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Two Brothers on Spring Break

Every year for as long as I can remember, my parents and my older brother and I would spend ten days in Florida during spring break. We stay at the same resort every time, a small and pretty pricey place on the southwest gulf coast that's popular with my parents' social circle back home in the Midwest. The place is real cool since it has golf for my parents plus tennis, a big pool and beach for my brother, Tim, and me.

I'm Scott and I always look forward to this trip because Tim and I get a chance to have a lot of fun together without any parental supervision. You see, my parents spend most of the time golfing, eating and drinking with their friends, leaving Tim and me to have the run of the resort.

That's cool because while Tim and I get along real well, back home he and I seem to spend a lot less time together and more time with our own circles of friends from school. Tim is seventeen and I'm thirteen so the age difference seems to matter more at home.

But not down here! The best thing is Tim has always been a bit bolder than me, or maybe takes seriously his job as `big brother' or official bad influence. So he's always pushing me to do some pretty crazy stuff. Not dangerous or illegal, we're both pretty much model sons, but just silly stuff.

And that's how this vacation started. Literally, we hadn't checked in more than twenty minutes when Tim, scoping out the pool and the beach with me, decided that the long board-short style swimsuits that mom had bought us were lame. So he dragged me into the small shop at the resort and after looking things over, picked out a couple of pretty skimpy yellow and white speedos. I though at first he was kidding.

"I can't wear that, Tim. It's almost not even there." Tim just grinned.

"Come on, Scott, don't be such a wuss. We're the sexiest guys here; we've got to show it off." His tone was serious.

"Show it off? To whom?" I thought he was fucking nuts.

"Everyone and anyone. It'll be cool, you'll see, when everyone-and I mean everyone-is checking us out." He was really almost begging me to go along with this. "Come on, Scott, we'll get awesome tans too if we're wearing these."

That was true. Plus, I knew from past experience that there was no use denying Tim for long. He'd wear me down until I consented. So to save time and get to the beach, I said sure, buy `em.

"Cool! This is gonna be awesome, you'll see." Well maybe. At least he paid for them out of his allowance.

Most of my friends thought speedos were pretty gay or at least euro-trashy lame. But my fears were more personal and real. I put those fears in the back of my mind as we went up to our room to change. Mom and dad had already departed for the driving range.

We flipped a coin for who got to change in the bathroom and I won. Even though we were close brothers, we'd never been THAT close. We have our own bedrooms and share a bathroom at home. The last time Tim saw my dick was probably when my diaper was changed. I'd never seen his.

So I went into the bathroom, stripped naked and took a nice, long piss. While my heavy piss stream kept splashing into and all over the toilet and floor (Tim and I aren't that neat and careful), I held the tiny speedo in my hands, wondering if it was big enough to fit. You see, that's my real fear of that tiny swimsuit. As I mentioned earlier, I'm thirteen and even though I'm barely a teen, by body is changing pretty fast.

In fact, Tim and I look almost alike; I just look like a younger version of him. We're both tall. He's 6'1" and I'm 5'10" and growing still. We both swim a lot and play tennis and soccer so we're very fit. Tim weighs about 140 pounds and I weigh about 120 pounds. We both have dirty blond hair that quickly lightens in the sun to a more ash blond color. We even have the same haircut; short but not quite a buzz cut. The sides and back are shortest and it's a bit shaggier on top. We both have blue eyes, narrow faces with big noses and big ears that stick out. I think they give us character (LOL). But seriously, I'm not being vain when I say that we're both pretty cute, normal looking jock-type teen boys.

Tim's chest is more developed; he has some nice pectoral definition while I'm much thinner and boyish still. The only other obvious difference is Tim has way more body hair than me. He's got a lot of light brown hair in his armpits and lots of blond hair up and down his legs. He's also started to get a light brown/blondish treasure trail starting near his navel and going down below his waistline.

I, on the other hand, have just a tiny bit of hair in my pits that only started to appear a couple months ago. I've got some fine blond hairs on my calves but I don't have any pubic hair yet.

I don't know about Tim's dick, but mine is big, even when soft it hangs down at least four inches, same as my balls. When I get an erection, my dick is straight as a ruler and sticks up almost vertical over eight inches. I have a big helmet head with a pretty large piss slit. Three months ago, I ejaculated for the first time, even though I've been masturbating since I was ten. Now I can shoot big loads that squirt over my head when I'm standing up. When I'm lying down and masturbating, I squirt all over my face, mouth and the wall behind my bed.

But, now you see, my dick is so big compared to my skinny boy body that I'm afraid I'll look ridiculous or obscene in the speedo. Still I promised Tim that I'd wear the thing.

So I finished my big piss, making sure that the last drops went on my big bare feet, and started to pull the thing on. Oh, and about getting urine on my feet? I guess sometimes I like to do some weird stuff since my dick fascinates me and since Tim and I are real messy with our piss. When I get horny lately, I like to piss all over the shower, hands free and boner aimed up high. It gets all over me but I think that's hot. Recently, I filled a glass with my piss and drank it down. I like how dirty I look, standing in front of the bathroom mirror naked and erect, drinking a big glass of my urine. I know it sounds goofy but I get awesome orgasms after. Besides, I'm pretty certain Tim is doing stuff like that too. I know he jacks off in the bathroom. When I go in after he's done, there are lots of yellow drops of his piss around the sink and pooled on the counter under the mirror. There are yellow streaks, barely wiped up, running down the mirror too. And I sometimes see some globs of Tim's sperm that he missed on his half-hearted clean ups. So I know he likes pissing and masturbating as much as I do.

Well, I managed to pull the speedo on so I guess it fit. But when I looked down at my crotch and modeled in the mirror, I had some real mixed feelings. I pushed my big penis down but still the bulge I made was pretty amazing. The big curve of my soft dick was pushed forward by my big balls so it looked like my bulge stuck out at least five inches from my flat belly above. My butt looked curvier compared to normal. Half of my butt cheeks seemed exposed too. I thought I looked awesome, especially my huge crotch. But I was also embarrassed to death. I mean, I might as well go naked than wear this.

So my hand was trembling slightly as I opened the bathroom door and walked out. What I saw made me gasp out loud. Tim was in his identical swimsuit and he looked incredible and even more exposed than me.

"Oh man, Scott, you look awesome!" my brother exclaimed. "Turn around slowly and let me see how it fits."

"Tim!" I started blushing but I did do one slow turn as my big brother whistled and I sighed.

"Baby brother, you and I will have the biggest packages on the beach, for sure."

"Stop saying that, Tim! It's embarrassing." It was also true. His dick bulged out even more than mine. My brother's dick must be bigger all around. That might mean that mine's not full size yet since he's four years older.

"Scott, big dicks are something to be proud of. Show it off, dude! Just because you're no needle dick like your little junior high friends is no reason to act like them." He was laughing as he said it which relaxed me enough to agree with him, I guess.

