We had just won the State Championship in football and the following weekend our "sports" town held a parade in our honor. After speaking with every single player on a one-on-one basis, and through pressure from all the players, Kyle was included in the parade. Kyle also received his football letter for his lettermen jacket. This was his first letter and he wore it proudly; as so he should.

I had continued a sexual relationship with both Gary and Kyle. Not one knowing about the other. I was having a hard enough time trying to figure out why all of a sudden I was infatuated with having sex with guys, as well as girls. Personally, I have always been a "BUTT" kind of guy. Until my first gay encounter with Gary, I never really paid much attention to guy's butts before, but now, I was becoming more aware and excited by them. As to the encounters with Gary and Kyle, I have now become addicted to sperm. I was a spermaholic!

To skip to the meaty portion of this story, the next sport was wrestling. No new encounter with guys developed during this season. Our team did not place in the championships, but I won the State Championship in the heavy weight division.

Due to the wrestling season, I was three weeks late for baseball practice. My first practice was held on a Saturday and it was kind of cool outside. We did the regular stuff before we started actually practicing. Calisthenics and running. There was a lot of guys this season trying to get on the team, but one guy in particular caught my eye while running around the field doing laps. I really was unable to make him out, but one thing I did notice was that he was wearing tight blue jeans. His butt stuck out like a sore thumb. I quickened my pace to catch up to him, but the coach stopped us from running before I could catch up.

I really kind of enjoyed my so called "celebrity" status, because everybody wanted to talk to me or just be around me. This practice was no different. After we stopped running, everyone came up to me. The previous year, I led the team, and the league, in homeruns, RBI's, and the highest batting average. I was a starting pitcher who was known to throw heat (99.4mph) with a lot of junk. I had a hard breaking curve, hard slider, sharp screwball, fast sinker, dancing fork ball, knuckleball, and a super off speed pitch. When I didn't pitch, I played third base. I enjoyed playing third base, but I always liked it better when the ball was hit to somebody else.

There must have been fifty guys trying out for the team this season, but my eyes focused in on the one wearing the tight blue jeans. He had been standing in the back of the crowd, so I casually made my way towards him. After a few seconds, I was now standing directly in front of him and introduced myself. I am going to skip through all the introduction stuff and just fill you in on what I know at this point.

His name is David and he and his parents had moved here a year ago due to his father's job. He is 14 years old and had just turned it the day before. From my visual aspect, he stands 5'10" and looks to weigh about 150 solid pounds. He was wearing a hat, so I could not make out his hair color, but it had to be real short. His eyebrows were thick and dark brown and his lips were ruby red, not too thick and not too thin; just right. He had dark brown eyes that mesmerized you at a glance. I checked out his package thoroughly. There was something definite hidden under those tight jeans. His legs were long and slender, but muscular. When he turned away from me, I saw his tight ass as it walked away from me. I will try to describe David's butt as best I can. His butt sat high from his thighs and rested well along his lower back. It could really not be considered a bubble butt, but it was not a skimpy one either. It bubbled out, then sharply curved back in. There was almost a one inch gap between his legs when he stood straight. His teeth were perfect and solid white. His smile would take your breath away. This guy was down right gorgeous in every since of the word. By him wearing a T-shirt, I could see little blond hair on his forearms. I considered this to be peach fuzz. I was completely overwhelmed by his physical appearance and just by sight, knew I wanted to know David much better.

One important detail I forgot to mention earlier during our introduction, when David told me he had just turned 14 the day before, I told him to remind me of that cause I would give him his birthday spanking. He smiled and said OK.

Three or four weeks later, I had gotten to the point where I would drive David home after practice. I met his parents and they were extremely happy that the "top jock" was a friend of their son.

Once again, I am going to skip through a bunch of details and just summerize it. David was an only child and had been adopted by his parents when he was 7 years old. His parents are now separated, but continue to do family things for David's sake. His father lives in an apartment while David and his mother live in a home about a mile and a half from where I live. David would not tell me why his parents had separated. Up to this point, I had never been inside their home. He would get out of my car, say thanks, and go inside.

