The following weekend after my terrific encounter with Sean and his cousin Dana, I fell back into my normal routine. I arrived at the high school weight room early on Saturday morning. The coaching staff gave the weight room key to selected members who played sports. I unlocked the door, turned the lights on, and began to stretch. Today, I was working exercises strengthening my upper body. I had been working out pretty hard for about an hour, when I heard the door open. I was in the free weight area in the back of the weight room, and the front door is located near the nautilus equipment. After a couple of minutes had passed and I didn't see anyone or hear anything, I decided to go check it out.

I almost stepped on my tongue when I entered the nautilus room. There on the mat, doing stretching exercises was a beautiful strawberry blond haired boy, I guessed to be around 14 years of age. He wore a tank top and very short shorts with tennis shoes of blue. His back was facing me, so I figured he did not know he wasn't alone, since I had locked the door back once I had entered. His legs were spread wide apart while he was sitting on the mat. The lower part of his legs was thinly covered with strawberry blond hair. His hair was very curly, cut just above his ears and it dangled freely just above the neck line. His legs were darkly tanned and so was his lower back and arms. Every time he leaned to stretch his upper body to his feet, his tank top would rise up revealing his lower back area. I could also tell he was wearing a jock strap, just by looking at the waist band. Standing behind him left a lot to my imagination. I needed to get in front of him to see what he actually looked like. From watching him from the rear, I could tell he had one little butt on him.

I casually walked in front of him and he looked as though he just saw a ghosts from the expression on his face. And what a face he had! Slender and petite with a narrow, almost invisible, hint of a strawberry blond moustache. His eyes were dark brown in contrast to his blond eyelashes. He thought he saw a ghost and I thought I was looking at an angel. By no means was I a ghost, but he was definitely an angel. His lips were thin, but bright red in color. His mouth, though closed, appeared abnormally large compared to the rest of him. His legs were still spread wide and it gave me a heavenly view right to his crotch area. I could see his tan line disappear under his very short shorts. A distinct bulge blasted out though restricted by his jock shorts.

I was wearing a muscle work-out shirt and shorts. I was wearing a jock strap, because I always have problems with my cock wanting to fall out while I am trying to work out in the gym. He was just looking at me, now with his mouth open, when I broke the silence, "Hey, my name is Shawn." Very nervously and with a soft and broken voice, he replied, "I, I know who you, who you are." I wanted him to stand up so I could get a better look at him, all of him. He asked, "Did I mess up your work-out?" I replied, "No, but do you have a name?" "Oh yeah, Jimmy, my name is Jimmy." I extended my hand to shake his and he excepted my handshake in friendship. His hand felt so soft and delicate. "So Jimmy, what sport do you play?" "I'm on the track team. I'm the distant runner." I was nodding my head as if saying yes.

"Jimmy, could you do me a favor?" Very eagerly, "Yeah, sure, anything." "I'm working-out with the free weights and I need a spotter for a set. Could you spot for me so I don't kill myself?" Jimmy anxiously agreed and finally stood up. He had to be at least 5'5" and weighed no more than 120 pounds. He was very lean and from what I could see, very defined, but not overly muscled. The one time visible bulge was down, totally restricted thanks to his jock strap. Needing him to be a spotter was simply a ploy. I had about 250 pounds on the bench and could do sets with that very easily. By me laying on the bench, I knew he would have to stand behind the weights with his legs spread, hopefully, giving me an eyeful. I positioned myself on the bench and asked him if he was ready. "I've never really spotted for anyone before and I don't want to mess this up." He was standing on the side of the bench when I told him how to spot. I was laying flat on my back and instructing this little beauty where to stand. I was looking straight up his shorts and directing him to spread his legs a little wider for balance. I didn't care about his balance. I wanted to see between his legs. He reached out and placed both hands on the bar allowing me access to see under his arms. There was a few curly strands of strawberry blond stemming from out of the crevice. His tank top rose giving me a straight shot at his hairless goody trail. His stomach was flat and had the makings of a fine six pack abs. His little belly button looked as if it was a small straight line. I couldn't tell if it went in or out. His shorts rose up to the crack in his crotch. I couldn't see any signs of hair, but what I did see, made my mouth water. During the third set, I pretended that I was struggling. He reached out for the bar to assist me and I got to see his left nut poke out. It was hairless and nugget sized. I wanted to lash out with my tongue and give them a good tongue bathing, but I refrained from doing anything.

