I was completely shocked to have opened my eyes early Saturday morning with Gary riding my cock. We mad love the entire weekend and was both sad for the arrival of Sunday. My parents would be arriving home and he had to go home, as well.

After winning the Lower State Championship, two weeks later we would be traveling to the upper state for the State Championship. Our team was statistically labeled the "underdogs". Their team was ranked number one in the nation for offense, defense, and special teams. This team has gone undefeated for six straight years, and by beating us would make it seven years. This team had the speed and size of an NFL Team. They have a nasty reputation for stopping the run and crushing the quarterback. As the quarterback for our team, I was definitely nervous. To add to my nervousness, our local television station was going to air this game live. I was also informed that every major college and professional scout would be in attendance for this one game.

It was a long six hour bus ride to the upper state stadium. This game had been so hyped up by the media, our location for the game was changed to one of the major College University's stadium.

Once both teams had been introduced, I, being the team captain, went out for the coin toss. Their team captain was a defensive lineman. This guy was huge and after the coin toss, which we lost, referred to me as dead meat.

We tried everything during the first half. Our running game was completely stopped and I had been sacked 7 times going into the half. The score was 20 to nothing and the coach gave us a great pep talk in the locker room. He said when we take the field that he was going to make some changes in the lineup. He grabbed me by the arm as I was going out the tunnel to start the third quarter. "Shawn, I need you to take command on the field. You are going to be on defense for the second half. Stop the running game on the left side and get some revenge and slam their quarterback"!

To move on with the story, we fought back. With 2 minutes remaining in the game, the score was 26 to 21. We had 21 and they had the ball on their own 18 yard line. We knew in order to get an opportunity to win the game, we had to get the ball back. On the other hand, they were going to try and kill the clock. With 38 seconds remaining, they were facing third down and five yard to go for a first down while on their 36 yard line. We had one time out remaining and they had none.

During the huddle, I did not call a play. I just said to our defense that we have to get the quarterback. He's gonna throw from his left side.

I lined up and looked directly at their center's hand on the ball. Our fans were yelling their heads off and the sound became deafening so I knew their quarterback was having a hard time yelling out the count. The center snapped the ball and their quarterback, just as I predicted, rolled out to his left. I lowered my helmet and gave him a hit from Hell. I heard someone yell loose ball, but I was on top of their quarterback slamming his face into the dirt. We recovered the ball and was now looking at first down on their 30 yard line with 17 seconds left in the game. A field goal was out of the question. We needed a touchdown to become State Champions.

The play was selected and I pleaded with my offensive line to hold their defense. Buy me some time to roll out. A cris-cross pattern to a side line post play was selected. If my running back broke free from the left side, he would be wide open on the ride side end zone.

The ball was hiked and I faded back. The play had already been broken up with my running back flat on his back. Their defense penetrated our line so staying in the pocket was death valley. I rolled hard to my right looking for anyone with our jersey to receive the ball. One of my receivers knew I was in trouble and he redirected his pattern to come to my aide. I was running towards the side line and knew if I did not get the ball off, I would be forced out of bounds. With approximately 6 steps remaining to the side line, I saw Jerome running hard from the left side to the right in the back of the end zone. He was being tailed very closely and a pass would have to be a bullet and threaded like a needle. I had no choice but to throw. Just as I was releasing the ball, I got slammed by two of their big linemen and once again was sucking dirt. The crowd became alive and I did not know what had happened. I had no clue if it was their fans reacting, or ours.

Jerome made a spectacular catch and we won the game by a score of 27 to 26. We beat the team they said could not be beaten and we are now the State Champions. After the game, I was told by one of the assistant coaches that I would have to give an interview. I reluctantly agreed to it. The sportscaster was trying to make it sound as though I won the game and giving me all the credit. I quickly announced that WE are a TEAM and WE won the game. Very politely, I cut the interview short.