I did everything imaginable to get closer to David, but noting ever happened. He enjoyed being seen with me, but nothing I said or did got me any closer to getting him alone. I had already masturbated numerous times thinking of David.

Finally, his mother invited me over for dinner on Friday. I was now going to see where this vision of beauty sleeps.

We ate a delicious meal and sat in the living room afterwards. His mother said she had to get ready to go to work and all kinds of sneaky plans started roaming in my hand to get David naked. When she was about to leave, I hesitated, but asked if I should leave. She gave me her blessings and said no. Man, was I ever relieved.

It was a cool night and all the windows of their home was open. I sat in the living room and David excused himself for a second. When he came back in, I noticed he had changed clothes. He was only wearing a skimpy, solid red, extra tight, Speedo shorts. I thought my tongue was going to fall out and hit the floor. There no visible signs of hair on his chest, but some light blond colored peach fuzz on his lower legs. His nipples were small, but dark in color. He sported a microscopic outy belly button. His hair was sandy/dirty blond in a crew cut fashion. His stomach was solid but not in a six pack formation. David was starting to get a good tan going on as well. The one inch gap between his legs was a mouth watering sight. I could barely make out the outline of his dick. It rested slightly to the left side and from the small mushroom head that was pressed against the tight material, it was circumcised. His balls appeared to be small, but not being able to clearly see, was hard to determine. From the backside, his back was solid and tanned and his legs appeared to be silky smooth. But my eyes must have burned a whole in his ass. It was just as I described earlier. As the globes jutted out in a bubble like fashion, it sharply tucked its way down, almost like an egg. What a sight. My own cock was straining against my blue jeans and forming a precum puddle at the piss slit.

I sat on the sofa and David sat on the love seat. I was lost in a trance just visualizing David in his present state and apparel. I knew I had to come up with a plan to get him to show me all his glory. I wanted to drink his nectar and I became hornier as the clock ticked forward. I wanted to taste his heavenly ass and feel its warmth as my cock snaked its way as far as it can go, deep inside him. I tried to talk about girls, but he would always change the conversation back to baseball. I figured if I got him to talk about girls, his dick would grow and show me its full length, but that didn't happen talking about girl stuff. He would talk about baseball and I would talk about girls. I went the opposite direction and asked him about his parents separation, but he became silent and just nodded his head as if saying no.

His birthday and the spanking! I said, "David, what about your spanking I owe you?" He quickly cheered up and responded, "Are you really serious about that? I am too old for a spanking." "No-one is ever too old for a tradition. Get your butt over here and let me tear your ass up!" David almost jumped out of the love seat and stood up. His package had not grown, but it was still beautiful to me. He slowly walked over to me and asked, "How you want me?" "Bend over across my knees," I nervously and anxiously responded. I got on the edge of the sofa and motioned for him to lay across my knees. As he was getting into position, whether intentionally or accidently, his left hand rested right on top of my hard cock. It was only a couple of seconds, but it felt great none the less. David was now in position. His knees rested along side my right leg and his upper body was draped over my left leg. His gorgeous butt was sticking straight up for all the heavens to envision. My left hand inadvertently caressed his back. Prior to the first slap, my right hand made a soft circular motion across his entire butt. It was firm to the touch. My finger traced the outline of his crack and desperately wanted to poke a hole in the material to touch and see his little love hole. By this time, I was probably drooling. "Are you ready?" His little butt rolled from side to side as he replied, "Yeah, but not too hard OK?" With the first whack, I grabbed a hand full of butt. He jerked his head in an up and down motion. I didn't whack him real hard, but it was hard enough to make a good sound. With each smack, I continuously grabbed his sweet ass. I made him count out load the slaps and if he didn't say it loud, we had to start over. He forgot to say ten and we started over. I rubbed his cute butt with my right hand before I hit him again starting at one. My hand found that one inch gap and struck gold. I felt his hard marble sized balls through the thin material. His butt was wiggling and I could feel his hard cock against my leg. David was enjoying this to the point he was turned on, or at least that is what I thought, or hoped for.

