My sexual appetite was getting out of control and I mean way out of control. I was a teen, bodybuilding, cock sucking, sperm loving, butt man. I found myself prowling at the mall, and pretty much, wherever I went. I would stare at both, guys and girls butts, and fantasize about ramming my teen meat up their hole. I had become more like a butt monster than a human being. I realized my attraction to butt is somewhat perverse, and no matter how hard I fought the feeling, my cock would always take full control.

It wasn't too long after my encounter with Jimmy that I pretty much shunned the girls who refused to take it up the ass. I only messed around with the guys and the girls who would offer me all their holes.

My perversion got so out of control, I joined the local gym and started lifting weights and cruising. I always wore some sort of muscle shirt and tight short shorts. I still wore my jock strap, but found that I could sneak my cock head into someone's view if the timing was just right. I had been working out at this gym for about three weeks and fell in love with everyone, most everyone, that was there. Their ages ranged, for both guys and gals, from way too young to way too old. I had the same routine everyday. I would work out, go to the locker room, get naked, get inside the steam room and shower.

I found out that the best time to catch some eye candy was on Saturdays around ten in the morning. Naturally, that's when I would go work out. I had been working out pretty hard when I saw this guy walk in wearing a tight muscle shirt and baggy shorts. He looked like he was my age, but he had the body of a Greek God. I was muscular, but he was muscled from head to toe. He had short (a military high and tight) blond hair with the most beautiful set of piercing blue eyes I had ever seen. This guy stood at least 6' 3" and weighed approximately 235 pounds. From what I could see, he either spent a lot of time laying out in the sun or in a tanning bed. His skin was bronzed in color. Normally, I prefer guys much smaller than me and from my past track record, younger as well, but there was something different about this guy and I couldn't place my finger on it. Because of his baggy shorts, I really couldn't make out the shape of his butt, but I could see from the bouncing in his crotch area that he must be packing something large.

I finished my routine without any sexual advances for or from anyone. I had just finished my shower and walked back into the main locker room area naked as a jay bird when I saw this guy again. He was fully dressed in Marine Corps Dress Blues standing in front of a locker. I intentionally let the towel drop to show off my limp cock. He paid me no attention, but my eyes never left him. This guy looked sharp in the uniform. I don't know what impressed me more, whether it was just him, his uniform, or the mere fact that he is a Marine. From the custom fitted dress pants, I could clearly see his tight, muscular bubble butt as it jutted at the material. I also could tell that he was married by the wedding band on his left hand. That was kind of depressing all by itself.

He looked at me and said in a sharp and husky voice, "You interested in the Corps?" I was kind of nodding my head in a no gesture, but my cock spoke out first, "Kind of." What the Hell was I thinking? I wasn't interested in joining the military. I was getting offers for full scholarships at major universities. He handed me a business card. "I just transferred here as the new recruiter. Before this detail, I was a Drill Instructor at Paris Island." I said, "You sure don't look old enough to be in the military." He kind of chuckled then responded, "I'm twenty-four and been in the Corps since I was seventeen." I questioned him about the rank on his sleeve. There were three V shaped marks on top, crossed rifles in the middle, and an upside down V below. "I'm a Staff Sergeant, an E-6." His eyes pierced right through my head and I was more nervous than anything at this point. He looked me up and down and said, "You have the body to be a Marine. That's the look we're looking for in new recruits." I had no idea what to say, but he didn't give me a chance to respond as he asked, "How old are you?" I told him I was seventeen. He shook his head in approval.

"Hey, aren't you that high school super star always being on televison and in the papers?" I kind of took offense to that question, but responded, "I don't know about being a super star, but yeah our games are sometimes televised and yes my name gets mentioned in the paper from time to time." He smiled and turned away facing the locker. "Are you interested in seeing what the Corps is all about?" "I don't really know just yet. I'm sort of thinking I would go to college after I graduate high school."

He turned back facing me and said, "Shawn, that's your name right?" I shook my head yes. "I tell you what, let me show you some videos of the Corps and you can take all the time you need to make up your mind." I really didn't have anything major planned until later that evening. My parents were gone for the weekend and Gary was coming over to spend the night. Somewhat reluctantly, I agreed to go watch some videos.

