Both boys woke shortly after five the next morning to find that they were cuddled right up to each others near nude bodies. Chris was facing away, laying on his side, and Hayden was cuddled right up behind him, hugging him close as he had been sleeping. They both knew the other was awake, but neither one wanted to move or speak to ruin the tender embrace either. Eventually though they had to. Not only were they getting hungry, and their stomachs were starting to protest, but their diapers were getting seriously close to maximum capacity.

“Mmm, I don't know when I've ever slept so nicely before.” Chris sighed as they pulled apart.

“I know how you feel. That's how daddy and I sleep all the time, and it's so comforting and cozy, I always sleep so nicely when I'm wrapped up in his arms. As much as I like you though, I don't love you like I love him, so please don't make anything out of our cuddling while we slept.”

“I know, you love your daddy very much, and I'll never come between you two. I can't wait to meet him, he sounds like such a neat guy. I wish I could find a boyfriend though so that I can cuddle up with someone like that more often.” Chris said dreamily.

“You'll find someone, don't worry. It's not like you don't have time right.”

“You never know. I always live life in the now, never planning for the tomorrow. Sure I have some plans for the future, but I never let those plans take away from what I need now, because I know that tomorrow is no guarantee. I almost died when I was a baby, my dad did die when I was a baby, it can happen to anyone at any time, and I never want to have that happen without at least knowing true love.”

“I know what you mean, and I'm the same way. If you try and force it though, it won't be true love. Sure you could find someone and sort of fall n love with them, but he won't necessarily be your one true love, all just because you want something right now. I never thought that I'd find true love, and certainly not in the way that I ended up finding it, but I did, and that's all that matters. Just be patient and let things flow the way they're meant to flow, and you'll be happier in the long run.” Hayden pondered thoughtfully.

“Yeah, I know you're right. Would it be okay if we changed each others diapers do you figure?”

“I suppose that would be okay, but no playing around remember.”

“I won't play with you, don't worry. I just prefer someone else changing me whenever possible. My mom tried to stop changing me a couple years ago, because I was getting older. That lasted about a week before I asked her to continue changing me, because I preferred someone else helping me out whenever possible, so she still changes me any time she can and I ask her to.”

“I know how you feel. I would much rather someone else change me than having to do it myself. It shows real caring to change someones diaper, and real trust to ask someone to do it for you. Let me hop up and grab the stuff, I'll be right back.” Hayden said and hopped out of bed to get everything.

He was back moments later with everything that they would need, and proceeded to first change Chris out of his soggy diaper. Chris was amazingly enough not even hard while Hayden changed him, something that surprised Hayden a considerable amount. Hayden though worked quickly and tenderly to clean up Chris and get him into a clean dry diaper.

“There you go, all done. I'm surprised that you didn't get hard while I diapered you. I'm almost always hard for every change.”

“Well, I got used to getting changed without getting an erection. My mom changes my diaper all the time remember. I did almost get hard though, but I just thought of having my mom do it instead. Like how un sexual is that, having your mother change your diaper. Even at my age I rarely get a boner during one of those changes. Of course I'm usually rock hard when I change myself.” Chris said, his blush getting brighter as he went on.

“I guess I can see your point there, and I agree, but I'd be the same should any female diaper me. I've had sex with women before, and somehow managed to stay hard, but I tell you, they don't turn me on in the least.”

“Eww yuck, you've had sex with a woman before?” Chris grinned.

“Yeah, I'll tell you all about it later, but after breakfast, I don't want to ruin your appetite.” Hayden grinned.


They headed to the kitchen, where they both helped to make breakfast, and then they sat down to eat it. As soon as they were finished, they cleaned up the little mess that was left.

“Okay, I'm going to go down and do my workout. You're welcome to join me of course, but you are to absolutely not try and keep up with me, or you'll probably die.”

“Um, okay, sure.” Chris said in confusion.

“You'll find out.” Hayden smiled.

They headed downstairs right away, and Chris just stopped and started when he saw what they had just walked into. He thought that it was the most awesome looking home gym he had ever seen or heard of in his life. Hayden just smiled knowingly and headed over to the TV area. He picked out a different video this time, put it in, and started it. As soon as it started, so did he, and Chris came up and joined him in the warm up stage of the workout.

As the workout progressed, Chris watched Hayden more than the video, he was amazed at how fast Hayden was, how high he could kick, how much he could stretch, and how well he could keep up. In fact he noted how Hayden was actually going faster and further than the video was instructing. He though was unable to keep half the speed, was not able to kick half as high, and stretching was just a joke in comparison to what Hayden was able to do. He did not worry about it though, because he knew that he was not in nearly as good a shape as Hayden was. Seeing his body without clothes on helped to illuminate that easily enough.

Over the past few weeks of getting good food and good exercise once again returned Hayden's body to it's once glorious splendor. Chris was enjoying looking at him in fact. He knew that he was falling head over heals in love with his friend, but also knew that Hayden was out of reach for him, because his heart belonged to someone else. And although he had yet to meet this mysterious someone else, he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would never be able to compete with that. He did not want to though, his love for Hayden was stronger than physical, it was spiritual, he knew that they would never do anything sexual for each other. Hayden did reciprocate this spiritual love for Chris though, and knew that other than sexual, he would do almost anything for his friend. They had a very strong bond, a friendship that would last them a life time. They both knew it.

“Wow, that was some workout.” Chris gasped as it finished. He had managed to keep going until the end, but he had slowed down more and more as it went, whereas Hayden did not slow down any at all any more.

“Yeah, it's a pretty good one, that's for sure. I hope you didn't push yourself too hard though!”

“Probably did, but I'll be fine. No wonder you're so tough though if you can work out like that.”

“Nah, doing an aerobic workout like that doesn't make you tough or anything, it just gives me more flexibility and stamina. Being tough means not backing down even if you do get hit. Now, I am going to do my gymnastics workout, so you'll want to move over to the side a bit. You can do some good stretching and stuff though to help with your muscles if you want, and I suggest it.”

“Okay, but you still do more than the video?”

“Oh yeah, and after I finish the gymnastics, I'll do the martial arts that my daddy's teaching me. So far it's only just the movements.”

“Holy shit, that's a lot.”

“I work out about two to three hours a day. I'm going to start doing push ups, sit ups, and ab crunches before going to bed as well each night.”

“Why so much?”

“It just feels good is why. It makes me feel good to know that although I'm a baby, no one can take advantage of me. I also like looking in the mirror and seeing that I'm strong. I know some would call that vanity, but I just think it looks good. I like seeing other boys hard bodies too though, not just my own. I'm not really all that muscular yet though, because I'm not supposed to do weights, but what I have is pretty toned.”

“I'll say. I don't think you should do weights, you look great as you are, and I don't think you'd look as good with big bulging muscles.”

“Thanks. I will do weights, and I'm going to start soon, but not so much to build muscle as to just tone up a bit more. I never want to look like a weightlifter or something stupid like that.”

“I wish that I looked half as good as you do.” Chris sorta sighed, he had planned it to be under his breath, but Hayden heard it anyways.

“You can look like this as well, all you need is to do a good workout every day. You don't have to do quite what I do, and you certainly shouldn't try starting it all at once, because that'd kill you quite quickly, but work up to it. I like your body as it is mind you, but I do think you would look better with a bit more definition. Your stomach is sunk in just a bit too much, and your ribs really show, you're pretty skinny. And sorry to say it, but your arms do look kinda wimpy, but just start doing push ups and sit ups every night, and you'll change that really quick.”

“Thanks. You weren't supposed to hear that though.” Chris blushed.

“Well, I did, and I meant it.”

“I know my arms are kinda wimpy, almost any girl at school could beat me in an arm wrestling any day, and I know my ribs show up a lot, because none of the other kids in my grade looks like I do, but at least I'm not fat. I was a chubby baby, but around eight I started slimming down and I just went really skinny.”

“Well, I'm going to get started, you're welcome to watch, but I do suggest that you do some stretching to cool down your muscles before they start knotting up on you.”

“Okay.” Chris said, and went off to the side.

As Hayden did his gymnastics moves, Chris watched and did do some good stretching. Once again he was amazed at what he witnessed. He could not ever remember seeing anyone in person that was so flexible, nor had he ever seen someone do so many flips and other assorted moves as he saw Hayden do.

“Wow, that was amazing.” Chris said when Hayden finished and turned to where he was sitting.

“Thanks. I'll teach you how to do it all if you want me to. It's pretty easy to do.”

“No, doing flips like that is not easy, I've tried and can barely do them on a trampoline. Doing them from a standing start is really hard.”

“Actually, once you become strong enough and learn how to jump properly, they are just as easy as on a trampoline. That's where I learned first. The thing that you'll need most of all is to work on your flexibility. You're hardly flexible at all, I was watching you as well, and you should be able to go into the splits a lot further than you're able to. Like I said though, I can help you with that.”

“I'd like you to teach me, thanks. Somehow though I don't think I could ever get to be as good as you are.”

“You never know, with time and practice you could probably do so much more than you can imagine.” Hayden smiled warmly.


“You're welcome. Care to join me on the martial arts moves? It's really easy, it's mostly just slow motion, just teaching the body in slow motion how to do many of the different motions that you need to know.”

“Sure, why not.” Chris smiled.