My own cock had snaked out on the right side of my leg and was pressed firmly with his tight mid section. I know he had to feel my dick. It would have been humanly impossible not to. I finally and reluctantly reached 14. I gave him one more for good luck and said now comes a pinch for growing old. My fingers pressed firmly against the material where his love hole was hidden and grabbed his sweet meat and pressed firmly. He was twitching all over my leg and I really did not want to let go, but I had to. I rubbed his back with my left hand and my right hand was caressing his firm cheeks.

As David stood up I saw his erection clearly. His dick was pressed firmly in an upwards position along the left side of his crotch area. There was a huge wet spot that completely circled his inflamed mushroom head area. It had to be at least 6" long and was slender. He did get turned on by the spanking or the touching; whatever, he was now turned on. I had to keep him horny. I asked him, "You ever jack off?" Without any hesitation, David replied, "All the time."

We were both sitting on the sofa, me at one end and David at the other. I asked him, "Have you ever gotten a blow-job?" "Yeah!" "Was it by one of your girlfriends?" He quickly said no. Hummmmmm, now I was curious. When I asked who gave him a blow-job, his face turned a bright red and he just sat there. I could still see he had an erection and his precum puddle was vastly growing. I felt I was going to lose him with my last question so I asked, "Have you ever had anyone put their tongue in your butt?" He was looking straight at me with those sad brown puppy dog eyes and nodded his head yes.

David finally revealed everything to me with my word that everything he told me remain a secret forever. I found out the following. He never knew his real parents and grew up in foster homes and orphanages. Many times throughout his first 7 years of life, he found himself in the position of being molested by either adults or older kids. The reason his parents are separated was because of him. He told me that he and his father was caught having sex by his mother and this is why his father is not allowed to visit him alone. They had been sexually active for the past five years. David told me all of this with more of a shameful and embarrassed reluctancy. I now became shameful at my intentions directed towards him.

Apparently, David saw my emotions change and spoke up with more of a cheerful tone. "I don't feel as though I have been molested. I wanted all those things to happen. I was the one who threw myself onto the man I call daddy." "I understand", was all the words I could mutter. So I said, "So you are pretty much gay then, right?" "Yeah, I'm gay, but please don't tell anybody!" My hormones kicked into overdrive when he told me he was gay. I looked at him and responded, "I have had a couple of gay experiences myself." "You're kiddin right, man you're the coke can. You get more pussy than porn stars. Everybody knows why you have that nickname." I was nodding my head yes to every one of his sentences. "Did you put your dick in their butt holes?" "Yeah, both guys." "Wow, I bet you hurt them real bad. Heck they probably couldn't shit straight for a week." I was laughing at his comment, but said, "Actually, they enjoyed it."

"So, David, do you like a cock in your butt?" "Only after I clean myself out." I kept him going by adding, "What's the biggest dick you ever had inside your ass?" He had a smart ass little grin on his face and responded, "My dad's. It's about 7 " long and really thick, but it's not as thick as no coke can, that's for sure." Now it was my turn to have a smart ass grin on my face. He asked me, "You ever tasted those two guys sperm?" I quickly said, "Yes and I loved it!" "Oh, OK. I swallowed my Dad's cum because he likes it, but it is really salty and sometimes kind of bitter." "Did your father swallow your sperm?" "Heck yeah, all the time." My cock was so hard it was hurting me and I kind of got tired of all the questions and such.

"David, I have a confession to make. I wanted you the first time I laid eyes on you. I mean, your butt is different. What I am trying to say is I want to make love to you." He sat right there motionless. He finally spoke, "God, I can't believe this. You're famous, a legend, a celebrity. The last time my Dad fucked me, I pretended it was you. Shit, everyone wants to have sex with you. You're the Coke Can!" I had to ask, "When was the last time you had a cock in your ass?" "It was my Dad's dick and it has been close to a year now."

