To get right down to things, Sam and I hit it off and he soon became addicted to my cock plowing his delicious ass. Since he was my new neighbor, we always found a reason to go somewhere and have sex. I had spent three weeks planning a threesome with Sam, Gary and me, because my parents were going out of town on a business trip. Neither one of them had any idea of my intentions but I had planned it very carefully to the last second.

The night before my parents were to be leaving, my father sprang the news to me that I would be watching out for his boss's son while they were gone. My heart fell to the floor at this unexpected news. All my intricate planning flew out the window! I had to call Gary and cancel his spending the weekend with me and tell Sam as well. All of us were depressed at this unexpected occurrence.

My parents were waiting the arrival of his boss and his wife, along with their son. My father had no idea how old this kid was and made it well known he had never met him. My thoughts traveled back and forth to Sam and Gary and what could have happened, but soon enough, I would be stuck babysitting some brat kid for the whole weekend.

The doorbell rang and my parents went to the door while I went to the kitchen for something to drink. I could hear them talking and laughing in the background. I was not laughing in the least. My plans had been ruined!

I was wearing cut-off sweat shorts and nothing else when my father hollered for me to come here. I was introduced to his boss and the boss's wife. She stared at my body the entire time. I caught her several times looking down at my crotch. She was definitely gorgeous and her husband was quite the looker as well. My dad asked me to help with their luggage, so I grabbed as many as I could carry at one time and headed out of the door. Just as I got top their vehicle, I noticed a small boy round the backside of the van, almost walking into me. I did not pay him much attention due to my thoughts on Sam and Gary.

All the luggage was loaded and the grown-ups said their good-byes after introducing me to their son, Phillip. They left to go on their fun trip and I was left alone with Phillip. We just sat in the living room and watched television for a short time. My cock began to grow just thinking of Sam and his glorious naked beauty. I was angry that my plans had been mutilated, because I really wanted to have both of the guys I loved to suck and fuck.

Neither of us spoke as I sat their day dreaming about Gary and Sam. His voice when he spoke sent a chill up and down my spine. "Sorry you got stuck with me this weekend." His voice was so soft and gentle. For the first time since all this happened, my plans being destroyed that is, I noticed Phillip. He looked like he was about ten or eleven years old with jet black hair. The top of his hair was in the shape of a crew cut and the back was feathered just above the collar line. His hair was neatly trimmed above the top of his ears. His face was narrow with precious little dimples implanted in each cheek. His lips were like a cherry red in color with the most breath taking hazel eyes I had ever seen on any human being. Phillip was sitting in the recliner wearing a tank top and baggy shorts with his sock still on. He must have weighed in the range of seventy pounds or so. Going back in time, at the van, he was about 4' 6". I stared at his legs and there was no sign of any hair, not even peach fuzz.

I responded back to him, "That's okay, I really hadn't planned on doing much this weekend anyway." His smile caused my already hard cock to jerk and twitch in the thin material. I had to place my right hand on the shaft to keep it from lurching out. I guess the best way to describe Phillip would be if you saw him at a distance, you would probably think of him as a pretty little girl. Up close, your eyes would be glued to his natural and breath taking beauty. If he spoke to you, your heart would melt.

I asked him what he wanted to do and he made no offer to do anything. We talked about sports for a little while and he seemed to get into that particular conversation. He needed to go to the bathroom and I verbally announced the direction where it was. As he stood up and turned around to go the bathroom, I studied his backside very carefully. His shorts were too baggy, but it looked as if his tiny frame carried a well rounded bubble butt. As per all the other previous cases I had encountered, I found myself wanting this kid. I tried to erase his probable age out of my head, but it was not going to happen. He was too gorgeous and I was too horny.

To speed the story up a bit, Phillip wanted to watch some horror movies. We went to the local video store where he picked out all eight movies. It was still daylight outside and Phillip asked about the pool. He wanted to watch the movies when it got dark, and I agreed that it is best to watch these type of movies in the dark. I could tell he wanted to go swimming so I invited him to go swimming. He had no swimming trunks with him and I certainly had nothing that would come close to fit his tiny frame.

He decided that he would wear one of his underwear to the pool. We both went to our separate rooms and changed. I wore a pair of really loose, but very short trunks knowing full well that my cock would fall out at any given time. I grabbed us a couple of towels and waited for him in the living room. As Phillip entered the room, I just about fainted at his stunning beauty. He wore a solid white skimpy bikini briefs. They were not real tight, but I could make out the outline of his small flaccid cock as it rested to the right.

I tried to get him to lead the way, but he insisted in following me. I was going crazy to get a glimpse of his butt. Just my luck, as I put the towels down on the chair, Phillip already dove in the pool. I missed a golden opportunity to see his butt! We swam for some time and I intentionally allowed my cock to fall free as I walked toward the diving board numerous times. I know he had to see it, but Phillip never reacted or said anything about it. Not once, did he attempt to dive off the board or get out of the pool. I tried everything imaginable to get him to get out of the pool so I could see his hidden beauties. He made numerous remarks about my physique the entire time and occasionally, I would flex for him.

Finally, Phillip grew tired of swimming. We were in the deep end and Phillip began to climb up the ladder with me directly in behind him. The thin white fabric hid nothing as his mouth watering butt came into view. It was small and definitely bubbly. As he took each wrung of the ladder, his cheeks would partially spread allowing me the grand fruit of my desire to burn an imprint in my mind. His crack line was small in proportion to the rest of his small frame, but the hidden fruit was vaguely noticeable. His balls outlined rather well in the wet material. Either they were trapped in its restrictive sac, or his balls had not yet dropped. I looked at his underarms and saw no trace of hair.

We walked over to the towels and began drying off. My cock was sticking straight out and I know for sure that he saw it, because his eyes were fixed on my so called "Coke Can." I acted as if nothing happened and continued toweling off. He turned around long enough for me to see his cock through the wet fabric. He was hard all right. It swung downward about six inches and to the right. It did not have much thickness but from what I could see, Phillip must not have been circumcised. He quickly turned around, but his eyes remained on my cock while I was drying my hair, but never completely covered my eyes with the towel.

We went back into the house where we both remained in our swim attire. We began talking about sports some more when Phillip asked me what all a physical exam curtails. I told him everything that had been done to me, from A to Z. When I mentioned the doctor's finger going in your butt, his eyes crunched up and he shook his head. I told him that I give myself an enema before I have to take this type of physical, just to be on the clean side. His interests sparked up by me telling him about an enema. A thousand and one questions followed concerning enemas.

Phillip caught me by surprise when he said, "Can you give me an enema?" Apparently, I misunderstood what he was asking. I responded, "What if your parents find you with that? How will you be able to explain it?" He smiled and said, "That's not what I meant. Can you give me one now. I want to know what it feels like." I damn near ran to my bedroom to get a Fleet enema.

I explained in full detail what it was and what would happen. He seemed excited and I through out the big statement. "Phillip, you're going to have to drop your underwear and get on the floor in a doggie-style position. I'll insert the tip and you have to hold off all the urges until you can no longer take it anymore, okay." He shook his head in agreement and walked in front of the television. I was trying to get the enema out of the box and after finally doing so, there was Phillip in a doggie-style position. I had to explain this position to him earlier. My cock sprang out wanting to dive straight in his hot little ass as I inched forward on my knees behind him. To be so small, his butt was well curved and bubbly with not a mark on it anywhere. His hole was bright pink and extremely small. Not a strand of hair anywhere! Instead of giving him an enema, I wanted to eat his small hole with my erect tongue. His skin felt like silk as my left hand softly caressed his lower back area. I asked him if he was ready and he shook his head yes. Carefully, I inserted the tip into his tight rectum and he moved slightly about at this new feeling he was experiencing. Taking my time as to not hurt him, I gently inserted the tip all the way. Just to see what would happen, instead of squeezing the content into his bowels, I began to slowly extract and reinsert the tip. I lowered myself down to get a better view of his cock and balls. His cock was rock hard, just like I had glimpsed, about six inches and uncut. His balls had already dropped, but his sac was confining them very tightly. Phillip had about two or three extra inches of foreskin that dangled well over his hidden cock head. I could tell he was getting into this because his ass would move backwards as the thin tip would travel upwards. Soft, delicate moans escaped his precious lips.

