier than for most people.”

“Well, at least you know that you can be expected to live quite a while. Thirty isn't exactly old, but with all the operations you've had, that's probably pretty good. Well, let's get started then, just work at your own pace and do what you can.” Hayden said.

“Yeah, it is, and don't worry about me, I know when to slow down or stop.” Calvin smiled warmly.

“Good. You know, once you get to know someone, you actually do talk, and at least we can hear you a bit better now, but you should learn to speak up a bit more so that people don't have to strain to hear you.”

“I know, but it's so hard. Other kids were always so mean to me, they called me so many horrible names, I just stopped talking and caring.”

“I know how you feel, it's pretty much just what I did as well.” Chris said warmly.

“And now that you have friends, we'll help you to overcome that as well.” Hayden also smiled.

“Thanks guys.” Calvin smiled right back.

They got started on their workout shortly after that, Hayden just had to put in the disc he wanted. Hayden of course outperformed the video as he normally did, Chris was nearly dying by the time it finished and had had to slow down a great deal by that time, and Calvin just kept a slow steady pace, not even breathing hard by the time they finished.

“You did pretty good Calvin, just nice and slow and easy. Chris, you should have tried keeping up with him instead, he's not out of breath like you are.”

“Thanks, I have to do similar stuff mostly every day, so I know what to do.” Calvin smiled.

“I'm just trying to push myself a bit so that I can get stronger faster.” Chris said.

“That'll never happen. You push yourself like that too much, and you'll hurt yourself. You have to work into it slowly and build up gradually. Sure, by pushing yourself you can go faster, but most of the time it just ends up backfiring. Trust me, just go slow and easy, push yourself only to just beyond your abilities, but once it starts hurting, or you start gasping, back off. Try and keep the same pace throughout, don't start out fast and end slow, you won't get as much out of it that way in the end.”

“Okay, I'll try it that way then.”

“Good. I'm going to do my gymnastics stuff now guys, so you can just go sit back and rest for a bit if you want.”

“Okay.” The other two said.

Hayden put on some nice fast music for his gymnastics workout, and then started doing it right away. Chris and Calvin just sat off to the side and watched for the next forty five minutes, both amazed at what Hayden could do. As soon as he was finished, Hayden went over to join them for a minute.

“Wow, you're really good.” Calvin said as Hayden came up to them. “You should join a gymnastics club or something.” He added.

“Thanks, but no, not any more. I used to belong to one, and that's where I learned all this, but they would want me to do shows and stuff like that, and I won't do that. I actually had to be moved to the next level two years earlier than normal, because I was better than everyone else. I hated going to meets and stuff like that though, being paraded around like that. Then there was of course the fact that even then I had to wear diapers, well a lot of people laughed when they realized it. Mostly I just wore guards, but you could still tell I was wearing when all I was wearing was a gymnastics outfit, which are really skimpy. I could handle the kids laughing at me, that's just how kids are, but some of the adults were even worse. Besides, I do it mostly for myself, just because it's fun.”

“Yeah, I can see your point. I'd hate that as well. Except the guards don't work for me, I pee too much for them, and I pee too frequently as well.”

“I was mostly the same then, and the guards often didn't hold up for very long, especially once moving like I had to. In practice I mostly just wore pullups, and the others got used to it, even their parents did. Then again, one of them started laughing at me, and I went right up to them and asked if they had some sort of problem. He was kinda flabbergasted that I'd charge right up to him like that and demand to know why he was laughing at me for having to wear diapers. He had no answer, and I just told him straight to his face that if he ever did so again, I'd make him hurt far more than he ever dreamed a kid could possibly do to him. His son was new to our class, and the others were already used to me in diapers. Even his son was already used to it, but that was his dads first day there. His mom normally brought him. Anyways, he ended up apologizing to me, but boy was his son ever giving him the look. Even he had never made fun of me or anything, mind you, most of the kids in gymnastics didn't, but they knew to do so would get them kicked out. My mom made certain that before I went to any school that they had an anti harassment policy in place, and then informed them of the reasoning. Two schools wouldn't even let me enter because I wore diapers, and they were slammed harshly for it, but my last one was great. My teacher there was able to teach me a great deal of things.”

“Wow, that's harsh. I would have burst into tears and ran out of there.” Calvin said.

“Me too.” Chris said.