Tim walked over toward me, grabbing our sun screen on the way. "Let's go hit the beach," he said. Up closer, I noticed that his speedo was being pulled down by the size of his big genitals so that the top of his light brown pubic bush was showing a bit.

"Tim, your pubes are showing. You can't go outside like that." This was too much. Plus, I felt a tingle in my penis from the sight. If I get a boner in this swimsuit, I'm going to die, I thought.

"Yeah, looks hot doesn't it? Think I should show some more?" He was laughing again as he pulled down the front another couple inches and showed me his big hairy bush for the first time.

"Pull it up, Tim!" I was seconds away from an erection.

"OK," he sighed, knowing he was now being crazy. "But Scott, trust me. When you get a big hairy dick like me, you're gonna love it!" I just rolled my eyes, he giggled, and we went down to the beach.

The weather, as always there, was awesome. We first stopped at the pool. There weren't too many peopled there. This is a small and real private resort so it's never real crowded. Still, we did get some admiring glances from the few younger people. But it was obvious we were the youngest guys there and, like Tim promised, we were showing amazing fat bulges.

We sat in some lounge chairs a few minutes while we put on the sunscreen and downed a couple bottles of water. Then wearing nothing but the tiny speedos and baseball caps, we decided to walk the beach a while.

This would be the moment of truth. Down the beach were a few bigger resort hotels with more people. Tim was determined to strut by all of them, with me in tow, so everyone would see our big teen boy equipment in our swimsuits, especially in awesome profile as we walked past. We got a LOT of stairs. I saw one guy, pretty good looking but older, staring at Tim's exposed pubes and at my penis bulge. I also saw many other cute guys in normal swimsuits and wished they had the nerve to wear what we were wearing so I could check out the size of their crotches and see if they were real hairy too. Oh well, at least I could look at Tim's bulge. And he was definitely not shy about checking out my crotch too.

We walked for about thirty or forty minutes until we got to a stretch of beach in front of undeveloped land. The beach here got rockier and not so nice so I guess that's why no hotel has been built on it. It is where, traditionally, we'd turn around and walk back.

Suddenly, Tim stopped and said, "I've gotta piss real bad." I did too, actually.

"You're out of luck," I laughed. "There're no toilets around here. I guess you'll have to go in the ocean."

"Guess again, Scott. I've got a better idea." I was all ears, since now I was really feeling a very full bladder too.

"Better share it, Tim. All this piss talk is making me have to take a major leak too."

Tim's eyes lit up and he got a strange, mischievous look on his face. "Wanna do something wild?" he asked.

"Like what?"

"Say yes first or you're on your own."

Again, I knew it was useless resisting my big brother when he was up to no good. "OK, I'll do it if you do it. Whatever it is," I sighed.

"Cool," he replied. Then after skipping a beat or two, my brother announced, "We're having a piss contest."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I was definitely curious.

"Follow me." And I did. We made our way back from the beach about twenty yards or so, into the scrub. Then Tim put his arm out to block me from going forward.

"This is a good spot." We faced a stretch of sand. He drew a line in the sand with his big toe. "We're gonna stand here side by side and see who can piss the longest distance."

I said nothing. My mind was reeling now. On the one hand, it meant I could finally see my big brother's exposed penis and even observe him urinating. On the other hand, I was deathly afraid of getting an erection.

"I don't know, Tim. Someone might see us," I half-heartedly said.

"So? Let `em look." Then he looked me in the eye and said, "Don't be shy, Scott. I can practically see your dick in that swimsuit anyway. Besides, you can look at mine too. It's cool with me."

With that, he pulled down his swimsuit to mid-thigh. Tim, my older teen brother, had an awesome big pubic bush. But his dick was even better! It was very big and thick, looking like a somewhat larger version of my own penis, down to the big head and long piss slit. It looked like he wasn't totally soft, either.

"See, it's cool. Now whip yours out so I can see it and then we can piss." While keeping his eyes trained on my crotch, he turned sideways to me with his feet on the line he drew in the sand.

Suddenly, I wanted him to see my dick. I mean, his was huge but mine was pretty damn big too. So I pulled down my speedo.

Tim whistled again. "Dude, you're bigger than I was at thirteen."

I said nothing but just smiled at him. "OK, I'm ready to piss," I finally said.

"Me too. Let's do it." Then, Tim said, "Let's do it hands-free. No fair squeezing them to shoot a longer stream.

"OK," I agreed and then after about ten seconds of silent concentration from both of us, we started to urinate. Thick streams shot out of our big piss holes and hit the sand in front of us about four feet for me and about six feet for Tim. The sight of all that urine pouring out of his big hairy dick was amazing.

"Looks like I'm winning," Tim near-whispered.

"Don't be so sure." I bore down and pushed out and my stream intensified and I pissed as hard as I ever had from my half erect penis. My urine flow shot out a good nine feet.

"Awesome," Tim muttered more or less to himself. He bore down too, I guess, and his piss stream shot out almost as far. It was so sexy to urinate with my brother out there on the beach. We clearly admired each other's large, pissing dicks.

Our streams started to lose force eventually but then Tim grunted, farted loudly and shot a hard final big squirt of piss past mine.

"Oh man, I win," Tim crowed. By now both our teen dicks were half erect and growing. I knew what `winning' meant to Tim. Every time Tim won one of his lame contests, I'd have to agree to do something weird. One time, I had to eat a chocolate chip cookie with mustard on it. I almost puked.

I reluctantly agreed that he'd won our first piss contest. "Don't worry," Tim said, "We're going to have lots of rematches." I really liked the sound of that.

We pulled up our swimsuits and put ourselves back together. One problem: we both were half hard and so the bulges in our speedos looked more like tent poles. I started to say something but Tim was looking so pleased with himself. So we paraded down the beach as our dicks slowly deflated again to their normal, but still oversized-looking in the swimsuits. Even more of his sweaty pubes were exposed now.

After a swim in the pool, we got back to our room just in time to clean up for dinner with our parents. I liked Tim's newfound boldness with our naked groins.

He got off the phone with mom and dad and announced, "Time to shower up and meet them downstairs." Then he yanked his speedo off and stood in front of me totally naked. "OK if I shower first," he asked.

"Sure," I replied as I boldly dropped my speedo. We stood there, saying nothing for a couple minutes but awkwardly and obviously checked out each other's bodies and especially our formerly private big dicks.

After momentarily looking like he wanted to say something, Tim grinned and went off to the bathroom to shower. When he was done, he came out, naked but for a towel around his neck, and said "Your turn, Scott."

Now, this hotel had a super nice bathroom. When you walked in, there was a double sink on the left, a deep tub on the right and beyond the tub, along the same wall, a glass-enclosed shower. The toilet was on the far wall facing the door.

I got in the shower and was rinsing away when Tim knocked and popped his head in. This was a first, since we'd always respected each other's bathroom privacy, and it startled me.

"You've got to learn to relax, Scott," he said. "I need to piss. You mind?"

