The next few days passed by for them with nothing much happening. They stayed mostly around the house just relaxing and reorganizing things as they saw fit. So far they had not actually gone down to use any of the basement facilities, although neither one really knew why they had not yet at least tried the sauna or hot tub out. They had had a very long week before, so they were trying to relax from that, yet the sauna and tub would have been nice, but they just never thought of it. Other than going out and getting a few groceries or supplies that they needed, they pretty much did not leave the house either. As for sex, they made love to each other once, and sucked each other a couple other times, all of them nice and tender and soft, just like their love for each other.

“What should we do today baby?” Jordan asked just after breakfast, they were still sitting there in their soggy night diapers and everything.

“Not too sure, but I think I've rested enough, and I'd love to go try out the basement that we spent so much time fixing up.”

“That sounds like a good idea to me.”

As soon as they were finished with their breakfast, they decided that there was little point in cleaning up first just to go and do a long workout. They also felt that their diapers would hold out, so off they headed.

“Want to put on one of the workout videos and get a good cardio workout first baby?” Jordan asked.

“Sure, that sounds good to me, and then I imagine that you're going to do some weights, so while you're doing that, I'll do my gymnastics.”

“Okay, if you don't want to do weights, that's fine. After that then I will teach you some martial arts as well.”

“Okay, but I'm not supposed to do weights until I'm at least fifteen, they say it's really bad for kids' bodies to do weights before that age, unless it's just really light weights.”

“I have heard that as well, and I would have made certain that you kept it fairly light anyways. Although, light for you would be probably heavier than most kids your age could handle. Being on the streets doesn't seem to have effected your strength too much, because you seem to be considerably stronger than most kids.”

“I tried as best I could to keep in shape, even out on the streets, because I knew in order to stay alive out there I had to stay strong,”

“Both in body and in mind, and you're far stronger in mind than any other child I've ever encountered before. A mere child you certainly are not, and I personally would peg you at at least an emotional age of eighteen at the least. Well, that's all set, so let's go baby, and remember to go at your own pace and work up from there, don't try to keep up to me or the video, just because, I know you know already that that can harm you.”

“Yes, I do know that already, and I always go my own pace.”

The video started and it started out in a slow stretching and warming up routine, and after almost half an hour of that, it worked into some pretty intense aerobics. It was one of those kick boxing aerobics, so there was a lot of high kicking and punching movements in it, but there was also a lot of other really good moves. The workout lasted another half an hour, and then they started the cool down, which Jordan and Hayden decided to skip, at least for now, because they were going to continue longer.

“That was very impressive baby, you kept up all the time, and in some cases out performed the video, and came damn close to what I was able to do.”

“Thanks. That was a really awesome workout vid. We got a few in that series, didn't we?”

“Yeah, we did.”

“Cool, I can't wait to try the others as well. Just getting those moves down pat would help in martial arts I'm sure.”

“Yes, and that's the reason I like those ones, because they're actually pretty good for a workout video.”

“Yeah, I agree. Okay, I'm going into the clear area to do my gymnastics stuff, you can do your weight lifting if you want to.” Hayden smiled.

“Okay baby, have fun.”

“Oh, I will.”

So they each went their own way, but they faced each other at almost all times, so that they could see each other. The stereo was turned to TV sound and the music station was put on for them to listen to as they did their exercises. As Jordan watched Hayden, he was even more impressed. For someone who had probably done hardly any gymnastics in the past few years, he was still doing amazingly well. He started by doing his splits and bends and what not. He then did a lot of hand stand maneuvers that even Jordan knew he could not do himself. Then Hayden started doing springs, vaults, and flips. Jordan thought it amazing how Hayden could do front and back flips from a perfectly still stand, and even more so when he did a series of front and back flips. For more than an hour Hayden did all this, as Jordan did his weight lifting.

Hayden too was impressed by just how much weight that Jordan could lift. Sure he had seen body building shows on TV before and seen men and women lift more than what Jordan was doing, but they were professionals and did nothing but that, whereas Jordan certainly was not. Nor did he look like one of those people, he thought they looked freakishly unnatural. No, Hayden thought that Jordan was doing amazingly well.

“That was a really good workout you did there baby.” Jordan said as they called quits to that session.

“No better than yours daddy. You can lift a lot, but you don't look like one of those muscle bound freaks they show on TV.”

“Thanks for the compliment.” Jordan grinned.

“You're welcome. So, can you show me some martial arts now then?”

