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I lay awake in my bed reminiscing of my numerous sexual encounters with other guys. I had turned into one sick puppy. A sexual monster who enjoyed being sexually active with girls, as well as guys. As sick as it may sound, I had turned into a cock sucking, sperm drinking, ass eating, urine gulping, pussy licking, rump pounding, and saliva thirsty whore dog. I couldn't believe what I had become, but no matter my beliefs; I knew I craved more!

A typical day at the school with only one thing to mention. During the third period, I went to use the restroom on the second floor, near the library. Upon entering, I observed three other students surround a smaller student at the urinals. It didn't take a brain surgeon to realize that the smaller of the four was getting ready to get his butt kicked. I never did like the so called "bullies." Naturally, I intervened and the three decided it would be in their best interest to leave.

The smaller guy was crying while standing in front of the urinals and kept thanking me for saving him from what would have been a very painful and bloody ordeal. He stood about 5' 5" and weighed about 110 pounds. His hair was all messed up from the three bullies, but it was short and dirty blond in color. The clothes he wore was typically baggy and all messed up from where the bullies had grabbed him and tossed him around prior to my arrival. His hazel eyes were bright and filled with water as he continued his efforts to stop crying. Little dimples deeply impaled his slender cheeks as he managed a few smiles in between tears. His eyebrows were dirty blond that formed a perfect separate line that was thick and thin, all at the same time. His eyelashes were black, but they too were long and seemingly perfect.

It was then that he offered me his still trembling hand and spoke his name, Brandon. He told me that those guys would get him during recess or after school because he wouldn't let them cheat on a test. Seeing the fear in his eyes only made my blood boil that much more. I assured him that everything would be okay. His eyes followed me as I departed the bathroom and I returned back to my class.

Sure enough, during recess, I saw the three guys pull Brandon behind the gym and their timing couldn't have been much worse. There were two guys standing around me that were starting line backers on the football team. Jerome stood 6' 6" and weighed a solid 310 pounds and Marcus stood 6' 5" and weighed 335 pounds. I briefly explained this guy's predicament and they were just like me. None of us had any use for a bully whatsoever.

As we rounded the corner, the three senior bullies had just thrown Phillip to the ground. One of the bully's was getting ready to kick Brandon in the face when I hammered him with a hard right fist to the side of his head. To make a short story of this brawl short, the three bullies understood that their bullying antic days were over. They understood that if they approached Brandon or any other student, we would find them and they definitely wouldn't like what we would do to them. The four of us walked away, leaving the three bullies beaten, battered, and laying in their own pool of blood.

Brandon kept thanking us for saving him and we kept telling him no problem and that he was very welcome. The four of us eventually went on our own way. My mind was stuck on Brandon and I couldn't understand why. He certainly wasn't the most gorgeous boy I had ever been infatuated with, but there was just something about him that kept my mind filled with sexual delight. Throughout the remainder of the school day, I continued to think about Brandon.

The final school bell finally sounded and everyone rushed through the hallways to get out. I kept looking for Brandon in hopes of seeing him one more time. I did run into the bullies, but they looked and seemed that they had overcome their bullying escapades and wanted no more violence. The hallways had started to clear out as the student rushed out of the building to either drive home, or catch the bus. There he was, standing in front of his open locker retrieving some books as I approached him. As our eyes met, his broad smile careened across his narrow and petite face.

After exchanging greetings, I did my best to see how he was getting home. I was more than surprised to find out that he was planning on walking home, so I invited to give him a ride instead. He was more thankful of being around me and being seen with me than anything else. Not trying to sound too conceded, I blew off his notion of referring to me as a celebrity symbol. We walked towards the exit and Brandon had a smile on his face during the entire walk to my car. I simply could not understand my fascination over this guy. He was cute, but not down right gorgeous like the rest of the guys I had been with. It was painfully obvious that my cock was more than interested in Brandon as it snaked down my right leg and left a very evitable impression.

