Almost two weeks after Christmas passed, they were all at Hayden and Jordan's house once again. Chris and Calvin were once again spending the night, something that they had done a few times now. They always slept in the same bed, but once again, they never moved past being just friends. Chris and Hayden were alone in the kitchen while Jordan and Calvin were in the living room setting up to watch a movie.

“Hayden, I have something to ask you, but I'm kinda embarrassed.”

“I'd think that by now you wouldn't be embarrassed to ask me or daddy anything, so go ahead and ask.”

“I know, but it's well, it's just that I want to ask Calvin to be my boyfriend, but I'm not sure he wants to be my boyfriend.”

“It's about time. I was starting to wonder which one of you would crack first. Trust me when I say that the feeling is mutual, and to tell you quite honestly, I'm more than surprised that it's taken you this long. I've known that you two were falling in love for quite some time, but it's good that you've held off as well, it'll make it more special.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“You really think so?” Chris whispered.

“Yes, with everything I know.”

“Good. I'm going to ask him when we go to bed tonight.” Chris smiled brightly, but had a hint of a blush as well, and Hayden knew exactly what Chris was going to ask as well. He now knew that he and Jordan would not be the only ones playing in the house that night, or from then on.

“That's nice, but just take it slow and easy with each other, and don't move into anal yet, neither of you have prepared each other for that, nor have you started preparing yourselves, so you'll want to take that slow and easy.” Hayden said softly, Chris blushed even more.

“I wasn't, I wouldn't, I'd hurt Calvin too much, and I couldn't do that.”

“I know, you love him, don't you?”

“Yeah, even my mom asked me if I was in love with him, she said she could tell, and that we'd make a cute couple.”

“Yes, you do. I wonder if Calvin's parents know yet, because the way you two act around each other has more than likely tipped them off as well?”

“I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that Al knows, every time he sees us together he smiles warmly to us. He never says anything though.”

“No, he wouldn't, he's letting you go at your own pace, as he should. Well, the popcorn and juice is all ready to go, are you sure you want your juice in a bottle as well?”

“Yeah, if Calvin does, then I want to try it as well.” Calvin had brought over a couple bottles and told the others that he was wanting to feel a little babyish this weekend, since being at school seriously limited the amount of time that he could enjoy being babied.

“I or daddy will have no problem with it, and Calvin likes it, so maybe you will as well.” Hayden smiled, and they headed out to the living room where the other two were patiently awaiting their arrival.

They all sat down, the movie was started, and they sat and watched as they ate and drank their movie required junk food. The movie was long, and sadly they all thought boring, but that was okay too. They still enjoyed cuddling with each other as they watched it. As soon as the movie ended, it was deemed bed time, so they all went their separate ways, there being diapers and supplies in the spare bedroom for Chris and Calvin already. They wished each other a good night, and then headed to bed.

“Chris is going to ask Calvin to be his boyfriend tonight.” Hayden said as he and Jordan were laying on the bed.

“I was wondering when those two would finally decide to move their friendship in that direction.”

“Me too. It's going to be a long night for them, that's for sure. They've both got weeks worth of horniness stored up in them from holding off though. I told Chris no anal, because neither of them have prepared for that, but I'm sure that they'll jack and or suck more than a few loads from each other. Granted Calvin still can't cum yet, but that won't stop them any.”

“That was probably for the best, because while Chris isn't exactly huge by any means, he's certainly far larger than Calvin would be able to accept without good preparation, although I'm also certain that Calvin could almost slip right into Chris with minimal lubing.”

“My thoughts exactly. I hope Calvin starts to grow soon, he's so small.”

“I'm sure that he will baby, don't worry, and if he doesn't, his doctor will help him along. Now, hows about you and I try and suck a few loads out of each other tonight as well, because for damn sure I don't want our guests to be the only ones having fun tonight, but my ass is still quite sore from last night.”

“Okay, but sorry about that, you kept moaning harder, faster, so I gave it to you. How was I supposed to know that you'd bruise so much.” Hayden grinned.

“Actually, I've never bruised like that before, but then again, I've never had anything anywhere near rough sex before either, but it was sorta fun, the sort of thing that lovers can enjoy every so often together if they so desire I think.”

