After my encounter with the drill sergeant, I certainly had a better understanding of having a large cock shoved up my butt. Gary and I spent a wonderful weekend together and I did everything imaginable to keep what happened to me a secret. He was curious as to all the bruises, but was more interested having my cock fill his anal track than pursuing his curious questioning.

I had taken a rather long time away from having sex with guys because of my experience with the drill sergeant. I only fooled around with Gary on weekends. My thoughts never stopped though. If I saw some hot looking guy, I would always fantasize about him later while pounding my meat.

This went on for a short period, until the day my parents rented out one of their mobile homes adjacent to our home. It was being rented out by a man and his young son, or better yet, a young angel. When I first saw him, I was walking by a window in the living room and just about fell over the coffee table. From my vantage point, I could see that he had shoulder length blond hair, kind of short, and he sported around a swimmers build. He was wearing the typical long baggy shorts and a pull over t-shirt. I studied his every move while they began unpacking their belongings from their old automobile.

Every hormone in my body went into overdrive at this angel of beauty my eyes stumbled upon. I no longer needed to see any more of him. I had to! I walked across the yard and my heart began pounding faster with my every step. The angel was bent over getting something out of the trunk and my tongue immediately became erect. His butt was small, but very well rounded and I could see little blond hairs form at the lower portion of his legs.

The father approached me first and we exchanged hello's and he introduced me to his angelic son, Sam. My heart melted as our hands collided in a friendly hand shake. His hand felt like silk and his smile was purely breath taking. Sam was a mixture of the youngest Hanson-the singer, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but was far more better looking than the two combined. His blond hair was parted in the middle and feathered back. Sam's eyelashes were thin with a tint of light brown and his eyes was of the purest of blue. His teeth were perfectly formed and bright white and his sweet lips were thin, but cherry red in color.

Sam stood about 5' 5" and barely weighed 100 pounds. I found out during a casual conversation with his father that Sam was only thirteen years old and they had moved from Florida where he had left his wife and his other three children. Basically, Sam's father was starting over with Sam in tow.

I had spent the next several days getting to know Sam much better. Nothing sexual, but I was doing everything possible to set things up in my favor. He would come over every day and use my computer and things of that nature. Sam always wore the baggy clothing that revealed nothing for my taste buds. I wanted him so bad, I could taste it! Like the sick and perverted puppy I had become, every time Sam got up from a chair to do something in another room, I would quickly run over to where he had been sitting and sniff the seat with all my might. Without a question, I had become delirious with sexual urges over Sam.

My parents had went out of town for the weekend and Sam's father asked me if he, being Sam, could spend the night because he had a woman coming over. My quick response was painfully obvious and without question, his father had no clue of my burning desires for his young son. After my parents left, I unleashed my hidden adult magazines and placed them in the bathroom. I knew at some point Sam would have to use the facility. I even went as far as plugging in a porno movie in the DVD player for our eyes to behold. There wasn't anything I would not have done to see Sam remotely undressed, or reveal his well hidden package.

Sam finally came over around two in the afternoon. One thing I forgot to mention was his precious voice. He was very soft spoken, but erotic in nature. We played on the computer for some time and I intentionally went to a porn site. Sam watched in glued amazement at the photos that appeared. It was a straight site, but it showed a lot of anal sex. His voice finally spoke, "Man, look at the size of that guy's dick going right into her butt hole. Gees, that must have hurt her!" I remained silent, but my eyes stared at his crotch area that showed little or no sign of life. I inhaled his freshly soaped aroma that steamed off his body.

I was wearing my cut-off sweat pants and no underwear and my rock hard cock was definitely protruding. Sam never even paid any attention to my obvious attraction, but I was definitely not giving up.

He soon tired of playing on the computer and I don't recall how it happened, but we started wrestling on the floor. Sam was more intense on wrestling while I was busy copping a feel all over his delicious body. His little butt was solid as my hands constantly roamed freely about. Somehow, Sam got on top of me and his butt was pressed firmly against my face. He was trying to tickle my rib cage and I was busy breathing deeply. I could have easily pinned him or put him into any position I wanted to, but I was having a much better time allowing him to take control. His butt hole was directly in my nose and I was rock hard as his little butt wiggled on my face with his every move. My hands roamed his legs while my nose was too busy sniffing at the material covering his hidden treasure.

