“Good morning baby. How did you sleep last night?” Jordan asked as soon as he woke up to the alarm, he found that Hayden was already awake and up on one elbow watching him.

“Pretty good daddy. How 'bout you?”

“Not too bad once I got to sleep. I'm not used to going to bed that early, so it did take time, although your sleep inducing method is certainly one of the best I have ever encountered. If you could sell that at a drug store, well I guess it wouldn't be a drug store, now would it?” Jordan giggled.

“You're pretty corny, you know that right?” Hayden asked, but he was trying his best not to giggle as well.

“Yeah, I know, but it made you laugh, and that's all that matters. Well baby, I guess we should get our soggy butts out of bed and go get ready for the day.”

“No, you can get out of your soggy diaper and get ready, I plan to stay in my diaper until I wake up later in the morning.”

“Yeah, I guess you don't strictly need to be up.”

“Not really, but I won't go back to bed 'til you leave.”

“Thanks baby, I appreciate it. So, what're you going to do over the next two weeks then?”

“No clue. I'll do something to keep myself busy though, don't worry about me. One thing I know is how to fight boredom, and I have a lot more now to help in that matter than I used to have.”

“Yeah, I guess you do. I'll leave you my bank card, there's still several hundred dollars in the account, so if you need anything at all, you can get it. Try not to spend it all granted, but don't go without either. I more than likely will require no money, but I'll have my credit card with me just in case.”

“Thanks, that's not a bad idea. You'll have to tell me the PIN for it though, because I've never had a need to use your card, so you've never told me before.”

“That's probably not such a bad idea baby. Come on, if you want to get up with me, then I need to get up. Can you take off my diaper for me and give me a quick cleaning, I'm not going to bother with a shower this morning?”

“Sure daddy. So, what are you going to do about nights, you haven't woken up once to go pee that I'm aware of, so you might actually wet the bed without diapers now?”

“I'm taking diapers with me for the nights. I'll have my own room anyways, and even if I didn't, I wouldn't care. No one would say anything either, or at least I assume they wouldn't.”

“That's good, I wouldn't want my baby wetting the bed at night.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“Thanks baby.” Jordan smiled back.

Hayden had Jordan roll onto his back and removed his wet diaper and cleaned him up with a couple baby wipes. He then helped his daddy to get dressed in the clothes that he had set out the night before, it was his regular uniform, his dress uniform was carefully packed into one of his other bags.

“You look very handsome in your uniform daddy.”

“Thanks baby. If you like this one, you should see my dress uniform.”

“I would love to see that one day.”

“Then you will get to. Care to join me while I have breakfast?”

“Sure thing daddy.”

They headed to the kitchen and Jordan had a bowl of cereal, a couple slices of multi grain toast, and juice. Hayden just grabbed a glass of juice and one slice of toast to tide him over until he had breakfast later. As they sat there eating, they chatted, but said nothing much more than they already had.

“Well baby, I guess this is it, I have to get going. My card is on the counter in the envelope, the number is written inside it, try and stay out of trouble, try to keep yourself busy, and most of all, try and have some fun as well. I love you lots.”

“I will daddy, I love you lots too. How can I contact you if I need to?”

“I left the information on the counter for you, as well as a house key.”

“Oh good. I'll try not to call you, I know you'll be really busy, but thanks for leaving it just in case. Now, stay safe, I really need you to come home alive, although I know better than most how that sometimes isn't possible.”

“I'm always as safe as I can be, and I will try my damnedest to make it home in one piece, although it shouldn't be in any way dangerous.”

“I know. Love you, have fun, and try not to torture any of the newbies too much.”

“Well, that just takes the fun right out of it. I may as well not go now then.” Jordan pouted.

“You know, I don't even doubt that.” Hayden grinned.

“Come here and give me a great big hug and kiss goodbye, it has to last at least a week, or longer if I have to stay there.”

Hayden ran up and jumped into Jordan's arms, and they hugged and kissed tenderly for at least ten minutes before Jordan set Hayden down. As strong as they were both trying to stay for the other, it was failing, and they both had tears in their eyes.