“I certainly wasn't complaining. Remember, I've had it rough before as well, and while if prepared properly it can feel quite nice, I was rarely ever properly prepared, or warned for that matter, so it was nice to be the one giving for once.”

“And have no fears, if you ever want me to be a little rougher with you, it'll be as loving as I can make it, and you'll be as lubed and prepared as you need to be.”

“I have no fears there, but you're not ready to do that to me yet, you probably won't be for a long time yet. You wouldn't be able to give it hard yet, maybe just a little, but nothing like what I did last night.”

“You're probably right.” Jordan smiled.

After that, all talk ceased though, and they got down to their tender loving. They kissed and cuddled for a long time, just kissing and petting tenderly. Eventually though Hayden spun around and removed Jordan's diaper, and Jordan removed Hayden's at the same time. Once they were staring at each others tasty treats, they sucked them down to the root, and each gave the other a fantastic blow job, and an even better orgasm.

Neither one moved once the orgasm let them go though, they both just started sucking again, and sucked another load out of each other. After their second loads though, they were satisfied for the night. Hayden hopped up and grabbed their diapers and supplies that they would be needing and they diapered each other tenderly. As soon as they were ready for bed, they cuddled up to each other, kissed each other goodnight, and then fell asleep.

“Calvin, can we sit down and talk for a minute before we change each other for bed?” Chris asked softly as soon as they were in their bedroom and the door was shut.

“Sure, what would you like to talk about?” Calvin asked softly, starting to blush a bit, hoping beyond hope that it was what he wished it was.

They both sat on the bed, one at either end, facing each other so that they could talk easily.

“Well, it's, well, I want, no, would you be my boyfriend?” Chris stammered, searching for the right way to ask the boy he loved to be his boyfriend.

“Oh yes.” Calvin gasped and then launched himself at Chris, he knocked his boyfriend over onto his back, and then attached their lips together, and they shared each of their first kiss. It was awkward at best, but it was heartfelt and tender.

“Wow.” They both panted about five minutes later when they parted.

“That was awesome.” Chris said a minute later.

“Yeah, I've been wanting to do that to you for so long now.” Calvin smiled shyly.

“Then why didn't you?” Chris asked softly.

“I was afraid that you didn't feel the same for me. I think I love you, no, I know I love you. I've known for a while now, but I was afraid that you didn't feel the same way too.”

“Wow, same here. I told Hayden this evening that I was going to ask you to be my boyfriend, but was afraid that you didn't feel the same way. He told me that you did, that he and everyone else could see it. I've been wanting to ask you since before Christmas even, but I didn't want to rush it either.”

“Same here, but Hayden would have known for sure. Can we um, well, can we, you know, touch each other?” Calvin stammered out this time.

“I'd really like that, but we can't have sex yet, I'll hurt you too much, we have to prepare for that.” Chris blushed.

“I know, I'm too small and you're too big, you'd tear me apart if we were to do that, but I could do you easily I think.”

“I'm not exactly huge, but you're still pretty small. If we can't make love to each other though, neither one of us will until we both can, okay. I'd really like to kiss more and maybe we can just jack each other off.”

“That sounds nice, but I'd like to try sucking you as well. I've never sucked anyone before, and I want to know what it's like, and I want to taste you as well.”

“I'd love to suck you as well. I've sucked a few dicks before of course, and I loved the taste from those who could shoot, but I want to suck you more than I ever wanted to suck anyone else before.”

They were both still blushing from all that they had said, but they were happy, they were also both painfully hard inside their soggy diapers. They moved in towards each other, this time it was slow and purposeful. They met in the middle and shared a nice tender kiss. Moments later their hands started working as well, they started softly stroking each other, just on their backs so far, but they were steadily moving downwards. Within only a few minutes they were both petting the others hot diapered bum, but that wasn't what they wanted, so they both slipped their hands inside and started fondling each others cute little asses. They were now moaning lowly, enjoying the contact a great deal.

“Roll onto your back please?” Chris parted from their kiss and whispered seductively.

“Okay.” Calvin whispered back.

They both rolled onto their backs, but turned their heads so that they could still kiss, and then snaked their hands back inside the others diaper, this time down the front. They both latched onto the others erection at the same time, and started stroking each other just as slowly as the other was, both wanting to prolong the pleasure as long as possible, but both knowing that it was not going to take long at all. Not even five minutes later and they were both exploding in what was until that time their best orgasms, even Calvin thought he had actually spilled seed, but when he mentioned this, Chris had to inform him that he had not, unfortunately.

