Before I continue with the story, I must inform you that there will be a small portion involving "minor" sex with a girl. This is a prelude for what is to come involving Sean. I apologize in advance for having to mention a sex act with a female, but in order to best understand the situation, I must include it.

I left David's house around 4 in the morning. We were both exhausted and sore. His ass muscles had gripped my cock like a python strangling its prey. I had spanked his ass to a bright red color and pounded it with my meat for several hours. Tired and totally drained, I departed home.

It was approximately 3pm when the phone rang. It was a girl named Dana. Now Dana was the girl in school most of the guys dreamed about while their hand stroked their meat, pretending it was her, not their hand. She was a total vision of beauty; beautiful blue eyes, long sandy blond hair, voluptuous breasts, perfect bubble butt, and last but not least, wild and crazy in bed. She was not the kind of girl that had a chip on her shoulder. She knew she was gorgeous, but she always spoke with everyone. Dana and I had been fooling around for about 2 years and each time was a new experience for me. She was 17 at the time of this occurrence.

I had been to her house once in the 2 year time frame. She invited me over and gave me directions. My sore cock immediately came to life. I took a very long and detailed shower ensuring to clean myself thoroughly. I knew that Dana lived with her grandparents, but I never heard her mention anything about her parents. I figured it was none of my business.

It was about 5 in the afternoon when I pulled into her driveway. I wore a very baggy short cut-off sweat pants and as usual, no underwear, a tank top and sandals. My dick flopped back in forth in its loose confinements as I approached the front door. Dana opened the door to greet me wearing a very skimpy bikini bathing suit. My cock nearly climbed out of the baggy leg opening at the sight of her and her body.

We sat in the livingroom and talked for awhile. I heard a door inside the house shut and I had thought we were alone the whole time. Dana went to the kitchen to fix us something to drink when in walked the most gorgeous creature my eyes ever witnessed. He stood about 5' and could not have weighed more than 80 pounds. His hair was dirty blond, shoulder length and feathered back with every hair in its proper place and he had thick, dark eyebrows, and long eye lashes. His face was narrow which contained a small, but very cute, button nose. Deep, penetrating dimples seared into his cheeks. He was wearing short-short cut-off 501's, a pale blue tank top and that was it. His eyes held me in a trance as he entered the room. They were like a metallic blue as pure and as deep as the sky.

He sat on the recliner and I was sitting on the sofa, directly in front of him. My eyes burned a hole in his crotch area while studying his entire body. His legs and arms were very tanned and not a sign of hair anywhere could be seen. My right hand was holding my raging boner down because it certainly wanted to be free and see this beauty as well. His feet were large compared to the rest of him. As he sat, his shorts were so short that it rose up to his crotch area. The bulge was a definite, but I was unable to tell because of the bunched up 501's. From the angle that he walked into the room, I was unable to see this heavenly creature's butt.

Dana arrived with our drinks and asked us if we introduced ourselves. I replied no. "Shawn this is my cousin Sean. He is living with us now." I stood up to shake his hand, as so did he. His hands were small but took my breath away as our hands touched. My cock tore at the fabric and I was sure he noticed. We sat back down and I used my right hand to trap my dick under the material. Dana sat next to me and placed her soft hand on my left thigh. We talked about everything imaginable, except sex, for about 2 hours.

Through our conversation, I found out that Sean was 12 years old and he had moved from Florida 8 months ago and now lives here. He goes to the middle school, which is less than 1 mile from our high school. Just like Dana, he was an only child. You, the reader, have already figured out that it was Sean who David was referring to, but at the present time for me, I had a complete brain fart. I was too lost in his beauty and Dana's hand on my thigh wasn't helping matters any at all.

