As in most schools, certain subjects are required for you to take in order to graduate. I was no different. I had to take calculus and was petrified. Math has always been my weakest subject. After the first calculus test, I knew I was in way over my head. Unlike most students, I could not blame the teacher for my low test score, or her inability to teach. Mrs. Colbert was and is an excellent teacher; I am just lousy as a math student. By the time I got my grade from the second test back, she knew I was actually busting my butt to learn. The first test I made a whopping 52 and the second was a big 48.

Mrs. Colbert spent as much time with me as she could afford, but I was still struggling something awful. Her class was the only class I took where my mind never thought of sex. I focused all my attention on her class, but all my attention was in no way good enough. I was failing and was desperate. There was no way I could drop her class because it was a required course and due to my future scholarships, I had to pass it with at least a B average.

After failing the third test, Mrs Colbert prevented me from leaving when the bell sounded. She also stopped a guy who I had never paid any attention to. His name is Jon, or Jonathon. He always sat in the back of the classroom and was a couple of grades lower than me. After a brief introduction, the stage was set for Jon to tutor me in calculus. Jon and I agreed to meet on the senior lawn when school let out. At first he was a little uneasy about meeting me on the senior lawn, but I assured him that nobody would mess with him at all. Since my calculus class was first period, I spent the next few periods letting people (football & baseball team) know about my tutor, as well as nobody best not screw with him on the forbidden senior lawn.

Jon saw me and a smile broadened his face as I walked up to him. This was really the first time I got a good look at him. His hair was short in the front and on top, but feathered in the back, resting slightly above his shoulders. He has light brown hair with thick, dark eyebrows. Jon was shorter than me by far standing at a good 5' 6" and was a little on the skinny side, weighing about 120 pounds. I noticed his cute little button nose which had a few freckles darting over the bridge. His face was like his body, slender. Jon was no adonis, but in his own special way, he was cuter than hell. I figured him to be around fifteen or so, but he just had that look that nobody would be able to guess his age. He looked like he was no more than thirteen, but I thought he must have had to have been a little older due to the calculus class and the required courses that led up to it.

He had to ride the bus, but it was agreed that the best place for us to study was his home, so I invited him to ride with me. Not to sound conceded, but Jon shouted at all of his friends while sitting in the passenger seat of my car. It seemed to me that he was kind of showing off to his friends as to the person sitting next to him. At this point, I didn't care. I just needed to pass this course and get a better understanding of calculus in the meantime. He gave me directions as I drove and I was admiring his soft voice as he spoke. The more he talked, the harder my dick became. I tried to wipe his cuteness out of my head because I needed him to teach me calculus, not partake in any gay sex. Jon was wearing the typical daily school clothes. A short sleeve pull over shirt, blue jeans that were a little baggy and Nike tennis shoes.

As soon as I pulled up into the subdivision where he lived, I knew he was a rich kid. It was a gated community with a security guard at the main entrance. The security guard saw Jon and opened the gate. Apparently, the guard recognized me and started talking about football. After a brief conversation, I politely excused ourselves and drove down the street. I pulled into a long driveway that led to his enormous home. Come to find out, his father is a doctor and his mother is a Psychiatrist. The house I live in could have fit inside their huge home at least twice.

Once inside, Jon walked to the kitchen to get us something to drink. As per always the case, my eyes drifted onto his butt. I stared, but I couldn't make out any details whatsoever. As he approached me holding our drinks, I stared at his crotch, but couldn't make anything out. This was his home and I was nothing more than a guest as he decided it would be best to go to his bedroom to study. We walked up the stairs with me directly behind him. Now, my eyes zeroed in on his butt. As each step upwards, his jeans contoured around his small, slender cheeks. The more I looked, the harder my cock stretched against my own jeans. His butt was definitely small, not bubbly, but certainly firm.

His bedroom was magnificent. The thing made five of my bedrooms and he had all the luxuries any kid could ever dream of. State-of-the-art computer, entertainment system, large screen televison, king size bed, phone, and a jacuzzi. Jon gave me a short tour of their home and I discovered he is 14 years old and an only child. Jon is a straight A student and his best subject is math. We sat on his bed and he began showing me things I didn't learn in class. He was an excellent tutor but my mind kept drifting on him. His smell after a long day of school was pleasant and mind teasing. I sat very close to him and breathed in deeply as my nose, often times, was almost in his hair. His arms had just a little bit of peach fuzz on the top of his forearms.