Slowly but surely, I squeezed the content of the enema deep into his bowels. Once completed, I placed the used enema back in the box and discarded it. Within a few minutes, the urge to go struck him, but I used both of my hands to squeeze his butt cheeks tightly together. This was a first for me. Usually, I am spreading them open, not holding them together.

After about fifteen minutes, he could not hold it any longer. I helped him stand and my eyes focused on his erect cock. It jutted out straight in front of him and hooked slightly to the right. I watched it bounce as he struggled to run to the bathroom. He had both of his hands clutching his cheeks as he scurried off to the bathroom. While I was giving him the enema, we decided on pizza and what his favorite kind was. While he was in the bathroom, I ordered the pizza.

The pizza arrived before he could get out of the bathroom. He was in there nearly forty-five minutes. He had taken a shower in the mean time and so did I. The pizza was in front of us, along with the sodas as we put the first one in. He sat on the sofa wearing another pair of underwear. Just like the ones he wore at the pool, they too were bikini briefs. A soft blue in color. I was sitting in the recliner wearing only cut-off shorts with a baggy leg opening.

We ate until we both felt like we were going to explode. The first movie was okay but his words sounded off into my ears, "Shawn, that enema thing felt kind of good." I smiled and nodded my head. The second movie was much better and far more scarier than the first. Without any warning, Phillip jumped up and quickly sat on my lap. Both of his legs rested on the outside of my spread legs and his head fell against my left cheek. My nostrils were immediately rewarded from his freshly shampooed hair. Taking a chance, I placed both my hands on his stomach and began caressing him ever so softly. His expression on his face never changed as he directed all his attention to the movie. My cock became rock hard and climbed out of the loose leg opening in plain view of Phillip. If he glanced down, he would definitely see it. The warmth of his sweet ass on my lap was driving me crazy, along with the tenderness of his skin. His right forehead nestled against my left cheek and I began to slowly recline backwards so I could get a better look at his crotch.

His hands rested on his thighs so I decided to take it one step further. I placed my right hand on his right thigh, just above where his hand was resting. My fingers were on the inside of his thigh and I studied him to see what reaction he might give. As if nothing were going on, he continued to watch the movie. I watched his cock grow before my very eyes. The thin material trapped it, but it continued to strain to be free. My fingers had worked their way to where the fabric of his underwear stopped between his legs. Phillip's right hand moved and I froze into position. He did not stop me, but placed his hand on the inside of his right thigh, directly on the shaft of my straining cock. I almost blew my load at his tender touch. Only the material separated his hand from my erect cock. Every time there was a scary scene, Phillip would tighten his hand and it would grip my cock ever so gently. I know I must have had a gallon of pre cum on the chair and floor. I could feel it running down my cock.

As the movie went on, so did I. My left hand caressed his chest and stomach while my right hand explored every inch of his lower half not covered by his underwear. I took the time to slightly tweak each of his tiny, rock hard nipples. Phillip never reacted or acted in any way.

He hit the pause button and jumped up saying he had to pee. My heart was pounding out of my chest because I thought he figured out what I was up to. I was paying so much attention as to coming up with some sort of an excuse, I completely forgot that my cock was sticking out of the pant leg opening. Phillip walked back in, grabbed the remote and sat back down on my lap in the very same position. He released the pause and placed the remote back on the table. As his right hand was coming down, whether by accident or intentional, his right hand cupped the head of my cock and slid down the naked shaft and rested on top of the shaft through the material. My cock was jerking and jumping and I was fighting back the urge to shoot a load from hell all over the place.

This time, his legs fell across the arm rests of the recliner. His legs were spread very wide so I placed my right hand directly on the inside of his right thigh, directly less than an inch from his crotch. His cock immediately sprang to attention. I took my left hand and began softly rubbing on his lower stomach, allowing the top portion of his underwear to slide over my exploring fingertips. Phillip never made a move as my fingers of my left hand casually pressed downwards causing his underwear to rise up. The fingers on my right hand was doing the same thing as they inched upwards sliding under the thin fabric. In a slightly reclined position, my left hand had raised his underwear high enough for me to see all his glory, well almost all. The top side of his erect shaft slid across the back of my left hand. I could see that Phillip was not so hairless. There were a few strands of soft black pubic hair forming on both sides of the base of his cock. They felt so wonderful to the touch. The head of his cock was still trapped in the soft fabric, but my hands began roaming ever so softly.

The index finger of my right hand found the spread crack opening of his butt and began gliding downward. It was directly under his smooth, hairless balls and began making circular motions on his half dollar sized nuggets. My middle finger struck gold as it lingered over his tight pucker hole. I kept looking at Phillip for any signs of objections, but none was ever offered.

Deciding to go for broke, my left hand raised up underneath his underwear and his cock fell free. Uncut with at least two or three inches of foreskin dangling freely. I whispered into his ear, "Phillip, how old are you?" Still focusing on the movie, he said, "Twelve." I removed my right hand and took up a position under the front of his underwear to accompany my left hand. My left hand completely encircled his balls and began gently rolling them around while my left hand slid across the shaft of his erect member. I wasn't the only one being naughty. Phillip's right hand was doing a number on my cock. He would gently squeeze it and rub his hand along the shaft.

I kept my eyes on his face to see any signs or disinterests, but there was none. Taking a firmer grip on his cock, I pulled the skin down revealing his perfectly shaped torpedo looking cock head, dripping tons of pre cum. With a glob of his pre cum on my finger, I acted as if I had to sneeze. Turning my head and pretending to sneeze, I inserted my finger and almost shot a load just tasting his delicious pre cum. Before I could put my hand back on his cock, he jumped up. The movie was over and we both had to go pee. I was first back in and took a more severe chance. I pulled my shorts off and sat in the recliner naked as a jay bird with my hard cock sticking outward. Phillip came back in and put in another movie.

He had pulled his underwear back up, but his erection showed its reaction in being restrained. Not knowing what he would do or where he was going to sit, I remained in the recliner. Anxious as to what he would do, my eyes followed his every movement. He turned around and walked over to me, then turned around as if he was going to sit back on my lap, and yanked his underwear completely off. He got back into the same position as before with his legs straddling the armrests. Just like before, he hit the play button, put the remote on the table and his right hand fell onto my cock with the softest of ease. This time, he took a firm hold and began using the palm of his right hand to massage my enlarged and inflamed cock head.

I pulled back the foreskin of his cock and got a thick load of his pre cum on my left middle finger and directed it straight to his love tunnel while slowly stroking his cock. As my middle finger pressed forward, I saw his eyes softly close and his chest rise up and down more rapidly. It took some doing, but my middle finger penetrated his tight hole and inched deeper inside where no-one has ever been on this beauty. His tunnel was hot and extremely tight as my finger began exploring. I began kissing and licking his right ear, occasionally blowing into it. Phillip slowly turned his head to mine and my tongue began licking at his cherry lips. A soft moan escaped his lips as they began to open. Not knowing what to do, his tongue extended outward. I sucked on his tongue as if it were a piece of sweet candy. Breaking the suction, my tongue traveled inside his virgin mouth. Our tongues collided as if it were two Titans engaged in battle.