“Well baby, I really should get going now. I love you so much, bye.”

“Yes, you should, and I love you so much more than that. Bye bye.”

And with that, Jordan headed out the door. Hayden gave a final wave before the door was shut, and he heard the lock click as Jordan locked it behind himself. As soon as Hayden was sure that Jordan would not be able to see or hear him, he started crying. He felt like a piece of himself was leaving, and although he had felt true loss before, that was due to a death, and he certainly never loved his mother like he loved his daddy. He sat on the couch and cried for at least ten minutes before heading back to their bedroom to go back to sleep. He grabbed Jordan's pillow, so that he could smell his daddy at least, he hugged that, and a few minutes later fell into a restless sleep.

Jordan got to the car, started it and pulled out. After a block, he had to pull over, the tears were starting to blind him. They started falling almost the second he closed the door, but he wanted to get away from the house before he broke down and bawled just like a baby. He had lost friends, he had seen them killed, he had witnessed some of the most horrifying things imaginable, but nothing had ever made him cry like leaving his baby now did. Granted, he never let anyone else ever see him cry before, it wouldn't have been good for the men below them to see such weakness in their commander. He sure was crying now though, great pitiful sobs. He'd never truly known love before, never been in love with anyone before, and now he did, and now he was leaving his love. He knew it was not for long, it was only two weeks right, how hard could it be! Well, now that he had left the house, he was finding it harder than he ever imagined it would be.

Finally after nearly fifteen minutes, Jordan was able to pull himself together and continued the half an hour drive to the base. When he arrived there, he was told where to park and where his flight was leaving from. He parked where he was supposed to, headed to the hanger where he was to load up, and got suited up. Half an hour later he was in the air, and half an hour after that he was sleeping restlessly as well. He slept most of the way there, only waking up when the captain of his flight called out to tell him that they were about to land. He woke up, wiped the sleep from his eyes, and made himself presentable.

As soon as they landed and he was given permission from the pilot that he was allowed to leave the plane, he got out. It was mid morning now where he was, and the first person he saw when he stepped out, was none other than Admiral Smithers. Jordan saluted immediately, and the Admiral saluted back.

“Rear Admiral, it's good to see you again. It's been too long, but I understand more than most why it was that you retired. You're not cut out for a desk job, you could never have been happy doing what I do. Come to think of it, most days I hate my job.”

“Admiral, it's good to see you again. I wasn't aware that you were the commanding officer of this facility.”

“Yes, it was a fairly nice promotion from where I was. This base is quiet, has more than everything I could ever ask for, and all the people here are really good.”

“I'm glad you're enjoying your new post. I must admit I was surprised that you would be the one to call me up, seeing as how I never directly worked under you.”

“Yeah, well the few times that we worked together, I knew you were the one I'd call should I ever have an emergency, and knowing how you felt about owing anyone anything, I knew you would jump at the chance to pay me back at least some. If you do your job half as well as I know you will, we'll call both favors paid off.”

“Yes, we're alike in that matter, that's for sure, and you know it. When you owed me a favor, you practically begged me for weeks on end to give you something to do. It was rather enjoyable to let you stew like that though, but it honestly was not on purpose.” Jordan laughed.

“I wouldn't have put it against you to tell you the truth.”

“Nor I you.”


“So, who was it you had scheduled to do the training, and for what reason was it he or she was unable to do it for you?”

“You remember Barnston I trust, you worked together a few times I believe?”

“Yes, damn fine explosives expert.”

“Yeah, well sadly whomever placed an explosive in his house was just a tad better than he was. He found the device, called us, and went to diffuse it, because there was only two minutes left and he didn't want to destroy his house. We made it there too late of course. It was of course put off to a gas leak that caused the explosion and thankfully no one was home at the time.”

“Well, I'm quite sure that had he had to go, that's the way he would have wanted it. So, I guess that means that you're also in need of an explosives expert?”

