When Jordan went to bed, he laid down, diapered himself as well for the first time in what really felt like forever, and for the first time since moving in, he fell asleep quickly as well. At the break of dawn Jordan's eyes popped open, and he was wide awake. He laid there for a few moments, just relaxing, and going over the thoughts in his head. Only the day before he had been moping around town wondering what on Earth he was going to do with himself. He had gone out about mid afternoon to go shopping to get some more things for his house, but all he ended up doing was wandering around aimlessly, getting more and more depressed as he went. He never did buy anything. Then he got home to see that his house had been broken into. That though was not the straw that broke the camels back as he had figured that it would be, in fact it was the exact opposite. He had found the boy he had been searching for, and that made him very happy.

Not only did he have the boy that he had been wanting, but he was also laying in bed in a warm soggy diaper. He did not even remember waking up in the night to go pee, but he sure was wet now. Granted, he had not gone to the washroom before bed, so that probably contributed to it, as did the total exhaustion that he had felt before going to sleep.

Finally he crawled his soggy butt out of bed though, grabbed his computer, and sat at the small desk in his room and did some snooping and some shopping. He did not want to go out into the kitchen area, so as not to wake up Hayden, because he was certain that the poor boy was in real need of a good long sleep. Playing mostly on the computer, Jordan did search out a few things that he felt that the two of them could use or would need, and had made a few purchases. He ordered more diapers for both of them, found a supplier that carried better sizes of diaper rash cream, powder, and even baby oil. He also visited a site specializing in gay sex, and bought a few good tubes of lube, and a couple boxes of condoms, one in each of their sizes. He also ordered them a few more things for the house, but nothing really all that major, and besides, they were going to go out for the day and spend it mostly shopping, and see if they could hit the twenty thousand mark in only one day. It was almost two hours later that Jordan heard rustling coming from the kitchen, so he got up to check it out.

“Oh, good morning baby, I didn't expect for you to be up yet. What are you up to?”

“Good morning daddy.” Hayden said, turning and giving the biggest smile ever. “I'm getting stuff ready to make breakfast for us.”

“Oh, okay. Need any help?” Jordan asked, enjoying the site of the cute young boy standing there in an extremely soggy diaper.

“No thanks, I think I have everything under control here. How long have you been awake for?”

“Little over two hours now. I thought you would have slept longer to tell you the truth.”

“Nah, I probably slept twice as long as I normally do, so I doubt I needed much more than that. The couch was quite comfortable.”

“Anything would feel comfortable I imagine after sleeping on a cold concrete floor for so long.”

“Too true. How do you like your eggs?”

“Over easy please.”

“Same here. How about fried potatoes, do you like them diced or grated?”

“Diced, I personally hate the grated ones, mostly because no one ever cooks them long enough mind you.”

“Same here.” Hayden giggled. “Bacon just cooked or crispy?”

“Not too picky, just as long as it is in fact cooked, although I tend to prefer the more crispy ones.”

“Wow, same here again, we're like so much alike, it's so weird.”

“Yeah, we are. Here we are, both standing here in soggy diapers, we both like them, but of course you do need them, we like some of the same foods, and we're both stubborn fighters. That's good though, because it's those similarities that will help us to build a good strong relationship.” Jordan smiled.

“Yeah. You look really hot in that diaper too by the way, just like I thought you would. I would have offered to diaper you last night, but I was so tired, I don't really remember laying on the couch and going to sleep.”

“No, I'm not really surprised that you don't totally recall that, you pretty much were asleep by the time I tucked you in, although you did say goodnight.”

“Yeah, I do sorta remember, but it's just like a hazy dream sorta thing.”

“Yeah, I don't doubt that. So, what would you like to do today?”

“I don't know. You still have to punish me for breaking into your house, and I'm sorry, but this place is pretty bare, so maybe we should get some things for it at some time. Other than that, I have no idea.”

“We'll talk about punishments after breakfast for sure, because you will still get that. As for your observation about the house, I was thinking the same thing this morning before you woke up. I bought a few things online, but I figured that we'd go shopping today and see if we can't blow a good portion of my savings.”

“How much is that?”