"No, go ahead." He walked in still naked. His dick was again half-hard, like it was on the beach after our piss contest. My penis immediately puffed up a bit too. Now, my brother, who was acting crazier than usual, didn't go over to the toilet. No, as I watched amazed, he climbed up on the ledge around the tub and, straddling it, leaned back against the wall facing me in the glass shower stall.

"Ready?" he asked with a grin. I just nodded `yes' while still not quite believing what I sensed was about to happen.

As I watched, mesmerized, Tim's big piss hole opened up and he started to take a real heavy piss that splattered hard on the glass wall of the shower. My dick immediately started to bone up even more as I watched his massive, powerful stream hit the glass after shooting across the tub from his big dick. His urine slid down the glass and pooled in the tub.

Well, I instantly decided that two could play this game. I laughed and said, "Check this out, Tim." I cut loose another big piss. It shot up all over the glass partition. Then, I grabbed my nearly erect dick and aimed it up, squeezing the shaft a bit to boost the stream. My urine shot up so high in an arc that it went over the top of the partition and rained down into the tub with a heavy, thudding sound.

"Dude, that is so awesome," my big brother gasped. For the second time that day we both clearly got into watching each other piss hard from our large teen boy dicks. As we pissed, we both bore down to make our streams super powerful. When I did, I cut a real loud, deep-sounding fart that really echoed in the shower stall. Tim seemed to squat a bit lower and let go with a couple of equally loud, long-lasting farts. Both our piss streams got more intense and we got even more erect as we shamelessly pissed and farted together.

Tim's piss slowed down first and when he was done and mine was slowing, he let go his dick and stood watching as I urinated onto the glass pointing my stream at him. He was nearly fully erect! Tim's dick must've been nine inches long now and real thick. It pointed straight as an arrow and up a bit. I looked down and as I squirted the last of my bladder contents I saw that my penis was erecting fast too.

Suddenly, Tim looked a bit unnerved, like we were going too far, and with a shy smile said, "You are too cool, bro." Then he climbed down off the tub. Now his dick was clearly pointing up a bit as he wiped his palm over the wet head, to get the last drops of piss and casually rubbed his palm over his bare chest. He smiled again at me and left the bathroom. I had to keep showering a few more minutes to calm down and deflate, if you know what I mean.

By the time I walked out of the bathroom, towel modestly wrapped around my waist, Tim was already dressed. He was a bit quieter than before and so was I. I think we both realized that we were on the verge of some pretty wild stuff and were unsure about taking it further.

So we went to dinner and laughed and joked with our parents and Tim seemed more like himself. But there were no more hi-jinks that night. We were both pretty much dead tired so we climbed into our own beds in our briefs and watched TV until we fell asleep shortly after.

The next morning I woke up later than I planned. Tim was already in his speedo and was kicking the side of my bed to get me up.

"Come on Scott, there's beach and sun to do."

"Ok, Ok, I'm getting up," I muttered sleepily. Tim had ordered cereal and juice from room service and we ate that and then I changed into my speedo. But not in the bathroom as usual in the past, but right in front of Tim, as he obviously stared at my big penis and hairless boy crotch.

"You know, Scott, in six months you are gonna get a real hairy dick."

"How do you know?" I asked. My dick started to get a bit puffy from the attention he was paying to it.

"Because I did and you're already getting hairy underarms like I did when I was your age." He even lifted his arms to show me his smelly, bushy blond armpits.

We didn't shower that morning. It was an unspoken rule of Tim's when we were on vacation that we'd let ourselves get pretty rank smelling.

As we rode down the beach side elevator, I checked out my big brother's speedo bulge again. Then, as I looked up, into our reflection in the mirrored elevator door, I saw Tim picking his nose. For some reason, I found that sexy. The combination of his near-naked teen body, smelly underarms and big dick bulge plus now his casual nose-picking seemed so hot and uninhibited, like our piss contests were. I was enjoying this spring break more than all the others before.

It went downhill fast after that. Tim and I walked out to the nearly empty pool. Standing near the edge and dripping wet was a young guy who seemed to immediately capture our attention. He was tall, looked like he was in his early to mid twenties and very hot.

The guy had real short, black hair and a big nose and brown eyes. He had high cheekbones and full lips too. His broad shoulders tapered down to his waist, forming a real `V' shaped torso. He had well-formed pecs that were dusted with short, fine black hairs, especially in the center and he had hairy legs. His skin was fair but tanned nicely. And he was wearing swim trunks that were cut more like boxer shorts and showed a big bulge but not an obvious one like Tim and me.

As he stood by his lounge chair toweling off, it was clear we'd caught his eye in our skimpy speedos. Tim and I put on sunscreen and lay side by side in the sun. Tim was uncharacteristically quiet and was obviously checking out this guy as he sat down on another lounge chair.

Pride and hormones were starting to get to me as I got a bit annoyed with how my older brother was ignoring me in favor of the sexy stranger. "Wanna walk the beach?" I asked.

"Maybe later, OK?" Tim mumbled. Well, I decided to swim in the pool a bit. That was a big mistake. No sooner had I started doing laps but the stranger had gone over and started talking to Tim. I treaded water and watched them talk a while. Tim looked like he was flirting with the guy and that seemed to make me a bit jealous of both of them, to be honest.

Well, when I got out of the pool and headed over to them, Tim visibly stiffened as if he'd been caught doing something wrong. He looked at the new guy and said, "This is my little brother, Scott." Then, turning to me he said, "Scott, this is Aaron."

We said hey to each other. Aaron stared pretty intensely at me but in a friendly, sort of shy way. Tim blurted out, "Aaron just got out of the Israeli army."

That was something different, to say the least. "Cool," I said, "Is that where you're from."

"No," Tim answered first, "He's from our town." Aaron explained that since he's Jewish he can volunteer for the army there and it's a big deal in his family and clearly something he was proud of. Well I was impressed. He seemed to carry himself with a self-assuredness that wasn't cocky or obnoxious but quiet and confident as he told us both a bit about what it was like there. It turned out that Aaron was twenty-three years old and was planning to go back to college in the fall. He actually seemed real nice and modest and was also clearly looking at both our big crotches too.

I needed to take a piss so I told Tim I was going to run off to the toilet and come back in a minute.

"No rush. Aaron and I are gonna walk the beach for a bit and then we can hook up back here for lunch, OK?" Fuck, Tim really blew me off and from the guilty look on his face, he seemed to know it. I could feel my face getting flush. Still, I didn't want to show I was hurt or look immature so I just said, "OK, see you at lunch."

When I got back from the toilet, they were long gone. Then, for the rest of the day, Tim and Aaron were inseparable. The three of us had lunch and Aaron was being real nice to me so I wasn't mad at him. I was pissed at my brother, though. Just when things between us he'd initiated were getting interesting, it seemed to be all over. After lunch, the three of us laid out on the beach. I couldn't have dozed off for more than ten minutes but when I opened my eyes, they'd wandered off again.