I was unable to think of anything I needed him to assist me in and he wandered off to the nautilus area to do his own work-out. Actually, I knew one thing he could assist me at, but I was not sure if he was interested in sex, especially with another guy. My cock was hard as steel folded inside the jock strap. Sometime later, Jimmy came back into the area I was in. He started using the rowing machine. The entire weight room was covered in mirrors. I was at the leg machine and decided to give something a try. I quickly reached down and freed my cock from the restrictive jock strap. I wasn't hard at the time, but about 3 inches fell from the leg opening and was in plain sight for my little angel to see, if he wanted to that is.

About 30 minutes later, Jimmy moved to the curling bar which was located directly in front of the leg machine. I never caught him looking at my cock, but now he had to have seen it just dangling there. I would do a few reps and spread my legs. I pretended to close my eyes just to see his reaction. Through the slit in my eyes, I could see Jimmy burning a hole in my cock. His own little pouch started to form a visible bulge. Without any direction from me, my cock started to grow. The longer it grew, the wider his eyes became. If I reached down to put it back in, he may get the impression I intentionally pulled it out for him to see. I stood up and told him it was steam room time. I peeled off my shorts and jock in one single motion and paused momentarily for him to get a good look at my backside. Thanks to the mirrors, I could see him looking at my every move.

Once inside the steam room, I sat in the far corner to where I could get a good look at little Jimmy. I saw him put his left hand inside his shorts, but was unable to make anything out. He stood up and pulled the material out of the crack of his ass and walked away. I started stroking my meat while thinking of him completely lost in the moment when in walked Jimmy. His eyes immediately fixed onto my hard cock Thanks to all the steam, I was unable to make anything out in his crotch area. He sat down directly opposite of me, still wearing his shorts. At first I was a little embarrassed sitting there with an erection, but instead of turning around and walking out, he remained. So did my erection; all 10 " of thick meat.

Apparently, he was afraid to speak, so I opened things up, "Jimmy, you always wear clothes inside the steam room?" With a slight smile he replied, "This is my first time in here. I mean the steam room." The sweat was pouring off me and I said, "Well, most of the guys usually just go naked in here, because it's so hot." I could see his own sweat start to drip from his body. "Jimmy, how old are you?" Without any hesitation, "14, well almost 14." The sweat was burning my eyes and I could barely keep up wiping the sweat from them. He said, "My mom's a teacher here." "Really, what's her name?" "Oh, her name is Mrs. Samples." I about slid off the bench. Mrs. Samples, Jimmy's mom, was the teacher, who at least twice a week, wanted me to screw her in the classroom. This woman is an anal freak. She loves it up the butt and is multi orgasmic once my cock is buried inside her. "Yeah, I know your mom. She's a good teacher." In more ways than she gets paid for, that's for sure. Now, I was hoping that little Jimmy was going to be just like his hot momma. Anal freaks! "Shawn, after you guys leave the steam room, where do you go next?" I said, "We go straight to the showers and speaking of showers, I'm about steamed out. I'm gonna go shower."

The shower area consisted of 4 shower heads. Two on either side of the wall. The coaching staff usually are the only ones who use this shower. The rest of us normally use the showers in the main locker room. I chose the shower head that would give Jimmy the best view from where he was sitting in the steam room. I was taking my time washing and my dick was still stiff as a board. I barely could see his hand stroking his hidden cock. I was completely lathered up when Jimmy walked out of the steam room. I quickly spoke to him, "Hey, you gonna wash that sweat off?" He didn't turn around when he said, "I, I'm thinking about it." Okay was all I could muster. Damn, if he don't soon show me something, I'm gonna bust a nut right here in the shower just thinking about him. While trying to get the best outline of his butt, a wad of soap fell into my right eye. I quickly turned around to wash it out. I heard the shower head behind me activate. I wanted to turn around, but that damn soap was burning the hell out of my eye. Finally, I got my vision back, though still a little blurry. I quickly turned around and almost choked at the vision that blasted my blurry eyes. Totally naked with his butt facing me, and what a butt this beauty had. Very small, well curved, and absolutely delicious looking. Creamy white in color compared to his brightly bronzed sun tanned body. His legs were slightly apart and I wanted to bend down, spread those appetizing cheeks, and tongue fuck his asshole. My own cock was pouring out pre cum a mile a minute.