David stood up and said he was thirsty. His cock was straining against the thin fabric restricting it. The front of his crotch area was completely soaked from precum. Just as he was going to walk away, I asked, "How's your butt from the spanking?" He glanced over his shoulder and said, "Feels good!" While making his statement, he pulled his Speedo's down and the material hooked in place right under his curved ass. It was kind of red and sparkling white compared to the rest of his tanned body. I thought I was going to shoot a load in my pants just looking at his small, but very well shaped ass. Even walking away from me to go into the kitchen, he left the material down. I knew then that I was going to have me some of David, and like the greedy kind of guy I am, I'm gonna get all of him - tonight!

He came back into the living room with his butt still showing and handed me my drink. My throat was dry from being so nervous, but I really wanted to suck him bone dry and not the soft drink I was sipping on. We sat on the sofa for about a minute when he stood up and bent over to get the remote control from the coffee table. I was too horny to play anymore games. I reached out and grabbed his Speedo's and quickly snatched them to his ankles. David acted as if he didn't care. He cordially stepped from each opening and his butt was within inches of my face. His crack was closed tightly shut hiding the hole I so desperately wanted to taste. His legs parted wider than where my knees were. My hands gently massaged the glorious globes of tender flesh. I slid to the floor and carefully studied his entire body that developed before my thankful eyes. I saw two small, but perfect, marble sized balls trapped firmly in a very tight sac. His balls had no hair or any sign of possible hair growth whatsoever. His thighs were soft and silky smooth and his lower legs barely had peach fuzz that tingled to the touch. My hands glided over his smooth cheeks and wasting no more time, gently spread them revealing the fruit of my labor. His tiny hole was barely covered by his crack. There was not much of a crevice from his cheeks to his love entrance. It was a pinkish brown in color and the fresh scent of soap escaped to hit my enraged nostrils. I buried my face into his little crack and my tongue knew exactly what to do from there. David was moaning as my tongue swept at the entrance. My tongue darted at his hole awaiting the signal to be penetrated. While my tongue was lubricating his sweet hole, David began to place both knees on the large wooden coffee table. He spread his legs wide and lowered his head onto the table. My nose was at the top of his crack and my tongue was now snaking its way inside his asshole. I slapped his right cheek with my right hand softly and David let out a long moan. My tongue deep inside his delicious ass and both hands slapping away at his tender cheeks, David started rocking back and forth driving his ass onto my erected tongue. His head was flaying from side to side and his hands was clutching and grasping at air.

David somehow managed to get both feet flat on the table, placed the top of his head on it and steadied himself with both hands. His legs were spread out directly on either side of his shoulders. My legs would have to have been broken to get into this kind of position. From this new position, my tongue went deeper than ever into his delicious ass. His whole body shivered as my tongue snaked its way deeper and deeper into his love canal. He was definitely not whispering, more like screaming while saying, "Oh my God, oh my God. Ah, I feel it. Eat my ass, please eat my ass!" I continued my animalistic eating behavior with my tongue up his ass and started slapping his butt cheeks with both hands. "Ah, shit yeah. That feels soooooo good!" His little ass cheeks were becoming bright red. After a long time passed, I knew he had to be getting tired from this awkward, but delicious position, and besides, I needed to have him shoot his load into my mouth.

