The two of them stayed cuddled right up together there in the middle of the bed throughout the entire night. At not one time did they ever separate. They moved around a bit throughout the night of course, but they always stayed almost glued together. Jordan was the first to wake up, but he did not want to move and wake Hayden up, not to mention the fact that he was enjoying watching his baby sleep.

“Mmm, good morning daddy, how long have you been watching me sleep?”

“About half an hour now I suppose. You're really quite beautiful, you know that right?”

“Thanks daddy, but you're beautiful too. You know I love you with everything I have right?” Hayden asked in barely a whisper.

“Yes, and I hope you know that I love you just as much. I never thought I would fall head over heals in love with someone, and certainly never so fast, but I loved you from the moment I really saw you.”

“Same here. After I was finished being really scared, I fell in love with you as well. Daddy, I want to ask you something that I've never asked anyone to do before?”

“What's that baby?”

“I want you to make love to me?”

“I'd love to, but remember, it'll still have to be protected until we can be certain that you're completely clean though remember.”

“I know, even though I'm certain I'm clean, we can certainly go back and we can both test again.”

“Yeah, I should as well for sure. The condoms and lube are in the drawer on your side there baby, could you grab them please?”

“Okay.” Hayden said and rolled over to grab them.

As soon as Hayden rolled back over, Jordan grabbed a hold of him and laid on the surprised boy a kiss that was so much more tender and sensual than he had ever felt before. He had reluctantly allowed a few men to kiss him before, but it cost them a lot extra, and certainly none of them had caused him to melt like this kiss was. The kiss was long and slow, it was tender and loving, it was everything that Hayden had ever hoped for when he had found love. For the first few minutes, only their lips and tongues moved, neither one of them caring to rush this any. After a few minutes though, they both started running their hands up and down each others bodies, just very tenderly stroking the bare skin that was available to them. Neither one of them ventured into the diaper zones though, that was for later.

After nearly fifteen minutes of kissing like true lovers as they had been, they both, at the same time, grabbed onto each others asses through their soggy diapers and started feeling them as well. With this though the kiss increased in intensity and became a much more passionate kiss. Hayden was the first to pull away.

“Oh daddy, I love you so much. Roll onto your back for a moment so that I can prepare you.”

“I love you too baby.” Jordan sighed and did as he was asked.

He rolled onto his back and Hayden quickly poked a hole in the front of Jordan's diaper that was large enough for him to fit through. He then worked Jordan's incredibly hard erection out of the hole, painfully Jordan thought, because his dick certainly did not want to bend right now. As soon as he was poking out the front of his diaper though, Hayden opened up a condom and expertly slipped it onto his big strong lover. He then coated it in lube for good measure. As soon as Jordan was all set, Hayden moved off and laid down, pulling his legs back and up out of the way, giving Jordan all the hint that he needed.

Jordan got up on his knees and poked a hole in the seat of Hayden's diaper, more than large enough for him to fit through, grabbed the lube and coated two of his fingers with it, and inserted them into the hole. He found Hayden's quivering boy hole easily enough, and oddly enough it was already partially open. He figured that Hayden must be super horny for his hole to already have dilated some on its own like it had. He was right of course. Hayden had not had sex in weeks, and he needed it really bad. As Jordan sank his two fingers into the hot moist hole, Hayden sighed. He did not moan, he did not groan, nor did he grunt. He sighed as if he had missed this most of all, which he in fact had.

“That's good daddy, go ahead and make love to me now.” Hayden urged in a whisper after only a few moments of preparation.

Jordan pulled his fingers out and moved into position, but just before he was to sink inside Hayden's incredible ass, he paused to ask a question.

“Are you absolutely certain you want me to continue baby, you know from here on out if we do this our relationship will change?”

“Oh yes daddy, more than I've ever wanted anyone in me before, it feels so right with you.”

“I'm just afraid we can't be daddy and son and lovers all at the same time.”

“We'll be just fine, we love each other as daddy and son and as lovers, now make sweet tender love to me daddy.” Hayden urged softly right into Jordan's ear.

“Okay baby.” Jordan said, and then moved in.

In one long slow push, Jordan buried his entire meat into his little baby boy, they both moaned lowly the entire time, which Jordan did very slowly. It took easily a minute for him to sink all the way into the fiery depths of Hayden's very fine little bum, and then he stopped all movements.

