Their morning routine had pretty much been set over the past couple days, and this morning was no different. They cuddled and whispered to each other for a few minutes, went for breakfast, headed to the bathroom and cleaned up, and then diapered and dressed each other for the day. As much as neither one of them wanted to get dressed, they knew they had to, because there was a delivery coming at some point during the day, and doing work with no clothes was not a wise decision.

“Okay, I think that we can safely put up as much of the suspended ceiling today as we can. I'll go up on the scaffold and call out measurements and what I need, and you can cut and pass it up to me. Does that sound okay to you baby?”

“Sure thing, because I'll be useless up there anyways. This way it gets done faster without you having to get down to do it all as well.” Hayden smiled warmly.

So that was what they did. As he was up there as well, and whenever he was in the right area, Jordan also wired in the new lights, but just left the capped wires dangling for the time being. Of course Hayden had to run up a few times to turn off the light and to turn it back on once he had the go ahead. They made it to lunch time, getting nearly half the ceiling hardware put in. They called lunch time, and half way through making lunch, their delivery arrived. Hayden let them in and showed them where it was to all go, so they did that as Hayden oversaw it and Jordan cooked. They ended up sitting down to eat before the delivery guys were done, and in fact, they were finished eating and cleaning up from lunch before they were even finished. This was a long and really tiring job for these guys, because each mirror panel was really heavy, they were four feet wide and nine feet tall, and weighed in around the hundred pound mark each they figured. As soon as these delivery guys were gone, with a really good tip each, Hayden and Jordan got back to their work, figuring that they may as well get one job done before starting another.

By the time dinner time rolled around, the ceiling was pretty much complete, all they had to do now was to put in all the ceiling tiles and hook up all the lights. That was deemed a tomorrow job though. They went upstairs and made and ate dinner, and then went and crashed on the couch to watch a movie before bed. As it turns out though, that was not a good idea for either of them, because they both fell asleep on the couch. The couple busy days had been tough on them, they had been working very hard with little rest, so they were very tired. They ended up sleeping on the couch all night long, not even covered up. It was a good thing that the house was warm.

“Oh man, I can't remember the last time I fell asleep on the couch watching TV, the TV is even still on.” Jordan said, yawing and wiping his eyes at the same time.

“I used to do that all the time, and my mom would just carry me to bed and change my diaper, and I don't think I woke up more than once or twice.” Hayden smiled, also wiping the sleep from his eyes.

“Well, let's go get breakfast then. I think that today we'll get the rest of the ceiling done, get the lights in, put the door in the storage room, and then call it a day. We should at least try and rest somewhat.”

“Probably not a bad idea. I was pretty tired last night, and you must have been too to fall asleep on the couch like we did.”

“Yeah, I was.”

“I have a question for you though daddy.”

“What's that baby?”

“Well, a couple of the pieces of equipment that we bought require power, but there are no power outlets in the basement except for one near the furnace. How are we gonna do that, because we didn't buy anything for that?”

“Oh shit.” Jordan said, smacking himself again. “I can't believe I forgot that.”

“You can't remember everything.” Hayden pointed out.

“I know that, but that was a pretty big thing to forget, and I really don't look forward to cutting mirrors around outlets.”

“Can we just put the outlets in the ceiling and have the cords come down to the machines that need it?”

“You know what, as much of a pain in the ass as that may be at times, that's what we're gonna do, because I really don't want to cut the mirrors any more than we have to.”

“Yeah, it might be a pain sometimes, but for the ease of installation, that will make it easy to manage.” Hayden smiled.

“For sure. Well, after breakfast I guess we go and get that stuff then.”

“Okay daddy.”

After breakfast, they headed back out to the building center and grabbed all that they would need for the outlets. They grabbed eight outlets and four new breakers so that they had lots of power for the machines that needed it. They grabbed all the boxes and wire as well, and with that, they were headed home again.

