I no longer felt any awkwardness to my hidden passion. I was bisexual, and that is all there is to it. I love girls, but I love guys, as well. After my encounter with Jimmy, my emotions were at their highest. I not only craved more cock and butt, I needed it. By the time this next story evolves, I am now 17 years old.

Our High School was the host site for an open, so called, professional body-building competition. I had entered, mainly because I love to compete. It was on a Saturday afternoon and the competition was scheduled to start at six in the evening. All competitors had to be in the gym by three. There were 46 men 18 women competing for the title. The men and women categories were separate and in each group, first place would receive a trophy and one thousand dollars, second place - trophy and five hundred dollars, and third place would receive a trophy and two hundred and fifty dollars.

Just from looking around, it wasn't hard to tell I was the youngest in the mens division. I was nervous and excited. Some of these guys were huge in appearance, but I knew if everyone would have been checked for steroid use, ninety-five percent would be automatically disqualified. It was too late for me to be concerned. I had already talked myself into having fun.

I was in the locker room waiting on my coach. He was going to grease me up before I had to go perform. I started getting a little nervous since he is never late to anything, but today, he was extremely late. One of the locker room officials came to me and said some lady wants to speak with you and she seems a bit upset. I was wearing my extra small, light red and blue Speedo shorts that covered half of my cheeks. I went to the door and it was the coach's wife. She said with tears in her eyes, "Shawn, Mr. Clark has been in an accident and he is at the hospital. He's going to be alright, but he will not be able to make it here today." I gave her my apologies and she departed.

I had become panic stricken. I had to be greased up. I looked around the auditorium for anyone I knew, but the place was packed and people were moving all about. Finally, one of the girls I screw on a regular basis, a cheerleader, came up to cheer me on. I told her what kind of jam I was in and she told me that she would find someone for me, only after I promised to have sex with her on Sunday.

I was in the rear of the locker room, my back facing the only entrance when a soft voice spoke, "Sh, Shawn, I'm Marty. Kimber sent me here to help you." I turned around and liked to have fell against the lockers. He had to be 12 or 13 years old with stunning hazel eyes, thick, dark blond hair that was waved back not quite touching his shoulders. Marty was wearing a tank top and baggy, thin red shorts that hung almost to his knees. He was slender and darkly tanned with cute little dimples on the sides of his slender unblemished face. He stood about 5'2" and barely weighed 100 pounds, if that.

"What should I do?" His angel voice spoke awaking me from my sexually perverted trance. I handed him the bottle of grease and said, "I need you to rub this all over my body, not too thick and no too thin." I had already greased up my face, neck, chest and stomach area. My back was facing him and I felt his small, but warm hands start to roam all over my back. His touch was so gentle and my cock realized this as it started to grow. I had placed my cock under my balls and it rested along my crack. Typical body-builders shorts. His hands slipped under my waist band and rubbed oil along the top of each butt cheek. He started rubbing oil all over my feet and worked his way up to my thighs. My legs were spread and I knew he had to see the distinct bulge of my cock tucked between my crack. Without hesitation, I felt his hand slide under the band of on the inside of my thigh and while rubbing the grease, my balls were getting rubbed down as well. He was driving me delirious with lust.

He finished my entire back area and I turned around. I never said a word. He started repeating the process on my chest and stomach, then the front of my legs. When he got to my crotch area, his hands slipped under the material to grease the front of my inner thighs. Both sides of his hands were pressing against my already stiff erection. It almost felt as though he was intentionally jacking me off.

He rubbed the grease up and down the inside of my arms and started working on the outer portion. My arms were dangling by my side and now it was my turn to touch his hidden piece of meat. As he stepped to my side, my hand brushed the front of his crotch. His cock was super hard as the cloth held his cock tightly against his lower stomach with the head pressed firmly pointing to his face. Out of the corner of my eye, he acted as though it was no big deal. It felt like the shaft and mushroom extended four or five inches and was slender at its girth. On both sides, my hands would "accidentally" brush and press against his straining cock. During several of my little accidental touches, his cock would jerk and twitch.