“Oh daddy, you feel so good inside me. Make love to me now?” Hayden whispered even more softly yet.

“Oh baby, you're so hot, so soft, so wonderful inside.” Jordan whispered back and started very slowly pulling out.

Jordan pulled out until he was at risk of slipping right out of Hayden, but just before he would have done that, he reversed direction and slipped back inside all the way again just as slowly. With that he started a rhythm, keeping it just as slow and gentle. Sadly, considering that it had been more than quite a few days for both, neither one was going to last long, and for the barely five minutes that they lasted in their blissful lovemaking, they moaned and sighed lowly as they kissed.

“Oh, oh, oh daddy, I'm gonna cum.” Hayden gasped out.

“Uh, me too baby, hold on though, let's try and hold it as long as we can.” Jordan grunted out.

Jordan kept moving just as slowly though, but now they were both vibrating from the need to cum, as well from the exertion of trying to hold it back. Moments later though it became too much for Hayden, and as much as he was trying, he just could not hold it any longer. With the loudest grunt yet, he exploded in his most powerful cum ever. This explosion of course caused Jordan to explode as well. The only major difference between their orgasms of course was the fact that Hayden's was still dry.

“Oh wow daddy, don't pull out, that felt amazing, and if you can, I want to go again as soon as you're ready.”

“Okay baby, I'm sure I can go at least once more, but after I want you to make love to me as well if we still have anything left.”


As they both came down, they continued their tender kissing, both of them regaining their senses as best they could. It took more time for them to come down from their first cum than it had taken for them to cause it.

“Oh daddy, I'm ready whenever you are, go ahead and make love to me again please.”

“Okay baby. I have to slip out though and put a fresh condom on.”

“Okay daddy.”

Jordan pulled out, and they both moaned from that, and he slipped off the filled condom and put a clean one back on, and then slipped right back inside Hayden as far as he could go. They both sighed deeply once again, and moaned lowly as soon as Jordan was in as far as he could go.

“You feel better inside me daddy than anyone ever has before, it's like we were made for each other.” Hayden sighed out.

“And you feel better wrapped around me than any other boy ever has before. You do things with your bum muscles no one has ever been able to do before.”

“Go for it daddy, make love to me again.” Hayden urged unnecessarily.

Without words Jordan started thrusting slowly again. This time he was taking shorter strokes, only pulling about half way out, but he was also going roughly half the speed as he had earlier. Hayden was surprised at how slowly and tenderly Jordan was making love to him. He loved every torturous second of it. Never before had anyone ever made love to him, no one had ever worked to make him feel as good as this was feeling. All the men and the few women that he had been with in the past had been out to feel as good as they could at the expense of a boy, and they often did not care if he enjoyed it as well or not. Sure he enjoyed it more often than not, but there were times when his man of the day was too rough and or fucked him too hard. None of that was the case with Jordan though, his daddy.

Once again as they made tender love to each other, they kissed softly, lovingly, and this time they lasted at least fifteen minutes. This time without words they tried to hold on, and had managed to hold back their impending orgasms for about a minute longer, but before too long, they both exploded once again.

“Oh god baby, that was simply amazing. I love you so much.” Jordan said softly right into Hayden's ear.

“Yeah, it was, and I love you so much. I'm so glad I broke into your house.”

“Me too baby, me too. Now, as much as I'd love to have you make love to me now, I don't think that I have that much left in me, so you can have your turn later.”

“Same here daddy, that last one took a lot out of me.”

“Not nearly so much as it did me baby. The last cum felt like an entire weeks worth shooting out of me, and my balls can only hold so much. They feel totally drained now.” Jordan grinned.

“Well, other than the fact that my balls still don't make any real cum, I feel the exact same way.” Hayden grinned back.

“Probably true. Come on baby, let's get up, take off these ruined diapers, go grab a quick shower, and then come back and get dressed for the day.”

“That sounds good daddy, but do we have to get dressed? We can just go around all day in just diapers can't we?”

“No, actually we can't. We have a delivery coming some time today remember!”

“Actually no, I hadn't remembered.” Hayden shrugged.

“Yeah, so that means we have to wear clothes, because I doubt the delivery guys would want to see us diapered like we will be.”