As soon as they got home, they stripped out of their clothes and headed downstairs in just their diapers. Jordan got started on the electrical so that the ceiling did not get in the way too much, and Hayden was pretty much just handing him tools and stuff as he needed them. That took only an hour to do, and then they got started on the ceiling tiles. Finally almost two hours later Jordan installed the lights.

“There, not bad, and it looks nice as well.”

“Yeah, it looks great already daddy. I can't wait to see all the mirrors in place as well. How long do you figure that that will take?”

“Easily three days I figure. We're gonna have to glue each one and hold it in place for at least half an hour just to let the glue set enough so that they don't fall on us.”

“Ick, I can't wait.” Hayden said with a sour look on his face.

“I know what you mean, but we can start that tomorrow. For the rest of the day, we rest.”

“Only if by rest you mean play around in our bedroom for at least an hour.” Hayden asked with a surprisingly serious look on his face.

“Yeah, I meant something like that.” Jordan grinned.

“Oh, good.”

Jordan just laughed and they headed upstairs. They got lunch going first, and then went to change their diapers. As soon as lunch was finished and cleaned up from, they headed to their bedroom for some good dirty fun. They sucked each other quite tenderly, each of them with a couple fingers inside each others asses for good measure. They drained two loads from each other before they were satisfied, although Hayden admitted that he could go for at least another two. For the rest of the day, they just sat around in their diapers watching TV and playing card games.

It took nearly every minute of the next four days for the two of them to install all the mirrors in there, it was long and very tiring work to be sure. At least they did not have to cut each and every one of the mirrors, only the ones that came to a corner. Jordan had made sure to keep the ceiling exactly the correct height to make sure of that

“Wow daddy, would you look at this place, it looks so awesome already. I can't wait until the rest of the stuff comes and we can put it all together.”

“Yeah, it does, but you don't have to wait long, because it's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow remember.”

“Holy crap, is it really tomorrow already. Wow, I guess keeping yourself busy like that's good for something at least.” Hayden said in shock, really not having noticed that it had taken that long.

“I know what you mean baby, but yes, tomorrow already. Well baby, I'm exhausted, and it's almost half an hour past our normal bedtime, so let's go get diapers changed and our diaper bums cuddled up into bed, we both really need it.”

“Oh yeah daddy, I'm getting really tired. If it weren't for the fact that we were real close to finishing, I would have said let's go to bed on that last mirror.”

“I was pretty much thinking the exact same thing baby, so let's go then.”

They headed upstairs and changed each other lovingly, and then went to bed. They kissed and cuddled for only a moment before they both passed out for the night.

Their morning rituals were done, and they were sitting down to eat, when Hayden asked, “What time is the equipment supposed to be delivered today daddy?”

“Not too sure baby, some time this morning though. Why do you ask?”

“Because I'm getting like super horny.”

“Yeah, I should have known. Other than that nice suck session a few days ago, we've not had any sex. Even I'm starting to get horny, but we can hold off a bit longer, maybe even until tomorrow. That will make it better in the long run anyways.”

“Yeah, I guess so. I was just hoping that we could slip off to our bedroom and make love to each other, but with my luck, the delivery guys would show up just before we came.”

“Yeah, that would be my luck as well.” Jordan grinned.

As soon as they were finished cleaning up from breakfast, they headed downstairs to clean the floor again from any mess that was left. Once the floor was nearly spotless, they each grabbed some rags and the window cleaner and started cleaning all the mirrors in there. Jordan did vow though to buy a good squeegee for this job though for in the future, because this would take forever if they had to do it too often. They were not even half way through when the delivery guys arrived with the rest of the stuff to complete their new gym. They were let in, and they started bringing everything downstairs right away. It took them only an hour to do, and then they were gone.

As soon as they were gone, Hayden and Jordan started by putting the floor in. It was pretty easy to do, the floor mats were thick and sturdy ones, the same as the ones in most high end gyms, they were four foot square tiles, and they just laid down and were glued at each edge to hold them together. They were pretty much free floating from there though. This did not take them all that long to do, a couple hours for all of it, but it was not easy, because they had to move equipment as they went. As they did this though, they moved each piece to an already floored area in the general vicinity of where that piece was to go anyways. That way they did not have to move things more than once, because some of it was quite heavy.