“Yes, you both would have, but would that have done any good, would that have taught a person that was being mean to you that it was wrong. Sure, maybe they might feel a little bad that they hurt your feelings so much, but probably not. The sort of person that would laugh at another for a disability doesn't usually have much if any of a conscience. The best thing to do is hold your ground, stand tall, look the person right in the eye, and tell them that they are not worthy of your time, because they are too small minded to recognize someone with a disability and treat them with respect, same as they themselves probably demand. Then you just turn and walk away. Granted, that's not what I do, I'm much more confrontational than that, I usually just barge right up to them, get in their face, and ask them what their problem is. Neither of you will ever be able to do that though, or at least I doubt it. No, the first method is the one I'll be teaching you two.”

“Yeah, you're right, but we didn't know any better.” Chris said softly.

“I know, and that's partly your parents fault, well mostly really. It's their teaching you how to handle yourselves that has gotten you both into this mess. If they had have taught you to just stand up for yourselves, instead of always telling you to walk away when someone starts calling you names and stuff like that, then maybe you wouldn't be so shy and scared now. My mom always told me I should look my attacker right in the eye and tell them where to go. I'm not saying you should have fought anyone, but sometimes you have to fight for what you believe in. You both should have also been taught how to at least defend yourselves. Both of you have been hit and all sorts of other things, did your parents believe that if you just turned the other cheek, that your attacker wouldn't just hit that one too. I don't know where they stuck their heads to have missed the fact that kids aren't that kind, but they should have realized that an open target only invites more hits. They made you both into very large open targets. Now that you know though, maybe we can teach you how to defend yourselves a bit and stay calm instead of bursting into tears at the first sign of trouble.”

“Maybe they just didn't know any better!” Calvin tried.

“Well, Chris' mom I can see, he's an only child of a single woman, girls rarely ever fought when they were her age, although I'm sure she had to have known how cruel kids can be, as well as she should have known to teach Chris at least to defend himself with words. You however, you have two parents and an older brother that who by the sounds of it is not afraid to stick up for himself, and is willing to fight if necessary. He especially should have taught you that, instead of just trying to fight your battles for you. Like, did they honestly believe that by doing so it would allow you to grow up to be a strong individual. I certainly hope not. By always being there to protect you, they weren't actually helping you. Once we all grow up and have to go into business and make a living, it's those same fighting skills and instincts that will allow you to get and hold onto good jobs, as well as advance in them. Can you honestly say that you want to work a dead end job somewhere because you don't know how to lead, only follow?”

“No.” Both said softly.

“Exactly, but by never standing up, leading instead of following, you'll never be able to do it. That's why I'm going to teach you both. We all need friends, we can be each others friends, and we can learn a lot from each other. I can teach you both to be strong again, or maybe for the first time, and maybe you can both help me to regain some of my fun loving side. I sorta lost it a bit I think. Maybe even soon I can meet your moms and learn to like another woman. Yes Chris, I know you know the reason why I haven't gone to meet your mom yet, I'm just not quite ready for it yet.”

“Wow, I didn't realize I was that easy to read. I'll help you in any way that I can, just like you're helping me and Calvin.” Chris smiled.

“What are you talking about?” Calvin asked, he had not heard the full story yet.

“Why don't we start something else, and I'll tell you as we do so. I have to ask you to keep this a complete and total secret though, only two other people know what I'm going to tell you, and I trust both fully. I trust you though as well, so please tell no one, not even your brother, of whom I can bet you tell everything, except maybe your big secret.”

“What big secret?” Calvin gulped.

“That you're gay of course, but I think he already sees it as well.” Hayden said in an upbeat manner, trying to lessen the blow.

“H-h-h-h-how did you kn-kn-kn-kn-kn-know?” Calvin asked, starting to cry.

“Hey, no tears around here, unless they're happy ones. It's pretty easy to tell actually, and you may have even started to notice it on Chris and I, because we're gay as well. Most people, if they're anywhere near observant enough, will be able to tell which people are gay, and which are not. Because we're gay though, we notice those traits more so, as will your brother. I think he does know about you though, but he knows about us as well, and I think maybe that's the reason that he had you meet us yesterday, I think he was hoping that we could all become friends and that you might open up more. I think you should tell your brother though, he'll be able to help you out some there as well.”

“Really!” Was all that Calvin seemed to be able to come up with.