After being all greased up, I started doing some curls with 100 pounds. Marty spoke, "Wow, I wish I could do that." I just smiled at him and he returned a smile that almost caused me to bust a nut. After doing some curls, I handed him a towel to get some of the grease off his hands. "Should I leave now?" "Not if you don't want to. You're part of the team now. If you want, you can stand over there and watch the show behind the stage." He was so excited and quickly walked over to the opening. His baggy shorts offered no clue as to the shape of his butt, but in my mind, it had to be a nice one.

After what seemed like an eternity, the competition was over and all the competitors were lined up on stage awaiting the judges to compile the scores. Blah, blah, blah, I was happy I came in third place. I had fun and all I could think about while competing was Marty.

The majority of the people started taking their showers to wash off the grease. Marty was still by my side. "Marty, let's me and you go into the other weight room. There's showers in there plus I need to sit in the whirlpool for a bit." "I'd like to, but I rode up here with Kimber and she's my ride home." I had to ask, "Are you her little brother?" "Sort of. She's my step sister." I said, "Tell her I'll give you a ride home, okay?" With that said, he flew out of the locker room.

Within a few minutes, he returned. "She said that it will be cool, but she won't be home until a little bit later. Mom and Dad are gone to the mountains for the weekend and left her in charge."

We walked over to the other weight room and I unlocked the door and turned on the lights. Thank God, nobody was there. The whirlpool is for one person, but it overlooks the showers, since it sits in a room that adjoins the showers. I had placed my bag on a bench and started pulling down my Speedo shorts. Marty was sitting right next to the bag, directly in front of me. My cock fell from between my legs and sort of gave a little freedom dance in thanks for being released from its restrictive confinements.

His eyes never left my cock and my cock did not want to leave my face. I turned around and cut a shower on to wash some of the grease off before getting in the whirlpool. I did everything imaginable without jacking off. Bent over and spread my cheeks, played with my cock a little. Anything I could to get him somewhat excited, I tried. I lowered myself into the whirlpool. "Marty, do you want to take a shower and get the rest of the grease off of you? That crap will stick to you like glue if you don't." "I don't have soap or a towel, or clean clothes." "The clothes don't matter. Look inside my back and you'll see a bar of soap and some towels. I became excited as he dove into my bag. My heart was pounding and I knew he was going to get naked and be no more than 15 feet from where I am.

He removed the necessary items from my bags and started taking his shoes and socks off. He lifted his tank top over his head revealing tanned, but hairless armpits. His nipples were dark pink and very pointed. His belly button protruded slightly out from his stomach. He lowered his shorts and stood there for a brief second wearing bikini briefs. His hard cock still pressed in place. One thing is for sure, Marty was not the shy kid at all. He hooked the sides of his bikinis and casually slid them down his tanned, silk like, hairless, legs. His cock rested against his belly striking a muscular pose while he was standing straight up. It was slender in girth with part of the foreskin barely covering the crown of his mushroom head, which was much thicker than the shaft. It was if he had been partially circumcised. His piss slit was larger than what I had been accustomed to, almost opened. Only a few strands of curly black pubic hair protruded outward on each side of his shaft. His balls were very small and the sac hung low, but held his testicles firmly in their clutches. There wasn't a glimmer of hair on his sac, whatsoever. My left hand was stroking my meat while watching his every move.

He picked up the bar of soap and walked into the shower. He picked the shower head that was closest to me. I studied his ass if it were a final exam. It was tiny, not bubbly, but in the shape of two perfect teardrops. My one hand could probably cover both of his tasty cheeks. His tan lines stopped just barely over each cheek revealing a soft milky white color. Marty must lay out in bikini's on a regular basis. The rest of his body was deeply tanned. This guy was giving me a show of a lifetime. Not once did he look in my direction, but he tuned to the side giving me a full profile view. He completely lathered his front area, taking the time to gingerly lather his erect cock. Using both his small hands, he lathered and caressed his testicles. My eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my head. He took his right hand and started stroking his cock, very slowly, working the soap over the length of his shaft. It looked as though he was masturbating right in front of me.