After the floor was done, they headed up for a late lunch, made, ate, and cleaned up from that, and were back downstairs again to finish the rest of the chore, but this would take them through to dinner time, and possibly past, because all the equipment had to be assembled for the most part. It was just a little past their regular dinner time when they finished, both very hungry, and both very tired, they stood there and looked at the work that had taken the most of a week to accomplish. It looked incredible though.

“Wow, I never thought it would look this good when we were done. It looks just as good as any gym I've ever seen before.” Hayden said a few moments after they finished and were just looking around.

“Yeah, I agree, and I've been in some good gyms. About the only thing we don't have that they do, is as much equipment, but we don't need that much.”

“No, we don't for sure, and even what we have is more than we really need.”

“Yes, but it's nice to have. Well baby, I think it's dinner time, and then I think I would like to go lay back in a nice hot bath and relax.”

“Mind if I join you daddy?”

“Not at all baby. It'll be a bit of a tight fit, but we'll manage. There will be no playing though, we'll save that for tomorrow.” Jordan said firmly but lovingly to his baby.

“Fine.” Hayden pouted for effect.

They headed upstairs and made and ate dinner, and as soon as they were finished cleaning up, they headed to the bathroom together. The tub was a fairly large soaker tub, but with a man as big as Jordan, and a boy even as small as Hayden would almost certainly put it to maximum capacity. They didn't care all that much though and just filled the tub with water as hot as they thought they could take. They removed each others very wet diapers, got the towels and a cloth that they would need, and then slipped into the hot soothing water.

Jordan sat down first, and then Hayden slipped in as well and sat back against his daddy. Jordan wrapped his arms around Hayden, and just held him tightly, hugging him lovingly, and there they sat for almost half an hour, just enjoying the hot soothing water and the loving cuddles.

“Okay baby, try and turn around and get up on your knees as best you can without sloshing water over the side, and I will wash you.”

“Okay daddy.” Hayden said softly.

As soon as Hayden was in position, Jordan grabbed the cloth and the soap and washed Hayden from head to toe, having to have Hayden adjust positions a couple times of course. As soon as Hayden was washed, he wanted to wash his daddy as well, so they traded places and did the best they could. Finally they washed each others hair, and then rinsed off.

“Well, as nice and relaxing as that was, I don't think that having a bath together is going to happen all that often, there just isn't enough room for both of us in there.” Jordan said, sounding almost sad to admit that.

“Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well. Do you think that we could put a hot tub in some day, that way we can lay back and relax together a lot more easily?”

“Don't really know. We can look into it maybe one day. I have no idea where we'd put something like that though, because I'd want to use it year round, but it gets pretty cold during the winter here sometimes.”

“Maybe in the basement. We have lots of room and we could easily put it in a corner.” Hayden suggested as they were just finishing drying each other off.

“That might work, with the exception that it creates a lot of moisture, and we'd have to be able to vent off for that, not to mention how would we get a hot tub down there.”

“Oh yeah, I guess that would make it a little tricky. Well, we don't really need a big fancy one or anything, although that might be nice, so what about one of those ones I saw advertised once that said was portable and could be put anywhere? They're made of foam or something like that. They'd be really easy to move and use.”

“Might be worthwhile looking into, but what about the moisture problem?”

“Just a dehumidifier would probably take care of that.”

“Good plan. You know what, I think we might go out tomorrow and look into that, because it sounds like a mighty fine idea.” Jordan smiled.


By that time, they were already in their bedroom and diapering each other. As soon as they were thickly padded, they headed to the living room to cuddle up and watch TV for a bit before going to bed. When they got to bed, they kissed and cuddled a few minutes before whispering goodnight, I love you to each other, and once again they were both out like lights before too long.

