*Warning, this chapter may contain scenes that may not be suitable for all audiences. LOL, I always wanted to say that. It might be a little disturbing, but not too bad.*

Jordan had grabbed a couple cases from the garage and stuck them in the trunk, and they all piled in the car. Hayden led them to the vacant warehouse that he had pretty much called home for three years, and before getting out, he told Jordan where to go and how to get in. He and the other two boys then headed into the building. Jordan took off to collect his package, using the information that Hayden had given to him.

“Follow me guys, but be careful.” Hayden warned.

He led them to an area, and then through an opening. They found themselves inside a pretty much wide open space that had once been a warehouse. Up above were some offices that were reached by a couple sets of stairs. There was junk and all sorts of things strewn throughout the building. Hayden led them up one of the sets of stairs to one of the old offices up there.

“Okay, I think that this is as good a place as any to hold our little party. Let's clean it up a bit and then get a few things in here.” Hayden said.

The other two snorted a bit at the mention of a party that was probably going to be anything but fun, but did do what he said. The three of them cleaned out all the junk, just throwing it over the edge.

“Cool. Let's go find five chairs, a table, and I think I even saw a chain hoist somewhere once when I lived here.”

“This was where you lived?” Calvin asked in shock.

“Yeah, when I was on the street, this was home sweet home, it was secure, it was dry, and it was pretty much all mine. Even though there's no water or power, I could still at least use the toilets, I just had to collect rain water to flush them every couple days. It worked for my needs then.” Hayden said softly.

“Oh.” Both boys said.

They all went about finding everything that they would need and brought it up to the office and set it up in a manner that they all felt would suit their needs. As soon as they were ready, they sat and waited for what felt an eternity, but they did not talk much, because they were all nervous.

Jordan went directly to the address that he had been given, and parked his car. He hopped out and went to the door and knocked. It took a few minutes, but someone came to the door.

“I'm sick, you don't want to come in, please go away, I'll come out when I'm okay.” Came a muffled reply to the knocking.

“Mr. Vandenberg, I am not someone wishing you condolences or something on your sickness, I care not whether you are sick or not, I am with the military and I must speak with you now. Failure to open the door immediately will result in my breaking it down.” Jordan said sternly through the door, only loudly enough to be heard by him though.

“No, I'll not open the door.” He said, panic already starting to settle in. He now knew that Hayden had not been lying, and he peed his pants.

“Would you rather me break it down and drag you from your house kicking and screaming, so that all your neighbors may see you being arrested, or would you rather come with me quietly so that we may go and have a simple talk somewhere. I assure you that no harm will come to you.” Jordan said softly but sternly.

“I can't.”

“I assure you, you can, and you had better, because the longer it takes, and the more force I have to use, will determine how nice I am with you once I have you in custody. Make it easier on yourself and come now, and come quietly, I will give you to the count of three, and rest assured, you will not like it much when I reach three, and you cannot run from me either.”

Jordan did not even get to the number two before he heard the lock click and saw the door open.

“Very good Mr, Vandenberg. You are apparently a little smarter than Hayden figured you for. Now, please turn around so that I may hand cuff you.”

“Could you please do that once I'm in the car, I don't want my neighbors to see.” He asked pitifully.

“I'll only do so because you asked nicely, however, I have a gun, and unlike you, I can hit a moving target, so don't even think of running.”

The broken man nodded subtly and walked to the car of his own free will. Jordan closed the house door and headed to the car as well. The man sat in the front seat, and Jordan went to his seat, and then handed the man the hand cuffs and told him to slip into them. He did so, but Jordan checked to make sure the fit was nice and snug.

“You've done very well so far, continue doing so, and you may escape without being too badly hurt.”

“What are you going to do to me?” He asked, almost crying.

“What we haven't actually decided yet, but rest assured that it won't be your standard police interrogation. I already know of your considerable dealings with the police in more than a few different cities now, but I'm sure there's far more, and we'll find out all of what you have done. From there we'll decide what to do with you?”

“Who all is going to be there?”

“My son and his friend, the one who was with him at the time, as well as another of their friends who just wants to see some trash dealt with. Now, I promised Hayden that I wouldn't kill you or maim you permanently, so I won't, but that doesn't mean that you're going to escape unscathed. I'm also going to warn you now that should you ever harm another child, and I'll be watching, and you'll die quite suddenly in your sleep, and no one will ever suspect a thing. Am I making myself perfectly clear?” Jordan said sternly again.

“Yes. Are you going to put me in prison?”

“No, even though I certainly could. No, what you're going to receive today will be enough I'm sure, but no more questions, I don't wish to ruin all the surprise.” Jordan grinned quite evilly.

The man just slumped in his seat a bit more than he had been, but said nothing more. He knew he was in deep shit, and knew with every grain of his being that he was going to be hurting a great deal. He was now certain more than ever that Hayden had not lied to him, and he was seriously regretting his actions. He was also wondering just what all previous actions of his that were going to be dragged out of him by the end of the day, and he had made quite a few mistakes in his past. He started crying softly.

“I wouldn't bother crying, it'll get no sympathy from anyone, if I were straight and had a wife, I wouldn't accept it from her, and I certainly won't accept it from you, so you may as well keep a stiff upper lip and accept what's coming and do what you're told without tears.” Jordan said sternly again.

“I'm guessing that just apologizing to the boys isn't going to be enough?” He asked, trying to stop his crying.

“You'll apologize for sure, but I'm pretty sure that it's only going to fall on deaf ears.” Jordan said simply.

The man just nodded, and said nothing further. Only a few minutes later they were at the warehouse. With another warning to not bother running, Jordan got out of the car and led the man to the entrance that Hayden had shown him. They made it there easily enough, and they were able to get in as well just as easily.

The boys heard a noise, they were listening for it, and as soon as they did, they hopped up to check to make sure that it was Jordan and their prisoner. It was, so Hayden waved them up.

“Hi daddy. Was he cooperative, or did you have to persuade him to come with you?”

“No, he did pretty well. Understandably he didn't wish to open his door to me, but I made him see how that would be a very bad thing. Otherwise he's been very good. I like how you have the room set up boys, very smart thinking, and the hoist is a most excellent idea.” Jordan said, already having seen everything in the room after only a very quick visual sweep of the area.