We got into his car and he started driving. After about fifteen minutes of driving, he slammed his right hand on the steering wheel, "Shit, I left the videos at my house. You mind watching them there so I don't have to waste your's and my time?" I figured it was okay so I agreed.

This guy lived out in the country. There was nothing but trees along the road and he finally pulled into a dirt driveway. It was just big enough for one car to fit and it curved and winded around like a roller coaster. I started getting a little nervous, because when I saw the house, it looked like it was made for a horror movie. Big and very old! He parked the car in the back of the house and we walked up to the back door. The outside looked like crap, but the inside was beautifully decorated. "Sorry about the appearance, but I am in the process of fixing up the place." I just said okay, but I had to ask, "So, where's your wife?" Without looking at me, he roughly said, "She's not here yet."

We walked into the living room and I sat down on the sofa and he sat down on the recliner. He stood up and said, "You mind if I get out of this uniform?" I said no and sat there like a bump on a log waiting for him to come back and put in a video. After a few minutes, he returned and sat down on the recliner. My throat was a little dry so I asked him for something to drink. He got up and handed me a drink. After taking my first swig, I realized it was rum and coke, mostly rum.

We talked about the Marine Corps and every time my drink would get close to empty, he would get up and refill it. I wasn't drunk, but I was getting a good buzz from the alcohol. Seven or eight drinks later, he said, "You ready to watch a video?" I said sure and he got up and put a tape in the VCR and sat down. He hit play on the remote control and I just about died when I saw what he was playing. It was one of my fuck sessions with Sean with his hands tied to the bed and my cock slamming away at his sweet ass. Between the alcohol and my heart pounding, I thought I was going to pass out. His legs were crossed and he didn't say a word. It went on showing me slapping Sean's ass and yanking his hair. I know this may sound somewhat brutal, but Sean loves it this way. Sean loves being tied up and his hair yanked and his ass painfully spanked. I was getting sick to my stomach, because I had been busted and was on video. I had no idea what this guy's intentions were.

"Seen enough you perverted fuck, oh but I have one more for you to look at!" He got up, withdrew the tape and inserted another one in. As soon as he hit play, it was me again, fucking the living Hell out of Dana's ass. Dana is Sean's older cousin. Tears were running down her face while my meat is ripping away at her delicious butt hole. Dana always begs me to fuck her in the ass and she always has tears in her eyes when I feed her my meat in her butt. She has the ability to have multiple orgasms when I screw her in the butt.

He let the movie play, got up and fixed us both another drink. He sat down and continued to watch the video. I'm pulling her hair and spanking her ass while my cock savagely invades her back door. Finally, he stopped the video. "How does it feel to be a porno star now, super jock?" I was unable to utter a word. I just shook my head in disbelief. "Coke can, yeah right, that's bull shit!" I didn't have the nerve to look him in the eyes, but I could tell that he was staring a hole in me the whole time. "We got us a major problem here, don't we boy?" I sat silent. "How do you think we should handle this, you sick fuck?" I was shaking my head, but replied, "I don't know." He screamed, "Boy, you had best show me some fucking respect. My first name is Sir and my last name is Sir! You got that punk?" Almost in the form of a whisper, I said, "Sir, yes sir." He stood and shouted, "When you speak to me punk, you best say it as loud as you can. Now try it again and I'd better hear you this time." I yelled out, "Sir, yes sir." "That's how you address me from now on punk, you got it?" "Sir, yes sir."

I was shaking like a leaf out of fear. I don't think I had ever been this scared before in my life. "You like to shove, what you think is a big cock, up peoples ass holes, don't you boy?" "Sir, no sir!" He slapped the side of the recliner and angrily shouted, "You little piss ant liar, I just saw you on tape."