Once inside the locker room, the victory celebration began. Everyone was yelling and screaming and some even had tears in their eyes. Out of the corner of my eyes, I observed Kyle sitting on the bench farthest from the celebration area. Kyle was our everything kind of guy. He was not a player, but he made sure we had plenty of fluids and warm towels. Kyle was about 13, a freshman, and stood 5'4" and weighed a solid 120 pounds. He had wavy brown hair and emerald green eyes. I walked over to him and lifted him on my shoulder and brought him to where we were celebrating. He was now celebrating with us, because as far as I was concerned, he was a major player on the team.

The coaches, Kyle, and I were the last ones to leave the locker room and go out to the awaiting buses for our long, but victorious, ride home. We had three buses and the only one that we could get on was the bus carrying all the equipment. It was cold outside, but the entire team wore their team wind breaker and team sweat pants, including Kyle.

Kyle and I got on the bus and moved some equipment around to give us a seat. We took the back seat, passenger side, and sat down. Being the equipment bus, we were last in the convoy home. Kyle's voice was very soft and he never really spoke to me often, for unknown reasons to me. Real nervous like, he spoke, "Great game tonight and you played awesome". I said thank you and he replied, "Back in the locker room, why did you put me on your shoulders and bring me to the rest of the team"? I put my right hand on top of his head, giving his hair a twist, and said, "Kyle, you are a major player on this team. We could not have done any of this without you. I don't think I could do your job, at least as good a job as you do". He smiled and said thanks. We talked about the game for about the first hour and both of us were tired. I was completely exhausted. Closing my eyes only brought back the sweet memories two weeks past with Gary. My cock was laying on the right side and I don't ever wear any underwear, but just thinking of Gary gave me a raging hard on. The bus was kind of dark and I was sitting nearest the aisle and Kyle was sitting next to the window. My hands rested on my cock in an attempt to hide my erection. This is when I took a really long look at Kyle. His hair was always perfect, trimmed above his ears and neck line. His eyebrows were very thick, as well as his eye lashes. Several small freckles darted across his nose. Little dimples rested on each narrow cheek. His arms were slender, but muscular. Tiny dark hairs were forming on his lower arms, as they were crossed and his eyes tightly sealed, lost in his own little dream world.

I looked at his crotch area and could barely see the outline of his cock as it rested upward to the right side. It only looked to be about 2", but I could tell he was circumcised, because I could make out the small mushroom head. Whispering, I called his name three times. He was fast asleep. With my right hand, I gently reached over and placed one finger on his shaft, just barely touching it. His cock jumped just as my finger touched it. I quickly brought my hand back and waited a few seconds. It started growing right before my eyes. His dick must have grown to be at least 6 or 7 inches and was definitely thicker than Gary's. My right hand instinctively returned to his cock and with one finger, tracing the entire shaft. It kept twitching as I touched it and it was as hard as a steel pole. Kyle was softly snoring and I felt comfortable with going on with my perverseness. His legs were spread and his knees were resting on the back of the seat in front of us. I reached further down to feel his balls. Bingo, I found them and he had a set of balls on him. They felt like grapefruits. Very large and very full. Every time I squeezed his balls, his cock would jump. My own cock was free and my left hand was slowly stroking it. I was not concerned the driver would see me because the equipment was too high and definitely blocked his view.

I let my fingers travel down where his butt hole would be and started to run my fingers along the formation of his crack. His cock was jumping like crazy every time my finger touched his hole. I don't remember how long I kept this up, but I was more interested in seeing his cock than just rubbing on it. His position kind of changed. He now had his right palm under his chin and his left hand was laying limply on his left leg. I took a chance by lifting his left arm and placed it on my right leg. I watched his face to see if he would wake up, but he was still snoring softly. I took his left hand and placed it on my cock. His hand just rested on it, but I thought I was going to bust a nut from the heat his hand. His draw string of his sweat pants was sticking out so I carefully untied it. Using extreme caution, I pulled at his sweat pants to loosen them up. He did not budge a muscle. I put my right hand on his waist band and lifted it up. Just my luck, he is wearing bikini briefs. I could make out at the head of his dick a large wet spot. I placed my finger on it and knew it was his precum. I rubbed it and brought my finger to my mouth and sucked my finger dry. I was unable to get a true taste. It tasted more like his briefs, not him. Every so often his left hand would grip at my cock sending shivers throughout my body. My right hand went back to his crotch area and lifted both his sweat pants and underwear up and watched his rigid cock spring into view. His cock was definitely 6 inches and had some thickness to it. It went straight to his belly curving slightly to his right side. I placed his two clothing materials under his heavy balls to keep them in place. He was just starting to get some pubic hairs as I noticed a small soft patch on both sides of his shaft and his balls were totally hair free. A line of precum was attached to his piss slit leading to the bottom of his wind breaker. My finger obtained as much as possible, carefully wiping it from its opening. This time, I would get to give his precum a true taste test. It was kind of salty, but it was sweeter than Gary's precum, to my surprise I did not think could ever be possible.