“That's good, and thanks. We thought you'd like that.” Hayden smiled brightly, so far not even looking at their prisoner. Chris though had not taken his eyes off the man that only a few nights before had scared him so badly. He once again peed quite a bit just from remembering the fear he had created.

“William, please have a seat in that chair over there, and I'll be right with you.” Jordan said softly.

He went and sat down, not even thinking of running. Jordan went over as soon as he was seated and uncuffed him, and then recuffed him more securely. Hayden had chosen a good sturdy metal chair that had places where the handcuffs could easily be secured to, so Jordan used them for both hands and feet. He then grabbed the two cases that the boys had brought with them and set them both on the table. He opened them up to reveal all sorts of things, some of them downright scary looking.

“Oh god, what are you going to do to me?” Their prisoner asked in a shrilly voice at seeing many of the torture implements that Jordan had, but most were just for show.

“Oh, I don't know, that depends a lot on how good you behave. I promise that you won't die though, unless you have a bad heart of course, and any marks we make should disappear within a couple years or so. We'll try not to make any of them visible to the general bystander, but again, that depends on how well you behave.” Jordan said calmly as he was working, talking as if he were having a pleasant conversation with someone over afternoon tea.

“I'll tell you anything, just please don't torture me.” He shrieked.

“Oh, I know you'll tell me anything I want to know, it'll only be a question of how much I have to torture you first. Some of what we're going to ask though you're not going to be willing to answer on your own without help though, so I brought my friends along.” Jordan said once again just as calmly.

“Surely you wouldn't do this in front of the children?”

“Of course not, they're here to help. Remember what you did to them, they want some form of payback. For every second they were scared, you will feel fear a thousand fold. The only one that will not be touching you though is the one that was not involved, but he has to learn the arts of an assassin as well, they are in training after all.” Jordan grinned.

“No, please god no.” He started crying.

“What did I tell you about crying earlier?” Jordan asked harshly.

“P-p-p-please don't hurt me, I'll never touch a boy again, just please don't hurt me.”

“I don't think that that's going to be enough. You see, I know your type, the next time you get horny, you're just going to go out and find another boy to abuse. Sure you can go and rent yourself a boy on the street and fuck him silly, but Hayden said that you were very rough, and I don't agree with that. Sex should be gentle, and while anal sex hurts a bit, it should feel good as well, he informed me that you just plain hurt, and enjoyed doing so as well. So I take that to mean that you enjoy hurting boys, and I find that vile and disgusting.”

“I couldn't help it.”

“Well, maybe you'll understand just a bit what it means once we're finished.” Jordan said, leaving it as open as possible as to what he was going to receive.

“Please let me go, I'll never hurt another boy as long as I live.” He pleaded.

“I know that, but you don't, not quite yet at any rate.” Jordan said as he picked up a vial of liquid and a syringe.

“What's that?”

“Sodium amitol.” Jordan said and received a puzzled look.

“Oh, you've never heard of this? It's a truth serum of sorts, it might make you quite hazy, but quite talkative.” Jordan grinned.

“You don't need to give me that, I'll tell you anything you want to know.”

“I don't think I really believe you. I think I'll believe you more once you're nice and drugged up. I'm going to give you this, and then we're going to leave you for a few minutes for it to set in a bit.” Jordan said, and then injected the man with the entire syringe full of liquid.

Without a word Jordan turned and left the room, and the boys dutifully followed without saying a word either.

“What did you just give him daddy?” Hayden asked as soon as they were well out of hearing range.

“Just some saline solution. Make them think that you're not really believing them and they'll get very desperate. Give them something like this and tell them it's a truth serum, and they get real talkative. This is going to be a lot of fun. I can't remember the last time I really got to play with a prisoner.” Jordan smiled brightly.

“I think you enjoy your job just a bit too much. But what was that crack about training us to be assassins?” Hayden grinned.

“Well, he would never believe anything I said, otherwise why would I bring you along for what would be a brutal torture.”

“You're not actually going to torture him are you?” Calvin asked, he was a bit green.

“Oh no, that's illegal now, but I could and I'm pretty sure he'd never tell. That doesn't mean I can't make him believe that we're going to though. We're going to make him so scared that I'm sure by the time we're done, he'll be far wetter than he is now. He'll probably even shit his pants.” Jordan grinned.

“Oh. You're pretty evil though, you know that right?” Calvin smiled.

“Why thank you. That might be the nicest thing you've ever said to me.” Jordan beamed.

“He's hardly said anything to you yet daddy, so it probably is.” Hayden pointed out with a grin.

“Yeah, I guess you're right. Well, I think that's about enough time. Just follow along and do what I tell you to, but don't actually do anything with any of the torture tools. We don't want to actually hurt him any.”

“Okay.” The boys all said.

“Ah, I see you're a little more perceptive now. Are you truly going to cooperate with us now?” Jordan asked as they entered the room.”

“I would have before the shot.” he mumbled.

“I can never be certain of that, so I just give it anyways. This way I can guarantee it, and with my little friends here,” He said waving to the tools and instruments of pain in the cases, “I'm relatively certain that you'll tell us anything we need and want to know about you. Now, we're going to start out by asking you some questions, they're simple enough, but we need to know everything there is to know about you, if you don't answer instantly, you may feel unpleasant things happen to you.”

“I'll tell you anything, just please don't hurt me.”

“Good, just remember those words, or they may come back to bite you in the ass.”

“I will.”

“Good. Now, name, date and place of birth, parents names, dates and places of birth, phone numbers and addresses. This information will be written down and verified, so it had best be perfect.”

He gave the information instantly, and Hayden wrote it all down, having to have the man repeat a couple things because he said it too fast for Hayden to get it all.

“Very good, you're learning quickly. Next questions though might be harder. How many boys have you had sex with, and when did it start?”

“I started when I was fourteen, but I have no idea how many boys I've had sex with.”

“Not good enough, I want an accurate account of your sexual history, so you had best start thinking real hard.” Jordan said, going to one of his cases and picking something out.

“Oh god, I don't know, it's been dozens, maybe forty or so boys.” He screeched.

“No, a man like you knows the names and dates of every boy he has nailed, and I know that they were conquests for you.” Jordan said, opening up the plier type device slightly.

“No, I swear, only the past few years did I start getting harsh with the boys, and that's only five boys. Before that I always had sex with boys for fun and enjoyment, and they always enjoyed as well.” He screamed out as Jordan got closer.