No matter what I said, I was wrong and became angrier and angrier in the process. "Boy, get the thought of running out of your head. Call the fucking cops if you want and I'll be more than happy to show them the videos. Sodomy is illegal here and so is fucking a twelve year old boy. Your precious fucking reputation will be destroyed, forget about a college scholarship, everyone will know you're a cock sucking, sperm drinking, ass licking queer, and the bottom line punk, you will be fucking destroyed." Everything he said was true and I immediately erased the idea of bolting out of the door and calling the police. With a defeated voice, I said, "What do you want me to do?" He screamed, "I didn't here you punk!" I shouted, "Sir, what do you want me to do, sir?"

"Follow me you pathetic little shit." "Sir, yes sir." I could barely walk on my trembling knees, but I found each step to be awkward as I followed. He led me into the basement and it was musky smelling and dark. I was petrified and feared for my life. I thought about hitting him, but he is a Marine and would rip me to pieces. I finally got to the floor and he turned on the lights. This was no basement. This was more like some medieval dungeon! There was racks with wrists and leg restraints. The walls was layered with restraints and there were several different kinds of tables and all had restraints.

You do everything I tell you to do boy and the tapes will disappear. You fuck with me just once and I'll destroy you. You understand boy?" "Sir, yes sir." He walked over to a table and shouted, "Strip!" I quickly removed all my clothes and stood before him naked as the day I was born. Even my cock understood we were way out of our league now. "Get on this table and put your ass over the hole!" I walked over to it and did as I was told. The table was stainless steel with a large hole in the middle that led to some sort of drainage. It really wasn't a table, it was more of a chair that your back rested against the top and your knees were at eye level. Your butt just fit inside the hole and your ass cheeks immediately spread and your butt hole pressed forward.

I watched him get a hose that was attached to one of the rafters and he walked up to my right side and knelt down. I was afraid to ask him what he was doing, because he was already so pissed off. The hose was a little smaller than your typical garden hose, but this hose had a weird shaped tip, almost like a nozzle at the end. "Don't you make a fucking sound boy!" I had no time to say anything as I felt the hose roughly penetrate my exposed butt hole. I felt like screaming because of the sudden and sharp pain, but I bit my lip and made no sound. I heard him turn a knob and I felt a shockwave of water, or what I believed to be water, fill my bowels. I had no control of anything as my bowels began emptying into the drainage. My stomach was churning from all the water pressure being forced into my body. It felt like an eternity, but he reached down and shut the valve off. He slowly pulled the hose from my rectum and it grabbed the dry inner walls creating a tremendous amount of pain inside my ass. It felt like he was pulling my intestines out, inch by inch. When the nozzle finally slipped out, my butt hole gasped for air at the more than welcome relief.

"Get the fuck up!" I did but my legs were very weak. He slid the table/chair over and had me stand on the drainage. He handed me a bar of soap and hosed me down with ice cold water. I lathered myself up all over and he hosed me off thoroughly. I was expecting him to hand me a towel, but instead he said, "get your ass over here!" It was some kind of bench that your knees rested on and your upper body folded over. He placed my wrists in the handcuffs that were already welded to it. He got behind me and put some kind of bar between my ankles forcing my legs to open wide and snapped around each ankle. He knelt down and using some sort of strap, tied my thighs to the bench. The only thing I could move was my head, but he soon fixed that. He took a larger strap and tied it around the back of my neck, wrapped it under the bench and very painfully, tied my balls to the other end. It didn't take me long to realize if I jerked my head up, I would rip my balls from their sac.

I knew I was shaking, but my body was too restricted to move a muscle. My butt cheeks had no choice but to spread and I could feel the draft as it splashed against my hole. The cold water was slowly dripping off my body. The floor of the basement was concrete, so I was unable to hear him walk. I had no clue as to what to expect.

Whack, whack, whack. Three very hard slaps of a paddle shattered my entire body causing my ass to feel like it was on fire. He hit me four rapid times and I instinctively started screaming for him to stop. Tears were streaming from eyes onto the floor. "I said, don't say a fucking word, not even a moan or a fucking groan!" He commenced to tear my ass up with that paddle and I thought I was going to die one painful death. I didn't even try to count how many times he hit me with that paddle, but I knew it was a lot and so did my ass. Finally, I heard the paddle hit the floor. I was somewhat relieved, but that was soon be forgotten.