Hayden set them up so that they were facing each other, and then he started doing the routine that Jordan had taught him. Chris copied everything that Hayden did, move for move, but he was a little more clumsy in doing it than Hayden had been at first. Hayden could certainly tell that Chris had never had to do anything of this nature before, and he was almost awkward in doing so.

“There you go, now you sort of know some of the martial arts moves. So far that's all I know as well, that's all daddy has taught me so far, but as I learn, I'll certainly teach you as well.”

“That'd be so cool.”

“Well, I think that that's more than enough for the day, so let's go get out of these soggy diapers and rinse off in the shower and sit in the hot tub and sauna for a bit.”

“Okay, that sounds good, but I don't have a swim suit.”

“The hot tub and sauna have never seen such things. We'll go naked, don't worry.”

“Oh, okay.”

They headed towards the shower room, Chris having not seen it yet. They stripped off their diapers and threw them in the trash where they belonged, and hopped into the shower, both sharing as if it were a normal thing. They just rinsed off, grabbed a couple towels and headed for the sauna first. They climbed in after Hayden turned it on, and as they sat back sweating, they talked.

“So, you've really never had any real friends before?” Hayden asked.

“No. No one really wants to be seen near me. I know a few boys that I can sorta talk to, and they're nice enough to me, but they won't hang around with me. When we have to get changed for gym, no one will even look at me, not even the bullies, although once I'm dressed, then they start the harassing.”

“Not even when you were younger?”

“I think I did before I started school, and even a couple in kindergarten, but then the kids started realizing that wearing diapers was certainly not normal.”

“Yeah, I guess I can see that. I had the same thing happen of course, but I was more bold and just told the others that they were just different underwear and that I couldn't help having to wear diapers any more than they couldn't help being ugly or idiots.”

“You actually said that in kindergarten?”

“Grade one actually.”

“And did you get in trouble for that?”

“Not so much for that as for hitting the kid back who hit me first. He punched me in the arm for calling him ugly and an idiot, so I broke his nose. I did point out though that I only called him ugly, or an idiot, but not necessarily both.”

“You're kidding right?” Chris laughed.

“Nope, dead serious. It got to the point where I was on a first name basis with my school principle. One time I think I was in grade five I was sent to see him yet again for wailing on some kid that started a fight with me and hit me, he had to be sent right to the hospital. Anyways, I walked in and he just groaned and said who did you hit now, and are they still here or the hospital again. I just grinned and said hospital. We talked for at least half an hour, and I assured him that although I certainly did finish the fight, that I was most certainly not the one to have started it, nor did I throw the first punch. He believed me, because he had the report from the teacher that saw it for the most part already, and it was always the very same thing. I at least always tried to get away with just words, but some kids just aren't so smart. I even told him bold as can be right to his face that if he wanted me to stop pounding other kids into puddles, that he would have to get them to stop teasing me for wearing diapers and starting fights with me, because I was not the one to start the fights, never was.”

“Wow. I would have been so scared to go to the principal, I would have peed so much I would have leaked, of which did happen frequently at school.”

“Yeah, same here. I don't know why you'd be scared of your principal though, he'd have just been a regular guy, they're not scary. I liked Mr. Gardener, he was a really nice guy. Even in elementary school I dreamed of getting into his pants. Anyways, that's besides the point. He liked me as well, he said I was a real little fighter, but had good values, and although he hated having to suspend me as well, he had no choice but to do it. I told him that I never blamed him for that, and thanked him for the chat pretty much every time I left. I would just go back to class, pick up my books and get an assignment list, and then head home. As soon as I walked in in the middle of the day, even if my mom had not been called, she would know the reason and she would tell me that I was of course grounded for the same period of time that the suspension was for, and that that would of course mean no TV or going out. I honestly don't know why she thought that that would be punishment, because I watched at most an hour of TV every two or three days, and I rarely went out with friends, because like you, most kids wouldn't be seen near me, but I at least had a couple friends.”

“Wow. Well maybe she didn't want to punish you, but knew that as a responsible parent that she should. You said before that she never got mad at you for fighting to protect yourself.”

“Yeah, and that's pretty much what I always thought as well. Actually, the one time I did ask to go out during a grounding, even though it was pretty important, she never even batted an eye when she said sure, and to just be home by nine.”

“I wish we could have gone to school together, that would have made my life so much easier.”

“Yeah, well we didn't, and you survived, albeit a little nervously, and certainly not as tough as you should have been , but oh well.”

“Yeah, but I'm not as strong as you are, mentally. You were obviously far stronger then than I was, even now too, and there's no way I could stand up to someone like that.”

“I'll try and help you out there then, because you really do need to stick up for yourself and stop letting others use you as a punching bag, it's just not good.”

“I know, but I'm just not strong enough.”

“Not yet at any rate, but soon you will be. The key thing to remember is to act stronger than you feel and don't let your emotions get the best of you. For the most part, if you just stand up to a bully and not let them intimidate you, take up the stance to fight back if they decide to fight you, and they will usually back off. You'd be surprised by how many bullies are actually real wimps when it comes to getting hit, and if you even threaten to hit them back, they will just take off for fear of getting hit.”

“I don't know about that.”

“Well, I do, believe me, I've taken care of a few just by acting tough. In my old school though it got around quite quickly that I was not afraid to fight, to stand up to a bully, and take them on. That of course brings on the assholes that just like to fight, but oh well.”

“I wouldn't want that, I don't want to fight at all.”

“Nor do I, but sometimes you have to fight, stick up for yourself, or people will walk over you for the rest of your life. Do you really want that?”

“No, not really.”

“Exactly. If you don't learn the skills now, you never will, and you'll end up never getting anywhere.”

“How come you know so much about that sort of thing, but came from where you did?”

“Just smart I guess, and I'm a fighter, so I guess that helps. I never back down from anything I believe in, and I believe that you should stand up and be a man sometimes. Of course I have turned and walked away a number of times, but sometimes you just can't.”

“I always try and turn and walk away, but they usually attack me from behind, push me down, pull my pants down, rip my backpack off, knock my books from my arms, or pretty much just make my life a living hell. Then they run away as fast as they can, leaving me to get myself back together before they can get caught. Most are smart enough to not hit me at school, but if they get their hands on me outside of school, then I usually get hit pretty hard.”

“So, what you're saying then is that they're bloody big cowards!”

“Pretty much yeah. Pick on a poor defenseless boy that won't stick up for himself and never tells, so I say that makes them cowards alright.”

“Let's get out of here and hop in the hot tub now.”


They quickly transferred to the hot tub, sat back and relaxed against a few jets each, and continued.

“So, why wouldn't you tell anyone about what you're going through at school?”

“The last kid to tattle was caught outside of school and beaten until he was in a coma, and he died three weeks later. They figure that there was at least ten kids involved in the beating, but they only found five, but there was no proof as to who did what, if anything, and none of them talked, so they ended up getting off pretty much without so much as a slap on the wrist. No one will do that again, for fear of that sort of thing happening again.”

“Yeah, that was just last year, I heard something about it, but not really all the details. You hear all sorts of shit on the street, but it's so hard to get full and proper news. I do suppose though that that's about as good a reason as any to not tell anyone though, but it's sad. If it had have been me out there, and there was a group of them, I would have maybe been killed, but I sure as hell would have taken as many of them out with me as I could, and faced with that many against me, I certainly wouldn't hold back, and I'd fight as dirty as I knew how. That was probably half the problem with that boy, he probably never even tried to fight back, he just let it happen, thinking that it was just like every other time, but it wasn't, and now his family has to pay for it for the rest of their lives. I just hope the ones who did it eventually feel guilty about it and start turning themselves in, but somehow I doubt it.”

“No, I doubt it as well, it's been more than a year, and nothing more has ever come of it. I probably would have just curled up as well, that's how they found him, and I guess I would have just died as well. I understand his pain though, I know what he went through, and at times, it almost feels like that would be the best. I know it's not, and I know my mom would miss me horribly, but sometimes it would be easier than dealing with the non stop beatings and harassment.”

“And that's exactly why there are so many kids killing themselves or finally snapping and charging into a school with guns a blazing, taking out as many of those bastards as they can before killing themselves as well. The sad part is usually all the innocent ones that end up dying as well, and all the parents of those bullies acting as if they are the big victims. That makes me sick most of all. Right before my mom died and I ran away, I beat the snot out of some prick that just wouldn't leave me alone. He pushed and pushed and pushed, trying to get me into a fight. I resisted the urge for more than a week, and finally he punched me square in the nose, damn near broke it, and I paid him back. I broke his nose, blackened both his eyes, split his lip, knocked two teeth out, and all this before three teachers had to pull me off of him. He ended up in the hospital for a few days, I was once again suspended, but a teacher saw the entire thing, but it took her fifteen seconds to make it to us to pull us apart. She had to call for help to get me off, because I accidentally hit her, of which I apologized for profusely after the fact by the way, and she even accepted it, and they all pulled me off. Anyways, the point was that I was not in more trouble than the other boy was, because he started the fight, but the parents demanded that I write an apology letter, to be read by me to them, or to be expelled. So I wrote their little letter, and then read it. I think I can recall most of it, let me think for a second.” Hayden said, and then brought up most of what he had written in his head.