Marty took the soap in both hands and rolled it around, lathering up his hands. He had stepped back from the shower and I watched him rub the soap all over his sweet ass, not missing a spot. I couldn't tell for sure, but it looked like he was inserting his soapy fingers up his ass. His hand would spread his cheeks and his fingers looked like they were digging there way into his love tunnel. I couldn't take it no longer. I shut off the whirlpool and cut on the shower head right next to him. My own massive erection was standing at full attention, while continuing to watch his mouth watering performance. From this position, I could now see what his fingers were doing. He would soap up his fingers and I watched as his index fingers shot up inside his hole, taking the time to make a circular motion. I took a few steps in his direction to obtain the soap and my cock grazed his enlarged mushroom head. I looked down at him, but he never looked up, continuing to clean his hole thoroughly. After getting the bar of soap, I turned around forcing my right hand to touch, very briefly, his cock. There was no reaction whatsoever from him.

I started lathering my cock, which was definitely erect. Marty had stepped back under the shower to rinse off, but this time I could see his eyes focused on my 10 " of thick hard teen meat. When I finished with the soap, I walked behind him to put the soap back in its holder and my cock slid across his back and my right hand brushed his ass cheeks, intentionally. He didn't move, nor did he show any verbal signs of reaction. We never spoke the entire time.

To my regret, nothing ever happened, sexually in the weight room. We got in my car and headed towards his house. Even though he was fully clothed, I saw him totally naked. Once we got inside his house, he brought us some drinks into his livingroom. I was familiar with their home, since I had busted Kimber's virginity, both vaginally and anally, there.

"Want to see my room?" I felt like saying, I want to throw you down and fuck your hot little ass, but I didn't. "Yeah, sure." I knew where his step sister's room was, but now I was going to see where this heavenly beauty rests his precious body. His room was very neat and every item was in its place. Queen size bed fit nicely, giving him plenty of living space. He said he had to go into the bathroom and I sat down in a chair at his computer. I wiggled the mouse out of curiosity and started fooling around on it. I went to his favorites section and couldn't believe my eyes. He had Nifty Stories and some sites I recognized as gay sites with teens. I heard the door knob turn and quickly exited out of the program.

I was wearing a tank top and loose cut off sweat pants and my boner was pressing against the fabric looking like a circus tent. I was horny and didn't want to hide the fact that I wanted him. I was speechless when he opened the bathroom door and walked inside his bedroom wearing nothing. His slender cock was still erect. He said, "I guess I better find some clothes to wear." I replied, "It's your house. You can walk around naked if you want. It don't hurt my feelings." He bent over to open a drawer and his little brownish pink hole was now visible. The distance between his crack and his hole was almost non existent.

"Marty, you ever had a blow-job?" He stood up and was only a few inches from where I was sitting and said, "Sure. Sometimes, my sister has her girlfriends over and a couple of them came in here when she went to sleep and sucked my dick a few times." "Did any of them drink your sperm?" They tried, but they couldn't catch all of it. They say I shoot a lot for someone my age." "Really" was all I could manage to say. "Yeah, when I lay on my bed and play with it, I can shoot it over my head onto the wall." He was pointing to the wall behind the head of his bed. He wasn't shy a bit, so I asked, "Did they ever put their tongue in your butt?" "Yeah, just one of them likes doing that." "Did it feel good." He replied, "Heck yeah, but she only does it for a real short time." "Have they ever put a finger in your butt?" "No, not them." He said not them, so I had to ask a follow up question, "If not them, who then?" "If I tell you a secret, will you promise not to tell anyone?" Naturally, I said yes.

"Kimber has told me all about you and her and how big your dick is. She even told me about the pain she had when you put your dick in her butt hole, but then she said that she enjoyed it. So, I found this site that has nothing but stories in it and started reading some. It has guys my age, and younger, getting screwed up the butt by guys who are older. Most of the guys have large dicks like yours and their putting it in guys my age. The guys my age seem to enjoy it so I started fooling around a bit with my fingers, that's all." I was so horny, I thought I was going to faint from all the blood filling up in my cock. "Marty, are you gay or something." "I don't know, I just like reading the stories."