“You'd be surprised how many men like to see boys diapered.” Hayden grinned.

“No, I wouldn't be actually, but they're mostly gay men, and or diaper lovers as well, and we can't exactly guarantee that either of the delivery guys will be either.”

“True.” Hayden smiled.

A moment later Jordan slipped out of Hayden's incredible little hole, pulled off his well used condom, and took off Hayden's ruined diaper. He rolled onto his back, and Hayden removed his also useless diaper.

“You know something baby. I didn't get a chance to have a lot of sex, in fact you're maybe my tenth boy, but never have I had sex through a diaper. Where did you learn that?”

“Wow, I've had sex with nearly three times that many men, but I had sex with a few of them multiple times. Where I learned that from though was from one of the people that used me. It was one of the friends of the man from yesterday, and that was my first party as well. I was diapered heavily and told to wet as much as possible before the party was to start. They gave me about two hours to soak it. When the rest of the party goers arrived, I was pretty much bent right over a table, and this man who must have won the lottery came right up to me and felt me up a bit, then just poked his fingers right through the diaper and into my ass. He didn't even use any lube. He fingered me dry with only two fingers for barely a minute, and then took them out and rammed his dick up my ass. At least he had a condom on, because I told the man from yesterday that if any of them came near me without one, that I'd go to the police in a heartbeat. That was the first time I ever cried while having sex, because he hurt me quite a bit, but I loved him fucking me through my diaper, it was pretty hot. He was also diapered as well, and was poked through the front. All the other men there were also diapered, and as one pulled out, another slipped in. For more than two hours they fucked me, but at least by the time the second one sunk in, my own ass juices had lubed me up enough to enjoy it. Not to mention the second man was a fair bit smaller. Ever since that day, I've loved getting fucked through a diaper whenever possible.”

“I imagine that after that day you made sure to bargain in proper preparation so that the men didn't hurt you!”

“You bet, I always learn from my mistakes. That party came only a few weeks after I started, and I had only had about four other men, that party had ten men at it, and they all used me quite roughly. I've never been made love to, and certainly no one ever made me feel as good as you did.”

“I'm glad that you enjoyed it.”

“Oh, I more than enjoyed it.”

“Good. While I've never made tender love to a boy, I never used them like you were used. I always made them feel just as good as I could as well. Did anyone ever at least jack you off?”

“Sure, a few of the guys even sucked me off, but that was pretty much if I bargained it in the deal. A couple guys jerked me off as they were fucking me, but they were usually pretty rough as well. Sure I enjoyed it most of the time, but sometimes it was mostly just to get money for food.”

“Yeah, well I guess most guys aren't as nice as me. Come on baby, let's go hop in the shower now.” Jordan said sadly and they climbed out of bed on still shaky legs and headed to the bathroom.

Jordan started the shower, opting for a nice hot temperature. As soon as it was ready, they both climbed in. As Jordan had been adjusting the shower, Hayden had grabbed the towels and a cloth that they would need. Together they showered and washed each other tenderly. Hayden was nearly purring the entire time that Jordan was scrubbing him down. Never before had he experienced anything quite like this. No one had cared for him in years, not even his mother had given him a bath since he was like six or seven, so he was thoroughly enjoying the special treatment. When it was Jordan's turn to get clean, Hayden took the cloth and the soap and cleaned his daddy in just as nice a fashion as he had just had himself, and Jordan had to admit that it was in fact very nice. He too had not been bathed in a long time, but for him he did not even remember the last time, and he had silent tears streaking down from how loving it felt. Hayden had not noticed this though.

As soon as they were both cleaned from head to toe, they hopped out and dried each other off. As one hopped on the toilet to take care of the messy business, the other brushed their teeth and put on their deodorant and stuff. They headed back to their bedroom and Hayden was urged to lay down. Jordan went and grabbed the diapers and their clothes and came back to the bed as soon as he had everything that they would need. He diapered and then dressed his little baby boy. They traded places moments later and Jordan was diapered and dressed as well.

“Let's go get some breakfast now and then we can finish cleaning up from and unpacking everything from yesterday.”

“Sounds good to me daddy.” Hayden smiled warmly.