“To James, I'm sorry you're a useless waste of skin bully who picks on others just because you think your shit doesn't stink. You may be rich, but you have not got an ounce of brains in your head, you may be popular, but you haven't got a shred of decency in your body. For four years now you have been teasing me mercilessly for having to wear diapers, you have goaded me into fighting you more times than I can count, you have called me so many names, most of them more foul than I can even fathom, and here I am getting in trouble because of you, yet again. I am not even the only one that you bully in such a fashion, let's see, there's Zach who you extort I think it's fifteen or so dollars a week from with the threat that you'll beat him up, there's Shane who you have locked in his locker or pushed into a garbage can at least a dozen times each this year, then there's Steven who you've made do your homework for you since the third grade or you'll beat him up. And those are only the ones that I am aware of. No, I will never apologize to you, I will never apologize to your parents, they can go ahead and attempt to have me expelled, but I assure you that I am more than smarter than your lawyer father and could make all of your lives a living hell if you even dare threaten me again. Also, the next time you try and fight me, I won't let the teachers pull me off, I will drop you like the useless piece of shit you are, and I would not feel bad in the least if I accidentally killed you.”

“That's pretty damn close if not exact to how it went, and as soon as I finished, I turned and left the room. The last thing I saw was the principals eyes nearly bugging out, and his parents eyes with absolute fury in them.”

“Holy shit, you actually wrote that?”

“And read it word for word to him and his parents. As I ended up finding out, they were furious with him, they took away his pain medications, they said he deserved to feel every hit, they took away his computer, his TV, his game system, he wasn't allowed to watch TV for at least three months, he was not to visit any friends or have them over, they watched him do his homework every night to make sure it was done, and he never once looked my way. I took off only a month after his grounding finished, so I don't know how he turned out after that. The principal pulled me aside as soon as I got back from my suspension, and we had a nice long talk. He told me that he was never more proud of a student in his entire life, and he absolutely loved the letter I wrote. He was having so much fun watching the parents faces during my tirade, that he was almost cheering, even though he was utterly shocked at my having done so, and then threatening them as well. I think he was most shocked that I threatened a lawyer to take me on, and I would have too, and he knew it just as well as I think they did.”

“Wow. There's no way I could have done something like that. I'd have fainted.”

“Nah, that was actually quite fun, and one hell of a stress relief I might add. My mom thought that it was a little rough around the edges, said I could have polished it off a bit more, but I liked the way it sounded, so I went with that one over all them that I had written and read to my mom.”

“You actually read that to your mom before taking there, and she allowed you to actually take it and read it?” Chris asked in shock.

“Sure. She said it was my life to live, and agreed that I had every right to do such a thing, especially given how much he had tried to torture me in the past. My mom knew of almost every instance of bullying that I had to deal with, we talked all the time, as often as possible.”

“Wow, I'd never even think of reading something like that to my mom, and I'm certain that if I did, that she would absolutely freak out at it and tell me there was no way in hell that I would be allowed to read it.”

“Well, you know what, it is your life, and even if she said no, would you listen, because if you feel so strongly about something, why would you let your parents say no.”

“But you should listen to your parents!”

“Sure, and I did all the time, but there are times when we have to say no to what they're telling us as well. Remember, most parents don't want to see their babies get hurt, and that's just how they think of us as well, they think they can fight our battles for us, but they can't, and sometimes we have to do something against their wishes and stand up for ourselves. Especially at your age, you should not have to listen to everything that mommy says, you're fourteen, you should be making some of your own decisions, and asking her opinion if you need help. My mom always raised me like that, that I was to think for myself and ask as many questions as I had to to help make the right choice. She told me though that if I made the wrong choice because I did not ask, then I was on my own with the consequences. She told me that I was smart enough and old enough at the age of eight to make most of the decisions about my life, but that she would always be there to help if and when I needed it. I think that that really is the best way to treat kids, because I think that most kids that are bullies are just rebelling against their parents.”

“I think you might be right. My mom does still try and control me a lot, telling me things about how I should do things and shit like that, it gets kinda maddening at times. Like yesterday when I went to the mall, she said I couldn't, because it would be too late and that it would be dangerous. I just had to get out of the house anyways, so I risked it. As it turns out it was both a bad and a great idea. And with all the bullies, she's always telling me to just turn and walk away, and if they hit me to just let it go, turn the other cheek, but every time I turn the other cheek, they just hit it as well. I really am getting sick of it too, I want it to stop, I just don't know what to do.”

“Just stand up to them, don't be afraid to hit back if they hit you, push back if they push you, mouth off to them if they mouth you off. Go tell them to go fuck themselves, tell them to go fuck their mothers, just tell them where to go. Sometimes it just feels really good to do so. Of course there's a time and a place for it, and most times you don't even have to go that far, but just stand up for yourself and tell them where to go. Hopefully you'll never get into an actual fight, but sometimes you have to be willing to give and take a few hits in order to stand up for what's right. Once we become adults, of course physical fighting rarely happens, but mental fights are extremely common. If you can't fight for yourself as a kid, you'll never fight for yourself as an adult, and you'll end up just spreading your legs as my mom ended up doing. Sure, I did the same thing, but I was using that to get to somewhere, I just never figured that it would get me here.”

“I think I understand where you're coming from there, and I agree too. Why did you turn to prostitution then if you're so smart? If you don't mind my asking of course?” Chris asked curiously.

“Well, it was a quick easy way to get money most of all, and I did pretty good for the most part. Of course the fact that it just feels great didn't hurt any at all. I was mostly trying to make contacts, get my identity changed and move away from here, maybe get to Europe somehow, but I only ever made enough to stay alive. If I could have gotten to a larger city I probably would have done really well, but the problems there are even larger yet, and I didn't really want to deal with them. Our city is already getting pretty big and has more than its fair share of problems, and being a boy whore is not an easy thing to do without getting caught. I was almost there though, I had a guy who had been telling me who I could talk to about the new identity thing, but he said it might cost me about six months of service in order to get what I wanted, but I'm not into long term contracts, so I was humming and hawing over that, trying to figure it all out. I was almost ready to go there, but I wanted to try and get through winter if I could, and ended up finding daddy. Even he hasn't heard that yet, but it's not really all that important I suppose.”

“Wow. How would you have gotten to Europe though, even once you had a new identity?”

“Actually, that part's amazingly easy. All I would have had to do is have the money for a ticket, get one, go to the ship and board it. Almost no one asks any questions, and if they do, just say my parents are back there type thing. They really don't pay that close of attention. You can do it for flying as well, but the cruise ships are easiest. Not to mention I always wanted to go on a cruise.” Hayden grinned.

“Cool, me too though.”

“The hardest part would be customs on the other end, but as long as all your paperwork is in order, and you're not carrying anything illegal, once again they usually leave you alone. Once again you just tell them your parents or someone is waiting for you on the other side. Another way to go is to go on a cruise with a guy, if you agree to be their sex toy the entire way there, they will usually pay your way there. That's how I planned to do it, because why pay your own way when someone else will do it for you.” Hayden grinned.

“Um, yeah. So, how many guys have you had then?”

“Not many, just a couple dozen I guess, maybe more, but I've had them quite a few times each as well.”

“Oh, and didn't it hurt the first time?”

“Sure, it always hurts to have sex the first few times, hell even now if I'm not prepared properly it can hurt, but with proper preparation, it doesn't hurt. I'm tough though, so I didn't let the pain show.”

“Oh. That's sorta what I'm afraid of with having sex with someone for my first time, that it'll hurt too much. I mean, I've had sex before, but we were both pretty small still, and we only lasted a couple weeks, and it only happened once each.”

“I hope that you will at least have someone that cares for and about you as well and that he will prepare you real well, and by the time he slips in, there'll be next to no pain at all, if any. I mean I wasn't exactly a virgin in the art of anal stimulation, I had been pleasuring myself with anything that would fit inside me for quite some time already before I hit the street, and I would have had sex with almost anyone had they just asked me, but even still my first time did hurt some, but he was a fair bit bigger than I was used to.”

“I hope so too. I'm still sorta undecided as to whether I want another kid like me, maybe a bit younger or older, wouldn't really matter too much, or to have an adult. An adult would be nice, because then he'll likely be able to teach me a lot, and he wouldn't be as awkward as most of us kids are, but then he would also be a lot larger. A younger boy, a year or two would be a lot of fun too though, I liked sucking the younger ones the most, they tasted the best, and I certainly wouldn't have to worry about how big they were, because I'm sure I could take a dick smaller than me. I've played with my ass as well, but the biggest thing was about as big as I am.”

“Yeah, the younger boys sure do taste good, that's for sure, but they're harder to find. You're probably better off finding someone your age, they'd be the most likely. A man is definitely fun, but sometimes they're not the best either. Jordan is great, he's so soft and gentle, yet so manly and strong, but most aren't like him, and they want to control the relationship. Not that I've actually had any real relationships with men, but they tried. I think love should be about sharing, no one person has any more or less control than the other does. Like Jordan for instance, he lets me say what I think, and although he is officially my daddy now and I do have to obey him for the most part, especially about certain things, we each have our say, we both say what we want and we go from there. Granted, there are those that need that sort of controlling relationship, because I've met more than a few people in my life that had no clue what to do if they weren't being told what to do at any given time, true followers, never leaders.”

“I know what you mean about the followers, and in a way I think I'm one of them as well, but I also don't want for someone to tell me what to do, I don't think that that's love either. Weren't you scared when you were caught breaking into the house though, you act like you're never scared?”