Dana was rubbing my thigh when Sean politely excused himself to get something to drink. He stood up and I finally got to see his butt. The shorts were so short, that the bottom of his cheeks were partially sticking out. He had the most impressive bubble butt I had ever seen on anyone. Each cheek cordially moved up and down with each of his steps. His tanned body was slender, more so like a swimmers build. I was totally lost in a trance when Dana whispered, "He's a hot little fucker, aint he?" I sure didn't know how to respond with that one. I was speechless and feared that I had just been busted drooling over a 12 year old boy butt. "It's OK, we're really close!" I sat there frozen in time. Dana removed my right hand and started stroking my cock through the material. A large formation of pre cum drenched my shorts. She took her finger and started circling around my cock head and piss slit. With a nervous and broken whisper, I said, "Don't you think we ought to go to your bedroom or something? He's gonna walk in on us." She looked at me and smiled, "No, he's cool!"

Sean came back in and sat in the recliner and Dana was still playing with my meat. I was kind of uncomfortable and it felt awkward. I have had plenty of sex, but never with three people, or with someone watching.

Nobody was speaking as Dana was playing with my meat and I could not help but to notice, Sean was intensely watching it all. Dana was smiling and looked at her cousin and said, "Hey Sean, this is why they call Shawn the Coke Can." While she was talking, she pulled up the baggy material of my right leg opening and out came my cock in all its straining glory. She had a firm grip with her right hand at the base of my cock and Sean's eyes opened wide as he replied, "Wow!" Her hand slowly stroked my cock up and down, but I was paying more attention to her cousin's crotch area. The material was too tight to notice anything hidden inside. His eyes never left my cock.

Dana continued to stroke my cock with a bit of a faster pace. My pre cum was spilling out like a water fall. She said, "This is how you treat a horse cock!" She bent down and started licking and sucking away on my cock. I watched Sean as he watched Dana slurping on my dick. Dana was the only person who I had ever had sex with that could swallow about 5 inches of my cock without grinding its flesh with their teeth. Sean never moved a muscle as he just sat there and watched all that was happening. I wanted so desperately for him to pull those shorts off and stick his dick in my mouth, but I knew better than to say anything.

Dana had me stand up and she knelt to the floor on both knees. I was getting real close. She pushed my shorts all the way down with my ankles and never missed a beat. Dana was whimpering and whining while sucking and stroking on my rod. I was now at an angle with Sean as he was now to my right side. I squeezed my butt muscles and noticed his eyes were fixed on my ass, as well as watching his cousin giving head. I guess Sean noticed that I was getting close and he excitedly said, "Dana, move your head back when he cums. I want to see his sperm go in your mouth!" With a mouth full of cock, she just grunted as if saying OK. I was looking at Sean and his eyes never made contact with mine. He was fascinated at his cousin and her filled mouth. I shouted that I was gonna cum and Dana released her mouth from my cock and feverishly pumped my meat with both hands while her open mouth was less than an inch from my piss slit. Blast after blast of thick, creamy, cum filled her mouth. As the last of my sperm formed at the piss slit, her tongue gingerly lapped it away and down her throat it went.

She licked her lips and said, "See little cuz, that's how you suck a horse cock!" He just nodded his head in an approval. I knew she said that they were close, but I was curious to know just how close the two were. She had just sucked my dick in front of her 12 year old cousin as if it were no big deal.

A car horn sounded off in their driveway and Dana quickly jumped up and said, "Oh shit, I almost forgot. I have to go to a pool party and that's my ride. Will you watch Sean until I get home? I promised Grandma that I would watch him like a hawk until they get home tomorrow." On one hand I was kind of disappointed, because I really wanted to have sex with her, but on the other hand, I would be alone with this breath taking angel. With my agreement to watch him, she grabbed a towel and headed for the door, then stopped prior to going all the way out of it and said with a smirk on her face, "Now, you two boys play nice, OK!" Out the door she went and now the two of us were alone at last.

I had to ask, "What you saw earlier didn't bother you?" He replied, "Hell no. It was hot watching Dana suck your dick and seeing her swallow your sperm." I was totally confused at the closeness of the two cousins. "Dana and I share everything, even secrets that no-one else would ever know." I asked him what kind of secrets and he replied, "You know, personal ones." "Like what", I had to ask? "She's told me about you and her and how you make her feel, uh, with your big cock in her and all." I just nodded my head more in a confused state than in agreement.