“Good morning daddy, I wondered when you were going to finally wake up. I'm really horny now, make love to me please?” Hayden whispered as soon as Jordan's eyes popped open the next morning.

“Okay baby, I am too. May I make love to you first and through both our very soggy diapers?” Jordan whispered huskily, going almost instantly hard as nails in his diaper.

“Oh, yes please daddy.” Hayden whispered back almost as huskily.

Jordan rolled Hayden so that he was on his back, and then pretty much climbed right on top of him. He ground their diapered bulges together as they started a tender yet passionate kiss. This lasted only a few minutes before Jordan reached down to Hayden's cute little bum and poked a hole in the seat of his diaper. He did not even grab the lube, he just started gently fingering Hayden to loosen him up. Amazingly enough, or at least Jordan thought so, Hayden was able to take three of his fingers quite quickly and easily, and only at most ten minutes later he was ready to be made love to. Jordan poked a hole in his diaper and pulled out his erection, not once breaking their kiss.

Jordan aligned himself for entry, and with a gentle thrust, buried the head of his dick firmly inside of Hayden. They both moaned lowly.

“Oh daddy, I so needed this.” Hayden moaned out.

“Oh god baby, you feel so good, I missed being able to do this, and we've only made love once.” Jordan moaned out as well.

“Mmm, yeah, make love to me daddy.” Hayden sighed.

Jordan did not answer, he just continued working his way inside his little baby boy, and as soon as he was in all the way, he reversed direction until he popped clean out. Realigning again, Jordan slipped back inside, until he was all the way in again. Jordan was going painfully slow though, because they were both very hot and he wanted this to last as long as possible, but even still he was not entirely convinced that either of them were going to last all that long. Pulling all the way out again, and then slipping all the way back inside was more than enough for them both. Three strokes in total was all it took for them to both explode, and they did so with a long series of loud grunts and groans. In all fairness though, it had been a number of days for both of them, and they both needed release a considerable amount.

“Wow, never have I cum so fast in my life.” Hayden gasped.

“Me neither.” Jordan also gasped in agreement.

“Don't pull out daddy, just rest a minute and then go again please, but don't stop what you were doing, that was awesome.” Hayden requested.

“I wasn't planning on it, trust me. That wasn't near long enough for me either.”

A few minutes later and he started again. They started kissing only a minute before that, and as they both regained their composure, Jordan started sliding in and out again, fully in, fully out, and then right back in again. This time they lasted nearly ten minutes, and it was still an intense orgasm.

“Wow, no one has ever made me feel the way you do daddy, I love you so much.” Hayden whispered out a few minutes after they were finished.

“I love you so much too baby, and no one has ever done for and to me what you do. Now, I want to pull out, remove our ruined diapers, and have you make love to me.”

“I thought you'd never ask.” Hayden said huskily.

Jordan removed both their diapers to find that Hayden was still just as hard as when they started. Instead of trading places though, Jordan just left Hayden on his back. He fingered his ass for a couple moments, and then changed positions and sat down on Hayden. He started pulling himself up almost as soon as he was down as far as he could go, and started riding his baby. Hayden had never felt anything like this before, and he was liking it, a great deal, and his constant moans and groans attested to this. After only a minute or so of this, Hayden realized that he could also be stroking Jordan, so he grasped on, and they rose quickly to their peaks. Jordan was the first to explode, he sprayed his load clear past Hayden's head for the first shot, his face on the second, and then the rest went from his chin to his belly button. Hayden followed suit only a second later though, and he had the most mind blowing orgasm that he had experienced yet.

“Wow daddy, no more please, I can't take any more.” Hayden gasped out.

“Me neither baby. Next time you get to make love to me twice though.”

“I can agree to that.” Hayden said tiredly.

“I thought you might. Well baby, lets get up, get cleaned up, and then go out for breakfast.”

“Okay daddy.”

They got out of bed on more than shaky legs, headed to the bathroom and got cleaned up and ready for the day. As soon as they were cleaned, dried, diapered, and dressed, they headed out for breakfast. They headed to a place that looked good, and went and had a most excellent breakfast.