“Better, but I still don't believe you.”

“Honest, really. My first boy at fourteen was a boy of twelve, we had sex a few times until we got caught, and his parents moved him away. Then at sixteen I had a fourteen year old boyfriend and we lasted more than a year, but he got too old for me and we broke up. Then from eighteen to twenty I had sex with three boys a few times each. During my twenties I had sex with probably twenty or so boys, always lasting a few months or so, and I never hurt one of them. In my thirties I had even more boys, but I don't know how many, and I never hurt a one of them, I swear. The first boy I ever hurt was Hayden, he was just so mouthy, he talked like he wanted it that way. It gave me a rush to control a boy like that, so a few boys after him I treated like that, and I really enjoyed that, but they always cried and pleaded with me not to hurt them. Then I found Hayden again and he warned me not to hurt him, and to prepare him. Well, I prepared him, but I was still rough with him, but I thought that was how he liked it. That's it, that's my entire sexual history, I swear it. I can't tell you all their names, I don't even remember all of them anymore. I wish I could though.” he said in a panic, rushing most of it out.

“Okay, that's better. Next time I ask for an answer though, it had better be as accurately detailed like that as it can be, because from now on, I give no second chances. This device by the way I would have removed your pants and attached to your testicles, first your right one, and then your left if the right one exploded before I got my answer. I would have kept screwing it until either one of those things happened. This is one of my kinder tools, it goes away now, the next tool is more sadistic, so remember your place.” Jordan said calmly, putting that tool away.

“Should we have him naked daddy, so that his clothes don't get in our way, and should we hang him from the hoist now, so that he's in better position for the persuading that I'm sure we're going to have to give him for some of the harder questions?” Hayden asked, enjoying getting to play along. Jordan had looked to him and gave him a wink that Hayden understood.

“A mighty fine idea my boy, you're going to make a most excellent spy. Maybe even by the age of fifteen if I can get you trained fully in time.” Jordan smiled brightly, winking at the prisoner, who just went even more white.

“Thanks daddy. Come on boys, let's get him situated. Can we have the keys daddy?” Hayden asked excitedly, really enjoying the acting.

“Sure, just be careful, if he makes even wrong move to resist what you boys have to do, use the testicle tickler.”

“Okay, I'll get that and watch over him while you two get him done up.” Calvin said, grabbing the same tool, actually starting to have some fun as well.

“Cool.” Chris said.

They went and uncuffed their prisoner and told him to stand up. His hands were then cuffed and raised above his head, which were then attached to the chain hanging from the ceiling. Hayden grabbed a very sharp looking knife from one of the cases and went about cutting off all their prisoners clothes, not leaving even one thing uncut, even though they could have easily taken his pants, underwear, and socks off. The shoes of course were saved being cut, mostly because they could not very well cut them off.

“You know, you should wear diapers as well with as wet as you were. I believe you called me a few choice things the first time you found out I could not hold my pee and actually should have been wearing diapers. Now, I am going to pull the chain up a bit so that you're on your tip toes. If you think about resisting again, not only will we torture you a bit more, but I'll pull the chain up just a bit more and force you to support all of your weight on your arms. Once your toes are off the ground, we'll weigh down your feet as well.” Hayden said gently.

“I'll listen, but I'm sorry about what I said to you, it was wrong of me.” He said sadly.

“Yes it was, and while I'm sure that that felt heartfelt to you, it didn't sound quite so genuine as I'm sure it was meant to me. By the end of the day, we'll understand how sorry you are I'm sure.” Hayden smiled warmly. Chris walked back over to the other side now, his job being done. Calvin put down his tool and joined Chris, and then Hayden went off to the side with the others and stood with them, giving them both a smile and a wink.

“Very nice boys, you're learning the arts of interrogation quickly.” He said lovingly to the boys, but then turned on their prisoner. “Now, have you ever had sex with a girl?”


“Ever desired to have sex with a girl?”


“Very well. Have you ever coerced a boy into doing something that he maybe did not wish to do?”

“Yes.” He whispered.

“Details.” Jordan growled as he started to pick up another tool.

Hayden automatically came up and pulled the hoist chain one notch, puling their prisoner up just a tiny bit more.

“Remember the rules, instant full answers or else pain.”

“Oh god that hurts, okay, okay. I've threatened a few boys now that I would tell their friends their secrets if they didn't let me fuck their asses. At least five boys I did that to, they started out with me just sucking them and they sucking me, but I wanted their asses as well. Once they got used to it though, they really did enjoy it too.” He screeched out again.

“Why would you ever threaten a boy like that? Why not just let them work into it at their own pace?”

“Because I wanted their asses so bad. They had really hot asses.”

“No, you did it because you're a monster.”

“No, I'm not, really, I promise. It was only street boys who charged that I hurt.”

“Really, then what about those poor boys you forced to give up their virginity before they were ready to?”

“I was weak, okay. I couldn't help myself.”

“You're weak alright. You're also pathetic, but you're still a monster.”

“Yes, I'm a pathetic monster. What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to answer more questions.”

“I'll tell you anything you want to know.”

“Oh, I know you will, the question though remains as to how much pain you have to take first. Have you ever allowed a boy into your ass?”

“Yes, many times. Especially when I was younger, I wanted it all the time. With the street boys I rarely let them fuck me, if I had to pay, why should I care about their pleasure.”

“Why should you care about their pleasure! Why should YOU care about their pleasure. You fucking moron. I don't care if you pay for it or not, sex is supposed to be a beautiful thing, something that feels good to both parties, no matter what, no matter when, no matter where. The boys you made give up their virginity, did you at least allow them to fuck you first?”

“No, but I did allow them to do me after, but they were usually quite rough with me.”

“Gee, I wonder why. Did you at least prepare them well before you rammed your dick up their asses like you did to Hayden?”

“I'm not so much a monster as to not prepare a young virgin boy before entering them. I prepared them as best I could and warned them that the first time was painful, but I also promised them that it would feel better after only a few minutes. Hayden was the only one I ever rammed into, and that was totally by accident, I swear it. He already looked like he had had some fun, so I didn't bother preparing him, but just as I was about to enter him, I slipped and plunged straight inside. I swear it's the truth. I'm sorry I didn't apologize to you right away for that Hayden, I should have, but you just felt so good and you growled so much, I thought you liked it like that, so I started pounding you, and you just growled more. I honestly thought you liked it liked that, you sounded so sexy.”