"I think it's cool that you're bisexual." I was floored with his comment and became frozen in a trance. After a few seconds, I responded, "What do you mean saying I'm a bisexual?" "I just know you are and I didn't mean anything by it." I was confused how this 12 year old boy knew I was bisexual. He stood up and said, "Let me show you something." I followed him down the hall and we entered his bedroom. My eyes never left his perky little bubble butt the entire time. Just as I got in front of the foot to his queen sized bed, I saw a head pass by his window. As I got closer, I realized it was David going into his back yard. I felt like I had just broke out into a cold sweat.

Sean was standing on the left side of his bed and I was on the right side when he spoke with his soft, angelica voice, "I know what you did with David last night." I was nervously speechless. I had been busted by Sean! "I saw you two in his living room and watched you eat his ass. I saw and heard you fuck the shit out of him in his bedroom as well. David sure is a loud fuck, aint he?" I had been stone cold busted and just nodded my head yes. I just knew this kid was going to blackmail me somehow or in someway. "Don't worry, I won't tell anybody. I think it's cool!" I shook my head in disbelief. "If it will make you feel any better, I pretended that I was David. I was the one being fucked by you." My whole attitude started to change. I just heard a 12 year old boy telling me he wished he had been David, been the one getting fucked.

I had nothing to lose, but everything to gain, because he knew my secret passion already. I said, "Only in your dreams would you ever be ready to take my cock up your ass. I'll rip you wide open. Besides, you're way too young!" A grin never left his precious little face when he said, "Age aint got nothing to do with it. David fucks me all the time and yeah it hurts a little, but it feels real good. I also know that you have put your dick in Dana's ass and she told me it hurts each time, but after the pain goes away, she has multiple orgasms. So, I guess a little pain is worth it. I mean, all the pleasure you get from it." I responded, "Sean, you're too young to even produce sperm yet. What makes you think you're ready for the Coke Can?" "My sperm aint thick like yours. It's more watery, but I can shoot a load though."

"So what you're saying, is that you want me to fuck you!" With his boyish, soft voice, he fired back, "Heck yeah!" "If I do, you'll probably spill your guts to Dana." "I hat to break your heart, but Dana already knows you're gonna fuck me." Damn, I felt like it was I who had been the victim of a conspiracy.

I turned around to look out the window and saw David playing on his trampoline. My mind wandered back to my experience with him the night before. Every time his sweet ass would hit the bouncy material, I would see his naked ass jutting in the air. My cock began to grow envisioning what had once was reality.

"Fuck me and fuck me hard!" Sean in a Sterne voice commanded. I turned around to face him and he had removed his shorts and was standing there naked in front of me. What a vision. This kid was incredibly gorgeous. He was golden tanned all over except for his crotch area, which was milky white. His dick stood straight out from his body a good 4 inches. It was thick, at least 3 inches in diameter. Sean had the largest balls from any of the guys I had sex with. Not a hair in sight! His balls hung low in a completely hairless sack. His cock was circumcised and his mushroom head was thicker than its shaft. The vein on top of his cock was just as thick and rippled out from its smooth confinements. All I could do was look at this young boy and inhale his breath taking beauty.

With the other guys I had sex with, it was I who conspired and planned to have sex with them, but now the shoe was on the other foot. Sean was in control and not me. "Don't just stand there, get naked!" He shouted. I removed my clothes and stood there with a massive erection and watched him walk towards me. He reached out and grabbed a hand full of my cock and squeezed as he stroked it up and down. "I wanted your cock the first time Dana told me about it on the phone. She sure didn't lie about the size of it. When I saw you put it in David's ass last night, I shot a load on the side of his house." I towered over Sean as we stood there. My own hand reached out and took a firm hold on his proud cock. It felt wonderful to the touch. It was like grabbing a steel rod that had a thin layer of soft leather protecting it. I was kind of tired of him barking the orders and now it was my turn.