“Well, I have almost forty thousand in savings left after buying the house and the car and the few other things I needed right away, so we'll be okay. My pension from the government though will let me live a healthy lifestyle, if not lavish, so we'll be fine there.”

“Wow, that's a huge amount of money. How did you ever manage to save that much money?”

“Well, I had saved almost half a million, but the house cost me almost four, the car was almost twenty thousand, and then a few other things make up the difference. How I saved that though was quite easy. I rarely ever spent any money the past twenty years, and I made really good money. I actually have way more than that as well in my retirement funds, and I will get some of that monthly as well, but I don't actually count that. The money I had was in my personal bank account.”

“Wow, you must have been paid really well then.”

“Not bad, but some said it was nowhere near what we were worth, and in my case that was probably more so, since I was the top agent, but I never complained, I loved my job.”

“Cool. Do you like onions and peppers in your fried potatoes?”

“Sure do baby, pile them in, as much as you want.”

“Lots then.” Hayden smiled brightly.

“Sounds good.” Jordan smiled back. So far as they had been talking, Hayden had been dicing up potatoes, and had just finished as he asked the last question.

As Hayden continued to cook, he asked more questions about all the things that Jordan had done during his career, and while to most it seemed quite violent, and not something that you would tell a child, Jordan did tell Hayden, but he had already lived through something just as bad, so this was nothing for him. For the near hour that it took for Hayden to cook their breakfast, they talked like this, but so far it was mostly Hayden asking the questions.

“Wow baby, this smells amazing.”

“Thanks. I used to cook a lot. With a mom that was out a lot at nights, and usually passed out first thing in the mornings, I had to learn to cook at a young age. My mom taught me, so that I could at least fend for myself as much as possible, and I love to cook now because of it.”

“Cooking is an excellent skill that every child should learn and truly appreciate. It is a skill that will serve you well, no matter who you are, whether rich or poor, you should know and appreciate cooking.”

“I agree, and my mom said pretty much the exact same thing.”

They dug into their breakfast after that and ate in near silence. As soon as they were finished, Hayden hopped up and started cleaning up the small amount of mess that was still there, waving Jordan back when he got up to help.

“Okay daddy, let's go talk now.” Hayden said, taking Jordan's hand and leading him towards the living room.

Jordan just had to chuckle at first, but followed none the less. As soon as they were seated, Hayden had snuggled right up to Jordan this time, Jordan started.

“Well, you know that what you did yesterday was wrong, breaking into a house and all, so as I mentioned before, that calls for punishment. Normally I would call the cops and let them deal with that, since that's their job, not mine, but in your case, we chose to do something different. In cases like that, I believe that spanking is probably the best course of action, however, in your case, I think that you have had more than enough pain to last you a life time, so I don't think that we're going to do that for you. No, for the most part, I think you have been more than punished already, but that doesn't mean that you get to get off the hook completely.”

“Thanks daddy, but you can spank me if you want to, I won't fight you, I deserve it after all.”

“No, I would never spank you, especially not for something like what you did and for the reasons that you did so.”

“Then you can fuck my bum, I'll give it to you willingly.”

“Absolutely not. Sex is for pleasure, not for punishment, and to even think of doing something like that would make me sick. And besides, it's supposed to be punishment, and if you like it, it really wouldn't work all that well, now would it. You'd just keep getting into trouble so that you could get punished.” Jordan said, grinning near the end.

“Yeah, you're probably right, and I do like it, at least most of the time. Most of the guys were nice and went slow enough to let me adjust, but some just shoved it in and fucked me hard. I never cried though, I acted tough because that's what they wanted, but it hurt, a lot sometimes.”

“I never understood how someone could take something so beautiful, something that should feel so good to both parties, and turn it into something horrible by just fucking away merrily for their own pleasure.”

“Me neither.”

“Yeah, well we're talking punishment. So, I have made my decision, it is final, and there is no getting out of it. You will clean up all the mess that you made by smashing the window out, and then when we get the new pane of glass, I will talk you through replacing it.”

“Daddy, that's not enough.”

“Yes, it is, and no arguments, remember.”