“May I ask a question now daddy?”

“Certainly baby, ask away.”

“I can accept that you slipped, I felt you do so, but then you just started pounding me like you did. I know something else took control, because you started really abusing me. Was I really the first time that you were rough like that? Or were there others as well that you ever got rough with?”

“There were others that I got rough with, but they wanted it a bit, a couple boys liked to be spanked a bit as I fucked them, one loved it once he was ready for me to really pound into him. He sounded just like you did in fact, that's why I thought you liked it like that. I'm truly sorry.”

“Well, not as much as you're going to be, that's for sure.” Hayden grinned.

“Well, I can accept that maybe you thought that he was enjoying it, a prime baby rent boy like him making growling sounds, but why did you not ask? It is your responsibility to ask what the boy wants, how he wants it, and for fuck sakes if he wants it.”

“I paid him a lot for what I wanted, not for what he wanted. Why would I ask a boy I have to pay for what he wants?” He asked softly, almost emotionless.

“I see, just because a boy lives on the street and has to sell his very soul just to eat does not deserve to be loved just a little bit, to be asked how he likes it, but to just be fucked like the animal you are.”

“I never thought of it that way. I thought he was out there because he liked doing it. Most of the boys I've paid for do.” He said, almost in a panic again, because he could sense where this was going.

“I'm sure a great many of the boy whores out there are out there because they want to be, but does that still give you the right to just use them like that, treat them like garbage?”

“No, I guess not.”

“No, it certainly doesn't. Just because you have to pay for sex, doesn't mean that you get to be a heartless prick and use them like a slave. Sure if you were using adult women I could accept that, that's for the most part what they want, they don't want feelings, they just want the money, but still I would think you would ask. But a boy, a young almost innocent boy, any of them, they need tenderness and caring, to be asked how and what they want. Yes, you have to pay for their services, and you will more than likely get a great deal out of the transaction, but only if you move at the boys pace. Never, and I do mean ever just use a boy, no matter whether you pay for him or not, as if he were a slave.”

“Yes sir. May I go now?” He asked, broken, but hoping that was the end of it.

“You wish. Oh no, we haven't even gotten half way through our questions for you.” Jordan snarled.

“What more can I say?” He asked in a panic.

“Oh, lots more. For instance, how many boys have you taken at gun point?”

“None, honestly. These two boys were the first to ever see my gun other than when I use it at the gun range for practice.”

“Give me one good reason that I should believe you?” Jordan snarled while moving towards the case again.

“Because, you can check.” He said in a shriek again as Jordan picked up a tool. “I'm sure you can find out how long I've had the gun, I've had it for only two weeks, and these boys were the first to ever see it outside the range.” He panicked more.

“You're right, I can and will check into that. So, then you bought the gun recently so that you could get more boys? Maybe you're getting too old and ugly to get the boys by yourself, so you had to get something to scare them.” Jordan said in a snarl, holding up a mean looking tool.

“Oh god no, I got it for protection, I would never actually use it on anyone, especially a child.”

“Then explain why you used it on the boys?” Jordan snarled again, waving the tool right in the mans face.

“I never meant to, but I didn't use it, the safety was on and I wasn't going to take it off.”

“You brandished a weapon at them, threatened them, whether you fired it or not doesn't actually matter, because you used it for its intended purpose, to frighten someone. So again, I ask, why would you use it against a couple unarmed boys?”

“I-I-I-I don't know. It just happened. I had the gun with me, because it's not safe to walk at night any more, I stopped to talk to them, hoping that I could get a coupe boys to play with for the night, I offered a lot of money, but they refused, and Hayden got really mouthy with me. He's a boy whore, he should be bending over backwards to make money. I just lost it and pulled out the gun. I never aimed it directly at them, just towards them.”

“I was a boy whore you mean. I had explained almost right away that I was out of the business.” Hayden pointed out.

“I thought you were lying to me okay, I thought that you just didn't want to go with me again after that last time.” He said in a panic.

“Well, while it was true that I didn't ever want to go with you again, that wasn't the reason. If that had have been the reason, I would have just told you that, and then told you where to go. By the way, you're lucky Chris was with me, because had you pulled a gun on me alone, you wouldn't have left the park alive.” Hayden snarled at him.

“I would believe him if I were you. Now Chris, would you please come and take this tool? It's a penile stretcher. You attach this to his foreskin and this part goes against his pubic bone. These next few questions are going to be really hard for him to answer, so he'll need all the persuasion he can get. And because this part pertains pretty much to you, I felt you deserved this one.” Jordan asked casually.

Chris came up and took the tool, and walked towards the man. As soon as Chris came close enough, Jordan asked the next question.

“About the night you found the boys, how could you use a gun against a boy like Chris who had had no training in dealing with scary situations? I had barely started his training, you had to be able to tell that he was very frightened.”

“I-I-I-I enjoyed seeing the fear.” He admitted feebly, knowing that horrible things were about to happen to him.

“Oh, so you really are a monster then. You like seeing fear in your boys' eyes, you want and need them to be afraid of you, it's how you get off is it! Is that maybe the real reason that you abused Hayden so horribly, because you wanted him to be afraid, but he wouldn't act scared for you?”

“N-n-n-n-no, that was the first time I ever tried to make a boy scared, and it made me feel good, honest. I am a monster, just kill me now and be over with it.”

“Yes, you are a monster, but no, we won't kill you. Only one of these boys has killed someone before, but the other two are not ready for that yet. Their turns will come, and maybe, just maybe you'll be their first if you don't learn, but that won't be at least for a few months. We'll see. I also promised I wouldn't kill you, and I always keep my promises. However, I have no problem with making you wish you were dead, but you're not even at that stage yet.” Jordan grinned.

“Hayden has killed already!”

“Who says it was Hayden?” Jordan asked sweetly.

“The other two aren't strong enough, Hayden is.”

“Good observation. That's why I recruited Hayden, he knows death, the other two because they were bullied boys who wish to make payback really fun. They still have some training to go through. You're their start. Once you start screaming, they might puke a time or two. If and when we spill your blood, they might pass out, but they'll wake up and continue watching, just because they need to see it.”

“How could you do this to innocent children?” He asked.