My nose could only detect the fresh washed smell of his clothes. On one occasion, Sam's hand fell across my hard cock, but he acted as if nothing happened. My cock jerked and twitched when his hand brushed against my straining cock. I opened my mouth and began gently biting at the hard flesh of his little butt cheeks. Apparently it tickled him as he rolled off. I stuck to him like glue. My right arm trailed between his legs while my left arm held onto his wrists that were behind his head. My right forearm pressed against his crotch while my fingers were tickling his sides. Sam's sweet face was within inches of mine and his breath was overwhelmingly intoxicating. My forearm was right on his crotch and I could not feel anything, anything at all. Slowly, I would move my right forearm back and forth as if I were jacking on his dick, but still nothing.

I wanted so desperately to place my mouth onto his open mouth, but decided it would not be in my best interest to do so. His t-shirt rose up revealing his belly button. It was almost a straight little line and his belly was just as tanned as the rest of him. He was laughing loudly, almost to the point of tears. I brought my right hand under his t-shirt and acted as if I was tickling his nipples. Both of his nipples were erect as my fingers began circling the very tip. Sam was laughing out so loud that the veins on his neck began to protrude. After playing with his nipples, I lowered myself and began lovingly biting on the back of his hairless thighs. Sam rolled onto his stomach and my teeth began gently nibbling on his rock hard butt flesh.

After several pleas from him to stop, I reluctantly stopped. We were sitting on the floor and I watched him as he was panting for air. His beauty is beyond compare and I was totally enthralled at the angel sitting before me cross legged. My eyes had to have burned a hole in his crotch, because they never left the hidden fruit below. He was thirsty, so we walked into the kitchen where I fixed us something to drink. I offered a barrage of questions concerning girlfriends and his sexual experiences, but he was a professional at avoiding my questions.

We went into the living room and began watching television. Both of us sat on the sofa with Sam sitting to my left. My eyes hurt from straining out of the corner of my eyes. He had adjusted himself to where he had placed both feet on the sofa and the back of his heels were pressed against his sweet butt cheeks. As we watched television, I continued my questioning and he alertly avoided all the issues. To be thirteen, he sure was good at avoiding the questions.

An hour or so passed and I asked him again about him having a girlfriend. With a bright smile on his face, he finally spoke, "I don't have one yet. We just moved here. I did have kind of a girlfriend back home, but we didn't do anything but hold hands." At least I was getting some where with him. I asked, "You mean she never gave you a blow-job?" He just nodded his head no. Being the horny, persistent pervert that I was, I asked, "Have you ever had a blow-job before?" Again, he nodded his head no. I continued with more questions, such as, "Have you ever had any sexual encounters?" With a precious innocent look on his face, he said, "No, none at all."

My own cock was poking a hole in the material and it was clearly obvious revealing my entire excitement. I through out one more question, "Surely, you jack-off don't you?" A smile still broad on his face, he looked at me and said, "I'm not into the gay shit, okay!" I was more embarrassed at his sudden abrasion response. I had pushed my hormones too far and he apparently realized my true intentions.

We sat there for about another hour, neither of us saying a word. I was too ashamed to speak and he was obviously upset at my questions. My cock even subsided resting along my right thigh. I got up and fixed us something to eat and drink. Sam was still sitting in the same position upon my return. Neither of us spoke as we ate the pizza that I made.

After we ate, I asked him what he wanted to do. His eyes never left the television as he said, "I don't care." I asked him if he wanted to go swimming and his eye lit up. "I don't have anything to wear to go swimming." Some small talk erupted and he agree to wear his boxers. I went to my bedroom and changed into my trunks and he went into the bathroom to get into his boxers. We met in the hallway and I was speechless as he was standing there with nothing on but his tight boxers. His nipples, a brownish pink in color, was small, but very erect.

Nothing sexual occurred in the pool, but as we agreed to get out. The thin cloth of his boxers clung tightly to his small, rounded ass. I was behind him getting out of the deep end climbing up the ladder. My eyes were fixed as the small muscular mounds of flesh twisted as he climbed up the ladder. Standing before me, I tried in vain to see his crotch, but there wasn't even the slightest of a bulge noticeable.