"Ugh, ah." My finger digging in his hot untouched ass and tongue inside his virgin mouth, Phillip began groaning in ecstacy. His body shook and I knew he was getting close to busting his nut, so my right hand fell from his cock. His eyes were glassed over and his breathing became rapid. I lubricated my right middle finger with my saliva and inserted it inside his rectum along with my left middle finger. "Oh, oh, ugh, shhhh!" His teeth clinched tightly together as both fingers began digging and spreading his cherry ass. Like two pistons working in opposite directions, my fingers began rifling in and out of his tight hole. His hand pumped my cock feverishly to the point I had to beg him to stop so I wouldn't blow my load. His head tossed across my shoulder, back and forth, back and forth.

Some time had passed with me fingering his hot ass and I needed to move on to something more tasteful. I pulled out my fingers and lifted him up and placing his ass directly over my face. Phillip was sitting on my face, facing the television. Not needing any direction, my hands grabbed his bubbly butt cheeks and spread them wide. My tongue dove right into his hot tunnel. Phillip screamed, "Oh, ugh, agh, um!" His body began quivering as my tongue pressed deeper inside his sweet love oven. To my surprise, Phillip began lowering his upper body to the point where his tongue was lapping at my cock head. Using both his hands, he began to pump my cock. In seconds I cried out that I was going to cum, but Phillip never stopped. Blast after blast of hot, creamy white cum flew from my cock and into his open mouth. He gagged a couple of times, but continued swallowing my sperm and even began whimpering as if he wanted more. I gave him all I had at the moment and decided to return the favor.

Per my instructions, Phillip stood up before me and my mouth immediately dove onto his rigid cock. My left hand played with his balls while my right hand massaged his butt cheeks and hole. Using my lips, I pulled back the foreskin and began tongue bathing his uncovered cock head. Pre cum mixed with some piss drove me crazy. It was my turn to whimper as he cried out, "Cum, cum, shhhhhh, oh!" I was amazed at how much sweet honey Phillip had to offer. My mouth filled up twice before he slowed down to a solid trickle. His cum was sweet and soothing, hot and creamy! Phillip's sperm was thicker than I had initially anticipated with just a hint of salt.

His body was shaking from head to toe and he was standing before me on weak and trembling knees. I picked him up like a parent would a small child, cradling him in my arms. The glimmer in his eyes and his precious smile said all that needed to be said. I carried Phillip into my bedroom where I gently placed him on his back. Lowering my body onto his our lips collided and my hands began roaming his body freely. His hot mouth and youthful breath was intoxicating and overwhelming. Phillip's soft and gentle hands caressed my back heightening my every sensation. The soft moans spilling out of his lungs drove me crazier as time moved forth.

I kissed, sucked, licked and nibbled every square inch of this gorgeous creature before my hands guided him to roll over onto his stomach. Sitting on the bed on bended knees, I had to take a moment to appreciate all his beauty. The curvature of his bubbly butt created an erection on my ass starved tongue. Crawling in between his legs, my hands felt the smoothness of his legs, appreciating every square inch. My hands rolled over the cheeks of his butt and felt the silkiness of his skin. Phillip's legs moved slightly out from his body creating more room for me to indulge myself in. His hips raised upwards and my tongue began to slick across his little crack, top to bottom.

His hands guided themselves to his cheeks where they grabbed the smooth flesh and spread them wide apart. My own hands rested on top of his as my tongue began lapping on the inside of his crack. Up and down, up and down, my tongue traced his crack as if preparing to draw a detailed map. His moans and groans became louder as my tongue bathed the underside of his balls while my nose was pressed firmly against his sweet hole. With his mouthful of the bed spread, loud grunts echoed throughout the room as my tongue moved upwards, diving into his delicate tasty asshole. The farther my tongue traveled into his hot canal, the louder Phillip became. His body began to tremble and violently shake as this overwhelming sensation careened throughout his gorgeous frame.

My right hand reached under him and found his straining, pre cum filled cock. Slowly, extremely slowly, my hand began to pump his cock up and down while my tongue plunged in and out of his little morsel of a hole. Using caution, I brought his rigid pole under him and gently raised the foreskin back and began to clean his pre cum with my tongue. Phillip screamed, "Oh my, yes, oh!" My tongue flickered at his sensitive cock head driving him crazy and delirious with passion. Taking my time, I licked his cock head, shaft, balls, and asshole with great delight. My tongue had just returned to his cock when he cried out, "God, oh, oh, cum-------ing!" My bottom lip was slightly under his cock head as he began to deliver quite a load. Like a thirsty camel drinking water, I whimpered as his delicious sperm flooded my mouth. Another thick load filled my mouth and soon I had to slowly allow his sweet honey to drip down my throat. All too soon, the last of his tasty treat slid down my throat and his cock became flaccid.

His knees pressed forward, making his bubbly butt rise up further in the air. My tongue savagely lashed out and twisted and turned until it made its way inside his hot oven. Phillip cried out with moans that only brought more animalistic features out of me. I was lost in the moment, the heat of passion, not caring about anyone or anything in the world, but pleasing Phillip while satisfying my own sexual perverse desires.

I was in a modified doggie-style position eating his tasty ass when I was startled by a familiar sensation. A tongue slid between my spread cheeks and was plunging at my hole. This may sound stupid, but I was too lost eating Phillip's ass to concern myself with whomever was behind me. I continued tongue fucking Phillip while being over joyed at all his movements and moaning.

Small hands grabbed onto my cock and brought it under me and upwards towards my asshole. I felt the hot tongue as it slid across my blood filled cock head, lapping up my pre cum. Soft hands and pointy fingers kneaded at my butt cheeks while the tongue ravaged my head and shaft. My anal assault on Phillip's wonderful ass continued with my tongue forcing open the protective walls protecting the inside of his sweet asshole. The further my tongue slipped in, the louder he became.

Teeth began to softly bite at the inside of my crack, while two hands gently caressed my stiff shaft. Phillip's hips began to slightly raise and lower itself as my tongue wiggled and lapped at his hot, delicious hole. With Phillip's hot asshole filled with my saliva, I inserted my right index finger and buried it to the knuckle. Phillip screamed out as my finger slid all the way in. His head rocked from side to side while his honey coated body shook and shivered.

The action going on behind me ceased. I felt the movement of a body to my right and looked up. It was Sam, naked as the day he was born with one rock hard cock pointing the way. We both smiled as he stepped up onto the bed and straddled Phillip, facing me. Needing no words of encouragement as Sam's delicious ass rested on top of Phillip's tasty ass, I swallowed his five inch cock and rocked my head back and forth. My finger pounded Phillip's tight hole and my mouth pistoled on Sam's erect member. My left hand found the top of Sam's crack and began to slide a finger between his crack and Phillip's crack. My mouth released Sam's hard cock long enough to worship his nickel sized, hairless balls. Both Sam and Phillip cried out in pleasure as my finger and mouth did exactly what they were supposed to do.

After a couple of minutes, Sam screamed, "Yes, yes, I, I'm shooting!" His hands rested on the sides of my head as if holding me in place while he delivered a tremendous, delicious load. Not as much as Phillip and not as thick, but delicious never the less. Sam's sperm has not much taste, and no trace of salt touched my taste buds at all. I milked his lovely cock of all his honey coated nectar before I began to slowly allow a small portion to slide down my throat. My own cock was jumping and jerking while swallowing this wonderful cream.

