It was only at most five hours for Hayden to wait for his loving daddy to make it home, but it felt like the longest five hours that Hayden had ever felt in his entire life. To pass the time, as soon as he made it home, he cleaned the house from top to bottom, but still that only took a couple hours. After that, he did some learning work, and then surfed the net for a while. But still, he had almost an hour before Jordan was scheduled to be home, and that was if he was not running late. Hayden ended up sitting on the couch at four thirty, watching out the window for the next hour that it took for Jordan to make it home. As soon as he did, Hayden jumped up from the couch and ran to the front door to wait for his daddy, his lover. He had only just enough common sense to not whip open the door and run outside to greet Jordan. He was after all only wearing a soggy diaper and nothing else. That was something that he did not care for the neighbors to see, not to mention that it was pretty cold outside.

“Daddy, you're home.” Hayden almost screamed as soon as Jordan made it into the house and closed the door.

“Hi baby. I've missed you so much.” Jordan said happily, tears running down his cheeks, and he grabbed up Hayden and hugged him tightly.

“I missed you too daddy.” Hayden said, tears also streaming down now.

“Just talking to you every night wasn't enough, I wanted and needed to hold you tight all night long, get to look at your beautiful face during the day, I just needed you there with me.”

“Me too daddy. Let's go make some dinner, I'm sure you're hungry, and then I think we should go to bed early and stay there until morning.”

“Yeah, I'm hungry, but I almost want to say to hell with dinner, let's go to bed now.” Jordan grinned.

“You have no idea how much will power it's taking me to not drag you to bed right now too.”

“I think maybe I do. I didn't even jack off once these last two weeks.”

“Me neither, although I did have a couple pretty good wet dreams.” Hayden grinned.

“I'm sure they were quite hot, and I wish I could have been there with you to make those dreams come true. We'll just have to make them all come true tonight.”

“You already made all my dreams come true, now you just have to contend with my fantasies, but you've already dealt with more than a few of those already too.” Hayden grinned more, and led his daddy to the kitchen.

“I'm sure of that. Do you want help making dinner, or can I run and get into a diaper and out of these clothes and get my stuff put away?”

“No, I don't need any help daddy, you go get more comfortable, and just throw your clothes in the washer right away.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“Thanks baby.”

Hayden got started on dinner and Jordan went to their bedroom, grabbing his pack on the way past. He got undressed and slipped into a nice thick diaper, and then tossed as many of his clothes as would fit into the washer and turned it on. He then headed to the kitchen to help his baby boy make dinner. As soon as he made it though, Hayden told him that he had everything under control and to just go ahead and sit back and relax.

“I saw the living room on my way past, it looks really nice baby. I of course saw that you spent a bunch of money at a few places, so I wasn't surprised to come home to see that, but you did an amazing job.” Jordan complimented.

“Thanks daddy, I'm glad that you like it. Chris helped me a lot to get it all done, I had no real clue how to do most of it, so he helped. We both thought that it turned out really nice as well though.”

“Yeah, that it did. The Christmas decorations are really nice as well, very pretty. I suppose I should go and get you a couple things for Christmas as well, seeing as how you've gotten me a couple things already. I completely forgot that Christmas was coming up. I don't normally celebrate it, so it never dawned on me.”

“You don't have to buy me anything daddy, I don't need anything more than what you've already given to me. It was actually Chris that pointed out that it was Christmas soon, I hadn't even really known it, because I hadn't really known the date, and I haven't exactly celebrated Christmas either.”

“I'm still going to get you something though, no worries.” Jordan smiled warmly.

Less than half an hour later they were sitting down to eat dinner. It was nothing special, but it hit the spot and gave them the energy that they would be needing for the evenings special events.

“Okay daddy, let's leave the mess for now, let's go to bed.” Hayden said in a decidedly seductive tone.

“Okay baby boy, lead the way.”