“Yes, and I have one on the way, he'll be here in three days, but he's green as can be, knows next to nothing about interrogation, and honestly, I was not happy with him being posted here at all. I'll try and get him reassigned elsewhere and find a more suitable person for the job. This will be his first posting, and why they would put him in a training facility when he has never actually used his interrogation techniques is beyond me. Not to mention he has no clue about training in any way.”

“Who is he?”


“Jesperson, as in Vice Admiral Jesperson?”

“Not familiar with the name. This is just a kid though, he's just barely twenty three, so I'm certain he's no Vice Admiral.”

“I think I heard he had a son, I wonder if this was not a cushy assignment for some high end tight asses son. And he is a high end tight ass. He was the Commander at one of the bases I was stationed at, never met a more arrogant man in my life.”

“Oh, please tell me that's not the case? If I find out it was, I'll find this Jesperson and make sure he understands a few things.”

“Don't go getting in trouble.”

“Nah, it'll be him in trouble.”

“I don't doubt that.” Jordan chuckled.

“So, on a different note, what's this I hear about a son?”

“Yeah, I have a son, who knew.” Jordan smiled.

“Yeah, well I know you better than most out there do, and I am fairly certain there was little chance that you have a son floating around out there anywhere.”

“Nah, you're right, but to everyone else, he is a son from a previous relationship. So, when did you know about me?”

“First day I met you, what twelve, thirteen years ago now. They say we can always tell, and you certainly rang that way in my church, if you catch my drift.” He grinned.

“Yes, I catch it loud and clear, and I too suspected it about you as well.”

“I figured you might. Obviously neither of these conversations ever took place. So, the question remains, how did you end up with a son that by all accounts looks as if he's a perfectly legitimate son of yours?”

“Caught him breaking into my house stealing food. He was a street boy who saw his mother killed by her pimp, and then he killed the bastard. He was on the street for nearly three years and had done very well for himself, but he needed help, so I offered it to him.”

“I always took you for a real softy at heart.”

“Somehow I don't think my enemies feel the same way.”

“If any of them are still alive that is.”

“True. I try not to leave enemies alive, at least for long.”

“Nor I old friend, nor I. So, are the two of you having sex, I know you shared a taste in the younger boys from time to time, as many of us did?”

“No, but we make love to each other often. I never thought I would fall in love, I always thought I was not really the loving type, but with him, it's very different, it's very enlightening.”

“Yes, I'm sure it is. No fear of course, I'd never tell anyone, I'd be a hypocrite if I did. Although I'm not a boy lover, I too have enjoyed the occasional young man, and even I have to admit that the right thirteen or fourteen year old can be a hell of a lot of fun.”

“I agree whole heartedly of course. Normally I don't like them too terribly young, although I have had a few younger ones. Hayden is thirteen, which is right around the age I really start liking them.”

“Yes, I can see why, that age is so full of awe, and the boys are always so full of hormones, they can be a lot of fun.”

“Yes, that they are. So, how many am I training this time?”

“Just six this time. I want you to teach them everything that you know of interrogation and body language recognition, and you have only two weeks to do it. These six are scheduled to graduate in four weeks, and they have to be proficient in this before they can, and they are needed. They're six of the better ones I've had pass through here though, one of them damn near as good as you are in many of his abilities, and the kid is barely twenty four.”

“It'll be tough, but I'll give it my best. Teaching all that I know of the arts of interrogation normally takes at least six weeks. Do I have them twenty four seven, or do I have to let them eat and sleep?”

“Sadly, you do have to let them eat and sleep, you know the rules, we're not allowed to do that sort of thing any more. And they call us pansies because we're gay.” Admiral Smithers said, breaking out into raucous laughter.

“God, you're horrible, but you're certainly correct. Half these kids nowadays would never survive through the training we had to go through, but it certainly made us stronger. Granted, we also had what seventy percent failure rate, whereas nowadays we might see only thirty percent fail.”