The first sting caught me off guard. He was now using some sort of leather strap and it felt like it was slicing my skin like a knife. I had jerked my head so many times, my balls ached from the unwanted pain. I felt like I was going to throw up as he continued his rampant and savage assault on my butt. The end of the strap caught me several times directly on my butt hole creating more of a tremendous amount of pain then ever. It felt like gasoline was poured all over my ass and set on fire. I had never experienced pain like this before.

To make matters worse, he started letting the strap strike my thighs and my balls. My head would jerk, my balls would get stretched and he would strike them. I was gagging at the pain and was extremely nauseous. Occasionally, he would let the strap strike my upper back. It hurt like Hell, but not as bad as my sore butt and balls. "You like this punk!" I had no choice but to say, "Sir, yes sir." I really didn't care for this in the slightest, but knew better than to tell him that. The leather strap fell from his clutches and dropped to the floor. I already knew better than to praise the relief. I was right.

Now, he had a wand or a cane and it hurt, by far, the worse. Every time it hit my cheeks, it felt like my cheeks were being torn apart, rather slowly. I fought back the sounds, but my tears were flowing like a water fall. My butt hurt and my body hurt, but he never let up on his assault. I was crying like a new born baby, but never made a sound. After an eternity, he stopped. I felt him start to take the restraints off and for some silly reason, I thought my nightmare was over.

He mad me get off the bench and stand up. Standing up seemed very painful. He made me walk to the other side of the room and stand flat against the wall. My wrists were placed in some kind of leather restraint that was attached to a chain from the ceiling that had a pulley extending from it. My ankles were placed in a similar device. After he had me all restrained, he started turning a wheel that caused my hands and arms to be stretched toward the ceiling. I felt like my arms were being ripped from their sockets. It was very painful, but then he started turning another wheel that started spread each leg to the sides. I was almost in a banana split and the inside of my thighs were on fire as I was dangling in the air by the restraints. The only thing that felt kind of good was the cold wall on my burnt ass. The rest of me was in very excruciating pain.

He approached me and had a long, slender black hose and started tying my balls tightly. After he had both balls tied together tightly, he wrapped the hose between each testicle and separated them with the hose. For some unaccountable reason, my cock had reached its full state. I didn't find anything that he had done, or was doing sexually arousing, but my cock had its own ideas. He stepped back after tying up my balls, reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of small clamp looking objects. In no time, I knew where they were going. He approached me and opened the clamp with his fingers, placed it over my nipple and let the clamp go. The sudden shock of pain sent the air right out of me. Before I could recover, he repeated the process on my other nipple. I thought my nipples were being slowly cut off.

He squeezed some lubrication on my cock and slowly started to stroke it. "If you so much as bust a nut, I'm gonna make you pay for it punk." I felt like I could cum any minute now, but that feeling was soon replaced when he started slapping my well restrained balls. He would stroke my cock and put my balls in his hands and squeeze them hard. I didn't know whether I was going to throw up or bust a nut. My eyes were tightly shut when I felt a sharp pain on my erect cock. My eyes opened in sudden shock as I saw him hold a piece of small leather strap and violently strike the head of my cock with it. My body wanted to twitch from the pain, but I was unable to move. He took turns strapping the head of my cock and my sore balls. The entire time he was brutalizing me physically, he was screaming at me, calling me names.

He put down the strap and started stroking my cock again while screaming at me at the top of his lungs. Every time I thought I was getting close, he would slap my balls forcing my sperm to retreat. He kept his up for some time. Finally, he released me from the awkward restraints and I collapsed on the floor. My whole body ached and was shattered with various pains.