“Yes. Do your parents really know you as well?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, do they sit and talk to you, pay attention to you, listen to what you have to say, spend time with you, things like that?”

“Yeah, all the time, we spend as much time together as a family as we can. Why?”

“Because, if your parents really know you, there's a very good chance that they already suspect that you're gay as well. Given that you're still pretty young though, it's sometimes hard to tell, because you're still going through puberty, and those hormones can be a killer. Man, can they ever.” Hayden grinned.

“I haven't started puberty yet, but do you really think they know?”

“Hard to say really, right now, like I said, they probably just suspect it. I didn't start puberty until I was thirteen myself, so don't worry about it.” Hayden said.

“My doctor says that I could be as old as fifteen before I start, given how far behind everyone my age I already am. He says though that if I haven't started by then, that he's going to start me on something that will kick start it, because he doesn't want me to go too long without starting.”

“That'd suck to have to wait that long. I was twelve when I started, but it took a while for me. There were a couple kids in my grade that started at the same time as I did, I could tell, but they finished a year before I did. Hell, I was still in puberty when some of the later ones started, and they finished before me. My doctor said that that's fine though, that it really is better to take a longer time, because then it's not so hard on the body.” Chris said.

“And I'm still in puberty. Then again, I think it lasts more than just a couple years than you really notice, not too sure. You're a pretty good size already Chris, but I think you still have a lot more growing before you're finished.”

“Thanks, I think.” Chris blushed.

“You've seen his dick before?”

“Of course I have, we change each others diapers and sit in the hot tub naked, how could we not.” Hayden said point blankly.

“Oh, are you two, well you know, boyfriends then?” Calvin asked, a huge blush creeping up.

“Us, no, just good friends. I already have a boyfriend, of whom you're going to learn about in a few minutes, as soon as we get started on our next lesson. Chris doesn't have a boyfriend, yet, although he sure is looking.” Hayden said pointedly, and both boys got the hint and blushed from it.

“So, anyways, let's get started, and I'll tell you all about my sordid history Calvin.” Hayden changed the subject right away, all upbeat again.

Without waiting, Hayden told the other two to just follow along as to what he did. He faced them, and then started the routine. As he did this, and the other two followed, he told his entire story, from start to finish. Calvin tried to comment a few times, but each time Hayden just held up his finger to hold any questions to the end. Calvin gasped when he heard about Hayden having killed someone, cringed when he heard that Hayden sold his body for sex to make money, and said he peed himself when Hayden explained how Jordan had caught him. He was surprised though that Jordan was now Hayden's daddy and boyfriend all in one. It took every minute of the routine for Hayden to tell the story, so as he stopped the tale, he stopped the workout.

“Wow, thanks for telling me all that, but aren't you afraid of others finding out and causing trouble for you and your dad?” Chris asked softly.

“Nah, only three people know my story now, and I trust all three of you a great deal. You'll never tell.”

“No, I won't.” Calvin said instantly.

“Thanks. Now, let's go get a quick shower and then hop into the sauna and then the hot tub.”

“But you guys go naked you said, I can't do that!” Calvin said, almost panicking.

“Sure you can. Just strip down and join us. If you're worried that we'll make fun of you because you're smaller, don't, if you're worried that we'll make fun of you when you get hard, don't. We'd never do anything like that. Just remember, it's strictly hands off though.” Hayden teased.

“But no one ever sees me naked.”

“Well, nows as good a time as any. Come on, we're all boys here, we're all gay, and we're all getting naked. So come on.” Hayden urged softly.

“Fine, but I'm really small.” Calvin whispered.

They all stripped off their diapers, and then as one they all looked up to each other, just to see what each of them was packing. Of course Chris and Hayden had seen each other more than a few times now, so they just looked at Calvin. Calvin though was blushing and looking between the two older boys, liking a great deal of what he saw.

“You're not so small Calvin, you're no smaller or bigger than I was at your age, and I bet it gets pretty hard, and lots bigger when it is.” Hayden said softly, thus causing Calvin to blush even more.

“Thanks.” He managed to whisper out though.

“Yeah, looks good enough to eat.” Chris said, blushing a bit once he realized what he said.

Calvin just whipped his head up to lock eyes with Chris, and blushed even more. Neither boy said anything, but Hayden chuckled.

“Come on you two, let's hit the sauna.” Hayden said a minute later, still chuckling.