Sam wanted to take a shower, so he went into the bathroom. I went into my bedroom and waited for some time until I heard the shower running. Very sneakily, I slowly walked on the carpet leading to the bathroom door. My heart was thumping as my left hand tried the door knob in hopes that he didn't lock it. I turned it and the door slowly swung open. Very carefully and quietly, I walked up to the shower curtain. His clothes were laying on the floor and I took every precaution as to sniff his underwear and shoes. I really didn't know what I was hoping to gain from sniffing his shoes, but they were odor free, just as his used underwear was. My heart was beating out of my chest as my fingers of my right hand touched the shower curtain. Just on the other side, my heavenly angel was naked allowing his hands to run freely over his delicious body. I wanted so desperately to join him, but his comment still rang throughout my mind. Ever so slowly and quietly, I peeled the curtain to the side and peered in. He was facing the shower head and I got a full rear view of this gorgeous creature. He was tanned all over with exception to his little, perfectly rounded butt. It was milky white in color and my tongue reached out as if it was going to travel up and down his very small ass crack. I stared at this beauty for only a few precious seconds, but knew I had to reluctantly leave the scene so I wouldn't get busted.

I had just closed the door when the shower shut off. Two more seconds and I would have been busted. As soon as he departed the bathroom, I went in and took my shower. It only took a few strokes for me to bust a nut. No matter what I did, I couldn't get the sight of his naked backside out of my thought process. Even after busting a massive nut, my cock remained as hard as a rock.

I put on a pair of short shorts and walked back into the living room where I discovered Sam sitting on the sofa wearing just his boxers. I walked in front of him to sit down and my cock wanted Sam to notice its raging content. I sat down and he began playing with the remote control. His finger hit the DVD player and suddenly we both saw a man slamming his meat inside some woman's butt hole. He had a smile on his face, but to my surprise, he placed the remote on the coffee table and directed all his attention to the movie.

He was sitting there with his legs slightly spread and I placed my left knee on the cushion of the sofa. My rock hard cock was pissed off at the tight restraint of the material. He focused on the material and I devoured his crotch with my eyes. Nothing was said as the porn movie played on. Sam did make a comment, "I sure wish my dick would grow as big as this guy's dick." I responded, "Well, you're just thirteen, it'll grow." He smacked his lips and said, "Yeah right. I sure hope so." The guy on the screen had about eight inches of slender meat, so I realized after his comment that his dick was no where near eight inches.

I still was unable to detect a bulge, but none the less, my eyes were glued on his crotch. The next scene showed this gorgeous woman giving a guy a blow-job. She was really getting into it as her tongue traced his nine inch shaft. A little bulge began to develop as his boxers slowly began rising. My eyes widened at this wonderful and over delayed sight. Little comments were made here and there, but nothing meaningful.

One scene showed a man eating a girl's asshole and Sam reacted with, "Yuck, he's licking her shit hole." Firing back, I replied, "Don't knock it unless you've tried it. Having a tongue up your ass will drive you absolutely crazy with wild and mad passion." He nodded his head in disbelief. The same scene showed the woman eating the guy's ass out and Sam shamelessly said, "Holy shit, that guy has a real hairy butt and she's licking his poop chute. That just seems so gross." I replied, "It's only gross if the butt hole is not clean, but if that ever happened to you, I promise you that you will want a tongue up your ass all the time." The smile never left his face as he said, "I don't think I could enjoy someone putting their tongue up my butt." It was my turn to nod my head no.

Sam never offered any direct question to me, but he commented the entire time the movie played. One comment he made was, "Nobody wants to suck on my little dick." He opened the door, so I put my foot in it by saying, "That's where you're wrong. I can think of a lot of people who would jump at the chance to see you naked and worship your body." He asked, "Like who?" I simply said, "A lot of people."

Taking a risk, I asked, "Can you shoot out cum yet?" He didn't say anything, but shook his head up and down as if saying yes. Now I know he jacks off. Going one step further, I asked, "Have you ever tasted your own sperm?" He just nodded his head yes. I asked, "Did you like the taste of it?" Sam replied, "I guess so. It really didn't have much of a taste." I felt like I could blow my load right there. At least he was now answering my questions, whether vocal or by nodding his head. He said, "I know it must hurt an awfully lot for these women in this movie to have a guy put his dick in their butt holes." I said, "Like anything for the first time, you will feel some discomfort, but when the pain goes away, it's all pleasure." Again, he nodded his head in disbelief.