Brandon lived in an apartment complex and was somewhat embarrassed of having me step inside his apartment. Finally, after much persuading, he allowed me inside. We sat down and he explained his life story with me. It seems that his parents are getting a divorce and his father is a brutal alcoholic. He lives with his mother and hates his father tremendously. His mother works two jobs in an attempt at a new life for her and Brandon. He went on to explain that he does not have any friends and he spends his time studying and reading. The more he talked, the more my heart went out to him. We sat there and I listened with open ears as he spoke of his past up to the present. I felt like crying as he spoke about the horrors of his life. He would frequently get beat up at school, come home and get assaulted by his drunken father as well.

We were sitting there on his hand-me-down sofa when a banging on the front door erupted. Brandon immediately broke out into tears and the fear on his eyes explained everything. The loud slurring, husky voice bellowed out, "Open this fucking door you little piece of shit!" Brandon began to tremble with fear and sat their frozen in time. The man began kicking on the thin front door and I could see that the door jam was about to give way. Angered over the fear in Brandon's eyes, I jumped up and slung the door open. The man was about my size, but weighed much less than me. He grabbed me by the front of my shirt and I simply went ballistic on his drunk ass. I don't even remember if he hit me at all, but I remember the cops pulling me off the drunk bastard. I have never been this angry before and didn't want to stop pounding his abusive butt into the pavement. A crowd gathered as I broke free from one of the police officer's and resumed whipping Brandon's father's butt.

I was placed into handcuffs and was sitting in the back seat of one of their cruiser's. The man was laying in a puddle of his own blood as EMS workers prepared him for transportation. One thing led to another and I was taken to the police station. After a couple of hours in a holding cell, I began to calm down. My parents had been called as the officer led me to one of the detective's office. My father was angry at first, but when I told them what all had transpired, my parents stood by my side, and so did the detective.

The police brought Brandon to the station as well and questioned him regarding the incident. The detective informed me that the man was listed in critical condition, but I apologized for not giving a shit about his condition. Some good came from all this, because the detective swore that he would do all he could to prevent the asshole from ever harming Brandon or his mother. He was even going to place some serious charges against him for trying to break in the apartment and his assault, both verbal and physical. The detective said I acted in self defense and that there would be no charges brought up against me.

My parents gave us a ride back to Brandon where my car was. The ride was silent except when my father spoke, "Shawn, I'm proud of you. You did what you thought was right and stood up for your beliefs, but you could have killed that man today." I simply responded, "He deserves to die!"

Once at the apartment, my parents were given a brief tour by Brandon's mother. She was informed of what all had happened by my parents and Brandon. His mother was crying and gave me a hug and began sobbing on my shoulders while thanking me for protecting her son. Brandon went on to tell them about the three bullies at school and how they suffered a lesser fate. My parents never condoned fighting and just looked at me like saying we will talk about this later. After discovering that there was no food in the house, my father handed me twenty dollars and told me to order a pizza for us.

Brandon's mom got dressed and went to her second job and Brandon and I were sitting on the sofa. My parents had been gone for nearly two hours and I thought they had went home, but they had went grocery shopping instead. We had finished eating the pizza and was watching television when they knocked on the door. They had went out and bought a car load of groceries for Brandon and his mother. I thought I would never get done carrying all the bags from the car. Brandon was all smiles and full of gratitude as he began putting up the groceries with my mother's assistance. By the time we were done, the refrigerator was packed and so were all the cabinets. My parents said their farewells and departed, leaving us alone.

Brandon was still in the kitchen fighting to get more stuff inside the refrigerator. I stood in behind him to see if I could steel a glance at his physique covered with those idiotic baggy clothes. As he bent over, his pants formed around his butt. It was small, almost flat, but with a small arch to it. The thick line of fabric that covers the crack area indented itself inside his small crack. The sick perverted creature that I had become became aware of his position. I grabbed something off the table as if going to hand it to him, but instead bent down and planted my nose within millimeters of where his butt hole should be. One quick inhale and only the fresh scent of recently washed material enhanced my senses.