“I may act like I'm never scared, but believe me, I have my fears. When I broke into the house, it was all I could do not to pee my pants the entire time. I knew I was doing something that could easily get me killed. Then Jordan snuck in and informed me that he had a gun and was willing to use it, that was the most scared I'd ever been, and I seriously peed my pants. Not that it takes a lot to make me pee my pants, but that's besides the point. While I'm not necessarily scared of dying, I really have no desire to die any time soon, but I know that eventually it'll happen, it's not so much a matter as if, it's a matter of when. I'm not scared of being beat up, it's only a bit of pain, and I'll heal. Mostly what I'm scared of is failing. I hate losing anything, be it an argument or a game. Granted, if I find sufficient argument against what I believe in, I wpn't continue to fight just because I think I'm right, I'm not that stubborn. I also hate to think about losing my freedom, my ability to do things, that's probably what I fear the most.”

“I probably would have passed out if he said something like that to me. I don't think I'm afraid of death either, but like you I certainly don't want to die. I'm afraid of getting hit though, I don't like it, and I don't have much for freedom anyways, so no point in being scared of losing it.”

“You don't have to like getting hit, I definitely don't, but you can and should do something about it. Also think of how you would feel if what little freedom you had was taken away from you completely, how would you feel then?”

“Miserable, I'd probably go crazy.”

“Exactly, except I'd probably go crazy times a million.” Hayden grinned.

“I don't doubt you would. You're what my mom calls a free spirit. She says a lot of those hippy kids are like that, hate being tied down at all.”

“Yep, that's me, a love child, in fact, I just might be too.” Hayden grinned.

“Yeah, somehow I don't doubt that either.” Chris grinned.

“So, what was it like being a hooker and living on the street?” Chris asked curiously, knowing now that Hayden would answer almost anything.

“Well, I certainly enjoyed the freedom to go anywhere I pleased at any time of the day or night. Summer time was great, I always had enough to eat and it was warm enough for me to do anything with ease. I also made more money during the summer months, but usually by about late fall it started to dry up until spring. I had to be careful to make sure to save lots of money to get me through, but this past year has been difficult, not many are out there spending the money on an expensive boy whore, although I still did not too bad. Most of the guys were okay, a few were great, but then there were the ones that were pretty harsh. Those ones I tried not to go back with again, unless they agreed to not be so rough, I hate being rough, and it bloody well hurts too. I got into a lot of fights though while on the street, other kids and teens trying to make my life miserable, but I usually made theirs even more so than they could to me. Once though I was caught by a group, there was four of them, and they kept me surrounded, and the cowards wouldn't fight me one on one. I got beat up pretty hard, but I saw two of the boys a couple days later and beat the living shit out of them, and then the other two friends came looking for me to pay me back, so I beat the shit out of them as well. As they were laying on the ground, wailing in pain, I told them that if they ever came back again, that I would finish the job, leaving no doubts as to what I would do to them. Most of the time I actually enjoyed myself out on the streets, but there were certainly days where I really wanted a real home again. I didn't honestly think that it would be so soon though, I was expecting to have to suffer through another year or two at least before I could get everything arranged.”

“Wow, but how did you get food and clothes and stuff like that?”

“Soup kitchens, grocery stores when I had money, thrift stores, and even garbage cans, especially during the past couple months on the street. Like I said, it wasn't always easy, but most of the time it wasn't exactly hard.”

“Eww yuck, you had to eat out of garbage cans, that's gross.”

“Yes, I'm sure to most it would be, but you do what you have to to survive the best you can. It was really only the past few months that it got really bad and that I had to resort to that, but I had had to on occasion before as well, especially during winter.”

“I don't think I could ever do that Where did you live then?”

“You probably couldn't, as you already said, at this time you're not strong enough to have lived on the streets, you would have and probably still would just go back home or to somewhere, but I couldn't do that. Even if I wasn't wanted by the police, I never would have turned myself in, I would have ended up in foster care, and there was no way I could ever live like that. Foster homes have too many rules for me, and they certainly wouldn't appreciate me coming and going as I please, bringing home stray boys and men and the likes. As for where I lived, when I first took off, I just lived anywhere I could get a decent nights worth of sleep. A couple months after though I found an abandoned building that I found a way into and lived there, and that's pretty much where I'd stayed since. It was dry, kept me out of the wind and rain, and the occasional snow that we had, but it wasn't really warm. I couldn't make a fire in there for fear of being found, but I had lots of blankets to keep me warm.”

“You're right, I'd never survive like you did, if I didn't submit myself to foster care, I'd just end up curling up and dying.”

“You would either turn yourself in, or you'd dig deep into yourself enough to find the courage to make it on your own. You never know until you're faced with the decision as to what you'll do, but I think you would've turned yourself in. Until we work on you a bit, you don't have that kind of strength in you, sorry to say.”

“No offense, trust me, I know I'm not strong, mentally or physically, but I'd like you to to help me.”

“Of course I'll help you, you're my first real friend, and certainly my best friend, and I think that we'll be friends for life, I can just feel it.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“Thanks, me too.” Chris smiled brightly.

“Well, I think I'm sufficiently wrinkled to put an old folks home to shame, what say we hop out and hit the shower and get cleaned up?”

“I like that, you have a weird sense of humor, you know that right? Sure though, let's hop out. What should we do afterwards though?” Chris laughed.

“Thanks, I know I do, and I like it like that, thank you very much. As for what to do, not too sure. What time do you have to be home today?”

“Trust me, that wasn't an insult, far from it in fact, because I laughed as well remember. I have to be home around lunch time, so between twelve and one I suppose.”

“I hate to tell you this then, but that's in only a few hours. We've been down here for three hours and it's now just after nine. Before you leave though, I guess we could just sit back and watch a movie or we can play a game or two. We don't really have a lot to do here yet, sorry.” Hayden said as they were hopping out of the hot tub and putting the cover back on.

“I noticed, but don't worry about it, just being with you here is far better than what I normally have to deal with. I'm usually bored out of my skull with not much of anything to do. While my mom makes a decent living, she doesn't have a huge amount of money to spend, so I don't ask for a lot. I have an old Nintendo, but I only have like three games for it, so it's pretty boring for me now, and we only have basic cable at home, so there's rarely much on to watch.” Chris said as they were hitting the shower to get cleaned up.

“I was so used to having absolutely nothing to do, that the little bit that we have here feels like paradise. Although after daddy left to do his training, I was feeling pretty bored. I guess I got used to having him around and us doing something every day pretty quick. It was really nice though. I sorta miss not having something like the basement to do.”

“Why don't we pick a room out and go get some stuff to redecorate it a bit. All the walls in the house are barren white, there's no color anywhere, except for the few pictures that you guys have added so far, there's not even any curtains or anything yet.”

“Actually, there should be curtains around here somewhere for most of the windows, I'm pretty sure that we bought some during one of our shopping sprees.” Hayden mentioned as they were washing up.

“Did you think to buy curtain rods for them, because there's none here that I've seen, and I doubt there's any anywhere else?”

“Nope. You know what though, that sounds like a damn fine idea. I don't know what daddy will think about us painting the rooms though, what if he doesn't like the color?”

“Then you change it later I guess. My guess is though that he would probably like almost anything you chose, as long as it's not outlandish or anything, but somehow I doubt you would do something like that. It was only a suggestion though, you don't have to if you don't want to, but if you decide to, I'll come and help you do it as well.”

“You're right, and no, I would never choose a poor color like pink or purple, and certainly not yellow, god, of all the colors I hate, yellow has to be the highest on my list. Granted, I did see somewhere painted with a really pale yellow, and it did look pretty nice, at least it was nice and bright and cheery, but I don't think I would do that. I think just a nice light chocolate brown would look good in the living room, it would suit the furniture and the carpet nice, and would bring a lot of color into the room.”

“I like yellow, but it's not really a color I'd choose to paint walls with, especially not the brighter ones. I like the idea of a light chocolate brown though, that would look sharp in here. We'll have to buy new bright white paint for the moldings though, whoever painted them flat white like that should be shot.” Chris said just as they were coming to the top of the stairs to go get changed.

“Actually, if you look close enough at them, I don't think they ever were painted, I think it's just the primer coat.”

“Ah, that makes sense then, still, they should be shot. At least it looks like whoever did the installation was good, even on the crown moldings, so that's good news, it makes it easier for painting.”

“Yeah. Let's go get dressed then and head out right away. There's a paint store not far from here, I'll take my grocery cart with us, so that we don't have to carry everything.”

“Okay.” Chris said brightly, and they headed to the bedroom together, still drying off as they went.

They got each other into a nice thick diaper, then got a diaper shirt on and got themselves dressed. As soon as they were ready to go, they headed out, Hayden remembering to grab the cart on his way out. They walked all the way there, talking and laughing as they went. The time seemed to fly by, and before they even realized that they were there, they were in fact there. They went into the store and went straight to the color charts to pick out the color that they wanted. Chris left Hayden up to this though, he just grabbed a few cards every so often and showed Hayden one or two. It took almost half an hour before Hayden decided on one that he thought would be perfect. It was not quite a light chocolate brown, but it was close, it was a little deeper red and looked like it would be a really rich color. The white moldings and the white linen curtains they had bought would look really good with it, and he thought that the furniture would also match beautifully. They flagged down the person who had offered his assistance as soon as they walked in and asked for him to do two four liter pails of that in their best paint. He was good with that and went to do so. As he did that, the boys went about grabbing the brushes, rollers, trays, tape and all the other assorted goodies that they would need to pull off this feat. As they were passing it, Chris mentioned that they should probably get some plastic to cover the furniture so that they did not get it paint splattered, because he felt that that would be a very bad thing indeed. They collected everything at the till and then paid for it all once it was all ready, and then loaded up and headed off.

