When James showed up a couple days later he didn't give me any warning at all. I

was having dinner one night and the front door just opened and he walked in.

"Hey bitch," he smiled and looked over at me. "I saw you were home and figured I

would stop in. You happy to see me?"

After getting over my quick shock of someone just walking in that didn't live in my

home, I stood up. I was indeed happy to see him and I am sure that my smile gave

away my thoughts. "Hello, Sir. It, it's nice to see you. I wasn't expecting you, I..I'm not

ready for you," I admitted right away. I hadn't cleaned my hole that day, not

expecting him to come by unannounced.

"No problem boy, you can go clean up in a bit, we'll get to that. I came by to see if

your cooking is any good. You got anymore of what you are eating?"

"Uhm, yes Sir, there is some more," I quickly recovered. I had cooked dinner and

figured my housemate would eat when she returned from her job, but she would

have to fend for herself. James was here and he wanted to eat my cooking. I was

nervous. I hadn't made anything special, just some baked chicken, potatoes, and

broccoli, nothing special at all.

As I got a plate down and began filling his plate with the food James kept talking. "It

looks good, bitch. I love chicken and potatoes. Bring the salt and pepper too boy, I

might want that."

"Yes, Sir," I replied immediately.

I watched while James ate silently. When he finished he declared it good. "That was

nice, boy, I could come by more often if you are gonna feed me like this."

I could feel the excitement rise in me. I wanted him to come by more often. Already I

was wanting him around more than the two times he had stopped to see me.

"Now go get that bag I brought in with me boy. I brought something for you."

Now I was really excited. I had no idea what he could have brought with him. I

picked up the bag and brought it over to James. He pulled out a box and handed it to

me. He had a crazy grin on his face. I opened the box and there were several pair of

new underwear in the box. They weren't regular men's underwear though, there

was two thongs and then three items that could best be described as panties. I didn't

know what to think. I am sure I must have looked confused.

"You gonna thank me boy." James queried. He still had a smirk on his face when I

looked at him.

"Y--Yes Sir. Thank you Sir," I replied caught off guard.

"You will look real nice in those boy. No reason for you to be wearing some old

Calvins. Not when you can have something as nice as these that will show off your

tail. Now go put on that nice lacey one and come out here. Let me see what they look


I picked up the pair he was referring to and went to the back room. The panties he

wanted to see me in were red, bikini style, with matching red lace around the leg

holes and the waist. I was honestly embarrassed to have to wear them. They looked

very slutty, like something that could be found at Victoria's Secret. When I returned

to James he broke out in a big smile.

"Aw, hell, yeah! Those look real nice on you boy. No reason at all for you to be

wearing anything else but some nice panties from now on. I got the size right, even. I

had to guess at it, but I think that worked out well."

I guessed James was serious about this. He did get the right size, and I was thrilled

before I opened the box, that he had brought me something.

"Go put on one of the thongs boy, then get back out here."

"Yes, Sir."

When I returned, I walked over to James and he ran his hand over my ass, and spun

me around to check the front. He grabbed the back strap of the thong and pulled it

around the side of my asscheek. He slapped my cheek fairly hard. "Yeah, that is what

I like to see. My boy in something nice like that and easy access to that pussy of


I blushed. The thong was teal colored and looked okay, but I had never worn a thong

and frankly felt kinda naked with my ass hanging out, only a strap running up my


"I'll let you keep your other underwear for now boy, but I want you in these all the

time from now on. When I come by, I don't want to feel you up and find you in any

cotton briefs or boxers, boy. You ain't man enough for that. If you are going to

belong to me, this is what I want you wearing. You hear me?"

I understood. If I truly wanted to be with James I was going to have to follow his

rules and be what he wanted me to be. "Yes, Sir. I understand. Just the panties or

thongs from now on." I don't think I said it with much enthusiasm. I was a bit

confused but I knew I needed to do as he said.

"Come here, boy." James offered his hand to me and pulled me to him. He sat me

down on his lap. I felt small sitting on this man's lap, despite being taller than he

was. "You are a good looking boy, Steve. And honestly, you have a real fine ass and

no one's been able to swallow my dick like you have in a long time. I like older boys

like you. You know what you need and you know how to follow directions."

James was making me feel good. He was looking at me as he was talking and I could

tell he was being sincere. His hand was running along my back, and periodically he

was grasping my neck firmly with his hand.

"The most important thing to me Steve is that you realize I am in charge. I expect

you to follow my directions, and I expect you to remember that what I do is for me,

and what I have you do is for me too. What I respect most from someone I am having

a relationship with is his or her undying respect and obedience for me and, what I

want. Do you understand that?"