I picked him up and laid him on the bed on his back. I was laying on my left side and my right hand was caressing his large balls, taking a swirl at his enlarged cock head every other second. His eyes were shut and his chest was rising at a quick pace. "Fuck me, fuck me now!" I whispered, "Shu, in time, all in good time." His super fresh boy scent was filling my nostrils and driving me mad along the way. I sniffed his hair and oh how delicious it was. His hand was trying to find my dick, so I caught it and raised both of his arms over his head so that his head trapped his hands. His armpits was hairless, not even a sign of peach fuzz. I leaned forward and my tongue reached out and softly licked the crevice of his left armpit. At first he kind of giggled, but within a few seconds, he was moaning and his little body started shifting all over the bed. I leaned across this beauty and worked on his right armpit which sent his body all over the bed. He was moaning in pleasure and I knew I wanted this night to be very special, for both of us.

I licked and nibbled each of his thick eyebrows while my right hand played with his balls. He tasted so delicious I wanted to eat every part of his body. His head was roaming from side to side and his moans became louder and louder. I thoroughly licked his entire face avoiding his lips. My nose was at the entrance of his mouth and became intoxicated at the smell as he was panting at his new found sensations. His tongue lashed out and struck my nose and I quickly sucked his tongue into my mouth. I sucked his fresh saliva from his tongue and craved more from this boy. His hips were bucking up and down but I certainly did not want him to cum just yet. His mouth already opened, my tongue bathed his front teeth, both lower and bottom. My left hand was flipping through his hair and my right hand cupping his balls. My tongue dove into his open mouth and our tongues became entangled. The sound of his moans sent chills up and down my spine. We kissed for at least 15 minutes before my tongue departed his saliva drained cavern.

I licked, kissed, and nibbled each of his earlobes before my tongue drilled its way deep in his left ear, sending young Sean's body to a fierce shiver. "Oh shit, oh, fuck me now!" I continued to lick and suck on his left ear ignoring his pleas. I continued my assault on his right ear, jabbing as far as I could go with my tongue. His breathing deepened while his body, uncontrollably flopped all over the bed.

I kissed, nibbled, licked and sucked his entire neck and throat area for quite some time, making sure not to leave any hickeys in the process. I worked my way down to his beautifully tanned chest. My lips found his bright pink, extremely small, but hard nipples. Very carefully, I bit and used my tongue to glide over his left nipple, while sucking hard on it. He screamed out, "Shit, shit, fuck me now!" I had become stone deaf at any of his pleas. Just the way I like it. I was in charge and in total control. I repeated the process on his right nipple as well. My hand never left his balls and I could feel them filling up with his boy cum.

I worked all over his chest, stomach, and rib area before licking up and down his soft boy legs. I sucked each toe on both feet and Sean was panting, begging, pleading, and yelling for me to fuck him the entire time. I didn't want to miss any area on this sweet boy angel with my tongue.

I worked my way up to his crotch area and using my nose, pushed his cum loaded balls up and started licking at the sweet crevice between his legs. Whether from experience or instinct, Sean spread his legs wider. I worked on both sides not leaving any part out, except his rigid hard cock. His cock head had darkened to a pale purple from all its excitement. There was no pre cum evident, but sooner or later, I was gonna taste his so called "watery" boy juice. My tongue properly gave his balls a good washing and I was only able to suck in one ball at a time, but it was driving him crazy the mean while. Sean's rod from God was jutting straight out and I licked the area where someday there would be a patch of pubic hair. I kissed at the flesh and sucked on it, leaving a bright reddish brown mark. Starting at the base of his cock, I snaked my tongue upwards, ever so slightly, until it circled his enraged mushroom head. My tongue tried to gain entry into his tiny piss slit as my lips closed around his cock head. His left hand was slapping the side of the bed and his right hand had a strong hold of his own hair. His body was twitching and jerking while he was moaning and groaning. I could tell he was getting really close to busting his boy nut, so I stopped.