“I suppose that now would be a good time to ask, but have you ever painted a room before, because I haven't really?” Hayden asked as they were walking back.

“Yes, a few times. Any time my mom decides to change a room, I'm the only one to help, and it's not like I usually have anything better to do, so I've helped her plenty. Have you ever before?”

“No, of the many things I have experienced in my life, painting is actually not one of them. I don't imagine that it's too terribly difficult though, so I should be able to figure it out easily enough.”

“No, it's easy to do, hard to master. Anyone can paint, but can you do a good job of it is another question.”

“Can you do a good job of it?” Hayden asked simply.

“I'm getting better. I'm not quite as good as my mom is with the finer details, but I do pretty good. I'll do all the finer stuff first, until you get the hang of just painting, and then you can try doing around things like the moldings.”

“Sounds good to me. We should have gone the other way though so that we could get the curtain rods, nuts.” Hayden said, realizing that they were just headed straight home.

“Don't worry about it, it'll take us at least one full day just to paint, and then we won't want to install anything until later the next day, so we'll have plenty of time for that. If we can manage to get it all painted tomorrow, then we can go the following morning and pick that up. Do you know what you want for rods though, and what kind of curtains did you get?”

“Okay that sounds good to me. I think nice wooden ones that are painted the same white as the moldings would look the best, and the curtains are just white linen with nice big loops, so we should be able to fit almost any type of rod.”

“If you want to paint them, then we should get them today so that we can paint everything at the same time, so that it can be fully dried by the next day. We should probably drop this stuff off at your place first anyways, and then we can head somewhere I know of. They're a finishing carpentry store, so they'll carry that stuff I'm sure. That's where my mom always goes when she wants almost anything decorative made of wood.”

“Okay, will we have time though so that you'll make it home in time for your mom?”

“We should be fine. It's not that late, we only spent an hour in the paint store, and I had a little more than three to kill before I had to be home.”

“Oh, okay, I just don't want you getting into any trouble on account of me is all.”

“No worries. I think that now that I have a real friend, my mom will be too happy with me to be too terribly mad. Although I'm certain that she's going to say something about going out last night.”

“Probably right, so no point in adding anything to the list to make her more mad, so we'll have to make sure that you get home on time, or even before she expects you.”

They made it back to the house in good time, dropped off all the paint and accessories, but kept the cart in case they needed it, and headed back towards the store that Chris knew of. They made it there with plenty of time to look around, buy what they needed and get back to get Chris' home on time, or before.

“I wonder where they would keep something like what we're looking for?” Hayden kind of wondered out loud to Chris as they were looking around.

“Don't know, it can't be too hard to find if they have them, it's not a huge store, or we could ask, but the guys are all busy at the moment.”

“We won't bother bothering them, they're busy, and you're right, it's not huge, but it's nice in here. I didn't even know this place existed, they've got some nice stuff. We can just look around until we either have to ask or find the stuff we're looking for.” Hayden smiled.

They looked around for about five minutes before finding really nice decorative brackets that would hold an assortment of different rods. They chose six of those for the two windows in the living room, and then four caps for the ends of whatever rods they found. The rods they found pretty much right around the corner. The ones in the bin were much too large though, so Chris grabbed one of them and they headed to the till area to pay for it and to ask for the rod to be cut for them.

“You know, if you had have told me about this place first, we could have just come here, they carry all the paint and accessories as well.” Hayden pointed out, pointing down another aisle that held all the accessories.

“Actually, I never even thought of that, so nothing we can do now.” Chris shrugged.

“Not a big deal, was just pointing it out more than anything.” Hayden also shrugged.

A few minutes later one of the guys at the desk asked the boys what he could do for them. Hayden asked if he could get the rod cut into two six foot pieces, and the man was happily willing to do so, and did so in just a couple minutes. A few minutes later and they were on their way back towards the house with everything that they needed, including the screws, which the sales man was nice enough to ask if they needed, so he got them for the boys.

“That was pretty expensive, huh.” Chris said as they left the store.

“Yeah, it was, but they'll look really nice I bet, especially once they're all painted up and hung.”

“Yeah, they'll look great, that's for sure. I just hope your dad likes them and doesn't get mad that you spent the money.”

“Oh, he won't be mad that I spent the money, no worries there at all, I just hope he likes them is all. I think that he'll really like it all once it's all done, but he won't be mad that I did it, even if he didn't like it.”

“I hope not. I think though that I'm going to head home as soon as we get to your place.”

“Yeah, you probably should. When we get to my street, you can just keep going to your street though, that way you can be just a few minutes earlier.”

“I probably should. Doesn't mean I have to like it mind you, I've had a lot of fun with you, you really are my first real friend, and if you didn't already have a boyfriend, I'd certainly fall in love with you.” Chris smiled warmly, a tear coming to his eye as he did so.”

“Same here, but we can certainly be best of friends. We'll find you a cute gay baby boy of your own though, or a gay baby daddy if you so desire. I don't know how we'll do it, but we'll figure it out.” Hayden smiled.

“Still undecided on that one I'm afraid, but probably a boy, maybe a little younger than me, a year or two at most.”

“There's lots of gay boys around here, trust me there, as to whether they like diapers, that's another question entirely. We'll figure it out though, don't worry.”

“I know there's lots of gay boys around, I think there's even a couple others at my school, but of course any time I try to get near them, they shy away. I doubt that that means that they hate diapers, just that they don't want to be seen near me either, who knows though.”

“Who knows why kids have to always act like that, like being popular is the only thing keeping them alive or something. I never really understood it myself.”

“Me neither, but then again, neither one of us was popular, so maybe we just don't understand because of that. Doesn't change the fact that I think it's really retarded mind you, oh well though, no point worrying about it.”

“No, you're right.”

For the rest of the walk they continued to talk and laugh, just having more fun and learning more about each other. When they came to Hayden's street, they split up as preplanned, and both boys said bye, both boys with tears in their eyes.

Hayden made it home and unloaded everything and went to make himself some lunch. As soon as he was finished lunch, he once again missed having someone there with him. He decided to grab his computer and do some of the learning programs that he had, just to kill some time and to actually learn something instead of being bored. Doing that, he managed to kill a few hours, and before he knew it, it was dinner time again. Shortly after dinner, Jordan called to see how his baby was doing and to ask how the rest of his night and the morning with his new friend was. Hayden told him that he had had a lot of fun. They talked for almost half an hour before disconnecting. Almost as soon as they hung up though, the phone rang again.

“Hello.” Hayden answered.

“Hey Hayden, it's Chris. Man, you talked to your dad for a long time, I've been trying to call for the last twenty minutes.”

“Yeah, we talked for just over half an hour. How's it goin, and what did your mom say?”

“That's nice, I hope he's doing okay and will be home when he's supposed to be, I can't wait to meet him. My mom was okay with everything, just checked me over to make sure I wasn't damaged any at all. She did say that she was really happy that I finally had a friend, and one that clearly understands what I'm going through. She hardly even said anything about going out at night against her wishes, just that I really should have listened to her, and that if I had, I wouldn't have gotten hurt again. I just countered with I ended up meeting a great friend because of it, so the little pain was well worth it. She did seem to agree with that at least, and then that was the end of it.”

“That's really good. So what are you doing the rest of the night now then?”

“Nothing much, but my mom did say that I could come over if I wanted to and if you allowed me to. I told her that we were going to be painting tomorrow and that I probably wouldn't be home until dinner time. She told me I may as well just stay the night tomorrow night as well, but that if I did, that I had to be home just after breakfast, so that she could see me as well. So, can I come over?”

“Wicked, okay, I'll leave now as well and we can meet up, and then maybe go for a walk. I just have to throw on some clothes real quick and put on my shoes, so I'll be out the door in like two minutes.”

“Cool, same here, so I'll be out the door in just a couple minutes as well.” Chris said happily, and then hung up.

Hayden chuckled and ran to the bedroom to throw on some clothes. He probably should have changed his diaper as well, being that it was about four or five hours old and was starting to get quite soggy. It still had probably one hour left at most, so he figured he'd be fine and just got dressed.

Chris did the exact same thing, just threw on some clothes over a diaper that probably should have been changed, and was out the door at almost the exact same time as Hayden had been.

They both headed towards the main street and turned towards each other and met up only a few minutes later.

“Hi there. So how are you and what did you do today?” Chris asked as soon as they were close enough to each other.

“Other than eat, I did some work on one of the learning programs on my computer so that I don't grow stupid or something like that.” Hayden smiled. “How about you?”

“Not much myself. My mom and I ate together and then we tidied up the house together and talked a lot. We watched a little TV as well, but otherwise, pretty much nothing.”

“That's okay, at least you had someone at home to talk to, that's what I miss the most, just getting to talk to someone. It's funny how for three years I talked to few people, and when I really did any talking, it was for trying to arrange things for my services. It never really bothered me then, but now just going for half a day and I get restless and want to talk to someone.”