They headed to the kitchen and they both worked to make breakfast. As soon as it was ready, they sat down and ate. After that they headed to the living room, where a good portion of their things from the day before were still stored. They sat down across from each other, with the pile in between them, and started opening everything. It was almost as if it were Christmas, which was in fact coming up. They would open something up, set all the packaging into one pile, the manuals and any other paper work into another, and set the product itself into yet another pile to be cleaned and or put away later. They were not even half way through when the doorbell rang, signaling that their furniture had arrived.

They hopped up and went to the door to see who was there, and were happy to see that it was in fact their furniture. Jordan instructed them as to where everything was to go, and they went about bringing it into the house and putting it all together for them. They took a little more than an hour to get it all into the house and put together, then they took the garbage and left them to themselves again.

“This is so cool. It all looks so awesome.” Hayden said excitedly once the guys were gone.

“Yeah, it's certainly a far cry nicer than anything I'm used to as well. When I wasn't living in a hotel, I was in military barracks or housing, and they're usually pretty sparse.”

“I bet, but I bet what you had there was a thousand times better than what I had.” Hayden pointed out.

“Yes, I'm sure that it was, that however is now in the past, and neither of us truly have to worry about that any more.”

“I'm glad to hear that, that's for sure.”

“I'm sure you are. Now, I think that we should go back to sorting through everything that we started earlier and continue on.”

“Okay daddy.” Hayden said happily, and they went and sat on the floor in the same positions as before.

“Now baby, I know that you probably don't really want to hear what I'm about to say, but it has to be said.”

“What is it daddy?”

“What we did earlier today, as beautiful as it was, was something that most fathers don't share with their sons. Now, have no fear, I'm not in any way saying that we can't do it again, because I enjoyed it every bit as much as you did. What I am saying though is that we have to be very careful. I know you know what I mean, and I know that you were always careful out on the street and everything, but can you now that you're in love. I was trained very hard to never show anything on my face that could betray me, and I do that very well. No one can read me except for what I want them to see, but can you. Before when you were on the street, you were mostly miserable, even if you did enjoy the sex, but now you're in a loving home, with a loving daddy, making love. Obviously we can't go around showing off our love for each other in public, to do so would get me in serious trouble and get you into foster care rather quickly.”

“Oh, don't worry about all that, I know just as well as you do the dangers of what we have. What you don't realize though was that I too was trained to not let things show on my face, but it was the street that trained me. I had to make it look like I was enjoying it more often than not, when all I wanted to do was turn around and kick some guy in the nuts for just using me like they were. That wouldn't have gotten me very far, nor very much money either, so I had to learn, and learn quickly. If they think you're really enjoying it, they paid more. Don't worry about me accidentally spilling our secret, because I won't, I know how good I have it here, and I won't risk it for anything. Even if the police were to question me, they would never get anything out of me at all. In fact, we should both have a cover story, just in case for some reason I do get questioned, that way when you get questioned as well, because we both know you would if I did, we would have the same story.”

“I actually should have realized that you would have learned a great deal out on the streets. The street is a harsh teacher, it does not forgive, there is no passing or failing grade. Out there it is either live or die. You lived, so I guess you passed. As for your observations of having a cover story, that's a damn good idea, and one that I have used well in the past. There should never be any reason for either of us to be questioned about our relationship if we take it easy, but it certainly never hurts to have a backup plan for just such an emergency.”

“I know all about how you guys did it, how do you think I know. My favorite movies were spy movies, James bond being one of my favorites.” Hayden grinned.

“Ah, Bond was a sissy compared to what I did.” Jordan said, puffing out his chest as big as he could go, but then he started laughing.

“I bet he was, mostly because he was a movie character, and you're real.”

“Actually, the character Bond was created around the real deal, but of course, one single agent would never go through all that he did in all the movies, hell even one movie. I mean I have stories that would blow your socks off, but all that stuff was just for show. Granted, they did show some good stuff in those movies about what and how we did things, just most of it was theatrical license.”

“Believe it or not, I actually already knew that. I read the biography for Ian Fleming a few years ago, actually not long before my mom was killed, and it was very interesting. He was either a spy, or knew someone in the business would be my guess for him to have as much information as he did.”

“No idea really, never bothered to ask.”

“You knew him?”