“So, what are we gonna do today daddy?” Hayden asked after they were finished eating.

“Well, I think that we're going to head to a hot tub place and see about getting us that hot tub you asked about yesterday. Then after that I have no idea.”

“Okay, cool.” Hayden smiled.

They headed out right away and found a place that carried all sorts of hot tubs and stuff. They went in and looked around, and found a few different models that were suitable for their needs. They both liked the biggest one that would actually fit, so they went with that one.

“Hey, are those saunas?” Jordan asked.

“I think so daddy. Let's go check them out as well.” Hayden said happily.

They headed over to the area where the saunas were, and checked them all out. They found a few really nice models, they were all the infrared ones, so they were easy and cheap to use, and would be easy enough to get into the basement. They both decided to go with one of those as well. They headed to the customer service area and put in the order for what they wanted. They went with the hot tub, cover, high end no chlorine water purification system, and better jet package. For the sauna they just chose the four person model there, it had everything that they wanted in a sauna, so it would be perfect. As Jordan had suspected though, this much put him well past his available funds in his bank account, so he had to put it onto his credit card. They arranged for delivery, and as luck would have it, they were able to deliver it all that afternoon some time.

“Well baby, that officially made us broke.” Jordan grinned as they were pulling out of the parking lot.

“Nah, we're the two richest babies in the world.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“That we are baby. Well, let's head to the department store then and find a dehumidifier, a stereo, and a TV for the basement. You can't do exercise without tunes, and I always liked having a TV for workout vids and stuff.”

“Good idea daddy. It was the same with gymnastics, I hated when the stereo there broke and it was almost silent there, except for the grunting of the working out. We should get one of those little home theatre packs like you got for the living room though, so that you can play DVD's as well.”

“I know what you mean, but that was exactly what I was thinking of as well for the stereo. They work more than well enough for what we'd ever need. We'll have to get a mounting arm to hang the TV from the ceiling, and we'll have to grab a shelf to put the stereo on as well.”


They headed to the same store that Jordan had originally bought everything from in the first place. They grabbed a buggy on their way in, and almost immediately started filling it up. They found the dehumidifier and put that in, found and put in the same stereo system and TV as had been bought for upstairs, a nice shelf to put it on, and the correct arm for what they needed. They also looked through the selection of workout videos that they had, and they chose a few different ones. They decided that seeing as how they were there, and their food stocks were already getting low, that they may as well hit the food aisles as well, so went and grabbed all the food that they would need for the next week or so. They looked around for a while longer after that, and found a few more things that they would need. Before too long though, they decided that they had found more than enough for the day, so headed to pay for it all. They were not all that worried about the delivery arriving before they did, because it was scheduled for the later afternoon anyways, and it was just barely past lunch.

Once they made it home, Hayden offered to make lunch if Jordan wanted to bring everything in, and Jordan thought that was good, so that's what they did. Jordan took almost everything directly to the basement to make it easier later, while Hayden made them a good filling lunch, because they needed it, yet again. As soon as lunch was ready, they sat down to eat.

“Well, should we go and get the stuff we just bought today all put together baby?” Jordan asked after they finished cleaning up from lunch.

“Sure, but only after a diaper change and a kiss.”

“Does it have to be in that order?” Jordan grinned.

“No, but if you kiss me, and then change my diaper, you may find something poking out that I might have to ask you to make go down.”

“It'll be pointing out no matter when I kiss you, before or after the diaper change, so what difference does it make?” Jordan grinned right back.

“Good point. You might make me harder and hornier though.”

“I doubt that quite a lot actually. But come here anyways baby and give your daddy a kiss.” Jordan smiled.