He had moved over directly in front of me and I could smell the fresh boy, soap scent. I was forced to ask the next question, "Do you think you would like to ever fool around with a guy?" For the first time since I had met him, he became a little hesitant. "Maybe, but I don't really know. I mean, I'm curious and all, but I don't know if I am ready for all that pain of someone sticking their dick in my butt hole." "Okay, well when was the last time you busted a nut?" "I think it was about two weeks ago, I'm not real sure on that, but it's been a while." His ball sac had tightened up almost sending his testicles back into their sockets. His cock, only a few inches from my face, was twitching and jerking like crazy. "It looks to me like your cock is ready to explode." He looked down at it and said, "Yeah, it's been like that all day now and my balls are kind of hurting."

I was too hungry and too horny to care anymore. My right hand reached out and grabbed the base of his cock and guided it forward a little. A split second later, my mouth was on his cock and my tongue started swirling over every inch of his teen meat. My hands caressed his firm, but solid, ass cheeks. Marty had both hands on top of my head while mumbling, "Oh, ah yes. Oh that feels good." While working on his cock with my mouth, my hands kneaded his milky teardrop mounds of teen ass cheeks. Both, dry index fingers poked at his delicious hole, not yet wanting an entrance. He was moving his hips back and forth, slamming his cock hard into my hungry mouth. He started screaming, "Oh, oh, getting close now, ah, oh." I wanted to taste his fluid of life, but not yet. I took my mouth off his cock and licked and sucked on his balls. He kept wanting to jack his own meat and I kept pushing his hands away each time. This position did not offer me a good shot at his balls.

I stood up and placed his head along my left rib cage and picked him up in the air. While he was in the air, I put his head between my knees as if I was going to give him a pile driver. I sat down and his back rested on my legs, head on my knees and his legs bent to where his knees were dangling past his ears. Straight shot to his ass and balls. My tongue dove right into his winking butt hole. My nose was pressed against his hard little sac. I was greedy and wanted all of his ass. He screamed, "Oh shit, oh shit, I, I, oh." He kept reaching for his rigid pole and I kept moving his hands away. His mouth was making all kinds of extorted expressions, all of which was out of pleasure. In less than a minute his tight hole opened enough for my tongue to invade his dark, hot tunnel. Up till now, the girls only licked his hole, but I was now licking and probing the inside. As soon as my tongue penetrated his juicy ass, his legs started shaking violently. "Oh, oh, ah, gees, feels, feels good." I was forcing as much of my tongue up his chute as I could. My fingers started tweaking his erect nipples and his body and head all started to shake, twist, and jerk. "Oh God, Oh God!" Marty was yelling at the top of his lungs and every word he said, his ass muscles enclosed and squeezed my tongue.

I ate his asshole for a rather long time. Marty was heaving and gasping for air. I picked him up and laid him on the bed on his back. I removed my clothes and climbed between his legs and started worshiping his cock with my mouth and tongue. He spread his legs wide to give me better access. He kept reaching for his cock and I kept brushing his hands away.

I got up and retrieved a pair of socks. I tied each of his wrists to the corner of his bed. Technically, he could have gotten out of the soft restraints any time he desired. I went back to work on his cock. "Ah, getting there, oh." I stopped sucking on his cock before he could release his load. I took turns licking and sucking his balls and eating his ass Every time he would get close, I would stop. He started begging and pleading, "Please, I need to cum. My balls are hurting, please, please." He was biting his top lip while his body was twisting and head just a flopping. I began inserting a finger up his well salivated hole. The first finger was greeted by very little resistance, but inserting the second one, his butt muscles did all they could do to stop the intruder, but to no avail. With two fingers buried deep in his ass and my mouth working on his cock, he screamed, "Fuck, shit, gonna." I backed off his cock and held the two fingers in place. He cried out, "No, don't stop, don't stop please. I need to cum." I finally spoke, "I'm not gonna let you cum until you beg me to fuck you." "Oh no, please, I can't take your cock, please let me cum."