“No, he died not long after I was born actually, but I would have loved to have met him. No, what I meant was that I could have asked if I wanted to really know, but questions like that are usually best left unanswered.”

“Oh. So, when do you think we can go to the doctors to get ourselves all tested, so that we can make real love to each other?”

“I wondered when you were going to ask that. In answer though, I think we could probably go to the clinic tomorrow and do it all. As far as I know, we have nothing planned for tomorrow.”

“Okay. The last time I tested at the clinic it took five days for them to get me the results back. I wish they could do it faster.”

“I might be able to make a few arrangements and get our results fast tracked.” Jordan suggested.


“Easy, I know a lot of people in high places. If we go to the military hospital and have them run the full tests, I think they will do them for me faster.”

“That would be cool. Do you really want to take me where others know you though. Aren't you afraid that someone will ask uncomfortable questions?”

“Most people wouldn't ask anyways, but if they did ask, I'd just tell them that you were a son from a previous relationship and when your mom died her attorney found me and informed me, hence the reason I actually retired. If you were to check the date on your mothers death certificate online, you would actually see that it was a few months ago, not a few years ago. It would also take a huge amount of tracking for anyone to find out what all I did, and for a child, almost no one would do anything of that nature, so I don't think that it'll be too much trouble.”

“Wow, that was really smart, but how come you didn't tell me that before?”

“Wasn't really important unless you asked, and I didn't really want to bring it up.”

“But really, you should have told me that. What if I were to have told someone that my mom died a few years ago, and you told the same someone that she died a few months ago, don't you think that that would sound a little strange?” Hayden pointed out.

“I don't believe I just took a very valuable lesson from a child, but you're absolutely correct, I certainly should have mentioned that to you for that very reason then.” Jordan said in surprise. He didn't normally make simple mistakes like that, and he should have thought of that as well. He was thinking of the boys heart though and not wanting to cause him any heartache, something that he should not have worried so much about though, because Hayden was over all the pain already.

“Sometimes kids can be pretty smart, so it's not always a good idea to just ignore us.” Hayden pointed out with a grin on his face.

“Believe you me, one thing I would never do, to you or to any other child, is ignore what you were telling me. I may tell you that you're incorrect, and for what reasons, but I'd listen to all the information and then go from there. I do sometimes forget though that most children are far smarter than what most adults give them credit for, but in all fairness, you're really the first kid I've ever truly gotten to know in any great detail.”

“You're forgiven.” Hayden said with a nice warm smile on his face.

“Thanks. Now, sex. We can't just be having sex all day, every day. As fun as that sounds, I just don't think it's all that necessary. Also I'm an adult, and as such have a considerably lower sex drive than you do, so whereas you may need to jack off three to four times a day right now, I'm fine with just once every one to two days. I've even gone for as long as a couple weeks without jacking off, whereas I seriously doubt that at your stage of puberty that you could go for more than two days before you spontaneously explode. By all means ask if I wouldn't mind giving you a hand, or maybe even a mouth for that matter, but there are going to be times when I say no, in which case you're just going to have to go do it yourself. Most of the time I will probably do it for you, but I just may ask that you not reciprocate at that time and to wait for later.”

“That makes sense enough, and I understand. Most of the men I was with were only good for two times before they had to quit, but I could go four and five times before I was done. I'd really prefer you helped me out, because jacking off just doesn't really do it for me any more, but I'll understand if you don't want to, in which case I'll probably just try and hold off until a later time when you can help out.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“No, jacking off doesn't really do much for me either really, but there are times when it's necessary. There is also the option of finding yourself a younger boyfriend as well, someone closer to your own age, that way you can both enjoy plenty together. If you choose that, I would certainly understand, and I would even understand that if at some time you no longer wish to have sex with me because you've fallen in love. I am now and will always be your daddy, and nothing would ever change that.”

“No, you're all I want and need, I'll never be happy with another man, or especially another boy. Let's face it, no kid my age is going to be able to satisfy me, I like em big and meaty, just like you, but I'm small, and so will most boys my age.”

“That's true, but you could always go a bit older as well, let's say sixteen. Most of them will be as large as most adults anyways, and they're always super horny, most of them could wear even you out.” Jordan grinned.

“I know, and I've even had a sixteen year old once, he was good, but again, you're all I want and need, forever.”