He was soaping his hair up when he softly said, "Now I can see why everyone calls you the Coke Can." His butt was still facing me when I responded, "What you mean by that." He let out a soft chuckle and said, "Your dick is fucking huge! Looks like it belongs on a horse, not a human." I simply said, "I was born with it!" I wanted him to turn around so bad, I could taste it. I almost lost it when he took his left hand holding the soap and started lathering his butt cheeks. I watched him as he used both hands to massage the soap into his silky skin. I know I was drooling when he spread his cheeks and watched him use a finger to thoroughly clean his butt hole. It almost looked as if he was finger fucking himself. His finger kept darting in and out, a slight pause, then dart in and out some more. My own hand was stroking my meat watching his every move.

He caught me off guard when he suddenly turned around and was now facing me. Here I was, cock in hand and it was begging to be milked dry. Jimmy looked right at it and sort of gave me a nonchalant smile. In the mean time, I was studying all there was to study concerning his teen cock. It was soft, but it hung down about four inches over two perfectly per portioned nugget shaped balls. The little line that separated his balls was extremely darker compared to the pale color of his free hanging sac. The foreskin of his cock looked to cover the head and dangle about an additional two inches. Every time he moved his arms, his dick would sway back and forth and his balls would follow in suit. His strawberry blond pubic hair was thick in a perfect, but small, V shape pattern. I was totally mesmerized and definitely caught off guard when he said, "I know you have been fucking my mom. Sometimes, I hear her talk on the phone with her best friend and she tells her how big your dick is and how good it feels when you fuck her. My mom even tells her when you fuck her in the ass." I had no clue what to say, so I just stood there bewildered. "Hey Shawn, it's cool. I won't tell anybody. But I, I really don't see how something that big can go in something so small." I shot out the only thing I could say, "It fits, believe me it fits."

Finally, luck started going my way. Jimmy dropped his soap and it spun around against the wall facing his shower head. He turned around and bent over showing me his soft pink love hole. It was incredibly small and I could see little wet strawberry blond hairs protecting it. My cock started jerking uncontrollably as he turned back around. His eyes became glued on my cock, as were my eyes, glued on his now growing cock. It stuck straight out from his body with an upward arch. It had to be at least 5 inches, kind of slender and he had so much foreskin that only his piss slit was visible. It looked to be a bright pinkish in color. Although the foreskin covered his head, I could tell that his head was much larger than the shaft as it swelled up rather angrily. He took a slight step forward and with soapy hands, started lathering up his rock hard teen meat. I was looking at him and he was looking down at his own cock. I felt like I could bust a nut just by watching him. Was he teasing me? Did he want me to make a move? I kept asking myself all kind of questions. All he had to do was say he had an itch and I would have been more than happy to scratch it for him. He was still looking at his own cock when he asked, "Do you really do that? I mean, do you really put your tongue in my mom's butt hole?" "Yeah, all the time." "Yucky, that's kind a gross! That's where poop comes out of." I replied, "That's why they call it a poop chute, but if it is clean, it just feels and tastes good." "I never thought a tongue in a butt hole could give anyone pleasure, but after hearing my mom tell her friend how you eat her butt and how it drives her crazy, I , I was just curious that's all."

He was curious and I was more than ready. "Jimmy, I'll tell you like this. If you wanna know what it feels like, I'll pretend your butt is your mom's. That way you'll know what it feels like." I had to do something, so taking this chance just might be the golden opportunity I need to taste his fine ass. I had no intention of pretending it was his mother's butt either. I wanted his butt and his sperm. "I dunno, it still sounds kind a gross and nasty." "But you're not the one doing anything, I'll be the one using my tongue. All you have to do is kind of like lay there." One minute it seemed he was teasing me, then the next minute he was confusing me.