Hayden grabbed Jordan's hand and led him to their bedroom. As soon as they made it there, Jordan was urged to lay on the bed on his back, so that was what he did. As soon as Jordan was laying down, Hayden grabbed a couple things and headed there as well. He had grabbed a towel to lay under them so as to not mess up the bed too much, and the lube of course. Jordan was not even wet yet, he had only been wearing his diaper for at most three quarters of an hour, so he had not had much time to pee yet. Hayden however was in a soggy diaper. Their diapers were soon pressed together though as Hayden crawled up Jordan's very well toned body, kissing as he went, until their diapers were rubbing together, and their lips were kissing tenderly. For more than ten minutes they kissed like this, just enjoying their time together once again. As they kissed, they rubbed together as well as felt each others bodies softly.

“Baby, I'm going to blow real soon, I won't make it through insertion, I can guarantee you that much.” Jordan pulled away from the kiss and informed his baby.

“Me neither daddy. Here, let me swing around, we can just take our diapers off now, no point in wasting your perfectly good diaper, and then we can suck our first loads out of each other at the same time.”

“Okay baby, that sounds nice to me.”

Hayden quickly removed both their diapers and then situated himself so that they could each suck the other. At the same time they each entered the hot soft orifice of each others mouth, they both moaned lowly from how nice it felt, both giving and receiving, and then they began sucking. Hayden was the first to snake his hand down into Jordan's ass, but Jordan followed suit only a quarter of a second later, and at much the same time, they found each others hot and wanting holes. They inserted a couple fingers into each other only moments before they both exploded.

With a series of muffled grunts and groans, as well as the sounds of sucking and swallowing, they both came and enjoyed the treat a great deal. It only took them a few seconds to come down enough to realize that they were not going to last long for their second orgasm of the night either, so adding a third finger each, they began sucking once again. They managed to last about five minutes, but only because they were holding it back as best they could. Once again, the sounds of them sucking and swallowing could be heard of the muffled grunts and groans of a supreme orgasm.

“Oh god I missed that so much.” Jordan was the first to say once they disengaged.

“No more than I did. I could have had Chris at any time I wanted, but I didn't want to. I wanted and needed you, and only you. Now, stay laying back, I need you buried inside my ass now.”

“Okay baby, and then I need you in me as well.” Jordan whispered.

Hayden grabbed the lube and lubed his ass well, and then positioned himself so that he could sit down on his daddies dick. And sit he did, and then got off again, and then sank right back down again. Hayden placed his hands on Jordan's very firm chest, and started a very slow rhythm of raising and lowering himself. He would pull until Jordan popped out of his ass, and then he would sit right back down again, sucking the entire girth inside himself once again. He kept up this motion for a considerable amount of time, Jordan wondering how he was able to do it.

Not only was Hayden pulling all the way off, and then sinking right back down, which was tricky at best without losing aim without using hands, but he was going almost impossibly slow, which had to be hard on his muscles. Oh, it was hard alright, it was burning something fierce after only five minutes, but Hayden was enjoying the pain, it felt so good, it was the purest of sexual highs for him, it was a good pain. After ten minutes though, it became too much for both of them, and they exploded once again. Jordan's offering of course was deposited deep within Hayden, but Hayden's offering was sprayed over the front of his daddy, from belly button to chin.

They both slumped down for many minutes, waiting for their bodies to be released from the incredible orgasm that they had just shared. As they were coming down, their gasps and pants went from fast labored to slow easy breathing.

“Wow, baby, that was incredible.” Jordan sighed out many minutes later, and went to try and lift Hayden off.

“Yeah, it was, but don't move, I'm taking care of everything tonight.” Hayden whispered.

“Okay baby.” Jordan smiled warmly.

Hayden lifted himself off of Jordan's still half erect member, and then slid down a bit to lick up the mess he made on his daddy, keeping it all in his mouth. He licked his way upwards, starting where his cum did, and kept going until they were kissing once again. Jordan was more than happy to receive his baby's seed in this manner, it was his second favorite way to receive it, orally anyways.

The kiss lasted nearly ten minutes, until Hayden broke off and worked his way down. He kissed and nipped and licked until he made it to Jordan's groin. Once there though, Hayden skipped right passed the erection that was bobbing once again, and lifted Jordan's legs. Jordan took the hint and pulled his legs up and out of the way, and Hayden dove in. He licked and sucked and probed with his tongue the hot moist hole hidden inside.