Neither said a word, just followed him into the sauna, and then they sat down and enjoyed the hot air, none of them saying anything. All nice and sweaty now, almost fifteen minutes later, they hopped out and hit the shower to rinse off, and then went to the hot tub.

“See Calvin, it's not so bad, now is it?” Hayden commented once they were sat back and relaxed, a collective sigh had gone through them all at the same time seconds before.

“Actually, it's quite nice to be so free like this.” Calvin commented, not even opening his eyes.

“I know how you feel. When you drop your barriers and stop caring what others think, and just do what feels good to you, then you're on the road to becoming your own person.”

“What do you mean?” Calvin asked softly, sitting up more and opening his eyes.

“You're afraid to be yourself, you're always trying to be who and what others want or think you should be. Sure, pleasing others is good, but it's not the only thing right.”

“Yeah, but what does that have to do with being stronger?”

“Everything. You don't really even know who you are, because you've never stopped to do what you want, or stopped to fight your own battles, either of you, have you?”

“No, I guess not.” Calvin said, and Chris nodded.

“Of course I'm not saying that you have to stop doing things to please others, or doing what is expected of you, what I am saying though is that you have to make time for yourselves as well, be who you want and need to be, don't be afraid of what others think of you, tell someone where to go and how to get there. Like I said, how can you be your own person, when for so long you've acted like someone else's puppet. Both your parents always told you to turn the other cheek, walk away from people when they teased you and all that shit. They even told you to walk away when someone hits you. Yeah, look how well that's working for you. All it's done for you is make you targets to those who know one when they see one.”

“But how were they supposed to know any better?” Chris asked.

“Most parents do know, or they should, but they want to try and protect their kids, but all they end up doing half the time is make them weaker. Together we can all help each other.”

“How can we help you though, you're so strong?” Calvin asked softly.

“Yes, I am strong, but I don't know fun any more. For a few years now I was on the street remember, I had to grow up very quickly. My mom was also always pushing me hard to grow up and be a man, but even she had a flaw in her teaching, just like your parents did. She forgot that kids need time to just be kids too. I want to be able to go out and have fun with other kids my age, do fun and silly things just for the sake of it. I also lost my mom in a horrible manner, and getting close to another woman feels bad to me, even though I know it shouldn't, and my mom would not want that. So, I can help you two become stronger, and you two can help me to become more boyish.”

“But, I'm not so sure I know how to be a kid either, I never get to play with others, do kids stuff like the others do.” Calvin said, and Chris had to nod in agreement as well.

“Yeah, but again, some of that was because you weren't strong enough as well. We can all learn together how to be kids.”

“Okay.” Both boys said brightly.

“So, can I ask you a personal question?” Calvin asked, already starting to blush just thinking of asking.

“Well, I can tell it's an embarrassing question, but I don't mind. I'll warn you though, if you ask a question, I'll have no problem giving you the full answer if I know it, and I won't hold back.” Hayden grinned, figuring that that would make Calvin not ask the question he was almost certain he was about to ask.

“Um, okay. You've had sex lots, right!”

“Yeah.” Hayden said simply.

“What's it like? I mean, what does it feel like to have another boy or man fuck your bum?” Calvin asked, going totally beet red.

“It can be so wondrous, feel so amazing, if your partner does his job correctly. If he doesn't, you're in for a world of hurt. Anal sex can be the most amazing thing, or the most painful thing, depending on how well prepared you are. Granted, there's pretty much no escaping some pain, anal sex is a painful thing to start with, but the pain wears off pretty quickly normally, and then you feel like the entire world stops spinning and all you feel is pure bliss.” Hayden said with a far off look on his face.

“Wow, it sounds so nice.” Calvin whispered, Chris nodded again.

“Oh, it can be so much more than just nice. But like I said though, it can also be very painful. What do you know about anal sex, both of you?”

“A bit, but not much.” Chris said.

“Probably less than he does. I've read a few stories, but that's about all.”

“Same here.” Chris added.

“Yeah, stories are usually a pretty good way to gain information, but not always the best. Since I got back onto the internet, I've enjoyed more than a few good stories, and while many are pretty good, they're really quite unrealistic. First of all, only abnormally well hung guys have dicks as large as some of the stories claim. From what I've encountered, six inches long and about two to three inches around is about normal. The largest dick I took was probably close to seven and a half inches long and closer to the three inch around mark. He was probably considered large, or well hung if you will.”