“Thanks, and yeah, but these new kids you've got will be fine, they've already gone through the worst of it.”

“Hardly, they've never had me, and I'm the biggest hard ass around.” Jordan grinned.

“Yeah, except when a young boy bats his cute little eyes at you, then you turn into a big softy.”

“Hey, we all have our weaknesses.” Jordan grinned again.

“Yes, that we do.”

“So, when do I start?”

“In about half an hour, we should have already gotten you to your room so that you could unpack and get cleaned up and all that, but we've been chatting like a couple of old ladies.”

“Oh well, no big deal, I've trained a class looking far worse for wear than I do now.”

“How so, you look like shit?” Admiral Smithers laughed.

“Thanks, coming from you, I'll just have to take that as a compliment.”

“It was.”

“I know, but for your information, I've come back from a mission with a bullet still inside me, bandaged only well enough to hold me together, and still trained a few guys how to disarm a bomb.”

“Yeah, you big sissy, that's nothing.”

“Yeah right, you've never even been injured on the job.”

“How I'll never know, especially seeing as how that asshole that was firing at me with a fully automatic machine gun managed to hit everything around me, and I had a hole in my pants from one bullet passing right by me.”

“Yeah, even I thought you were toast there, but he may have been spraying a thousand bullets at you, but I got him in only one. I don't know who you must have blown in a previous life, but you sure had someone keeping you alive out there. Hell, I've been stabbed three times, shot twice, and I've been in more hand to hand fights than even I can remember.”

“Well at least I paid you back, but you did manage to take a bullet before I got a clean shot.”

“True. You better lead the way to my room, I hate taking my luggage to class with me.”

“Shit, yeah. Come on.”

“So, I trust I have the use of all the facilities here?” Jordan asked as they were walking.

“As always. Just sign up for it so that you're certain to get what you need, and if there are any problems, just call me and I'll straighten it out. You have top priority for all your classes.”

“And am I to teach them about near torture interrogation?”

“Sadly no, we're not actually supposed to do that any more, but for the life of me, I don't understand it. We both know from personal experience that the enemy certainly has no qualms about torturing us. I guess I can see the point, we're not like our enemies, and we should act civil and human about our investigations. But I do miss the screams.” He grinned evilly.

“Yeah, I still have the marks from the last time I was captured. Oh well, I can teach people to find out almost anything they care to know without ever laying a hand on a prisoner. Am I allowed to at least torture them a little, please tell me I'm allowed to?” Jordan nearly whined.

“Not physically, but we always look the other way if you want to play with their minds a bit, in fact, I would love you to teach them how to do it as well. You were the best at non torture interrogation of enemies of war, simply because you could make them really sweat.”

“Cool, even when we were allowed to use physical force, I always found it was easier to play with their minds, and much more satisfying. They cracked far faster than just hitting them ever did.”

“I know. Well, here you go. It's not much, but it's yours for the next two weeks.”

“Thanks, it'll do just fine. And how about this weekend, am I going to get to go home for a night or two?”

“We could try and arrange something, but the choice is really going to be yours as to whether or not you can afford to. It'll really depend on how well your students are doing.”

“Good point. Now, you said you'd make this training worth my while, so what are you paying for this assignment anyways?”

“Twenty thou sound okay to you?”

“Good enough for me, sure. Thanks. That must be eating a fair bit of your budget.”

“Nah, I have a pretty good budget here, so I can afford it. I'd have had to pay almost anyone just about that much anyways just to come out on short notice to do such a training, so I figured that you would be up for it.”

“Yeah, and it'll help keep me and my boy rolling in the money for a while longer. I used up all my savings buying the house and car and doing some work to the house. You should see our basement now though, it rivals even some of the gyms on some of the bases.”

“Cool, maybe one of these days I'll have to swing by and check it out. Now, have you ever served at this base before, and do you know your way around?”

“Yes, I have trained here before, both as a student and as a trainer, so I'm very familiar with the base. Where is my main hall?”


“Why are you putting me in an artillery training facility?”