For the next two weeks, I waited for Jon after school and we went to his house to study. Nothing remotely close to sex happened in those two weeks. I did, however, jack-off as soon as I got to my house thinking of Jon. Everyday at his house, sitting next to him, my dick stretched my jeans, crawling unashamed down my right thigh. I knew Jon had to have noticed my erection, but if he was at all interested, he never showed any signs of interest. It was during the third week that Jon and I became a little closer.

During my visits to his home, never once did I meet his parents. Our routine was rather basic. We went upstairs to his bedroom and studied. Everyday, I looked forward sitting next to him, inhaling his intoxicating odor. On this particular day, everything he had been showing me fell into place. No longer did I fight with calculus, it just sort of happened. I was doing everything right and with very little difficulty. Jon had me doing lessons that we as a class had not reached yet and I was sailing right through all the problems. Thanks to Jon, I had a better understanding of calculus and felt confident in bringing up my grades at a rapid pace.

I don't really remember how it got started, but somehow it was decided that we were going to relax in his jacuzzi in his bedroom. I was taking off my tennis shoes while sitting on the edge of the bed. Jon got up, bent over and started untying his shoes. The problem was not him taking off his shoes, it was the way he was doing it. He had bent over within a couple of inches from my face. My eyes darted on the thick line that snuck in between his tight butt cheeks. I lowered my face and put my nose right in the center and inhaled as hard as I could while being quiet in the process. I don't know how many times I sniffed the area, but the only odor was his freshly washed jeans and nothing else. As he kicked off his shoes, he kind of turned at an angle and realized for the first time he had stuck his butt in my face. Jon embarrassingly said, "Oh, ugh, excuse me!" I smiled at him and said, "No problem, it's just a butt!"

After kicking off my shoes, I stood up and yanked my t-shirt off and watched as Jon's eyes stared hard at my upper body. Jon softly said with an excited voice, "Ah man, you got muscles on top of muscles. Gees, you are big!" I gave him my thanks and waited for him to remove his shirt. I watched him as he pulled his shirt off and studied his upper body with a quick accurate detail. His nipples were small, but they were certainly hard, being a pretty pinkish brown. His chest was hairless and his stomach was flat with not a single strand of hair anywhere. I looked at his belly button that looked like a small line instead of a hole. He undid his pants and quickly stepped out of them, tossing his pants onto his bed. He was standing before me in his Fruit-of-the-Loom underwear and not a bulge to his name. I could barely detect the head of his dick as it slightly formed an outline in his underwear. Jon's thighs were smooth and he had little curly dark hairs on his shins.

He walked over to the jacuzzi and activated it. He had bent over to adjust the knobs and I could see vaguely the crack of his ass. It was kind of dark in the center, but my tongue grew just as hard as my cock. His legs were slightly spread as he was toying with the knobs and I did my best to stare right through the cotton material. Like a lion stalking its prey, I got in behind him and with lightning speed, stuck my nose right over the material that hid his butt hole. Three quick sniffs and my body began to tremble. It smelled like he had just taken his underwear out of the clothes dryer after they had soaked in some soap for a while.

Jon looked at me and said, "Shawn, are you going to get in?" Acting as if I were shy, I responded, "Yeah, but I don't have any underwear on!" Since my tutoring session with Jon started, we had never talked about any kind of sex whatsoever. We only discussed calculus. Not once, did he ever give me any indication he might be gay, or at least, toyed with the idea of experiencing gay sex. I awaited his response to my situation of having no underwear. Before he could respond, I really had to go pee and he pointed to where his bathroom is located.

I went inside his large bathroom and drained my bladder through a semi erect cock. After I finished pissing, I kind of plundered through his bathroom looking for his dirty clothes basket or hamper. I don't know why I am so infatuated with butt holes. I know they are meant to take a crap out of, but there is just something unexplainable about shoving my tongue and cock up somebody's poop chute. I opened up one of several closet doors and there in the corner was the hamper. Silently lifting the lid, I looked inside and my heart began thumping as I picked up one of his used pair of underwear's and brought them straight to my sniffing nose. I turned them inside out and sniffed his crotch and bung hole area with a delusional delight. Fresh soap was all I could smell so I went on to another pair. A few drizzles of pee stain crested the white cottony material and I wasted no time in sucking the dried juice. After getting nothing from the dried pee, I knew I had to get back to his bedroom so he wouldn't wonder if I had gotten lost.