Sam raised up and I lowered my head and began to lick at Phillip's hole while my finger continued its pounding pace. Sam turned around and squatted over Phillip's back with his little ass pointing in my direction. I spat onto my middle finger and pressed it against Phillip's tight hole. As he rocked back, the second finger forced its way in. He cried out, but soon it was muffled with Sam's mouth covering Phillip's. They began lapping at each other's tongues like two playful puppies.

My head raised and I licked Sam's precious little butt cheeks, ensuring not to miss an inch of it. The two younger boys moaned and groaned as their little bodies began to quiver. Quickly, I rammed my tongue straight up Sam's hot asshole. Sam's body violently shook at the sudden penetration. My fingers twisted, plunged and spread inside Phillip's extremely tight cavern.

I thought to myself that I must have died and gone to Heaven. Having two of the most gorgeous boys on earth, naked and more than willing to do just about anything, I must have died. My anal assault on both boys continued. My tongue was sore, but I simply ignored the dull aching and continued to ravage Sam's sweet little hole. Hearing their moans and groans sent shivers up and down my spine.

With extreme remorse, I pulled out of both boys. Phillip rolled over onto his back and slid up placing his back against the headboard of the bed. Sam stepped up and Phillip wasted no time in placing his mouth over Sam's slender cock. Phillip's own cock was rock hard again and his legs were spread far apart. Lowering my mouth, I swallowed his six inch slender cock while using my right hand to softly stroke his skin covered shaft. My left hand caressed and rolled his half dollar sized nuggets. I watched as Phillip's small hands gripped and squeezed the fleshy skin of Sam's tight little ass. Sam was rocking his hips back and forth and I could hear Phillip sucking on his cock.

Sam yelled and his body tensed as his knees buckled while shooting his hot load inside Phillip's hot little mouth. Phillip grunted and soon I was rewarded with another thick load of Phillip's creamy cum. Both boys were shooting their loads into hungry mouths as the room echoed of sucking noises. Phillip's load was stronger tasting than the previous, but wonderfully tasty none the less. I savored each drop until Phillip could offer no more. His cock grew soft and I began to sloppily lick all over his hairless balls. In the mean time, Sam turned around and Phillip got a full face shot of Sam's pretty little butt. From the look on Sam's face, I could tell that Phillip was tongue fucking his hole.

The smell of youthful sex over joyed the room and flooded my nostrils creating more of a sexual appetite than I had ever experienced before. We changed positions. I was now sitting at the head of the bed with my back resting on the headboard; Sam was in a doggie-style position between my legs and Phillip was behind Sam eating his ass. Sam's mouth immediately began working on my cock head. His hands pumped my shaft like there was no tomorrow. His tongue lapped up all my pre cum and my hands played with his golden blond hair. I could hear Phillip's wet tongue as it rammed in and out of Sam's sweet hole. Sam released his left hand from my shaft and he began to pump his own cock while working on mine. Between the sounds and the eye burning scenery, I was getting too close, but didn't care.

I saw Phillip stand up on the bed and spit into his right hand. The look on his face as he was staring at Sam's saliva covered hole said it all. I raised Sam's head up and spun around on the bed, placing my head directly under Sam's ass and balls. Phillip lowered himself onto his knees and I watched as he inched himself forward, pointing his rock hard piece of meat at Sam's tiny little hole. Sam resumed licking at my cock head as Phillip pressed his cock at the small entrance of Sam's hole. With one mighty shove, Phillip slammed his cock all the way inside Sam causing Sam to fall forward and grimace in the sudden pain. Phillip had his hands on Sam's hips and I had mine on Phillip's. I began to lick both boys balls and on occasion would fine Phillip's sweet little hole. I tried to lick Sam's cock filled hole from time to time getting rewarded with his ass juices and Phillip's saliva.

This was Phillip's first time at any sex and he pounded Sam's ass with a fiery passion. Within a couple of minutes, Phillip shot his load inside Sam while my tongue shot straight up Phillip's tasty ass. After Phillip spilled his load, his cock went flaccid and I carefully watched as he extracted his soft cock from Sam's ass. As soon as his cock slipped out, I immediately engulfed his cock with my mouth. I sucked and licked his cock and thoroughly cleaned it from any and all juices. Phillip could take no more sucking on his sensitive cock and stood up releasing his cock from my sucking clutches. Immediately, I ran my tongue up Sam, s still quivering hole.

Both boys began to lick and stroke my cock while I was doing my best to eat Sam's just fucked asshole. I could feel the creaminess as it drained into my mouth. I realized that it was Phillip's load that was falling from Sam's hot tunnel and sliding down my throat. This sent me way over the edge as I shouted out that I was getting ready to shoot my load. Neither boy wanted to give up their territory as my load blasted from my loins into their open and awaiting mouths. Like two puppies drinking milk, they lapped and whimpered until I was finally spent.

I got up off the bed and Sam remained in the doggie-style position. He sexily wiggled his little ass while giving me a wink and a smile at the same time. I reached into the drawer and retrieved the lubrication and slicked up my cock. Phillip rested on his knees to the right of Sam awaiting in anticipation of what next was to come. Phillip's eyes got wider as I slipped between Sam's legs with my thick, hard cock leading the way. His mouth formed a circle as I placed the large mushroom head at Sam's tiny little entrance. Phillip was so gorgeous sitting their on his knees with his limp cock hanging free and his quite large balls dangling. The little black pubic hairs that barely sprouted up on either side of his cock was just too precious.

Sam reached behind him and spread his own cheeks as my cock pressed, forcing open his tiny dot of a hole. As the head penetrated, Sam let out a loud screech and he pressed his ass onto my cock wanting every inch inside him. Phillip inched himself closer and rested his right cheek on the base of Sam's lower back, right at the top of his crack. It was clearly evident that Phillip was totally fascinated watching this large cock bury itself inside Sam's little ass. With my cock all the way in, I began to slowly dive in and out causing Sam to cry out in mixed emotions. Sam wanted it hard and fast and he began to slam his ass onto my cock meeting my every thrust. I was pounding my meat inside Sam and Phillip leaned up and stuck his hot tongue inside my mouth. He was whimpering as our tongues commenced to doing battle. My right hand enclosed over his butt and my middle finger pressed against his little hole. His hole was still slick from all the saliva and with one tiny shove, my finger disappeared inside his ass. Phillip's knees buckled and he fell into me, moaning and groaning as my finger rammed in and out of his hot little hole.

Our lips departed and Phillip began licking the top of my shaft as it emerged from Sam's ass. He even licked at Sam's hole the best he could while using his right hand to stroke Sam's erect cock. Sam's head flung all over as I slammed my meat inside him, doing my best to fuck him hard and proper. Phillip laid on his right side and crawled under Sam and began to suck on Sam's rock hard cock. In no time, Sam cried out and soon flooded Phillip's sucking mouth with his sweet semen. Hearing Sam cum and listening to Phillip whimper at Sam's load was way too much for me. I sent my own load up Sam's ass as far and as fast as I possibly could.

Sam was exhausted, but Phillip turned out to be a sex maniac. As soon as my cock slipped free, he quickly licked my cock head and began to tongue fuck Sam. I looked down and his cock was sticking straight out, hooking to the right. Crawling on my knees behind him, I swallowed his cock and started slamming my face onto his pubic region. My right hand grabbed his balls and gently pulled them downwards while my left hand roamed his ass crack. Using my thumb, I slammed it inside his ass and Phillip immediately shot a load inside my mouth. He experienced a hard climax, but the quantity of his thick load subsided. It was mouth watering and delicious. Sam fell onto his stomach as Phillip pressed his face against mine. The exchanging of saliva, ass juices, and sperm shattered my taste buds.