I went up alone to our room to clean up and dress for diner with the parents. Tim showed up and we barely talked to each other. It was strange. He knew I was angry and hurt and he seemed to feel guilty, I thought. But at the same time, he had this look like he needed to get to know Aaron. In other words, he looked torn and I almost started to feel sorry for him. Almost.

But all through dinner it was "Aaron this" and "Aaron that" and I got annoyed all over again, especially since my parents seemed so impressed with his new soldier friend. We weren't back in our room ten minutes when Tim sheepishly said he was going for a walk and would be back in a little while. He seemed real agitated so I didn't say anything but OK.

As pissed as I felt, I was also somewhat relieved. You see, I was also horny as hell and hadn't masturbated since we got to Florida. So while he was walking around, probably visiting his new friend, I decided to jack off.

But just as I was about to pull down my pants and get started, a couple thoughts came to me almost simultaneously. First, I was a bit afraid to masturbate in our room. What if Tim really did just go for a short walk? It would suck if he came back just as I was mid-jack off. Second, if he was off to see Aaron, I thought I'd do a little spying. If I didn't find him, the grounds of the resort were so large and dark, I figured I'd find a quiet spot and play with my penis in the dark outside.

So I put on my shorts (no shirt or underwear) and sneakers and went out to explore a bit. While my family stayed in the ocean front building, this resort has some smaller buildings, large villas actually, scattered along the edges of the golf course. Aaron and his family had rooms in one of those, he'd said earlier. As Aaron described it, he had a room facing the `jungle' with his parents in another room facing the golf course.

This `jungle' side had a small path so that's where I headed. In spite of my irritation with Tim, for some reason I started to get a boner as I quietly crept along this old overgrown path. Probably, the thought of doing something sneaky plus being naturally horny had something to do with it.

I passed by two villas that were all dark on that backside. Then I got to the third one and one of the ground floor rooms was lit up and the curtain was partially open. I carefully crept up to this one, knowing that in the dark, no one could see me with the room so bright inside.

From the opening in the curtain all I could see was a messed up bed but very quickly I noticed a shadow of movement so someone was in there. I thought maybe that this was Aaron's room from the kind of clothing scattered around on the floor. I squatted down in front of the window and waited.

A few seconds later, Aaron walked over to the far side of the bed. He was totally naked and erect. Jackpot!

He stood over the bed for a moment and I just took in the awesome view. Here was his tall, lean and military-toned torso with the short black chest hairs. But now I could also see a real large, wide patch of dense black pubic hair too. His dick was bigger than either Tim's or mine. It stood up and curved back pretty sharply so his dick head nearly rubbed his abdomen. I figured he had at least a ten inch long erection. It was huge and sexy and had a big head like my brother and me.

He threw himself down on the bed and rested his head on the stacked up pillows. He raised his right hand, the one nearest the window and folded it under his head so I could see his hairy armpit. Then Aaron took his left hand and pulled his erection up a bit and began to lightly masturbate. I'd never seen anything like this before and my dick was now painfully hard so I unzipped my shorts and let my big boy penis out. But I didn't dare touch it though; I knew I'd ejaculate almost immediately now that I got to watch a sexy guy erect and masturbating for the first time ever.

When Tim said he was `going for a walk,' I figured he and Aaron were going to do something so I felt a bit triumphant that it was me, and not my older brother, who caught Aaron doing all this naked sex stuff.

But just as I thought that, I detected more shadows and suddenly I saw something that caused me to gasp out loud in total shock. Tim appeared at the foot of the bed in profile to me. He too was fully nude and erect. Not the partial erections I'd seen yesterday but a long and rigid boner pointing almost vertical and straight as a ruler. It was a slightly larger version of my own large boner.

My naked, erect brother just stood there with his hands on his hips at the foot of the bed. Aaron nodded and seemed to say something. Then, to my continuing astonishment, Tim's penis erupted in a huge fountain of urine. His piss arced up in the air at least six feet before raining down on Aaron's naked body and especially his hairy crotch.

This was the most awesome thing I'd ever seen; my brother's piss stream looked almost effortlessly huge and powerful and it just kept going for a real long time.

Aaron used his left hand to rub my big brother's urine all over his hairy chest, crotch and erection. Aaron said something to Tim and so my brother grabbed his dick and pulled it out a bit from his body. Now my brother's piss stream splattered down on Aaron's upper chest. Aaron then sat up slightly and started to catch Tim's urine in his mouth. He even swallowed some of Tim's piss.

By the time Tim's urine tapered off, his face was red and he had a dreamlike look. When he was finally done pissing, Tim climbed onto the bed and crouched on his hands and knees between Aaron's long, hairy legs. My brother began licking his urine off of Aaron's penis and wet crotch hair. Then he started to suck Aaron's dick for the next five minutes or so as I just squatted there watching through the window. My mouth was hanging open, stupefied. My exposed boner was leaking loads of semen all over my abs, shorts and bare legs.

Tim stopped sucking Aaron's dick and they spoke for a few seconds. Then, Tim stood up on the bed, straddling Aaron's pelvis and lowered himself into a squat. Now my brother's hairy dick hovered just above Aaron's penis (which he'd pointed upward so it was aimed at Tim's crotch). Aaron said something and Tim nodded agreement. With that, Aaron let his bladder go and began to piss hard all over my brother's erection and pubic bush. He then pissed up onto Tim's chest and onto his asshole too. This was incredible. I always thought my big brother was sexy but he never looked more awesome than when he was letting a hot guy go to the bathroom on his big teen genitals.

Before Aaron's bladder was empty, Tim moved back and down further and let Aaron urinate into his open mouth. Tim drank and even swallowed piss too.

The next thing, Tim got back into a squat over Aaron's crotch. Aaron held his penis up and Tim appeared to rub his asshole all over it. I couldn't see for sure from the angle I was at but that's what I think was happening. Then, suddenly and with a slight wince, Tim sat on Aaron's giant boner. My brother was actually fucking himself slowly on that huge dick. Tim bounced up and down slowly at first, while on each downward thrust, he got closer to Aaron's pubic hair. I couldn't believe that my seventeen year old brother could accommodate something so huge in his rectum.

Eventually, Tim started moving faster up and down on Aaron's dick. Then Aaron said something and Tim nodded again. By now, my brother was sliding up and down on that big erection with real ease. He must've really loosened up a lot.

As Aaron just lay there watching, Tim pulled up and all the way off of that huge dick. He leaned forward slightly, squatting over Aaron's hairy crotch. As I watched this sudden halt to the action, Tim's dick squirted piss a couple more times as Aaron nodded his head slightly. From where I was watching, I couldn't be sure at first what was going on. But Tim started to slightly rotate his hips and what I saw now really blew me away. My big brother was taking a dump on Aaron's crotch and abs. As Tim lifted up a bit higher, I could see a huge stack of pretty hard-looking huge turds piled up on Aaron. This was awesome and amazing to me. The big brown pile on Aaron looked enormous and all of a sudden, I realized that I wanted nothing more than to have my brother do the same thing to me. I just wished I could have seen his big shit as it actually emerged from his asshole. I started to feel almost desperate for sex with these guys, knowing that they were doing all these amazing gross things.