“It's probably because when you were on the street you knew it was pointless to worry about something so trivial when your survival was more important, whereas now you have survival and can think about being bored.”

“Damn good reasoning, and probably right as well.” Hayden said after a moments thought, nodding his head.

“Yeah. So, where should we go then?” Chris asked, they were still standing there while talking.

“No clue. Don't really feel like heading to the mall, and we should stay away from the downtown area, but I don't really want to go home either.”

“We could always just head to the park and see if anything 's happening there.” Chris suggested.

“Sure, why not. The last time I was there I was trying to scout for potential clients and it was quite late, so it might be nice to actually go for fun.”


They headed out to the park and found that there was a young kids football game going on. The lights were all on, so they could see easily. They found a couple seats and watched the kids play. It was hilarious, because the boys were trying their hardest to play, but they were only about six or seven years old, so really had no skill at all, but they were having a blast, and that was all that really mattered. Soon though the game ended, and everyone started to disperse.

“Wanna head over to the playground and just sit on the swings for a bit? I haven't done that for so long it's not even funny.” Hayden asked.

“Sure, why not, I love swings.” Chris smiled.

They headed over there and found that it was empty, but because there were lights, it was safe to be there. They each took a swing and just sat there for a while gently swinging.

“Ah, I missed this, just getting to sit back and be a kid. You know, sometimes I wonder if that's not the reason I like diapers so much. Especially for the past few years I could not just be the kid I was, I had to be so grown up. Before that though I was the man of the house and I had to help my mom a great deal, so I had to grow up as well. Maybe liking diapers is my minds way of keeping at least just a little of my childhood. Who knows.” Hayden said softly, more pondering to himself than anything, but Chris did hear it.

“Who knows. I was much the same though, I had to grow up too soon as well, and while we both need diapers, that wouldn't necessarily mean that we liked them. It's hard to say why we love them as well as need them, maybe we'll never know, or maybe that's it entirely. I doubt there's really any real point in wondering about it though.” Chris said, and before they could continue their conversation, they were interrupted.

“Hey boys, is that you Hayden?”

“Yes.” Hayden said, turning to look at the newcomer. Who he found was one of the men that he had met at this very park more than a couple times.

“Excellent. Are you two up for a little fun tonight, for two of you, I'll pay really well?”

“Sorry, no, I'm not for sale any more I'm afraid, and my friend here is just that, a friend, as in no sex. Thankfully he at least knew about my past, or I'd be pretty pissed at you right now.” Hayden said softly.

“Shame that, two beautiful boys, both as gay as can be I'm betting, and I bet you would both be a great deal of fun. Are you sure I can't tempt you, how does five hundred for the evening sound?”

“Sounds like not enough to me. If you have a million, then maybe we'll talk.” Hayden said softer still.

“Too bad. Two boys like you shouldn't be out here alone though this late at night, are you sure I can't at least take you home?”

“Thanks for the offer, but no, I've heard of what people like you do to kids like us once we say no, and I don't care to find out in person once you get us into an enclosed space. You were one of the people that I told to not bother contacting me again because you were always far too rough, so I don't trust you in the least. Now, please leave and please also never speak to me again, or I go to the cops.”

“Hey, you can trust me, I'm a nice guy.” The guy said in a falsely calm voice while holding his hands up.

“Yeah, and trying to get me to let you hit me was because you were a nice guy. If I remember correctly you offered me a lot of money if I allowed you to spank me as hard as you wanted while you fucked me. I'm sorry, but to me that makes you not a nice person, a nice person would never hit a kid or fuck them as rough as you did. The only reason I went with you the third time, which was against my better judgment by the way, was because I was getting really hungry. Now, once again please leave.” Hayden said softer still with a deadly edge to his voice.

“Okay, I tried to play nice, now you're both coming with me, or else.” He demanded, pulling out a gun and pointing it in the direction of the boys.

Chris shrieked and peed himself silly.

“Oh please. Your name was William Vandenberg, your address is 2155 Southern Cres., and I can probably even recall your drivers license number if I just thought about it. One thing I always did when I went with anyone was to lift their wallet and check their identification. Chris, quit freaking out, he's not going to shoot us, because he knows full well that to do so would land him far more trouble than he's currently in.” Hayden said, almost laughing.

“But he's gonna shoot us.” Chris sobbed.

“Calm down, he's not going to shoot us. If he even aims that gun, he'll be dead, remember, my dad is an ex spy, and when he hears of this, he'll be lucky to keep his balls.”

“Bullshit, you don't have a dad, and I will shoot both of you if you don't come with me now.”

“Chris, we're gonna have to run for it, there's no chance that he can hit a moving target, his hands are already shaking holding the gun, so he's also scared. I seriously doubt that he will shoot, but even if he does, don't stop for anything, and zig zag as much as possible, I'll be right behind you. Go now.” Hayden said quickly.

As soon as Hayden said now, they both took off. The man took chase, but Hayden was right, he wasn't going to shoot them, he just wanted a toy or two to play with. The boys were too fast for him though and they made it out of the park and headed towards Hayden's house, still running. About half way there, Hayden called stop.

“He's not following us, we can stop running now I think. Let's hide in these bushes here though for a few minutes to make sure.”

“Okay.” Chris said, still sobbing.

“You need to pull yourself together man, we weren't in any real danger. Although, I strongly suggest that you do not mention this to your mom, or we could both be in serious danger.” Hayden laughed.

Chris, against his better judgment laughed as well, knowing that Hayden was very correct in that assumption.

“Good, let go of the fear you have, it's no good for you. You're far too afraid of things, you need to let go of that fear. Like I said, even if he had have taken a couple shots, the likelihood of him actually hitting one of us, let alone both of us was astronomically low. Even most professionals can't hit a wildly moving target.”

“But he had a gun pointed at us, how could you be so calm?”

“Easy. I've seen death and I'm not afraid of it. I know that eventually we all die, and if I die by the hands of another for their stupid actions, then so be it, but I guarantee you that I will take out as many as I can with me in such a case. I knew he wasn't going to shoot us though, didn't you see how bad his hands were shaking?”

“No, I was a little preoccupied with trying not to pass out. If I had have done that, then I would have been dead meat.”

“I wouldn't have left you, I would have disarmed him and beat the living shit out of him. Of course when someone's holding a gun on you, the best chance of survival is running. I knew he wasn't going to shoot though, he'd never shot anyone before, or he would have been a lot more calm, and also he didn't want to shoot us, or again he would have been more calm. He just wanted a couple toys to play with, even if he had to use force. He likes his boys to feel fear, feel dominated, it's what gets him off, I knew that, but I was always in control, that's probably why he didn't like me all that much. He was nearly having an orgasm though watching you, he could feel your fear, even from the start. I could tell you were afraid right after he started talking to us, so I know he felt it as well.”

“He still could have shot one of us though?”

“Sure he could have, but once again, it was not all that likely if we were moving. Even if he had have managed to hit one of us though, that was only a .22 caliber pistol, mostly just for target practice and light game hunting, not really powerful enough to stop a human. Sure, being hit with that thing within about a hundred feet or so would bloody well hurt, but unless he were to have hit one of us in a vital organ, in most cases we could continue running. Anywhere over a hundred feet and it wouldn't even go in very far, unless he loaded his own shells and made them more powerful than normal, but that's not likely either, he was a novice.”

“How can you tell all that?”

“I could tell he was a novice easily by how he held the gun mostly. As for how I know the gun, because I've always been fascinated by guns and did a lot of research into them and how to use them. How do you think I knew how to shoot my mothers killer?”

“I don't know. You were so calm back there though, I don't think I could be that calm. As we were running, I shit myself pretty bad, and when he pulled the gun, I peed so much I flooded my diaper and I've started to leak.”

“Well, I think I'm pretty close to leaking already, but it's not from fear. As for your ability to not be able to stay calm, it's because you're too afraid, I'll try and help you with that, but you'll have to do most of the work there. I think it's pretty safe to say we're not being followed, so we should be able to head out now.”

“Okay, I can't wait to get back to safety and change this diaper. So, are you going to tell your dad, and how did you remember the guys name and address like that?”

“I have an almost photographic memory, so I just remember things like that. It was also a great survival tool I tell you. As for will I tell daddy, of course. Mr. Vandenberg will soon be getting a visit from my dear old dad, but I won't let him kill him, just put a good dose of fear into him.” Hayden grinned to make a shark cringe.

“Oh, I almost feel sorry for him now.” Chris giggled.

“I will ask to watch, but I doubt I'll be allowed.”

“Maybe he'll allow it.”

“Maybe. Well, we should head home now.”

“Okay, I hope it's safe out there now.”

“I'm sure it will be, don't worry so much.” Hayden smiled.

They got out of their hiding place and started walking back towards Hayden's house, but no more than a block from their hiding spot, another obstacle was coming towards them and recognized them right away.

“Oh crap, it's the boys from last night and they have more friends with them.” Chris gasped.

“Can you please just let go of your fear and buck up?” Hayden asked softly.

“I can't.” Chris whispered back.

“You'll learn. See how the boys from last night are limping and looking all in pain, they're not up to fighting, so don't worry too much, it'll still be only three against two if they do decide to fight.”

“Why me.” Chris sighed.

“Because you've painted a target on your back by being so scared all the time, but I'll help you as best I can.”