“Sure, I'm going to go through my routines, and as I do them, I will tell you what to do, and you just follow. It'll be much like the video in a way, but I go through a lot more as well.”

“Cool, sounds good to me.” Hayden smiled brightly, and they got started right away.

For the next half an hour they worked out like that, Jordan telling Hayden exactly what it was they were doing at every move, and Hayden picked it up immediately and did it almost flawlessly. Jordan would repeat every motion at least five times until he felt that Hayden had it perfect, and then move on to the next one.

“Well baby, I think that that's enough for today, that was a damn good workout, but we don't want to over do it either. We can do that every second day, and rest the next, so that way we don't overwork ourselves.”

“Okay daddy. I used to do fifty sit ups every night, a hundred ab crunches every morning, and twenty five push ups each morning and night. I tried to keep that up as much as possible even on the streets. I think I'll start doing that again every day.”

“That's not a bad idea, and I'll join you in them as well. That's a good routine to be in for sure.”

“I'd like that daddy. It only took me twenty minutes to do them all when I was in shape, but now it takes me almost half an hour.”

“You do know that most kids can't even do that much in one sitting, let alone be able to do it in only half an hour, and god forbid they would be able to do it in twenty minutes?”

“Oh, I know. In gym class at school, whenever we had to do any of those, I was able to outlast every person there, in fact I lasted twice as long as the next longest lasting person there. The teacher even threatened the kids with making them go for as long as I could if they continued to harass me in his class. He even told me that I was able to do more than he was able to, and had never seen another kid ever before do that.”

“No, most elementary school teachers probably would never see that sort of thing. Come on, let's go hop in the shower and rinse off quickly, and then come down and relax some?”


They headed upstairs quickly and removed their now almost totally saturated diapers, hopped in the shower, and gave themselves a very quick wash and rinse. They would come back after and do a full wash. Not even bothering to really dry off more than removing the excess water, they headed back down to the basement. They decided to try the sauna first, so turned it on and hopped in. They were able to last a little more than twenty minutes before hopping out. They both helped to remove the cover to the tub, and as soon as it was off, they hopped in.

“Ah, now this feels nice.”

“Yeah, it does baby. I really like the basement, I think it turned out incredibly.”

“Me too daddy. I have to wonder though, how hard would it be to put in a bathroom down here, so that we don't have to run up and down stairs all the time just to rinse off?”

“I don't know, but it was sorta a pain in the ass, wasn't it?”

“Yeah, it was. There's already a drain in the floor right, because there has to be for the hot water tank, and there's obviously water in there, so we should be able to easily put in a shower. We don't need a toilet down here, and if worse came to worse and one of us really needs to pee, we could just pee in the shower drain and wash it down.”

“Eww, you pee in the shower?” Jordan teased.

“Like you never have before. Normally we don't even have to worry about peeing anyways, only while we're in here or the sauna, otherwise we'll pretty much be in diapers most of the time.”

“You're right, I think everyone does, but no one would ever admit it. We can certainly look into it and see if it's even allowed, but really, I see no reason why it wouldn't be. We could easily tile the floor in the corner next to the hot water tank, put up some concrete backer board and tile that as well for the shower walls on the two sides, and then just have a totally open shower. There would still be tonnes more space left for the shelving units we want to put in there eventually.”

“Yeah, that would work, but we should probably make a curb out of tiles as well, surrounding the shower and the hot water tank, so that the water can't get anywhere else.”

“Good idea, and we should probably see about putting in a vent fan as well for the steam.”

“Cool, maybe once we get dressed we can go check it all out.”

“Sounds good to me baby, but I think buying the stuff will have to wait a couple more days until I get paid.”

“Oh yeah, money would be a good idea.”

“Ah, what the hell, it's not like I won't be able to pay off the credit card anyways, so we can just buy what we want today as well. We'll even get the stuff to do the shelves at the same time. May as well just finish the whole damn room all at the same time instead of piece by piece.”

“Yeah, we may as well. I'm about ready to hop out, are you daddy?”

“Yeah, I'm good as well.”

They hopped out and then realized a couple things. Not only had they forgotten their towels and were dripping all over their new floor, but they were dripping all over their new floor. They both thought that a couple mats or something to stand on would be a good idea.

They ran upstairs quickly, not even closing the tub yet, and hopped in the shower right away. This time they cleaned each other thoroughly, both enjoying their shower a great deal, if you catch my drift. Both satisfied and clean, they hopped out, dried off, sat on the toilet, cleaned their teeth, and then headed to their bedroom to get dressed for the day.