Jon was already in the jacuzzi when I entered his bedroom. I just stood there and we sort of looked at each other. Cheerfully, Jon said, "Go ahead Shawn, you can get in naked if you want. It's only us guys and my parents won't be home until sometime late tonight." I peeled off my pants, still with a semi erection, and tossed them onto the bed. I looked at Jon as he was staring with his mouth open looking at my cock. As I stepped into the jacuzzi, Jon's eyes followed my meat as it bounced freely. I had just lowered myself into the water when Jon said, "Shit Shawn, you sure do got a big one!" I knew what he meant, but I played stupid by asking, "A big what?" He turned his head to the left side and then back to me and responded, "You know, a big, a big dick!" I smiled and thanked him, then added, "I guess so, but yours is probably just as big." Jon was shaking his head back and forth while saying, "Shit, I wish. Compared to yours, I don't even have a dick!"

I tried to sneak some glances between his legs to see if he was naked or still wearing his underwear, but the bubbles concealed everything from his mid stomach down. I said, "Jon, we ought to do something to celebrate you teaching me calculus!" He smiled and almost shouted, "Yeah, you're right. Wait here and I'll get something!" Jon stood up and grabbed a towel he had already placed near the jacuzzi and wrapped it around his small frame. In the split second for him to get the towel and wrap it around him gave me an eyeful of what I had been jacking-off to every night for three weeks. From the base of his cock, traveling towards his navel, a thin one inch perfect patch of curly black pubic hair set off in a V formation blistered my eyes. His dick is cut and it dangled between his legs a good two or three inches with his quarter sized balls drooping south in a hairless sac. His left nut was in the size of a nickel and right testicle was a solid quarter size. His bight pink mushroom head was thicker than his slender shaft.

A few minutes later, Jon returned with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. He placed them down by the jacuzzi and took off the towel. It looked like his dick was now semi hard as it stretched out a good four inches and became a little thicker. His back was towards me as he stepped in and I got a good view of his beautiful tight pucker hole. As his cheeks separated as he stepped in, his hole shot into eye view. Pink as pink could be and as small and tight as if knowing I wanted to bust it wide open.

Jon poured us a couple glasses and we toasted my success at calculus. Several drinks later, I began to feel a little woozy and knew Jon was getting the same feeling as I was. He became a lot more talkative and began asking some unusual, but hopeful, questions. One of his questions was, "What do you think of gay guys?" I gave him my response. All too soon, Jon was directing all of his questions on gay related materials. My cock was harder than ever and I began to slowly stroke it under the water. I intentionally moved my right foot closer to his body and it was touching the inside of his left leg. He didn't seem to mind, so I inched my foot closer and closer to his beloved hairless balls. My big toe snuck up under his sac and lifted his different sized balls up. Jon acted as if nothing was going on so I continued my efforts to get him aroused. Using my toes, I traveled upwards until I got to touch the base of his cock. He was as stiff as a board as my toes gripped at the smooth flesh of his hard pole. I guessed his hard cock was a solid five to six inches long and was quite slender, with exception to his twice as thick mushroom cock head.

Jon startlingly said, "I got a ugly little dick!" The champagne had given me unsurprised courage. I responded, "No way, I bet your dick is pretty!" His smile deepened as he stood up and pointed to his erection. It stood out from his flat stomach a good six inches with a slight bend upwards. The shaft was in deed slender, but his cock head was a good three times thicker than the shaft with a piss slit that was gaping open, oozing his sweet pre cum. We both were looking at his cock and it was kind of bouncing up and down. He said, "See, it's small and ugly!" I know I was smiling when I answered, "Hell no it's not ugly. You got you one heck of a piece a meat there!" There was a little pause when I added, "I bet you shoot one big load!" Jon smiled and happily announced, "Yeah, when I lay on my back and jack-off, I can sometimes shoot over my head!" I asked, "Have you ever shot some in your mouth and if you did, what does your spunk taste like?" He lowered himself back in the water and said, "Yeah, I've definitely shot into my mouth before, but other than it being kind of gooey and all, it really didn't taste like much!"

Just as plain as day and with all the courage of a bear, Jon said, "Stand up and let me see your dick!" I stood up and all my glory was twitching before his very brown eyes. "Oh shit man, that's not a dick. That's a weapon!" I grabbed my hard cock and began to slowly stroke it up and down. Jon's mouth fell open and his eyes became even wider. I grabbed my big balls and lifted them up while stroking my meat and said, "Never had any complaints, especially when I'm shoving this thing up their asshole!" Jon immediately looked up and with a slight hesitation in his voice said, "You mean, you really stick that big dick up someone's butt hole? Holy shit, that must kill them!" I answered, "No, not really. They must love it cause everyone I've ever fucked always comes back for seconds and thirds."