“Thanks baby, I'm so happy to hear you say that. You're all I'll ever want and need as well.” Jordan smiled brightly.

Hayden just smiled again at the comment.

“So, other than the rules we set out before, I think that's about it, does that sound good?”

“Yep.” Hayden smiled.

“Good. Now, I think that we have everything unpacked now, so let's start getting everything put away into their proper homes.”

“We have a lot of stuff here, where are we gonna put it all?”

“There's lots of room for everything. I think that we'll first take things and put them into the rooms where they will belong, and then room by room we'll go and organize everything. The kitchen will take the longest, so we can do that first after we've organized everything.”

“Okay, so just set everything for the kitchen on the counter then, and things for the bedrooms on the beds?”

“Sounds good enough for me.” Jordan smiled, and for the next hour or so, they took things to their generic homes.

As soon as they were done that, they started in the kitchen and started finding good homes for everything that they had bought. It took almost an hour just to do that, and then they headed towards the bedrooms, their's being the second most loaded up. From there they headed out to the rest of the stuff, but that was pretty easy going.

“Well, I had hoped to get all the pictures and things put up today as well, but I'm starving, and we're well past dinner time, so let's go eat.”

“Good idea daddy, but I think that we could probably use a diaper change before that even, and I'm starving too.”

“Yeah, we probably should.” Jordan smiled.

They headed to their bedroom and changed each other quickly, and once again Hayden was quite hard, although not quite pulsing hard yet, he was close. Jordan just smiled at the cute protrusion, cleaned it gently, and then tucked it down and out of the way as he pulled up and taped the diaper up nice and snug. Hayden changed Jordan next, and Jordan was only just a little hard, but not nearly fully hard yet. Although, with the way that Hayden was wiping, Jordan would be hard before too long. Jordan just grabbed Hayden's hand and moved it and the wipe to a different area, so that he could finish cleaning without making him too hot. Hayden just blushed and grinned, and continued what it was that he was supposed to be doing.

Once they were all nice and thickly diapered, they headed to the kitchen to make themselves dinner. Because they were both very hungry, and it was getting late, they decided to just do soup and sandwiches. It was not much, but it was enough.

“So, what should we do now baby?” Jordan asked as soon as they finished cleaning up from dinner.

“I don't know. I'm starting to get tired, and I still want a lot to make love to you as well. I've never gotten to do anyone else before.”

“What, really? No one has ever allowed you to reciprocate and enjoy the drivers seat before?”

“No, never.”

“That's so sad. If I had have known that, I would have let you start today.” Jordan said sadly.

“Oh no, I really wanted for our first time for you to be buried deep inside me, so don't worry.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“Then come with me baby, let's go to bed.” Jordan said lovingly. They shut everything down, and headed to their bedroom.

“As much as I'd love to make love to you through our diapers daddy, I'm afraid I'm just not big enough for that, so I'll have to remove our diapers.”

“No, you're not quite big enough, yet, but don't worry, you'll start to grow quickly now, and soon enough you'll be able to.” Jordan said softly.

“Oh, I know. Now go ahead and lay on your back daddy, I'll do everything, I hope you'll enjoy.”

“I'm certain that I will.” Jordan said, and then laid down in the center of the bed.

Hayden crawled onto the bed as well, heading straight for his target. He slowly made his way until his face was buried in the soggy mass of Jordan's diaper, and once there, he moaned. He moved his face around a little bit, enjoying the heat and the hardness buried inside. Gently he reached up and released the tapes holding the diaper on, and removed them.

They both groaned lowly as Jordan popped out, pulsing at his full length. Taking only a quick swipe with his tongue along the full length of Jordan's meat, Hayden pulled up on Jordan's legs, signaling what he wanted. Jordan pulled his legs up and back, opening himself fully for his little boy. When the core of his daddy came into full sight, Hayden groaned again, and very much wanted to be buried in there. The problem was, he was torn as to which head he wanted in there.

Deciding to take their love making slow and easy, he dove in face first and stuck his tongue into Jordan's hot moist hole. Hayden had never rimmed anyone before, but he had wanted to before, but with most he just would not, but with Jordan he very much wanted to. Jordan had also never been rimmed, much to his dismay, most boys just would not do it, no matter what. Both enjoyed their first foray into rimming a great deal, of course.