To my surprise, Phillip's cock was still rock hard and he surprised me when he said, "Shawn, I want to put my dick up your ass!" I definitely had no problem with this. Sam had rolled over onto his back with his hands folded behind his head. Phillip wanted me to get into a doggie-style position, so I did. I felt him inch towards my exposed hole and soon felt him stabbing at it with his cock. My right cheek was laying flat on the bed so I could stare at Sam and his beauty. Reaching back, I spread my cheeks and was caught off guard when Phillip slammed his six inches all the way home. His thrusts were hard and quick. Sam had a smile on his face from ear lobe to ear lobe. Phillip's fingers dug into my ass cheeks and tried to spread them to an even wider proportion. Using all my strength, I clinched my ass muscles in an attempt to strangle the intruder. By doing this only made Phillip quicken his pace and harden his thrusts. The initial pain of the quick intrusion soon departed and I was soon rewarded with the tremendous feeling of a hard cock slamming in and out of my ass.

Sam had a hold of his own rapidly growing cock while watching Phillip fuck the hell out of me. I watched Sam pour some lube on his hands and lubricate his now erect cock. He slid off the bed and I knew what he was getting ready to do. I asked Phillip to stop and when he did, I quickly rolled onto my back and lifted my legs over my head. He quickly shoved his cock back into me and I could feel it go deeper than before. Just looking into Phillip's eyes while he was fucking me was driving me insane. He was so beautiful that mere words simply could not describe him and give him the true justice he so deservingly deserves.

I studied his every facial expression and felt Sam climb up onto the bed. Phillip was so absorbed slamming his meat into me, he paid no attention to Sam as he positioned himself behind him. Phillip's face suddenly changed as Sam penetrated the tight and protected opening. Phillip let out a screech and his eyes tightly closed. His body became motionless as Sam's cock inched forward. Phillip's cock was still buried in me as he lowered his head and arched his back. I clamped down on his cock with my ass muscles as Sam began to slowly rock back and forth. As Phillip raised his head, his eyes were glassy and little tear drops began to trickle down the corners. His breathing was rampant and he was biting on his lower lip. Phillip's eyes would close tightly, then slightly open as Sam soon quickened his pace.

Sam began to pound Phillip's once virgin ass forcing Phillip to lower himself onto me. His mouth was already open so I inserted my tongue and began licking his teeth and tongue. When Sam would thrust hard, I could feel Phillip's erect cock move in and out of me. Loud moans, though stifled, escaped from the corner of Phillip's mouth. Sam pounded and pounded at Phillip's hot ass and we were still kissing when Phillip let out a forceful grunt and meaningful whimper. I felt a blast of his cum shoot inside me; several hard blasts coated my anal walls. His hands wanted to do something as they began digging at anything in their path. I held him tightly while his tremendously hard climax was racking his body with absolute delight.

In the mean time, Sam grunted and his cock spewed his nectar deep inside Phillip's once, virgin ass. Phillip's own climax was long and extremely hard. He was softly crying as his cock continued to deliver load after load of his precious sperm inside my ass. His body shook and violently twitched at this tremendous orgasm. Our lips broke, but his mouth remained in a perfect circle with soft sounds echoing throughout. My tongue lapped up his salty tears as the last of his sperm escaped his beautiful body. Sam slipped his limp cock out of Phillip and softly whispered, "Shawn, he's ready for your big cock!" Phillip's eyes got even wider than before, but he didn't utter a word.

I got up behind him and lubricated my cock with the lube and pressed against his cum dripping hole. Sam laid on his back and guided Phillip's head towards him with his hands. Their lips met and I gently pressed forward. Several attempts later, the mushroom head pried open his hole. Their mouth tightly sealed, Phillip screamed, "Ug, ah!" Sam was holding Phillip's arms tightly as I slowly continued my journey, exploring the depth and width of Phillip's tight ass. His spread legs began climbing as his body shook. It took some time, but I finally managed to bury my cock inside his tight, hot ass. Once all the way in, I remained still so that Phillip could get used to such a large and thick invader. Sam broke their kiss and inched sideways guiding Phillip's hand to his ass. Phillip started sucking on Sam's hard cock while finger fucking his sweet hole. Taking this as a good sign, I began to pull out of Phillip's ass until I saw half of my cock head appear. Then, I would slowly wiggle it back all the way inside him.

Phillip would moan very loudly while sucking on Sam's stiff, slender cock. I had a firm grip on Phillip's little hips and began to quicken my thrusts. Phillip's left hand was free and it moved and grabbed onto my left hand on his hip and began squeezing while grunting and groaning. Sam started moaning with Phillip's finger plunging in and out of his hot little hole. After several long minutes of slowly fucking this little angel, I began slamming my meat into his tight hole. I would extract my cock to the point that the head was visible and suddenly ram it all the way home. Long, deep, and hard strokes forced Phillip to constantly let out muffled screams as my cock worked his asshole to a fine boil.

Sam couldn't take much more and felt his cum work itself up as he spewed bucket loads of his hot cream into the whimpering mouth of Phillip. As soon as Sam began shooting his load, I savagely started fucking little Phillip with animalistic hard thrusts. I pounded and pounded his hot little butt with no mercy. By the way Phillip raised his head, I knew that Sam had sent all of his sweet honey down Phillip's throat. Sam's cock lay flaccid and Phillip had removed his finger from Sam's cum filled hole.

Sam slid over from under Phillip, so I rolled Phillip onto his back with my cock buried deep inside his tender, hot hole. Now, I could see his face while I slammed my meat into him. And what a precious face it was. His eyes were barely open, his breathing rampant, and his body shook violently as my cock pounded away at his juicy hole. Sam positioned himself behind me, laying on his back and rammed his pointy tongue straight up my asshole. Just for a split second, I had to pause from ramming my cock inside Phillip's sweet hole because of the tremendous sensation I was getting from Sam's exploring tongue up my ass. I leaned forward and deeply inhaled with my nostrils that were only a few inches from Phillip's open mouth. His breath was overwhelmingly intoxicating. I could smell the fresh cum that Sam had given him and there was a huge glob of Sam's sweet honey just above Phillip's top lip. My tongue lapped up the tasty morsel and I held it into my mouth for a few seconds enjoying the sweet flavor. After swallowing the delicious sperm, our tongues collided. His groans shot directly inside me and began driving me crazy with excitement.

Sam got up and sat on his knees and dug into my hole with his tongue. He took his right hand and started gently slapping my heavy, swaying balls with a cupped hand. Phillip reached out with his left hand and began stroking his uncut beautiful cock as our tongues continued to do battle. With a hard tongue up my ass, I drove my cock into Phillip's hot cavern with tremendous force causing the whole bed to shake. I broke our passionate kiss and hooked both his legs and forced them farther behind him. Phillip's knees rested on either ear as my cock plunged in and out of his once virgin hole. His teeth were clinched and his left hand slammed against his pelvic region while stroking his cock. Phillip tensed and began crying as his cock erupted sending his thick, milky white sperm all over his chest and stomach. Thick, wonderful globs sprinkled his upper and lower body. I was amazed at how much sperm this little beauty could produce. Seven to ten thick globs stuck to his chest and stomach before he began to shower himself with watery like sperm.

The tongue of Sam was still in my asshole and was soon accompanied by the presence of two fingers that dug their way inside me. Sam's fingers began tearing at my hole striking my prostrate in the mean time. I could hold back no longer and filled Phillip's anal cavity with gallons upon gallons of sperm. Phillip screamed, "Oh God, oh, I feel it, yesssss!" The smashing of flesh meeting flesh echoed throughout as my cock drilled his hole while sending my sperm deeper into his bowels.