Hayden took a leap and landed in Jordan's outstretched arms. They wrapped themselves around each other and started kissing like fathers and sons are not really supposed to do. They only kept the kiss to a couple minutes though before Jordan let Hayden down. They were smiling brightly as they walked hand in hand to their bedroom to change each others wet diapers. As promised, Hayden was quite hard, and he did ask for a hand, a mouth, or an ass, anything that would let him blow. Jordan of course told him to wait until later, because he just had incredible sex a few hours before and he could hold off for a few more hours. Of course Hayden pouted, but it was only for show. He knew that if it got really bad, he could always stroke himself, but he also knew he would not be likely to do that.

As soon as they were dressed again, they headed for the basement and all the items that had been taken down there. Jordan got started by unpacking the TV and the arm for it and getting them installed, while Hayden got started on unpacking the stereo. Once he was finished unpacking the stereo, Hayden grabbed the box with the stand in it and started getting that all out and ready. He looked at the instructions and deemed it easy enough to put together, so he decided to tackle that himself, seeing as how Jordan was still fighting with the TV installation, but he said that he did not need any help. They ended up finishing up at almost the same time, Jordan only a minute or so before. The TV and stereo were then hooked together and to the cable connection that was in the ceiling, the speakers were all run to their new homes and hung on the ceiling, and then it was tested.

“Wow, that works pretty good down here.” Hayden said after a few minutes of testing it out.

“Yeah, it does, but was that the doorbell I just heard?”

“I don't know, I didn't hear anything, but I'll run up and check.” Hayden said, and before Jordan could say anything, he was off like a shot.

A minute later he and the delivery guys were coming down the stairs with the first box.

“Yep, it was the delivery guys daddy. They're bringing in the sauna first, and then the hot tub.”

“Okay baby, come over here out of the way then. You guys can just set all the stuff over here please.” Jordan asked.

They nodded and did as they were asked, and then they headed up to get the rest of the stuff. Out of all the deliveries that they had had over the past few days, this was the fastest and smallest one they figured, and inside of twenty minutes, it was all inside, and the guys were sent off with a twenty each.

“Well baby, I guess this means that we can put all this stuff together and get the hot tub filled up.”

“Okay, but do we even have a hose to fill the tub up with?”

“Not a clue, and never even thought of it.” Jordan said in shock at forgetting that.

“I'll go check the garage and the storage shed, maybe there's one kicking around here somewhere. You can maybe start with unpacking the sauna, and then we can put it together once you figure out how to do it.” Hayden offered.

“That works for me baby.” Jordan smiled, and that was what they did.

Hayden went to the garage first and looked through all the stuff that had been left there by the previous people, but did not find a hose. He found a few other interesting things, but no hose. He then headed out to the storage shed in the back yard, and found a goldmine of stuff in there. On a hook was a hose, so that was great. He grabbed that and headed back into the house and to the basement. The entire search took him almost twenty minutes.

“Found one daddy, and did you know that there's like a tonne of gardening stuff in the shed in the back yard?”

“No, actually, I hadn't. I only just checked the main parts of the house, an inspector was paid to check out the house, I got the report saying it was in almost perfect condition, I bought the place the next day, and then I moved in. It literally took me five days from the day I first saw the house, which was the first day I started looking by the way, to the day I moved in. I haven't even ventured outside yet, and other than seeing the shed from the kitchen window, I haven't seen it any other way.”

“Oh. We should sort through it one of these days probably.”

“I think we'll wait until spring for that. I'm not really a winter type of person, I hate the cold. Once I was high ranked enough to be able to pick and choose my assignments, you'd better believe that winters were spent in places that were nice and warm, and I never went anywhere cold. If it weren't for the fact that I am still technically active, I would have moved somewhere warm.”

“Well, I for one am glad that you stayed here of course, but I don't mind the winter, it's petty much all I know, I've never been anywhere else for a winter before.”

“No, I don't suppose you would have been. Now, do you want to hook that up to the hot water tank and run it to the hot tub and get it filling up please baby?”

“Sure daddy. Is that where we want it, and is there anything else that needs to be hooked up first?”

“Just make sure that it's away from the wall at least six inches on either side, and the pump unit and cord are at the back is about all we need to worry about. As far as I know though, it's all ready to go, because there's no extra pieces for it, other than the cover. Just give the manual a quick once over to be sure, but I think that it's just as easy as put it in place and fill it up.”