Hayden only stayed buried in there for a few minutes, but Jordan was starting to feel that he could cum quite easily just from the incredible tongue action that he was receiving. He knew that it would probably feel good, but he never imagined how truly incredible it would be. Hayden too was enjoying himself a great deal. He had always known that he wold enjoy this, but getting to do it, and very clearly hearing how much pleasure he was giving, made it even better than he ever imagined it would.

Regrettably Hayden pulled out of the hole he was enjoying a great deal. His tongue and neck were both starting to get quite sore, so he had little choice in the matter. He knew though that what was to come would be far better yet, so he was not sad. He grabbed a condom, opened it up, and slipped it on. If he were any smaller though, the condom would not have fit him, it was nowhere near as tight or rolled out as would be normal, but it would hopefully stay on him he thought. Jordan was too far gone with the intense feelings to have really noticed. Had he have noticed how loose the condom was, he probably would have put a stop to it, but he did not notice.

Figuring that with all the slobber that he pushed into Jordan, and the fact that he was just not all that big, Hayden figured that he could forgo the lube. So with no further ado, Hayden crawled up Jordan's body, positioning himself so that he could impale his lover, his daddy, his savior. Both moaned lowly as Hayden slipped in, and the moaning did not cease until almost twenty minutes later, when they both came.

Unfortunately Hayden was too short for them to continue kissing while he was making love to his daddy, but he sure enjoyed sucking, licking, and nipping at his nipples instead. Jordan was thrashing back and forth on the bed as well from the dual stimuli that Hayden was giving to him. He had always loved for his nipples to be played with, so getting them and his prostate played with at the same time was pure bliss to him. Neither noticed though that the condom slipped off of Hayden and stayed deep inside Jordan almost half way through their lovemaking. Hayden did notice the difference, but with his sex clouded mind, he did not really pay attention to the difference in feelings. With matching sex cries after nearly twenty minutes, they both came though, and they slumped down.

A few minutes later, and a lot of heavy breathing, they both came down, and Hayden slipped out.

“Oh no daddy, the condom came off me, it's still inside you.” Hayden said, starting to cry.

“Oh dear. Well, I guess there's nothing that we can do about it. Did it come off when you softened, or did it come off before that? I should have realized that they might be too big for you.”

“I don't really know for sure, but about half way through I felt something different, more sensitive like.”

“Sounds like it came off half way through then. Oh well, we're both pretty certain that we're clean, so I guess we just have to hope that we absolutely are. Now, do you think you can get the condom out of me?”

“I guess so, but I hope you're right.”

Hayden reached inside of Jordan once Jordan presented his ass again, and it took a moment for him to find it, but soon enough he did, and he pulled it out.

“I guess it's at least a good thing that I can't cum yet.” Hayden said softly.

“Yeah, it probably is. I'm not sure if you could still transmit anything to me if you don't cum or not, but I know I could certainly infect you easily enough if I'm not clean. I'm sure we're okay though, so no worries. It's really my fault anyways, I should have known that the condoms weren't likely to fit you properly yet.”

“It's mostly my fault though daddy, I saw that they didn't fit me very well when I put it on.”

“Don't worry about it baby, we'll say it's both our faults and leave it at that. Let's say we get each other nice and thickly diapered, and then go watch TV for a bit before going to bed, because even though I'm getting tired, it's still pretty early to be going to bed, even if you do need it.”

“Okay, I guess so, but that sounds like a good idea. Baby me daddy” Hayden smiled sadly.

“It'll be okay baby, you'll see.” Jordan said softly and climbed out of bed to get the supplies.

A few moments later Jordan was back at the bed with everything that they would need, and he proceeded to lovingly diaper his baby, just as snug and thick as they both enjoyed it. They traded places as soon as Hayden was ready, and Hayden diapered his daddy just as snug and thick. They headed to the living room and curled up on the couch and watched TV for only a little more than an hour before they decided that they were going to pass out if they didn't go to bed soon. Although they were both wet with a single wetting, their diapers were deemed more than okay to last until morning.

After shutting everything down and making sure that the doors were locked, they headed to their bedroom and climbed in together. They snuggled right up to each other again, and both fell asleep quickly after whispering their good nights and I love you's.