Going for another sniff, I had just inhaled when Brandon backed up, driving his small butt onto my flared nostril. "I, I'm so sorry!" Playing along, I said, "No problem, it was an accident and I shouldn't have been so close." Brandon and I managed to get everything up and what wouldn't fit, we placed onto the kitchen table.

Their apartment is a single story with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. We had been watching some stupid movie when Brandon said he needed to go take a shower. His bathroom was out in the hallway and I just about died when I saw him leave his bedroom wearing a towel around his tiny hips. From where I was sitting, his nipples seemed almost transparent. I began stroking my rock hard cock through my pants as my mind wondered away at what Brandon looks like naked. After hearing the jets from the shower activate, I carefully and quietly walked towards his bathroom. Opening the door silently and slowly, I walked to the shower curtain. I was about to pull the curtain back when his hand came out and almost grabbed mine. He had been reaching for the shampoo. Scared to death, I quickly left the bathroom and wandered into his bedroom. It was a mattress on the floor and his clothes were piled up in the corner. I picked up his freshly worn Fruit of the Looms and brought them to my nose. Only the vaguest of urine spill was evident.

The shower cut off and I almost ran back to the living room and sat down. Several minutes later, Brandon returned to the living room and I was shocked to see him only wearing a tight pair of Fruit of the Looms. He went into the kitchen and fixed us some drinks and returned. My eyes became entranced on his front package, studying ever so carefully every curve and bend. I could barely see his cock head as it poked in front. I couldn't tell if he was cut or uncut, but could see that it poked out a good inch and a half. His shins had little traces of dark curly hairs and the rest of him, from what I could tell, was completely hairless. His feet were small and so was his hands.

His nervous and shy voice squeaked out, "I want to thank you for all you have done for me today. How can I ever repay you for everything?" I wanted to say throw off your shorts and bend over, but I managed to respond by saying, "Don't worry about it!" He made numerous remarks about my muscles, as well as many thank you's. I finally asked him how old he was and he said that he was thirteen going on fourteen in a few months. I quickly discovered Brandon was more happy having someone next to him, someone he could call a friend, than anything else. He was full of joy and filled with energy. My own cock was filled with blood and my balls ached with cum.

I stared at his package every chance I could and could see his thighs had no signs or possible traces of hair other than a few whisks of peach fuzz here and there. His belly button poke out slightly and his thin stomach barely traveled around his bones. He was skinny, but not scrawny or boney. His face was pure and innocent and his voice melted my heart. I had asked him if he had ever had sex with anyone, but he quickly denounced any such activity. His voice shattered my heart when he said, "Shuck's, who would want to have sex with somebody who looks like me?" Quickly I said, "A lot of people!" He sat there with a prolonged smile on his face as our eyes met. My cock completely noticeable as it jerked and twitched along the right side of my pants.

Brandon got up to get us another drink and my eyes fell onto his butt. It was perfectly small and had the ever so slightest arch. Even my tongue became hard at this mouth watering vision. Upon his return, I brought up the topic about sex. I did my best to give him a hard-on, talking about pussy, blow-jobs, and eating ass. Eating ass definitely caught his attention. He said, "You mean to tell me that you really put your tongue in someone's bung hole?" The way he said it was not like gross, but more inquisitive. I said, "Heck yeah. I love ramming my tongue up someone's juicy hole." Giving it all I got, I fired, "I have even been known to drink piss from time to time." His right eyebrow raised and his face had the look of excitement as he softly spoke, "Oh wow, I've never thought about doing that before."

Just as planned, the front of his underwear began to tent outward. I was still unable to actually see anything describable. Brandon's right hand fell over his crotch to conceal his apparent excitement. I kept up the sex talk hoping beyond all hopes of getting him naked and ravishing his delightful body. I asked him all kinds of questions, like; have you ever dreamed of someone licking your butt hole? Have you ever thought about someone sucking your dick and swallowing your sperm? Have you ever wondered what it would be like having something shoved up your butt? Do you think you could ever suck on another guy's dick?