David could barely stand up because his knees were so wobbly. For the first time, I saw his hard pole. It was about 6 inches long and very slender. He had jet black curly pubic hair, sort of thick, but soft, and in a perfect V pattern. His dick stood straight out from his body with a downward arch. It was covered in precum and a thick glob was extending out of his piss slit. His dick was jerking at his every heart beat. I realized he could not stand up, so I sat him on the very edge of the coffee table, just to the point that his butt was barely on it and spread his legs wide. He was gasping for air when I leaned forward, starting at the base of his cock, and licked his shaft clean of his precum. I gently squeezed his dick in an upward motion and a large drop of precum spilled out of his piss slit. My tongue carefully lapped at it and I had to take a brief second to savor his sweet flavor. David had both hands on my head and his body was still shivering. His gasps for air became deeper and deeper. I knew he would soon bust a terrific nut. I lowered my head and engulfed his rigid pole. I slowly went up and down on his delicious cock and my tongue would sweep at the shaft and over his mushroom head. I placed my middle finger of my right hand at his love entrance and pressed. It easily slipped into his hot and hungry ass. "Oh shit, shit, ah, oh my God, getting close!" My middle finger went ballistic in his hot hole, slamming in and out as my mouth and tongue worked on his tender hot boyhood. His hands tightened around my head and from my two previous experiences I knew he was going to cum. "Shit, I, I, gonna cum, cumming!" My finger was still pounding away at his ass and I moved my mouth to the very tip of his mushroom head to ensure I get all of his honey without any shooting any down my throat. His first three shots were more of dribbles and I could feel the hot, thick sperm as it dribbled onto my tongue. The next four were blasts from Hell though. They shot all over the inside of my mouth. I refused to swallow, just yet. His cum started oozing out in thick globs as my mouth was milking his erect pole. Just when I thought he was finished, more thick honey spewed out. "Gonna cum, gonna cum!" I had no choice but to swallow some of his sperm. I allowed little trickles to escape down my throat and I found myself moaning just drinking his sweet nectar. Man, was his sperm ever so sweet. Just as I drank the last little bit, a thick glob of his cum fell onto my tongue, followed by three more. Soon, there were 4 rapid shots inside my mouth followed by numerous sperm droppings. I savored his sperm until the last drop slipped down my throat. His second load was more tangier than the first, but not to complain by any means.

David managed to lay down on the sofa and I realized I still was fully clothed. It didn't take me long to get naked and my own dick popped out and was very thankful for its freedom. David glanced at my cock and said, "Holy shit, your dick is humongous!" He reached out with his right hand and placed his lips around the head of my cock. I know the first thing he got was a mouthful of precum. It looked as though I pissed in my pants from all the precum. I was standing near the armrest of the sofa while he sucked on my head and stroked my cock with his left hand. It took some doing, but he managed to get the large mushroom head in his mouth. After a couple of minutes he took my dick out of his mouth and said, "Shawn, your dick is way longer and thicker than my Dad's is. At least I can get his dick in my mouth and down my throat." No sooner than he said that he started sucking on my dick again. I got onto the sofa in a 69 position and started licking away at his sweet little hole. The deeper my tongue penetrated, the louder his moans became. I could feel his hard dick slapping me on my chest as my tongue explored his love canal. He was moaning and whimpering as he stroked and sucked on my cock. I knew I would not last much longer. My tongue released his hole and my mouth swallowed his hard cock. Both my middle fingers were now tearing at his tasty asshole. His body was quivering and trying to hump his cock deeper into my mouth and my fingers deeper into his hot chamber. I yelled out I was cumming, but David refused to let go of his suctioning, vice grip like mouth. I shot a tremendous load one right after the other into his hot little mouth. While I was cumming, David spat another hot load into my mouth. Dribble, dribble and then 4 large blasts and then more dribbles. It wasn't near as much as the previous two, but extremely delicious none the less.

We both were sitting on the sofa when David said, "I kind of lied to you earlier when I said the last time I had a dick up my butt. My next door neighbor, his name is Sean, just moved in with his grandparents four months ago. He is only 12 though, but we fool around quite a bit." My dick began to grow again and I really wasn't interested anymore in a conversation. "David, will you let me fuck that hot ass of yours?" "I dunno, your dick is real big and I know it's gonna hurt like Hell." He hesitated then said, "Well, I can at least try. Let me sit on it first!" I had no problem with that either.

I laid on the sofa flat on my back and he went and got some Vaseline. David took a generous supply and well lubricated my cock. He had one foot on the sofa and the other on the floor when he got a subtle amount on his fingers and I watched him as he shoved it up his ass. He wiped the excess off his fingers and straddled me, face first. I held the base of my dick firmly and he grabbed the middle of the shaft and guided the head to his soon to be invaded asshole. I felt the head of my dick touch his awaiting hole and could feel David try and get the angry head in. He would rise up and lower down, while trying to relax his butt muscles. "Oh shit!" He cried out as the head finally penetrated and stretched his glory hole wide for the invading accommodations. The expression on his face was priceless as about 4 inches disappeared rather quickly. David had his right hand on the back of the sofa and he was on his haunches. Slowly he moved up and down making awkward gestures with his adorable face the whole time. "Shit, your dick is real thick! Oh, ah, gonna get more in." Within a few minutes, my cock was totally impaled in his hot sweet ass. His legs were trembling as he would ride up on my cock, just to the point where it would pop out, then lower himself to the hilt. His legs offered no more strength and he fell forward, resting his head on my chest. I took a hold of his silky cheeks and started fucking him like crazy. I started slapping his cheeks once again, and David started humping his whole body slamming his ass onto my penetrating cock. His head raised up and he stabbed his tongue into my mouth. He was definitely an experienced kisser. After about 10 minutes of swapping spit he wanted to try it in another position.