Sam said, "I can't wait for a girl to suck on my dick!" I slipped in by saying, "Most guys your age don't wait either. They'll put their cock's in the first open mouth that comes along." I knew what he implied by saying he couldn't wait, but I had to throw my comment in anyways. He said, "You mean letting guys suck you off, don't you?" I nodded my head yes. Sam fired off, "I don't know about them, but I'm not a fucking faggot." Shot down again by his abrupt comment, but I was not about to give up so easily. I said, "Sam, there are a lot of guys who are considered straight, but will put their cock's in some guys mouth to get the ultimate blow-job with no strings attached. Married men will shove their cock's down some guys throat just to have their cock's orally worshiped."

He said, "That may be true, but I don't want some guy sucking on my dick and I sure as Hell won't suck on theirs." I fired back, "That's your choice." We sat there and watched the movie. I was getting more depressed at his resistance and was soon coming to the conclusion that my dream angel would be just that, a dream angel.

It was Sam's turn to be more direct with his questioning. He asked, "Have you ever sucked on a guys dick?" I nodded my head yes. "Did you swallow their sperm?" I never spoke, but nodded my head yes to all his questions. "Did they swallow your sperm? Have you ever put your tongue in a guys butt? Have you ever kissed a guy? Did you put your dick in their butts? Have you ever had a dick up your butt?" His questioning were direct and I was honest with my answers.

The movie played on and we remained silent. I figured he was either scared to death of me, or brushed everything off. For the first time there was a nervousness to his voice as he asked, "Do you like me?" I said, "Sure I do." Then he said, "I, I mean like in the porn movie." Throwing all caution into the wind, I said, "Sam, I'm bisexual and ever since I met you I have become totally infatuated with you. I would never ask you to do anything you don't want to do or feel uncomfortable doing." He smiled and said thanks.

A few more minutes passed and he looked at me and asked, "Why would you want to suck on my little dick?" I responded by saying, "The size has nothing to do with it. It's all about you and pleasing you in every which way." Not saying a word, he stared at the television. I became nervous, but I had to find out where all this was going. "Sam, are you interested in getting a blow-job?" He quickly said, "I'm not sure."

The movie ended and we began wrestling on the sofa. Using my strength, I picked him up and placed the back of his head between my knees and hooked his waist with my arms. His legs fell over towards his head and his delightful butt was jutting straight up toward the ceiling. I lowered my head and began sniffing his ass for all I was worth. My hands began tickling his sides to divert his attention away from my deeply inhaling nostrils pressed against his butt. His laugh was incredibly sexy. I tweaked his right nipple and his laugh turned into a small moan. He rolled backwards landing on the floor on his feet and we continued our wrestling on the floor.

He began tickling my sides in a mild sixty-nine position with me on my back. His hand pressed against my lower stomach, inches away from the base of my erect cock. Sam would have had to have been blind not to see my erection. In one sweeping movement, Sam hooked the top of my shorts and my hard cock sprang free in his full view. The top of my shorts was held in place under my balls. He acted as if nothing really happened as he continued to tickle me. I hooked the back of his boxers and pulled them down revealing his glorious white butt cheeks. Because his legs were straddling me, his boxers stopped right under the base of his cheeks. His crack was partly spread, but I still couldn't see his hole that I so desired.

His butt was within a few inches of my face as my hands grabbed the firmness of his butt cheeks and spread them wide. His butt hole looked like a pink dot and there wasn't a trace of hair to be found. To my surprise, he didn't try and pull his boxers up, nor did he attempt to cover my rock hard cock up. Our mutual tickling continued and every so often, Sam would slide backwards a few inches. His butt started out over my chest area, but in a short time, he had slid to the point that if my tongue was two inches longer, I could have struck gold.

Sam slid back and his crack was over my face in no time. Inhaling deeply, I began to slowly lick the top of his crack. There was no response from him at all as my tongue slowly bathed his entire crack. Not being able to hold off any longer, my tongue began drilling his tiny dot of a butt hole. I was waiting for him to jump off or say something, but he remained in that position. Using all the force of my tongue, I managed to penetrate the tight hole. "Ah, oh that feels so good." That was music to my ears and I began tongue fucking his little chute like a starving bear.

My cock was bouncing up and down and jerking from side to side as my tongue found heaven inside Sam's hot cavern. He never once touched my pre cum dripping cock. He sat on my face happily content at the pleasure his hole was giving him with my tongue exploring his inner canal. My hands roamed up and down his golden tanned back as he leaned his body forward, offering more room for my tongue to advance.