I rolled Sean over onto his back and I was on my knees. His little bubble butt was too precious. Solid creamy white, untouched by the sun. My hands started caressing and squeezing his buns. They were not as firm as David's, but delicately soft that seemed to melt in your hands. His little crack appeared to be smiling as my hands worshiped each and every square inch of the soft globes surrounding it. With each hand holding firmly his soft cheeks, I spread them wide, revealing the treasure I so desperately desired. His hole was very small and a light brown in color with a hint of pink. My right index finger traced his crack starting from the top and worked its way to the end, stopping long enough to rub the entrance. Sean was pleading for me to fuck him, but his pleas rang upon deaf ears. My hands released his butt and I started to work on the back of his neck. My hand caressed the silky smooth skin of his back

I licked all over his entire back area, as well as his legs and feet. I couldn't take it any longer, I had to taste his ass. I got on my stomach between his outstretched legs and separated his bubbly cheeks. My tongue licked the meat just under his balls and below his fruity love hole. My nose was pressed firmly against his butthole and I almost became faint at the wonderful aroma it was sending to my brain. His moaning and groaning was room shattering, but I knew the windows were already closed. As my face rose up his crack, so did my tongue. After a few seconds of poking at it and lick around it, his hole opened for my tongue to escape into its hot darkness.

Sean was pounding on the bed with both fists, head flopping all over, and he inadvertently started bringing his knees higher, allowing me more of an access to his glory hole. Within no time, Sean was in a doggie position. My two hands full of boy cheek and my tongue buried deep inside his sweet hole, I was truly in Heaven. Sean was literally in tears as my tongue plunged back and forth in his ass.

I don't know how long my tongue savored his sweet ass, but it seemed like hours. I flipped him over onto his back and wasted no time diving on his boy cock. It was thicker than the previous ones I had sucked, but I was able to impale my mouth on it with no problem. His hole was well lubricated from my saliva and I placed my right index finger against it and it easily went in all the way to the knuckle. Sean let out a loud moan and I started to rub my finger against his prostrate while sucking on his boy meat. He raised his legs and held them up with his arms. My finger was grinding away at his ass while my mouth was bobbing up and down his thick shaft. "I'm close, real close!" I backed away from letting him release his juices. My finger deep in his ass, I pushed him forward so that his knees were behind his head. I brought my finger out and replaced it with my tongue. I don't think I could ever get enough of this kid! "Fuck me, please fuck me. I, I'm begging you!" I heard nothing!

My tongue became tired, though I wasn't, and placed two fingers against the opening and pressed. "Oh, ah, shit yeah!" Two fingers dove in his ass exploring the depths of his sweet love hole. My mouth retrieved his cock and started sucking away. With 2 fingers digging their way in his hole, Sean screamed, "Cum, cum, oh cummin." I felt his thick cock tense and I brought my mouth directly over his cock head as the first squirt sprang free. He wasn't kidding when he said it was kind of watery. It almost felt as though he was peeing in my mouth. None the less, he sure did shoot a lot of boy sperm. He was bouncing all over the bed and I was doing my best to hold his cock steady with my mouth. He was still firing load afer hot load and I felt as though some would escape my mouth so I swallowed a little at a time. His flavor was grand, almost causing me to bust a nut without any help from any hands. It was definitely watery, but absolutely the sweetest sperm I had tasted to date.

I removed my fingers from his ass and once again started fucking his ass him with my tongue. I could feel his body quivering and shaking, but I wanted more, a lot more. His cock never left its rigid state and my left hand was beating it up and down. I took turns using my tongue and 2 fingers to penetrate his hole. His breathing was no longer controlled. He was gasping for air. In less than five minutes, he was getting ready to shoot another load of delicious watery boy honey. His screams only provoked me that much more. Just as he was about to send his wonderful seed in my awaiting mouth, I rammed three fingers up his ass. His body bucked upwards as his juices shot into my mouth. 3 fingers was tight, but I rammed them back and forth while catching his every morsel of honey. He was screaming and I was whimpering like a bitch in heat as the last bit of his watery cream left his cock.

My own pre cum completely saturated my cock as my hand rubbed and lubricated my angry cock. I didn't want a blow-job; I wanted to fuck his sweet ass. His legs still high in the air, I lowered myself and positioned myself on top of him. With a firm hold on my cock, I placed the head against his asshole. Sean's eyes were slightly closed and partially open at the same time as I pressed against his hole. I was having some difficulty penetrating his asshole, trying to be ever so gentle in the process. With one mighty shove forward, it happened. "Oh, oie, ah, ah it hurts, shit it hurts!" My cock head forced its way in, but I knew I wasn't going to pull it out either. After all, this is what he had been begging and pleading for. We both had his legs hooked and inch by inch, I fed him all 10 inches. I started slamming my meat in and out of his tight love hole. Thinking only of myself, I never waited for Sean to get used to his ass being stretched like it was. I plowed his ass like an animal. I could see his tears as it rolled free from his eyes. I asked him if he wanted me to stop and he nodded his head no.