Jon had a puzzled look come over his face as he asked, "Do you think a guys butt hole is about the same as a girls?" I said yes and waited for him to either respond or ask another question. He didn't say anything, so I said, "Jon, you have no idea what it's like having someone slam their tongue inside your asshole. The feeling you get kind of explodes all over your body, and when you have a hard cock plow your asshole, yeah, it will hurt at first, but believe me, once the pain goes away, something inside you takes over and you crave more and more cock. Been there, done that, and still doing it!" He looked at me with a smile on his face and asked, "You like putting your tongue inside someone's behind?" Smiling back at him, I replied, "Oh Hell yes!"

The longer I stared at Jon, the cuter he was becoming. Just by some of his questions, I realized he was either curious or really interested. I was getting ready to get up and sit next to him, but Jon wanted to get out. We both stood up and he handed me a towel. My hard cock brushed against his back several times as we dried ourselves off. He would look down at my erection and smile while I stared at his small globes of his firm little butt cheeks. Once we were dried off, I asked him, "Jon, have you ever put anything up your butt?" Still naked, he fell onto the bed on his back and spread his legs and said, "No, not really. I never thought of a butt hole being something kind of sexual before. (Pointing at my hard cock) It just seems to me something that big just won't fit into something (pointing his finger at his pretty pink little chute) so small."

Jon had his legs raised with his feet resting on top of the mattress, slightly parted and his six inches of boy pride was proudly being on display. Sitting down next to him with his right leg touching my left leg, I asked, "Have you ever had a blow-job before?" Jon shook his head back and forth and said, "Heck no. Nobody I know of wants to suck this ugly thing!" His angry cock head was flared and I could see a pearl drop of his pre cum as it started oozing out of his open piss slit. I stared intently at his small slender frame and my own pre cum wasn't just oozing, it was dripping. I leaned onto my left elbow and placed my right hand on his lower stomach. I waited for some kind of response form Jon, but he kept on smiling while looking at me.

My hand was playing with his small pubic patch while staring into his puppy dog brown eyes. Jon didn't say anything, so I inched my hand toward the base of his slender shaft and began massaging. His eyes closed and I knew then that I was going to get me some of this boy. I played with his hard cock for a short while before caressing his smooth balls. He was softly moaning and had slowly inched his body flat on the bed. Taking a chance, I wrapped my lips around his right nipple and began gently biting while running my tongue over the tip of his nipple. His hips shot up and he started moaning louder.

Looking at his slender cock, I could see the pre cum as it dribbled onto his shaft. My mouth watered just looking at his sweet honey on such a pretty cock. I wanted to take it real slow, but the urge to taste him conquered my every emotion. I lowered my face in between his thin thighs and began licking his cock from the base up. As soon as my tongue struck his hard shaft, Jon cried out and spread his legs wider. His head was on a pillow and his eyes were barely open as I began licking, working my way up to his falling pre cum. Slithering my tongue up his shaft, my taste buds went crazy as the first drop of his warm pre cum gathered onto my tongue. One slow long lick gathered a bunch of his pre nectar and I slowly reeled in my tongue and savored the exciting feeling of having my first taste of this gorgeous boy. My nose was pressed against his cock as I sipped on his sweet divine sample of what soon will be gallons of his teen spunk. It had a little bit of a salty taste to it, but it was absolutely delicious.

After licking all around his shaft to gather all his dripping pre cum, I opened my mouth wide and swallowed all of his six inches up to his pubic hair. Jon screamed, "Oh shit, oh shit, ugh, ah God!" His hands fell onto my head as I began rifling my mouth up and down on his rigid pole. Jon's hips was driving the cock into my cock sucking mouth while my tongue played all over this new toy. My left hand squeezed, pulled, and rolled his uneven smooth balls as my right hand started tweaking his left nipple. I felt him strain and his cock expanded as I slipped my mouth off of his throbbing dick. A look of, what the fuck, came over his face as I quickly swallowed both of his juicy balls. I knew he was getting ready to shoot his load, but I wanted a big taste, so I stopped sucking his hard cock. I ran my tongue all over his balls while I softly suckled them.

Jon begged, "Shawn, please, Shawn, please suck my dick. I, I'm sooooo close!" His balls felt incredibly wonderful inside my mouth and his fresh body odor was driving me insane with lust. Keeping his balls inside my mouth, I inched my body onto my knees between his legs. Placing both hands on each of his thighs, I raised his little body to the point that his knees were behind his head, impaling the pillow. Just the sight of looking into his innocent, but fascinated eyes, made me feel special at the thought of what I was doing to him.