As soon as they were both ready to go, they headed back downstairs to close up the tub and shut everything down, and then they headed to the car to head out for another day of shopping.

Their first stop was to the city hall to see if something like what they wanted to do was even allowed and what they would need to do so. They were told that just putting a shower into an existing room with water and drain was allowed, but would be best to have a permit even though it was not strictly required in that case. They decided to leave it at that. From there they headed to the building center yet again to see if they could get everything that they needed. They toured the store for a little more than an hour, just looking at all the different options that they had, and near the end of their trip, they chose everything that they wanted and went and paid for and arranged delivery. There was a truck going out in an hour or two, and their stuff was scheduled to go onto it.

From the store they bought a nice simple textured porcelain tile, the concrete board, the concrete and grout, the water lines and the shower tap assembly, and the sealer for all the tiles. They also paid for the lumber and plywood for all the shelves, and even a sheet of pegboard and a bunch of pegs to go along with it. They grabbed a couple new lights and a extractor fan for in there, and all the wiring, switches, and the boxes that they would need. They also decided to get some simple paneling for the rest of the walls in there to just sort of give them the finished off look. With them they took all the electrical and plumbing things, all the nails and screws that they would surely need, and an assortment of tools that they did not have but would certainly need.

“Wow, my credit card sure is taking a beating lately huh baby?” Jordan chuckled as they were headed out of the store with their newest load.

“Yeah, but at least we'll have something great to show for it, and it's not like it won't get paid pretty much right off in just a couple days.”

“Yeah, well I can only pay about half of it off until next payday, or we'll end up using it to pay for groceries as well.”

“Eh, whatever.” Hayden shrugged.

“Come on baby, let's head home.”

“Okay, and we can get started right away on putting this stuff in right?”

“Yep, we may as well get as much done as we can before the delivery guys show up.”


As soon as they made it home and unloaded everything into the basement, they got started on what they had to do. Jordan told Hayden where the switch box was to go and how to put it in, and then told him where to drill all the holes, so he started on that with one drill, and Jordan started doing the light boxes and drilling the holes for them in the ceiling. This took maybe half an hour, and then they started running the lines. The original light switch was just popped out of the way for the time being, and the old light would also be moved in a little while, because it was in an odd place, but the power to it would be reused. Once everything was ready, Jordan started doing all the connections, working his way from the lights and the fan back to the box, and then carefully reconnected all that without actually turning off the breaker, because he was trying to keep the light on, for them to see by. Hayden had asked if that were dangerous, because he always thought that you should not do that, and Jordan answered that it most certainly was, but if you are careful, you can do it, just make sure you know what you are doing first.

“There, that's all the electrical done now, so now we can do the plumbing.”

“Cool, tell me what to do and I'll do what I can.” Hayden smiled.

Jordan just smiled and they both got to work doing all that they could do right away. Mostly Hayden could only just hand Jordan things as he needed them, but he was okay with that anyways. It did not take long at all for Jordan to put together the shower tap assembly and hook up the water lines to it. Once that was done he started working from there to the water source. The house had been equipped with a nice water manifold system, so connecting to the main water was really easy to do, he would not even need to turn anything off, because there were free outlets for him to utilize, and they already had shutoff's in place. He connected to them, and then activated the lines and checked for leaks. There were none, so it was left until later to do the full test.

“There, finished.”

“That was pretty easy to do. How is it you know so much about plumbing and electrical anyways? You were in the military, I'm sure they don't teach that sort of thing there.”

“Actually, yes they do. You can take courses there for nearly anything you want, and whenever I was not on a mission, I would take whatever courses there were for me to take. I took the beginner courses in nearly everything that they had to offer, but I also continued on on a number of ones as well, including those two.”

“Oh, why would they have courses like that?”

“Because they need people to be able to fix things, so they have the courses for their own people, as well they want their people to always be learning new things.”

“Makes sense I guess. Especially if you have a top secret facility somewhere with a problem, you wouldn't want to call in just any plumber, they wouldn't have the security clearance to be allowed in I'm betting.”

“Actually, that's exactly one of the reasons, but there are dozens more.”

“Cool, I think I just heard the doorbell.” Hayden said, and before Jordan could reply, Hayden took off.”

A few minutes later and the delivery guys and Hayden were back down, the guys with the first load. Jordan and Hayden stood off to the side and just watched for the next hour and a bit as the guys brought everything in for them.

“Well, everything appears to be here, but before we start, I think it's well past time for lunch, so come on baby, let's go eat.”

“You won't hear me complaining, I'm starving.”