Every time I would get close, I slowed my pace drastically. By now, Sean was getting into it. His dick became vengefully hard. Sean had his right hand on his own cock and was beating it at a fast forwarding pace. His ass muscles tightened around my cock and his legs squeezed my arms as his watery sperm came flying out. It sprayed his chest and stomach area and began rolling down his sides, soaking his bed spread. Knowing I was getting real close, I flipped him onto his stomach, leaving my cock buried deep in his hot chamber.

Now in the doggie position, my hands held his waist as I started pounding my cock in and out of his ass. He was yelling and screaming the whole time, but none of the words that escaped his mouth made any sense, at least to me, it didn't. Sean held his head high in the air and I reached out and got a had full of his hair and pulled it towards me. "Yeah, yeah, yes, fuck my ass, ah shit, fuck!" I didn't think it was possible, but Sean had to be the most verbal and loudest person whom I had ever had sex with. I thought his cousin was the loudest, but Sean beat her by a mile.

I did everything I could do not to shoot my load just yet, because I wanted more of this boy. I was still ramming my meat in him like an animal and Sean was pounding his meat as well. He was slamming his ass against me to force more of my cock deep in him. I don't know who was fucking who at this point, but I really didn't care either. My hands left his hips and aggressively spread his ass cheeks wide apart. I was driving his ass onto my cock doing everything I could to impale his sweet ass. The pounding sound of flesh striking flesh roared through the room. I didn't know how many cocks had been up his ass, but I wanted him to get the best fucking of his life. I'd get close, but would slow down to avoid shooting my load. We were both covered in sweat and it glistened off his back and legs.

I wanted to look into his eyes, smell his sweet breath as I released my load into him. I turned him over onto his back and put his knees over his head while my cock remained deep inside his hot tunnel. I started off slowly, bringing my cock almost all the way out and then driving it home like a bull. Each time I did this, Sean would let out a scream and he kept moistening his tender lips with his tongue. I leaned down and licked his cherry colored lips while slowly screwing his ass. I could feel his hand as it was blasting away at his meat. He was moaning as his mouth opened and my tongue ventured into it. Within seconds, a loud moan escaped from the corner of our locked mouths and felt his hot sperm coat my chest and stomach. I could feel his sperm drip downward onto my invading cock. It was all over for me. I pumped my cock like crazy in his ass while shot after shot filled his rectum. The last of my seed finally escaped my cock and I was exhausted, and so was Sean.

We laid in his bed, both on our backs, trying to catch our breaths. Drenched in sweat and gasping for air, Sean spoke. "Thank you, thank you for fucking me. God, it was awesome!" I was too busy trying to catch my breath to reply. "Now I know why David wouldn't let me fuck him this morning. My ass is sore." I just let out a stifled laugh. What Sean didn't know was that his ass was gonna get pounded some more.

We agreed that we needed to take a shower, being all sweaty mixed with sex. We were in the shower soaping each other up and naturally, I got an erection. Sean was closest to the shower head and I was at the back of the shower/tub. He had just lathered my dick and we changed positions. The shower curtain would not close all the way, but who cared. While I was soaping his chest area, his dick began to grow. I bent down on my knees and sucked on it with some aggression. The warm water was pounding off my back. My hands roamed his little bubbly cheeks. I could feel my own sperm oozing out of his hole. Sean started rocking back and forth humping my mouth. Everything was going fine when he shouted, "Shit, I'm gonna cum!" I shoved my right thumb straight up his ass. He arched straight up on his toes as my mouth was greeted with his warm candy. Like a homeless, starving person, I sucked away enjoying every ounce a boy sperm he was offering me. Finally sperm free, I turned him around and had him bend over. Without hesitation, I shot my tongue right into his sore asshole. Sean let out a loud moan and his hands reached back and spread his cheeks. His head was resting on the shower wall and his back was arched. Between his ass juices and my own sperm, I was becoming crazy with lust. I licked and sucked until I could take it no more. I stood up, lathered my cock with some soap and shoved it all the way in. Sean screamed, yelled and moaned at this violation. My left hand was on his left shoulder and my right hand held onto his right hip. I was fucking him with a fiery passion. "Oh, oh shit!" Was all he could mumble.