“I can't fight them, they'll kill me.”

“Don't let them see fear, or they will tear you apart. Now, just try and stay quiet, I'll deal with them.”

All this was said as they stood there, waiting for the others to approach them if they so desired. Not long after Hayden finished saying his last sentence, the other group of boys came up to them and stopped about ten feet from them.

“Good evening gentlemen, having a good night I trust?” Hayden asked in a friendly manner with just as friendly a smile.

“No, actually we're not. My brother here says that you were the one to beat him and his friend up.”

“Wasn't much of a fight to tell you the truth. I took down both by myself, and the little pussies were crying like the baby they accused my friend of being because he has a medical condition and has to wear diapers. I don't really take kindly to bullies, and I saw them bullying Chris, so I intervened. You're not a bully are you, because I won't have any more problem dealing with you three than I did with the other two.”

“I'm not a bully, but when and if we fight you, it'll be five against two, so I don't think I'd be getting mouthy if I were you.”

“Maybe your math skills are lacking, but there's not five of you here tonight that will be fighting, only three, and there's only one of us that will do any hitting of any sort, and that's me. Your little brother and his friend are too banged up and scared of me, as they should be, I warned them what would happen if they decided to try again. When I finish with you three, I will start on them and give them all that they deserve for being little baby tattle tales. They just had to tell their big brothers or friends, because they couldn't handle one person on their own, like two against one wasn't a wuss thing to do in the first place. Now you stand here threatening me that you're going to do the same thing, well you're just as big a pussy as your brother is.”

“I have no interest in fighting you boy, you're too young for me, but if you continue to lip me and my friends off, and call my brother and his friend names, then I will take action. My brother is pretty tough for a kid, but I'm way tougher still, and you'd have no chance against me.”

“Yeah, right.” Hayden snorted. “You honestly think you're the first bigger kid that I've had to pound into a puddle, I'd have just as little trouble taking on all three of you as I did with your brother and his friend. As for lipping you off and calling your brother and his friend names, I think that we deserve to be able to do so. You're all standing here itching for a fight, and your sissy brother and his friend tried very hard to beat my friend up, but I stepped in and took care of them. Bullies in my opinion are no different than a cockroach and should be exterminated as quickly as possible. Now, last night I told them that should they ever try again, I would make them wish they were dead, I will beat them up even worse, they will probably land in the hospital, and I might even accidentally kill them, but it wouldn't make me feel bad at all. Do you really want to be the one to cause your brother all that pain and suffering, because as it is, I doubt he'll be having kids, because I think it's him that got the nasty nut shot, he's the one that looks just as ugly as you anyways. Try me, and you'll never have kids either, granted, with as gay as you are, you probably wouldn't be fathering children naturally anyways.” Hayden said softly, but all of them heard him, and with the last proclamation, all the others turned to look at the boy.

He blushed furiously, and started to stutter. That was all the confirmation that the others needed.

“Why you little fucker, I'm going to beat the living shit out of you.” He snarled, and took only two steps forward before Hayden decided to take action.

Hayden sprinted forward and gave one simple little punch right under the boys upraised arm, hitting him in the tender spot right inside his armpit. The older boy squeaked impotently, clutched his now totally useless arm, and crashed to the ground, bawling in extreme pain.

“Oh would you shut up you big baby. Now, how about the rest of you, are you smarter, or am I going to do the same thing to you as well, and as for you two, we'll be talking later.” Hayden first asked the other two older boys, and then directed his glare towards the younger two.

“How did you do that?” The oldest boy still standing asked in shock. He had never seen such a light hit cause so much screaming in his life.

“Just hit him, he must be a real pussy, because I hardly even touched him. The rest of you won't be so lucky either by the way, I'll hit way harder if you decide to react. By the way, just so that none of you decide to try and turn on him for being gay, I'm going to tell you all that I know that two more of the four of you standing are gay, and the other two are bi, but more than likely leaning towards gay. I will not have you all fighting each other because one of you is gay. And just so that you know as well, that's not something that was said to try and tear you all up, it was a simple observation from another gay who can almost always tell when someone else is gay. Now, are you going to collect your friend here and walk away and never bother my friend or I ever again, or are you going to stay and continue to fight?” Hayden asked softly.

“Look, we don't want to fight you, you're obviously far better than we are. Oliver here has never been beaten in a fight yet, and you took him down like nothing. Even his brother has never been beaten before, and to tell you quite honestly, if you hadn't have gotten so mouthy with Oliver, he probably would have left you alone, he just thought that he should warn you of the consequences of threatening his brother. Just so that you know though, Oliver had to pry the information about you out of his brother, because he certainly didn't want to tell, he's scared shitless of you, and believes that you will find him and kill him if you ever heard of him fighting Chris again. Can't say 's I blame him any, I wouldn't want to tangle with you again myself, and I'm probably a good two years older than you are.”

“No, I think you're wrong about your friend there, he was itching for a fight, he wanted to fight me, so I gave him what he wanted. I appreciate your honesty though, and his brother and friend are removed from my hit list..........for now.”

“No prob. Now, as I'm sure that you noticed, I'm gay, and I've known Oliver was gay since we were twelve, but he wasn't ready to admit it to anyone yet, he still hates himself for it a bit I think. Now that you let that out of the bag, maybe he can get a grip of it. Orin, I know that you're bi, but leaning towards gay, so I suppose that it is a good thing that you didn't want kids, because I'm betting that you can't have any now.” The boy said to Hayden and the little brother.

“Yes, I did know you were gay for sure, and that Oliver's little brother was bi, but leaning towards gay. His friend is the other gay, and your other friend is the other bi. There, now you all know each others nasty little secrets. Like I said earlier, I don't like bullies at all, and I strongly suggest that you all find a better pastime, because if I find that you're being a bully for any reason, I'll find you, and I'll pay you back for it. Now, are we going to be having any more troubles with you guys?”

“No, at least not from me, and I doubt that you will from the others either.”

“Good, glad to hear it, now as much as I'd love to stay and continue the conversation, we need to get home and change our diapers.”

“You really wear diapers? We thought the boys were just being cruel or something.”

“Nope, they were correct, but they were being cruel. We both have to wear diapers, and they had been harassing Chris about that.”

“Orin, how could you make fun of someone for something like that, when I know for a fact that you still wear diapers to bed every night and pee them every night?” The boy asked, sounding really harsh to the younger boy, who of course burst into tears.

“I-I-I-I don't know.”

“So, you were being a bully. Had I have known that, I certainly wouldn't have come with you guys.” He said almost as harshly.

“I'm sorry, can you ever forgive me?” He asked pitifully, but to no one in particular.

“I didn't know you were a bed wetter. I don't know why I never noticed when we slept over at each others houses. I am too.” Orin's friend said.

“Really, you do too?” Orin asked softly.

“Yeah, always have.”

“And you were being a bully to a kid that had to wear diapers all the time for what reason then? Clearly you had to know how horrible it must be, having to wear them yourselves.” The boy asked harshly again.

“Mostly because the others did I guess.”

“You guess. You boys make me sick. I stopped wetting the bed when I was your age, and I know for a fact how horrible it was. Oliver was the only one to ever know that I did, but then he stopped when he was twelve. So there you boys are, both having to wear diapers to bed as well, and teasing someone else because he had to wear diapers all the time. I should tell your parents all about that and strongly urge them to diaper you all day every day for at least a week so that maybe you'd understand how hard it must be.”

“Oh god, please don't do that, my mom would do it too, she's told me she would if I got into more trouble at school.” The boy who had yet to be named gasped out.

“I knew I liked her for a reason.”

“I think we're just going to leave and let you guys sort all this out on your own, have a good night.” Hayden said politely.

Hayden grabbed Chris' hand and pulled him along. Chris was enjoying watching his tormentors squirm and did not really want to leave. Hayden smiled, of course realizing why Chris was reluctant to leave. A block away, they started talking again though.

“Wow, that was totally awesome.” Chris said with a laugh.

“It was, and it was fun too.”

“How did you know that they were gay, or did you just guess?”

“Easy, same way you could tell if you'd just stop being so scared all the time and look at people. If you watch people close enough, you'll usually be able to tell. Granted, with the one bi boy, he was hard to read, he's more straight than gay I think, so I just went out on a limb and said it anyways.”

“That was awesome though, now I won't ever have to worry about them ever again, or I could just tell their secrets as well.”

“And that would make you just as big a bully as they are.”

“Oh right.” Chris said, hanging his head.

“Now, if you were to threaten them with saying it, but never actually tell someone, that would be okay. Let's face it, they do deserve it at least a bit.” Hayden grinned.

“Yeah, but I don't think I'll even need to. I just hope they don't think that they can hang around me now, thinking that we can be friends or anything like that.”

“Why not. Really, now that they're pretty much the same in your eyes as you are, why wouldn't they make good friends. Sure, they tormented you for a long time for no real reason, but that's no reason to be cruel to them as well. They're both going to be very down for the next little while. I ripped them opened and spilled everything about them all around, they're going to be very raw and unstable for a while. If you were to reject them completely and totally, you could actually cause them to become suicidal if they're not strong enough. I doubt that you'd want to be responsible for that. I'm not saying that you should become best of friends, especially not right away, but at least sit and talk to them while at school, and I'm willing to bet that they open right up with you and tell you all about why they acted the way they did. I also bet that they apologize to you numerous times, until you have to tell them to stop or else.”