“Why didn't you say something, one of us could have gone and started lunch while the other oversaw the delivery?”

“I was enjoying my cuddles with you more than wanting to eat.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“Well, I was enjoying them as well.” Jordan smiled just as warmly right back.

“I'm glad, but let's go.” Hayden said, and bolted up the stairs.

The next few days were busy ones again for them, they finished off the shower and storage areas, but they did not get much rest again. Their first chore was the shower and tiles. The backer board was put up, and then the floor tiles were done. While they were waiting for the concrete to set up enough for them to do the wall tiles, they started on the shelving units that they wanted, and they got them built easily enough. Next they did the wall tiles, and while they were waiting for that, they put all the paneling and the pegboard on the walls, and then moved the shelf units into place. Finally they were able to grout all the tiles, and then the following day they sealed it all, and they were done. It had not been nearly as difficult as doing the main part of the basement had been, but it actually took nearly as much time because of having to wait for everything to dry before they could continue. This at least meant that they had plenty of time to rest, and this time they used the sauna and hot tub for their rest.

“Well baby, it's all done, it took quite a few days, but it's done.” Jordan said just after he finished applying the sealer to the tiles to make them completely waterproof.

“Yeah, and it looks awesome as well.” Hayden smiled brightly.

“That it does baby, that it does. I don't think that we should test the shower out today, we should wait until tomorrow when the sealer has had time to dry, but that should be fine.”

“Yeah, it's not like we're in any real rush anyways.”

“No, it's not. I just realized that today is payday for me, so I should probably go pay my bills and then we should go grocery shopping. Which also means we should go have a shower and get changed out of these soggy diapers. We can go out for lunch today as well I think.”

“That sounds fine to me.” Hayden said.

Not too long after, they were headed out of the house, the first time since they started the project. They were good with that though, neither one was much into going out all that often, so that suited them just fine. Jordan had gone online to his bank account and paid all the bills that he needed to pay, but only paid a third of the balance on his credit card off for now. They decided together that they would go for lunch first, and they found a place that smelled really good, so they went there and filled themselves up well. After lunch they went grocery shopping. They spent nearly an hour in the grocery store, and then at least fifteen minutes just trying to get through the checkout, but before too long, they were headed home. When they arrived, they both noticed something that they had never seen before, the blinking light on the answering machine. Jordan went and hit the button.

“Good afternoon Rear Admiral, this is Admiral Smithers. I realize that you probably did not wish to be called back so soon, however, we have a request that suits your abilities. We only request your presence for two weeks, and it will be training new recruits in the arts of interrogation and how to read body language. Being that we are calling you up, and that we would like you on very short notice, we are prepared to make this very much worth your time. However, due to the location of this training, you will be requested to not leave the base during the week, which means that you will not be able to visit your new son, of which we will talk about more once we meet again face to face. I understand that you will probably need time to make arrangements for him, however I do not have the time to give you. The agent that was supposed to have done the course was unfortunately made unavailable to us, and the training is scheduled to start tomorrow. I know that you will do this for me, and your flight leaves from your local base at 0500 tomorrow morning. Please pack the basics, the rest will be supplied to you upon arrival.”

“Crap, I can't turn that one down, I owe that man just a few too many favors, and it wasn't really a request so much as an order. What am I to do with you though baby, we don't know anyone here that will be able to look after you?”

“No, you can't really turn it down, even I could hear that, but I'll be fine here alone, don't worry about me. This will be a thousand times better than what I was used to not all that long ago remember.”

“I suppose you're right. It sounds as if I'll be able to come home on the weekend though, so that's good, and it's not like it's long, only two weeks.”

“That's right, you'll be just fine. So what did he mean by 'unfortunately made unavailable' anyways?”

“That means that whomever was supposed to do the course was probably either captured or killed, or possibly both. It's certainly a real possibility, and one of the dangers of the job. Thankfully the two times I was captured I managed to survive, although the one time I almost didn't.”

“This won't be dangerous will it?”

“No, at least training missions usually aren't anyways. There's always some sort of danger, but I'll only be teaching interrogation and body posture reading by the sounds of it, and most of that is classroom work.”

“Oh good. And I'll be wanting you to tell me all about getting captured later, but for now I guess we should get this stuff put away and then get you packed up. It'll be an early night for you, because in order to get up and ready to be there for your 0500 flight, that means you'll have to get up at three am.”

“Yes Sir, you got it.” Jordan said with a salute and a laugh.