Once Tim was done taking a shit, he got up and looked down with Aaron, both of them obviously admiring the huge dump. Both of their dicks were harder than ever. Aaron's boner hovered above his belly totally still and Tim's erection seemed to hug his abs even tighter. The next thing, Tim crawled back between Aaron's legs and sat down on the right below Aaron's crotch. Then, Aaron lifted his legs and pulled his knees back to his chest as my brother maneuvered himself so his face was up close to Aaron's asshole. My brother stuck his tongue out and began to really forcefully lick Aaron's asshole and all around it. This was incredible, I thought, and something else that I desperately wanted to try, I was so horny. I looked down momentarily at my penis and saw a long, sticky strand of my semen stretching from my piss hole down onto the ground below. My dick's only been leaking like this for a the past few months or so, but I don't think it's ever leaked as much as it did while I watched my brother and Aaron do all these real dirty things together.

While Tim sucked on Aaron's asshole, Aaron started to lightly run his hands all over the big dump that my brother deposited on him. He grabbed some softer looking clumps of Tim's shit and grabbed his penis and began to smear it all over. I knew that I'd have to try rubbing shit all over my erection real soon. The whole time he jacked his giant dick with Tim's shit, Aaron kept saying stuff and Tim kept nodding yes. I wished I could hear what they were saying!

After a couple more minutes of pretty intense ass sucking, Tim raised his face up and, while holding Aaron's legs back, my brother sat back down on the bed with his legs spread in front of him in a V pattern. Tim leaned back with his super hard boner and hairy crotch directly under Aaron's spit-wet asshole. I could barely glimpse Aaron's anus from my viewing angle but what I saw took my breath away. I mean, I'd looked at my own early teen butthole lots of times but this anus was on a whole other level. Aaron's asshole was huge! It stuck out a good inch or two and looked in profile like a volcano. He was flexing it in and out pretty hard too so that his asshole got real big and stretched out.

While Tim kept nodding encouragement, Aaron grimaced and seemed to push his anus out even further. I swear it looked like it stuck out two or three inches and was at least as big as a baseball. Then, as I watched, a large brown turd began to slowly emerge from Aaron's giant distended anus and began to slowly push further out. My brother seemed to aim his penis and crotch area so that it was directly under Aaron's emerging dump. My big brother wanted to be shit on.

Now Aaron's giant dump began to curve downward in one super-thick brown column and began to gather on Tim's hairy dick. I was enjoying looking at my brother's big boner and thick bush but it never looked more awesome than now as a huge dump began to stack up all over it. Tim's face looked almost glazed over as he gathered more of Aaron's shit in his right hand. By the time that Aaron had stopped shitting, it looked like there was at least two pounds of thick, brown crap piled up on my brother's crotch and in his hand. I felt almost feverish with jealousy of both of them as they got to experience each other's gigantic dumps.

My brother then grabbed his dick with the same hand that held Aaron's shit and smeared it all over the exposed shaft and fat dick head. Then Tim pushed his dick out and rubbed the head all over Aaron's big asshole. He was running his dick around in a circle on Aaron's fat anus before inserting it easily inside. Tim pushed forward until his shit-covered crotch was pressing up against Aaron's ass cheeks. But instead of fucking in and out of Aaron's big hole, Tim held perfectly still as Aaron kept nodding yes.

After a couple minutes, Tim slowly withdrew his dick and just sat there in the same position as when Aaron crapped on him. Aaron held his legs back against his chest while Tim pulled himself up a bit so that his tall boner was directly in front of Aaron's anus. All of a sudden, I realized what Tim had done instead of fucking Aaron as that giant asshole suddenly erupted with a huge fountain of yellow and brown water all over my brother's crotch and hard dick shaft. Tim had pissed inside of Aaron and now was getting all that piss and some lumps of shit squirted back onto him with awesome force. I couldn't hear what they were saying through the closed window but I could hear Aaron's asshole exploding with a long, deep farting sound as all the wet and solid contents of his rectum just kept shooting hard out onto my brother's erection.

Suddenly, Tim's penis went even more rigid and sperm shot up in the air at least five or six feet before raining down on himself and on Aaron. His dick was erupting with incredible force even though he hadn't touched it; both his arms were outstretched behind him propping him up. Only the force of the piss and shit splattering on Tim's penis stimulated this amazing ejaculation.

Tim's orgasm ended about the same time as the piss enema finally ran out. Aaron started masturbating his shit-covered dick while saying something to my brother. Tim immediately shoved his sperm-covered, still hard dick into Aaron's super large asshole and fucked him for a couple minutes while Aaron started to jack a bit harder.

I was so hard and horny that I was gasping for air now. As I kept watching, Tim pulled his totally hard boner out and, with Aaron's obvious encouragement, started playing his right hand all over Aaron's big stretched anus. At the same time, he started jacking his shit-smeared boner with his left hand. Tim kept adding fingers as he fucked them in and out of Aaron's asshole. Pretty soon, and with Aaron masturbating and nodding `yes' constantly, Tim shoved his whole right hand into Aaron's giant anus. He was actually fist-fucking Aaron. No wonder my brother's dick never went soft.

Eventually, after about ten minutes of hard fisting, Tim was pushing his arm halfway to the elbow and all the way out as the huge anus farted out at him. I could even see the bright red insides of Aaron's rectum sticking out beyond his already outstretched shit lips. Still, my brother kept fisting while also jacking himself. Then, Tim pulled his hand out and lowered his face to the big, inside out hole he'd been fisting and started sucking on all the red insides that were sticking out, glistening. At almost the same moment, Aaron started to gasp visibly and his dick erupted with sperm all over his own face and chest and even over his head onto the wall behind the bed. My brother reared up and jacked hard as he ejaculated for the second time in less than thirty minutes. Another giant load fired out from my brother's dick and all over Aaron's chest and dick.

Well I was so horny and ready for my own orgasm (or three!) but I just couldn't stop watching my brother and this sexy older boy through the window. But after just sitting there catching their breath for a few minutes, both Tim and Aaron got up and left to, I supposed, go clean up. They needed to.

Still, I crouched there in front of the window for a while, hoping they'd come back out and do more dirty sex stuff. But after about twenty minutes and no more to see, I decided to go back to the room. As I walked back, though, my desire to masturbate slowly wore off as I got flustered over what I'd seen. Over and over, I kept thinking stuff like why didn't they ask me to join them or why wouldn't Tim try to do stuff with me like that instead of with a stranger? I also kept kicking myself mentally for being maybe too off-putting or immature in front of Aaron so that maybe he didn't want to do all that dirty stuff with me. Well, I was jealous and pretty upset. I wanted to do everything with both of them and I was feeling real excluded and pushed aside so that this vacation was turning into a total disaster now.