"Uh, where would we do it at?" "Probably the best area would be where the free weights are at. That way we can hear anyone if they come in." With that being said he finally agreed to give it a try. "Make sure the door is locked, okay." That is one thing he didn't have to remind me of. I almost ran to the door and ensured it was locked. Jimmy had his towel wrapped around him standing in the free weight area. I looked around the room to see where best I could savagely eat his ass from. I pointed over here. It was the bench press. I had him lay down on his back, then reach out with both hands and hold onto the bar. I gently raised his leg and brought them under the bar so that his heels would rest firmly against the bar. His ass was proudly saluting the sky and my mouth was oozing saliva. I sat down on the bench and lowered my head. I licked the inside of his thighs and his body twitched. I licked the area between his balls and his crack and sent shivers through his little body. My hands were circling and massaging his tight little cheeks as my tongue slowly worked on both sides of his delicious crack. A slight moan escaped his lips as my tongue licked the outer portion of his little pink hole. Like a beast within, I drilled my tongue at his hole until it finally allowed penetration. As my tongue impaled his bowels, he began moaning and his body violently jerked. I could see in the mirror behind him that his mouth was open and making all kinds of varied expressions. My own cock was spewing pre cum onto the bench forming a large puddle. I wanted to fuck his hot little ass, but I wasn't sure if he was ready or willing for something like that. I continued a massive tongue assault on his ass and getting high from his sounds of being pleased.

I decided to take a chance and see what would happen if my tongue rolled across his low hanging balls. My tongue glided over each one and his moans became increasingly louder. I sucked one, then the other into my mouth. "Oh, ah, oh." With his balls still contained in my mouth, I gently pulled against his sac and watched his hard pole twitch and jerk. I lubricated my right index finger with my saliva and pressed against his pink hole. My finger was greeted with extreme resistance. I pressed harder and in it went. "Ah, oh my, oh, oh." His mouth was wide open gasping for air. Slowly, I started finger fucking his hot, tight ass. His ass muscles constricted around my finger each time as I made my withdrawal before sending it back deep into his rectum.

I knew Jimmy was getting into this by the way he was panting, moaning and groaning. I withdrew my finger and he let out a loud gasp. I wasted no time in plunging his sweet hole with my tongue. My hands were caressing and ever so lightly squeezing his testicles. I wanted him to give me permission to put my cock deep in his bowels, but he was too busy moaning and groaning. My tongue was buried in his ass and I placed my right index finger alongside my tongue. Together in teamwork, they explored his tight hole. He was raising his body off of the bench while still having a death grip on the bar. I could see him biting his bottom lip and whimpering at the same time. Taking a chance, I placed my right middle finger inside his ass to join the team of my tongue and index finger. Jimmy screamed, "Oh shit, oh shit, oh!" It was certainly a tight fit in such confined quarters, but the team worked well together. His whole body was shaking as the team plundered its way around inside his bowels.

His eyes were tightly closed and his mouth wide open with precious sounds escaping at each breath. He allowed me to lick and suck on his balls. He didn't stop me when I penetrated his ass with two fingers and a tongue. Now, I was going to see if he would stop me from sucking on his uncut gorgeous cock. I stood up and walked behind his head. I maneuvered my body between the two frames holding the bar. My dick was within inches of his face as I lowered my body onto his. I put both hands under his ass with both index fingers right at his love hole. Only the piss slit was barely visible as my tongue reached out to touch it. As soon as my tongue struck his piss slit, his cock leaped forward striking me in the nose. My mouth engulfed his hooded head and held it firmly while my tongue roamed around the area under his protective skin. His head jumped off the head of the bench and struck me on my left thigh, as he shouted, "Ah shit, oh, oh!" I played for quite a while just on his covered head before lowering my mouth on his entire cock. His body leaped forward sending his cock further into my mouth until I could feel his lovely pubic hairs on my chin. Both index fingers started digging their way into his pink chute while the rest of my fingers spread his cheeks apart.