He really was being honest now. Very direct and putting it out there for me to hear. I

was scared. I wanted to hear something like this, but he was being so quick about it.

I had so many thoughts running through my mind. I didn't know what to say or do. I

told him I understood what he was saying.

James continued, "I know this is quick boy, but I like what I see and I don't wait

around if that is the case. I'm not gonna promise you anything I cant give you so you

listen closely to me. If you decide to be mine, you are going to go through some

changes, you are going to do what I want you to, be what I want you to be, and look

after my needs how I want you to. Your focus will be on me, not on you, not on your

needs, on MY needs and wants. It won't be about you. It's not about you. Its about

me. Its not gonna last forever, I can tell you that now boy, but I still expect you to do

what I say, when I say it. I don't want you thinking too much, boy. I want your

answer when I finish talking, so the only time you are going to think about this is

now, you hear me?"

"Yes, Sir," I answered. "I will listen good." I felt like a child sitting on his lap, listening

to his words, despite the fact he was a good 15 years younger than me the words

were spoken by a man who knew he would be heard and obeyed.

"Good boy," he said clearly, rubbing my neck firmly. "If you are mine, boy, you

understand that I am still going to play with others. I get what I want and if

something pleases me then I get it when I want it. You, however, only get what I give

you. You belong to me, and no one plays with you unless I give you permission boy."

What he said made perfect sense. Of course I would belong to him if he wanted. It

was what I wanted too. I wanted to belong to a man. Men could never be controlled,

they needed to play around because they had to breed. My only thoughts were could

I do everything he wanted. What would it involve?

"Don't ever play any games with me boy, you hear me? I don't like games, and I wont

put up with them. You decide to not do something I tell you to do, then expect

punishment boy. I am your man, and I will give you corrective punishment to get

you back in line. I am never gonna hurt you boy, but I will promise now that you will

be punished for not following my expectations. Is that understood?"

That made sense to me too. I knew that if I screwed up a man would certainly spank

me or punish me in some way. That is how it had been for as long as I was on the

planet. My father had done so, and after thinking about all my relationships with

men with Mr. Eriksson's help, I knew that this had been true as an adult too. "Yes,

Sir. I know that I will be punished if I screw up Sir," I answered honestly.

"Good boy. Now, listen boy. I am going to amuse myself with you at times. I am going

to call you all sorts of names, and ask all sorts of things of you that you might not

understand. That isn't important. What is important is that you follow orders, boy. I

don't want you thinking about what I say, boy, I want your obedience. I'm never

going to make you do anything that that will hurt you more than you can take, or

embarrass or humiliate you more than you can handle or need. Am I clear, boy? This

is important boy, so don't you say yes unless you fully understand what I am saying.

Do you accept this change in your reality? You understand this part of my


James was staring at me intently. His left hand was on the back of my neck firmly

and his right hand was in my crotch, grabbing tightly at my balls through the thong. I

was focusing on listening to him, but he had paused for an answer and wanted it

now. He was pulling my balls tight to emphasize his points, to make sure I was


"Yes Sir. I understand you will never hurt me and I will do what you say because it

will be good for me."

"That's right, boy," James nodded his agreement. James took his hand from the back

of my neck and brought it around to my face. He stuck his fingers to my lips and so I

opened my mouth enough to let them in. he inserted his first two fingers in my

mouth and I proceeded to lick then and suck on them. He pulled them out after a few

seconds. James then moved his hand to my ass and began fingering my hole, slowly

slipping his two moistened fingers inside me.

"Boy, I will not be around forever. This is not a marriage. You belong to me, but I will

let you go at some point. It is a given. Don't talk to me about forever, forever isn't

going to happen. You need to know that from day one. It ends when I say it is over,

and I don't want to hear you carrying on then, that you didn't know. "

I thought about this as James continued talking. None of my other relationships had

lasted forever either. I didn't really understand forever. But, I knew that James

wanted me now and he already had a key to my house. Mr. Eriksson had let me go

and Mr. Williams only needed me for cleaning, but James wanted more, even if it

was only for awhile. I really didn't need to think about it. I had learned that thinking

wasn't really for me anyway when it came to men. I could think about stuff at work

or at other times. When it came to men, I just needed to let them tell me what to do.

That was when it worked out best. So my answer to James was going to be easy. I

wanted to belong to him, for however long he wanted me.

"So, boy, you gonna be able to handle all that I give you?" James wanted an answer.

"You want to belong to me and be my bitch?"