Brandon looked puzzled at the questioning, but unashamedly either said yes, or nodded his head yes to all the questions. He stood up and said he had to go pee. Without thinking, I blurted out, "You could pee in my mouth if you want to?" He stood there and pondered my offer for a few seconds. A mixture of looks overcame his precious face. I am quite positive, one side of him said no, but the more inquisitive side of him was all for it. Almost whispering, he said, "I've never done nothing like this before. Where do you think we should do it as to not make a mess?" I told him, "Doesn't matter to me cause I won't spill a drop."

"Okay." He walked over to me and I was still sitting but got closer to the edge. Brandon stood in front of me and hooked the sides of his underwear and slid them slowly down to his knees. Three inches of uncut beauty dangled before my very eyes. A small patch of little, kind of curly black hairs, bordered the edges on either side of the base of his shaft. His balls dangled freely and were the size of a quarter in a hairless sac. The foreskin draped over his cock head a good inch and a half. His dick was in that torn state of soft and wanting to get hard. He said, "I, I really have to pee a lot." I opened my mouth and watched his left fingers slid back the skin, revealing a bright pink torpedo shaped mushroom head. The piss slit was a half an inch long and was barely open at the top.

"Here, here it comes, oh, ah!" The fiery hot fluid erupted sending a massive shockwave throughout my body. The head of his dick rested on my bottom lip and his finger was touching my lip as well. His body was slightly twitching as his cock flooded my gut with his hot pee. Pretending to steady myself, I placed both hands on his velvety soft butt cheeks. His butt was so small that my hands overlapped one another as they gently kneaded into his hard flesh. Brandon's right hand rested on top of my head as my fingers traced the outline of his small crack, carefully and gently spreading them apart. Brandon cooed and groaned as the steady hot fluid flowed freely from his cock and down my throat. With the last of his hot fluid dripping onto my tongue, I placed my lips over his piss slit and used my tongue to catch the excess.

Brandon's cock began to grow ever so hard as my tongue darted around his freshly peeing piss slit. My finger found his rose garden and gently caressed the tight entrance. Brandon released my head with his left hand and now had both of his hands on his hips. Sneaking a peek up, I could see that his eyes were tightly closed and his mouth partially open. His cock was now fully erect standing free of his body a good six inches while pointing straight ahead. His balls became entrapped into its withdrawing sac. Letting his shaft nestle against my left cheek, I lowered my head and began sucking and licking on both balls. The freshly soaped fragrance rushed through my nostrils as I sucked and licked harder on his quarter size nuggets. With two fingers roaming at his virgin hole, I brought my head up and swallowed his juicy cock. My tongue snuck under his covered hood and began lapping at his sweet pre cum that soaked his hidden cock head.

His hips began bucking as my mouth drove hard onto his raging meat and knew he would not last long. The moment I awaited shot forth as his creamy, thick sperm saturated my mouth. Two tremendous blasts, followed by several trickles, then four more hard shots, finally diminishing to just globs oozing out of his piss slit onto my tongue. His cock jerked and twitched while he was grunting and moaning and I was enjoying trapping his sweet sperm inside my mouth until he was spent before I sampled his nectar. His cock grew sensitive as I was forced to relinquish my sucking hold and began to slowly drink his creamy cum. Warm with barely a hint of salt traceable. Brandon walked over to the sofa and collapsed, forgetting to pull up his underwear. His chest was rising and falling and his eyes were glassy. On the other hand, I was purely enjoying his sweet divine life giving fruit.

Looking over at him, I said, "Thank you!" Brandon turned his head and between breaths, he said, "No, thank you. That was totally awesome. My legs are still shaking." After a few seconds of silence, Brandon looked at me and asked, "How can I ever repay you?" I blurted out, "You can give me your ass!" A look of excitement over took his face as he replied, "Oh wow, you want to put your tongue down there?" He pointed to his butt with his right finger as he made that question. I just shook my head yes.