My own body jerked as Jimmy slammed his tongue up my ass, with one hand spreading my butt cheeks and the other pumping my cock. We were both moaning at this point and I did not know how long he could last before blowing his wad down my throat. I felt his tongue slide out of my ass and within seconds, he placed the head of my cock in his mouth and was using his tongue like a pro cleaning it from all the pre cum. The more he licked, the louder he moaned. Two of my fingers fucking his ass in full speed, and my mouth going up and down on his cock, I knew he would soon reward me with his sperm. I took one hand and held the base of his cock, pushing down bringing the rest of his foreskin over his head, I continued to suck and suck hard. I had two fingers plowing his ass and was working on getting a third one in while my cock was buried in his mouth about 4 inches deep when he cried out in a muffle. I felt his shaft thicken and his balls tighten. Placing my lips just over his head to ensure proper tasting of his young boyhood seed, I was getting ready to be rewarded. Several thick globs hit the roof of my mouth, followed by several short shots, then down to a trickle. Slowly, I began to allow some of his sperm to go down my throat while my mouth refused to let go of his cock. His own mouth was working at my cock at a feverish pace. I didn't want to blow a load in his mouth. I wanted to send my seed deep into his bowels. I used every ounce of strength I had to fight back the urge to bust a nut. I swallowed all of his precious semen and it sure did taste wonderful. A little salty, but sweet, none the less.

I tried to get up but he held me in place with his mouth. I hooked both legs with my arms and pressed them backwards sending his sweet ass higher in the air. I placed both index fingers and both middle fingers at his tight hole and pressed firmly. He let out a stifled moan as all four fingers dove into his hot, tight ass. It was an awkward position for me, but I managed to get my tongue back in his ass, savoring his delightful teen butt juice while my fingers were digging and stretching his ass to its outer most limits.

I could hardly believe he swallowed four thick inches of my cock and using one hand to pump the rest of it furiously. I was fighting back the urge to release my load, but in one quick motion, Jimmy shoved a finger straight up my ass striking my prostrate. I tried to warn him, but no words would leave my mouth. Soon, I was shooting load after load into his hot mouth. He gagged several times, apparently trying to swallow. With my cock drained of its semen and my tongue completely sore, I tried to stand up. This time, his mouth departed my still rigid cock. Some of my sperm escaped both sides of his mouth and was running down his chin and onto his neck.

I wanted to eat his ass some more, but my tongue was hurting from being sore. Trying to catch my breath, I managed to find some words for him, "You think you want to find out what your mom feels when my cock goes into her asshole?" "It's too big. It'll rip me open causing me to bleed to death." "Well, you thought eating ass was gross, but you seemed to enjoy it. Hell, you even put your tongue in my ass." "I know, but that's different. Your dick, it's just way too big to fit down there." Jimmy never left his position on the bench as he was pointing to his asshole. I was getting ready to give up begging him to let me fuck his sweet ass, but then he said, "Okay, but don't ram it in me, cause I know it's gonna hurt real bad." I always keep baby oil in my gym bag to rub into my skin after a hard work out. It was right next to the bench so I got the baby oil out and rubbed it all over my cock. I put some on my fingers and inserted two in his ass. "Oh, oh yeah." I knew he was going to be just like his momma, anal freaks!

I straddled the bench and placed the head of my cock against his asshole. His head swung free from the bench and his eyes were sealed closed. I pressed and pressed, each time a little harder. "See, I told you it wouldn't!" The head popped in and about 3 inches plowed into his rectum. Jimmy screamed, "Shit, shit, no, no, it hurts, ah!" I held it in place not moving an inch. His head was bouncing all over the place and the sight of his gorgeous hair slapping in the wind was driving me wild. He was making all kinds of sounds in conjunction with expressions on his face. I shoved another 2 inches inside him and he cried out. His body was jerking and his breathing rampant as I took my time until my cock was completely impaled into his sweet ass. His balls rested on my pubic hair. His cock was limp and I knew he was experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort by his facial expressions and head jerking. I remained with my cock deeply implanted, not moving a muscle.