“I figured you'd be most comfortable there, being surrounded by guns always seems to make you the most calm.”

“You know me so well.” Jordan laughed.

“Yeah, but really, the reason was the facility that you would normally train out of is having a seismic upgrade and a bunch of other work done to it, so the artillery division is sharing their facilities right now.”

“That's good, that building always felt like it was going to fall down if you sneezed too hard.”

“Exactly the reason I'm having it almost totally rebuilt.”

“Well, I have ten minutes to make it to class before my pupils arrive, so I better get a move on, by foot it's a five minute sprint.”

“I'll drive you over.”

“Nah, that's okay, I need my exercise.”

“Yeah, you're in better shape now than you were in your twenties.”

“And that's the reason why. I don't slack off and drive to places I could just as easily walk or run to.”

“Yeah, I need to do that a little more often, although I'm still pretty fit, but I have gained a few pounds over the past few years.”

“Same here, but my body fat is still almost zero. I've just added more muscle.”

“Yeah, and it shows. Well, have fun, come and see me in the officers club after you get finished and we'll enjoy a drink or two.”

“I still don't touch alcohol, but I'll certainly join you. I'll be finished at about 1900 hours or so.”

“Okay, see you then.” Admiral Smithers said and Jordan took off, running all the way there.

Half an hour later, Jordan was sitting at the front of the room on a table as the last of the six men that he was to train took their seats.

“Good morning Gentlemen, my name is Rear Admiral Jones, just call me RA Jones while in class, or Jones is just fine as well. While I am your instructor, I do not insist on rank protocol, I do however insist on full attention and obedience at all times. Failure to do so will have you falling at my feet in exhaustion, begging for me to not make you do any more push ups. I will more than likely be one of those instructors that you absolutely hate during class, but I know that each and every one of you will learn far more than any of you ever imagined during your time with me. I am here to teach you humane ways to question a prisoner of war without once laying a hand on them. I will show you every technique that I have learned over my many years as an agent. I will actually use each and every one of you as an example during the next two weeks, I will probably make one or more of you cry, a few of you at least will bare your complete soul to me. However, I hope that your training to prevent this sort of thing was good, so that you do not break down and tell me anything I wish to know, but I seriously doubt that. None of you will have gone through the training that I received. At one time it was perfectly okay to stick someone's head under water for a few minutes until they would tell you anything, I had slivers of wood shoved under my fingernails during training, just so that I would understand how bad it would be when I was captured. Sadly, we are no longer allowed to do that to you, but what I am allowed is nearly as effective. You were never prepared for the likes of me, but what you take from this course will help you for the rest of your life. Are there any questions before we get started?”

“No Sir.”

“That's good. The only thing that will make me more upset than any of you not listening to me, is not asking questions when you fail to understand something. I doubt any of you has ever had to do a thousand push ups before, but I will watch over you in any weather, outside in only your skivvies, doing every one of those push ups if you ever fail to learn in my class, and asking questions is an integral part of learning. Is that perfectly understood?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good, now we can start. The first thing is to forget everything that has ever been taught to you about interrogation, because I am going to teach you the right way to do it.” Jordan barked out, and that set the rest of time in class.

Later that evening, he met Smithers at the officers club as had been prearranged, and they sat back and enjoyed laughing and talking like the old friends that they were.

As soon as Jordan made it back to his room for the night, he stripped down, put on a nice thick diaper, and called his baby, it was almost 2100 hours.

Hayden stayed in bed for about another three hours, not really sleeping all that well, but he did at least get back to sleep. As soon as he got up, he headed to the kitchen in his now almost totally soaked diaper, made and ate breakfast, cleaned that up, and then went to get changed. He just gave himself a quick wipe, because he was going to go down and workout, and he did not feel that there was any point in getting really clean if he was going to just go down and get all sweaty.