After a long hard climax, I could go no longer due to being out of breath. I pulled my cock out of Phillip's hot hole and lay next to him on his right side. Sam lay beside him on his left side. As if it were pre-planned, Sam and I began slowly cleaning Phillip's thick sperm off his chest and stomach. Both of Phillip's hands rested on top of our heads as our tongues licked his honey up. Sam and I started at his chest and met at Phillip's little belly button where our tongues lapped up a puddle of sperm and commenced to do a tongue fight while our hands played with Phillip's cock and balls.

After Phillip was all cleaned up, Sam slid between his legs and began licking and sucking at Phillip's well fucked asshole. My mouth encircled Phillip's cock and my tongue began cleaning under his foreskin, savoring the trapped sperm that was unable to fall free. My right fingers gently pinched Phillip's rock hard, left tiny nipple, causing him to moan and groan with sheer delight. His cock became rock hard inside my mouth and I could hear Sam slurping at Phillip's butt hole.

Several minutes passed by and Phillip tensed while biting his bottom lip. I glanced at him just as his cock exploded inside my mouth. It was a hard climax, but very little sperm was offered. I was thankful for the load he gave me and savored the sweet nectar with all do respect. Using his hands, he guided me off his cock and Sam sat up on his knees, licking his lips.

The three of us lay in bed catching our breaths when Phillip announced he had to pee. Sam had to pee as well, so all three of us walked inside the bathroom. I walked behind them enjoying their precious little butts wiggle with each and every step they took. My cock crawled to a massive erection at the scenery before me. We were all standing inside the bathroom and Phillip was standing at the toilet when I had a perverse idea. I turned Phillip around and leaned over and began holding his uncut cock inside my mouth. Phillip said, "I can't pee if you suck on my dick." I placed the underside of his foreskin covered cock head against my bottom lip while holding my mouth open. Phillip asked, "Do you want me to pee in your mouth?" I shook my head as if saying yes. Sam stepped behind me and placed his hands on either side of my hips and in one quick motion, shoved his cock all the way inside my ass. Just as I was getting ready to make some sort of noise at the sudden intrusion, Phillip tensed an began flooding my mouth with his hot, salty piss. I swallowed his cock along with his somewhat bitter tasting piss.

Sam released my right hip and began pounding my cock with his right hand. He was slamming his meat inside me a mile a minute, then suddenly stopped. Phillip's bladder was bigger, much bigger than I had anticipated. I swallowed and swallowed to keep pace with his pissing cock. In the meantime, Sam began flooding my bowels with his hot piss. The three of us were groaning and grunting. Whether be it the piss from Phillip, Sam's piss inside my ass, or the wonderful touch of Sam's small hand, but never the less, I shot out a load from hell. Phillip's cock grew hard inside my mouth, but he was still emptying his bladder down my throat. Sam's bladder emptied first and he began sliding his cock in and out of me with a hot, fiery passion. His every thrust was causing a tremendous force on my bladder. I too, had to pee, but was still drinking Phillip's piss. It began to subside to a slow trickle.

Phillip finally ran out of piss and Sam shot another load of cum inside my ass before his cock slipped out of my hole. I stepped up to the toilet, but it was Sam who said, "Wait, I want to taste your pee." Phillip announced, "Me too!" I turned around as both boys stepped inside the bathtub and sat on bended knees with their mouths held open wide. The beauty of these two little angels would steal your breath away. Resting on their knees with their little mouths open like baby birds awaiting their mother to feed them was heavenly. I walked over towards them, standing outside of the tub and let my piss fly. The first shot landed right into the open mouth of Sam. A hard and furious steady stream followed and I took turns sending my piss down the other's throat. Both boys were smiling as my piss soaked their faces and entire front of their gorgeous bodies. Just as the last of my piss sprinkled free, both boys took turns sucking and licking at my cock head.

My bathtub is big enough for two, but now there was three. We took turns showering and the two who was not under the showerhead, cleaned the one who was. The three of us found our tongues in a massive three-way collision. We kissed long and hard while fondling each other. All three cock's grew hard! I sat on the edge of the bathtub and Sam soaped up my cock thoroughly before impaling himself on my cock. Sam leaned over and began sucking on Phillip's hard cock and Phillip and I began showering each other with passionate kisses. I had Sam in a modified bear-hug, slamming him up and down on my cock, while savoring every drop of Phillip's saliva. Sam released Phillip's cock and he placed both his legs over mine, spreading them wide. I was playing with Sam's hard cock when Phillip turned around and impaled himself on Sam's erect member. My cock was deep inside Sam and Sam's cock was deep inside Phillip. Phillip slipped both of his legs over Sam's legs and using his hands on Sam's thighs, began to ride him like a bull.

Phillip was jacking his own meat, but it was Sam who was the first to deliver his precious load inside Phillip's hot little ass. I told Phillip I wanted his cum and he shook his head in agreement as he leaned back and pounded his cock with a blinding flurry. I sent my own load inside Sam's tight ass just watching all that was taking place. I was still shooting my load when Phillip jumped up and quickly pointed his cock towards me. I leaned over and inserted his cock in my mouth just in time to catch his wonderful mouth watering sperm. Five thick, creamy, and hard blasts coated the roof of my mouth, but I trapped it with my tongue wanting to savor each morsel.

Phillip shot his load and I cleaned his uncut cock with my tongue thoroughly, savoring each delicious drop. As if rehearsed, all three of us stood up. Sam was first to bend over and Phillip immediately began sliding his tongue in Sam's still open asshole. I bent down and began eating Phillip's cum dripping hole as well. The slurping noises was louder than the water spewing from the shower head as we licked and chewed each other's ass. I could taste the sperm that Sam shot into Phillip's hole and simply couldn't get enough. Apparently, Phillip couldn't get enough either. His little head was rocking all over Sam's little ass slurping and sucking at his hole.

Somewhere between it all, I had to pee again. My cock was still hard so I stood up and grabbed Phillip's hips after lathering my cock up with soap. He was still eating Sam's asshole with a passion as I forced my cock into the tight opening. He let out a loud unexplainable noise as my cock slowly crept to his inner depths. I knew I had no more sperm to deliver, but I had to piss really bad. Once all the way in, I released my bladder sending my hot piss deep inside the bowels of Phillip. His little body twisted and jerked as my piss shot out. Inadvertently, his ass rode my cock, back and forth as if saying he wanted me to ride him hard. While pissing in him, I started to slide my cock in and out of his tight ass enjoying the noises he was making while being fucked and eating Sam's ass out in the process.

After I finished peeing inside Phillip, my cock went soft and slid out. I was exhausted, but Phillip had other plans. He turned Sam towards me and bent him over. Phillip slammed his missile into Sam's ass in one hard and fast motion. He announced he had to pee again. I got on my knees and swallowed Sam's slender cock while letting my tongue slide over his small, smooth balls. The motion from Phillip ramming his meat inside Sam, caused Sam's cock to fuck my mouth. Sam was holding onto the back of my head and groaning as he was being serviced from both ends. Phillip stopped his fucking and held his cock all the way inside Sam. I saw Phillip's eyes close and knew he was getting ready to piss. Phillip let out a soft moan and Sam's body fell weak while shaking uncontrollably. Phillip was sending his hot boiling piss deep inside Sam and I could feel Sam's hands as they tightened around my head. Shot after shot of his more than delicious sperm filled my mouth. Sam's cock was riveting inside my mouth while releasing the contents from his loins. I was given a pretty good load from Sam and took my time allowing only a little bit to enter my throat at any given time.