My chin was pressing against his sweet little crack as I continued to suck and lick his balls. His piss slit was forcing his pre cum out in bucket loads, so I took the time to carefully lick all the sweet nectar up before returning to his lovely balls. Jon didn't know whether to keep his hands on my head or bite them, so he took turns. He was making all sorts of precious sounds from his new experience and tremendous sexual emotions. His body was mildly shaking as my mouth released his well saliva soaked balls. Using my nose, I lifted his ball sac and started licking and nibbling on that little stretch of sweet meat just under his balls that will eventually lead me to his sweet little puckered hole. I was very careful not to miss a square inch of his sweet meat before sinking my nose directly on his pink poop chute.

Inhaling deeply, I savored the intoxicating aroma that was slowly seeping from his sealed hole. A fresh, soapy scent mixed with a slight musky odor pleasured my nostrils. I looked up and Jon was looking at me awaiting the next sensation I was going to deliver him with. To my surprise, Jon brought his arms on the inside of his legs and hooked them around each of his legs, locking them down. He looked like a twisted pretzel laying there, locking his arms around each of his legs to which inevitably, spread his tender ass cheeks even wider. Even with his butt cheeks spread far apart, his tiny butt hole remained tightly sealed.

I started out by slowly licking the insides of his crack causing Jon's small body to quiver. After thoroughly licking and nibbling all over his cheek area, I began cramming my tongue onto his clenched, tight asshole. Jon cried, "Ugh, ah, ah, oh shit Shawn, that, that's my shit hole!" I was kind of expecting him to tell me it tickled, but we apparently skipped the tickling part and went straight to the moaning and groaning. I licked and stabbed at his tight hole until it finally loosened up a tad, allowing the tip of my tongue to gain entrance. As soon as my tongue slid in his sweet asshole, Jon screamed, "Oh, oh, shoot, fucking A man, ugh yeah!" My tongue was blasted with the fiery heat from his inner depths, as well as the fresh fragrance of boy ass juice. The more the aroma filled my nostrils, the hungrier I became. Using my two thumbs, I dug at his hole until all my tongue squeezed in the tight, hot chamber. Jon's body began shaking violently as my tongue explored a region that was once uncharted. He was screaming at the top of his lungs, biting his lips, biting his hands, and pounding on the mattress as my tongue journeyed on inside his hot little ass.

My right thumb slipped into his asshole and joined the exploration with my tongue. Jon was very loud and continued screaming and crying in sheer pleasure and mind boggling ecstacy. I was in heaven with my tongue buried inside his virgin asshole. The taste of his interior ass juice as it slid off my tongue and down my throat was forcing me to become more of an animal, and not a human. My tongue and thumb was plunging in his asshole and the sounds he was screaming were music to my ears. I had removed my thumb and replaced it with two fingers of my right hand and started slowly finger fucking his tight hole, keeping my tongue deeply implanted inside his sweet ass juice filled asshole.

Knowing he needed to at least bust a nut, I kept two fingers inside his hole, ramming them in and out while shoving my mouth onto his pre cum covered cock. Jon was screaming, moaning, and whimpering very, very loudly as my mouth sucked on his pole and two fingers blistering his butt hole. Within seconds, his tiny hips jerked and bucked, his cock expanded, and several thick, fiery hot shots struck the roof of my mouth. One thing was for sure was that he didn't lie about shooting a big load. His cock was erupting his sweet sperm by the gallons with a tremendous force. I sucked his cock and trapped his hot, thick sperm inside my mouth in anticipation of slowly swallowing the delicious semen. Jon was still firing blast after blast inside my mouth as I kept on finger fucking his tight poop chute. He was screaming and I was whimpering as his cock fired off round after round of his thick, hot, creamy protein.

My mouth was almost overflowing before his balls nestled down after feeding me the mother load. His precious cock was done throwing up his sperm, but remained as hard as steel. Being very careful slipping his cock out of my mouth so I wouldn't spill a drop, I raised my head a little to look into his watery eyes and started slowly sipping his teen juice. His sperm was definitely not bitter, but it did have a mild hint of some saltiness to it. I savored each and every sperm cell until my mouth was completely void of any of his sweet juice.

Jon was breathing very heavily as I removed my fingers from his hole. His eyes opened up a bit as I slipped my two fingers that were in his ass into my mouth. Pantingly, he said, "Ugh, oh shit man. They were up my butt. Awesome!" After cleaning my fingers off, I lay down next to him on his right side. We were both kind of out of breath, but I couldn't take my eyes off of his fascinating cock. I had never seen a cock before where the shaft was so slender, but the head was at least three times thicker.

