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This story is fictional, entirely from the imagination of the author.


Chapter Seven

The following morning I woke up smelling Carlos' ripe pit as my nose was pressed directly under his arm. I had a raging hard-on. I reached down and began to stroke my cock as I licked the sweat from his armpit, waking Carlos up.

"Ummmm, nice way to wake up" Carlos mumbled, as he reached over with his left hand and pressed my head tighter into his pit. "Yeah, Ty, suck all that nasty sweat out of there."

I moaned and continued to lick his armpit and suck on the thick hair there. I needed to piss so bad it hurt. Finally Carlos released my head and I jumped up and quickly stepped out of the trailer. I only made it to the nearest tree. When I finished pissing I stepped back into the trailer and saw Pop and Carlos putting their shoes on. Jim was nowhere to be seen. I asked Pop "What happened to Jim?"

"He left last night" he said. "He said he may drop by this morning for coffee."

Carlos, looking at me said "Put your shoes on Ty." I sat down on the edge of the bed and did as I was told.

Pop asked "Who's cooking breakfast?"

Carlos answered "Tyler is, right Ty?"

"You bet" I replied.

While we ate breakfast Pop said he wanted to get some more fishing in before we left for home. We all agreed that was a good idea. When we finished eating Pop got up and headed out of the trailer, reaching for the roll of toilet paper and small shovel on his way.

Carlos took my hand and began to lead me out of the trailer following him. I knew where we were going and my stomach was beginning to revolt. I was upset. I didn't want to do this. I dropped Carlos hand and quickly stepped in front, between him and Pop. As we walked I reached up and began furiously tugging on my left ear. We took a few more steps and I reached up and tugged my ear again.

Then, finally, Carlos said "Dad, I forgot something. Tyler and I will be along in a bit."

"Okay" Pop responded.

Carlos reached for and took my hand and led me back to the trailer in silence. When we got inside and both sat down on the bed Carlos looked at me and asked "So, what's the problem?"

I raised my head to look at him. I was determined not to cry, but a single tear escaped and rolled down my cheek. "Carlos, that is something very personal, very private. I only want to share that with you because I love you."

Carlos saw the tear on my cheek and said "I'm sorry babe. I didn't think it was any big deal just going out to take a dump. But if you want that to be private and it means that much to you, then that's Okay."

"It's not just the act of taking a dump Carlos. With you, it is a sexual thing for me. I know you have noticed how hard my cock gets. I just wanted that to be something special we did together. Alone." I said.

"Okay, no problem babe. That's the way it will be, for now anyway" Carlos said, then added "But I still have to take a shit." He took my hand and again led me out of the trailer but we headed in a different direction than his father had taken.

In a few minutes we had reached a suitable area. Carlos said "After that monster piss you took before breakfast, do you need to pee again?"

"I don't think so" I responded.

"Well, I do. And I think I want to take care of that before we take care of our other business" Carlos said. I said nothing, just looked at him. "On your knees Ty." It clearly was an order.

I dropped to my knees and Carlos stepped in front of me.

Carlos said "I'll try to be careful, but I don't want you spilling any, you hear?"

"Yes. I'll do my best" I responded. I opened my mouth as Carlos lifted his cock and placed it on my tongue. I sealed my lips around his cock and as soon as I had done so I could taste the small trickle of his warm piss entering my mouth. It tasted much stronger than the prior time I had done this. As the flow became stronger I found myself swallowing quicker. I could feel Carlos cock expanding as he pissed but I just kept swallowing the warm, very salty liquid. About the time I felt I couldn't drink any more his flow began to slow and quickly ended, but he didn't pull his cock out of my mouth. Instead he began fucking my mouth, slowly at first. Then as he achieved full hardness he began to thrust in and out more aggressively until he finally shoved his hard cock all the way against the back of my throat. I swallowed and allowed him access to my throat. Carlos groaned as his cock felt my massaging throat muscles on his cock. He continued to thrust in and out until he threw his head back and made a sound I had never heard before. I swear it sounded like a small moose. I could feel his hot cum flooding down my throat as his cock jerked. As he pulled his cock out slowly, more cum shot across my tongue so I could taste it.

I had a painful hard-on, but Carlos ignored it. He said "Okay, now let's take our dump."