Without any actual words, they both spun around and removed each others diapers, and although they had seen each other hard more than a few times now, they both stared appreciatively at the meat that would very soon be in their mouths. Soon wasn't soon enough for them though, and both moved forth at the same time, and sucked each other down. Their moans increased now over what they had been doing during their stroking, and it was a good thing that the houses walls were soundproofed, or Hayden and Jordan may not have had the power to stop, because Chris and Calvin were being quite vocal in their moaning. It came to a fevered pitch once again not even five minutes later, and they both exploded.

“Oh my god, I never imagined that that would feel so good.” Calvin sighed out.

“Yeah, that was the best for me too. Only one other boy has ever sucked me though, all the others wanted me to suck them, but wouldn't do me back. For someone that's never sucked a dick though, you sure were good at it. I don't know how much more I have left in me, but I'd love to suck at least once more, I'm still hard.”

“Same here, I'm good for at least one more.” Calvin smiled brightly, and they spun around again and sucked each other in.

This time they lasted almost ten minutes before they exploded, and that was it, they were done. They both collapsed and laid there for quite a few minutes, gasping and panting for breath.

“Wow, that was incredible, but I can't go another round, it's just too much. We better get diapered and go to sleep.” Calvin said softly.

“I agree.”

Chris slipped out of bed and grabbed all that they would need, came back and diapered Calvin, and then they traded places, so that Calvin could baby Chris. They slipped back into bed, curled up to each other, and kissed tenderly for another few minutes.

“I really do love you, you know that right?” Calvin whispered once they parted.

“Yes, I do, and I hope you know I love you just as much. I love you, and I hope we'll be together for many many years.”

“Me too.” Calvin said softly, and then they reached in for one final kiss, and then fell asleep.

“Good morning daddy, how long have you been laying there watching me again?” Hayden asked softly when he came awake to find Jordan just laying there propped up on an elbow watching him.

“About fifteen minutes now I suppose. Didn't look at the clock when I woke up, so I have no idea.” Jordan smiled warmly to his baby.

“Come give me a nice kiss good morning you gorgeous hunk of man!”

“Mmm, talk like that might just get you more than a good morning kiss young man.” Jordan grinned.

“Bring it on, you big hunk a man you.” Hayden grinned right back.

Jordan grabbed Hayden very quickly, pulled him up and rolled him over, so that he was laying on top of himself on his tummy, bum now pointed up, and Jordan gave it a few nice playful swats. Without being heavily padded as Hayden was, they were both well aware that this would have hurt, but with as much nice soggy padding as he had though, it just felt nice and playful. Hayden was giggling the whole time.

“What was that for, you big meany you?” Hayden grinned.

“Because I thought you deserved a good spanking.”

“That wasn't quite the spanking I was thinking of.” Hayden grinned even more cheekily than he had been, but reached up for a kiss. Jordan reached down as well and they joined together, heart and soul and kissed for a few minutes.

“Come on baby, up and at em, you go get the two young love birds from their nest, and I'll go get the basement set up and ready for our morning routine.”

“Okay daddy, love you, meet you down there.”

“Love you too baby.” Jordan said as Hayden hopped out of bed and ran from the room.

“Morning you two.” Hayden said as he entered the room. He had knocked gently and they told him to enter.

“Morning Hayden. Sounded like you and Jordan were having fun in there.” Chris smiled warmly.

“Yeah, we were just playing around a bit.”

“Musta bin a real quicky then.” Calvin giggled.

“Wasn't that sort of playing, or we'd still be in there, now get your minds out of the gutter, your soggy bums out of bed, and join us for our morning workout.” Hayden grinned to them.

“Okay, we'll be right down.” Calvin smiled back.

“Okay, see you there, just don't take too long saying good morning to each other.” Hayden said, and had the satisfaction of watching them both turn completely red before he left the room.

“You think he knows about us?” Calvin asked as soon as Hayden was out of hearing range.

“Well, I told him last night that I was gonna ask you to be my boyfriend remember, so I know he knows. That's okay though. Can I have a kiss please?”

“Oh yeah, forgot about that.” Calvin smiled brightly at the mention of a kiss.