He made it downstairs and threw on one of the other kick boxing workout videos and got started right away, pushing himself to his very limits, working up a real good sweat. As soon as the video was done, he went and did his gymnastics workout, and then finally did the martial arts one that he and Jordan had done the other day. Doing it from memory and doing pretty well. As soon as he was done all the work, he headed to the shower, got out of the diaper that he was wearing, it was already a little wet, and hopped in the shower to rinse off. As soon as he was rinsed off, he headed to the hot tub and sat back in there and relaxed for a bit. From there he hit the sauna and sweated out for a while. Finally he hit the shower again and cleaned himself from top to bottom in nearly cold water.

As soon as he was all done his workout and cleaning, he headed back upstairs and got himself diapered and dressed for the day.

“Now what am I going to do?” Hayden asked himself.

He had gotten used to being very much alone for the most part over the past three years, but in only a few weeks of being with Jordan he missed having someone there with him now. He grabbed his computer, he had hardly even touched it yet, other than just a couple times for a few minutes at a time. He got onto the internet and looked around for a while, but after at most half an hour, he was tired of that. He decided to go for a walk into town to see what he could do there.

Arriving at the mall, Hayden hit the bank first to take out some cash. He grabbed forty to start, figuring that that would be more than enough for him to get a bite to eat and maybe a couple other things. He wandered around for a little while before deciding to go get some lunch, since he was getting pretty hungry. He decided on a burger and fries today, something that he always enjoyed as a rare treat, but rarely ever went for, because it was really fattening.

“Pardon me young man.” A mall security guard said, getting Hayden's attention.

“Yes Sir, how can I help you?” Hayden asked after turning and seeing who spoke to him.

“Aren't you supposed to be in school?”

“No, I am home schooled.”

“Where are your parents then?”

“I only have a dad, my mom died recently, but he's out of town on business, and I was bored at home after doing my school work and my workout for the day, so I decided to come here for lunch and to look around for a bit.” Hayden said honestly.

“Any way I can contact your father to confirm this?”

“No, not really, he's a rear admiral in the navy, and he's currently doing some training of some new recruits, because the person who was to do the training was unfortunately unable to make it, so he was asked to go. I do have his number, and I am able to call him, but I would rather not call unless it was an emergency.”

“If I were to detain you for loitering at the mall on a school day, I think that would constitute an emergency.”

“And if you were to detain me Sir, for any reason whatsoever, the entire legal department of the navy would be your least concern, because as soon as my dad got through with you, you'd wish you were never born. Now, I already explained to you that I am home schooled, that I already did my school work for the day, and that I am allowed to be here. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to finish my lunch, thank you very much.”

“Did you just dismiss me boy?”

“Yes, actually I did.”

“You're coming with me.”

“No, actually I am not, and if you so much as lay one finger on me, I will charge you with aggravated assault of a minor. You have absolutely no rights at all to detain me for any reason, whether or not my father is here. Now, please leave, or I start screaming.”

“I have every right to detain you young man, I am the law in this mall.”

“Oh great, just what I need, some bloody rent a cop who thinks he's Rambo. What are you gonna do next, pull out your handcuffs and cuff me?”

“If you continue to resist detainment, then I may be forced to.”

“And if you do that, like I said, I would charge you with aggravated assault, and you will be out of a job. I have no idea what it is you have against kids, but I suggest very strongly that you find another job, because a mall is the wrong place for you if you hate kids.”

“Kid, I am about sick of your lip, now come with me, quietly, or else there's going to be trouble.”

“Absolutely not. Call your boss, now, or I start screaming that you're trying to get me to your office to have sex with me, and don't think for one fraction of a second that I won't. In fact, I am willing to bet that that's exactly what you're trying to do, and I don't doubt in the least that you have trapped other kids who were too naive about the law to realize that they were not in trouble at all.” Hayden said softly, a very deadly calm in his voice. The security guard realized that he was messing with the wrong kid, and turned and walked away without saying another word.

'What the hell is it with me, do I attract these morons or something?' He asked himself in his head.

He finished eating his lunch, and continued walking around the mall, not seeing the security guard anywhere. During his trek he found a couple nice things for the house, so grabbed them, because they still had lots left to buy to decorate the house.