I must have eaten his wonderful, sweet asshole hor an hour before he rolled off me, pulling his boxers up before I could see his cock. "Man, that was great. You were right about having a tongue in your butt." I was in total amazement at his sudden move. I thought he was giving himself to me and I certainly wanted all he could offer. He walked over to the sofa and sat down. I pulled the shorts back up over my cock and sat down next to him.

He asked, "How did my butt taste?" Licking my lips, I said, "Absolutely delicious!" He smiled and gave me a quick wink. I asked him, "Do you want a blow-job?" He didn't look at me, but he said, "I'm not sure." He was driving me delirious with confusion. He poked me in the rib and I grabbed him and put him in the same position as before where his head was held between my knees and his butt in my face. Taking a chance, I quickly snatched the back of his boxers and exposed his hole once again. Immediately, I began tongue fucking his little hole. He offered no resistance as my tongue forced its way into his anal canal. I showered my index finger with my saliva and forced it in alongside with my tongue. Sam let out a loud moan and his legs began shaking.

With my tongue and finger working in his tight hole, my left hand started pushing the boxers further up in attempt to release his cock and balls. Just as the material approached signs of revealing his balls, he placed his hand down on the material blocking its removal. Realizing he was not ready for me to see his other hidden treasures, my left hand caressed his smooth stomach and chest, tweaking each nipple in the process. By now, Sam's body began quivering and his beautiful eyes tightly closed while his head gently tossed from side to side. Lathering my middle finger up with my saliva, I pressed it against his dot of an opening and slowly inserted it in alongside my tongue and index finger. "Ah, ohhhhh, easy, ah!" Once he became used to the trio in his ass, I began ramming my two fingers in him like a beast traveling in the night. His hands hooked the under side of my thighs and he began moaning and groaning at this new found sensational pleasure.

A long time passed with me eating his ass and my fingers ramming him into a wild sensation. He begged me to stop so I did. He rolled off of me and laid down on the sofa, but this time he didn't pull his boxers back up. He was panting and I was starving for the rest of him. Turning my body around, I hooked the front of his boxers and slowly began lowering them. His hand fell on mine and he said, "Please don't. I'm embarrassed with my dick. I, I" I placed a finger across his lips and lowered my head to his crotch. His cock was rock hard under the material as I closed my mouth around the shaft hidden by his boxers. His cock was very slender, cut, and about four inches long. I sucked at the area where his pre cum formed a slight puddle. Salty, but sweeter than honey.

The hand that clutched his boxers fell off to his side and my right hand began lowering them down. His tanned stomach was heaving up and down as the whiteness of his forbidden fruit unfolded before my very eyes. Finally, the head of his cock appeared and pre cum formed a string from the small piss slit to the area in which someday, pubic hair would certainly grow. Using both hands, I removed the thin fabric from his body. The vision of his complete nudity will forever be implanted in my mind. The four inch slender cock slightly rose upwards from the base and the skin looked as if it were made from pure silk. His balls had no hair, but they were perfectly rounded in the shape of a quarter.

His eyes met mine as I stood above him. The look on his face melted my heart as I slowly knelt down beside him, placing my knees on the floor. The look of the unknown gazed upon his eyes as I lowered my head and began licking and sucking on his smooth balls. "Oh God, Oh God, ah!" I had both of his balls in my mouth using my tongue to roll over them. This angel tasted so good, better than anyone before him. Releasing his balls, my tongue slowly circled his hairless pubic region savoring every ounce of his delightful pre cum. My left hand cupped and caressed his extremely tight balls as I inserted his cock into my mouth. "Shit, oh my, ah shit, yes, yes." I had probably went up and down on his cock five times before he jerked and exploded inside my mouth. The warmness of his precious semen flooded my mouth and I sucked as hard as I could to milk him free. His cock became flaccid and I slowly began to allow a small portion to slide down my throat. Describing the flavor would be impossible. Very little taste, not salty, but tastier than a snicker's bar.

Sam had achieved his orgasm a lot faster than I had planned for, but I was a long way from allowing this beauty more pleasure. My tongue worked the area directly under his balls to the top of his crack and his moans of pleasure was all the direction needed for me to continue my oral assault. My left hand guided his right leg on top of the sofa while my right hand directed his left knee upwards and slightly spread. Needing no guidance, my tongue swept at his delicious little bud, savoring the wetness steaming out of his hole. His little cock sprang back to life as my tongue plundered deep inside him.