As Hayden was giving him an incredible rim job, Jordan was moaning and sighing in the greatest pleasure. It did not last near long enough in his humble opinion, but he knew that Hayden had better ideas. So only a few minutes after starting, Hayden grabbed the lube and squirted a healthy dose inside Jordan's hole. He then crawled back up and slid into place. Sadly Hayden was too short for them to be able to kiss as they made love, but Jordan was going to have one hell of a hickey on his upper chest by the time they were finished.

Once again Jordan was surprised at how slowly Hayden was going, but he loved every glorious second of it as well. Hayden was moving so slowly that it was nearly ten seconds between top and bottom stroke. Going this slow of course caused them to rise slowly to their peaks, but still, ten minutes later and they were exploding again. Jordan was in total shock, and probably a bit of overload though when he realized that even though Hayden had cum as well, he was still going.

Jordan's mess from that orgasm was pooled in his belly button for the most part, because Hayden was laying right on top of him. Almost ten minutes later again, and they came again, but still Jordan was amazed, Hayden still had not stopped. Jordan's next mess joined the first one, but was considerably smaller yet again. After their third orgasm in this manner though, Hayden was unable to continue. He slumped right down and breathed heavily for at lest fifteen minutes before he was able to move again. It was almost that long for Jordan to be able to even think again though, so he was okay with that.

Hayden pulled out and slid down. He licked up all the mess, then moved up and offered his slimy belly to Jordan to lick clean. Once he was satisfied that he too was clean, he slid back down and they pressed their lips together tenderly once again, and kissed, sharing the triple load with each other. They kissed for nearly fifteen minutes this time, both of them enjoying it, both of them totally soft now. Neither one had anything left, thy were drained quite satisfactorily.

“Wow baby, that was the most intense thing I have ever encountered in my entire life, and possibly the best as well.” Jordan sighed out once he was able to formulate a thought.

“You're welcome, but it was equally awesome for me as well. Well, I don't know about you, but I want to get nice and thickly diapered up and then cuddle up to you while we watch TV for a while. I wish we had a TV in here so that we didn't have to leave bed.”

“Maybe we can go buy one tomorrow, because I agree with you totally. I couldn't continue right now, even if you wanted me to, I have nothing left, so getting thickly diapered sounds great to me, and yeah, it's too early to go to sleep, so TV does sound like a good idea for a bit.”

“Okay. Let me hop up and grab everything then and then we can go cuddle up on the couch after we're diapered.”

Hayden climbed slowly from the bed and stood up. It took a few seconds for his shaky legs to comprehend the order to walk, before he was able to get to the diaper supplies. Jordan's diaper was of course still good, so Hayden grabbed that off the floor where it had been kicked, grabbed himself a diaper, grabbed the diaper cream, and grabbed the diaper wipes. He went back to the bed and gently cleaned his daddy up, slipped his diaper underneath him, gooped on a lot of cream and rubbed it in gently, and then taped him up snugly. They traded places and Hayden received the same treatment. They both had warm smiles on their faces, both loving the feelings.

They clasped hands once again and walked to the living room. They sat down on the couch, and Hayden cuddled right into Jordan. Jordan was about to grab the remote to turn on the TV, but Hayden stopped him.

“Before you do that daddy, I have something to tell you, about something that happened while you were away that I didn't want to tell you over the phone. Mostly because I knew it would cause you to up and leave that instant and probably get into trouble for.” Hayden said softly.

“What happened baby?” Jordan asked softly as well, but he was already upset. He knew that something bad happened.

“Well, a few nights ago, while Chris and I were at the park, we had went to just hang out and watch the other kids play and stuff like that. Well, after everyone left, we decided to go to the playground to just play around a bit, and a man I had been with before came up to us. Suffice it to say he offered both of us money to go home with him for the night. Obviously I wasn't about to do this, but not only for the reason that I'm now with you. He was quite abusive to me, and I told him that I would never go with him again after the third time. After some words, he pulled a gun on us. I didn't panic though, I knew he was more scared of what he was doing than I was, but Chris really panicked. I got him to run though, making sharp turns, because hitting a moving target is tricky at best, and he was shaking too much to even hit us if we were standing still. We ran from the park, me following him so that I knew that he did not pass out or something, because he nearly was, and then the rest you heard.”