I guess we caught our breath pretty much at the same time and I asked him to sit on my face. He looked sort of puzzled, but did what I asked him to do. He was facing my feet as he began squatting his delicious asshole onto my outstretched tongue. Surprisingly enough, his asshole opened up enough for my tongue to slide right in. In no time, Jon began fucking his asshole onto my tongue while screaming and whimpering. Each time he would raise his body up, my tongue would slip out of his asshole. When he lowered his body, my tongue darted back inside. His hands were on my chest as a guide and my hands were on his little hips. Jon rode my tongue like a bull rider and was as loud as any animal I've ever heard. I was more than getting into shoving my tongue inside his tight asshole and he was more than into slamming his butt onto my ass eating tongue.

Somewhere in the process, Jon had been stroking his hard cock while fucking his tight hole onto my devoted tongue. He cried out that he was going to shoot and I yelled for him to put it in my mouth. He stepped back a little and brought his pumping cock head over my open mouth. His right hand was tearing up the skin on his shaft as he stroked it feverishly. Blast after thick, hot blast shot into my mouth. I was amazed that his second time busting a nut in such a short time span, would have ever been able to supply so much sperm. Long thick lines of connected sperm cells flew out of his piss slit in rapid succession. He was crying as the sperm was being pounded out of his hard shaft. Shockingly enough, his cock finally stopped blasting off and I used my tongue to swipe up the huge glob of semen that wouldn't fall out of his piss slit.

Jon sort of collapsed onto my stomach after he had no more sweet sperm to offer. I could feel his hot breath on my pulsating cock as I began to drink from his fountain of youth. The second huge load was a bit more saltier, but nothing to draw ones nose up to. Um, um, good, right down to the last mouth watering drop. My body jerked as Jon had ran his tongue on my pre cum gushing piss slit. Several long strokes over my thick cock head caused my body to shutter. Jon softly whispered, "Hey Shawn, your stuff tastes pretty good. It's not gross like I thought it would be!" He didn't wait for a response, instead went back to work licking my cock head. I slid his hips backwards and began licking his asshole once again.

One thing I have noticed about Jon is that when I stick my tongue, or fingers, deep inside his bung hole, he becomes louder than ever and more excited. I shoved my tongue all the way inside his hot poop chute and he began whimpering while picking up his cock licking speed. His small hands played with my balls while his tongue explored the full length of my shaft. I reached around and found his hard tool and started to jerk it. His little butt was wiggling before my very eyes and I crammed two fingers inside his tight hole. He cried out and started gyrating his hips to get a better feeling of the two fingers probing his hole.

Only a few seconds had ticked off the clock and he quickly got on his knees and grabbed his cock and shoved the piss slit just above my bottom lip. Jon erupted into another long hard series of torpedo blasting sperm. His third was just as hot, thick and creamy as the previous ones as he pounded his meat sending more and more of the hot fluid into my mouth. Wave after wave of constant sperm flow flew from his cock. In my wildest dreams could I ever produce so much sperm. Once his pistoling sperm ceased, I cleaned his piss slit off with my tongue and started enjoying the flavor of his thick, creamy cum. This load was much more saltier than the ones before, but who cares. It still tasted great and I couldn't wait to get me another load from this sperm producing machine. Jon was covered with his own sweat as he crawled up next to me. His mouth was open and his eyes partially closed. Gently grabbing onto his head, I lowered him onto the pillow and began licking just above his top hairless lip. I circled his mouth with my tongue and almost shot my load as his fresh breath corroded my nostrils. Toothpaste or mouthwash, which ever, steamed out of his hot little mouth. I could see a wave of his saliva as it sat atop his tongue which was still resting inside his mouth. I shot my tongue inside and dug at his saliva with all grander. Taking the hint, Jon poked his sleepy tongue out and I wasted no time in sucking his saliva soaked tongue clean.

While our tongues were locked, Jon reached down between his legs and shoved a finger inside his butt hole. As our lips parted, I watched as he brought his finger up to eye level, inspected it, and shoved his finger into his mouth. "Um, um, it's not so bad!" I smiled at his words while raising his right arm and began swirling my tongue into the crevice of his armpit. Little hairs formed at the base, but you would have to be looking really hard to see them. I licked, sucked, and nibbled his armpits while watching him finger his own ass. He would finger his hole for a short time, then ram it into his mouth. I certainly couldn't blame him for doing that, cause he sure does have one fine, tasty, sweet ass.

I worked each armpit over pretty good before we slammed our tongues together one more time. His finger was digging inside his ass as I shoved two of my own up his butt. The three fingers worked in unison pleasing his hole and his moans shot down my throat with force. He was grunting as the fingers stretched and dug into his hot little hole. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as his untouched cock throbbed and jerked from the excitement burning between his tender butt cheeks. Our lips departed and Jon softly and lovingly whispered, "Please, please fuck me!"