“Next time make sure that salute is more crisp Private, or it'll be toilet brushing with your tooth brush for four hours, understand me.” Hayden came back in the most stern voice he could muster. A difficult chore for a preteen boy for sure. They both burst out laughing.

“Ha, Private, that's a laugh. Didn't you hear what he called me, I'm a Rear Admiral in the Navy, thank you very much. Also, Private isn't even a Naval rank.” Jordan said, sticking his tongue out.

“Whatever.” Hayden grinned. “Not like I know all the ranks for each of the divisions”

“I know, I was just teasing you right back as well. You're correct though, we should get this all put away and then I should get all packed and ready to go, because it will be an early start, 0300 for sure.”

“I'll get up with you to see you off, but don't expect me to stay up once you leave.”

“Hell, I hope they don't expect me to stay awake during the flight. More than likely the training will be taking place at the Navy secret training base deep in the mountains, which means at least a few hours flight from here.”

“Probably not. Well, come on daddy.” Hayden smiled warmly, and they got started.

Almost three hours later they were curled up in bed, they had just relieved a little pressure from each other orally, they had just kissed goodnight, and were trying to get to sleep, it was only just after six pm.

“I can't sleep.” Hayden whined almost half an hour after they had laid down.

“Me neither. But we can't stay up either, or we'll never wake up on time.”

“I know a way to make us more tired?”

“I bet I know what you're thinking!”

“You have to admit that the next week with nothing more than your hand is going to drive you mad, now that you've gotten used to at least once a day of having me help you out, and I know I'll explode in a heartbeat next weekend when we first have sex.”

“I know, but I'm getting tired, and we already sucked each other, so I don't know how much more I have left in me.”

“I don't much care if you shoot or not, just having you in me is all that matters, and I wouldn't mind getting deep inside you, and I can't shoot at all yet.”

“Good point. Do you want to go for the first ride then baby?”

“Oh yes please. I suppose we should take our diapers off, they're not even wet yet at all, and there's no point in ruining a perfectly good diaper when you don't have to.” Hayden said while taking his off.

“No, I guess there isn't, but it doesn't really matter all that much.”

“No, but there's no point in wasting it, and when it's my turn, we have to take them off anyways, because I can't fit through both our diapers and give you much as well. So, we may as well just take them off now.”

“Okay baby, take mine off as well, lube up and hop on, I'll see what I have to give to you.” Jordan smiled.

Hayden did as he was asked, and minutes later he was sitting on top of his very loving daddy, bouncing up and down to put a bull rider to shame. Jordan was amazed at the pace and the motions that Hayden was doing, but he had to admit that it felt simply amazing. Even though they had both just cum not too long before that, Jordan found himself getting seriously close to orgasm after only five minutes of the most torturous pleasure he had ever known. With a growl that had to have been heard in the next city, Jordan exploded, and he exploded quite copiously as well.

“Wow!” Was all that Jordan could say.

“I know what you mean, I came as well, and it felt awesome. I've never ridden anyone that hard and fast before, I liked it. I didn't like it when people fucked me like that when they were in control, but it felt really awesome to ride you like that.” Hayden panted out, while pulling off.

“Wow!” Jordan just repeated.

“Yeah, now lift your legs up daddy.” Hayden instructed.

Jordan was only just barely aware of the command, but his body did what it was asked anyways, almost of its own free will, and before too long, Hayden was slipping a lube coated finger inside his daddy's ass.

After only a minute of lubing him up, Hayden got into position and slipped in all the way. This time he went super slow. The contrast could not have been more stark had he tried harder. Their previous session was fast and furious, almost raw in its intensity, but this was true love making in all its beautiful glory. Once again Hayden was too small to reach up and actually kiss Jordan, but he suckled his nipples instead, and Jordan was not about to complain anytime soon, like anytime within the next millennium. His thrusts were also kept excruciatingly slow, and Jordan was amazed that Hayden could hold on like he was, because after thirty minutes of lovemaking, he was still going the same pace.

After just about forty five minutes of this bliss though, they both came, at the same time, both just as strong. Although Jordan did shoot, it certainly was not a lot, and because Hayden had pushed himself up in his orgasm as well, what little Jordan did spray, Hayden licked off as soon as he was coherent enough to do so.

“Oh wow, oh god baby. I don't know what you just did to me, but I liked it, very much.”

“I'm glad, now let me diaper you back up, and then you need to diaper me, because I'm going to pass out very soon.”

They diapered each other up quickly, they kissed and cuddled again, and this time when they curled up to go to sleep, they both found the sleep that they needed, and quickly at that.