“What's his name?” Jordan asked, his teeth grinding, the words coming out in a barely controlled hiss.

“Daddy, calm down, we were fine, but what makes you think I know his name?” Hayden asked softly.

“Okay, I'm calm. You did the right thing though, obviously you knew that, and I'm proud of you.” Jordan said after a few moments of controlled breathing to control his rage. “As for why I think that you know who he is, I think you were smart enough to find out somehow everything that you could about those you were going home with.”

“Yes, I was, I always lifted the wallets of every man or woman I was with so that I could find out who they were, because most lied to me. I'll give you the information, but I do have a couple requests.”

“And what would they be?” Jordan asked curiously.

“Well, you're not allowed to kill him, maim him permanently, and I get to be there when you do.”

“I can't allow you to be there baby.”

“Then I won't give you the name and address.” Hayden pointed out simply.

“Fine, but I warn you, while I'll certainly not kill him or maim him permanently, I will make him wish I did kill him. It might get very harsh.”

“I know daddy.” Hayden said, and then gave the information.

“Thank you baby, let me grab my computer and do some checking into him.” Jordan said, and then hopped up to grab his computer. As he did that, Hayden turned the TV on and turned it to a show that he would like and watched it for almost half an hour as Jordan did some searching. As soon as Jordan had all the information that he needed, he turned off the computer and turned to Hayden. Hayden noticed this and turned off the TV to give his full attention.

“So, what did you find?”

“Well, he's obviously very scared of you, he's pretty much dropped off the face of the earth. He hasn't been seen at work since that night, he hasn't used any of his accounts, his car is still in his driveway and his neighbors report that he will only call out that he is there and is fine, but is sick, so won't come out. He has been accused twice of indecent conduct with minors, and was even charged once for having sex with a minor, but the charges were dropped when the boy would not testify. It seems the boy was a street boy as well, and because he knew that he would end up in a halfway house at best, he just dropped out of sight and told everyone that he refused to testify. They never found him, so they had to drop the charges.”

“Can't say as I blame the boy any, I know I would have done the same thing if it were me. It's good that he's scared. He's had a few days to stew now, maybe in a couple more he'll have become complacent and will return to his life once again, thinking that it all blew over. Should we wait until he gets back to his life, or should we do it tomorrow?”

“I say tomorrow, he'll already be starting to think he got away with it.”

“So, what are you going to do to him then?”

“Not too sure yet, but I'll think of something that'll make him think twice of touching another boy in a manner that harms them ever again.”

“Where are you going to do it then?”

“Well, how about the warehouse where you stayed, it'll be secure and private, and you know where it is.”

“Good idea, and it'll be freaky for him as well. And while I'm there, I'll collect my very few meager possessions.”

“Okay, that'll work. Now, let's watch TV baby.”

“Okay, but only one more show, I'm getting tired.”

“Me too.”

The TV was turned on again and they watched one last program before they headed off to bed. The doors were locked and the lights turned off. They climbed into bed, cuddled right up to each other, and both passed out, having the best sleep they had had in two weeks.

“Mmm, good morning baby, how are you this morning?” Jordan asked as he woke to find Hayden on his elbow, laying there watching him with a tender look upon his face.

“I feel great. I slept great last night, finally getting to sleep with you again. That had to have been the worst part.”

“Same thing with me. Well, I guess we should get up and go start our workout soon.”

“Yeah, Chris and Calvin should be here soon as well.”

“Oh, you never mentioned that they would be coming this morning.”

“Oh, sorry, thought I did. You don't mind, do you?”

“No, not at all, I'll just have to get dressed.”

“No need to worry about that daddy, they both know you're a diaper lover as well, and I think they want to see you in diapers as well.”

“Oh, if they're okay with it then, then I'll stay as is as well. Oh, that's probably one of them now then.” They had heard a knock on the door.

Hayden hopped out of bed and ran to the door and opened it. Both Chris and Calvin were standing there.

“Good morning guys, how are you today?”