His little body was weak, but I managed to roll him over and get him into a doggie-style position. With my hard cock bouncing up and down, I ran into his bathroom looking for something to use as some kind of lubricant. Opening up the mirror cabinet, I found a small travel size bottle of baby oil. While prancing back to his bedroom, I was soaking my cock with the oily stuff. I knelt behind him and couldn't resist stabbing my tongue back inside his recently finger fucked hole. It was still tight, but not as tight as I showered his ass with my saliva.

I spread his asshole apart and placed the tip of the bottle against his exposed hole and squeezed the oil inside him until it began to slide out. I shot three fingers up his lubricated asshole and Jon cried out, not in pain, but pleasure. His little hands pounded on the mattress as my fingers twisted and turned inside him. I constantly applied more baby oil to his three finger filled hole while ramming them in and out. Jon screamed between clinched teeth, "Fuck yeah, oh my, ugh, ah Shawn, yes, oh fuck yeah!"

After applying more oil to his hole, I slipped my fingers out and took a firm hold onto my hard cock. Jon reached back and dug his fingers on the inside of his crack and started peeling the skin back even more. He cried out, "Fuck me, oh yes, yes, please fuck my asshole!" The head of my cock was pressed against his asshole and I was trying to pry his anal bud open. Jon was actually trying to shove his hole onto my cock while I was trying to stick it in. After several failed attempts, my cock head forced its way in. Jon immediately screamed as the burning, tearing sensation coursed through his young body. I held my cock head steady, not pushing anymore in. His body was shaking violently and I knew, all too well, the pain he was going through. He tried to lean forward to force my cock head out of his burning asshole, but I held onto his hips with a firm, but gentle grip.

When I saw his breathing go from heavy to mild, I shoved another inch in his ass. He bucked, cried and screamed as my thick cock stretched his anal walls to accommodate its girth. "Fuck, fuck it hurts, oh shit Shawn it hurts, ugh Christ Shawn, ah it really hurts!" This whole process continued for quite some time before I finally had buried my cock all the way up his juicy tight asshole. His anal walls were hot and began squeezing the living shit out of my hard dick. Between my hands and his hands, his ass cheeks looked like they were going to be ripped in half as I began to slowly withdraw my boner out of his ass a solid ten inches. Just as the head of my cock appeared, I slowly descended back to its hot, dark chamber.

Jon's head was twisting and bouncing off the bed as I slowly fucked my cock in and out of his tight hole. "It fucking hurts Shawn, it burns real bad, oh shit its big, its too big!" I slowed my pace down even more, almost to a crawl. Even at such a slow pace, I had to fight back the urge to bust my nut inside his extra hot and tight asshole. A few seconds later, Jon's cries of pain diminished as he was the one who started shoving his little ass onto my hard cock. "Oh Shawn, oh Shawn, I feel it, fucking A I feel it. Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck my ass hard!"

His thrusting ass was already pounding my pelvic bone, but I grabbed his little hips harder and started using my strength to slam his ass onto my thrusting thick cock. The sweet aroma of fresh boy ass juice filled the air, along with his screams and grunts. I was doing my best to fuck his asshole into submission, but the harder I slammed my cock into his ass, the harder he slammed his ass onto my cock. My flinging balls were smashing into his balls with every hard thrust, sending a pleasurable feeling throughout my body. Before I could do anything, my cock exploded, sending thick jets of fiery hot semen deep into his bowels. My thrusts got even harder as my sperm shot up his ass by the bucket loads. Jon cried out, "Yes, oh hell yes, I feel it, shit yeah, oh!" I pounded his ass for all I was worth until the last of my seed fell free.

My cock was still painfully hard, so I rolled Jon onto his back, keeping my cock impaled in his tight asshole. With a handful of his thighs, I pushed them over his head and started slamming my meat inside him with a mad vengeance. He stuck out his tongue and a wad of saliva was on the center of it. I lowered my face and sucked in his tongue and savored every ounce of his delicious spit. Both of us were grunting and moaning as my cock drilled and pounded his once virgin hole. With every hard thrust, his sweet breath was forced into my mouth. His left hand began jerking his pride and wonder, matching my thrusts to his jerking motion. Tears began rolling down from the corner of his eyes. Greedily and happily, I licked the salty tear drops from his face, before gathering up more of his wonderful spit from his panting tongue.