We both dug a little hole with heel of our shoes, then squatted above our respective holes. Our legs were touching. I had my hand on Carlos leg and he had his hand on mine. After I finished my business I dropped my left hand down to my cock and began stroking, waiting for Carlos to finish, watching and listening to him. It was making me so hot my pre-cum was almost squirting from my cock. Carlos noticed and said "This really gets you going, doesn't it Ty?"

I breathed "It's so fuckin hot man, so hot."

"That's my little stink-boy" Carlos responded, squeezing my leg.

When Carlos finished he said "Oh fuck. Dad took the TP" I just looked at him, saying nothing. He continued "We'll just have to do like the Indians did and use leaves."

"Leaves?" I asked.

"Yeah, leaves. Just grab a handful and wipe your butt, silly" Carlos said, as he did just that. I watched him then did the same thing. "It doesn't work like TP, but it's better than nothing. You just have to make sure you don't ever use poison oak leaves."

I asked "How would I know which ones are poison oak?"

"They have a red stem. You really have never been a Boy Scout, have you?" said Carlos.

"Nope, not me" I responded.

We both stood up, kicked dirt over the holes we used, then headed back to the trailer. When we arrived back at the trailer we could see that Carlos' dad was down at the lake's edge. He was obviously fishing. Just as we stepped into the trailer we heard the ranger's pick-up truck pulling up. Jim got out wearing his uniform and hollered "Anybody home?"

I followed Carlos out the door to greet Jim. We were both still wearing only our shoes.

Jim said "Hi guys. You're looking very good this morning. Is your dad around?"

Carlos answered "Yes. He's down there fishing" pointing toward the lake. Jim said "Well, we don't really have to bother him right now, do we? You guys have coffee made?"

"Of course we do. We always have coffee ready. Come on in" said Carlos, then he looked at me and said "Get Jim some coffee Ty."

Carlos and I sat on our bed while Jim sat at the table with a steaming cup of coffee. Looking at Jim I said "You know we are both naked as jaybirds and you're in that uniform. We would all be more comfortable if you joined us." Both Carlos and I grinned at him.

Jim stood up and began to strip off his uniform. As he did, he asked "Your Dad won't mind, will he?"

"Of course not" Carlos said. We both watched intently as first his boots, then his shirt and finally his pants and underwear dropped exposing his cock which was nearly hard already.

Jim sat back down and said "You know fucking George was nice, but watching you two young studs go at it was fuckin hot. And my God Tyler, feeling your tongue up my ass was just incredible!" All three of us were now displaying full erections. Looking at Carlos and slowly stroking his cock, Jim continued, "You know, the thought of fucking such a cute young thing like Tyler would be a dream come true."

Carlos responded "Ty is mine. Nobody touches him without my say-so." He continued, with a grin, "On the other hand, Tyler might enjoy watching you fuck me."

Jim smiled saying "I'd love to."

Carlos swung his legs up on to the bed and lay down, pulling his legs up exposing his ass. Then he said "Ty, why don't you get me ready. Eat my ass. Get it good and wet for Jim."

I climbed in between Carlos' legs. My mind was racing. Carlos and I had just taken a dump less than 40 minutes ago and only wiped with leaves. I knew his ass would be dirty but that only added to my excitement. I put my hands on the back of Carlos' legs and slowly lowered my face to his ass. The smell was incredible as I drug my nose through the hair around his balls, smelling his sweat and funk. I could easily smell his asshole already. Fuck, it was dirty.

I took the plunge, sticking my tongue out and slowly dragging it across his asshole. His taste exploded in my mouth and I continued to lick him harder, jabbing my tongue at his hole wanting to get inside. The noise I was making was a combination of groans and whimpering.

"Yeah, Ty, lick my dirty hole. Get it ready for Jim. Fuck yeah, eat my ass" Carlos mumbled.

Jim was whispering "Fuckin hot. That's so damned hot watching you boys" as he continued to stroke his now dripping cock.

Carlos said "Okay Ty, that's enough. Jim, you want to fuck, now's your chance. Ty, you sit back and watch. But don't touch your cock. I don't want you cumming yet."