Brandon stood up and kicked his underwear off. He got back on the sofa with his knees on the cushion and upper body across the arm rest. Brandon lifted his left leg up and draped it on top of the sofa. I was frozen in my seat as I stared at his butt. His hole was a bright pink and his crack was spread wide offering no resistance. There wasn't a trace of hair in or along his little crack. His pink hole was tightly sealed as I lowered myself between his outstretched legs. I licked the insides of his thighs as my tongue crept forward. His soft cock and hardened balls dangled downward between his legs offering a show of their own. Placing my nose directly over his hole, I inhaled deeply like a drug starved addict. My tongue began bathing the area between his balls and his crack. I pressed my nose against his tiny hole harder and harder in a feeble attempt to shove my entire nose inside his delicious smelling ass. Brandon's hips gyrated at this new found intense pleasure he was experiencing.

Trailing my tongue upward and sliding my nose along his crack, it rested on his little pink pucker. At first, Brandon offered a slight giggle as my tongue traced his hole, but within seconds his giggles turned to moans of sheer ecstacy. Within seconds, his little crack was soaked with my saliva as my tongue began drilling at his hole. His upper body bounced onto the armrest as my tongue pried his tight entrance open and began to snake inside his ass. His moans grew louder and his body shook violently as my tongue inched forward, stretching his virgin ass wider than before. My left hand reached under his spread legs and began playing with his cock and balls. His cock was already at attention caused by the pleasure my tongue was giving him. Brandon was lost in the moment and I had no caring of time. I was eating a juicy teenager's ass out while fondling a hard cock and two very lovely balls.

"Cum, cum, oh my, here!" I quickly pulled his rigid cock between his legs and lowered my mouth on his pulsating cock just as his load sprang free. My right hand was jacking his cock while my mouth was securely wrapped around his unsheathed cock head. Numerous, sweet, creamy loads of his teen sperm flooded my mouth. Brandon didn't shoot nearly as much as his first load, but it was definitely tasty. I milked his cock free before allowing it to slip out of my clutches. I went back to work on eating his ass while savoring his tangy sperm in the process. His body almost looked like he was going into convulsions as he shook so hard, the sofa was rocking.

Not caring about time whatsoever, I ate his ass out for a real long time before placing my sore tongue back inside my mouth. Brandon fell onto his left side in almost a modified fetal position. I slipped a finger inside my mouth and then carefully slid it into his hot little tight ass. Brandon was in a trance like state, but quickly awoke as my finger inched its way inside his hot hole. His mouth fell open and a noise escaped his lips as my finger plunged all the way in. "Ah, ah, ah!" That was all the sounds he could offer as my finger slowly twisted and turned while traveling in and out. Brandon raised his right leg up, placing his foot on his left thigh allowing a deeper penetration. His eyes were partially open and partially closed while biting his lips as my finger was sliding in and out of his hot tight ass.

My right hand squeezed his left thigh and worked its way up to his crotch area. The thumb of my left hand was cordially caressing his shriveled up balls. His soft cock sprang to life as my right hand began moving the flesh of his shaft up and down. Soft moans escaped his lips as the overwhelming sensations latched onto his hidden emotions. With my finger still deeply implanted into his hot ass, I guided his body onto his back. His right leg was now draped over the top of the sofa while his left foot was resting on the floor. Now, I could watch his every facial expression as my fingers and hands performed mysterious wonders to his frail body. His cock throbbed in my hand and his balls became even harder as my middle finger of my left hand slammed in and out of his tight hole.

Brandon had no idea what to do with his flaying hands as he frequently took the opportunity to nibble on his arms. The soft skin of his thighs shook as my finger began to pound harder in his hole. Loud moans and louder grunts echoed through the room, bouncing off the walls. He began to whimper as my pace quickened on his rock hard pole, matching steps with my finger rifling in and out of his tight hole. "Oh God, oh God, I, I'm, oh ah!" I darted my mouth around his cock head and pumped harder with a fiery passion. Just the very end of his cock head was nestled inside my mouth as his cock exploded, sending thick, fiery shots inside my sperm loving mouth. He was screaming, almost to the top of his lungs as his balls relinquished their loving content. His body bucked, shook, and quivered as his hot load flung itself into my hungry mouth.