“Oh, I never thought of it that way, but I guess you're right. I don't think I could ever really be friends with them though.”

“That's because you have too much hatred and fear in you, you need to purge that. Sure I understand the hatred, they were pretty hard on you, but that doesn't mean that now that you know where they're coming from that you should completely shun them as well. The fear though you can really only do on your own, but I'll help as much as I can. Sure, sometimes a good healthy dose of fear will keep you alive, but that doesn't mean that you should let it control you. Look at me, even when I'm scared, when I want to cry, and when my bladder completely lets go, I don't lose my cool and just fall to the ground, no, I just turn and face it as best I can, and deal with it if I can.”

“Yeah, but you're a lot stronger than I am.”

“I'll help you with that as well. Well, here we go, finally home, now we can go change our diapers. I'm afraid that you'll have to change yourself again though, and given just how messy you are, I suggest you use the bathroom.”

“Thanks, I'd appreciate any help you can give me. I can't wait to change this diaper, that's for sure, I think it's more full and wet than I've ever gotten a diaper, and I think it might have started leaking out a bit, so I might need the use of your washer and dryer as well.”

“Not a problem, they're in the closet next to the bathroom, so just throw them in, and I'll just throw mine in at the same time, may as well clean them as well.” Hayden smiled warmly.

“Thanks. I don't know what I did to deserve a friend as good as you are.” Chris said, a couple tears leaking out.

“Must have been the same thing I did.” Hayden said happily.

As soon as they got into the house, they each went their separate ways, Hayden to his bedroom and Chris to the bathroom. There were already wipes and diapers in there, as well as diaper cream, so he was all set. When he removed his pants, he saw that yes he had leaked out a bit of mess, as well as the back of his pants were almost totally soaked as well. He gingerly took them off and folded them up so as to contain all the mess. He then grabbed a towel from the cupboard and laid it on the floor, just to contain any mess should any spill out as he was cleaning himself.

As he removed his diaper, he was glad of the forethought of the towel. He just set the diaper on the towel for the time being and used more than a few wipes to clean up the worst of the mess. Knowing that he was not going to get fully clean any other way, Chris started the shower and hopped in as soon as it was hot enough. He washed himself down quickly, not bothering to wash his hair again, but got the rest of his body, his ass and crotch getting the most attention.

He ended up giving himself a little too much attention though, so had to give himself even more attention and fired off two loads back to back to help relive some of the tension. Satisfied now, Chris shut off the shower and hopped out. He dried off and put on a new diaper with lots of cream, and then took care of the mess that was still on the floor.

Chris balled up the diaper as best he could, and grabbed one of the plastic bags that had been in the closet, figuring that this was as good a reason as any to use one of them, and dumped the filthy diaper into it and tied up the end. He then grabbed the clothes and towel and headed out of the bathroom. He dumped his clothes in the washer that was already open and waiting for him, Hayden's clothes were already in there as well, and then headed to the garage to drop off his dirty diaper.

“So, how bad was it?” Hayden asked as soon as Chris came back in.

“Pretty bad. My pants got quite a bit of it, and it's a good thing that I thought to put a towel on the floor first. As I'm sure you noticed, I had to take a quick shower to get myself properly clean.”

“Yeah, I noticed, and from the smell and with as wet as your pants were, I'm not surprised of the mess, and thanks for putting the towel down. I just changed my diaper and threw my clothes in the washer, I was out in like three minutes or so. Let me just run and turn on the washer real quick to get it washing everything. I'll add the rest of the laundry that needs to go in as well, so give me a few minutes.”

“No prob, take your time.” Chris smiled.

Hayden went and grabbed the towel and cloth from the kitchen and then went and grabbed the hand towels from the bathrooms and threw them all in the washer as well. He got it started right away with plenty of soap, and then headed back out to the living room.

“Well, I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty tired, but I'm not quite ready for bed yet. Want to watch a couple shows or something?” Hayden asked as he was coming back in.

“Yeah, I'm getting pretty tired too, but can we just maybe go and lay down and talk please?”

“Sure. You want to talk about what happened tonight, don't you?”

“Yeah, you don't mind do you?”

“No, of course not, come on.”

Hayden shut everything down and locked the doors, and then they headed to the bedroom and both climbed into bed.

“I was really scared tonight, especially with the guy and his gun.”

“I know you were, and you had a right to be scared. I was a little as well, because you never know what crazy people are going to do, but I didn't let that fear control me. I stayed calm and looked closer at him, gaging what he was going to do, and determined that he was not going to shoot us. He still could have tried, you just never know, but I didn't think that he was going to. Facing your fears is the first step to conquering them remember. You just have to learn how to face fear without falling apart. What all are you scared of?”

“I think it would be easier to tell you what I'm not afraid of.” Chris laughed.

“Oh, okay then. Just tell me a few things then?”

“Well, dying of course.”

“Why, you're going to die eventually anyways, what point is there in being scared of it!”

“I don't know. I'm scared of heights, spiders, snakes, guns, knives, scary movies, clowns, large dogs, wild animals....” Chris started, and would have continued had Hayden not stopped him.

“Whoa whoa whoa, clowns, you're kidding me right?”

“Afraid not. When I was a kid, my mom took me to a circus and this big freaky looking clown stomped right up to me and started talking to me, I screamed and screamed, he scared me so bad I peed all over the place. It was so bad my mom had to take me home. I can see clowns now at least and not scream, but I won't go near one either. You have to admit that some of them are pretty scary looking to kids.”

“I always thought they were funny looking myself, but okay. It's at least not the first time I've ever heard of that. Now, fear of guns and knives is just plain silly. They are only tools, don't be afraid of a tool, be afraid of the wielder.”

“Yeah, but without the guns or knives, those people aren't as scary.” Chris pointed out.

“I doubt that. To someone wanting to hurt you badly enough, they don't need weapons. Scary people are scary people, no matter what they're holding. As for spiders and snakes, okay, I can actually understand them. While I'm not truly scared of them, I do avoid them, I just don't like them. Really though, there is no need to be scared of them. Do you scream shrilly like a girl when you see them?”

“Well, not any more, but I used to. Same with mice and rats, I used to scream when I saw them, now I mostly just pee silly and start to cry. I also try and get away from them if at all possible.”

“Mice are cute, and they're completely harmless. Rats are ugly, but for the most part are harmless. If you leave them alone, they're not going to bother you any. Same with snakes and spiders really, none of the ones we get anywhere near here will come anywhere near you normally, well except spiders I suppose, but just brush them off, or stomp on them if you have to, but there's no need to be scared of them.”

“I don't think mice are cute, I think they're ugly, same as rats, spiders, and snakes.”

“So, if you saw an ugly person, you'd be scared of them as well?” Hayden pointed out.

“Actually, sorta. I once saw a really disfigured man, and he scared me, I hid behind my mom, I was ten at the time. My mom was so thankful that the man didn't notice, and she really gave me what for when we got home, how that was the most insensitive thing I'd ever done.” Chris blushed.

“It was. Imagine the looks a person like that has to deal with day in and day out, not to mention how he must feel every time he looks in the mirror, assuming of course he even does. Yet, he was probably the kindest most caring man you'd ever meet. Most people don't think like that though, they just see someone completely different from them and either stare or point and laugh. A couple years ago when I was at the mall, actually it would be a little more than a few now, because my mom was still alive. Anyways, a few years ago at the mall there was a man that looked as if he had been burned quite severely, his face and arms were quite disfigured. There was no one sitting in any of the seats near him, and a few kids were openly staring at him, and their parents were allowing it. I grabbed my lunch and went straight to him and asked if he minded my joining him. At first he was shocked, of course, but he allowed it, and we sat there for more than an hour just talking. He was a really nice man, very caring, and very sad. I found out that he was only in town for surgery to try and help reduce some of the damage the fire had caused, apparently the base hospital here offered to do what they could for him. I never saw him again, and I didn't collect his name or anything, but I hope that I helped him to at least feel better. My mom was there as well, but she sat a few tables away, and when we left, she told me that was the nicest thing she had ever seen anyone do, and she saw in his eyes that he was truly happy for once as well.”

“I never thought of it like that, but I was just scared, I can't help it.”

“Yes you can. Whenever you're faced with something that scares you, you just have to stand up straighter, look right at it, hold yourself steady, and tell yourself that there's nothing to be afraid of. Although, please don't do such a thing to a disfigured person, that would be sort of like staring, but you'd have a funny look on your face from trying to control your fears.” Hayden said, laughing a bit at the last statement.

“I just don't think I can do it.”

“Sure you can. I think the first thing we're going to do is to get on the computer and I'll show you lots of pictures of everything that you're afraid of, we'll get you immune to them that way first, and then maybe to a pet store for the animals. And I bet daddy can get us into a firing range to get you used to guns.”

“Just make sure I'm well diapered before we do anything like that.” Chris gulped, not really liking the idea any, but knowing Hayden was right.

“Don't worry, I'll make certain of it. Well, I think I'm ready for sleep now, how about you?”

“Yeah, I think so too. Goodnight.” Chris said, and then in his own mind he said I love you.

“Goodnight Chris, try and have a good sleep.” Hayden smiled warmly to his friend. He shut off the light, and they both curled up to go to sleep.