Completely lubricating two of my fingers on my left hand, I inserted them straight up his chute. "Ah, oh, oh Shawn that feels good!" His anal canal was extremely tight, as well as delicious. Like a water thirst dog, I lapped at his hole while my fingers pounded in and out of him rather hard. Sam was moaning, groaning, whimpering and cooing while experiencing the pleasures he so deservingly was getting. My mouth traced upwards and enclosed around his cock. The flesh was so hard, yet so velvety soft. My fingers were still ramming his ass while my mouth and tongue sucked and licked in delight. Sam screamed as the first jet landed at the roof of my mouth. With every eager intent, I trapped his mouth watering delight inside my mouth while sucking as hard as I could Six squirts and a few small dribbles and his cock began to deflate. Taking my time, I swallowed all of his love juice almost busting a nut in the process at its wonderful, addictive taste.

Sam's body was shaking all over as I began to withdraw my fingers from his appetizing love hole. His eyes was barely open, but from what I could see, they were completely glazed over. His cute little mouth was open as he was panting for air. Not wanting this to end, I picked him up, like in a bear hug, where his ass was in my face and his head dangled towards my knees. His little hole was so inviting from this position so I rammed my tongue straight up his chute. I carried Sam into my bedroom, eating his sweet ass the entire time. His hands caressed my thighs while he was in an upside down position.

I laid down on my back with Sam's ass stuck to my face. His hands roamed my chest and stomach area while my tongue twisted and turned inside his butt. I felt his hands move towards my shorts covered cock and gently slipped under the fabric. For a short time, his hands played with my trimmed pubic hair, before his right hand wrapped around the shaft of my erect cock. He tugged at my shorts in an attempt to pull them down, so I raised my butt off the bed enabling him to accomplish his goal. He managed to get them around my thighs and he began using both of his little hands to massage my cock.

I withdrew my tongue and slipped down allowing his cock to be pushed into my anxiously awaiting mouth with my left hand. Sam adjusted his body allowing more of his cock to fit more comfortably in my sucking mouth. His right hand played with my pre cum soaked cock, while his hips began gyrating up and down, fucking my mouth. I couldn't see what he was doing because I had a face full of his sweet ass. My nose was pressed against his little chute while my mouth and tongue worshiped his erect member. I felt his tongue as it swiped over my piss slit, then there was a short pause before his licking continued. I knew he got a mouthful of pre cum and he was more than likely checking out whether or not he wanted to continue. He tried to shove my mushroom head inside his little mouth, but his mouth was just too small to accommodate such girth.

Sam grunted as his cock granted my hungry mouth with more of his sweet honey. It wasn't much, but I was thankful for what I was getting. Although his cock was spent, I continued to suck on it not allowing it to go soft. The heat form his open mouth sent chills up and down my spine. Sam's tongue rolled over the head of my cock numerous times and I thought I was going to spill my guts if he kept this up.

He stopped licking my cock to say, "Shawn, I want to fuck you, if that's okay with you." His cock was already well lubricated from my saliva and I got into the position he wanted me to get in. Doggie-style! I spread my legs as far as they could go and waited for his precious cock to enter me. His hands grabbed my waist and I felt his stiff cock poke at my closed hole. I slipped my left hand under me and guided his cock to my entrance. Sam wasted no time in slamming his cock all the way in. It kind of caught me off guard, but I quickly discovered the familiar pleasure. He was slamming his four inches of meat in me as if the world would end tomorrow. It took about ten minutes at his fast and furious pace to send his hot seed up my rectum. Sam fell back onto the bed with his legs spread and I turned around on my knees to face him.

Retrieving the bottle of lube, I soaked my cock in it while sliding two well lubricated fingers in and out of his ass. Sam got off of his back and turned around, getting into a doggie-style position. The anal assault with my two fingers continued and he was whimpering the entire time. My cock was well lubricated and I knew if I kept jacking on it, I would surely blast my load. I squeezed more lube on the two fingers plundering in his ass. Sam was moaning and cooing as the fingers worked his ass properly. A third finger squeezed in and Sam gasped as it worked its way inside him. I was surprised to see how well he took three fingers. He was in some discomfort, but soon rocked his ass onto my plunging fingers.