Jim and I changed places, and he wasted no time in lining up his cock with Carlos' ass, then pushed slowly all the way in. Carlos' fists were clenched. After he had impaled Carlos, Jim began a slow rhythmic fucking. My cock was dripping on the floor where I was sitting as I watched my lover being fucked by the Ranger. He gradually picked up speed until he was pounding Carlos' ass and grunting. Finally he uttered one word: "Cumming" he said.

As Jim finished and swung his legs over the side of the bed Carlos looked at me and said "Tyler, get over here and clean Jim's cock for him. He can't get that uniform on and ride around all day with a dirty dick."

I immediately dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth, licking and sucking it clean, tasting Carlos' asshole and Jim's cum. My own cock was so hard it hurt.

Carlos pulled my face away from Jim's cock and without saying anything, pushed his cock into my mouth and began to slowly thrust into and out. I knew what he wanted and began sucking him off, making it a show for Jim. As I did, Carlos' dad opened the trailer door and came in.

Jim said "George, isn't that a beautiful sight?"

"Hell yes" he responded, and then added "It certainly gives me some ideas." Carlos' dad got down so that his face was within an inch or so of mine as I sucked his son. He looked at me and whispered "Back off Tyler".

As I pulled off Carlos hard cock only a split second lapsed before his father engulfed his son's cock in his mouth and continued the blow job. His father was making very contented moaning sounds as he sucked his son. He was thinking that this is what he always wanted, to have his son's cock deep in his throat. As he was sucking him his hands made their way back toward Carlos' butt and he rubbed his ass cheeks, eventually getting his finger in Carlos' asshole.

"Oh fuck dad" Carlos said. "Suck my cock dad, suck your boy's fuckin cock, feel my asshole." Carlos took his father's head in his hands and began thrusting more aggressively. As he picked up speed and was approaching his orgasm he told his dad "Gonna cum in Daddy's mouth... take it dad, eat my cock snot." George grunted as the first shot of cum entered his mouth, then began swallowing his son's cum as Carlos unloaded rope after rope into his dad's mouth. As he swallowed his own cock began to erupt forming a puddle of cum on the camper floor.

As his father pulled off Carlos' cock and sat back on the edge of his bed, Carlos noticed the puddle of cum on the floor. He also noticed his dad sniffing the finger that had been up his ass and couldn't help but make a mental note of that, thinking "Is dad in to stink too?"

Carlos whispered to his dad "Watch this." Then to me he said "Ty, it looks like dad came all over the floor there. Why don't you lick that up so someone doesn't slip?"

I got down on my hands and knees, moved over to the puddle and began slowly licking it up. "That's so hot" Carlos mumbled.

"He really will do whatever you tell him to do, won't he?" dad asked.

"Of course he will. He loves me" Carlos said, then lowering his voice a bit he added "And I love him too dad, very much." Then louder for all to hear he added "I think Tyler is the only one that didn't get off this morning. Look at how hard he is. I think I better take care of him before we leave."

Dad said "Well, you guys finish up in here. I'll step outside and start getting things ready to go. Come on Jim, let's go."

"Let me grab my clothes" Jim said, "I'll need to be going." When the two men got outside Jim and George shook hands. "George, all I can say is you have one hell of a good thing going here. I hope I run in to you guys again."

"You will. We come up here frequently. And I know the boys will want to see you as much as I do" George said.

"Well, the feeling is certainly mutual. You all take care" Jim said, as he walked over to his truck, got dressed, started the truck and drove away.

When George and Jim had left the trailer Carlos immediately took me in his arms and kissed me, his tongue searching my mouth. We lay down on our bed and Carlos took his time as he made love with me. He eventually took my dripping cock into his mouth and swallowed it down his throat. Looking into his eyes with my hard cock down his throat, I knew how much he loved me. It only took a few seconds and I was filling his throat and stomach with a huge load of cum.

Carlos moved up and kissed me with more passion than ever before. It seemed like the kiss lasted for an hour, although it was only minutes actually. We then got dressed and secured everything in the trailer for the trip home. Stepping outside Pop grinned and asked Carlos "So did your boy finally get off?"

"Oh yeah dad, big time." Carlos smiled and I blushed. The three of us finished up folding the tent trailer and hooking up to the pick-up. Then we headed home.

On the trip home my thoughts turned to my mom and dad. I didn't really know what to do about them. I only knew that I loved Carlos and didn't want to leave him.

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