"Get your lazy ass up and come over here!" I tried to stand up and kept falling down. I managed to use the wall to stand up, but walking was very painful. He motioned for me to get on this table. It was very wide and flat, and like all his other stuff, restraints were attached to it. I laid on my back, my wrists were restrained and so were my ankles. He placed a large and wide restraint across my knees and secured the ends to the table. He walked behind me and strapped my forehead down. When he took the rubber restraints of my balls, the sudden rush of blood was very painful. The clamps on my nipples remained. I could barely see what he was doing, but he placed a circular metal object on my balls that had a wire coming form one of the ends. He hooked up wires to each of the clamps on my nipples. "Punk, since you like to eat ass so much, you're gonna eat my ass and you'd better do it just right or your gonna feel this." With that, he mashed a button in his hand and the pain riveted throughout my body. It was some sort of electrical device.

He started undressing and got down to his jock strap. His back was facing me and I watched him climb up onto the table. As his left leg circled my body to gt to my other side, his muscular ass cheeks parted and his crack was a mass of blond hair. His butt hole was hardly visible for the thick patch of hair surrounding it. He started sliding backwards and his hole started getting closer. After feeling the electricity one time, I knew I didn't want to feel it ever again. His butt was inches from my face and the odor steaming from his hole was definitely not intoxicating like I had been accustomed to. He raised his butt and squatted on my face. I licked his furry hole with all my might, but never once tried to penetrate it. My body involuntary jerked as he mashed that damn button. "I said eat my ass boy, don't just lick it, stick your fucking tongue up my ass." I definitely didn't want to, but I really didn't want to be electrocuted again either. He made me tongue fuck his ass for a long time. My tongue was extremely sore and he had shocked me several times out of sheer spite.

He got off of me and took the restraints off, but left the nipple clamps and the ring on my balls on. He did take the wires off, thank God. I followed him to another table without him having to yell at me. "Get on your fucking belly!" I did as I was told. This table was like a doctors table, but wider. As usual, he retrained me and started adjusting the chair. My head was off the table and was being lowered, while my butt was being tilted in the air. My knees had been restrained and was now being brought forward forcing me into a doggie-style position. "You like sucking dick do you, well we'll see about that." He put the wires back on the nipple clamps and on the ring around my balls. I knew he was behind me doing something when suddenly my virgin ass was being penetrated with a foreign object. If there was any lubrication involved, there sure wasn't enough applied to for it to matter. My insides were on fire and it felt like I was being torn apart. The pain was intense and I felt him tie something around each thigh. Apparently, whatever he shoved in my butt was now being held in place with the restraints around my thighs.

He pulled a chair directly in front of me and sat down. I was unable to see anything except for his crotch, not because I was horny, but because of the vicarious position I was in. "You piss ant faggot, you're gonna suck my dick and I had best not feel no teeth or else." He pressed the button and I realized whatever he had put in my butt electrocuted my insides as well as the nipple clamps and ring on my cock shocking the outside. My whole body was on fire and my ass muscles violently trembled and jerked at this sudden invasion.

He still had his jock strap on and was playing with himself, rubbing the outside. Just from the bulge I could tell he was sporting a pretty good size piece of meat. While playing with himself, he shocked me numerous times. He pulled the right side of his jock shorts over his cock and balls and my eyes almost popped out of my head. His dick, completely soft, dangled towards the floor eight inches. His dick was bigger around soft than mine is when totally hard. His mushroom head was fatter than his already too thick of a shaft. He reached down with his right hand and grabbed the base of his cock and started slapping me in the face with it. His balls were layered with blond pubic hair and they were almost twice the size of mine. After he got tired of slapping me in the face with it, he stuck the head against my lips. I stretched my mouth as wide as they could stretch just to encircle the large head. His pre-cum was very salty and my mouth ached from stretching farther than it had ever been stretched before. In a very short time his cock began to grow, and grow it did. It was like sucking on a massive piece of steel. I actually thought that from the size of it being soft, that it would be impossible for it to get any larger. I was wrong and found out rather quickly. Just guessing, it looked like it was at least twelve or thirteen inches long and way thicker than my cock. "They call you the Coke Can boy, now you know what a real Coke bottle is!" He had both his hands on my head forcing more of his non human cock into my aching mouth. He was trying to face fuck my mouth on his cock. I gagged several times and each time, he took pleasure in shocking me. Counting his extra large mushroom head, I had about three inches in my mouth. I was unable to get any of that whopping meat to fit into my throat, even though he tried and kept on trying.