“Another thing that stories rarely point out is the preparation that's required for anal sex to feel good, they're usually just slam it in and fuck your brains out sort of situations. Well, unless you're very well used, as in a few times a day, it's not very likely that you could do such a thing without screaming your fool head off for trying. I had one man do that to me, he put on the condom, as I insisted of course, and then as I was bent over, he just rammed his cock up my ass and fucked me while I screamed bloody murder. He was a big guy, so he had me pinned to the bed, I could barely move, but the second he let me go, I wailed on him like you wouldn't believe, and I doubt very seriously that he was interested in sex for a long time after, and I bet he can't have children either. I also stole every penny that he had in his wallet, well over three times my normal fee, and then I left, but only after pissing on him. I had had to go, and didn't feel like going all the way to the bathroom.”

“In order for anal sex to really feel good, you have to be well dilated and lubricated, there's no rule as to how much lube to use, it's cheap, so don't be stingy. Start with one finger and work your way up from there. It's always really nice to start out with tongues first too, a little analingus I believe it's called, but a rim job is how it's normally referred.”

“Eww, that's like so gross, how could you lick another guys asshole?” Chris gasped, and Calvin nodded.

“Actually, it can be quite enjoyable for both parties if it's done correctly. Correctly simply means that whomever you are licking must be nice and clean. Starting in a hot bath, cleaning each other nicely, starting your foreplay in there I assure you is the nicest way, that way you both know the other is nice and clean. That's what Jordan and I do. As long as your partner is good and clean, there's rarely any real taste, but believe you me, the feelings it creates are great. Many times a good rim job is all you need to prepare you for sex, because it quite often opens you right up, and while I have never attempted it without lube, I have been assured that it is entirely possible to go without, just as long as lots of spit is pushed up inside during the rimming.”

“I'm still not sure I could do that.” Chris said.

“And no one's saying that you have to either, although, I do suggest that once you trust your partner enough, and you're both good and clean, that you do give it a shot. Like I said, it can be very enjoyable.”

“I'm not very big yet, what if I wanted to have sex with another boy, would he even be able to feel me?” Calvin asked, once again with a good blush going on.

“Sure. Stand up for a second.” Hayden said.

“Um, I can't.”

“Oh go ahead, I know you have a boner, that's why I wanted you to stand up. Show it off, let someone else see it for a change.” Hayden urged softly.

“Okay.” Calvin said, his blush increasing just a bit more, but he did stand up.

“Not bad Calvin. Once hard you push I'd say almost four inches, maybe just a bit over. Even with only three inches though, you could give a considerable amount of pleasure to a guy, even a grownup. It really is true what they say, it's not how big it is, it's how you use it that counts. Go head and sit down.” Hayden said.

Calvin sat down, but Chris had been looking quite intently at the very tasty looking boy meat, and had a pure look of disappointment at no longer being able to really see it. Both other boys noticed, and Calvin blushed even more.

“Come on Chris, it's only fair, we saw his, now he gets to see ours as well.” Hayden said, and then stood up.

It took a few seconds for the command to register in Chris' over heated bottom head, but as soon as he did, he too stood up. As both boys' mid sections came into view, Calvin was looking back and forth between them. His jaw opened, and he moaned involuntarily, and then he started quaking and squeaking.

“Wow, I think he was a bit horny. Go ahead and sit down now.” Hayden whispered to Chris.

They sat down and waited and watched as Calvin came down from his high. He looked much more relaxed though once he did, but then he locked eyes on the other two, and blushed twice as much as he had before.

“Don't worry about it Calvin, we both understand, maybe even better than you do. You've known you were gay for a while, haven't you?” Hayden asked softly.

“Yeah, since I was eight at least.”

“And you've dreamed about seeing other boys, especially when hard, haven't you?”

“Yeah, all the time.”

“You were already pretty hot just from the conversation, as were the both of us, and seeing us for the first time like that was just too much, and you blew. Mount Saint Calvin doesn't erupt yet though, does it?”

“You mean do I cum yet?” Calvin squeaked.

“Yeah, of course. I thought you were smart enough to have caught that one.” Hayden chuckled, and Chris was just trying to stifle his laughter, he had thought Hayden's description was very funny.

“No, not yet anyways.”