By the time I got back to our room, my boner had sort-of deflated. I mean, my shorts were all wet in front from all the semen I'd been leaking out and my dick was half hard. But I was still way too agitated and wound up to jack off right away. So instead, I went out to the balcony looking out on the moonlit ocean and just sat in one of the deck chairs and let my mind wander over what I saw earlier and what it meant.

Eventually, after an hour or so, I calmed down a bit and started to get horny all over again. By now I figured that Tim wasn't coming back to the room real soon; he and Aaron were probably doing more sex stuff but I didn't have the energy to go back and peak through the window at them anymore. My dick was hard though, so I pulled my shorts off and just slouched there in the dark on the balcony and let my young teen penis bounce up and down off my belly as my mind went back to the gross stuff that Tim and Aaron did.

Well the sound of the ocean was pretty loud and plus I was so wrapped up in my horny mental replay that I didn't hear Tim enter our room. So I was pretty startled when he quietly walked out on the balcony wearing just his underpants and sat down on the other deck chair.

"Oh man," I jumped, "I didn't hear you get back." My hands instinctively went to cover my boner.

Tim just smiled sheepishly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you jump." I started to reach for my shorts.

"You don't have to put those on, you know," he said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well we showed each other our dicks already. It's cool," Tim explained. I was still embarrassed and nervous all of a sudden.

I said, "That's easy for you to say. You've still got your underpants on."

He just smiled slightly and stood up. Then my brother quickly dropped his underpants, kicked them back through the door to our room and sat back down. He was totally naked and, again, half erect.

"How long have you been sitting out here?" he asked.

I shrugged, "A while I guess. Why?"

"Just wondering." He looked out at the ocean for a couple minutes as we sat there naked. He made no attempt to hide his penis so I didn't either.

Tim looked like he was deep in thought and trying to figure out how to say something, as if he was rehearsing it in his head real fast. He turned his deck chair so it was facing me instead of the ocean.

"Turn this way and look at me, OK?" Tim asked, nervously, as if he was about to cry or something. I turned my chair so we were now facing each other, our bare feet and calves touching.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm sorry for blowing you off today. But I got a chance to do something I thought I'd never do in my whole life." My brother was so nervous that he was visibly shaking as he started to confess what I already knew. Now I started to shiver a bit even though it was so hot and humid out there, even at night.

I looked down at my dick and steeled my nerves. "I know," I half-whispered.

"What do you mean?" Tim nervously asked.

"I went looking for you and I saw through the window everything you and Aaron did."

"Oh God, promise you won't tell anyone," Tim pleaded in a barely concealed panic.

"I won't." We were silent for a couple moments.

"Do you hate me now?" he finally asked.

"No." I hesitated for a couple seconds and then blurted out, "I want to do that stuff too."

"Really?" Tim looked totally surprised and amazed. "Everything Aaron and I did?"

"Yeah, Tim, everything. I wanna do all that stuff and anything else you can think of." I was really laying it on the line but I figured I didn't really have much to lose, since I'd already seen what my big brother was capable of doing to satisfy his big dick.

We were quiet for a moment as our mutual revelations started to sink in. We were sitting, facing each other in those outdoor armchairs on the dark balcony, the only light coming from the moon and from our lit-up hotel room. We just stared at each other as our penises erected. Our naked calves rubbed each against each other as we slouched down in the chairs further. We were deliberately thrusting our boners at each other as we showed our full erections for the first time. It was so awesome to be free to openly stare at my big brother's hairy and super long penis as he looked at my similarly over-sized but hairless boner.

"Tim," I started asking in a cracking voice, "Did you like everything you did with Aaron?"

"Yeah, Scott, I wanted to do that stuff for so long. I only ever read about all of it but never got a chance until now to try anything."

"Did it hurt having his big dick up your ass?" I needed to know because I was having visions of my brother's huge penis sliding in and out of me.

"No, it felt real full and sexy, you know?" He looked me in the eyes for the first time since we'd started talking. Then he blurted out, "It was like taking the biggest shit in my life! I almost spermed all over him just from getting so loose and slick on his boner."

"God, Tim, you are so lucky. I'd give anything to take a big shit on someone and then get my asshole all stretched out."

"It was totally awesome, Scott. I loved feeling my dump coming out of me onto him." Tim looked at me again and asked, "Will you show me your asshole?"

"Sure, if you show me yours." I was dying to look at Tim's anus.

"Ok," he said and then he lifted his legs and rested them on the arms of the chair as I did the same. We both slouched down even further so that our boy holes were really pushed out off the edge of the seats. It felt so great to feel the ocean breeze on my ass lips as I showed my brother that awesome secret spot where my big turds come out.

Tim looked directly at my pushed out anus and said, "Your hole looks real hot. Is mine all swollen still? It feels stretched out in a real nice way."

"Yeah, Tim, it's all big and puffy. And your ass lips are sticking way out, like a big open mouth." I looked up at my brother and continued, "It's real awesome."

"I can make my asshole look even bigger. Wanna see?" Tim said in a serious tone. He was into doing this for me.

"Yeah, show me," I answered. "I want to make mine real big too."

"Fuck, Scott, I think you've got a great asshole. I mean, it looks pretty awesome from here. It's sticking out a bit and it's real sweaty-looking. You ever play with it?"

I reached down with my right hand and ran my fingers around on my anus. It was true; the way I was sitting with my legs spread and my butt pushed out over the edge of the chair made my asshole spread out real wide and get a little puffy too.

"I've played with it sometimes. Like, I can get three fingers in it if they're real wet and slick," I confessed to my big brother.

"Cool, Scott. You should try to put bigger things in you, like cucumbers. I've been doing that for a while. Sometimes I can put a real big cucumber all the way inside so it disappears. It's awesome to shit it out and then do it all over again until my hole stays open on its own." This was amazing to hear my brother admit.

"I've thought about doing stuff like that, but I was afraid it'd hurt me. Like, how would I explain that to mom and dad?"

"Fuck, it won't hurt. Seriously, it's the best feeling to get your hole real stretched out. Besides, look at a big cucumber some time and ask yourself if you don't make bigger turds. I know I do."

I smiled shyly and admitted, "Yeah I can make some real monsters. Some of them are more than a foot long and real thick."

"Yeah, same here. The big ones look so awesome, especially when I hold them in my hand and look at myself in the mirror." Wow! Tim actually holds his big dumps. I knew immediately I'd have to try that too.

I smiled at my brother and suggested, "Maybe we should have a shit contest too, sometime."

"Awesome," he whispered. Then, regaining his voice a bit, Tim said, "I'd say we could have one now but I'm empty. As you know, I guess."

"Yeah, but I saw your dump. Wanna see mine?"

"Can you take a shit?" Tim asked with obvious excitement in his voice.

"Yeah, I'm bursting," I admitted.

"Do it."

"Ok, but first you have to show me how big you get."