“Great, and you?”

“Great. You two made it here at the same time, that's pretty good.”

“Actually, Calvin walked to my house by himself this morning, and then we walked here together.”

“Really, your mom and brother allowed you to do that on your own?” Hayden asked in mild shock.

“Yeah, I told them that I would be just fine, and that I really did not need a baby sitter any more all the time, and that I wanted to be able to go and do things on my own from time to time. My mom was almost going to get mad and tell me no, but my brother hung his head and said he was sorry for stunting my growth, and told mom that I should be allowed to, because otherwise I'd never grow up. My mom finally said fine, but that she didn't like it one bit. I told her I'd be perfectly fine, and then headed out. It was kinda scary, but it felt good as well.”

“That's good, that's a great step in becoming your own person. You'll both have to sit down with your parents soon and tell them a few things about yourselves, and it won't be easy on them, but they need to hear them as well.”

“Yeah.” They both said, not sounding quite so convinced yet, but also knowing that they had to.

“Come on, let's head downstairs, I'm sure daddy will already be there.”

Jordan had hopped out of bed and headed right downstairs to get everything started, letting Hayden worry about his friends. He knew from the conversations that he had had with Hayden how shy the two boys were, and how uncomfortable they were around others, so he felt that he would let them work up to it at their own pace. What he was not counting on however was that given their trust of Hayden, and their desire to meet another diaper lover, and an adult one at that, they were almost as excited to meet him, as he was to meet them.

“Cool, let's go.” They both said more or less at the same time.

“Okay, strip in the living room then, and then we'll go downstairs.”

They did not answer, they just started to strip where they were, down to their night diapers that they were both still wearing. Hayden smiled at them, and then led the way downstairs.

“Oh good, you made it down already daddy. I'd like you to meet our new friends, Chris and Calvin.” Hayden introduced, pointing to each one in turn.

“It's very good to finally meet you boys, Hayden has told me all about you. I'm Jordan, although I'm certain that you already knew that. Please though, do not call me sir, or Mr. anything, just call me Jordan. I get enough of the formal crap while working, and I don't want or need it at home.” Jordan said, sticking out his hand to shake both boys' hands.

“It's good to meet you as well Jordan.” Chris said.

“Yeah, what he said.” Calvin said as well once he took Jordan's hand to shake.

“So Chris, I understand that you had a couple scary days while I was gone, I'm glad that you listened to Hayden though and didn't completely lose it.”

“Yeah, if it wasn't for Hayden twice now, I'd probably be toast.”

“What happened?” Calvin asked softly.

“Nothing much. I rescued him from your brothers friends brother and his friend, beating them both up quite a bit in the process, and then just a few days ago, the night before we met you actually, a guy held us up at gunpoint to try and rape us since I wasn't going to sell my services freely.” Hayden said nonplussed.

“Wow, really?”

“Yeah, it was really scary, but Hayden said to just run as fast as I could and he'd follow me, but that I had to zig zag around a bunch as well. He told me that there was no way he could hit us like that.”

“Wow.” Calvin gasped.

“That's right boys. Whenever faced with a weapon, always run. Even a gun, the likelihood of someone who has had little to no training of hitting you is somewhere around slim to none. Even most who have had training couldn't make such a shot. Then again, there are those of us who have had nearly a thousand hours of training, and even more than that in practice, and I assure you, I could very easily do it.”

“I don't doubt it from what Hayden says. Then again he said he couldn't tell us much about you, but that he didn't know too much either, but he probably told us more than he should have.” Chris said.

“Nah, anything that you should not hear, he has not heard. There are things that I did that were classified, and I wouldn't even tell him, because that would be a serious breach of my contract, and would probably get me very dead.” Jordan smiled.

“Oh.” Both guests breathed out at the same time.

“So, we're all here today to get a good workout, and I am to understand that I am supposed to teach you some martial arts as well. I know Hayden has already started on what I have taught him so far, as well I'm sure some of his own knowledge in fighting, but I can assure you I know considerably more than my young apprentice here.” Jordan grinned.

“Hey, I'm not an apprentice to become an assassin, thank you very much. I told you once that killing one person was more than enough for me.”