I caressed his large balls for awhile and kept tasting his precum as it dripped from his cock head. I started to gently and softly stroke his rigid cock. His left hand squeezed my cock and he let out a soft moan. I reached over with my left hand and stroked his cock while my right hand cupped the head of his dick. I just knew he was going to wake up and I would get busted while he shot his load into my hand. His first shot slammed into my hand and I could feel its heat as more and more of his honey filled my hand. The last of his nectar dropped into my hand and here I am with my right hand filled with his milky white, somewhat watery, sperm. His cock went totally limp in my left hand. I released his soft cock and brought my right hand up to my mouth. My tongue lapped up some of his sperm and I had no choice but to savor this tremendous taste. I licked my hand clean of sperm and oddly enough, his sperm tasted better than Gary's.

I wanted to feel his butt hole. I really don't know why I am so fascinated with butt holes, but I just am. Up until Gary, it had been with only girls butts, but I fell in love with Gary's and now I want to feel Kyle's.

My right hand darted under the material tucked under his balls and I raised the material up with the back of my hand. My hand slowly crept forward, ever so slightly, touching his balls. My finger traced the origin directly under his balls that would lead me to my destination. His left hand had worked its way up to my cock head and was gently squeezing causing a puddle of precum to fall free. My finger found its mark and rested on top of his love hole. I could not feel any hair whatsoever. I was rubbing my finger back and forth over his hole when he jerked his body. I quickly removed my hand and pretended to be asleep. Upon bringing my hand out, his material fell back into place, but I forgot his left hand was on my cock. It was too late, Kyle was now awake and I felt him hurriedly remove his left hand from my cock. I kept up with the charade of being sound asleep, although my heart was pounding out of my chest.

My own sweat pants was tucked under my balls and my cock was still rock hard for Kyle to take a closer look at if he chose to do so. I heard Kyle call my name twice, softly, but I never responded. I heard him move in his seat and within a couple of minutes his hand was back on my cock. "Damn, your cock is huge!" He softly whispered. I was still fast asleep, or so he thought. I felt his finger as it touched my piss slit, and although I could not see, I felt as though he was sampling my precum. He was using both hands to stroke my cock at a very slow pace and I knew if he kept this up, I would explode all over the place.

"Wake up boys, we're home!" Shouted the bus driver. Kyle released his grip and brought the material over my cock as if nothing ever happened. I pretended to wake up and there was Kyle acting as if he just awoke, as well. I was so horny, I would have screwed the muffler on the bus if given the opportunity.

We unloaded the buses and said our "Goodbyes" and everyone started to go home. It was about one in the morning and Kyle was standing out by the bus loading area all by himself. I asked him what was he waiting for and he said, "My mom's at work and my sister is out at a friend's house. I'll probably walk home." Our school is located near a pretty bad subdivision, a crime riddled one at that. I said get in and I will drive you home.