They leaned into each other and shared a nice tender kiss. The kiss only lasted a couple minutes before they broke apart and climbed out of bed. They headed downstairs, where Hayden and Jordan were already waiting for them.

“So, were they nice and bright and cheerful?” Jordan asked as soon as Hayden made it down.

“Oh yeah, they definitely had the glow about them. I knew they would make a great couple for sure, but I think they really do love each other almost as much as we love each other as well.”

“Good, I'm happy for them. Try not to tease them too much though, okay.”

“Well, that's hardly any fun, now is it!” Hayden pouted.

“I never said you weren't allowed to, just not to do it too much.” Jordan grinned, and Hayden brightened right up.

“Oh good.” He yipped.

A few moments later the boys came down the stairs, they were so close, their hands so close, they were nearly holding hands, and Hayden was actually somewhat surprised that they were not actually doing so. Maybe they did not want the others to know yet, so were resisting.

“Good morning you two love birds, good of you to finally join us. Your morning kisses must have been good, I came and got you almost an hour ago.” Hayden teased gently, which of course made both boys blush on their entire bodies.

“It wasn't that long.” Chris squeaked out.

“But you didn't deny that you had some nice tender loving kisses, that's good. We're happy for you two.” Hayden smiled warmly to them.

“Yeah, it was nice.” Calvin said dreamily.

“I bet it was. Your first kiss of true love is always the nicest, although I'm sure that kiss was actually last night, but this morning was a nice continuation of it I'm sure.” Jordan smiled just as warmly to the blushing couple.

“Yeah, it was.” Calvin said dreamily again.

“You guys aren't upset or anything like that are you?” Chris asked quietly.

“Of course we're not silly, we're happy for you I said. You make a very cute couple, and I've known for a while that you two were falling in love with each other. So, how was it last night?”

“It was great.” Calvin said again, his blush actually starting to recede a bit.

“I bet, but I could also bet that it was far better than just great, did you enjoy your first taste of cum?” Hayden asked.

“Oh yeah, to both.”

“I know how you feel. Now, I know you want to try anal sex, and more than likely soon, but you have to be careful Calvin, you're very small, and while Chris isn't anywhere near as big as he'll get, he's certainly large enough to make you hurt, a lot, so no forcing yourself before you're ready for it, you two are to play around softly with each other and work up to it slowly, start with your fingers and work from there.”

“How do you know I want to try anal?” Calvin asked curiously.

“Mostly because you're a gay boy, what gay boy doesn't really, but I know you have the deep itch. And while I have no doubt that you've stuck your fingers inside already to try and scratch it, I doubt that you've moved past only one or two of them, not that your fingers are very large mind you.”

“Why does it feel like you read my mind sometimes, I've gotten two inside me before, and it feels good, but I want something bigger and longer.” Calvin admitted.

“Remember, I'm gay as well, have known since the same time you did, know how you're feeling and what you're going through. The only major difference of course is that by your age I was already on the streets for a while.”

“Yeah, I know. Did your first time hurt?”

“Oh yeah, a lot. I almost cried too, but I just held it in. I was bruised and swollen for a couple days after that though, it hurt something fierce to crap, but it was worth it. The guy knew I was a virgin, I told him I was and he could see that I was as well, so he paid very well. Of course even before that I had had a number of things inside me, but I had not gotten anywhere near as big as he was inside me yet. Granted, unless you're very well prepared, the first time almost always hurts anyways, but there are ways to prevent much of the pain.”

“Yeah, use lots of lube, lots more foreplay, stretch each other well, and then slip in slowly right?” Chris said softly.

“Exactly. But for a few days before you even want to make love to each other, you should play with your bums to get them ready for what's to come. It's just like a marathon, you wouldn't enter a marathon without first getting all the proper exercise, it'd kill you. Anal sex is the same, you have to be prepared, and much of that preparation takes time.” Hayden pointed out.

“Damn good example baby, and he's right boys. Although for you Chris, I doubt that you'll need much in the way of preparation, because sadly Calvin, you're just not that big yet. Big enough mind you to hurt Chris if you just rammed it in, and certainly more than large enough to give him a great deal of pleasure, so have no fears there. I've actually had smaller than you before, and it still felt really good.”

“I know, and my doctor told me that I'll grow more, but not lots probably, but I'm okay with that.”