“Yes daddy.” Hayden said softly. He knew he deserved more, but he also knew that his new daddy was right, that he had suffered enough too.

“Look, you have suffered already more than any child should have to suffer, and I will not add to that, unless you make me, and we're going to go over my rules as well. They're pretty simple though, so life should be relatively easy as long as you can agree to them.”

“What are the rules?”

“First and foremost is respect. Respect me, respect others, and most of all respect yourself. Second is that you have to help around the house, we each have equal chores to do, since we will equally be making the mess. Third, never talk back to me. You are always welcome to discuss things with me, but if I say no, and give you the reasons why, then you must respect that and deal with it. Fourth is no swearing. I hate hearing kids swear, and you will rarely ever hear me swear. I understand and respect the fact that you will swear amongst your peers, that is allowed, just don't make a habit of it, and try not to, because it really doesn't make you sound as cool as you think it does, or whatever you kids say nowadays to say cool. Fifth, at any time that you want privacy, go to your room and close the door, I will never enter a room that has a closed door, unless I have first asked for entrance. The same will be expected of you as well. The only time that that is different is in case of emergency, and I think you're more than smart enough to understand why. Sixth, sex. You may have sex with whomever you want, I know you enjoy it, probably even crave it now, so enjoy, but always wear protection, as you already do. I do however suggest that you find yourself a single partner and stick with him or her, because it will be better for you in the long run. Seventh, come and talk to me about absolutely anything. Not only am I very open, I also know a great deal about almost anything you could want to know, and if for some reason I don't know, we will find the answer together. Eighth, no fighting, unless absolutely unavoidable. If a fight should be required, I will teach you ways to do so without physically harming your opponent. I will also teach you many tricks to deal with bullies and others just using your own mouth, without ever having to raise a fist. Sure, I could teach you how to kill a person ten different ways with just your bare hands and not even break a sweat, but that's not necessary. I know you know the reasons for this as well, and I'm happy you've already tried some of it. Ninth, learn. Knowledge is true power, nothing, and I mean nothing in this world is more powerful than knowledge. It's the only thing that will serve you the most of all things that you could ever have, and it can never truly be taken away from you. Any questions so far?”

“Not really, but can I comment on what you told me?”

“Of course.”

“Good. I already have pretty good respect for myself, and I respect you far more than anyone I've ever known. I also trust you that much as well though, so that helps. I have no problem with helping around the house, it's only fair like you said. I would never talk back to you, but I'll definitely ask questions if you ask me to do something I don't necessarily agree with. I try not to swear too much, except for maybe while having sex, or talking about sex too I guess, but other than that, I don't. I really don't need much for privacy anyways, I've had none for the past few years, being a prostitute sorta takes that away from you. I'll certainly respect your privacy though. There's only one person that I want to have sex with now, and I think you know who I'm talking about as well. I'll come and talk to you, but for the time being, I think I'm pretty good on most things. I never fight unless I can't avoid it, but I'd love for you to teach me anything you can, I love learning things.”

“Good, and I think you got everything, seeing as how you pretty much quoted it all back to me.”

“I have a pretty good memory.”

“That's good. Now, as for your answer to sex, yes, I do know who you're referring to. I am going to ask though that we hold off on that, let's get to know each other first, get to really love each other before we move in that direction.”

“Okay, I already thought of that, or I would have climbed into bed with you during the night instead of just jacking off when I woke up.” Hayden grinned.

“Glad to hear that you're thinking with the right head at least.”

“No, I don't make those mistakes any more.” Hayden pointed out.

“Nor I. Most though don't learn at such a young age to listen to their heads and their hearts, and not just to their dicks, so that's good.”

“Well, should we get ready to go then and head out daddy?”

“Sure, let me get us each a fresh diaper, the wipes and cream, and our clothes. Once we're ready, then we can head out.”

“Okay, cool.” Hayden smiled brightly at the fact that Jordan meant diapers for both of them.