As we pulled in the driveway, his house was awfully familiar to me, but I could not place it. Kyle invited me in and I was not about to turn him down. I still had a raging hard on and was hornier than ever. Once inside, I said to him that his house was very familiar to me. "It should, you fuck the shit out of my sister all the time." I responded, "Who is your sister?" "Karen!" Now I remember. This is a sophomore who begs me to shove my cock into her butt hole all the time. "How do you know I have sex with your sister?" He smiled and softly said, "Man, I can hear her scream and I can see you shove that big cock in her asshole." Now I was curious. "So Kyle, how can you see me have sex with your sister?" Busted! He became nervous, very nervous and said, "Come to my room and I'll show you."

Inside his bedroom we walked to his closet. He opened the door and removed a piece of sheet rock. The little guy had a peep hole directly into his sister's bedroom. The way her mirror stood on the chest of drawers, revealed everything. By reading this story, I know you are not interested in Karen, but this girl is down right gorgeous and has a body of death. "Kyle, you see everything through your peep hole." "Yea, including watching my sister take her toy and shoving it in and out of her butt hole in preparation of your dick."

We were now standing at the foot of his bed and he said wait here. Within a few seconds, he came back in holding a large fake cock with balls. "This is her toy we practice on. I mean she uses." Busted again! I heard him say "WE." I acted like I didn't notice his slip up on words. When he turned around, I noticed for the first time, his bubble butt. It was small, but definitely rounded. My cock was on the right side facing down and was clearly pushing the loose material away. I know Kyle had to notice. You would have had to have been legally blind not to notice. We talked about his sister for a little while and he excused himself to go to the bathroom. I started looking around his room and found a photo album under one of his pillows. Ever photo in the album was of me. Some of them were even taken while I was at the beach wearing my tight bikini's. After some time, I heard the bathroom door open so I quickly placed it back under the pillow. Upon entering his bedroom, I saw he had removed his underwear. His cock was standing straight up to the right and his sweat pants hid nothing.

He apparently had taken a shower and that's why he was gone for such a long time. His hair was brushed back, but was still wet. He asked me if I wanted to take a shower and I used the excuse of being really sore and asked to take a bath. "You can use my mom's bathtub. It's really big." He was not kidding about being big. Her tub was larger than any tub I had ever seen. Just by looking at it, I could tell I would be able to stretch out. While Kyle was starting the water, I did not hesitate to take my clothes off. After starting the water, he turned around and his left hand brushed my hard cock while turning to face me. "Oh, oh I'm sorry." He uttered. "That's alright, its been like this now since we got off the bus. I don't know why." He did not say a word, but I could see his erection as it pressed against the material. I stepped into the bath tub and the water was just right, intentionally giving him a nice butt shot. I laid back and enjoyed the soothing water. Kyle sat on the toilet and at first we talked about the game. I had another game I wanted to play and it had nothing to do with football.

I changed the subject by asking him what his sister says about me. His reply, "You are all she talks about. When she is on the phone with Michelle, your cock is always the hot topic. Karen tells her how big it is and how good it makes her feel. She even tells her what it feels like when you ram it in her butt hole." I knew who Kyle was talking about. Michelle would only give me a blow job, but would never go all the way. "I watched Karen show Michelle her toy and tell Michelle she uses it to get her butt hole ready for you when you come over." I needed to get Kyle as horny as I was and my thoughts went crazy with ideas. "Hey, Kyle, you must be a little sore from all the work you did on the field." "Yeah, I'm a little sore." "Why don't you get in because this water will relax your muscles and you will definitely feel better. I promise you that." Kyle just sat there, but I could tell he was contemplating getting in. "Come on in. It's no big deal, two guys being naked together soaking their muscles." He stood up and removed his shirt. Little Kyle was definitely cut in the muscle department. His six pack abs rippled with his every movement. I was enjoying his every movement as well. As he undid his tie string, his sweat pants fell to the floor revealing his very erect boyhood. Standing straight up his cock rested against his muscular stomach and had a slight bend towards his right. His balls were very large and his sac stretched around them. He had just a little bit of dark hair on his legs, but no where else, except for the few strands at the base of his cock. What a sight. I think my own cock got even harder. Kyle turned away from me as he stepped into the tub. His little bubble butt was a mouth watering sight. He laid back at the other end and I could see his erection through the water as it settled down from him getting in. I said, "See, I told you this would make you feel much better." "Yeah man, I feel better already." I wanted to keep him excited until the right time. "Kyle, you ever had sex before?" He hesitated before saying no. "Surely you jack off, I mean with the peep hole and everything, I know you see your hot sister naked and her friends as well." He had a smile on his face when he softly spoke, "I jack off sometimes, especially when her friends come over." "You ever jack off when I'm screwing your sister?" "Uh, uh, sometimes." I kept him going, "What did you mean when we were in your bedroom and you said WE when talking about the fake cock?" He was looking down and mumbled, "I use it sometimes." "Just how do you use that big thing?" Kyle responded, "I sit on it." "Man, that must hurt like crazy." "At first it hurts, but then it feels pretty good, but I haven't gotten it all the way in just yet."