“That's good. Well come on boys, let's get our workout going shall we.” Jordan said, and so they did.

Their workout was about as normal as can be, and while Chris and Calvin were doing far better, they were still unable to keep up to Hayden and Jordan, and probably never would be able to. After their workout, they went and sat in the hot tub for a bit, and then the sauna for a while longer,and then headed in for a cool soothing shower. The rest of the day they spent together just having a relaxing day. Chris and Calvin headed home just before dinner time, and Hayden and Jordan were left to themselves.

“So, how long do you figure they take before they take each others virginity?” Hayden asked shortly after the boys had left and they were sitting down to eat dinner.

“Few days, maybe a week at most. We'll put a bottle of lube on the end table in their room for when they stay over next, because you know they won't do it anywhere but here.”

“Very true, but I like that idea, and this way they won't have to be so embarrassed to ask us for it, which might make them take longer, or do it without.”

It was a few days later that Chris and Calvin were over again, set to stay the night. They had dropped their things in their bedroom, and they had both seen the bottle of lube sitting there in prominent view. They both looked to it, looked to each other, blushed and grinned, both thinking the exact same thing. They both knew that they were going to lose their virginity that very night.

“You boys ready for your workout?” Hayden asked them after they had dropped their things off and stripped down to just their diapers. It was only just a few minutes past five in the morning, so it was time once again for their workout.

“Sure are, and thanks for you know.” Calvin said with a blush that was creeping up.

“Oh, the lube, think nothing of it, enjoy.” Hayden smiled warmly to the blushing boys. “Just remember to go slowly.”

“We will.” They both chimed in together.

“Good.” Both Hayden and Jordan said at the same time.

They started their workout shortly after, and it was about as normal as they ever were, that is to say that they did something entirely different than what they did the day before, but they worked up a good sweat none the less. Next was the hot tub, and then the sauna again, and finally a nice cooling shower.

“So, what should we do today boys?” Jordan asked once they were all redressed into nice thick warm diapers, but nothing else.

“Not too sure, but I don't want to stay in today, so let's go out and find something to do. You know what, I've never been to a zoo before, so let's say we head there and have a nice day out?” Hayden suggested.

“Can't say as I've been to a zoo before myself, so that sounds like not such a bad idea to me. How does that sound to you two?”

“Great to me, I haven't been there in years and years, since I was real young.” Calvin answered happily.

“Great to me as well, I've never been there that I can remember.” Chris added.

“Great, then that's what we'll do. Let's get a diaper bag ready to go and then get dressed and ready to go. It'll take about an hour to get there, and they probably open in an hour, but we could check before we head out.” Jordan smiled.

“It'll take us longer than an hour anyways daddy, and no point in worrying about it, if they're not open yet, we can just wait anyways.”

“Why will it take more than an hour?”

“Because we're gonna stop somewhere for breakfast.”

“Oh, that's probably a good plan.” Jordan grinned.

“Yeah, I thought so too. I'm getting quite hungry, so I figured you would all be getting hungry as well.”

“Too true.” Jordan said, and Chris and Calvin nodded.

They got themselves a diaper bag ready to go, got dressed in thick warm pants, diaper shirts, long button down shirts, and shoes and then headed out. They hit a nice restaurant by the highway heading out of town, had a nice breakfast, and then headed for their drive to the zoo.

Once there, they found that they only had to wait a few minutes until opening time, almost ten, so they waited patiently, and then entered with the few other people that were there and waiting as well. For the next several hours they looked at each of the animals, reading the information about each and every one of them, and talking happily. They watched any of the shows that there were, and generally had a great time. About the only time they stopped, was once for almost an hour for lunch and a much needed change, and then shortly before they headed out for a snack and another change.

“Well boys, did you all have fun today?” Jordan asked as they were in the car and heading back towards home.

“Yes.” They all said.

“Good, I'm glad. We're going to stop somewhere for dinner before we get home, and then it's home and to bed, it's been a long day.” He said, but never said that there was to be any sleeping, because he was smart enough to know that sleep would not be claiming anyone for at minimum of an hour after going to bed.

“Okay.” They all said without complaint or argument, but each of them was thinking the same thing, that there was certainly not going to be any sleeping for some time.