After all that had happened, we cleaned ourselves up again and dried off. The three of us shared the one sink to brush our teeth's, and after doing so, walked into the kitchen. We all agreed that wearing any clothes would be totally not called for. It was then when we were standing in the kitchen that we realized it was daylight and that we had fooled around all night long. We were exhausted, but not sleepy. I made us some breakfast; eggs, bacon, grits, toast, and pancakes. After we ate, we decided to hang around the pool and enjoy the warm rays from the sun.

This time, I made sure every door was locked, except the one door leading to the pool. We sat on the edge of the pool and pretty much talked about sports and some sex, but not much sex talk. Sam was the first to excuse himself to go to the bathroom. I watched his cute little butt as he walked into the house, and so did Phillip. After Sam was out of sight, I looked at Phillip who was sitting on the edge sporting a straining erection. His feet was partially in the water with his legs spread about shoulder length apart. Lowering myself into the water, I walked in between his hairless legs, gliding my hands over his smooth skin in the process. Starting with his balls, I licked my way up to his covered cock head. His left hand fondled my hair as my mouth enclosed over his yummy cock. I used my left hand to cup and softly pull on his dangling balls while my mouth sucked on his rock hard piece of meat. Phillip began to quietly moan and his eyes partially closed at the pleasure he was receiving. My middle finger on my left hand found his well ridden asshole and started digging at the entrance.

Within a couple of minutes, Phillip got real close in busting a nut. I stopped sucking on his wonderful cock just long enough to prevent him from spewing his load. Sam was taking a rather long time in the bathroom, but Phillip and I barely noticed the time passing. I positioned Phillip to scoot his butt closer and using my hands raised his legs. Now he was laying down on the edge of the pool with his butt sticking out over the edge with his legs bent toward his head. My tongue dug at his hole causing Phillip to let out a loud moan. Using my right hand, I pulled his cock toward my mouth and began sucking on his cock and licking his butt hole at the same time.

Phillip had gotten close to releasing his sweet load about six times and his breathing became harsh as his legs began to shake and twitch. I placed two fingers from my left hand deep inside his tiny hole and started slamming them in and out while sucking away on his rigid cock. His head rolled from side to side while he had a mouthful of his smooth silky skin of his left arm. While working on his cock and ass, I gently lowered the foreskin and began licking and sucking on his pre cum soaked cock head. His body violently shook and he started whimpering and groaning from all the pleasing action. He cried out that he was going to cum, but I stopped sucking in time, preventing him from doing so.

His balls looked angry from the love juice that filled them. I continued my oral attack on his meat while my fingers ravaged his little butt hole. In less than thirty seconds, Phillip had reached the point of no return, flooding my mouth with his thick, creamy honey. I held his sweet sperm in my mouth not allowing a single portion to escape down my throat. Thick, hard blasts of sperm shot into my mouth and I quickly realized I had to make room for more, so I reluctantly swallowed a little at a time to make room for more. He was still shooting his load and my fingers pounded his ass while my right hand squeezed and stroked his cock with my mouth tightly sealed around his torpedo shaped cock head. I had to swallow quite a bit to make room for all of his sperm, but I sure wasn't complaining. Phillip finally ran out of his nectar and my mouth never left his cock and slowly, very slowly, I began to swallow tiny portions of his sweet sperm. After all of his precious life giving cum slipped down my throat, I used my tongue to carefully clean his cock head and shaft before letting his rapidly deflating cock slip out my mouth.

Phillip lowered his legs and they fell into the warm water of the pool just in time as Sam reentered the pool area. Naturally, Sam was smart enough to know that something had just happened from the smiles on our faces. Sam walked over and got into the pool and stood beside me staring at Phillip who was still trying to catch his breath. Sam rested a hand on my butt cheek and as I looked down at him, he leaned up to me and we began kissing, enjoying each other's breath and tongue. Being much taller, I leaned down placing my back against the side of the pool and started pulling on Sam's little butt cheeks. I could feel his erection stabbing me in the stomach and his left hand caressed alongside my erect shaft.

While we were kissing, I made my way to the deep end holding Sam in my free arm. I maneuvered us to the diving board where I turned Sam around and guided his hands to hold on. His back was towards me and I placed his feet on the edge of the pool, widely spread. Resting my back on the pool wall, I turned around and was now directly under the most beautiful sight in the world. I was looking straight into Sam's dot of an asshole, small dangling balls, and rock hard cock. I began licking and sucking on his smooth, hairless balls while using my right hand to softly stroke his slender pole.

Arching my head, I began licking the tiny meat that separated his balls from his crack. Sam squealed out, "I'm, I'm not, not really clean down there." At this point in time, I really didn't care. I knew he had just answered the sitting portion of mother nature's call, but was too perverted or too horny to care. My tongue found his extra tiny hole and began pushing at the opening wanting to gain entrance. His anal muscles relaxed long enough for my tongue to penetrate. Sam started whimpering and groaning as my tongue pushed deeper inside his hot, juicy hole. Like Phillip, he got really close from releasing his load, so I stopped jacking on his cock and concentrated on his balls with my right hand while tongue fucking his delicious asshole.

I knew Sam would have to use both hands to hold onto the diving board, although he desperately wanted to jack off while I was eating his ass. After letting his cum fall back into his loins, I began sucking away on his hard cock while shoving two fingers deep inside his little butt. Sam's body shook out of control and the sounds he was making cannot ever be described. His hole was tight and fiery hot, but felt good on my fingers as they plunged in and out at a mind boggling speed. Every time Sam would get close, I would stop sucking. I don't know how long I did this to him, but he had tears streaming down his beautiful face and I realized I had to let him release his load. Before I returned to his cock, I had to taste his ass one more time. My tongue joined my two fingers and eagerly lapped at his hole and was instantly rewarded with his delicious ass juices. His arms were straining in attempt to maintain this position. Reluctantly, I slipped my tongue from his butt hole and returned to his cock. Instantly, I was treated to a mouthful of his sweet pre cum. My fingers tormented his quivering asshole while my mouth eagerly sucked on his cock. Within a few seconds, Sam shot his load into my mouth. Using my tongue, I blocked his honey from being torpedoed down my throat. He kept firing off round after round of his warm, watery/thick sperm.

Before his sperm subsided, I was barely able to keep all of his pure and precious cum in my mouth without spilling a drop, or swallowing any of it just yet. Savoring each drop, I slowly began to swallow a little at a time until it was all gone. I used my tongue to get the last drop from his piss slit before Sam collapsed into my arms. My fingers were still buried inside his ass as he wrapped his arms around me and rested his head onto my left shoulder. He was gasping for air and his upper body was covered with sweat. It felt good holding my little blond angel tightly against me with my fingers trapped inside his juicy hole.

I felt a nudge at my right shoulder and looked up to see Phillip laying on his stomach. Before I could react, Phillip shot his tongue inside my mouth. We kissed like two mad lovers for quite some time. Sam whispered into my left ear, "I have to go to the bathroom." I pulled my fingers from his hot ass and he swam to the shallow end and got out of the pool. Phillip and I were still kissing and his hands roamed all over my chest. Our kiss broke and I jumped up on the edge to get out of the pool. Phillip was standing and his limp cock looked so cute dangling down.

Phillip softly said, "You need to cum now. It's your turn." I just smiled at his innocence and walked him over to a table that sat near the edge of the shallow end. I patted the top of the table and Phillip hopped up onto it in a doggie-style position. "I want to suck on it Shawn." I stepped in front of him and he immediately grabbed my cock with his left hand and started licking up and down the full length of my shaft. His tongue was so hot and I had started forming a thick, long string of pre cum that was dripping towards the patio. Phillip stuck his tongue out to where my pre cum ended and worked his way up to my piss slit, catching all my pre cum. The little angel had a smile on his face that would be considered priceless as his tongue slid all over my large mushroom head. Phillip desperately tried to get some of my cock head into his mouth, but was unsuccessful at his every attempt.