Between getting shocked and gagging, I don't know how long I had sucked on his cock, or at least the part that would fit in my mouth. "Drink my sperm punk and you best not spill a drop!" I felt the hot jet of sperm hit my throat and I had no choice but to start swallowing. It was warm and very bitter as load after load slipped down my throat. As the last of his cum was swallowed, he pulled his cock from my mouth and mashed that button and held it there. I thought he was electrocuting me to death. I literally felt like I was being deep fried on the inside, as well as on the outside.

The bastard finally stopped and walked behind me. Whatever he had put in my ass, he was now removing. The withdrawal almost hurt as bad as the initial penetration. My rectum was dry from being electrocuted. When he pulled the thing out, my butt hole felt instantly relieved. "Now, pussy jock boy, you're gonna know what it feels like having a monster cock rammed up your ass!" I felt him climb on the table and place his monstrous cock head at my butt hole. After being shocked so many times, I had no control over my ass muscles. I could feel them twitch and jerk, but that was it. He continued to press harder and harder but thankfully it would not go in. He mashed the button one more time and my body jerked in pain and then another pain thundered throughout my body. Somehow, he got his cock head in my ass and I was on fire from the pain. I felt my ass muscles stretch as he forced his way down my virgin tunnel. I screamed out in pain, but he continued his savage assault. I knew I wasn't supposed to say anything, but I couldn't control it. I begged him and pleaded with him, but he paid me no attention. I was crying fiercely now as my ass felt like it was being ripped apart on both sides.

He shoved all that meat in my ass while shocking me in the process. I could feel his large balls as they slapped against my tender balls. His pubic hair tickled my ass crack as he started pounding his hunk of meat like a pile driver in and out of my ass. I actually felt like I was going to die. "Take my meat boy. Yeah, you got a tight ass, oh yeah!" He was fucking me so hard, I thought my teeth were going to fall out.

After an eternity, the tremendous intense pain started slipping away. Uncontrollably, I started pissing on the table while he was tearing my asshole apart. It actually was starting to feel pretty good and my cock decided to get erect. What little I could do, I found myself forcing my ass onto his cock with each thrust. Every time he shocked me, my ass muscles gripped his massive piece of invading meat. I wanted to reach down and stroke my cock so bad I could taste it, but I couldn't. I was too restrained to move.

He had screwed me longer than I had ever screwed anyone before. He jumped off the table, took off the restraints, and had me go to another table. His hard cock jutted out, pointing in the direction in which we were to travel. It was a rather small, but wide table. I got on my back and he tied my hands with the restraints stretching my arms to each side. He reached over my head and grabbed a restraint attached to a pulley and secured my ankles. Using a remote control, I found myself flat on my back with my knees being forced behind my head, my ass sticking straight up toward the ceiling. My own cock was within inches from my mouth. My pre-cum started dripping into my mouth as he got up onto the table and bent his knees sending his cock farther up my ass. Within minutes, my cock erupted sending gallons of my own cum into my open mouth. He started shocking me as I was shooting my load. With his cock pistoling in and out of my ass, the shock waves ricocheting throughout my body from being electrocuted, and my body violently jerking, my sperm shot out like torpedoes. Not to sound too conceded, but it was a pleasure swallowing my own sperm compared to his extremely bitter sperm. My sperm had very little taste, but I was delivering sperm to my mouth with quite a huge load. "That's it bitch, swallow your shit!" I continued to drink my cream until the last little drop slipped from the piss slit into my mouth.

The Marine change positions leaving his massive cock buried in my ass. He had both knees behind me and started slamming his girth like a well oiled machine. I didn't think my body could bend anymore, but he proved me wrong. Between his mighty thrusts and him pressing my legs and thighs forward, my mouth was able to enclose around my own cock head. I couldn't believe I was now sucking on my own dick. The sensation I was getting from his cock blasting my ass with its length and width, along with me sucking on my own dick, caused me to send another load of my own hot cream into my mouth. Every time he thrusted forward, a little bit more of my cock would slip into my hungry mouth. I slurped and swallowed as fast as I could to keep up with my erupting cock. I drank all my teen cum, but my cock refused to go soft. It was sore from all the slapping's and my piss slit hurt like hell, but I continued to suck on my own meat while being plugged by a U.S. Marine. Now, I know why they call them Drill Sergeants!