“Easy, they asked to be trained, they knew the risks of what they were getting into, I made them very well aware of what we were going to be doing today, and they volunteered to come. I have to wonder though, how can you ask me such a question as if I'm bad, when it's you that used and abused boys without their consent. I would never do such a thing. Any boy I've ever trained has always asked me, and I've trained many great spy's and assassins. You ask the question as if I'm the monster here, but I'm not the one hanging from chains, being tortured because he tried to hold a couple innocent boys up to rape them.”

“How can boys truly know what it is that you're training them to be?” He spat.

“Just as well as boys can know what it is that you're asking when you have sex with them. Now, stop trying to make it sound as if I'm the monster here, I assure you, the three boys here today will undoubtedly tell you that you're wrong. Also, if you continue in that vain, Chris here might just get pissed off and attach the toy he's playing with and see how far your dick can stretch before it just rips right off your body.” Jordan grinned.

“Oh can I?” Chris asked giddily. “I'd love to see his filthy dick flopping on the floor.” He added with a grin that was so sadistic that it actually caused Jordan to almost cringe.

“Oh god, no, please don't.”

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn't allow him to do it. Why don't you ask Chris here how scared he was? Why not ask him how much he cares for you? Go ahead, I dare you to ask him, because I'm sure he just attaches that and starts turning the knob instead of just answering. You see, he was very scared, and I'm pretty sure that he is enjoying a great deal seeing you just as scared as he was. The only difference is, he can do something about it now, whereas you cannot. Unless of course I ask him to back off and not do that to you. Care to give me one good reason why I should ask him to back off instead of attaching that tool?”

“Please, I swear I'll never harm another boy as long as I live, as long as you allow me to live.” He said, breaking down now.

“Oh, quit crying before I tell him to go ahead, because I hate crying. Act like a man dammit.” Jordan hissed.

“Oh please, can I?” Chris begged.

“No, you had better put it away. I think that's enough for now. I think we need a break, our prisoner is going to be no use until he gets his emotions under control.”

“Aw, nuts.” Chris said with a sad look on his face and put the tool back in the case.

Jordan turned and walked away, and the boys all followed him.

“Good grief Chris, I actually thought you'd do it.” Jordan grinned when they made it back to the same room as before.

“No, I wouldn't have actually done it, but it sure was fun making him think I'd do it. I'd throw up if his dick actually came off.”

“I'm sure you would have, as would Calvin I'm sure.”

“Hell, even I might have, that'd be pretty gross.” Hayden said, Calvin just nodded.

“Yeah, it can be. It wouldn't actually pull a dick off though, that's not even what that tool is for, and don't ask, because you don't really want to know. It can be used for that though, and I assure you, it would hurt a great deal. We're just gonna give him a few minutes to sweat it out a bit, and I'm sure at least a couple of you could use a diaper change, so we may as well do that now as well.”

“I sure can, I might start to leak soon.” Calvin nodded.

“Yeah, and it's starting to show too.” Jordan smiled warmly.

The boys all pulled off their own pants, and then Jordan went about gently cleaning up each of the boys. As soon as they were all in fresh diapers, he too pulled off his pants and Hayden changed him quickly as well, even though he was not quite as wet as the boys were. He felt that he was close enough to warrant a change, so just did it at the same time. They all put their pants back on at the same time, and then headed back.

“Ah, so good of you to still be hanging around. You still feel like telling us the truth, or should I give you more of my truth serum?” Jordan asked pleasantly as they made it back into the room.

“No, you don't have to give me any more, I'll tell you anything you want to know. Can you lower me though, this' killing me, it hurts so bad?” He whined.

“No, it wouldn't be proper torture if it didn't hurt at least a little, now would it?” Jordan grinned. “Besides, you whined, I hate whining more than I hate crying, so I'm not inclined to even listen to a request when you do so. Furthermore, any more whining from you, and I'll raise you up another notch.”

“Oh god, please don't.” He groaned out.

“No need to call me god, just Jordan is fine, we're pretty informal around here.” Jordan grinned again.

“You're horrible daddy.” Hayden groaned.

“Why thank you baby, that's the kindest thing you've said to me all day.” Jordan said, sticking out his tongue.

“Yeah, it probably is.” Hayden grinned and stuck out his tongue as well.

“Okay, back to business. So, where were we anyways?” Jordan said, snapping to no nonsense mode.

“We were about to rip his tiny dick off because he pulled a gun on us.” Chris answered.

“Ah right. So, he's nearly lost his balls and his dick, but managed to keep them, so what's next? You get to choose Hayden.”

“I say his tongue, simply because of the way he talked to me.”

“Ah good choice baby.” Jordan said, and then turned to his case and grabbed another sickly looking tool. “I understand that you called Hayden a lot of really horrible names, names that I will not repeat, not even during a torture, there are things not even I will do. Suffice it to say though, they were bad beyond belief. How many boys have you talked to in that manner?”

“Only a few. One boy in my twenties liked to talk and be talked to real dirty when we had sex, and one in my thirties was almost worse, he loved it and it really turned him on. He was a tough bugger, he loved it rough and raunchy.” He admitted, almost with a smile on his face before he realized where he was at. “Then there was Hayden and one other street boy. Hayden acted so tough that I thought he would like that as well, and the other talked to me that way, so fair was fair.”

“Okay, nice detailed answer, you're learning. I can respect the fact that some people, even boys like to talk and be talked to dirty during sex, I've had a few like that, but it does nothing for me, nor does it Hayden. I would think that his refusal to play along might have tipped you off that he did not care for that, so why would you continue if he did not appear to appreciate it?”

“I paid him for what I wanted, and I sorta like talking dirty, especially to street boys. I thought that at least he could accept that.” He admitted softly, quietly.

“Once again, what you like or want means nothing, even if you pay for it, it always has to be about what the boy wants, you do what he wants, and nothing more. And you should be happy to pay him for such a treat as to get to play with him, plain and simple.”

“I know that now, and I'll always do that from now on.”

“For sure you will, because we'll be watching. You won't see us, but we'll always be there. Now, have you ever had sex with a man, or only ever boys?”

“I've had sex with a few men, given and received, and while I prefer boys, sometimes I want and need something a bit bigger than they can give to me.”

“Understandable, younger boys are not usually known for being overly hung. Did you ever allow a man to just ram his dick up your ass with minimal preparation?”

“Oh god no, it would have killed.”