They arrived home a short while later and they all headed into the house silently, the door was locked behind them, and then they all said goodnight to each other. They headed towards their bedrooms and then the action began.

“Make love to me baby.” Jordan whispered right into Hayden's ear, after closing the door and spinning his young lover around.

“Make love to me as well baby.” Hayden whispered back huskily.

No other words were said. They slowly stripped each other of their clothes, their diapers the last to fall. They were both painfully hard, but they both had ideas, a few of them, how to get rid of that hardness. They worked towards their bed while kissing tenderly, and then promptly fell right onto the bed. Once laying in position, they continued their kiss, and started making love to each other with their tongues.

The kiss did not last all that long, but it held all their love and passion for each other. Slowly they moved to making love to each other in the normal sense. Hayden was first, he first prepared his daddy, his lover with his tongue, and then his fingers, and then slid up his body and slipped deep inside They made gentle love. Jordan was next after they both exploded in their first orgasms of the night, and he too prepared Hayden in the same fashion. Shortly after starting, Jordan slid up Hayden's prone body and inserted himself, and they made love once again.

Amazingly enough, they did this a total of four times to each other, including tonguing each other before entering, but that was just for fun, because neither needed to be opened any more, it just felt really good. They were nearly passing out near the end, but somehow managed to remember to get diapered for bed. They diapered each other, and fell into bed, they were asleep long before they even had a chance for another kiss or to say goodnight to each other.

Chris and Calvin entered their room, and for once Calvin became quite aggressive. He grabbed Chris and spun him around so that they were face to face, and laid on the older, bigger boy such a deep and passionate kiss. It surprised Chris at first, but he sure did not stop just because of that. In fact, he melted into the kiss and returned it with nearly as much vigor.

“Chris, I have no intention of leaving this room in the morning a virgin, I want, no I need you to make love to me. I've been practicing over the past few days at home, and I can get four of my fingers inside me now, so you won't hurt me. We'll just need to prepare me a bit, and I'm sure I can take you easily.”

“Are you sure baby, because if you're not, we won't do it?”

“As sure as I've ever been about anything before in my life.”

“Then I want you to make love to me as well.”

“Thank you, I'd love that very much.” Calvin whispered and started stripping.

Chris removed Calvin's hands from what he was doing and took over for him instead, undressing his beautiful boyfriend until he was naked, his young erection vibrating. Calvin then returned the favor and undressed his baby until he too was naked. Once they were both naked, Calvin went to the bed and laid himself in the center on his back, and pulled his legs up and back to open himself fully for what was to come. Chris did not need an invitation, he just grinned and headed towards the bed and crawled in after Calvin.

With no words being said or needed, Chris crawled right until his face was buried inside Calvin's hot moist ass, and he started licking and probing. He had wondered if he would be able to do this when the time came, but now that he was, he wondered why he had worried. It had not tasted near anything what he had envisioned, and it was very erotic. Not only that, but he could clearly hear from the moaning that Calvin was doing that he enjoyed it immensely. Sadly it did not take long for Chris' neck and tongue to get tired from the awkward position, so he had to pull out long before he truly wanted to.

He grabbed the lube though as he backed out, and got some onto his fingers. Gently Chris poked his index finger into the moist hole, and it slipped right in easily. A soft sigh escaped Calvin's lips. For only a few seconds Chris used one finger, but realized that not only would he have to increase that number, but Calvin sure seemed loose enough to take more, so he inserted a second finger as well. Calvin moaned lowly from the insertion of another finger, but instead of being in pain as Chris thought it was, it was instead a moan of pleasure. For a few minutes Chris worked like this, just slowly preparing his boyfriend for what was to come, but he also knew that he would have to slip three fingers in and get Calvin used to that first in order to make love to him. So without further ado, Chris entered his third finger into the hot tight hole, and once again, Calvin just moaned in pure pleasure.

“I'm ready for you baby, I know I can do it, it feels so good, so right, and now I want you in me fully, make love to me please?” Calvin whispered not even two minutes after Chris started fingering him with three fingers.

“Okay baby, but you have to make sure and tell me if you need me to pause, because I don't want to hurt you.”

“I will, but whatever you do, don't pull out.”

“I won't.” Chris whispered.