Tim got a look of concentration on his face and whispered, "Look at my anus, Scott." As I stared at his swollen, protruding asshole, my teen brother grunted a bit and his hole and all the area around it expanded and pushed out. Fuck! Tim's anus was immense now. In the light from inside the bedroom, Tim's asshole looked like it puffed out about two or three inches and was really open. I could even see some of his bright red insides at the opening. Tim kept pushing and flexing his hole as it opened and stuck out even more.

"That's so hot," I panted to myself as much as to him. "I wish I could make mine that big."

"I think I can make it even bigger still," Tim whispered, "If you want me to."

"Yeah, keep going."

He grunted and bore down even harder. This time his anus stuck out even further and I could see his shiny red rectum when, suddenly, Tim began to fart. It was a deep, rumbling kind of fart and it lasted for at least half a minute. I could see his big, fat asslips vibrating. I was now so erect and tingling that I thought I could ejaculate just from watching my teenage brother fart and thrust his big anus at me.

"Oh man, it's so big, Tim! Can I touch it? Please?" I begged.

"Yeah, Scott, run your hand all over me down there." As I leaned over to touch my big brother's giant, swollen anus, he started to masturbate lightly. It was so cool to see him start to jack off in front of me! I figured from now on I wouldn't have to be so stealthy about playing with myself if we were Ok with pissing and masturbating in front of each other.

I was really nervous as my left hand made contact with Tim's fat teen anus; this was the most sexual thing I'd ever done so far. My hand was literally shaking as my fingers lightly touched his ass lips. As I rubbed on them, Tim kept pushing his asshole in and out as it made some farting and slurping sounds that turned me on a lot. His ass lips felt big and rubbery. They were also slippery and kind-of slimy with shiny ass mucus all over. When he bore down real hard, I stuck some fingers into his hole and felt the red insides and they were even slimier. Tim farted again and some of that golden-colored stuff spurted from his big hole and onto my hand.

"Wet your fingers and really stick them inside me, Ok?" Tim asked.

I nodded as I brought my goo-covered hand up to my mouth. Tim's ass and shit smells were real strong on my fingers and made my dick jump as I sniffed them while Tim watched. My belly was wet with semen coming out of my penis non-stop. His eyes bugged out in surprise as I stuck my dirty fingers in my mouth and sucked on them. I also slobbered lots of spit all over. The taste was awesome, salty and bitter. It reminded me of a couple times when I'd get real gross in secret and taste my snot.

Well I didn't linger sucking my fingers; I wanted to get back to playing in my brother's asshole and he seemed totally ready for me to get back to it too. Tim had grabbed his ass cheeks and was pulling them apart as he flexed his anus in and out even harder.

"Ready?" I asked. Tim just said `yeah' and cut another big fart as he pushed and held his big asshole out. I stuck four wet, spit-covered fingers into the red, knotty-looking rectum of my teen brother and felt around. It was soft, hot and squishy with even more of that smelly, glistening stuff all over. Tim moaned in pleasure as I gently ran my fingers all around inside him. He was really loose and I was so turned on every time he flexed his anus. I could feel his asshole move out and over my hand and wrist.

"Oh man, Tim, you're really huge, you know?" I whispered.

"Yeah, it feels so awesome to get that big."

"Have you stretched yourself like this before?" I asked.

Tim looked at me and said, "Lots of times, Scott. When I'm all stretched like this, my turds get gigantic."

"Like the ones you dumped on Aaron?"

"No, those were just normal sized for me. I've done much bigger dumps," Tim said. "You want to see sometime?"

"Yeah," I answered. "Will you show me how to stretch my asshole? I want to make super-large dumps too."

"Oh man, Scott, I want to show you all that stuff. Will you let me watch you take a shit?"

I just nodded `yes.' I watched Tim spit a lot into the palm of his hand and then pour all his saliva onto my wrist.

"Put your whole hand in me, Scott. I want to try that so bad."

"You sure it'll fit?" I didn't want to hurt him.

"It'll fit for sure," he said. Tim pushed out real hard, squirting some piss onto his naked chest as I folded my thumb into the palm of my hand and pushed into him. This was incredible. My hand disappeared easily into my brother's rectum.

"Oh fuck, Tim, my whole hand is in your asshole." I started to gently push my hand in and out a little while Tim got used to it in there. Gradually, I built up speed and my hand started going even further up into my brother. His hole was starting to make even louder squishing sounds as he flexed hard while I fisted him.

By now, I had leaned forward so far that my face was only a few inches from my brother's giant anus. He'd gotten real quiet as I kept fisting him but when I looked up, I saw that Tim was running his left hand all over his piss-soaked chest while he picked his nose with his right hand. He saw me looking at him and, embarrassed, quickly pulled his finger out of his nostril.

"It's Ok, Tim. Keep picking your nose, I like to do it too."

"Really?" he asked, almost plaintively.

"Yeah, watch this." While I held my left hand steady in his asshole, I poked my right index finger into my nostril and started to dig around. Seeing me pick my nose encouraged Tim to go back to doing it too.

"Oh god, Scott," he moaned. He wiped a big chunk of snot onto his dick so I followed his example and did the same thing.

Suddenly, I cut a fart. I'd forgotten how full I was; I hadn't taken a shit in a couple days. The smell of my gas was real strong and made my boner jump and hit me in the chest as I hunched over my brother's asshole.

Tim stopped picking his nose for a second to look at me and ask, "Are you ready to take a shit, Scott?"

"Yeah, I'm real full feeling."

"Can I watch you do it now?"


I pulled my hand out of his ass and held it up. We could both see his ass stuff all over it. As I leaned back into the chair and thrust my ass out further, Tim grunted and his hole opened up more than ever as a large glob of ass mucus and spit slowly slid out and spattered onto the concrete balcony. I was shaking so hard from the sight of Tim's giant teen anus sticking way out letting that nasty stuff belch out of it. Tim wanted to show me how gross his asshole gets, now that he knew that I loved it.

Just then, I cut another fart as Tim whispered, "Do it, Scott. Take a shit."

I pushed out hard. "I'm gonna take a dump," I moaned. Tim started to masturbate even harder as my asshole got big and pushed out. My boner got extra rigid and stood up a bit from my abdomen and just hovered in the air perfectly still as I blasted out a really loud and long fart.

Then without warning, my body totally lost control and my rectum and my bladder exploded simultaneously. A heavy piss stream shot out all over my chest, face and over my head onto the concrete balcony behind me. At the same time, I could feel a huge, hard turd start sliding out of my anus. It kept coming out for the longest time; it felt like it must've been at least a foot long as urine kept shooting with awesome force all over me. Once my turd was all the way out, we both heard the slapping sound it made as it hit the balcony between us. Still, I kept pissing hard as my brother just stared, amazed at what my young teen asshole had produced for him.