One of the main reasons that he had come to the mall in the first place, was because he felt that they needed a couple things for the basement shower still. They had so far only been setting the shampoo, conditioner, and soap on the floor, because there was nowhere to put it yet, and he wanted something to remedy that problem. He looked around further, looking to see what he could find. He did not like the ones that hung from the shower head, so that was out of the question, but he did find a dispenser that looked like it would fit the bill just fine. It had three soap dispensers in it; one for each soap, shampoo and conditioner, as well it had a shelf and a mirror on it, and a few hooks to hang things from. All in all, Hayden thought it would be perfect. It was a little more than he had been planning to spend, but he decided to get it anyways. He also saw a nice simple stand that would look nice in their shower area to hold towels and cloths, because so far they had just been putting them on the shelves that they had built, but that was clear across the room, and a pain in the ass he figured.

'So, now how the hell am I gonna get home?' Hayden asked himself once he had found what he wanted, and realized that it would be too much for him to carry.

He looked around for a while longer, trying to figure out if he should call a cab, figure out the bus system, or just walk anyways and suffer. As he was pondering the situation, he happened to see one of the folding carts that people often carried their groceries and whatnot in, and it was a reasonable price.

'There, problem solved.' Hayden grinned to himself.

This way he would not have to pay to get home, seeing how there was no real need in doing so. Sure, it was cool outside, even cold really, but it was clear and still somewhat nice out, so he could easily walk.

He took everything to an available check out and paid for his stuff, and then headed back home after getting the cart unfolded and his stuff stuffed into it. It was just barely large enough, but it worked just fine anyways. The walk home was nice, no one bothered him, which was good. As soon as he got home, he took his stuff down to the basement and got it together and put where he wanted it. For the rest of the day, Hayden just laid back and relaxed, watching TV. He was bored, but that was okay. Finally though the phone rang, and he picked it up before the first ring even finished.

“Hello baby, you must have been nearly sitting on top of the phone, you answered it before it even started ringing on my end.” Jordan chuckled.

“I've been waiting for your call all day daddy. How's it goin there?”

“Pretty good. First day is always the hardest, and I have a lot to pound into these kids' heads before two weeks is up, but I've had harder challenges.”

“Kids, why would you have kids there?”

“Well, they're in their early twenties, but newbies are always referred to as kids, and they're more than young enough to be my children, that's for sure. So how are you doing baby?”

“Little bored and wish I could cuddle up to you, but otherwise I'm doing just fine.”

“Yeah, I wish I could cuddle up to you as well. Sleeping is going to be the hardest though, and not for the same reason it might be for you.” Jordan laughed.

“I've been hard most of the day, tonight won't be much different, but I agree, sleeping without you will be difficult to do.”

“I don't doubt that. So, what did you do today?”

“Not much, did my workout this morning, played on the computer for a bit and got bored with that, so walked to the mall. While there I was harassed by a security guard who thought he was a real cop, all because I was not in school. I actually was starting to think that he was just trying to lure me into his office, hoping that I was scared enough to be willing to do anything. I even said that to him, and he just turned and walked away.”

“Well, I'll certainly be looking into that once I get home. Other than that, what else did you do?”

“Nothing other than watch TV. I haven't even made dinner yet, but I probably should, I'm getting really hungry.”

“Good grief, you should be getting hungry, do you know what time it is?”


“It's almost nine pm, you're usually starving by six. Why didn't you eat?”

“Don't know, just too bored to get up and do it.”

“No, I think you're a bit depressed that I'm not there with you. It'll take a couple days I'm sure, but you'll be just fine. I want you to eat properly though baby, and moping around isn't good for you.”

“I know daddy, and you're right as well.”

“I know I am. Now, I should let you go get some food, and then you'll probably be heading to bed soon, so I'll let you go. I love you lots, and try and have a good sleep.”

“I love you lots too daddy and you try and have a good sleep as well.”