This load was equivalent to his first, but much more thicker. I savored each drop while cleaning his cock head before his foreskin could begin to conceal it. Brandon was completely out of breath as he was panting, gasping for precious and well deserved air. I slid my finger out of his hole and quickly took hold of each of his smooth legs and pushed them forward. Once his legs were out of my way, I lashed out with my tongue and struck his well finger fucked asshole. The heat and moisture streaming from his hole drove me into an ass eating frenzy. I tongue fucked his juicy asshole for a long, long time. His flaccid cock started regaining its strength as I watched it slowly return to a hardened form. His right hand began to pump on his cock like there was no tomorrow as my tongue plundered inside his moist and juicy oven.

Several ass eating, cock pumping minutes elapsed when Brandon cried out, "Ah, ah, here, here, I'm!" I left his delicious ass and began sucking on his cock head as he pumped the life giving honey from his wonderful uncut cock. Creamy and somewhat watery, numerous shots fired from his piss slit and into my greedy mouth. Within seconds, Brandon was spent and I happily cleaned the remaining cum from his cock before slowly swallowing his sweet teen juice.

He lay there on his back, panting for air. I realized why I had felt nauseous at times. My cock was definitely hard and a huge puddle of pre cum saturated my pants. It wanted to be free, but I needed a shower and after licking his hole for a few minutes, allowed him to rest while I rushed to his bathroom.

After showering, I returned to the livingroom wearing only a towel around my hips. Brandon was still naked and remained in the same position I had left him in. His breathing returned to normal as I paused in front of him. My cock started to grow under the concealment of the towel. Brandon looked so innocent and delicious laying in that position. His uncut limp cock drifted to the left of his thigh with his balls beginning to droop once again. Two quarter size nuggets rested on top of his left thigh. As I stepped closer, Brandon said, "I've got to pee again!" I dropped to my knees and lifted his cock up with my fingers and guided his cock to my bottom lip. I gave a nod and he groaned as his hot piss shot out of his piss slit with an explosion. The right side of my face rested on his lower stomach as I eagerly drank his hot liquid. With the last drop free from its restraints, I cleaned his torpedo shaped mushroom head thoroughly from top to bottom.

Brandon raised the tented out towel up with his left hand and with a shock on his face and disbelief in his voice, he said, "Oh shit, now that's a dick!" His hand grabbed the steel like flesh and with a questioning voice, asked, "Have, have you ever put this inside anybody?" His warm soft hand sent shivers up and down my spine as I replied, "Yes, many, many times!" A smile graced his face as he looked into my eyes and said, "Holy Moses, I can't even get my hand around that thing!" My pre cum flowed like Niagra Falls and the heat spewing off his hand was not helping matters any.

I got up and lay on the floor and asked him to come over to me. He was standing with his feet facing my head. I reached up and turned him around and asked him to lower his ass onto my face. My cock pulsed with anxiety as I watched his bright pink hole lower to my always ready tongue. He was on his heels, and squatted over my face with his cock resting on top of my nose and forehead. My tongue went to work on his asshole immediately. Using both my hands, I began tweaking his small, but hard, nipples. Brandon started jacking his cock at a feverish pace while loud moans escaped his open mouth.

Some time had passed when I turned him around while still tongue fucking his tasty treat of an ass. He was now facing my feet and my head was enveloped with his small, hard butt cheeks. Brandon tugged at the towel so I raised my hips allowing the towel to strip free. He began rotating his hips and driving his ass onto my ass dwelling tongue. He leaned forward and I felt him bring my cock towards my stomach. His tongue lashed out and began swabbing up my spilt pre cum. I almost lost it when I felt his tongue on my dick.