Hayden had known for along time that he was a diaper lover, probably since the age of seven or eight at the oldest, so he was extremely happy that his new daddy also seemed to be a diaper lover. That way they could enjoy it together. Sure, he had a true need for them, but really, all he needed during the day were the guards his mom used to buy for him, or pullups at best for day trips and whatnot, so getting to wear real diapers, nice thick comfortable diapers was the best. Getting to see Jordan in them though would be even better still.

Over the past few years he had not been able to get his hands on diapers all that often, and when he did they were usually from a thrift store and were often too small on him. A few of his clients appreciated getting to have sex with a baby boy like him, but no more than he himself enjoyed it. The thing that Hayden liked most about the diapers though was the fact that he got to get a decent nights worth of sleep whenever he got the chance to wear them.

“Here we go baby.” Jordan said, holding all the items that they needed.

“Goody. Can you dress me daddy?”

“Sure thing baby, I'd like that.” Jordan smiled warmly.

Hayden laid right down on the living room floor, waiting patiently for his loving daddy to change his soggy diaper. He was painfully hard again, in fact he was harder last night and this morning than he ever remembered being before. Sure he had never had a problem getting hard for his customers, but he had never been quite this hard. When Jordan pulled back the front of Hayden's diaper, he was not all that surprised to see the pulsing hardness buried beneath, because he had been able to clearly see the tent that Hayden was pitching, even through the thick wet diaper. Other then gently cleaning all over with a couple wipes though, Jordan pretty much ignored the hardness. That did not stop him from looking at it appreciatively. Within a couple minutes Hayden was snug and secure in a clean dry diaper, and Jordan had him stand up. He then dressed his little boy from head to toe in the brand new clothes. Jordan was happy to see that they seemed to fit well, although he was able to slightly see the diaper bulge below. However he also felt that the average person would not notice it at all, but then he also figured that Hayden would not care in the least even if they did.

“Thank you daddy, that was real nice. Can I change you now?”

“Sure can baby, but no playing remember.”

“I know.” Hayden smiled warmly, and started doing for his daddy just what had been done to him moments before.

Jordan laid down, and gently Hayden changed his diaper. He too was painfully hard, probably the hardest he too had ever been before, but other than looking appreciatively, Hayden too did nothing more. Minutes later Jordan was also dressed and they were both ready to go.

“There you go daddy.”

“Thanks baby, that was real nice. I haven't been dressed by someone since I was probably three or four years old, and it was very nice.”

“Didn't your parents ever help you to get dressed? My mom helped me from time to time up until she died.”

“No, I was an orphan, and the family I was with most of my life didn't particularly care for me too much. I was too much work for them I guess, so they didn't help me any more than absolutely necessary. At least I did get diapers though for my bed wetting, but they were cloth, and they weren't very thick, but they helped I suppose.”

“Other than bed wetting, why would you have been too much work?”

“Well, there was the cleaning of the diapers and the sheets whenever the diapers did not hold up quite that much, but there were also the times I peed my pants during the day up until I was about eight.”

“Did that happen often?”

“At least once a week until my bladder grew enough. I was teased mercilessly at school for wetting my pants. That's why I worked so hard there, both in learning and in sports and stuff, but never team sports. I retreated mostly into myself and worked hard at being better than them.”

“So why else were you a lot of work?”

“I often woke up with horrible nightmares, screaming and crying in the night. It got to the point where they didn't even get up to comfort me any more. I still remember some of the dreams, and for a young boy they were horrible. Then there was the fact that I refused to eat most of what they made to eat, the mom was a horrible cook, and I couldn't stand to eat anything she cooked for the most part. I was also a bit picky as a kid, so that didn't really help all that much. There were a few other things as well, but suffice it to say that when I turned eighteen and was deemed too old for foster care any more, they were happy to see me gone, and I've never seen them since. I honestly don't know why they didn't just have me moved, but I'm sorta glad they didn't. It would have been worse to have been moved around a whole bunch.”

“That's too bad. I guess I'm kinda lucky that way. I've never once waken up to a bad dream. I'm also not all that picky, but after the past few years of having to eat what I could get and not worry too much about what it tasted like, I think I can manage most things now.”

“Yeah, you're lucky alright. Some of the dreams I had were so horrible that I didn't sleep for days on end, because I was afraid of falling asleep. Oh well, that's in the past I suppose, and I haven't had a nightmare since I was sixteen or so, so I'm okay now. Now, how's about we head out there handsome.”