Poor David could barely walk as he staggered into his bedroom with me in tow. "My Dad and I tried to do this once, but he was too short." He pulled two chest of drawers from the wall and put them near the bed. I helped him get onto one of them and watched as he straddled the two dressers and did a complete split. There was about a three foot opening between the dressers. He then lowered his head straight down between the openings so the back of his head rested on the side of the bed. I walked up behind him and he grabbed the back of my thighs with his hands. I didn't have to bend, just put my cock right into his sweet hole. I slipped my cock in using some pressure and soon thereafter, had my entire cock buried in his ass. David's head was so close to my legs, I could feel his hot breath. "Oh, oh its deeper. I feel it. Oh God, oh, ah." I started slamming my boner deep in his ass while slapping his already tender cheeks. He was gasping for air at my every downward stroke. David started whining and moaning extremely loud. He screamed out, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck my ass, fuck me hard, yes, yeah, oh that feels soooooo good!" I was fucking that hot boy ass like crazy, slamming my meat as hard as I could into his hot and hungry ass. His fingers were digging into my legs and his head was bouncing off my thighs. I knew I was getting close, but I really didn't want to stop for anything. David sure did have excellent control of his ass muscles. Every time I would extract my dick, his muscles would clamp down and squeeze. I pulled my cock all the way out of his asshole and admired the way his hole was wide open and watched it slowly retract. I would slam my dick as hard as I could back into his tight ass. I kept doing this in an attempt to prolong my own climax. David was screaming and yelling for me to fuck him hard, but I continued to pull all the way out of him and ram it all the way home. In the process, he hollered, "Oh, oh yea, yeah, I'm cummin!" I looked down and watched David literally climb up my legs using his hands. He had his head about 4 inches from the tip of his dick, mouth wide open. I saw the first large wad fall right into his mouth, followed by another four. Then there was a rapid 3 squirts, all of which landed right into his mouth. About 7 wads of sperm dribbled from his cock into his hungry and awaiting mouth. Good Lord, this kid was good! That was just too hot for me to handle and sent a shockwave throughout my entire body with explosive force. I started ramming and slamming my meat deep in his ass as the first shot went deep into his rectum. Just as I sent the first load free, David shoved a finger deep in my ass and started pounding and grinding it into my ass. I was firing loads with power. I was moaning and he was groaning. I continued to give all my meat to his greedy ass and really thought I was through, but David found my prostrate and sent another shockwave through me. I was gonna cum again. "Yeah, fuck my ass. Let me feel your hot cum shoot inside me!" He was placing a lot of pressure on my prostrate and I had no other choice but to deliver another load up his ass. Shot after shot sounded off in his ass and his ass muscles gripped and squeezed my cock with a tremendous amount of force. His ass muscles were actually milking my cock of sperm. My balls had been completely emptied and my cock decided to go limp. Reluctantly, my dick plopped from his ass.

We laid in his bed a long time kissing and groping one another. This is when I came to reality and noticed his 4 bedroom windows had been open the entire time. The house next door is only about 15 feet away from his window. If anyone had been in that room of the house, they surely would have heard everything. With all my sexual encounters, David is definitely one of the wildest and loudest of all. I mentioned my concerns to him but he simply replied, "Don't worry, that is Sean's bedroom. Man, would he love to feel your cock in his ass!" I just smiled and said, "Yeah, maybe, but he is only 12."

I looked into his eyes and said, "I sure do love your ass!" "My ass is yours anytime you want it Coke Can!"