“Ah, I see, it was not right for you to have it done to, but you could do it to a boy who would be approximately half your size. Hmm, that doesn't really seem all that fair, does it. I mean you'd be able to take an adults dick far easier than a boy would be able to, correct?”

“Yes, I suppose I would.” He admitted with shame evident in his voice.

“You suppose, or you know?”

“I know.”

“That's right. So once again, why would you do to a boy something that not even yourself would allow?”

“Because I was stupid and self centered, as well as a monster.”

“As well as a great deal many other things, but there's no sense in your beating yourself up about it, that's what we're here for.” Jordan smiled brightly.

“Do what you want to me, I deserve it.” He said, sounding even more broken than he did before.

“Yes, you do, I'm glad you understand that, and we will be more than happy to do it too. Now, I think that was all the questions that I had, so I'm going to turn you over to the boys. Boys, don't be afraid to cause a bit of pain if you have to, and one at a time please. Just use the tools that you have been shown as well please, I don't want you accidentally hurting yourselves.” Jordan offered.

“Thanks daddy. Chris, you can go first though.”

“Thanks guys.” Chris said, and then went and looked through the cases for a moment, picking out something that looked particularly evil, but he had no clue as to what it was, what it did, or where it was even supposed to be used. He just twirled it in his hands after extracting it, staring at the broken man, appearing to formulate his thoughts.

“So, how often do you go out trolling for boys to rape?”

“I've never raped a boy.”

“Did that sound like a full and complete answer guys?”

“No.” They all answered.

“Thought not.” Chris said, and then pulled the chain to lift the man one more notch, thus lifting him right off the ground now, and also causing him to wail even in more pain now.

“Okay, let's try that again, and try giving me a full answer, or this gets attached to your right ear. I'm pretty sure it won't kill you, but you'll look pretty weird if I accidentally rip your ear off with it.”

“I've never raped a boy, and I wasn't out trolling for boys. I've paid for boys, I've offered boys sex, asked if they wanted to go home and play, things like that, but I've never raped a boy. I wasn't out trolling either, I was just enjoying the game and then a stroll through the park like many others do all the time, and I happened to notice you boys, and recognized Hayden, so thought I might get lucky.” He moaned out as quickly as he could, the pain in his arms starting to become nearly unbearable.

“Okay, I believe you, many wouldn't, but you've got a lot of fear and truth serum in you, so I'm sure that's pretty true.” Chris grinned.

“It is, honest.”

“Good. Now, before I hand you over to Hayden, I have one last question for you. How does it feel to be just as scared as I was the other night?” He asked softly, in a very deadly voice.

“I hate it, I never want to be so scared in my life again.”

“That's good. Maybe next time you go out searching for a boy you'll remember what has happened here today, and remember the fear you've felt and have been feeling. Because, like Jordan said, we'll be watching, and if it ever happens again, we might not even get a chance to actually use these tools on you. Of which I'm kinda disappointed about as well, I really wanted to see what it looked like to pull your dick off with the dick stretcher.” Chris grinned, and then turned away, opening the floor for Hayden.

“Oh goody, my turn.” Hayden said giddily.

“You're not going to grab one of the torture tools?” Jordan asked.

“Nah, I don't think I need one, because I can use my own hands, and I was thinking that shoving my entire hand up his ass would maybe make him understand finally what it felt like for him to fuck me so brutally like he did.”

“Oh, okay, I think that's fair, just make sure to put on a full length glove before you do then, just to stay safe.”

“Oh yeah, good idea, thanks. It's not one of those pre lubed ones though is it, I wouldn't want him to have any comfort at all?”

“Nah, just sterile powder coated.”

“Good. So, are you a boy lover or just a boy fucker?”

“Boy lover.”

“Really, if you were a boy lover, then paid or not, you'd treat every boy with respect and decency. Given how you treated me, I'd have to say that you're a boy fucker, which means you're a child rapist, which means you're a monster. What do they do to monsters in jail?”

“I'd be beaten and raped, and if I made it out alive, I'd be lucky.”

“So, tell me then, what reason do we have to let you go today and not turn you into the police for instant prison?”

“I'll never hurt another boy as long as I live, I'll help any boy I see, I'll treat each and every boy I have sex with as if he were my one and only love, I'll make him feel like a god and I'm his personal servant, I'll do anything I can for him. I'll only do what he asks for and wants, and get to enjoy the ride as well.”

“That's a damn fine start. And what of your gun?”

“Already sold to the first person that'll take it, and I'll never even touch another again.”

“Very good. And when will you start your therapy to help you with your control issues?”

“If you think I need to, I'll start tomorrow, but I promise to you and god, that I'll never wish to control another boy as long as I live.”

“Oh, daddy already said you didn't have to call him god. As for your promise, I'll accept that, as long as you keep it, you keep your life. We'll be watching. Unless daddy has anything further that he wishes to speak to you about, I believe that that'll be it.”

“Oh thank you for not killing me, I promise to never hurt another boy again.”

“Just remember to keep that promise, or you won't live next time.” Jordan said, preparing another syringe.

“What's that?” The man asked, getting scared again.

“It's a simple tranquilizer that'll put you to sleep for about an hour, so that we can get out of here without you bothering us any.”

“You don't have to use that, I won't do anything to bother you.”

“I'm sure you won't, but I'm giving this to you anyways. When you wake up, you can walk home.”

“What about clothes, you cut mine up?”

“I'm sorry, do I look like the sort of person to care about a minor issue such as your clothing problems. Just remember, you're not dead only because I promised my son I wouldn't kill you. Don't bother me with any more stupid questions, now go to sleep.” Jordan said, and then injected the syringe into his neck.

He did not even have a chance to comment, he was asleep only seconds later.

“Well boys, that was fun. We've now officially taken care of a monster, and even though we'll watch him, it's not likely that he'll ever hurt another boy again. Let's get all our stuff packed up, and then Hayden I think you wanted to collect a few of your things from here?”

“Yeah, I do, there's not much, so it'll only take me a minute.”

“How come you even let him have sex with another boy ever?” Calvin asked curiously.

“It's simple. He's a boy lover, and to disallow that would make him go crazy, to the point that eventually he'd just snap and do something horrible to the first boy he comes to. To allow that would make us bad as well. There's absolutely nothing wrong with his enjoying sex with boys, as long as he uses willing boys and treats them well, no matter what the law says. I assure you that there are just as many boys out there wanting sex with men as there are men looking to have sex with boys. All we did was completely block his controlling nature from harming another boy, and with as scared as we made him, it'll probably last the rest of his life.”