“Given your size and lack of puberty signs showing, I figured as much. It'll probably be a couple years, but hopefully no more than that before you do. In the meantime, there's certainly no rule against trying your damnedest to cum. Those old tales of getting hairy palms, going cross eyed and all sorts of other shit just ain't true. Although, my doctor told me to lay off it a bit or learn to switch hands, because I was actually developing tendinitis in my right hand, and he had to prescribe me a cream to take care of the wicked friction burns I was getting. He also prescribed lube. My mom wondered why on earth a doctor would be telling an eight year old boy to get lube. At that time she didn't realize that I was already jacking off like four times a day, and amazingly enough she actually blushed when I told her why I had to go to the doctor. I hadn't told her before the appointment why I needed to go, and she didn't come in with me, I told her I could do it myself. The doctor even laughed out loud when I showed him my dick and told him how many times I was stroking off in a day. He told me most boys don't get that bad until they're at least twelve. He also told me that he prescribes a lot of those two things for both boys and girls. I almost barfed when he mentioned girls, because I too knew I was gay then, but I had already known for a while, not sure when I realized it, or if I just always knew, don't know, not that it matters anyways. So, anyways, my point of that was, jack off all you want, but get yourself some lube. Most boys just use hand cream, but get real lube, it's lots better.” Hayden said wistfully.

“I had to go to the doctor last year for the same thing, and he pretty much told me the same things as well. I've actually gotten pretty good doing it left handed now.” Chris said, only with a bit of a blush.

“Thanks for the information, I think.” Calvin said, his blush easing off a bit more.

“Are you glad you asked, or are you sorry you asked?” Hayden grinned.

“Kinda both.” Calvin grinned.

“Told you though, I hold nothing back. Come on you two, let's hop out and get cleaned off before we turn into a few old prunes.” Hayden laughed.

“Okay.” They said together.

They hopped out and Hayden shut down and covered up the hot tub, and then they headed to the shower. All three of them were still quite hard, and they all looked appreciatively as they helped each other to wash off.

“So, how do you feel after your workout?” Hayden asked as they were drying off.

“Not bad. I'm always a little more tired and sore after a workout, but I guess that's normal.” Calvin said.

“I'm doing not too bad now after relaxing for a bit.” Chris added.

“If you didn't feel a little worn out after a workout, then you obviously didn't get a good enough workout if you ask me.” Hayden smiled.

“Probably true.” Chris chuckled.

“It is. Come on, let's go upstairs and get diapered up. We can then sit back and play a game or two, have lunch, and then I'm going to walk you two home. Tonight is to just be my daddy and me, we need our special time together, if you catch my drift.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“Oh, I think we caught it, even we're not that naïve.” Chris laughed.

“I would hope not.” Hayden laughed as well, and Calvin just shook his head.

So that was what they did. They played a few card games, sitting there in only diapers, laughing and having a good time, and then they made lunch. They sat down to eat, and then cleaned up and got dressed.

“Well, come on you two, let's get you home. I want both of you to come over again tomorrow morning and join my daddy and I for training, and then maybe we can go out and do something?”

“Okay, I'd like that.” Calvin said happily, and Chris nodded his agreement.


They started out on their walk to each of the boys' respective houses. They dropped Chris off first, because he was the first in line, but surprisingly enough Chris and Calvin lived only a little more than a block away from each other, on the same street, but had to cross another intersection to get there.

“Thanks so much for today Hayden, it really was fun.”

“You're welcome Calvin, I'm glad you had fun, and I hope you learned something as well.”

“I did. Can I ask you another question before you leave though?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Do you think Chris likes me?” He whispered.

“Are you asking me if he likes you as a friend, or if he likes you more than that, maybe as possible boyfriend material?” Hayden asked back almost as softly.

“Maybe boyfriend. He's really cute, and he's super nice.”

“Yes, he is, and yes, I believe he does as well. You two would certainly make a cute couple. Just get to know each other a bit more and let things fall where they want to fall, and I think you'll be happy.” Hayden said sincerely.

“Thanks Hayden, you're the best.” Calvin said, and before Hayden could react, Calvin was hugging him.

“Thanks, you're not so bad yourself you know, once you actually get to know someone and you start talking.”

“Normally no one gets to know me, but it was fun. Thanks again.” Calvin said, and before Hayden could say anything further, Calvin turned and entered the house.