“It probably is, but I'll look at the manual for sure.”

Hayden found the manual taped to the inside of the tub and started reading it. A few minutes later he claimed that it really was that easy, so he started the water and got it filling up. Jordan quickly plugged it in, so that the heating unit could get started, and then the two of them got started on putting together the sauna that Jordan had fully unpacked. He had been reading the manual for it as well. Within an hour the sauna was complete, and the hot tub was nearing the half way point.

“Wow, would you look at this place, it's going to be so awesome once it's all done.”

“Yeah, but it pretty much is done now. I think the only thing left is to set the dehumidifier up, unpack and put away all the movies, and then give it all a final cleaning.” Jordan said after looking around for a minute or two.

“Yeah. Well, we have about an hour more to kill before the tub is full, so should we do that now then daddy?”

“Okay baby, lead the way.”

So they went to do all the unpacking and putting away, but it took only about ten minutes for them to do that, and then at best twenty minutes for the cleanup.

“Now what baby?” Jordan asked as soon as they were done.

“Don't know, but we only have about another ten to fifteen minutes before the tub is full. Have you tested the sauna or the jets in the tub yet, or have you turned on the purification system yet?”

“No, I haven't checked the sauna yet, but it was you that read the manual to the tub, so I haven't touched it, and I'll take that as a no that you haven't done it yet, since you asked me if I had done it.” Jordan grinned.

“Good point. You go do the sauna, and I'll do the tub then.” Hayden smiled, and they went to their pieces of equipment.

They each went to whatever they were going to work on and turned them on and checked them all out for functionality. A few minutes later they were both happy to say that they appeared to be working perfectly.

“Well, that's all done and good, and the water is almost to the top level, so I think that's about it for the day baby. What should we do now?”

“I think you know the answer to that daddy, but I think that it's getting close enough to dinner time isn't it, so maybe we should go get dinner.” Hayden answered cheekily.

“Yes, I know just what you're thinking of doing, you horny little baby you. Dinner is probably not such a bad idea though, I have to admit that I am getting a bit hungry.”

“Hey, I can't help it.” Hayden grinned.

“Don't you mean you don't want to help it?” Jordan grinned right back.


“Probably. Come on baby, let's get the cover on the tub so that it heats up properly without wasting energy and creating too much steam down here, and then go make dinner.”

“Okay daddy.” Hayden said happily and they did just that.

Almost an hour later they were finished making, eating and cleaning up from their dinner, and it was decided that they would go curl up on the couch and watch TV for the evening. Once they deemed it time to go to bed, they headed there and removed each others diapers. Surprise surprise though to see Hayden absolutely hard, almost to granite status.

“Daddy, can we suck each other please?”

“Okay baby. Let me lay down, and then you get on top of me facing my crotch and we can suck each other at the same time.”

“Ooh, I always wanted to try a sixty nine.” Hayden grinned brightly, and his dick pulsed a couple extra times.

“Me too.” Jordan smiled as well.

They got down into position, and with no real foreplay, they got down to sucking each other tenderly. They both had to admit that it was real nice, but did have the disadvantage that they got easily distracted when the other did something a little extra, and they found that they would have to start again, because they usually stopped as the bliss overtook them. They ended up blowing their first loads within only a few minutes, but just kept right on sucking through to a second orgasm, another twelve or so minutes later.

“Wow, that was fun, but I think I prefer sucking one at a time more.” Hayden sighed a few minutes later when he finally came down.

“Same here, but it's certainly nice to change things up once in a while.”

“Yeah. Well, I'm almost out of it, so we should probably get diapered and go to sleep.”

“Me too. I'll get everything and we can diaper each other as always baby.” Jordan smiled warmly and did just that.

A few minutes later they were diapered and ready for bed. They kissed and whispered their good nights and I love you's to each other, and before much too long, they were sound asleep yet again.