“Oh, I think I understand.” Calvin said after a moments thought.

“It really does make sense. While I certainly enjoy having sex with other boys, it's men that I prefer. Men just have bigger and tastier things to play with. Although there's been a few fourteen to sixteen year olds that were well hung and were fun to play with.” Hayden grinned.

“Wow.” Calvin blushed a bit.

“Well, you guys go ahead and pack this stuff up and let this guy down, I'm going to run and grab my few things from here.” Hayden said, and before they could answer, he was off.

He met them back there only minutes later, they had barely gotten started on packing their things, but their ex prisoner was laying slumped on the floor. He joined in to repack their stuff, and then they collected the stuff from the other room, and then they were off. They drove all the way back home in silence, none of them saying anything at all, and Jordan knew the boys were still processing all that had happened. He knew Hayden would have no problem with any of it, and Chris he was not too worried about, but he was concerned with Calvin. He was pretty sure that Calvin would not tell anyone anything, but he did seem just a little ill at ease with the whole thing. It was more than likely that he had not gone through what Chris had, so did not quite understand it all. Sure, he enjoyed himself a bit, but he was scared at the same time, but then so had Chris been. They made it back home, and other then their personal belongings bag, they left most everything in the car.

“Come on in boys, I think we need to go and have a talk. Let's go sit in the living room shall we?” Jordan said softly.

The boys said nothing, they just followed Jordan into the house and sat on the couch where he pointed for them to sit. He sat on a chair and positioned himself so that he was looking at the boys.

“Now boys, what we did today was not only highly illegal, but really very dangerous. I'm a professional though and would have protected you with my very life. Obviously you must never tell anyone about what we did today, and I know you know the reasons why. That's not what I really wanted to talk to you about though, I'm pretty sure that I didn't have to tell you that. I can see how ill a couple of you are with what we did. Calvin, you're almost feeling sick now that the rush is wearing off, and Chris, you're not feeling so great either, are you?”

“Yeah.” They both answered.

“And that's perfectly fine. We used a great deal of fear against someone, and that can be a very hard thing to do. You all helped in that endeavor to some degree, and while it was good for you to do, it was also hard for you to do. You feel almost as bad as if we had physically hurt him. That's mostly because you both understand what fear feels like. You also don't feel well because you feel bad for causing that kind of fear in others, but more that it felt good to do so for once. For you Chris, you feel that it was great payback to show him how scared you were the other night. One thing that both you boys need to realize is that you should never do anything just as payback. You punish people for their actions, but never go beyond what they deserve. What we did today, that man deserved a great deal, and we never once caused him any harm. Sure we made him feel a bit of pain by chaining him up like we did, but other than sore shoulders for a couple days, he'll have no lasting effects. The only lasting effect that we left, was that he'll hopefully never cause someone pain ever again, and that was the goal. You should feel good that you helped someone to become a better person, even if it felt bad to do so in the beginning. Do either of you suffer from bad dreams?”

“I had a nightmare a couple nights after he attacked us, but not normally.” Chris admitted.

“I have nightmares every so often, maybe a couple times a month.” Calvin admitted quietly.

“Then what you did today may cause a few bad dreams, but when you wake up, just tell yourself that you did it to help someone, and that you didn't actually harm him any. Also, I want you to make sure and come and talk to me if you have any questions, or if you're scared. I also know that in the back of your minds that you're also a little scared of me. I mean how could you not, I used to do that sort of thing for a living, and by the way, those tools have all been used for their intended purposes against people as well. That is scary, and maybe some should be scared of me, but not you boys. I would be the very last person to hurt you, unless you did something seriously bad, and then I might be forced to correct your behavior, possibly in the manner in which we corrected that mans behavior today.”

Both boys gulped at hearing the last part, but were happy to hear that they had no need to be scared of Jordan either.

“What do I say when my mom asks me what my dream was about again, she always does?” Calvin asked.

“You're just gonna have to lie to her I'm afraid. Do you have a particular dream that happens all the time?”

“I can't lie to her!”

“Answer the other question please?” Jordan sighed.

“Yeah, I do, all the time.”

“All you have to say then is that it was the same dream as normal. I hate to tell you this, but kids lie to their parents all the time, and those who say they don't are either liars or are sick. Don't worry, in this case, it's not really much of a lie, because you don't have to say much. Trust me, if your parents found out about what we did today, I think they might be just a tad upset.”

“Yeah, and they'd never let me out of the house again.”

“Then I'd say it's in your best interest to not tell the full truth in this instance, or any time you have a bad dream pertaining to this. Of course, you might not, because although it was a bit scary, it really wasn't a horrible experience. I'm sure you'll be fine though. Was there any questions that either of you boys wanted to ask, especially about what we did today?”

“No, it wasn't really all that bad, it was sorta fun making him so scared like that for scaring my friends. I'm just glad I wasn't there, I don't think I could have handled it.”

“You probably would have done just fine, just like Chris did. He'll of course be the one most affected out of all of you, because he had to deal with the fear when he wasn't ready for it. Hayden's too calm, cool and collected though to really allow something like this to affect him too much.”

“Yeah, but even I was scared the other night when it was happening, I just refuse to let fear control me.” Hayden pointed out.

“And that my dear boys is the key to being strong. It's okay to be afraid, even I get scared, but never, never let it control you, the second you do, you'll lose, no matter what it is that you're doing.”

“But how do we do that?” Calvin asked.

“Easy, take deep calming breaths, look at what scares you face on, and tell yourself that you're not scared of that. By doing so, you're literally facing your fears. When you stop and collect yourself like that, you'll often start to see things that you would've missed while you were acting so scared. For instance, Hayden tells me the other night when the two of them were being held up, that our guest today was very nervous and shaking. Just from that alone he would've been able to determine a great deal. He would've known instantly that he had no will or desire to actually shoot, as well as he had no experience. Just that alone was more than enough to give the command to run. That's of course your best course of action when dealing with a weapon of any sort to begin with anyways. Now, had they have just acted all scared and lost their control, that would've allowed that man to just take them without hardly any fight, if any at all. It's the same with all sorts of other things as well. If you don't face them yourself, you'll never be able to stand up to them. Some fears though are harder to face than others, while others are very easy to face, and even easier to conquer.”