“Yes, and I pray that you never have to do so again in your life, but I will teach you all that you need to so that if ever faced with such a situation, that you can deal with it with deadly force if necessary, even if without a weapon.”

“Thanks.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“Really, you could teach him that?”Calvin asked.

“Yes, as well as you two. You don't think that Hayden invited you to our training sessions just to get a workout did you. I plan to teach you all the same thing. First will be defense, because there is never anything better than a good defense if you ask me. Of course, whenever possible, run, if you can, but if you have to fight, start out with defense, and then go from there. I know that neither of you are very strong in will, but we will work on that.”

“Thanks, but I'm not exactly strong in body either.” Chris mumbled.

“Actually, body strength means little to nothing. Even you could take me down with ease with the proper knowledge. Although, I am highly trained, so that would be an amazing feat for sure if you managed to do so, until you become as well trained as I am. The only reason I am so big is because I enjoy weight training, but believe me, it's not necessary to be quite so strong. In order to fight, you have to be strong of mind, but from what I understand, neither of you really truly are yet. You're here now though, so that's a damn good start. We will of course be making you a lot stronger in body as well as we go, but nothing in true muscle building exercises will we be doing, it's not good for you, although Chris, you could probably start, but I also understand you haven't finished puberty quite yet.”

“Oh.” Both boys said.

“Well, we may as well get started. As I'm sure that Hayden has already informed you, more than likely more than once, go at your own pace, do not push yourself beyond your limits, but push yourselves at least to your limits. Work at a steady pace, do not speed up and slow down if possible, you'll get the most out of your exercises that way. Oh, and Calvin, I'm a highly trained paramedic as well, it's very helpful in my profession, so have no fears in case you ever have medical problems while here.”

“Thanks, but I rarely worry about that. I accepted the fact long ago that I might not live long, so I just do what I can to prevent dying as best as possible, and let fate take its course if need be.” Calvin shrugged.

“Well, I for one will not allow you to die while I'm around if I can certainly help it.” Jordan said sternly, showing that he would not give up.

“Thanks, I guess.” Calvin smiled warmly, liking Jordan even more.

“Okay boys, let's get started then.”

With that they started their workout. Both Calvin and Chris were surprised how well both Hayden and Jordan did. What surprised them though was that Hayden was able to keep up every bit as well as Jordan did. They figured that Jordan would be able to push harder and further, but Hayden pushed just as hard. For almost an hour they worked out to yet another video.

“Wow, you guys are good.” Calvin said.

“Thanks, but you saw Hayden working out, you had to know I would be about the same.” Jordan said.

“Actually, I figured you'd be better, but you weren't really.”

“No, Hayden is actually quite good. The first couple days he was a bit slower as he got back into the rhythm, but once he found his stride, he was able to keep up to me. I am going to go do my weight training right now, and I'm sure that Hayden is going to do his gymnastics, so you're welcome to just watch or to join in. If you use any weights, I don't want to see anything more than just a few pounds on the bars.”

“Cool, thanks.” Chris said, and Calvin nodded.

Calvin decided to just sit back and relax for a few minutes, but Chris went over to the weights and just put two five pound weights on a bench press bar, and did a few presses with that. He did the same thing on each of the other stations as well. While he was doing that though, he, as well as Calvin watched Jordan, and they watched how much he put on each one, and they were surprised. Both of them thought the same thing, he's using twice as much as I weigh. Calvin ended up only sitting for ten minutes before he joined Chris and Jordan at the weights, and he too only put just a few pounds on each time. Neither boy really felt the weight too much, unless they did more than twenty or so, then they started to feel the burn, at which time they knew they were doing what they were supposed to be doing. They all watched each other as they went, with the exception of Hayden really, because it was tricky for him to really watch the others, but he did look over every so often to see how they were doing.

“Well boys. I know that Hayden has already showed you my slow routine, but there is far more that I can show you for that. I like to change it up every day, just like I do every other exercise I do, that way I learn lots and use different muscles. We will only do this for the first little while, and then we will move onto starter defensive motions to help protect you. It'll be a week or two before we even get to that. Just follow along, do what I do, and if I notice you doing something wrong, I'll stop and show you how to do it properly. As with most martial arts, motion and technique is very important, so pay very close attention.”