They headed out after getting a quick diaper bag ready and their shoes on, Jordan was happy to see that the shoes that he had bought the night before fit Hayden, and from the sounds of it, they fit perfectly as well. Not bad Jordan thought, because he had never thought to check the size of his shoes, he had just bought them by eye. They headed to a large mall in their area, Jordan figuring that there they would find most everything that they would need.

“So, clothes or housewares shopping first?” Jordan asked after they had each grabbed a buggy.

“Don't really care too much. Why not just look around and see what we can see. We can just grab things as we go.” Hayden said with a shrug.

“That sounds like just as good a plan as any.” Jordan smiled, and they took off.

For the next couple hours, the two of them had a blast going up and down aisles in the first store they stopped in, which was one of the larger department stores that had a little of everything in it. They both got a bunch of new clothes, because as Hayden had pointed out, Jordan really did not have all that many good comfortable civilian clothes either, they both got a couple new pairs of shoes, and they even grabbed some shorts and things like that for working out in. They then toured through that stores housewares section and found a number of things for the house. They bought a couple new sets of dishes, because all Jordan had had so far was just a couple plates and things that he had quickly grabbed from a thrift store, they grabbed all the necessary cooking items that Jordan had not already bought, which had been pretty much nothing other than a good pot and pan set. They grabbed the baking things that Hayden wanted to get, including a very expensive mixer and a few accessories to go with it. Next they grabbed a bunch of things to decorate the house with, because there was next to nothing in the form of decorations. After that, they hit the linens department and grabbed linens for the entire house; a couple spare sheet sets, a few more blankets, couple more pillows, towels for the entire house, and even some curtains for the windows. All this just from one store, and that took nearly three hours to complete.

“Wow, we sure bought a lot, and it took a long time as well.” Hayden said as they exited that store and headed back into the mall.

“Well, it wouldn't have taken quite so long if my little gay baby boy hadn't have been so picky about colors and styles.” Jordan grinned.

“Hey, you told me to get what I wanted, and you told me to make sure they were good ones. It's not my fault that I had to make sure all the colors matched perfectly.” Hayden grinned back.

“I know, and it's not a big deal either, we both want you to look good, and you should too. Come on, let's go load this in the car quickly, and then we can go for lunch.”

“Okay daddy.” Hayden smiled brightly.

They went and loaded everything into the car and then headed back into the mall and to the food fair. They both decided on what they wanted and grabbed that, then sat down to eat, all the while chatting amongst themselves. They were both interrupted a few minutes later when a man that Jordan did not know sat down with them. Hayden knew him though.

“Hi there young man, it's good to see you again.” He said to Hayden, pretty much ignoring Jordan.

“Pardon me Sir, but what are you doing?” Jordan asked icily.

“Oh sorry, I was just going to ask our friend here if he was available for some fun this weekend. I have a party going on, and his services would be enjoyed, if you catch my drift.” He said smoothly, then turned to Hayden. “So, what do you say?”

“Unfortunately I'm out of the business now, so I'm afraid that you'll have to look elsewhere.” Hayden said softly.

“Oh, that's a shame, I was going to pay very well.”

“Well, thanks for the offer.”

“Come on kid, you have to come, I promised everyone that I'd find you somewhere for the party, I was going to buy you some cute new outfits, and lots of the other thing you enjoy wearing for us.”

“He sa.....”

“No daddy, I have this.” Hayden cut off Jordan.

“Daddy. Oh, you have a sugar daddy now do you. Well, how about one last party for old time sake?”

“No, not sugar daddy, just daddy. Now, as much as a party does sound like fun, I already said no, so please do not ask again. I'm also glad that my daddy knows of my past, or I'd be really pissed off with you right now. So, before I get really angry and start yelling how you are propositioning me, I suggest you leave now, and tell all your friends that I am out of business.” Hayden said softly, smoothly, and dangerously.

“Fine.” The man said and slinked away.

“Sorry about that daddy.”