“What kinds of fears are easy to face and conquer?” Chris asked curiously.

“Well, you for instance are scared of spiders, mice, rats, snakes, clowns, and a few other odds and ends. It's easy to face those, because we can show you pictures of them, go to places where they hang out, and you can see for yourself that they're not all bad. Now, I for instance actually care very little for rats, they're creepy and disgusting animals, don't much care for snakes either, and big spiders just sorta make me squeamish. When I was a kid, I was scared of so many things, just like both you boys are now. The way that I cured my fears, at least of the animals, was that I went to zoos and places like that, so that I could see them behind glass, where I knew they could not get to me. After that, once I was more used to them, I then went to pet stores, and actually asked to hold the various animals or insects. Most of the time I had to explain why it was that I wanted to hold them, and most places were more than happy to help me to cure my fear. For you boys, for the ones we can do so with, we'll get you used to them on the computer first, then go to a pet store, so that you can hold them, touch them, and really get used to them and see that they're not all that bad. No, I'd never expect that you go out and buy yourself a snake as a pet, but you never know.”

“I'm not really sure I can do that.” Chris said softly.

“You'll do it, and you'll do just fine, but don't worry, that won't be for a while yet, at least a few weeks. I might even have both of you write out everything that you're afraid of, and then give me a good paragraph or two detailing all the reasons why you're afraid of that thing, and all the reasons why that fear is unfounded. It'll take a lot of research, but it'll help you out a great deal as well. Hayden will be included in that, because I know there are things that he's afraid of, but like he said, he just refuses to allow that to control him. Knowing your fears and why you're scared of them, and then knowing all the reasons why you should not be scared of them will go a long way into helping you deal with those fears.”

“Oh, but what if let's say I was afraid of like a hundred or two different things?” Chris gasped.

“Then it would take you a little while to get your list done then huh!” Jordan grinned.

“Ouch, no kidding, I'd start now if I were you. At least I'm only really afraid of maybe a dozen things.” Hayden laughed.

“Even I'm not that afraid, but it's probably more than fifty things I'm afraid of.” Calvin said in support.

“Gee thanks guys, that makes me feel so much better.” Chris sighed, but did smile.

“You know what though, once you purge all those fears, you'll feel so much better, so much more free. Of course you can never truly kill your fears, but you can at least manage them, lessen them, so that they don't control your every waking hour. You should all start that tonight actually.”

“It probably would.” Chris said in thought, and Calvin nodded his agreement.

“I'm sure it will.” Hayden said.

“So, what should we do now that we're all done our nasty business for the day?” Jordan asked, sounding all chipper and upbeat.

“I have to be home pretty soon, my mom wanted me home for lunch, which means I should probably head out soon.” Chris said.

“And I was told to be home no later than two, so I'd probably just leave at the same time, so that you guys can spend the rest of your day together, since you were apart for so long.” Calvin added softly.

“Oh, okay. Will you both come over tomorrow as well then, or will you just stay home since we won't be exercising in the morning?” Hayden asked.

“I'd like to come over, but I won't come over so early, maybe after my mom goes to bed.” Chris said.

“And I'd like to come over as well, maybe after lunch if that's okay.”

“That sounds good to me, how about you daddy?” Hayden asked.

“Sure, that sounds great. Christmas is in just a couple days here, so you boys will want to spend more time with your families as well, so make sure not to be spending all your time here, even though I understand how nice it feels to have friends.”

“I won't.” They both said.

Shortly after both Calvin and Chris headed home. They walked together until they had to part, both talking happily as they went.

Christmas came and went for them all, and they all had a good time. Jordan and Hayden passed each other a couple nice small gifts from the heart, and they both loved them. Chris and Calvin even gave both of them a small something to show their gratitude for all the help they had given to them, and it was appreciated, even if they were told that it was not necessary. Every second morning as arranged they would all do a great workout together, but every day that they could manage, they would go over more of the martial arts moves in slow motion. Every other morning and night they all got into the routine of doing their sit ups, push ups and crunches. After almost two weeks of this, Chris was claiming that he already felt better, and the others informed him that he looked better as well, more defined now. Even Calvin was starting to fill out a bit more, and he was feeling better for it as well.

Chris and Calvin were also spending more and more time together as well, even when not at Hayden and Jordan's. They were fast becoming almost inseparable, and they even spent the night at each others house once. So far neither one had said anything about becoming boyfriends to the other, amazingly enough, especially considering how often they both thought about it. Their parents were also starting to notice a great deal of change in their once scared little boys. They both still seemed to love their diapers, and Calvin still asked to be babied every so often, none of that had changed, but they were also being more assertive in what they wanted and needed, would not allow their parents or brothers to do every little thing for them, would not allow them to protect them, and Calvin even sat down with his parents and demanded that they tell him everything there was to know about his medical problems, and what the prognosis was for them.

They refused at first, but Calvin laid it all out on the line for them, explaining to them that it was his body, and his life, and he had more right to know than they did, and he wanted to know, and if they did not tell him, he would just go to his doctor and demand it from him. They caved of course and told him everything, and Calvin even felt better for it. He went to his doctor and confirmed that his average life expectancy was only about thirty five to forty at best, given the problems with his heart, but that as long as he never got too stressed out and kept himself healthy, that it should at the very least be a good time, with very few foreseeable problems. Calvin asked about heart transplants and things like that, and he was told that when and if his heart started giving up, that that may very well be an option, but given all his other medical problems, it may not help. Calvin thanked him for all the information, left and went straight to Hayden and Jordan's, where Chris was also waiting, and he told them all that he had been told. They were pleased with the information as well. Of course living to maybe thirty five was not great, but it was a lot longer than he had thought he might live, and of course there was the simple fact that he could easily last far longer than that, or possibly even die before that, but so could everyone else.

Hayden and Jordan made love to each other almost every day, but there was the odd time that they only gave each other a hand or something like that because of weariness or some other reason. They were becoming closer and closer every day, and it was showing.

New Years Eve also came and went, but Chris and Calvin spent the evening with their families, and Hayden and Jordan just went to bed at their normal time. Neither of them were really into ringing in the new year like most do, they just went to bed and made tender love to each other until they were very nearly passing out. Chris and Calvin also went to bed before midnight, neither of them really caring too much either.