"I answered without a pause, "Yes, Sir. You want me, so I belong to you now. It isn't

about me wanting. You chose me, so I belong to you, Sir"

Saying that to James made me flush. I felt warm and wanted. To know that a man

with so much confidence and self-assurance wanted me around made me feel good. I

would do whatever James wanted as long as he wanted me. It felt right thinking to

myself that I belonged to a man, this man.

James took my head in his hands and brought my face to his. His tongue parted my

lips and he kissed me deeply. His fingers continued to poke at me and I could feel

James harden as I sat on his lap.

"Good boy, I knew you would say yes, boy. You like what I do to you. You are a good

bitch and I need one around for awhile. You take care of me, boy and I will take care

of you. " James stood. He removed his fingers from my ass and bent me over the


"I'm going to fuck you now, bitch, see how ready that pussy is for me. Seemed pretty

wet already with my fingers up there. You got a real cunt back there boy. Just like a

woman. Gets wet thinking about my big dick, doesn't it?"

"Yes, Sir, I need your dick in me," I answered honestly. It didn't matter how many

times men talked to me like that. I always blushed. I knew he was probably right. If it

were physically possible for me to get wet over a man's cock, then I did. James spit

on his cock a couple times and got it as slick as he must have felt necessary. I knew it

might hurt, not having any lube, but it didn't matter. He was going to take what was

his and use it however he wanted.

I felt his cock at my entrance, pushing, slowly opening me up. He didn't go fast, just

slowly entering me until his cock was completely buried inside me. James sighed,

"Fuck, boy, you already got this hole trained for me. Didn't even need to get my dick

slicked up, just went right in. I told you, your hole is a pussy, always wet and ready."

James didn't go rough at all that evening. He simply fucked me good and long. We

stayed at the table for awhile then he moved me to the sofa, where he had first taken

me, only a week ago. But it was different now. I was his and he was letting me know

it gently. I still had the thong on that James had bought for me. It covered my dick

but with the strap pulled around my cheek it left James plenty of access to my hole.

James' lips were all over me that evening. He chewed on my nipples, leaving them

raw. His tongue explored every spot he could reach while still burying his cock

inside me. I know that I was making a lot of noise. Everything he did seemed to

encourage me to make noise.

"That's right bitch, make some noise for me today. Don't want to hear it most of the

time, but I know you can't help it," he told me. "You got yourself a man now, and I

know this is feeling good to you, cuz it sure as hell feels good to me, boy."

I know I shouldn't have but I reached for my dick. It was hard and I wanted to free it

from the thong pouch. I wanted to touch it. But James smacked my hand away from


"Nope. Don't touch that, boy. You didn't ask first, so you don't touch it now," he

instructed me. "You only touch it when I say from now on, you hear me? You only

cum if you ask first, and only when I am around. You understand?"

James was pulling all the way out and sliding all the way into me. I felt so alive, so

satisfied that I would have agreed to anything at that point. "Oh, oh god, yes. Yes, Sir,

I understand," I told him. I did too, not in the ways it would turn out I needed to

understand, but I thought I knew what he was saying.

James never did build up speed that evening. He just fucked long and slow.

Eventually I had to beg. I was going to cum whether I wanted or not. I couldn't stop


"Please, Please, Sir, may I cum? I don't think I can stop myself, please?" I hoped my

begging was enough. For him to agree.

"Yeah, bitch. You cum for me. Get it out of your system, "James added. His slow

dicking was driving me crazy and the pressure was building. "In fact bitch, I want

you to cum NOW!"

When he said now, I was startled. He said it so loud, but I obeyed. Without touching

myself. I came. James buried himself deep and when I clenched down on his dick as I

shot my first spurt into my new thong, he too released. I could feel his cock

throbbing and he kept trying to shove it further in me as he was filling me with his

seed. He held me tight and my toes curled tight as he emptied and I did too. James

collapsed on me and lay there a bit. When he spoke it was with his voice that I

already knew meant business.

"Now you went and made a mess of that nice thong, bitch. Go change out of it and

put on some clean panties after your shower," he instructed. "I'll be gone when you

get done, I have things to take care of tonight besides you. But, remember boy, don't

you touch that dick of yours. It's useless unless I say otherwise. Now, clean me off

before you go clean yourself."

With that James pulled his semi-hard cock out of my hole and presented it to me for

cleaning. Thankfully I had been clean myself somehow. Maybe he was right, my hole

was getting adjusted to him being there, because I had not cleaned myself before he

arrived unannounced. I lapped his cum-dripping cock clean, tasting my own juices

mixed with his. Then James slapped my ass as I went to shower. When I finished, he

was gone as he promised. I had no idea when he would return but it didn't matter. I

was his now, he could come when he wanted and I would be ready.