He pulled away from his lover, grabbed the lube again and smeared a good healthy amount all over his young rock hard erection, eliciting a few moans from the pleasure to his already overly sensitive dick. He knew that he was not going to last long, at least for their first try, so vowed to stay inside and give Calvin a second ride, if he wanted it of course. Once he was ready, Chris moved into position, but before he slipped in, he locked eyes with Calvin, and Calvin nodded his permission.

Once Chris had the permission that he was seeking, he positioned himself right at his boyfriends opening, and used one hand to guide himself in, and then slipped in easily. Just his head at first, but then a few seconds later almost half his shaft slipped in as well. Both boys sighed deeply from this, and Chris had to stop all movements, lest he explode instantly. He knew it would feel good, but he had no idea it would be about ten million times better than what he thought it would be. For more than a minute he stayed still like that, as still as he could be, before he started moving again.

When Chris started moving, they both knew joy and pleasure that they could have never imagined. Chris kept his movements purposely slow and easy, not only did he not wish to hurt his boyfriend any, but he also wanted to prolong the exquisite feelings for as long as he possibly could. However, no matter how hard he tried to hold off, Chris was just too close, but then so was Calvin. Calvin started first, neither of them having even touched his very over heated erection, he exploded so much so that he nearly passed out from it. Calvin's orgasm was just too much for Chris to survive though, Calvin was nearly milking him, and the extra sensations caused him too to explode in the best possible orgasm.

Chris did pass out though. He slumped down on top of Calvin, and laid there in his sexual slumber for a good ten minutes. Calvin had not realized that Chris had passed out though, because for the next ten minutes he was still gasping and panting in his post orgasmic bliss, and the way Chris was doing so, he thought that he was just doing the same. Eventually Chris became uncomfortable on top of Calvin the way he was, so Calvin pushed him to roll him off.

“Huh, oh wow, I think I passed out.” Chris gasped when the movement woke him up.

“I nearly did as well, but man oh man was that awesome. You have no idea how much I love you.”

“I agree, but I think I have an idea, because I love you just as much.” Chris smiled warmly.

They reached in for another long gentle kiss and kissed the kiss of true lovers for about ten minutes. Chris was the first to pull away this time and he rolled onto his back and pulled his legs up.

“I think it's about time you made love to me baby.” He whispered softly.

“I'd really like that.” Calvin whispered back, and then moved into position.

Calvin grabbed the lube on his way, but had no intention of using it yet, just wanted it ready for when he needed it. He however dove in face first and enthusiastically ate out his boyfriends hole. He jabbed his tongue in and out, he licked and sucked, and Chris was going ballistic from the incredible feelings. Calvin too got tired long before he wanted to, so grabbed the lube and coated two fingers with it, and as his face left paradise, his fingers entered.

For only maybe two minutes Calvin fingered Chris, he had started with two right away, knowing that he would be able to take them easily, but worked up to three quite quickly. The way Chris was moaning and sighing, Calvin felt that he must be doing something right, and this made him happy. Using his free hand, Calvin smeared a little lube on his once again incredibly hard young erection, and started crawling up Chris' body. Once he could no longer keep his fingers inside, Calvin pulled them out, only to replace them with his entire dick only a second later. He had not meant to slip all the way in like that, but his dick was small enough to just slip all the way in like it had with the amount of great preparation that Chris had received. They both moaned very lowly from that.

Calvin had to stop all movements as soon as he was bottomed out, because he too was not prepared for the way it felt inside, and he nearly came right that instant. A few moments later he sighed and started a slow sensuous motion, and really and truly made love to his boyfriend.

Chris was amazed at how slow and gentle that Calvin was being, it felt so good that he was having a very difficult time holding his orgasm in. He had been surprised when Calvin just slipped all the way in, but he was not surprised at the lack of pain. That in and of itself nearly caused him to cum right away as well, and he was glad that Calvin had the presence of mind to stop and let them both come down a bit. They lasted maybe five minutes before they were both at the very peaks of their orgasms, both trying their hardest to hold them back, but neither was succeeding in their efforts. It was Chris this time that exploded first, and he too took Calvin along for the ride.

When Chris came, he bellowed and sprayed an impressive load, with Calvin having pushed himself up a bit in trying to hold off, Chris' erection was aimed pretty much right at his own face. The first two shots cleared both their bodies and hit the headboard behind Chris, but the following four shots painted Chris' face, and both their chests. Amazingly enough, neither passed out this time, but it took closer to fifteen minutes for them to come down this time.