As I pissed hard, a series of four or five loud, sharp farts blasted out in a row from my anus. Then, before my piss stream started to really die down, I opened my mouth and squirted some in. Tim watched as I drank my urine. Eventually, the stream slowed enough that it was now quietly hosing my hairless crotch all around my dick. Piss still ran down off my chest onto the balcony with a non-stop dripping sound.

"Oh fuck, Scott," Tim finally said, "That was an awesome huge dump. Did it feel real good coming out?"

"It felt so good," I panted. "My asshole got so big and I could feel it going through me." We were quiet for a second when I felt a rumbling in my gut. "I think I've got more shit in me."

"Really?" Scott whimpered. "Is it Ok if I catch it in my hand? I wanna hold your dump so bad." I just nodded `yes' as words totally failed me. This was the horniest thing I'd ever done, way more extreme than I'd ever dared to fantasize.

"Tim, you've got to promise to take a dump on me sometime, Ok?" I begged.

"Only if you shit on me too, Scott." I nodded agreement. And I was pushing out hard too.

"Here it comes, Tim, I'm going to shit some more."

He leaned forward and stuck his left hand out as I pushed hard. A big, but softer load began to emerge from my anus into his cupped hand. My shit kept on coming for the longest time it seemed. I guess I was really full inside. When I was finally done, Tim leaned back so now we were again facing each other on the outdoor chairs, our legs draped over the arms so our pushed out teen assholes were spread open and on display for each other. He lifted his left and held a huge, coiled up load of my shit for us to admire.

"God, Scott, this is so hot" he said. "You really dumped a major load. I mean, check out the turd you dropped down there, too." He gestured to the balcony floor as I leaned over to look. Fuck! It was one of my best turds ever, I think. It was long and so hard that it'd pretty well kept its shape even after hitting the concrete.

When I leaned back onto the chair again, I looked at Tim and told him I liked seeing him holding my turd. He smiled and lifted it to his face and smelled it. I was so horny now. I started picking my nose again.

My brother looked at me and said, "Your asshole looks all stretched out from your dump. You want me to try fucking you?" I liked the idea but was still afraid it'd hurt a lot.

"Ok but we need something to lube it up, don't we? I'm not as big as you are down there, yet."

Tim grinned at me and, holding his shit-filled hand up, said, "Let's use this, Ok?"

"Yeah, go for it." This was an awesome idea. So Tim grabbed a big chunk of my softer second round shit and started rubbing it all over his erection. Then, he lowered his legs to the ground and scooted forward. With his shit smeared boner standing straight up, Tim took his equally shitty right hand and began massaging my asshole. It felt incredible to experience my own brother massaging my wide open, swollen asshole. And his big boner looked even more awesome with my shit coating it.

"The trick," he started to instruct, "Is to push out real hard, like you're taking the hardest shit ever, as I push my dick in you."

"Ok," I said. Tim then grabbed his dick and pulled it down so it was pointed at my asshole and started to rub his dick head onto my ass lips.

"Ready?" he asked. I nodded and grunted hard, bearing down on my anus as I felt it start to push out around his big penis. Tim pushed his whole pelvis forward and, with a sudden popping feeling and a sharp, momentary sting, his big dick went right in. He held it there, halfway in for a few moments while I got used to the fullness.

"Start fucking me," I panted, ready to feel my brother's huge dick sliding all over my anal lips and my rectal walls. Tim started a slow in and out motion, going deeper up inside me every time. Pretty soon, I felt him go all the way in as far as his long, fat teen dick could go.

"I feel your pubic hair on my ass," I told him. He was just staring down at my stretched hole around his giant boy dick.

"It looks so awesome, Scott. Your asshole is huge now," he panted. "Does it feel good?"

"Yeah, it feels great. Like the biggest shit ever and it keeps happening."

"This is the best yet, Scott. I'm holding your dump and fucking you at the same time." He was going faster now so he was getting a bit out of breath.

"Tim, let me have some of that shit. I want to jack off with it, Ok?" I knew I needed to blow my load soon and wanted to get my big boy dick covered in my smelly crap.

He held his hand out and I reached up with my right hand, took a mound of it the size of a baseball and grabbed my dick. The shit squeezed out between my fingers as I grasped harder before caking my boner with it. Once I was good and coated all over, I started masturbating while Tim rammed his dick into me even faster. I could feel his dick head rubbing deep inside my rectum and all over my prostate (as he later explained to me). This gave me a warm feeling inside that spread out from my ass and up my dick shaft every time his dick went deep.

So there we were. He was fucking me harder, sweat pouring down from his smelly armpits and I was jacking off with my shit-covered dick while picking my nose with my other hand. Tim farted a couple times so I asked him, "Are you still flexing your asshole out?"

"Yeah, I can't stop. I'm getting real close and it feels totally awesome. I think my insides are sticking out like Aaron's were. I can feel my ass walls rubbing onto the edge of the chair."

"I'm getting close, Tim," I whined as I felt my orgasm building up fast.

"Me too, Scott, I'm coming inside you." Suddenly, Tim went totally still and I could feel squirts of hot sperm hitting my ass walls as my brother ejaculated inside me. I was now right on the brink of shooting my young teen sperm load as Tim yanked his dick out of me and stood up.

"Look at my dick, Scott." It was an incredible sight. His penis was still super-hard and coated with lots of shit and dripping cum.

"Oh god, Tim, that's so hot." I could barely breathe now as my orgasm began. "Please, show me your asshole too, Ok?" I begged.

He rapidly turned around and bent way over, pushing his dirty erection back between his wide-spread legs. Tim pushed his anus out real hard and another big glob of his ass mucus dripped out onto my crotch. Seeing my sexy brother shit his ass stuff out onto me nearly did it. I reached out with my left hand and fondled his big, shit-caked dick and shot my biggest load since I started making sperm. It went up onto my face and all over my piss-covered chest. I was in spasms from the intensity of my ejaculation.

As I finally came down from my dick-spurting high, Tim turned around and squatted a bit lower to admire the huge sperm load that I'd spurted all over me. He began to lightly piss on me as I just lay there too blown away and drained to even move an inch. It felt so good to finish off our incest with my big brother urinating on me as we both looked at each other's shit-smeared hands and dicks.

We were both pretty quiet but clearly content with what we'd done as we cleaned up the mess. Tim picked up my first turd and carried it into the bathroom and dropped it in the toilet. I sat down and crapped out Tim's sperm as he watched. We got in the shower to clean up and got boners again. So we took turns sucking each other's dicks. Then, we both squatted down and jacked off while feeling each other's assholes all swollen and pushed out toward the shower floor. Then, while we masturbated in the shower, Tim said, "You know, Aaron said he's licked and even eaten shit before."

"Seriously?" This sounded too nasty to even contemplate.

"Yeah. Maybe we should build up some big loads and see if he'll eat ours?" Tim smiled as he suggested that.

"Well, what if he wants us to eat some too?" I asked.

Tim looked at me, grinned mischievously and said, "I hope so."

And with instant certainty I said, "I hope so too." And then we both blew our loads almost simultaneously all over each other.