“No problem, but it's I that should be apologizing for not letting you handle the situation on your own. I should have known that you would be able to on your own just fine.”

“No problem, I'm just happy that I have someone that will actually stick up for me. No one has done that for a long time.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“So, did that happen a lot, where you would just be hanging out somewhere and someone would just come up to you and invite you for a party?”

“No, it was pretty rare, he and one other were the only ones to ever really search me out, and his parties were quite enjoyable. I always got to have a nice hot both, get really cleaned up, I always got fed really well, and he always had lots of diapers for me and the other guests, and a few cute little baby like outfits for me. I think he's quite rich, he's also a diaper lover and a boy lover, as are most of his friends that he invites, so usually everyone's in diapers.”

“Hmm, surprising that he didn't ask for you to live with him then.”

“Nah, he didn't want the burden of actually having a kid, he's quite selfish and arrogant, as I'm sure you noticed. He never cared who I was with when he came to me, he would just sit right down and ignore anyone else with me.”

“Yeah, I noticed that, and that makes sense enough I suppose as to why he wouldn't take you in.”

“Yeah, a surprising amount of the men around here would never take me in for one reason or another, although a few said that they would love to and would in a heartbeat if they could.”

“Yeah, I suppose that they would if they could, but I hope that they would have at least loved you like you deserve, and not just used you until you were too old for them and then just kicked you out.”

“No, they weren't the loving types, and I would have never loved them. I would have used them just as much as they used me, and when the time was right, I would have left.” Hayden said honestly.

“Yeah, I figured that you would have been smart enough to realize that. Well, now that lunch is finished, care to continue looking around and see what else we can find?”

“Yeah, I was, and sure.” Hayden smiled, so they got up and headed back out again, dumping their garbage as they left.

They continued to tour the mall for the next couple hours, going in and out of each of the smaller stores in there that interested them. As they searched, they found a number of items that they either wanted or needed. They found more clothes for each of them, they found more housewares for the house, and they found more decorations to decorate with. Eventually though they shopped themselves out and decided to call it a day. They headed back out to the car to load everything up and head back home.

“Well baby, I think that we got pretty much everything that we'll need for the time being, with the exception of one final thing. I have to stop at a glass shop to grab a couple things.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that. Also, we don't really have a lot of furniture yet, when should we do that?”

“Oh crap, I almost forgot about that. I guess we can do that after we pick up the glass and tools we'll need.”

“Ha ha, that's funny. We both forgot things just because we were shopping.”

“Yeah, but we had a lot on our minds, and I'm willing to bet that we still forgot a few things, but it's not exactly a big deal. If we have to go shopping a couple more times oh well.”

“True.” Hayden smiled, and they took off. They stopped at a glass shop nearby and they both went in. Jordan asked for what it was that they needed, and they were given all that they wanted right away and they were off only minutes later. On their way home, they stopped at a furniture store and again they both went inside.

“So, what should we get baby?”

“Well, we need a good dining room set, wherever you got that one at the house is pretty bad, we need at least one more bedroom suite, we could use some more living room furniture, because a couch and a chair is hardly enough, and then I guess anything else that we like would probably be fine.” Hayden said after a moments thought.

“Sounds like a plan to me, and the table and chairs were left in the house, and for good reason I'm sure. They suited my needs for the time being though, so that's all good.”

“I figured it must have been something like that.”

And with that, they were off and searching through the store to see what all they could see. They found a few nice things and wrote them down as they did. After nearly an hour of looking, they headed to the customer service desk and paid for everything and made arrangements to have it all delivered the following day. With that now taken care of, they headed back towards home, where they had the lengthy chore of unloading everything into the house, and the even lengthier chore of getting it all put away.

“Now, last night when I went out, I bought a few other things as well, including a TV, hence the reason I said no to one today. I also bought you a computer of your own to use, so that you don't have to use mine, because that's really not a good idea. We can get everything put away tomorrow for the most part I think, except tonight I want to get the TV and the stereo hooked up at least. We can do that first, and then we have a window to repair.”

“Okay daddy.” Hayden said happily and together they started doing what they needed to do to get the TV all hooked up.