I plowed his young ass like a crazed wild man for a long, long time. My cock stayed hard and I knew it would take some time before I could deliver another load up his ass. My anal assault on his sweet ass was relentless. He was screaming as loud as he could at every forceful and powerful thrust. Every so often, he would stick out his tongue to show me he had gathered more of his heavenly spit. Each time, I sucked his spit covered tongue dry. Jon would stop his jacking of his cock when he would get too close, then return. In my mind, I thought his asshole would be getting too sore to continue fucking, but he kept on encouraging me to fuck him harder and harder.

Getting tired of slamming my cock into his ass without feeling the urge to bust another nut, I rolled back holding him tight so that he was now sitting on top of my massive erection. Damn, he was precious sitting on my dick, working his tight little asshole up and down. Jon had the purest smile on his face as he rode my thick cock while my hands remained on his tiny hips. He would raise his little ass off of my cock a good nine or ten inches, then slam his ass to the hilt on my cock. Jon began to form a spit bubble within inches of my mouth, so I opened up and watched him as he sent his drool free and plopped into my mouth. I was drinking his delicious spit while his ass was riding my pole.

His cock was harder than a chunk of metal as he bounced up and down at a wild and frantic pace. I released his tiny hips and latched onto his firm butt cheeks and sat back and enjoyed the ride this angel was giving my hard cock with his tight asshole. This one time virgin simply couldn't get enough cock shoved up his ass. Jon started pouncing up and down while biting his lips, tossing his head back in total agonizing pleasure. No matter how great it felt, I could not muster up another load, just yet. Jon must have rode my cock hard for a solid forty-five minutes before resting his pretty head on my chest.

He was breathing very heavy and covered in sweat. My cock was still throbbing inside his tight hole. I rolled Jon off of me and withdrew my cock from his hole. I got up and moved the night stand closer to the bed, more of in the middle. I placed a towel over the top and picked Jon up and had him put his right knee on the table and the other knee on the bed. Getting in front of him, I helped him lower his upper body to the carpet. The top of Jon's head was now resting on the carpet, his legs spread very wide, and his asshole was a direct shot for my cock to penetrate. Stepping behind him, I shoved my hard pole up his ass in one steady motion. He cried out as I started to pound his ass with all my might.

He reached up with one of his hands and started fondling my balls as they smashed against his with each and every violent thrust. His hand felt wonderful on my sore balls and his asshole got even hotter than before. I felt one of his fingers dig at my asshole while still gripping my balls. Jon was screaming and yelling and I was pounding and grounding. I felt my loins as they bubbled from an overflow of sperm as I stroked my meat inside the boy's hot fiery bung hole. With a few more strokes, my mind went blank, my heart pounded out of my chest as my sperm rocketed inside the boy's bowels. He was hollering and I was shooting a relentless volley of powerful sperm missiles up his delicate ass.

I almost fainted from the force and the intensity of my nut. I managed to continue to drive my cock in and out of his well fucked asshole until my cock went completely dead and lifeless. My legs were shaking and my heart was pounding as I sat down on the floor between his dangling hard cock. I had just put his erection in my mouth when Jon's cock blasted off another huge round of sperm gushes. I sucked and sucked and trapped his sweet honey while he was crying very loudly as his cock spilled his guts.

I sucked his precious cock dry of sperm, and as usual, slowly swallowed the delicious cream. Jon's body was quivering uncontrollably as his cock finally went soft for the first time since we started our little episode. I kept his cock inside my mouth while I relished his tasty creamy sperm. A gas bubble popped out of his butt and I felt the first warm splash of his salty hot piss as it erupted in my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could to keep pace with his pissing cock. It wasn't until the middle of his bladder being emptied that he realized he was actually pissing in my mouth. I held onto his hips and swallowed the salty fluid as fast as I could. Some of my sperm had leaked out of his asshole, mixed with his ass juices and rolled between his upturned legs and onto his balls and was dripping towards my cock filled mouth. What a predicament, he was still pissing like a race horse and the sperm and ass juice ball was dripping towards my mouth.

His bladder was getting closer and closer to being emptied as only a few strong spurts shot out, then a slow drizzle followed. I sucked and drank his hot piss and managed to stick out my tongue to catch the falling mixture of ass juice and sperm that had dangled off of his balls. I was in sexual bliss until a knock at the door just about caused me to jump out of my skin. It was his father, "Are you boys learning anything?" Jon fought to control his breath and replied, "Yes sir, a whole lot daddy!"

We both ran to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves up. Jon looked at me just before we were getting ready to open his bedroom door and said, "You know, there's a whole lot more to calculus to learn if you want to." With a smile on my face, I replied, "Then it's settled. We can keep on studying then!"