After a few seconds of allowing his cum to settle down, I dove back onto it with my mouth. I placed a third finger at his hole and gently shoved it in, inch by inch. "My butt, my hole, it's tearing, oh my, it burns." I continued my savage onslaught with my mouth and fingers. He cried out again and I stopped sucking his cock, still keeping three fingers buried in his hot oven.

I don't know how long I repeated this process, but his balls were buried somewhere in its sockets, just his shriveled up sac was visible. His mushroom cock head was a dark angry purple. I removed my fingers from his ass and stuck my pre-cum soaked cock to his closed lips. He lapped at my pre-cum had showered my head with his saliva. His mouth would not fit around the entire head, but his tongue felt great anyhow. I knelt down and stuck my tongue right into his mouth. Our tongues collided and my right hand started stroking his hard meat. He was moaning and groaning and his hips were bucking. His body suddenly tensed and I released his cock. Our mouths parted and he cried, "Oh, please, please let me cum." I nodded my head no and went to the bathroom and found a jar of Vaseline.

I climbed in between his legs and started eating his ass and slowly jerking his blood filled cock with my left hand. I popped the top of the Vaseline and grabbed a glob of it and rolled it around my hands, ensuring to lubricate my fingers real well. Using my body, I pressed his legs forward, forcing his ass higher in the air. With three very well lubricated fingers, I slid them up his ass. He let out a loud and long moan and his body tensed at the sudden invasion. I would bring the three fingers almost all of the way out, then slam them back in. He screamed out, "Oh shit, ah, now, please." My hand fell off his cock, but my fingers remained buried.

"Please Shawn, please let me cum. It hurts." With the devil's own smile, I replied, "Marty, that's not what you should be begging me to do. What are you supposed to say in order for you to bust a nut?" "Oh God no, no, please, it's too thick. Please no, just let me cum." My mouth went back to work on his delicious cock and now I had positioned a fourth finger at his entrance. I inserted the fourth finger and he screamed, "Ah shit, hurts, oh my, shit." Marty's entire small frame was shaking out of control and his head was flying back and forth at record speed. With four fingers digging at his ass and my mouth and tongue gyrating on his steel pole, his breathing became distorted along with the expressions on his face. His body jerked and I thought he was going to cum, so I removed my mouth, but kept it at the entrance of his opened piss slit just in case. Good, I had stopped in the nick of time.

"Go ahead. Fuck me!" He was supposed to have begged for it, not commanded it. I put my mouth back on his cock. In no time at all, he cried out,"Yes, yes, here it, oh fuck." Once again, I backed off. When his cum settled down, I placed my thumb against his juicy hole and pushed it in. "God, oh no, no please no, it's burning." I had all five fingers stretching his cherry hole, working them back and forth and forcing my fingers to spread open once they were inside his ass. I went back to work on his cock. "You, you said if I, if I said to fuck me, I could cum." I took my mouth off his cock long enough to say, "You have to beg for me to fuck you!" I started sucking away and he soon got close. I stopped, but my fingers were pounding and spread his ass.

He was panting, shaking, twitching, and jerking when he said, "Please fuck me, please put it in my hole. Please Shawn, please fuck me." As I withdrew my fingers, Marty let out a loud moan. I put a lot of Vaseline on my cock and got in between his legs. I positioned the head of my cock directly at the entrance and pushed. The head snuck in and Marty cried out, "Shit, tearing, my butt is on fire." The first three inches slid in rather easily, because of my fingers had done their job, but the rest was going to be difficult. A half inch at a time, I pressed slowly forward. The expressions on his face, while my cock penetrating uncharted territory, was priceless.