The conversation along those sexual related lines continued for about an hour and the water was starting to cool down quite a bit. We decided to get out, me going first. I was watching Kyle dry off and he had turned around showing me his bubble butt when he bent down to dry his feet and lower legs. It was pretty and pink and I wanted to get on my knees right there and devour his sweet little love hole. Both of us still had raging hard-ons. While we were toweling off I asked Kyle this, "Kyle, have you ever sucked a dick before?" He turned and faced me and said, "I played around before with a couple of close friends." "Did you suck their cocks?" He nodded his head saying yes. Did your friends ever suck your dick? "A couple of times, but I was the one who did the most sucking." Did you ever taste their sperm? "We were too young then and none of us could shoot sperm yet." "Did you guys ever put your dicks in the other's butt?" He nodded his head no.

We wound up in his bedroom with the towels wrapped around us. I was too horny to care about anything at this point. I quickly removed his towel and threw him on the bed and started tickling him all over. Naturally, he was laughing and begging me to stop. I took every opportunity to touch his cock, balls, and his butt. My towel came off during the tussle and we were both naked on his bed. He was on his back and both my arms were around his solid legs. I lifted them forward and brought his knees to his ears and started nibbling on the under side of his thighs. His butt hole was looking me eye to eye from my advantage point. I nibbled lower until I reached his butt cheeks. He was more like whimpering instead of laughing. I lifted him up even higher where his head was laying flat on the bed. I nibbled and sucked all over his wonderful butt cheeks. I gently bit the area just beside his butt hole. Kyle's hands were steadying him on the bed in an upside down position. I heard him moan very loudly and realized he was enjoying this and so was I. My tongue slipped into his hole with very little resistance. I was eating his butt hole while caressing his back and legs. His moans became louder and louder. I ate his sweet hole until my tongue started to get sore from stretching as far in him as it could possibly go. I laid him on his back and his cock was leaking precum like a water faucet. Without asking, my mouth circled his cock head and went down on him enjoying each fresh morsel of precum. He was crying out in pleasure as my mouth was bobbing up and down on his perfect cock. My hand was caressing his cum filled balls while my finger was plunging in and out of his hot little butt. "I'm shooting" was all he could manage to say. My mouth was just covering his head as I felt his hot liquid hit my tongue and my mouth quickly filled up with his precious honey. I swallowed as slowly as I could enjoying his fresh hot boy cum. It was mouth watering, tummy pleasing delicious. Kyle was gasping for air and my mouth would not relinquish its hold on his 6 inches of rod. He was trying to say something, but I was not able to put his words together to form a sentence. I had 3 fingers diving in his ass when he delivered more of his cream to my hungry and awaiting mouth. The taste of his sperm is undescribable. Let's just say it is real sweet! As the last drop escaped down my throat, his body was shaking and quivering uncontrollably. He started moving to his side while his back was on the bed. Soon, we were in the 69 position. I was still sucking on his cock and I felt his hot mouth enclose around my head. My thumbs were playing with his balls while I had two fingers from each hand spreading his hole wider for me. His mouth was on my head and I could feel his tongue tracing over it while his hands were pounding my meat. From my position I could see his mouth working on the head of my cock. I was going to explode anytime now. I got off his cock just long enough to let him know I was going to cum, but he held fast to his position. Just as I was shooting one hell of a load in his mouth, Kyle was shooting another load into mine. It was not as much as the 2 previous ones, but delicious none the less. I could hardly believe my eyes. He did not spill a drop and swallowed all my sperm. I was getting ready to move from on top of him when he caught me off guard and stuck his tongue to the hilt in my butt hole. His hands were spreading my butt cheeks to their outer limits and I could feel his tongue darting in and out of me. I licked and sucked each of his balls and continued working on his cock and stretching his butt hole some more. He was literally whimpering with his face buried in my butt. His little muscular body bucked and for the fourth time, my mouth was filled with his nectar. My own cock sprung back into life size form. His steel pole finally went limp as it popped free from my mouth.