“Oh wow, I never imagined that it could be that good.” Calvin panted out.

“Me neither. As much as I'd love to stay up all night and make love to you, I'm afraid that I'm almost totally worn out, so I think we should get diapered and go to bed baby.”

“I think I agree with you on that one. How I didn't pass out that time is beyond me.” Calvin sighed, and punctuated it with a yawn.

“Beats me, I thought I was going to as well.”

They both got out of bed on shaky legs, Calvin to get their diaper supplies, Chris to fix the sheets that had pretty much been torn from the bed during their lovemaking. Once Chris was ready, Calvin motioned for him to lay down, so he did, and Calvin diapered him nice and thick. They then traded places and Calvin was also diapered nice and thick. They crawled into bed, met in the middle, kissed each other tenderly for another few minutes, and then whispered good night, I love you to each other, and were both out like lights seconds later. Speaking of lights, they forgot to turn theirs off, so they slept with the light on all night long. Big surprise given how tired they both were.

They all slept throughout the night peacefully, all curled up to their boyfriends all in love. The following morning Hayden and Jordan were the first to awaken, and they laid in bed for a few minutes kissing and cuddling.

“So, I wonder if they have the glow this morning?” Hayden asked.

“If they don't, I'll be very surprised.” Jordan chuckled.

“Me too. Should we go get them up and out of bed and get them some good breakfast, they're gonna need it I think?”

“Probably should, but to tell you the truth, I need it almost as much as they're going to be needing it.”

“Same here.”

They hopped out of bed, gave each other the squeeze test to make sure their diapers would hold up for a while longer, deemed them fine, so headed out of their room to get the other two up. They crossed the hall and knocked on the door and received no answer. So they entered.

“Hmm, they must have been real tired, they forgot to turn the light off. I just hope that they remembered to diaper each other before they passed out for the night.” Jordan chuckled softly.

“It doesn't smell too bad in here, so they must have.” Hayden said after a moment.

“You're right.”

They went to the bed, one on either side and gently shook awake the two sleeping boys.

“Hmm, whatsamatter?” Chris mumbled in his sleep, Calvin did not even budge.

“Come on you two, time to get up.” Jordan said softly, neither boy budged any further.

“I guess we're going to just have to remove their blankets and try this a different way.” Hayden grinned.


They removed the blankets and were happy to see that both boys were in fact wearing their diapers. As soon as the blankets were removed, Hayden went to the end of the bed and started softly tickling both boys feet. Both of them were ticklish, so this would wake them up. He was not trying to really tickle them so much as just make their minds wake up. It worked, but it took some time. Both boys tried moving their feet a few times, but Hayden kept it up, and eventually they came awake. Calvin first, followed by Chris a few moments later.

“Good morning boys, about time you woke up. We've been trying for ten minutes to wake you up. It must have been a really good night, not only did you forget to turn off the light before going to sleep, but you were impossible to wake up.” Jordan said happily.

“Mornin.” Both boys said groggily still.

“Come on, meet us in the kitchen, okay.” Hayden said, and then he and Jordan headed out.

They all met up in the kitchen a few minutes later. Hayden and Jordan had already started getting some breakfast going, and as soon as the boys joined them in the kitchen, they joined in helping cook as well. They all said almost nothing as they did so, they just helped where necessary to do what was needed with almost nothing being said. A short while later though they were sitting down to eat their breakfast.

“So, you boys sure are glowing this morning!” Jordan mused softly.

“No more than you two are and normally are in the mornings.” Chris attempted.

“No, not quite, you two are really glowing. I hope that neither of you is in pain this morning, but how does it feel now that you're no longer virgins?” Hayden asked.

“No, I'm not in any pain, and it feels awesome.” Calvin said.

“Same.” Chris added.

“Good, I'm glad. Just make sure and take it a little easy over the next couple weeks and you'll be fine.” Jordan smiled warmly.

“Thanks guys. We're so glad that you're our friends and how much you've helped us.”

“Hey, we're just as happy that you're our friends as well, but it's no big deal, that's what friends are for right.” Hayden smiled warmly once again.

And with that, we end our tale, but rest assured their lives go on and are long and happy. Thanks for reading.