I withdrew my fingers and applied more lube onto my rock hard cock. My left hand grabbed his left waist as my right hand had a firm grip on the base of my cock. Carefully, I placed the enlarged head against his little chute and pressed forward. The resistance was great as I continued to pry open his tiny dot with my cock. With the left side of his face buried into the bed covers, Sam reached back and spread his firm cheeks wide apart. A hard press forward and then the familiar pop as my cock head pried his asshole open. Sam cried out, "Oh shit, shit, it hurts, oh!" I didn't even have the entire head in, just half of it. I held it in place in order for the pain he was feeling to subside. His hands released his cheeks and began slapping at the bed while his head flailed all over. I didn't move a muscle, but it was Sam who shoved his little ass onto my throbbing cock. About five inches dove in and the heat from his ass sent my juices flying into his rectum.

This was the first for me. I blew my wad and didn't even get my cock all the way in. I bit my life as my load flooded his ass. Sam drove his ass onto my sperm erupting cock a few more inches and now he had about eight inches of thick hard meat up his butt. The smell of sex, Sam, and the wild passion kept my cock hard as it plundered all the way home. I was totally shocked when Sam started to fuck my cock with his ass. I was completely amazed at this thirteen year old heavenly beauty totally enthralled over gay sex.

I pounded his sweet ass harder than I had ever pounded anyone before him. "Yes, yes, fuck me Shawn, fuck me please!" His verbal comments drove me wild as my cock drilled his little chute. Keeping my cock inside him, I rolled Sam onto his back. Hooking his legs, I pressed them forward. His ankles went past his head as my cock slammed in and out of his asshole. Sam's mouth was open and his eyes were partly closed. His intoxicating breath flooded my nostrils as my mouth lowered over his. My tongue darted inside his mouth and began roaming everywhere. His tongue slipped inside my mouth and I eagerly swallowed his delicious saliva. The taste of this creature drove me over the edge sending my sperm deep into his ass.

My limp cock slipped out of his butt, and my mouth dove onto his rigid cock. Within a few minutes, Sam delivered a tremendous load into my mouth. With his cock completely drained, I swallowed his seed savoring every delicate drop. Once he was thoroughly drained and his spunk swallowed, I laid down next to him. We kissed long and hard for some time, before both of us drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

I woke up first and was amazed to see Sam laying on top of the covers on his left side with his butt pointing towards me. I slipped down and began sniffing his delicate hole. It was just as sweet as the previous night. My tongue darted out and began licking at his hole. He was still fast asleep, but his body jerked as my tongue entered inside his honey filled hole.

After a short time, I worked my way up to his sleeping, open mouth and inhaled the aroma coming from it. I realize that everyone has morning breath, but Sam's morning breath was nowhere near foul, but delightful instead. I licked his lips and slowly worked my way down to his sleeping hard cock. I sucked on his pole for a short time before he quickly woke up and sent his morning load into my mouth. As per the case, it was purer and sweeter than honey.

I fixed us some breakfast and after we ate, Sam wanted to go swimming. Since we have this huge privacy fence, we both decide to swim nude. We had swam for a short time when Sam was about to get out of the pool without using the ladder. His right leg was on the side of the pool and his left leg was still in the water. Like a remote control, my tongue dove between his precious cheeks and drilled at his hole. Sam quivered in delight as my tongue explored his well ridden asshole.

Sam softly said, "Fuck me, fuck me please, I need your dick up my ass now." I got out of the water and we both walked over to where the jacuzzi is and Sam placed both hands on the railing and spread his legs, bending way over in the process. I spat onto my hand and rubbed it all over my cock and pressed the head against his tiny dot. Sam rocked his ass back as I was pressing forward. My cock shot up his ass and Sam let out a loud moan as my cock trailed its way all the way, deep inside him. While my cock rammed at his hole, Sam was stroking his cock. "Sam, don't cum. I want your load in my mouth." I screamed out as I sent a heavy load into his ass. After I sent my load inside his rectum, I spun him around and began slamming my mouth onto his hard four inch cock. Within a few minutes, Sam shot his load inside my mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot creamy cum filled my mouth and rewarded my taste buds in the mean time. Slowly, I swallowed his sperm until the last drop slid down my throat.

We were in the process of kissing when we heard Sam's father call out for him.