He never once stopped jacking his own meat while licking my cock head and I was sopping at his juicy ass. Knowing by now, I never wanted him to waste a drop of his delicious sperm, he raised his ass off of my face, scooted back and pointed his cock towards my mouth. I shoved a finger deep inside his ass. Brandon took a deep breath and his cock filled my mouth with his warm honey. He was pumping so hard, I was afraid my teeth were going to rip his dick wide open. The finger that was pounding his ass and his need to bust a nut, erased all pain from his mind as his cock jerked and sprang forth a tremendous hard orgasm.

As always, I savored his cream to the last drop. This time around, his cock remained hard. I asked him if he had any lubrication and we both partook on a lubricant journey. My cock bounced as I watched him walk around with his hard cock bouncing up and down and from side to side. He found some baby oil in his mother's bathroom and handed me the bottle. I sat on the floor with my back against the sofa. Brandon got on all fours to my right side. He quickly went to work on my cock, this time using both hands while his tongue ran up and down the length of my shaft. I squirted the oil all over my right hand and shot a finger deep inside his ass. Brandon let out a loud pleasing moan as the finger buried itself up to the knuckle. His hands and tongue felt so good, I had to roll my head backwards at the awesome sensation that ran all over my body.

With his hands and tongue performing a master piece on my cock, I knew I would not be able to last long at this pace. Brandon was riding my finger like a cowboy on a bucking horse. I inserted another finger and he gasped for air as it slid up his chute. His anal canal was very tight and extremely hot. His canal squeezed my digging and turning fingers causing extreme pressure. Brandon picked up his pace, shoving his tiny butt onto my stretched ass filling fingers. I felt his tongue as it tried to pry open my piss slit while his hands slid my meaty flesh up and down. I warned him that I was about to shoot my load, but he maintained his position, but hastened his cock jacking. An intensifying flood of my sperm felt like it tore off the head of my dick, as it blasted off.

A third finger dove inside his ass and he cried out while my sperm was still shooting off inside his mouth. He gagged a couple of times as the sperm hit the back of his throat, but he never once stopped sucking on my piss slit. What felt like an eternity, my load finally subsided and Brandon eagerly lapped up any sperm that dripped onto my shaft. His ass was still bunked up with three of my fingers ramming in and out. He looked at me from the side and said, "Shawn, I would like, I want to uh, feel my dick in your ass." Smiling, I said, "If you fuck me, then I get to fuck you, okay?" He raised his ass off my fingers, smiled and said, "I don't know, your dick is really big. It would split me wide open." He was still licking his lips that once was covered with my spunk. Not wanting him to relinquish any excitement, I agreed to let him fuck me.

He wanted to do it doggie-style so I got into position on the floor. I heard him squeeze the bottle of baby oil into his hand and within seconds felt his hands as they rested on my hips. I reached under me and guided his tool at my more than willing hole. He sprang his hips forward and the breath escaped my body as he shoved all six uncut inches inside me at one time. My legs were spread wide to accommodate the height disadvantage. Brandon started ripping his pole in me like crazy. I began to clinch his cock with my ass muscles and knew by the sounds he was making that he would not last too long.

Brandon lasted a lot longer than I had bargained for. My hole was beginning to get sore as he thrust his organ in and out of me, deep and hard. Occasionally, he altered his pace to prevent himself from achieving another sperm filled nut. He prolonged this event in hopes that I would either forget, or be too tired, to return the favor of fucking him in the ass. I slammed my ass onto his cock while gripping it with my ass muscles. He tried to slow his pace, but I had figured what he was up to and rammed my butt onto his rigid cock. After about thirty or so minutes of fucking me in the ass, Brandon screamed as I felt his cock expand inside my ass. Hot splashes of his thick and creamy cum coated my anal canal. His body jerked as his sperm traveled up and out of his hard cock. I continued to squeeze and ram my ass onto his cock while he remained hunched over my back. As the last of his sweet honey freed itself, I felt his cock soften while inside me.