“Okay, now that that's all done, let's get that window fixed baby.”

“Okay daddy, just tell me what to do, and I'll do my best.”

“And that's all I could ever ask of you.”

Half an hour later and Hayden had the window repaired. He had broken a couple pieces of glass while trying to cut the new piece to the right size, but that had been the entire reason that Jordan had bought more than enough to do the entire door if they had to. The rest though was pretty easy with Jordan telling him how to do everything step by step, Hayden thought.

“There, it's all done” Hayden said happily.

“Yes it is, and it's like you never broke in in the first place. Other than the fact that you now live here of course.”

“Cool. Thanks, it was fun actually getting to learn how to do that actually.”

“Well, now we can't have that, now can we, having fun while being punished.” Jordan teased, and then with reflexes far faster than Hayden had ever seen, he reached out and grabbed Hayden and started tickling him mercilessly.

“Hey, no fair, ha ha ha ha, I'm ticklish, ha ha ha ha, stop it or I'll pee myself, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, no stopppppppp.” Hayden screeched out in a fit of laughter.

“Yeah and, you'd like that, baby.” Jordan giggled, and kept on tickling his little baby boy.

Jordan only kept up the tickle torture for a minute, but he clearly felt Hayden pee himself quite a bit from the tickling. Instead of putting his baby down though, he turned him around and hugged him tightly to himself, relishing the closeness a great deal. They stayed hugging like that for a few minutes, and Hayden started crying from the sheer happiness that he felt.

“Hey there baby, you okay, I didn't accidentally hurt you did I?” Jordan asked in mild concern.

“No, it's just I'm so happy. No one has ever done something like that with me, just to make me laugh, and well I just love you a lot.” Hayden said, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“I'm glad that you're happy baby. Now, it feels like you've started to leak, we haven't had a diaper change since before we left this morning, and I made you pee quite a bit there, so we should go get changed, and then I think that we should go and make some dinner, because I'm starting to get hungry. How does that all sound to you?”

“Like you're the best daddy in the world.” Hayden smiled brightly, wiping the last few tears away.

“Come on then baby, let's go.” Jordan said happily.

They went to his bedroom and laid his baby on the bed gently and went to get the diaper supplies. When he came back, he stripped Hayden right to his soggy baby diaper, and then removed even that as well. For once Hayden was not hard, and Jordan thought he looked really cute, and quite small while soft. He cleaned him gently and then applied a generous portion of cream and then put a nice thick diaper on him.

As soon as Hayden was taken care of, Jordan took his place, and Hayden changed him as well. They both stayed in just their fresh diapers, not bothering to put anything else one. No one would be able to see them anyways with the blinds in the windows, not that they really cared all that much either. They headed to the kitchen once they were all diapered and got themselves a good dinner going.

“Well baby, should we go lay back and cuddle up while watching a movie?”

“Okay, that sounds cool. What movies do we have to watch?”

“I picked out a few last night that I thought that we'd both like. They're in one of these bags here, let me just find them, and then you get to pick the one you want.”

“Cool.” Hayden said as Jordan hopped up to search through the bags on the living room floor still.

A few moments later Jordan found the bag that all the movies had been put into and passed the whole thing to Hayden. Hayden looked through the various titles, trying to guage from the covers what would be good, because they were all new to him. He found one that looked like it would probably be quite funny and passed it to Jordan, who took the movie, opened it all up, and put it in the player. He got everything up and running, and then sat down on the couch with Hayden. As soon as he sat down, Hayden cuddled right up to him, and they cuddled and watched the movie for the little over an hour and a half that it lasted.

“Well kiddo, our diapers will hold 'til morning I think, I'm dead tired, and you should probably be going to sleep as well.”

“Yeah, I'm pretty tired as well, it's been a pretty long day. Can I sleep with you tonight though?”

“Sure, I see no reason why not.” Jordan smiled warmly. He had left that decision entirely up to Hayden as to when they slept together, and Hayden knew it as well.

“Thanks.” Hayden smiled warmly as well, and they got up together and shut off and locked everything down. They headed to bed, crawled in, met in the middle, kissed and wished each other a good night, and then they were both fast asleep.