Within a few seconds, his facial expression dwindled to a minimum and head jerking became non existent. I slowly started my withdrawal and Jimmy began to moan. I got about 10 inches out of him with just the tip of my head inside him and began the downward plunge ever so slowly. His hands were digging into his own butt cheeks, inadvertently spreading them wider to allow deeper penetration. I slowly, at a turtles pace, continued to fuck him like this for quite some time. His cock became hard and he was crying out, "Yeah, yes, fuck me!"

I increased my speed at a snails pace as to not hurt him anymore. I wanted him to come back for seconds and more. After about 30 minutes of slowly increasing my pace, I was now pounding my meat in his ass and he was loving every minute and inch of it. With my meat tearing his ass up, my left hand was stroking his teen meat. It didn't take long before that uncut beauty spewed sperm all over his face and chest and some trickling on my hand. I was pounding my sausage into his ass with a tremendous force that was almost sickening from the sound. "Fuck, fuck me hard, oh yeah, that's it!" His cock never went limp and my hand never stopped stroking it. Jimmy had managed to get both his hands behind my thighs and he was driving his ass down onto my cock with every thrust. His face was raised and I could look straight into this angel's eyes. He would bite his lower lip at times and moan and groan the rest of the time. "Oh!" His sperm flew out of him and some went directly into his open mouth. The rest landed on his chin, chest, and stomach. I jerked his rod until there was just a drop oozing out from the piss slit. I continued to fuck his hot ass and stroke his cock. In less than twenty seconds, his mouth flew open wide and his head began to jerk from side to side as another blast from his cock revealed another whopping load of his sweet nectar. This poor kid is soaking his entire face with his own semen. Thick, creamy globs of sperm stuck to his chin and both sides of his mouth. What a sight! His entire neck area was saturated with his sperm as well.

I was getting ever so close from sending my own juices up his ass when he forcibly bucked hard and I was in total shock to see more of his sperm fly free. Two large squirts shot straight into his mouth. I watched him as he swallowed his own semen. His cock kept sending load after load until finally there was only a drop remaining. I knew his asshole had to be sore by now. I had been fucking him for over an hour now and I was more than ready to release my own load. He released my left thigh and with his right hand, started beating his meat with a mad passion. In no time at all, he fired sperm globs after sperm globs all over the place. More landed in his mouth. He continued to pump his teen meat and I continued to ram my own in his ass. I screamed out that I was going to cum and so did he. I sent my load deep into his bowels while watching more of his thick and creamy sperm land all over his face and chest.

Personally, I was completely spent, but Jimmy was a cum machine. Just as I pulled my dick out of his ass, he shot another hard load all over his face and chest area. He was whimpering and moaning while slamming his hand, up and down, on his own meat. With the last drop slung free, Jimmy kind of collapsed on the bench. He was gasping and panting for air as his hands dangled towards the floor. His legs fell to he floor, spread wide open on either side of the bench. His cock was now totally limp. His entire face and chin was a sweet mess covered in his own spunk. I lowered my wobbly knees to the floor on his left side and started to clean his face and chin with my tongue. It was so delicious. His cum and sweat scent shock waves to my taste glands. While in the process of finish cleaning him off, I saw his beaten cock rise up. He looked as though he was sleeping on the bench, in such a peaceful state. After his face and chin was clean, I cleaned his neck and started cleaning my way down his chest and onto his stomach. The smell of teen sperm, ass juice, and hard sex filled my nostrils. Even his foreskin was too exhausted to protect the head as it rested just under the crown.

In one stealth motion, my mouth dove onto his cock. My hands were playing with his balls and my mouth going up and down on his rigid pole while my tongue was flapping at what ever area it could touch on his cock. No warning or any indication that he was getting close was given or detected. His body didn't even move as he sent more of his love fluids into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed until the last of his tasty seed was gone.

I pulled my mouth off his deflated cock and said I have to go shower. He said, "I can see why momma loves your cock in her butt hole." He was managing the strength to sit up on the bench and I replied, "Yeah, but it sounds more like, Momma like son. You both have a lot of orgasms when you're getting your asshole tore up."

We showered with no more sexual activity. As we were leaving, Jimmy asked, "You gonna work-out tomorrow?" I said, "Yeah, same time too." We started walking in separate directions when he yelled out, "Can I be your spotter in the morning?" "Hell yes," was all I could say.