Brandon fell backwards onto the sofa and just sort of glared into space while gasping for air. His legs were already spread so I quickly poured more oil onto my right hand and shot three fingers deep inside his hot tight ass. With my left hand, I slid his body on the cushion of the sofa, resting his back on the cushion with his legs spread, high in the air. His asshole was just barely off the sofa's edge and my three fingers pounded away. Brandon tried to speak, but either the sensation or the need for oxygen, prevented him from doing so. His cock lay lifeless as I inserted a fourth finger. It was tight and I could feel his anal walls as they stretched wider and farther than ever before. I leaned forward and began licking his eyebrows while my fingers plumaged his asshole to a feverish state.

His mouth was already open as I lowered my mouth and began licking his lips. His breath, warm and gentle, engrossed and heightened my every senses. His tongue lay still in his mouth as my tongue washed over his top and bottom teeth. My probing fingers were knocking the air from his lungs, driving the intoxicating aroma into mine. I began twisting and pulling at his right nipple while running my tongue all over the inside of his hot mouth. His delicate moans shot inside my mouth preventing the sounds to fluster around the room. My tongue slid over his tongue, awaking it from a translucent sleep. The sounds of the oily fingers as they ripped inside his tight asshole filled the room as our tongues bathed one another.

I could feel his clenching asshole around my invading fingers as his breathing became more and more erratic. I released his nipple with my right hand and began lubricating my erect cock with the baby oil. Brandon's body involuntarily twitched and jerked. Keeping my mouth on his, I removed my fingers and immediately placed my well lubricated cock head at his back door. With a quick stab, my knob forced his anal hole open to match its girth. A loud grunt from his mouth rang out and into mine. His eyes opened wider than ever as I shoved another inch further, stretching his anal walls wider apart. His grunts and groans were stifled by our locked mouths. I waited a few seconds after every inch stretched its way further. His tongue became erect as his ass chamber was being filled and crammed with an invading monster. My lips sealed his echoes and my tongue fastened itself to his tongue as my cock inched further and further up his extra hot, tight ass. His body would spontaneously tense as his anal walls were being stretched beyond their own belief.

Several minutes had passed, but the "coke can" was deeply impaling this beauty. My balls rested on top of his rock hard balls awaiting the time to slam up against them. Our lips broke their hold and I stared down into his eyes. Brandon's mouth was still wide open as I began to slowly retract my meat, then slowly feed it back into him. The only sounds coming from his open mouth were, "Oh, oh, ah, ah!" There were times he clinched his teeth together, then there were times he bit his lips, but never was there a time he asked me to pull it out.

I began to seriously pound his hot tight hole, thrusting savagely forcing my balls to hammer against his. The sound that would drive any man crazy escaped his lips, "Yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard!" I began pounding the air out of his lungs and he cried, "Ah, yeah, it feels good, yes, give me your dick!" He began stroking his cock with his right hand as I tore up his ass with my cock. His body tensed as he sprayed his sperm all over his stomach and chest. Milky white, creamy in nature, covered his upper body as I ferociously pounded his sweet ass. I felt my own loins boil and knew I was getting ready to flood his bowels with my sperm. My pace quickened and Brandon continued to stroke his own meat. Drops of his sperm was flying all over the place as my own sperm broke free from its chamber and gushed gallons upon gallons of my sperm into his ass.

The orgasm I was encountering was long and hard and really had no idea how much more sperm was going to flood his bowels. My harsh pace continued as I tried to push my sperm from my cock, up his body and out of his mouth. We were both screaming, moaning, grunting, and groaning as our cock's emptied themselves into and onto Brandon. Finally spent and completely exhausted, I pulled my cock from his sperm filled ass and began enjoying taking my time licking up his sperm from his chest and stomach. After he was clean, it was decided that I sleep on the sofa and tomorrow was another day. His mother would have to go to work in the morning and we would have the apartment to ourselves the whole day.

I was abruptly awoken in the early morning hours finding Brandon's mother, who is very hot looking, sucking away on my cock. I almost asked her what her son's ass juices tasted like, but decided not to. I won't go into any details with his mom, but one thing is for sure, the lady sure can suck a cock.