He was pounding and slamming his meat in me with a gorilla force and I felt his first missile of sperm as it traveled deep in my bowels. I felt each shot as it sprang free and in no time, my aching balls released more of my own sperm. Wow, what a feeling. I could feel his sperm strike my anal walls with force and my own cum was being shot into my greedy mouth. I think we both finished sending our loads to their final destination at the same time. Out of meanness, he shocked me a few more times before he released me from my restraints. My whole body ached from being beat, stretched, twisted and jerked.

My ass oddly felt empty after his horse meat slipped out. I thought for a minute we were through, but he motioned for me to come over to him. My ass muscles jumped, jerked, and twitched from the electrocution and from him fucking me nearly to death. I could hardly walk over to him, but on shaky legs, I made it to where he was standing. He turned around and said, "Get on your knees and eat my ass!" I knelt down and spread his sweaty butt cheeks wide open. He leaned over and his hole opened for me to tongue it again. The mixture of sweat and butt juice was not pleasurable, but I knew what would happen if I refused. I lowered my face into his crack and my tongue slid easily up his ass. He was playing with his meat and my own cock was standing at attention. I tongue fucked his hole while stroking my meat. Tonguing his hairy asshole was not as desirable as the other butt holes I cherished, but I was building up another load of cum just doing it to him. He kept mashing that sickening electrocution button at his leisure. He quickly stood up and yelled, "Drink my spunk you little bitch!" He put the head of his cock to my lips just in time for the first blast to strike my top teeth. I sucked his bitter sperm out of his nuts, through his cock, and into my mouth. I was very thankful the last of his seed was gone down my throat.

He was still holding the base of his semi erect cock and told me to bend over. I did, but I really didn't want to. My ass hurt on the outside as well as on the inside. He put his cock head against my asshole and shoved it in. He started rocking back and forth and in no time, I could feel his cock swell stretching my already stretched and sore inner ass lining. He reached around me and started stroking my cock like a mad man. I was getting real close when I felt his cock get harder and the thick semen strike my tunnel wall. I let out a moan and he put his left hand over my cock head and caught all my sperm as he was sending his sperm deep into my ass. I was in mixed emotions with pain and pleasure. He withdrew his enormous cock from my ass and spun me around. He held out his left hand filled with my sperm and said, "Drink your juice boy!" I did as I was told until his hand was completely clean of my sperm.

"Get fucking dressed!" "Sir, yes sir." I almost didn't have enough energy to dress myself. He walked on up the stairs and soon, I followed him. We were in his living room when he turned to me and said in his rough voice, "Now, you know what it feels like to have a cock up your ass. Now, if you spank someone, you'll know how to do it properly and last, but damn sure not the least, don't let the nickname of 'Coke Can' go to your head!" "Sir, yes sir!" He removed the two videos and handed them to me.

On the drive back to the gym where my car was, he looked at me and said, "Jack your meat!" I pulled out my sore and abused cock and started jerking on it. The Marine started talking about Sean and Dana in a sexual and erotic manner. He wanted to know what Sean's sperm tasted like and what Dana's pussy tasted like. He talked about how I must love the taste of their asses, sperm and cunt juice. I was caught up listening to him and thinking about them and soon I had to catch my sperm with my hand as to not mess up the inside of his car. When all my sperm was deposited into my hand, he said, "Go ahead, drink your spunk!" "Sir, yes sir!" I lifted my hand up to my mouth and started drinking from my hand and using my tongue to clean it.

We arrived at the gym hours later and when I got out of his car, he leaned over and said, "I ain't no fucking recruiter boy. I'm a United States Marine Corps Drill Instructor and the next time you go and fuck my cousins, you best fuck them Marine Corps style. You got that?" "Sir, yes sir!"

He drove off and I suddenly realized that Gary was going to be at my house in thirty minutes.