Several long minutes elapsed, but my cock was buried all the way up his hot, tight chute. Using my left hand, I slowly stroked his blood engorged cock. When the grimaces on his face disappeared, I slowly started to withdraw my cock until I saw the mushroom of my head appear, and then slowly descend. "God, God, it feels good, oh, aw." His ass muscles quickly choked my cock and I knew he was about to shoot his load, so I stopped stroking his cock. I waited for a few seconds and started slamming my meat into his hot ass. His mouth was formed in a complete circle as I drilled his tunnel. Soft sounds escaped his opened mouth. His eyes wide open in disbelief.

Just when I would get close to busting a nut, I would stop or slow down. Marty was no longer mumbling as he shouted out, "Fuck me, fuck me hard, please give it to me." I'd pound his ass some more and would jack him until he got close to releasing his nectar. I couldn't hold back any longer. Hearing his voice, watching his facial expressions, and smelling the fresh fuck scent, put me over the edge. I started pile driving my cock into his ass with the sound of flesh striking flesh, echoing throughout the room, sending what felt like gallons upon gallons of my sperm deep into his stretched rectum. With the last of my seed delivered into his love cavern, my cock flopped out.

"Oh shit, that felt good, but I really do need to cum." With very little energy left, I got in between his legs and started fulfilling my promise with excitement. Using my right hand, I pushed down on his sockets, forcing his swollen balls to fall back into their sac. I held his balls in place with my index and middle fingers. I shoved three fingers into his ass and Marty screamed, "Yes, Hell yea, oh." My right thumb was circling his clutched balls, three fingers ramming his cum filled ass, and my mouth and tongue working over time on his cock was too much for him to handle. "Shit, oh my God, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" His hips were bucking off the bed driving his cock deep into my mouth and my mouth was trying to enclose upon the head to savor each and every last drop. Forceful shot after forceful shot struck the roof of my mouth. I would not have been able to keep count on how many tremendous thick shots he served, but his sperm was still shooting from his cock. I had no choice but to swallow thick delicious sperm as his cock violently erupted. From my past at swallowing sperm, most of the guys would shoot three to five good shots, but then it would start drizzling out. Not Marty. I felt every tremendous shot that flew out from his cock. It was hot and very thick. I had already swallowed a mouthful of sperm, but he continued to fire more. His toes were flat on the bed and he was arching himself up off the bed, keeping his head on the pillow. My fingers was still slamming away at his juicy hole and I was doing everything I could to not spill a drop of his sweet semen. His sperm started to ooze out of his piss slit in thick globs and I hungrily sucked it into my awaiting mouth.

His cock ever so hard and he was still bucking his hips. Another blast sounded from his cock and I realized he was not done busting his nut. Eagerly, I sucked his sperm into my mouth and awaited more of his sweet honey. I kept ramming my fingers in his ass the whole time. He did no give me another supply of his sperm as he had done on the first one. But, it was delicious none the less. I was just about to pull my fingers out of his soupy ass when he tensed his body and screamed, "Oh, shit, oh!" I moved my lips back onto his cock head and was greeted with a violent shot that splashed in my throat. As soon as I swallowed it, the salty, bitterly taste reminded me that he was pissing in my mouth. Marty was bucking his hips as if he was having another orgasm, and I was drinking and swallowing his pee with a reluctant passion. To be such a little guy, he sure did have one huge bladder. I drank and swallowed, drank and swallowed until the steady stream of piss turned into a slow trickle.

By now, my cock was hard again and I was unknowingly stroking it with furry. Marty was laying there gasping for air looking at me stroke my meat. He tried to get up but he had no energy left. I was getting real close and Marty said, "Here, shoot it here." He was pointing at his mouth. I crawled on top of him on one knee with my cock not even an inch from his open mouth. His head leaned forward and his lips were covering some of the head and his tongue was stabbing my piss slit. I was grunting and he was moaning as I was sending a hot load in his mouth. I kept pounding until my cock went limp and Marty was swallowing the rest of my semen while his tongue was washing my cock head.

He looked at me with his breath taking eyes and said, "Now, I know why Kimber loves your cock in her ass. I love it too!"