He was panting for air and I moved him to where he was in the doggie style position. My tongue explored his loosened hole one more time as I massaged my own cock. Kyle reached back with both hands and aggressively stretched his butt cheeks wide open. I had his pretty pink hole all slimed up with my saliva. I spat on my hand and washed my cock with it. I waited a few seconds for him to tell me no or anything along those lines. His head kept tossing from side to side in anticipation of my member tearing into his ass. Nothing was said so I got directly in behind him and positioned my head at his love tunnel's entrance. I pressed forward with some force and my head seared through the opening. "Ah, oh, geeez." That was all he could mumble. I waited a few seconds and pressed further. The entire head of my cock was now inside him and he was trembling all over and mumbling. His head was tossing all over and I watched his back as he was trying to catch his breath. Ever so slowly, I inched forward until my entire cock was buried in his sweet little ass. My hands held his waist firmly as I started out at a slow pace. Kyle was biting the bed spread and his knuckles were turning white from the pressure he was using holding his butt cheeks apart. My pace quickened and he was screaming at the top of his lungs. "Oh, oh, oh, yes, oh yes, that feels sooooo good!" I plowed my huge member in his ass for a long time and felt I was getting close.

I stopped and rolled him onto his back. He had tears running out of the corner of his eyes as he was gasping for air. I took the time to lick his salty tears away and plunged my tongue deep inside his hot little mouth. We were still kissing as I hooked his legs and brought them forward. His knees were over his head and I put my cock at his little hole and with one shove, buried my cock all the way home. Our kiss muffled his scream as I continued to ram my cock deep inside his dark little cavern. My hand found his cock, which had become rigid once again and started stroking it. Our mouths were still entangled and he wanted to say something, when I felt his cock get harder and he shot another load all over his stomach and my hand. This was his fifth load and it was kind of a big one. Our lips broke free and I cleaned my hand up that was covered with his honey. I was ramming his ass for all I was worth and pounding his meat at the same time. With my cock buried deep in his ass and my hand full of his boyhood, I looked into his emerald green eyes and lost it. It felt like I was shooting gallons of cum inside him and could not stop, like I would ever want to. His cock hardened and his sixth load sprang free adding to his sperm on his stomach. My cock finally went soft, reluctantly falling out of its cavern. His body was shaking all over and I leaned down and cleaned his stomach off with my tongue. His sperm is more like warm ice cream. No saltiness whatsoever. I licked and sucked his balls clean and started sucking on his cock to clean it up. Kyle's cock was soft, but got hard real fast. My fingers were tweaking his nipples as my mouth was sucking away at his gorgeous cock. He rested one of his hands on my head and kept mumbling and moaning. In less than a minute, he was squirting large globs of his honey into my mouth. Seven loads and he must be a cum factory. I sucked feverishly milking his cock of its sweet nectar. "Awe, yeah, ohhhhhh." While milking his cock free of its seventh load, I felt more cum shoot onto my tongue. This orgasm was his hardest. His whole body rocked and shook, but only a few delicious drops came out. 8 times in less than two hours. He was shaking violently so I held him close to me, caressing his back. Kyle looked up at me and placed his lips to mine and our tongues collided.

It was getting late, or should I say early in the morning. My parents would be worried to death and his mother would arrive within the hour. We made plans to see each other later today.