“Okay.” All three boys said.

For a little more than an hour they all did this, they followed Jordan exactly, and only just a few times he had to stop and show one or all the boys something more closely, but they all did amazingly well.

“Well, you all did really well today. You should be proud. Tomorrow we won't do a full workout, but we can certainly do the martial arts routines, because that's not so much a workout, but it's very good for the body. Especially as young as you boys all are, you certainly don't need to be doing a full exercise routine every day like that, although you should do some exercises every day. I know Hayden was going to start doing sit ups, crunches and push ups every day again, but I don't think he's started to yet.”

“No, I pretty much just did a full workout every day, so I didn't think it was necessary.” Hayden shrugged.

“Well, I think that from now on, it's a full workout every second day, and a lighter workout of just those on the off days. I suggest you two also do the same thing. Start out by only pushing yourselves to do five or ten more than you can easily do, and then work from there.”

“Okay.” All three boys said at the same time.

“Good. Let's go sit in the sauna for a bit before hopping in the hot tub to relax.”

“Okay.” The boys all said again.

They all took off their diapers and then headed to the sauna, sat back and relaxed in there for about ten minutes before they decided that that was enough. They hopped out of there and into the shower to rinse off, they did this in two shifts, Hayden and Jordan first, and then Chris and Calvin second. From there they headed to the hot tub.

“So, what are you two up to this afternoon?” Hayden asked Chris and Calvin shortly after they sat down.

“Nothing that I know of. I told my mom and brother that I was going to be here most of the day.” Calvin said.

“I told my mom the same thing, so nothing that I know of.”

“Oh okay, we can all go do something then. Daddy and I had had plans to go deal with something, but that can wait.”

“What were you going to do?” Chris asked curiously and Calvin nodded.

“Teach a certain someone a lesson about trying to kidnap and rape boys.” Hayden said.

“Oh, you're not going to kill him are you?”

“No, I told daddy he wasn't allowed to. I think he deserves worse.” Hayden grinned evilly.

“What's worse than death?” Calvin gasped at the look Hayden gave.

“Oh, so much. You find someones deepest and darkest fears and exploit them as much as you can, and I guarantee you that most people will wish they were dead.” Jordan grinned almost as evilly.

“Oh.” Both boys said.

“You're not going to actually hurt him are you?” Chris asked.

“Define hurt!” Jordan asked.

“Well, you know, beat him up, cut him, mark him up, stuff like that.”

“No, Hayden made sure to make me promise not to permanently maim him, of which I will not. He'll wish I did though I'm sure by the time I'm finished with him.”

“What are you going to do to him?” Chris asked again.

“Haven't entirely decided yet.”

“I want to go too, he made me very scared, I want to see him just as scared, if not more.” Chris said after a second of screwing up his courage.

“Okay.” Jordan said immediately, actually surprising both Hayden and Chris, they both thought he would say no.

“Can I go too?” Calvin asked.

“I suppose so, if you really want to, but you weren't involved, so some of what we may do may seem disturbing to you.” Jordan said softly. He was already letting the other two come, so what was one more.

“I'll be fine if the others and you are there with me.” Calvin smiled softly.

“When should we go then daddy?” Hayden asked.

“We may as well go and get it over and done with as soon as we've all had breakfast and are ready to go.”

“Okay. Are you going to drop us off at the place first then?”

“Yeah, that's probably not a bad idea. Are there any chairs there by chance?”

“Yeah, there was a bunch of old office furniture and stuff kicking around there. Do you have cuffs and stuff like that?”

“Yep. You boys can get the interrogation area ready then while I've gone to collect the scumbag.”

“Okay, we'll have it all ready then by the time you arrive.” Hayden grinned.

For the next fifteen minutes they sat in the hot tub just talking, but they had moved more into just telling each other more about themselves, learning more and more about each other. When they deemed it time to get out, they got out and went and washed off. They then got themselves diapered, shut everything down, and then headed up for breakfast. Not even an hour later and they were off and running.