I was still plowing his ass and guided his right leg onto the top of the tub. Sean was yelling at the top of his lungs sending an echo throughout the bathroom. I was grinding and pounding my cock in his ass when I felt the need to release my load inside him. I yanked back on his hair, turning his face to the side and planted my mouth on his while I was sending jet after jet in his hot hole. Man, I couldn't get enough of this boy. My dick went limp and slipped from its confinement. We showered and was standing outside the shower toweling ourselves off.

I was doing OK until Sean bent over to dry his calves and feet. His little brown eye looked like it was inviting me in. I dropped my towel and dove in, tongue first. Sean had bent all the way over holding himself up with one hand and stroking his erect meat with the other. Tongue, finger, tongue, finger, I kept this up for awhile. His legs were trembling and my tongue was lapping in his hole. He barked out, "God, oh God!" I quickly spun him around and put my mouth on his cock. With three fingers digging in his ass, he shot his boy cream in my mouth. He took turns on both feet standing on his toes while he was busting another nut, holding my head for balance. Sean was reaching for oxygen when I walked him over to the toilet. His legs were weak as I turned him around to where he was straddling the toilet, facing the wall behind it. I bent him over to where his face rested on the seat.

"I'm really sore. Shawn, my ass hurts!" I put my cock against his hole and shoved it all the way home. "Ah, uh, ah shit," was vaguely mumbled. For some reason, I was too horny for this boy, or should I say, this boy made me too horny. I was stroking his ass like crazy and my right hand stroked his thick meat. It didn't take me long to build up another load. My cock was digging in his sore ass while sending load after load deep inside him.

I was completely spent and Sean tried to turn around, but his legs were too weak. I lowered him onto the toilet, after raising the lid. His eyes looked like a gas gauge reading full after all my sperm was shot into his ass. He was sitting on the toilet and his cock was sticking straight out, hard as a bone. I knelt down on both knees and started licking and sucking his hard boy meat. I could hear my sperm as it fell from his ass and strike the water with a thud. His hands were gripping and caressing my back as my mouth worked on his boy cock. "Oh God, oh my, shit, ah." I felt his watery heat as it rested in my mouth, savoring each grain of protein he was willing to give me. More sweet candy filled my mouth and allowing only a tiny bit to enter down my throat, totally enthralled with its divine flavor. Shot after shot flew from his cock until there was only droplets remaining. I was milking his cock from his sweet candy when his cock erupted again. "Shit, more, ah!" This time it was way different from his previous orgasms. Hot liquid flew in a fiery force in my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could to keep up. It was salty and somewhat bitter. He wasn't busting another nut, he was pissing in my mouth. From the sounds that Sean was making, he actually thought he was having an orgasm. His bladder must have been like his ass. All full! I drank and swallowed, drank and swallowed and I couldn't believe I was actually drinking his piss, but I knew I was. Sean started sliding his ass on the toilet seat as if humping my mouth. Each time he slid forward, sperm would fall from his ass and crash into the water. I gagged a couple of times, but continued swallowing his piss. His cock was limp, but his pee was still flowing. Sean was moaning and yelling all at the same time. After what seemed like an eternity, he stopped peeing. His limp cock fell from my mouth and he fell backwards against the back of the toilet. "Oh shit. I never had a nut like that before!" I didn't have the heart to tell him he was pissing.

I had to help Sean get into his shorts because he was so weak. We had just walked into the living room and sat down when Dana opened the front door and came in. "Did you boys play nice together?" We both nodded our heads yes. The rest of the story I am sure you are not interested in. It involves me and Dana in her bedroom.