I knew if he kept this up, I would surely blast a load. I stepped back from his lapping tongue and grabbed a bottle of baby oil and walked behind him. Phillip turned his head following my every move. As soon as I got in behind him and dropped to my knees, he quickly said, "Oh wait, I just used the bathroom, you know number two." His words fell on deaf ears as my tongue darted straight at his little hole. My hands stretched his butt cheeks and my tongue pressed hard against his hole meeting his resistance with force. I lapped at his delicious ass juices and only craved more as my tongue penetrated and snaked its way in as far as it could go. Phillip lowered his head and began to softly grunt and moan.

I released his right butt cheek with my right hand and poured some baby oil over my painfully erect cock and started working the lubricant all over. From the excitement of eating his freshly used bowel movement tiny hole and the friction from my hand on my cock, I was getting dangerously close. I stopped eating his hole and stood up positioning my cock head in front of his well salivated hole and pressed hard. Phillip squealed as my over sized mushroom head pried his asshole open. His head flayed up and down and side to side as I inched my way forward. The first four or five inches fought off his every resistance, but then he gave up and my cock spread his inner ass walls to accommodate its length and thick girth. Wasting very little time, once my cock struck home, I began to pound his ass like a bear. Phillip started stroking his now erect pole while softly moaning and groaning. He began to slam his ass onto my cock with my every forceful thrust.

Sam returned and walked in front of Phillip and Phillip needed no instruction as he hungrily swallowed Sam's hard cock. My hands had a strong and firm grip on Phillip's little hips driving him onto my cock. Phillip's mouth fell off of Sam's cock long enough for him to cry out, "Yes, God yes, fuck me, fuck my ass Shawn!" If at all possible, I used more force to pound his little bubbly butt. Sam started rocking his hips, face fucking Phillip and Phillip quickened his pace on his own cock. Phillip grunted and I could feel his ass muscles as they clinched onto my cock. His cock erupted sending his milky white sperm onto the top of the table in thick huge globs. My own sperm was making its way to my piss slit and by the look on Sam's face, he was getting close as well.

I felt the tremendous sensation of a hard climax boiling up as I rammed my thick meat inside this beautiful boy. The first shot of my sperm seemed to rip my piss slit wide open and I almost fell on top of Phillip as more sperm shot out. Sam grunted and was sending his own sweet sperm into the mouth of Phillip. I was filling Phillip's ass up with my sperm and Sam was filling Phillip's mouth up with his. Phillip, no doubt, was getting filled up with hot cream from both ends.

Sam's limp cock slid out of Phillip's mouth as so did my deflating cock from his hot, little butt. Phillip didn't have enough energy to get down from the table and I watched Sam get on his knees and start licking up the fluids that Phillip's cock shot out. I got on the other side and put Phillip's cock into my mouth and worked my tongue under his foreskin to get the remnants of his sweet cum.

The three of us laid down on the lounge chairs and I soon drifted off to sleep on my stomach. I don't know how long I had been sleeping, but I was quickly awakened to find Phillip putting his cock inside my ass. Sam somehow managed to pull my cock between the material of the chair and was working my cock over with his tongue while stroking the shaft with both hands.

Allowing for deeper penetration, I placed my knees on the patio floor while Phillip rammed his six inches of wonderful uncut meat straight up my ass. Sam was on his back working on my cock and I could see the lower portion of his body sticking out from under the chair. His cock was as hard as a bone. I reached out with my left hand and began stroking on it. Phillip had one motion; fast and furious. He rocketed his cock in and out of my ass and I knew he would not be able to keep up this pace for long. In the meantime, I could feel my cum boil at all these wonderful sensations that was overwhelming me. I tried desperately to hold back, but all my attempts were futile. I sent, what felt like, gallons into the open mouth of Sam. The more sperm I shot, the harder his sucking mouth worked. While I was shooting my load in Sam's mouth, Sam's cock blasted off as well. His sperm landed on his stomach and my hand. A few seconds later, I felt Phillip's cock expand and then fire off several hot jets of his cum deeper inside my bowels.

When it was all said and done, I lapped up Sam's sperm from my hand and Phillip withdrew his flaccid cock from my butt. I was still on my stomach as both boys began to lick at my recently fucked asshole. I could feel both of their tongues as they both tried to shove their tongues up my ass. Both boys wanted to suck Phillip's fresh sperm from my butt. Several minutes elapsed and they stopped eating my ass and sat down on the lounge chair to my right side.

Almost unison, both boys said they had to pee. Sam was the first to reply. "Piss in my mouth Phillip." Sam stood up from the chair and fell to his knees. Phillip walked over to him and I was amazed to see a thick, hard stream of piss shoot out from Phillip's dick into the open mouth of Sam. Once Phillip began pissing, Sam placed his mouth over Phillip's cock. Phillip was moaning while Sam was grunting and slurping. I reached out with my right hand and ran a finger up Sam's stretched asshole. It caught him off guard, but he didn't spill a drop of Phillip's hot piss.

Sam must have had to pee really bad because he held his cock with his right hand squeezing the heck out of it. Phillip finally stopped peeing and backed off. Sam wiped his mouth with his arm and stood up. My finger fell out of his hole and I watched as Phillip dropped to his knees and hold his mouth wide open. Sam stepped closer and once within a few inches, a bright yellow stream of piss shot out and landed into the open mouth of Phillip. It must have been kind of bitter or salty, because Phillip quickly closed his eyes extremely tight and made a weird facial expression. Sam did not wait for Phillip to run his mouth over his cock. He simply leaned forward and shoved it into the mouth of Phillip. Sam's knees slightly buckled and soft moans escaped his lips as Phillip's gulping could have been heard for miles around.

Sam took a long time peeing and poor Phillip achieved his goal as to not spill a drop. Sometime later on that day, we were in the house still naked. Phillip had to use the bathroom and for no reason at all, all three of us went to the bathroom. For the first time, Phillip looked embarrassed and Sam asked him what was wrong. Phillip softly said, "I gotta do number two." Being the pervert that I am, I told him to go ahead. Phillip hesitantly lowered himself onto the toilet and without thinking, I dropped to my knees and fished his cock out of the toilet entrance and shoved it into my mouth. There was nothing he could do because he was already in mid stride of using the bathroom. I heard Sam spit and instinctively raised my butt up for him. Sam stepped in behind me and slammed his cock all the way home.

Phillip's cock grew hard inside my mouth and I started slamming my face onto his cock. There wasn't a whole lot Phillip could do but continue using the bathroom. Several shots of his hot piss flew out of his cock and down my throat, but his erection was still rock hard. Sam was rifling his cock in and out of my ass and I felt his cock expand and shoot his sperm inside me. Phillip blew his load into my mouth and he cried out when the first shot left his piss slit. I savored every drop Phillip gave me and I sucked on his cock until it went totally soft in my mouth. Just I was bringing my mouth off his cock, Phillip unknowingly began pissing. I slurped and drank his piss until he stopped.

After the bathroom episode, later on, we took turns giving each other an enema. We had glorious sex all night long and all of us regretted the return of our parents. It was Sunday around five in the afternoon when I realized that I had not slept in two days. The last words spoken as Phillip's parents were about to leave was when he said, "Shawn, will you watch me again when my parents go out of town?" Smiling, I said, "Anytime!" After they left and after a brief discussion with my parents, Sam and I went to my bedroom where we continued our sexual cravings.